Sailor Moon (1995) s03e35 Episode Script

335 - Who's Really Who?

The time for the final showdown has arrived.
We have to end it here! We're the only ones who can stop the approaching silence! That's right I won't hand them over! I will protect them! Chibiusa, Hotaru, AND the world! All preparations are complete.
Now if you, the Messiah of Silence, sets the Grail onto this device the light of shadow will shine upon the Tau Nebula.
To guide our great master the energy life form from another dimension, Pharaoh 90.
We need that light.
When Pharaoh 90 appears in this universe everything will be destroyed and the Earth will be surrounded in silence.
The age of light filled with lies will end and the age of shadows where true darkness reigns supreme will begin! We have to end it here.
Yes To save Chibiusa, too.
And we won't let Hotaru die, either! We are Sailor Soldiers of love and justice! Guys! Wait for us, Chibiusa, Hotaru MERCURY STAR POWER MARS STAR POWER JUPITER STAR POWER VENUS STAR POWER MOON COSMIC POWER MAKE UP!! We have no time left We have to strike before she completely awakens.
So there was no Messiah after all.
We have to save the world with our own hands.
No matter what sacrifice we have to make I won't let anybody be sacrificed! The Grail is approaching The Grail is!? They are foolishly bringing it to us That's good for us.
But I still cannot allow obstructions to enter.
Not until I am fully awakened Mars? What's wrong? Just now I felt a presence so silent that it was eerie What? A dark energy of immense levels! To get through that barrier, we have to use the Sailor Teleport.
All right, then let's do it.
They're coming! SPARKLING WI DE PRESSURE! CRESCENT BEAM! BURNING MANDALA! Just how many are there!? This is endless! At this rate, we can't use the Sailor Teleport! Give us a break! Sheesh! MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK! LOVELY!! It's no good What in the world can we do? Amazing! Mugen Academy is now an omega-zone protected by dark energy Now, no one will be able to step inside this sacred ground.
Now The Grail FIRE SOUL! BUBBLE SPRAY! Oh, no! MOON SPIRAL HEART ATTACK! Now's the time to teleport! Sailor Moon! Stop it! Hang on! She's gone Sailor Moon Can this be really happening? If Sailor Moon has been captured, we can't use the Sailor Teleport Then, what should we do? What is that? It looks like it's no ordinary barrier.
Can we enter through that hole? Dammit! This is? Pluto What did you do? I have stopped time.
Now, please go now.
You had hidden this much power even from us? No This is the greatest taboo that I cannot break as the guardian of time The greatest taboo? What will happen to you? If you are able to meet the real Messiah If we are? Pluto! To enter by stopping time Nothing less from the soldiers of the outer rim of the solar system But more than that, your power is sincerely grand, oh Messiah of Silence.
This is all thanks to taking in the pure heart of that sacrifice named Chibiusa.
Don't use that pure heart for bad things Is something the matter? Nothing is wrong!! I will get a hold of the Grail now I want you to get rid of the Sailor Soldiers that have gotten in here.
Me? Use the dolls that you created Go, Daimohn Germatoid.
Yes That wall is continuing its increase in energy.
To think we can't go in Sailor Moon All the four of us can do is merely prevent that wall from getting any bigger.
We need to believe in Sailor Moon and and do what ever we can do! Yeah! Sailor Moon Where is everyone? Hotaru! What's this!? This is These are bodies that I have created Both of you it's against school rules to come in here.
Go forth for your own justice these are your words, chairman.
It's a shame.
I wanted superior students like you to become bodies for Daimohns Just like this man, Soichi Tomoe So he was possessed by a Daimohn!! WORLD SHAKING! It's no use.
I've already analyzed all your attacks.
You can't win against me.
DEEP SUBMERGE! TALISMAN! W-What!? W-What's going on!? Uranus! I thought I heard Pluto's voice Yeah The Death Busters are tougher than we thought But we won't lose Hotaru T-The Grail Grail? What about the Grail? I overheard that if Super Sailor Moon let the Grail shine in this room all enemies would be obliterated If you don't hurry, the enemy will be here I'm glad you're all right, Hotaru Y-Yes Now, please hurry, Usagi.
Hurry and use the Grail for Chibiusa's sake as well Hotaru How do you know that I'm Usagi Tsukino? You're not Hotaru.
I'm Hotaru But, just in body.
What happened to Hotaru!? I took her inside my body.
I am a life form from another dimension.
I came here from the Tau Nebula and took over Hotaru Tomoe's body.
I am Mistress Nine.
We've finally found you!! For the future of this planet, we will defeat you! Wait! Uranus! Neptune!! Master Pharaoh 90 Please wait just a while longer.