Sailor Moon (1995) s03e32 Episode Script

332 - Fiendish Ferns

A flower's life is short, and is mostly filled with pain.
I can't forgive using such pretty flowers for bad things! You're being rude to those good flower shop owners! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! S-Stop! Farewell, idiot.
NOOOOO!!! F-Fighting amongst themselves? What in the world is going on? Super Sailor Moon!? Are you all right! Hang in there! To eradicate their own ally Horrible people they are We can't be too idealistic, either.
Let's go.
We must defeat the Messiah of Silence as quickly as possible.
Uranus, Neptune, Pluto! Wait! Wait! Don't you lay your hands on Hotaru! Hotaru isn't a bad girl! I believe that there is another way.
That's right! There's got to be another way! No matter how many ideals you line up with your mouth, this battle will not end But if all of us think together, there has to be a good way It's too early to give up.
Uranus Haruka, we It's no use! We have no time for ideals Both the Messiah of Silence and Sailor Saturn will be sealed away by us! Compared to you we long for a different world.
You can't! Hotaru is my friend! I believe in her! Hotaru is not at fault!! I'll protect Hotaru! I will protect her! I will protect her Chibiusa Pure hearts are they here yet? I am terribly sorry Please wait a while longer.
Pure hearts And lots of them.
Unless I get a hold of them it is impossible for me to be fully awakened.
I will not forgive anyone who gets in the way of my revival! Chibiusa Messiah! No need to worry Just collect the pure hearts.
Yes! Yes, this is Telulu's desk at Witches 5.
Hello, it's me Professor! I just glanced through you report.
I have gotten to like your plan to use plants to steal the pure hearts.
Thank you very much.
The plans that use daimohns have been failing as of late.
I thought it was interesting to change how we approach things a bit for once.
I'm counting on you Telulu.
Leave it to me.
The plans are completely ready.
Then start the operation! Yes! Professor.
Kaori I brought you some coffee.
Thank you.
What's the matter? Lately, everything has been worrying me My shoulders feel rather I'll massage them.
Sorry to trouble you so much all the time.
No You perfectly support my Job as my secretary.
But of course.
You revived me after I died the first time, Professor.
I'll do anything to be of use to you Because I It really is a shame to use all of your skills just as a secretary You know what I'm talking about Right, Kaori? I want you to go back into the field But I I'm counting on you Professor I!! You are the only one I can count on Kaorinite Professor How about some flowers? A plant that doesn't need water or fertilizers! How about a Telulun, a flower that brings happiness? In two or three days, a cute pink flower will bloom! Now, about the price -- a special introductory price of Just 1 0 yen! How about that!? Wow, that's cheap! I'll take it! Would you like a Telulun? How about a Telulun? Telulun? I've never heard of such a flower W-Wait a minute! I can't take it anymore! I can't walk another step! What is she bolting out like that for? She's such a bullet-girl! Usagi! What?! Aren't you worried about Chibiusa? Worried? She just said she was going on a walk when she left! Why do I have to do something like this!? Because She seemed to be deeply worried about Hotaru or something So I'm just a little worried.
I don't think she's "just" out on a walk, though You're right She sure is a troublesome child.
Usagi But you and your daughter really have similar personalities You say one thing too many! I can't help it! You really are mother and daughter! Why can't you end things on a good note!? That lethargic attitude makes me want to say one last thing! What did you say!? Let's cut it out both of you What!? Y-You know I just realized this What? Ahead of here What about it? is Mugen Academy, maybe? Huh? Looks like nobody is here Just you wait, Hotaru I'll make sure to save you.
All right I'll now sneak in to investigate! What are you doing? It's dangerous for you to go to such a place by yourself!.
That place might be the Death Busters' headquarters! I know that Then, why? I'm sure that Hotaru is captured by bad guys! Hotaru is in Mugen Academy! Even I can tell something like that! I want to save Hotaru.
Chibiusa Everyone feels the same way.
We will definitely save Hotaru Definitely? Yeah Leave it to your big sisters! All right! Chibiusa What am I doing in a place like this? Chibiusa The power to absorb water in the atmosphere into its body? Impossible! To think that a plant like this exists That strange incident where massive amounts of plants wilted Perhaps it has something to do with this flower? What!? The Garnet Rod it protected me!? Hey, miss over there.
This is a flower that brings happiness.
Would you like one? A flower that brings happiness? This is the last one I have.
So, I'll give it to you.
A flower that brings happiness It will probably go with Chibiusa well.
Thank you.
First stage is now complete.
Chibiusa Yes! Who is it? Hotaru! Chibiusa.
You're all right! I wanted to see you! Me, too Chibiusa A guest? Hotaru! What's with that attitude!? I wanted to give you this, Chibiusa.
Thanks! I heard it's a flower that brings happiness.
I thought it was perfect for you, Chibiusa.
It goes with you well, too, Hotaru! It's not for me That's not true! I hurt other people without knowing it.
There's another selfinside me that I don't know about.
And that's why I'm afraid to make friends But you ease those feelings of mine, Chibiusa So, I Hotaru! Hotaru! I I want your pure heart Hotaru? What's wrong, Hotaru? Chibiusa! Stop!! Hotaru? What did IJust now? Chibiusa, save me! I'm afraid It'll be all right.
I'm here to pick you up, Hotaru You can't! Get out of the way.
Chibiusa! Chibiusa!! Hotaru! Hotaru There's no doubt -- that was Kaorinite.
But I thought we defeated her But we couldn't confirm that Kaorinite died at the scene.
- But - I couldn't protect Hotaru She was relying on me, too Don't blame your self so much! But I couldn't be of any aid to her.
Hello Setsuna Plu Small Lady! S-Setsuna? What are you doing!? Hotaru came all the way over here to give it to me! That means that Hotaru might be after your pure heart, Small Lady.
This is about all it does while it's a bud but when it blooms, it will start to abduct people's pure hearts.
If all the flowers that are now all over town started blooming at once Oh, no!! It's different from what they've been doing until now! Perhaps there is a situation now that requires them to have many pure hearts.
But what should we do? We must get rid of it at the source.
Let me do it! I'll prove that Hotaru has nothing to do with it! Telulun is being sold at that store.
Then, for starters-- Let's go around to the back entrance! I was just about to say that! W-Wait a minute! Welcome! Considering how many I got all over town, my preparations are complete! First, I'll take the pure hearts of the people here! Dear customers You are very lucky people! To be able to purchase Telulun in bloom! The price is your pure heart.
What are you!? I guess it's just like what you said, Setsuna Impossible But Hotaru didn't know anything about this.
Let's save everyone! MOON COSMIC POWER MAKE UP! PLUTO PLANET POWER MAKE UP! MOON PRISM POWER MAKE UP! Come on! A flower's life is short, and is mostly filled with pain.
I can't forgive using such flowers for bad things just as they bloom! For love and justice, the pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! Sailor Soldiers, huh To find out about this place so quickly You aren't as stupid as I thought.
You're the stupid one! Because of you, Hotaru was being suspected for all of this! Shut up, brat! I guess I'll take your pure hearts as well.
It's no use to escape.
This shop is filled with Telulun.
I'll blow all of those things away! Lend me your powers, Pink Moon Stick! PINK SUGAR HEART ATTACK! I was curious, but that's so weak! I'll get rid of you first, then! Chibiusa! Small Lady! Please All right! How impudent! Plu! Flowers are supposed to bring serenity to humans.
I will not allow using them for evil.
Tuxedo Mask! Sailor Moon, purify these flowers! Right! CRISIS MAKE UP! RAINBOW MOON HEART ACHE! What!? My dear flowers How dare you!? Don't assume that you're out of the woods! You'll regret making me angry.
This Hyper-Telulun will be your opponent.
It's a monster that reacts only to pure hearts! This is a scary one! After taking out the pure heart, it self-destructs along with the owner of the heart.
I'll leave you to go against it.
I have to deliver this to the professor! I won't let you! Drats!! What are you doing!? Hey, let go! STOP IT! A student handbook from Mugen Academy? Lulu Teluno? Telulu! Mugen Academy is fishy after all Plu! Hang in there, Plu! Small Lady I'm so glad I'm sorry.
You got into this mess because of me.
But Plu I still believe Hotaru Because she's my dear friend.
She's my friend