Sailor Moon (1995) s04e03 Episode Script

403 - Sweet Dreams

My mama makes the best-tasting lemon pie in Japan No, in the world No, in the entire universe! And she has a floating tube (ukiwa) no, that wasrt it, an affair (uwaki)!? That's a ridiculous banana! You, who is trying to entice a virtuous housewife In the name of my papa, I'll punish you! I'm sorry that I'm not honest.
Gomen ne sunao ja nakute I can say that in my dreams.
Yume no naka nara ieru My thoughts are about to short-circuit.
Shikou kairo wa SHORT sunzen I want to see you right now.
Ima sugu aitai yo It makes me want to cry, this moonlight.
Nakitaku naru you na MOONLIGHT And I can't make a call at midnight.
Denwa mo dekinai MI DNIGHT Because I'm naive, what should I do? Datte junjou doushiyou My heart is a kaleidoscope.
HEART wa mangekyou Guided by the light of the moon Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare we meet each other again and again.
Nando mo meguri au By counting the constellations' blinking Seiza no matataki kazoe we forecast the outcome of this love.
Uranau koi no yukue We were born in the same country.
Onaji kuni ni umaretano MI RACLE ROMANCE I believe in it.
Shinjite iruno MI RACLE ROMANCE That's Pegasus? Is it Pegasus? I have no time left, ; please hurry Before the darkness in the sky paints the entire crystal forest black Wait, Pegasus.
! I still have lots of things I want to ask you.
! When you are in trouble, call my name Pegasus! Pegasus.
! Pegasus I'm home! This smell is Mama's best recipe! Lemon pie! Hey, hey, where's my share!? There aren't any.
Why!? Mama lkuko baked us a pie as a reward for us.
Reward? Both of you got perfects But both of you have easy problems, so it's expected that you get perfect scores! I see someone who gets scores like THIS can say that, hmm? The exam that I thought I hid under my bed What's this!? You're kidding this is the pits! I used to be bad at math myself, but Don't you think this is a little too horrible? I would prefer you didn't lower the family mean all by yourself.
But still It's too cruel that there's no pie for me! It's too much that I'm the only one who doesn't get Mama's homemade pie! It's too much! It's too much! That's funny I divided it so that there was enough for everyone Chibiusa!! But Mama lkuko's pie is really delicious! Dammit, Chibiusa! Give me back my pie! PI E! LEMON PI E! Gimme back what you just ate! Come on, it's all right, Usagi.
You're the older one, remember? It's not all right! Besides, Mama, you're always too easy on Chibiusa! It said in a book that if you give your child too much attention your relationship with your husband cools down! What silly things are you talking about!? So that IS the case Mama, you think Chibiusa is more precious than I am!! That's enough! You are making a fool of yourself over just food! Mama, you're an idiot!! She really is hopeless Idiot and so you jumped out of the house? To run out of your house over something as petty as lemon pie It's just like you, Usagi.
That's not it! Chibiusa in the past has eaten stuff that I kept for later like my chunky strawberry chocolate, over-delicious rice crackers and seaweed-and-horseradish flavored potato chips They're all that kinda stuff I'm so disgusted that I don't know what to say They say grudges involving food really are scary But Mama always favors Chibiusa She thinks Chibiusa is more precious than I am, I'm sure of it! Come on There isn't a mother out there that doesn't cherish her children.
Besides, Chibiusa is living separated from her parents right now, right? She is still young enough to want attention So why don't you look at what she does with a grain of salt? Twice in a row you have failed to woo a woman Have you lost your touch, Tigers-Eye!? Don't be so stupid.
If that group calling themselves the Sailor Soldiers didn't get in the way, I would have Women are scary when they turn into your enemies.
It's best to approach them with kind words, and fool them! Oh, Hawks-Eye You still have a thing for older women? Hold on, don't get so close to me! You don't understand Older women are more accepting, and therefore are better to fool around with! I will now show you the technique of madame-killer Hawks-Eye Usagi is late Is she still mad? Mama lkuko? That's amazing! There are so many! Hey, are these all family photos? That's right.
I was thinking about organizing them a bit.
This has a funny face! Who is it? That? That's a photo from when Usagi was first born.
She's all muddy! And this? When she was in a play during kindergarten she was the role of a rabbit.
Oh, this one.
Look at this.
This was when she first entered grade school She looks exactly like you are now, Chibiusa.
She does look like me But All of these here are pictures of Usagi.
There isn't a single one that I'm in.
These are records of my dream.
Dream?? Yes, the records of my dreams that you, Chibiusa, as well as Usagi and Shingo all members of the Tsukino family grew up healthy and strong Of all of them, this one is my personal favorite right now.
Mama lkuko And to have photos of you and Usagi in wedding dresses in our family album is my biggest dream right now.
I'm sorry I ate all of the pie And Usagi's not coming back Oh, it's all right.
She'll be back when she gets hungry.
Besides, you should apologize to Usagi directly.
She really holds a grudge when it's something concerning food Besides, Chibiusa is living separated from her parents right now, right? So why don't you look at what she does with a grain of salt? That's true, she's doing her best in this time and day I should go home for now.
We sure bought a lot of lemons.
With this many, we'll be able to bake lots of lemon pies.
I'm sure Usagi will be enticed by the smell, and come home.
There's a kid in the way today But it's still good Oh, no! Are you all right? Oh, I'm sorry Y-You are Is something the matter? MOMMY! MOMMY! U-Um E-Excuse me You just looked so similar to my mommy who I was separated from at birth You were separated at birth What? It's something from years ago This is the only photo of Mommy that I have.
I've traveled several thousand miles in search of Mommy.
I thought you were that glimmer of hope that I finally found at the end of the journey, but I feel sorry for you Um What was her name? Your mother that you are looking for Ikuko Nikolaevitch de Brabakki.
What country is she from? I-I'm sorry you have the wrong person That's true to have mistaken someone as young and beautiful as you Something was wrong with me.
W-What's wrong? I haven't eaten anything in a while Oh, no! I wanted to eat Mommy's harihari pickles one last time What should we do? We only have lemons here H-Harihari pickles I'll go buy some! Then, please do! Chibiusa W-What are you doing in a place like this? What have YOU been doing!? We're in a big mess right now! Are you all right? Yes I have always longed for ladies as kind as you What? This is not what you told me! My meeting you today is not just coincidence Oh, no, what are you talking about? Mama is having an affair!? Such a kind person must have a very beautiful dream ONE! TWO! THREE! Usagi, time to transform! I know! MOON PRISM POWER MAKE UP! MOON COSMIC POWER MAKE UP! I will take a look at your beautiful dream.
Hold it right there! Who is it!? Evil guys tapping into the recesses of the heart of a housewife filled with chores and raising children, and trying to trick them For love and justice, I, Sailor Moon And Sailor Chibi Moon In the name of the moon we'll punish you! So you are those Sailor Soldiers or something? Come here, my Remless.
Human cannonball, Dokanko! Now clean it up and load the cannon U-Um hello? and then, light it up FI RE! VENUS LOVE ME CHAI N! Are both of you all right!? Dammit, one after another! Get rid of all of them together, Dokanko! Understood! What a tough body!! Load the cannon Light it up FI RE! SPARKLI NG WI DE PRESSURE! Damn you all! Don't dodge me! Of course we're going to dodge Now Let's hurry and start the show.
Mama lkuko! Chibi Moon! Stop it! You can't do it by yourself! - Wait! - Chibi Moon! Now, is he in here? PI NK SUGAR HEART ATTACK! Get away from Mama lkuko! What was that!? Mama lkuko is my second mama! I won't let you lay one finger on her!! Chibi Moon You really are a noisy brat!! Sailor Moon! Let's protect our mama! MOON SPI RAL HEART ATTACK! It doesn't work!! Let's go! Now I can watch in peace.
I see, uh-huh, oh Pegasus isn't in here I'm just so disappointed.
Dokanko, get rid of all of them.
Understood! W-We're not gonna lose here Please, Pegasus.
! Lend me some power power to be strong!! What is this light!? Only your heart that is trying to protect beautiful dreams can call for me I will entrust you with my powers.
This is? Your brooches have been reborn under my powers.
Now, call out as I tell you to It's "Moon Crisis Make Up.
!" Sailor Moon, time for Moon Crisis Make Up! What do you mean!? Just do it! Hurry! MOON CRISIS MAKE UP! W-What!? Take this.
! These are your new powers the Kaleido-Moonscope and Crystal Carillon.
! Now, call my name.
! Please, Pegasus! Protect everyone's dreams! TWI NKLE YELL! Super Sailor Moon time for Moon Gorgeous Meditation! This again? But now MOON GORGEOUS MEDITATION! STAGE OUT!! To think that you had this much power From now on, whenever you need my powers raise that Crystal Carillon and call my name Pegasus Pegasus, what in the world are you? Wow it looks delicious! - It smells good! - It's just been baked! Now, go ahead and have some.
Thanks, we will! Hey! Chibiusa, you have a bigger slice! Trade with me! Why do I have to trade with you!? I'm in the middle of a growth spurt! Arert you growing just sideways? W-What was that!? Is that how you talk to someone older than you!? It's how someone with a perfect score talks to someone with only 28%! Come on It's all right if it's a little different in terms of size, Usagi.
It's hard to cut into ten equal pieces Since you're dividing 360 by 10, if you make one slice 36 degrees Please stop talking about math when we're eating! In the first place, it's because Usagi is so nitpicky like that - But it's because I want to eat as much - That's why we should've used a protractor - I was saying, stop saying stuff like that QUI ET!! And, how does it taste? Delicious! Good! By the way, Chibiusa Your mama from the future or Mama lkuko Which one do you like more? That's obvious Both!! Mama lkuko, I want seconds! You can't! The rest is for Mama, Papa, and Shingo! I'll just say that you ate them, Usagi! Dammit, Chibiusa! You know!! Since I met you Anata to deatte kara the love shining deep in my heart Mune no oku de hikatteru is too lonely Itoshisa ga setsunakute so, I quietly closed my eyes.
Shizuka ni hitomi wo tojita Actions that mean nothing Nandemo nai shigusa mo and all those everyday words Goku futsuu no kotoba mo Each time I remember them Omoidasu sono tabi I feel as though tears were going to fall.
Namida ga desou ni naru Right now, baby, baby love.
Ima wa baby baby love Even nights that I cry, someday we can Naita yoru mo itsuno hinika laugh reminiscing the past.
Mukashi wo natsukashinde waraiaeru That's how I want us to be Watashi-tachi ni naritakute