Sailor Moon (1995) s03e33 Episode Script

333 - The Science of Love

The next national practice examination is going to be held at Mugen Academy!? Come to think, anything called an exam is dominated by Ami.
I'm jealous But if you use words like "slip", "fall", and "fail" I, Sailor Moon, will punish you in the name of the moon! Telulu's student handbook Mugen Academy, huh? There is something there.
Yes, I'm sure of it! Wow! Ami, you are amazing! Just amazing! Ami, you got the highest rank in the national practice exam, with a perfect score!? Again? No, I'm not the only one at the top There was another girl with a perfect score.
A girl named Yui Bidoh, who is always at the top in Mugen Academy.
Mugen Academy again Hey, the next national practice examination is held at Mugen Academy, right? In this case, why don't we sneak into the exam site and really do a good investigation? But we don't have a registration ticket.
That's not it.
It's not that we're going to take the exam.
All we need to do is to be at the site.
So, we don't need a registration ticket.
I'm sorry, guys.
I had been planning to take that exam at Mugen Academy.
Oh, man! Nothing less from our studious Ami.
There are so many people here despite the snow Everyone is very studious, aren't they? Unlike someone we know.
Sheesh, don't say that! We have quite a few here.
Mugen Academy is becoming more popular with its high caliber education.
Those that gathered here are especially intelligent.
There are some that don't seem that way but the enthusiasm these young individuals have towards the entrance exams is amazing.
Professor! Oh, it's you, Byruit.
It seems like your plan is going along schedule Yes.
I, Byruit, will collect an immense amount of pure hearts.
This is also a good plan to awaken the Messiah of Silence.
Thank you for your kind words.
How about you go collect a few pure hearts, instead of hanging all over him? Oh, Mamo-chan.
Where are you going? Somewhere! Hotaru! Hotaru Where are you!? It looks like we've made it in safely among everyone else.
All of them look like the bookworm type I just can't get to like people like them! But I'm sure they all have dreams about their future and are studying hard to achieve them.
Studying to achieve their dreams of their futures? And then there's me I guess I'm a sloth It's too late for you to repent now! Sheesh! Fine, I'm just a clumsy slow USAGI! Are you Ami Mizuno? You always do well on those national exams.
I was thinking I wanted to meet you someday.
You are? Yui Bidoh.
I was listed next to you at the previous national exam-- Oh, she's the one that got the perfect score! And you are? I don't have a name that's worth anything If you are one of Miss Mizuno's friends, you must be very studious.
What are your best subjects? Naps and lunch You're so witty! Oh, Miss Mizuno, this is the perfect opportunity.
I want to show you something that might help with your studies.
Do come this way! This is our valuable adolescence! I can't just study all day! Usagi, don't stand there resolved, we have to investigate inside the building! Then The waves are making a commotion, and the ocean has started to be stormy.
Do you feel it, too, Michiru? Yes.
An ominous feeling There's an eerie energy of an unknown kind all over this school.
I've been thinking that for a while now.
I'll get to the bottom of it this time! Then, we head down to THAT room in the basement again? I'll make sure to tear away the veil of mystery from it.
This is? A greenhouse model of the universe.
I made it in the Science Club.
It's pretty, isn't it? Yes This is the Tau Nebula.
Tau Nebula?! Our school is broken into five classes Philosophy, entertainment, science, physical, and professional.
Other than the instructors for each class, superior students like me become lecturers and teach the students of Mugen Academy.
You, a student, teach a class? Yes.
Anyone can become a lecturer, given that they are intelligent enough.
That's the good part of Mugen Academy.
But Even if you do well in academics, it doesn't make you a great teacher.
Because to be a teacher, you have to be one who understands the feelings of students with poor grades as well Or it wouldn't work, I think That's so idealistic.
Logic is what is most important in science.
You don't need to think about other people's emotions.
I don't think that way.
I think that science especially needs the warmth of human hearts Oh, my! Miss Mizuno, you're at the top of the country, yet that doesn't sound like something someone who gets such good grades would say! The exam is about to begin.
I'll see you again, kindhearted Miss Mizuno.
That student, Ami Mizuno There's something suspicious about her.
There is a need to investigate Perhaps, she might be one of the sailor soldiers.
Yui Bidoh, in charge of the science class Determination of the truth about Ami Mizuno Leave it to me! That's for me--! This plan to gather many pure hearts at once is all MY plan.
If Ami Mizuno turns out to be a sailor soldier and gets in the way, I'll get rid of her.
Byruit! You stay quiet! These nano-robots are efficient.
They are computers that faithfully follow Just the data that gets inputted into them.
They move however I want them to, at my command.
If we let these take care of it, success is guaranteed.
Yeah, do as you wish, however you want to do it! Right! Why did you come back from the dead? It isn't so that you can hang all over the professor, right? What's wrong, Kaorinite? Oh, no, nothing It looks like everyone is getting engrossed in the exam.
Now, nano-robots! Suck up all the excited, pure hearts of the students! Right now, there isn't anything suspicious going on.
Everyone is taking the exam so seriously Oh, this is!? The pure hearts are!! Sacrifice your pure hearts for our Messiah of Silence! So this place really is--! The headquarters of the Death Busters!? What should we do? There has to be someone controlling the computers somewhere around here.
I guess defeating whoever that is is our only way.
Let's let everyone know.
Yeah! An eerie feeling The Messiah of Silence The ultimate evil that should be obliterated Wait! Ami? Don't hurt that girl! What!? This is the root of all evil who will seal away the entire world into one of silence! I can't let her off the hook! No, Hotaru is a pitiful girl.
She's a pitiful girl who just got used by the Death Busters.
You're being idealistic.
Don't show sympathy to the enemy! That will lead the entire universe to destruction! This girl has committed no crime.
Get out of the way! Don't get in our way! No, don't lay a finger on her! What are you doing? I thought this place was off limits.
Michiru Kaioh.
Ami Mizuno.
Haruka Tenoh.
You guys are suspicious Show your real identities! Yui Bidoh is!? MOSAIC BUSTER! Haruka! Michiru! Stop!! Don't worry about us! I can't leave you here like this! An idealist! Such idealism to sacrifice yourself to save your friends leads to your death! Take this! MOSAIC BUSTER! MERCURY STAR POWER MAKE UP! What!? Soldier of Knowledge, guarded by Mercury, the planet of water! Sailor Mercury! Genius girl Ami Mizuno So your true identity is indeed a Sailor Soldier!! Don't abuse science! Shut up! Die with these two! MOSAIC BUSTER! SHI NE AQUA ILLUSION! It's useless! Does that hurt? Invisible nano-machines that came from the program that I control are biting into your body and are trying to break you up! The only thing left will be your beautiful soul, your pure heart.
It's wrong to use science for evil You should be using them for people's happiness You will sacrifice that pure heart for the Messiah of Silence! I can't let her give away her pure heart! Sailor Soldiers! I can't forgive you for sucking up all the pure hearts of students who are enthusiastic in their studies just for your own purpose! For love and justice, the pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! All 5 of you are here! Sailor Moon! If you move, Mercury's life will be over! MOSAIC BUSTER! Guys! URANUS PLANET POWER MAKE UP! NEPTUNE PLANET POWER MAKE UP! What!? WORLD SHAKING! DEEP SUBMERGE! CRISIS MAKE UP! Super Sailor Moon! The one doing all the bad things is that ring! RAINBOW MOON HEARTACHE! My cute little nano-robots!! Get rid of Super Sailor Moon! W-What's going on!? Nano-robots, you are attacking the wrong target! Idiots! Don't you realize that it's me!? Machines don't have hearts.
Science doesn't need hearts.
That's what you said.
Byruit has failed A foolish one Such arrogance.
It wasn't even worth my time to directly do away with her Sailor Soldiers, I have confirmed your identities Is this what she got for believing only in the mechanical aspect of science, and not learning to love? Poor girl The Messiah of Silence is!! Hotaru! Sailor Soldiers The battle has just begun!! Hotaru!! Mamo-chan Plu You'll catch a cold.
Yeah How long are you going to stay here? I don't care if it's just for a moment.
I want to see Hotaru.
Hotaru will come back all right right? Chibiusa Small Lady Ami Mizuno if you didn't stop us back there we could have defeated the Messiah of Silence.
Your idealism has let the Messiah of Silence escape.
But that idealism is what saved us So, at least for today We have to thank you.