Sailor Moon (1995) s03e31 Episode Script

331 - Next in Line

Hotaru is missing Nobody is at her house, either Haruka's group said that she was the warrior of destruction but I won't let them kill her! I, Sailor Moon, WILL save her! You don't know the horror of silence! Unless we kill that girl, Sailor Saturn will awaken.
If Saturn awakens, it means the end of this planet.
Chibiusa Small Lady Plu Where Where did you take Hotaru!? When I got here, everyone had already disappeared That's a lie! Hotaru is my friend! She wouldn't disappear without telling me! Plu It's your fault, Plu! She disappeared because you guys said mean things, Plu! Hotaru Hotaru is my F-Friend!! Small Lady Plu I hate you, Plu! Small Lady Nobody was in Hotaru's house.
Neither Professor Tomoe, her father or his assistant, Kaori And they didn't leave even one clue What can you find out using the computer, Mamo-chan? Information about Professor Tomoe should be registered in the academic files Perhaps there's a clue there Here it is! Soichi Tomoe, the pioneer man in genetic engineering Professor at Mugen Academy? Mugen Academy? That's where Haruka and company attend, right? Hotaru, too.
That's the elite school with strict standards, full of geniuses, right? Yes.
An education from elementary school all the way up to its university.
I hear that the high-rise building which serves as their campus is filled with state-of-the-art equipment.
What's wrong? Not only is Soichi Tomoe a professor at Mugen Academy but he's also the owner.
Owner you mean it's his school? What does that mean? Perhaps there is a clue at that school It looks like we need to investigate Setsuna! Chibiusa! What's wrong? You shouldn't walk around so late at night Wait Chibiusa, you're soaked! What are you doing? You didn't take an umbrella with you? Sheesh, you're so soaked You'll catch a cold.
Now, come over here Usako.
Mamo-chan Thanks for walking her back here.
Then, I will be on my way.
No, wait.
We would like to ask a little about Mugen Academy.
Do you mind? Mugen Academy is a school that Soichi Tomoe created three years ago.
However, many strange incidents have happened on campus.
So Uranus and Neptune, who'd been thinking the school was suspicious for a while entered Mugen Academy as students to investigate.
Undercover operation Then, Professor Tomoe is We feel that he has something to do with the Death Busters But then, Hotaru is part of the Death Busters, too? We don't know All we know is that Hotaru Tomoe is the reincarnation of Sailor Saturn.
That's right There's no way that Hotaru can be our enemy! Chibiusa Hotaru is a really good, kind girl! You can't You can't kill her! You just can't do something like that! Setsuna Even if Saturn was the soldier of destruction she's still a Sailor Soldier like us, right? Isn't there another way around this? This is why we didn't want to involve all of you in this battle It's me Professor, it's Mimet.
I found the next target! The authority on the physics of alternate dimensions, Dr.
Sergai Ajimov! He's holding a special lecture at Mugen Academy today.
The theory of an alternate universe A very curious hypothesis.
Then! No, unfortunately, there is no need for you to head out for now.
But he's very cool and handsome Well, I'll be contacting you soon, Mimet.
I understand I will be waiting.
It's time to go, Telulu.
Oh, my! She is doing her best But, I'm not getting the results I really want So I decided that I should put my hopes upon you.
If you succeed, you will become the next executive! Do your best! Yes, Professor! Then, I'll be going now You've got to be kidding! This has to be a joke! Yes, Telulu here.
I'm sorry to bother you again, Telulu But that operation has been canceled.
I will call you again.
Just you sit there and wait! "Just you"? I am the next executive of the Death Busters!! Fine! I'll just have to get rid of the Sailor Soldiers myself and show them what power I have! Oh, Chief Eugeal! I'll borrow that machine you were making for a little bit! This is creepy I do feel something ominous here.
Mugen Academy It really is suspicious.
It seems like this school is holding a special lecture with a guest speaker today.
It says that anyone can enter the school today.
It's our chance! Let's go! Yeah! An article from 4 years ago? A huge fire at a genetic engineering lab All the research staffers died Professor Tomoe and his eldest daughter's miraculous survival They were able to escape from a building lost in a huge fire without a scratch? Just the two of them? What does this mean? Hotaru is a kind girl! You can't just kill her like that! Nobody's here.
Everyone must be at the lecture hall.
What should we do? For now, let's look for the computer room.
We might be able to find something out if we look there.
What is it, Mako-chan? I said, what is it? - Hey, Mako-chan, stop it.
- No, it's not me, it isn't! I said, stop it! Hey! Can't you stay quiet huh? What are you doing here?! Um, we were wondering where the lecture hall was We're kinda lost yeah The lecture hall is that way.
Turn right when you get to the wall.
- Oh, yeah, I see.
- Thanks a lot.
You forgot something.
I-I'm a little weak in the knees What are you doing? You're so embarrassing! I'm so sorry H-Hey, you, hold it right there! I'm not suspicious or anything! You're TOO suspicious! Let me take a look at what you got there! W-Wait a minute! No! Show it! No, no, stop it! I don't have anything to lose anymore Will you stay out of my way? An alternate universe.
It's not a faraway existence.
The possibility that an alternate dimension and our own universe are ALWAYS working in parallel to one another is very large! For instance, take a small nebula like this.
Perhaps it's that nebulas such as this are just invisible to us, and may as well exist right next to us.
And there is the further possibility that there are life-forms inside.
We are unable to see them.
But, at the same time, I believe that the rare unable to see us, either.
Likewise, there's a possibility that outside our universe, there lies an even bigger universe.
We are unable to see it for now.
But if the conditions are right, we will be able to find such a universe and observe it.
I'm glad that the school staff are all so academic.
We can even come inside off-limits places like this as a result.
But the entrance to the central headquarters of the Death Busters is not that easy to find, huh? Don't surprise us The girls are also investigating this Mugen Academy.
I see This is only my hypothesis, but perhaps it's true that the alternate universe in itself maybe one giant life-form.
The time for our beautiful space to swallow the Milky Way galaxy in its entirety is approaching.
Papa! Now, Hotaru, it's dangerous if you poke your head out like that.
This is a special space that I prepared for delicate gene splicing experiments.
Papa What's that? Hotaru! Hang in there, Hotaru! Hotaru Oh, what a horrible thing! Hotaru Do you want to save The life of that girl? What!? I will save the lives of you and that girl.
But I have one condition.
P-Please, save us! I don't care what happens to me, but Hotaru!! I see Then, I'll take over your bodies.
Now, awaken.
For our true purpose!! Now Next, I'll start explaining the equations for the structure of the alternate dimensional universe.
Everyone, although we are in the middle of the lecture, Dr.
Ajimov will be leaving now.
Please pardon the inconvenience! It's so nice to be the center of attention I won't let Telulu take this joy away from me! CHARM BUSTER! Appear, Daimohn! Upasocon! Oh, an appearance that truly experiments with the alternate dimension theory! Now, do it all in one shot, Upasocon! Roger! Preparations complete! Suction! Mimet! Trying to steal the heart of a professor, the treasure of humankind! We won't forgive people like that! Heaven knows, the earth knows, and people know.
For love and justice, the Sailor Team! In the name of the moon, we'll punish you! All you do is talk nonsense! Upasocon, get them! Roger! Prepare for attack.
Mount! Confirm targets.
First attack! BURNING MANDALA!! SPARKLING WIDE PRESSURE! You did it! Not yet! They're still hiding somewhere around there! VENUS LOVE ME CHAIN! Being off guard is bad for you! Jupiter! Mars! I'm over here, too, you know! CHARM BUSTER! Mercury! Venus! Counterattack! Jupiter! Mars! Well done, Upasocon.
An honor greater than imagined! If I bring back a pure heart, and also defeat these little brats I will make it back in the group! A comeback! Now, Upasocon, finish them off!.
Roger! PINK SUGAR HEART ATTACK! Sailor Moon! Now! Right! CRISIS MAKE UP! RAINBOW MOON HEART ACHE! Careless! Love-Lovely! Now, Mimet, give up! What are you talking about? Do you have that much strength left? I still have the ultimate weapon! What!? WITCHES ELECTRIC WARP! She disappeared? What's going on? W-Where is she? Now, Mimet will be perform in gonstage! Were you surprised? But it's not just my body that grew bigger.
This machine makes my powers tens of times as strong as well! It feels so good To see me on stage like this, you guys are really lucky! Now, let's go! Wonderful, Mimet You really are wonderful.
T-That voice!! Telulu! But it's not good to take someone else's work away, you know S-Shut up! Don't get in my wary! Do you know why our old chief Eugeal didn't use that machine? T-That's!! Yup.
One thing about that machine When you turn off the power while you're in the monitor, you're trapped in there forever.
S-Stop! Please, stop! Come on, I'll apologize! Any thing but that! Just don't pull that plug! Farewell, idiot.
NOOOOO!!! F-Fighting amongst themselves? What in the world is going on? Super Sailor Moon!? Are you all right! Hang in there! I'm all right I'm just a little tired