Sailor Moon (1995) s03e29 Episode Script

329 - It's in the Cards

Dobon, mahjong, and roll-of-the-dice.
Games are all fun, but you shouldn't gamble! Furthermore, to bet people's lives is immoral! If you're an ill-willed person who wants to win by cheating In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! This one I did it! I'm out! It seems that the joker likes me.
The ace of hearts always runs away from me Sheesh, Hotaru! You're really good when it comes to Memory! Don't say that! All right! We'll play Memory! I won't lose this time!! Finally, a Daimohn who's strong during matches that really count will be born Oh, Professor? It's almost time for tea! Oh, that's right! I'm in charge of getting the snacks today, aren't I? Yes! Then, I'll go out to buy the snacks! Be careful! Sheesh, the professor is too easy on things! If you want to make it stronger, you have to really get down and do it like this! When it fails, I'm always the one who takes responsibility for it So I want him to at least do this much! T-This might not be so good!? I-I don't know anything about this!! W-What!? Are you all right, Chibiusa? Yeah I'm glad What's this!? What IS this!? Hotaru Hotaru? It looks like something really out of the ordinary happened I know! Everyone! Help me! Huh? What's wrong, Chibiusa? I don't know what's going on, but Hotaru's house is in danger! What's wrong, Hotaru!? What in the world was that? In any case, we should head over! Yeah Hotaru? In my dresser there are fish swimming Oh, no Then, the rest of the house? What should we do? Hotaru! I'm sure help is on the way, so let's do our best until then! Yeah Oh, boy, it looks like I'm a little late.
To think someone would pull a prank on me!! Open up, you fool! I am the master of the house! I see! So that's how you want to play it! Then, I'll It's here! What in the world happened!? It looks like this house got connected to an alternate dimension due to some strong force.
You are!? Can it be? Have they realized who I really am!? Don't worry, Hotaru's dad! We're not suspicious people! A necessity for times in need! Pretty soldiers with the Sailor emblem! If you don't know us, we'll punish you! What are you doing in someone else's front yard!? So embarrassing! That's so cruel! You didn't have to really hit me!! It's all your fault for doing something you didn't need to do! What!? - I must've over estimated them.
- It's something I have to do! I can't help it! You'll rescue Hotaru? Yes! Leave it to us! Now, let's hurry, Sailor Moon! The house will be sucked into this alternate dimension and disappear in just one hour! Such a hard turn of events all of a sudden! I'm hot! Water I'm cold!! Sheesh! What's up with all of this!! All right, I'm leaving it up to you, Jupiter! Wait a minute! What are you planning to do, Sailor Moon? What am I? Well, Jupiter first uses the Wide Pressure, right? Then, if that doesn't work, Mars can burn the door down with Burning Mandala And, what are you going to do? Me?Just watch Just kidding! Can I really trust all of you? Of course! The only big fool who doesn't understand the situation is this one girl! What did you say!? Anyway, if you try to forcefully break open that door the time-space balance will be broken, and the entire house will - be sucked into the alternate dimension! - See, did you hear that!? You always end up being embarrassed because you don't listen to what others say! In any case! We should go inside, and open the door from the inside.
Um and How are we going to go inside? Oh, come on! The only thing we can do is the Sailor Teleport! - Oh, brother - All right! Then, let's go, guys! Yeah, yeah Fine, just fine! SAILOR TELEPORT! What!? Did we make a mistake in where we ended up!? No! This is inside Hotaru's house! How ironic that I have to rely on the Sailor Soldiers But I can't afford to lose Hotaru now Oh, I had forgotten I guess I'll have this tea while I wait.
Sheesh! Why is this place Hotaru's house!? As I said, it's just that various pieces of time and space are twisted together here! The scenery keeps changing, but we haven't moved one bit out of Hotaru's house! So, Chibiusa and Hotaru can't be too far away, either! I'm getting dizzy.
It's been 20 minutes already I wonder if everyone is all right Hey.
How are things? Hotaru Tomoe seems to be trapped in an alternate dimension In the worst case, Sailor Moon and her gang might not be able to return as well It would be better if they Just didn't come back.
Haruka! I can't help it! Hotaru Tomoe is a dangerous existence Everyone hurry up and get here Chibiusa! Are you all right? I'm fine, I'm all right! If I exercise just a little bit It's safer if you didn't move around too much! I'm fine, it's nothing Chibiusa! Hotaru! Chibiusa! Hotaru! That's enough! You can let go of me! No! Hotaru! They're inside the next dimension that we'll be entering! Really!? No mistakes there! It's going to shift One, two three! There they are! Oh, no!! VENUS LOVE ME CHAIN! Venus! Hurry! We have to pull them up! Help me! It's impossible to use the Sailor Teleport if we have to take both Hotaru and Chibiusa.
Then, how are we? Can you save one of us, at least? If that's the case please save Chibiusa! I'll stay here!! Hotaru!? Please don't mind me I'm someone who should have never been born, anyway Please! Save Chibiusa! Hotaru.
It's all right! We'll rescue both of you! You're Chibiusa's friend, right? If you say stuff like that, Chibiusa will be sad! I'm sure this young lady here will find a way for all of us to go back! Chibiusa's friend is our friend Let's all go back together.
Okay Sheesh They only have 30 minutes left We'll be connected to the exit! Everyone are you all right!? Yeah I can't take this anymore! Can we really get out of here!? We have the highest possibility here.
I have a bad feeling about this Just as I thought.
Welcome Welcome here! I'm a strange Daimohn who lives in this strange world, Ikasaman! The energy for this alternate dimension is all coming from her!! That's correct I hope you enjoyed your epic adventure.
That means We can't get out of here unless we defeat that thing!? Hold on a moment! I don't like violence I'm a pacifist, though I'm a villain.
What kind of villain is that!? Well, you know I love to gamble.
If you play a game with me and you win, I'll let you go back to your own world We don't have time for that! BURNING-- Then! I guess I'll have you go to some strange place again! Fine! But if even one person wins, I want you to take us back to our world! Nice! I don't care what game we play! But, if I win I'll have you as my gaming partners for eternity! Now, let's begin! All right! I'll go first against you! A challenge! Red 16! - You lose! - You're a cheater! There! Now, it's your turn, right? You lose! Checkmate! I win! Oh! That square There! You lose! Who's up next? We are! I'll show you that it's not for nothing that I've been going to the arcades so much! Bring it on! You have to read the directions well first, you know! It's not always the case that the car will move forward! That's impossible!! Was that all? Hold on just a minute! We'll challenge you! Chibiusa! Okay What game will you like? Old Maid! Okay! A challenge! What is everyone doing? They have less than 1 0 minutes left! Now, it's your turn! Then, I'll take a card! Is it this one? She's a child after all I can tell just by looking at her face! Or is it this one? Justas I thought! This one! T-This is!! Hah! You fell for it! Dammit! How dare you!? I've been waiting for you to take that! Really? Oh, I'm so glad! - If you're told that, you usually - Here, it's your turn, Chibiusa.
- would think that it was a joker! - I did it! A match! Here! I did it! I win! - You did it! - Chibiusa! Now, you promised! Take us back to our world! Not yet! I won't let you go until SHE wins! That can't be If you don't like it, I won't let you through! Well, you don't even have 5 minutes left! Fine! Hotaru, stare at her face, and decide which card you want to pick! One is the joker, and the other is the ace of hearts! Ace of hearts I must make her pick the joker at any cost All right! Now, even I don't know which one the joker is! Think hard, and flip over one card This will decide everyone's fate During that last moment I put a small mark on the joker so I would know which is which! I can work on her for a bit and since she's such an honest girl, she'll pick the card that I want her to pick! Oh? Do you really want to pick that card? That's right, I think that's the better choice! Hotaru! It doesn't matter which! Pick the one that you like! Don't worry about which one! Just let yourself go and pick one! You'll do all right! We all believe in you! Why? Because we all like you so much! Hotaru! Just think of this as a game of Memory! You did it, Hotaru! Chibiusa Hotaru! It's all right, she just passed out.
Now, you promised! Take us back! I forgot whether or not I ever made that promise! What did you say!? You're so unfair! Say what ever you like! I can't forgive you any longer! MOON PRISM POWER MAKE UP! PINK SUGAR HEART ATTACK! That's funny I really had my heart set on it today That was dangerous! But you were able to get out! Oh, you're right! CRISIS MAKE UP! RAINBOW MOON HEART ACHE! I'm against violence! Love-lovely!! We're back! You did it, Sailor Moon! Hotaru! Wait a minute! It would be bad to stay in that outfit! Oh, I get it Hotaru Thank you! Hotaru! Thank you I don't know how I can thank you! Someday, you'll regret that you ever saved her, Sailor Soldiers It was too bad, Haruka.
Setsuna, Haruka believes in Sailor Moon more than either of us.
Who ever said that? We did it, Chibiusa, Hotaru! Yeah! We really are the ultimate duo, Hotaru!