Sailor Moon (1995) s03e34 Episode Script

334 - Wake Up Call

The Messiah of Silence finally awakens! Is defeating Hotaru the only way to save humans from annihilation!? No! I won't let that happen! There has to be some way for everyone to be happy without anyone getting hurt!! Come, students.
To Mugen Academy.
Into our hands.
The winds are crying.
This planet is cowering at the horrors of the unknown as well Chibiusa Hotaru Where did you go? Chibiusa Chibiusa.
You know, about Hotaru I'm sure she's all right-- Usagi!! Usagi Oh, sorry.
I'll get you back! How dare you!? Fine! I give up! I give up! I won! Here, take your towel.
Good night! Don't catch a cold! Yeah! Hey, Usagi! You know I'm worried about Hotaru, but I'll cheer up.
Chibiusa Thanks! Good night! Good night Usagi.
The students of Mugen Academy are gathering on campus.
It looks like something is going to happen.
Chibiusa, I'm going to go without telling you.
I'll make sure to bring Hotaru back safe and sound.
Chibiusa This isn't good Hotaru's body is starting to weaken rapidly.
We urgently need pure hearts.
I have already finished the preparations.
I, Cyprin, the last and greatest witch of the Witches 5 will do my best for you, Professor.
I'm counting on you, Cyprin.
Now, the only one I can rely on is you.
Leave it to me.
I am quite different from Kaorinite Do your best.
Professor you're saying the same thing to Cyprin Dammit, Cyprin F-Fine! I will get a hold of the best pure heart there is! Just you watch, Cyprin The best pure heart there is The target is that girl who Hotaru has opened up to the most.
The heart of that girl named Chibiusa.
Chibiusa, help me! Hotaru! Hotaru!! Hotaru The superior students of Mugen Academy Now is the time to sacrifice your pure hearts to us, the Death Busters.
The time has come.
Sacrifice your pure hearts to the grand Death Busters.
That's right your pure hearts.
Young ladies, outsiders are not allowed to come onto school grounds!! Then everyone, please submit your pure hearts.
I have to get rid of those pests.
Upstairs? Yes This is!? Welcome, Sailor Soldiers.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Cyprin, the last and greatest witch of the Witches 5.
I guess there's no need to hide our identities.
Everyone, time to transform! VENUS STAR POWER MERCURY STAR POWER MARS STAR POWER JUPITER STAR POWER MOON COSMIC POWER MAKE UP! I will save this planet with love and beauty! I won't allow evil silence! Take a cold shower and repent! Those who tarnish pure hearts In the name of Mars, I will chastise you! I won't let you have whatever you want! I'll shock you so much you'll regret it! We, the sailor team, will punish you in the name of the moon! Soon, this planet will be surrounded by silence.
We, the Death Busters, are victorious.
BURNING MANDALA! Did I get her? Sailor Mars! Sailor Mars! VENUS LOVE ME CHAIN! I won't let you escape now! You think you captured me with this? What'd you--! I'm Cyprin.
And I'm Petirol.
Two together to make one.
The one, and the same.
It doesn't matter if it's one or two! Take this! SPARKLING WIDE PRESSURE! Petirol! Cyprin! Such a thing has no effect on us!! Jupiter! Oh, you just run around? Sailor Soldiers really aren't much, are they? Hotaru Just you wait, I'll make sure to save you.
MOON PRISM POWER MAKE UP! I see that brat is also a Sailor Soldier An unexpected harvest.
I'm not scared, I'm not scared Please wait for me, Hotaru Hotaru? Hotaru wants to see you, too.
Hotaru wants to see you and have your pure heart.
Tuxedo Mask! The feelings of a girl for her friend.
A pathetic soldier with a heart so frozen to not feel that warmth.
Take that! Sailor Chibi Moon! DEAD SCREAM Chibi Moon! Oh, no! It's mine the best pure heart there is Sailor Chibi Moon SHINE AQUA ILLUSION! T-They're strong W-We have to do something Their teamwork is just too good.
If there is a way to separate those two Playtime is now over We'll be attacking for real now.
If you get hit with the next one, you'll die! We have to take a risk now! All right! Here we go! Let's show them our teamwork! BUBBLE SPRAY! Blocking our vision? How useless! VENUS LOVE ME CHAIN! Petirol! Cyprin! MOON TIARA ACTION! FIRE SOUL! Your attacks do nothing against us! We just absorb all that power, and it just increases OUR power! There! Cyprin! D-Damn you!! Cyprin! Don't chase after them! There! Dammit! I'm not letting you get away! I won't let you escape! Fool! What!? Cyprin! Petirol! We did it! That was a tough opponent! It's back to normal! Look! What in the world is this corridor!? I sense a distortion in space from this corridor.
It's connected to another dimension.
The headquarters of the Death Busters!? Let's go! Welcome, young Sailor Soldiers.
So you finally showed up.
You are very lucky.
You get to participate in the ceremony that is about to begin Sailor Chibi Moon! Uranus! Dammit! He's got a strong barrier set up Uranus! Neptune! It seems as though you all made it on time.
You are? Sailor Chibi Moon!! Kaorinite.
Soon, the Messiah of Silence will awaken.
Using the pure heart of this girl named Chibiusa as her energy.
The pure heart Chibiusa!! Stop it! Sailor Moon! The Messiah of Silence!! No! Stop it! Chibi Moon! Chibi Moon! H-Hotaru I'm glad you're okay This is horrible! This is too horrible!! Beautiful.
A pure heart fit for the Messiah of Silence.
This is no good! If Sailor Saturn revives, this world will be destroyed! Hotaru! Stop!! Please! Stop her! If you're Hotaru's dad if you love Hotaru Please! Love? What do you mean? Could it be? That's not Sailor Saturn! What did you say!? I am the Messiah of Silence Mistress Nine.
W-What's going on!? She's not Sailor Saturn!? It's the Death Busters! Hotaru was already possessed by a powerful enemy, and it has awakened! It is our victory, Professor! Sorry to have troubled you, Kaorinite.
That thought is the greatest reward for me, Professor! I--! Kaorinite's job is now over.
We will now start preparing for the next step.
Yes!! Chibiusa!! Hurry! This dimension will disappear soon!! W-What in the world is this!? Usagi's group is still inside Sailor Moon! Chibiusa!? Mamo-chan! Chibiusa Chibiusa isn't breathing!! What?! Small Lady!? There were students inside the building! Don't worry, we evacuated them already.
Hurry! We linked Mamoru and Chibiusa's bodies.
We'll keep Chibiusa alive using Mamoru's life force.
This is the best that we can do for now.
What have we been fighting for all along? Getting Chibiusa into a mess like this Setsuna! I will head towards Mugen Academy with Uranus' group.
To defeat the Messiah of Silence.
Are you still saying that!? The Messiah of Silence is Hotaru!! There is no other way to save Small Lady.
No way I don't want any more people to be unhappy.
Hotaru, Chibiusa everyone else.
I don't want to see anyone else's tears!! Usako We have to do whatever we can do.
We need to fight.
Fight for the things that we believe in