Sailor Moon (1995) s03e30 Episode Script

330 - Goodness Eclipsed

Silence is approaching.
Quietly, but surely Is this world really going to disappear!? Hey, you over there who's cheering "All right! There will be no more school!" It's not time to be so easygoing like that! I, Sailor Moon will punish you in the name of the moon! Y-You're the Messiah?! Please! Save everyone! - And so - Yeah.
This goes over here and does this.
Understand? Nope.
The ominous dream gets stronger and stronger But, what in the world is that girl!? - Is Usagi here? - Chibiusa.
This is unusual.
Hey! I told you not to come here to play! Come on, Usagi.
I'm sorry to bother you right in the middle of your preparation for entrance exams.
But I have a favor to ask of my dear sister Usagi "Dear sister Usagi"!? Actually, it's this.
The opening of a brand new planetarium? Chibiusa, you want to go to the planetarium? Yeah! It'll be a learning experience, too.
I see This week, it will be narrated by that cute boy DJ, Thomas Harris In any case, it's close to here, so I thought I could invite Hotaru I see.
I get it All right, let's all go tomorrow.
Thanks! But why is Haruka's group keeping an eye on Hotaru? The enemy is still collecting pure hearts.
Perhaps Hotaru has a special pure heart or something I see, that's possible.
Hotaru is a kind girl, too That's impossible I can't wait for tomorrow! And can I count on you for the admission fees, too? For the both of us? So she says Usagi, the mother really has to take care of things like that.
"Mother?" A mother who takes good care of her daughter I can't possibly do that! - Mother - I haven't given birth to you yet! It's so noble of you to start her education now Well I would like to take care of a cute girl like her! I'll give her away, yeah, you can have her! - Well, I'm no match against her real mom! - You can have her if you want! Lately, that dream where the world falls to ruin It's getting stronger than ever before.
We must find the Messiah as soon as possible If they awaken the user of the Grail as the evil Messiah of Silence Hotaru Tomoe She possesses strange powers.
We must determine what she really is quickly! In any case, she's the only daughter of Professor Tomoe whom we've been targeting as a suspected Death Busters member! That girl who is standing in the light of the grail in my dream I think I'm slowly starting to see her figure.
She is holding a long weapon of some sort in her hands T-That means The scythe of silence The Silence Glaive.
A-Are you sure about that? I'm not really sure, but It can't be! Could the Messiah of Silence be that soldier of ruin the one guarded by the planet of destruction!? If that's the case, we may not be able to do anything at all anymore.
The world will shortly fall to ruins No Even if that soldier of ruin were to be reincarnated into this era we still have a chance if we strike before she awakens.
This planet will not be destroyed! I will never give up! That's right.
We shouldn't give up.
In order to protect this planet.
It's almost time Soon, I will awaken.
That time will be when what you wish for silence will cover this planet.
We were not mistaken to choose you as the Messiah of Silence.
I am the only one who can fulfill your wishes If you wish for me to awaken sooner seek pure hearts that become energy for my awakening.
Be of use to me! Try to make me happier! Yes! Welcome to the Countdown50! I'm Thomas Harris.
And now, I'll go over the top ten hits of the week.
In tenth place is a song that was #30 last week.
- Thomas I'll be there to see you soon! - The artist's album is increasing in sales, too.
- Wait for me! - All right, let's start with this song.
Let's get it on! Yes? Oh, Professor! Yes, it's perfect! Do you like the stars, Professor? Oh, I'm glad! Yes.
This time, I'm sure to Leave it to me.
I see You're the only hope, Mimet Stars, huh? The stars know all was something someone said before Wish upon a star was something else Wait, Tomomi! You know, let's work on today's homework together! Hotaru! Chibiusa! You were waiting for me? Yeah! You know There's a new planetarium that opened up nearby.
I thought about going with you.
That sounds fun Then, let's go right now! Right now? I'm on my way back home from school I should ask Papa first whether or not I can go.
If you do that, the show will begin! Come on But Girls of this day and age shouldn't say things like that! Usagi! Hotaru, if you can't do something on your way back home from school without asking your parents, you won't grow up to be a good adult! Hey, now Actually, straying on the way home isn't a good thing, but we don't have time today If we aren't bothering you, let's go.
Bothering? Not at all Please? I'll apologize to your dad with you.
Chibiusa All right Shall we go, then? I'm so glad! If that's the case, let's hurry! And Andromeda, born from arrogant and selfish parents had both arms and both legs chained together and with her freedom gone she was sacrificed to a monster in the sea.
The pain continued until Perseus came to rescue her.
As you may well know there are many more sad tales concerning the girls in the stars.
So she is here.
The target is probably the narrator.
But even Usagi's group is here with that girl.
This might work out even better for us This is our chance to see what Hotaru Tomoe really is.
The giant scorpion let loose by the goddess of the earth is a summer constellation.
- Orion shows himself only in - Thomas You're almost mine.
Setsuna? Why are you here, Setsuna? Did an enemy appear? Or are you still keeping an eye on Hotaru? Please, tell us.
What are you guys planning to do, Setsuna? I'm sure we can help you, too.
I believe that we can no longer fight without telling you the truth.
Uranus, Neptune, and I have an objective to prevent the arrival of the approaching silence Our enemy is an intruder from another dimension in outer space, the Death Busters.
Death Busters? What is that "silence?" It's the destruction of the world I'm sure that Sailor Mars, you have already seen it in the form of a foretelling dream? Is that true? - Rei! - Rei! I wasn't sure about it It's just that ever since those monsters called Daimohns started to appear I've been seeing horrible dreams over and over.
That's the silence we need to prevent the image of Earth's destruction.
Earth's destruction? Please place your hearts inside the light from the orb at the tip of this rod.
You should be able to see the image that Mars has been dreaming about.
T-This This can't be This is This is silence? If the enemy, the Messiah of Silence, awakens this will become reality.
The Messiah of Silence? She is the final soldier that should not be awakened The guide to death who appears at the time of destruction, and returns everything to nothing.
Messiah of Silence What in the world Soon, she will reveal to us what she really is.
Uchoten! In your place A wish upon a star! A wish upon a star! Everyone! Get down! A m-monster! Well done, Uchoten.
It really is much! Uchoten! I'll get rid of the crowd, so you get Thomas' pure heart Uchoten! But, before that Thomas, can I have your autograph? How scary Fine, then! CHARM BUSTER! Hotaru, are you all right? Y-Yes.
Hotaru! I-It's all right.
It's one of those seizures.
I'll be fine in a moment.
We have to hurry to the hospital! Wait here! I'll transform, and Wait.
Uranus! See how she fares for a bit longer.
But, Hotaru Hold it right there! Stars that twinkle in the sky! Sharing your feelings with the bright stars! A planetarium is a place full of dreams! Someone who wrecks such a place of dreams We, the Sailor Team will punish you in the name of the moon! Well, no matter what you say there's no way those girls will just sit quietly and watch.
Sheesh! Why do you always get in my way!? Uchoten! Yes? Save the pure heart for later.
First, get rid of those that get in our way! Yes! I'm trusting you to take care of the rest! Y-Yes! Then, everyone, with me A wish upon a star! A wish upon a star! Uchoten! Look up at the night sky! Hang in there, Hotaru! We can't move around like this.
We have to do something.
Due to popular demand A wish upon-- A rose?! That's enough, Daimohn.
I have sealed away the evil star that tortures people.
You can't wish anymore! Thanks for the cheers Answering your requests A wish upon a star! Everyone, get out of the way! It looks like it got worse than before.
Duck, Venus! Hotaru! Duck! Just as we thought! Hotaru! What!? Can it be? Hotaru I-Impossible A Sailor Soldier!? Y-You are! W-What!? M-My body doesn't move! Now, Sailor Moon! CRISIS MAKE UP! RAINBOW MOON HEARTACHE! Love-Lovely! WORLD SHAKING! DEEP SUBMERGE! DEAD SCREAM You can't! STOP! Chibiusa!! Sailor Moon! What are you doing!? Get out of the way.
W-What!? She is the one guarded by Saturn, the planet of destruction the solder of ruin, Sailor Saturn.
When Sailor Saturn awakens the world is about to end.
Get out of the way! You don't know the horror of silence! Unless we kill that girl, Saturn will awaken.
If Saturn awakens, it means the end of this planet!! You can't! You can't just kill this girl!! Even if Saturn is the soldier of ruin nobody has the right to kill Hotaru to seal her away!! You're too cruel trying to kill Hotaru! There must be some otherway! I knew you guys would say that But There is no other way to save this world.
No matter what happens, we can't let Sailor Saturn awaken.
That is the destiny of the stars.
Hotaru! Hotaru! Where did she!? Oh, no! I was worried.
A bad girl, not to come straight home Yes, that is correct, Pharaoh Ninty.
Yes, that girl is Sailor Saturn, guarded by the planet of destruction.
There can't be a better candidate for the Messiah of Silence!