Sailor Moon (1995) s04e33 Episode Script

433 - Tomorrow's Big Dreams

Old hag Zirconia is mad at us! Mad, mad! That's why her skin is so irritated! You're kidding She has more wrinkles than she has skin! More wrinkles! More wrinkles! Stretch them all out and they can reach down to her feet! More wrinkles! More wrinkles! Stretch them all out, and they can reach down to her feet! Quiet down! Quiet down, you idiots! I'm bored! Shut up, shut up! This is no time to play! Seek the one with the truly beautiful dream! In other words, the owner of the Golden Mirror! Maturity Ceremony Date: 1/151-4PM Place: Juban Civic Hall Gather together and talk about the dreams of young adults.
Let's see Juban Civic Hall? What is it? January 15 Maturity ceremony!? Maturity ceremony? "Gather together and talk about the dreams of young adults?" Dreams? Go, and find the Golden Mirror! Find that pegasus!! Before MY skin becomes irritated! I'm sorry that I'm not honest.
Gomen ne sunao ja nakute I can say that in my dreams.
Yume no naka nara ieru My thoughts are about to short-circuit.
Shikou kairo wa SHORT sunzen I want to see you right now.
Ima sugu aitai yo It makes me want to cry, this moonlight.
Nakitaku naru you na MOONLIGHT And I can't make a call at midnight.
Denwa mo dekinai MI DNIGHT Because I'm naive, what should I do? Datte junjou doushiyou My heart is a kaleidoscope.
HEART wa mangekyou Guided by the light of the moon Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare we meet each other again and again.
Nando mo meguri au By counting the constellations' blinking Seiza no matataki kazoe we forecast the outcome of this love.
Uranau koi no yukue We were born in the same country.
Onaji kuni ni umaretano MI RACLE ROMANCE I believe in it.
Shinjite iruno MI RACLE ROMANCE A part-time job? That's right! Bright, fun, and safe! It's a part-time job that both my parents approve of wholeheartedly! I want one that's simple, comes with snacks and afternoon naps, and gives me lots of money! There can't possibly be something that convenient! The world isn't that easy.
Really, considering your age, you sure don't have any common sense Well, now I can't say that it will have three meals and a nap.
But, it will be really fun if we do it all together! Besides, isn't the will to work more important than how easy the job is? I don't really get what you're saying, but that's wonderful! That just means that it's a really tough job and so we should all work together on it.
The fact that she doesn't mention how much the pay is must mean it doesn't pay well at all.
Oh, guys, you're thinking too much Come on, they say "plums are cheaper than apricots!" (anzu yori ume ga yasi) What?? Minako, you think saying intelligent things will cover things up for you, don't you? You mean to say, "You never know until you try.
" (anzuru yori umu ga yasushi) Oh, yeah, that! In any case, let's try going over there! Oh, brother.
She can win against even sketchy entrepreneurs hands down! Thank you.
! It's theJuban Civic Hall! Committee ofJuban Youths Celebrating the Maturity Ceremony? Isn't this a volunteer group that's helping out with tomorrow's maturity ceremony? That's another way to put it.
Wait a minute.
Volunteer means Yes.
It's something that you go ahead and do FOR FREE.
FREE!? that means, no money.
You said it was going to be a part-timeJOB! "Arbeit" means "labor" in India! (Arbeit = part-timejob in Japan) What does India have to do with me!? Usagi, that's not correct! It's German! Germany has nothing to do with me, either! Hey there! Hey, it's that girl from earlier! You really came out here? Yes! I wanted to be of any help for you guys! So this is the reason behind all this? Oh, brother I'm so happy that such cute girls are going to help us out! Oh, cute? Nice to meet you.
Sure! I'll be doing my best! I'm Makoto Kino, and I'm confident I can do all the power jobs! Well, see you later! Sure! I've found it! The maturity ceremony! We're finally here! Let's hurry! What are these girls? Arert they the volunteers too? So wonderful! It's so tough to be of any good for others Well, in that case Usagi! - Come on, we're going! - No way! I don't want to be working for free!! What's that? So strange In any case, let's have a look around.
Yeah! Geez You've got to be kidding! Why do we have to do all this? I love to draw! We have no choice! If we stay here, targets will gather around here tomorrow, right? All right! Further this way! This way!! You say that, but I can't take it anymore It won't reach like this! Usagi, just a little bit further! That's impossible! But, it has to go to that end! That's right, just think of that as a balance beam! I'm not scared of balance beams, but at this height It's so high up! I can't do this anymore! Hurry up! I'll do it! Rei, are you all right? I-I'm all right! It's twice as wide as a balance beam! T-That's true and it's ONLY 5 times as high as a balance beam F-Five times Oh, I'm sorry!! Then Rei, you're taking over for me! Leave it to me! Here goes I'll be all right It's not much I'm fine, I'm all right I can't do this.
Lemme see.
And what do I do with this? What do I do with this?? How can she walk out without a sweat!? Oh, take this piece of cloth See we want to attach it like this.
Oh, why, that's so simple! Bring the cloth! I'll do it for you! If that was possible We would've done it a long time ago.
Lemme borrow this for a bit.
Look out! Here! Thank you! So amazing! No fair, Vesves! It's unfair for you to be the only one showing off! Cerecere, why don't you come up here as well!? Fine! Amazing! They're pretty good! I wonder if they're gymnasts or something? I'll help you.
Then, Cerecere, you take that other end.
I'll start from this end over here.
OK! It looks like this is no place for us.
Well, they saved me! Something like this? Yes.
Oh, and over there, too.
OK! Mina.
Oh, Artemis? What are you doing here? To poke fun at you for a bit.
It looks like you're making an effort.
I wanted to come see volunteer work that uses cat's paws (nekonote) Oh, you're a good girl But for that, they say that you're so busy you want to borrow a back-scratcher (magonote).
That WOULD be a cat's paw Then, please use these paws.
Thanks for the offer, but I'll decline for today.
There are normal people here as well.
Something like this? Yeah, probably.
Then, on this end Are they normal? This is it! We're done! Great! We're not in a circus for nothing, ya know! Circus!? It looks like they're nobody suspicious.
Ami! It's done! Really!? Amazing! But it's not pretty!! Hey, Pallapalla!! I thought I didn't see her around So, she was slacking! Geez!! But it's not pretty! But now that she's mentioned it It really does leave some room for improvement What's so bad about it? I think it's a matter of proportion What are you doing? There is something called a golden proportion To human eyes, a 1:1.
618 ratio looks the most beautiful! I don't get it! I got it! Move the right-hand cloth to the right by 9 centimeters! Vesves! Leave it to me! Somewhere around here? Yes.
And take that one over there by 5 centimeters to the left Yes, that's right And then Those over there, pull them just a tiny bit up Is this all right? You have good sense of design! That helped me a lot! You're so smart! I was very surprised! It's perfect! MATURITY CEREMONY Look out! No good It's too heavy! S-Someone!! Chibiusa! Out of the way! Mako-chan is very powerful.
There we go.
You're amazing.
Oh, yeah everyone tells me I'm superwoman or something.
How's it going over there? Oh, just a little bit more.
Pretty! But, in any case Boo hoo hoo.
I want balloons Here, I'll give you one.
Is it all right? Keep it a secret.
Thank you! What we have left are the drawings and the balloons Time for a break! I got one of these! You know, Pallapalla, you're pretty childish.
Those are pretty cool girls.
Yes, for humans.
It was pretty fun.
Hurray! It's done! Now, tomorrow's maturity ceremony will go perfectly! Of course! I'm so glad! Anyway, what IS a maturity ceremony? W-Well, you know You helped out without knowing what it was for? Yeah, I don't know.
What in the world is a maturity ceremony? A maturity ceremony celebrates your 20th birthday.
It's the day where you join the world of adults! Adults? Why do you celebrate when you become an adult? It's a happy thing to become an adult! No way! I don't want to become an adult! To become an adult!? Anything but that! So many people! I'm jealous, so jealous! I want to be able to attend a maturity ceremony soon, too! I don't want to become an adult! Dream, dream, don't doubt it.
A dream of dreams that dreaming children have.
You guys I thought you guys wouldn't be coming anymore.
Why? Of course we'd come.
The maturity ceremony is fun for us, too.
But you just said you didn't want to become adults Yup.
But, but We have interest in what dreams adults have! Guys They want us to go back downstairs! When this is done it will be the congratulatory speech.
Leave it to us! I trust you! You know, can you tell us something? Why do you want to become adults? Why? Well, of course I would like to marry Mamo-chan, and make him delicious miso soup.
Small! Such a small dream! I want to be an elegant idol singer! I want to bask in the spotlight, and shimmer in it! We bask in the spotlight every day! Oh, I see Besides, I hate miso soup! If you don't understand the true taste of miso soup, it means that you're still a kid! If I get into trouble by not knowing, I'm fine about staying a kid! Oh, I see.
Thanks for your hard work.
The next set is in 30 minutes.
Thank you.
Okay to take chairs out to stage.
Thanks for your hard work.
Oh, thank you.
You know, I've been wanting to ask you Yeah, what is it? Do you guys want to become adults? Yes.
I want to become a good doctor soon so that I can save as many people as possible from illnesses that make them suffer.
I see.
You, too? Well, I'm not wanting to be something so great but I want to run a cake shop that the people in town would be happy to come to Do you have fun working for other people? I think it's a wonderful thing to be needed by others It's a happy feeling I get to be of assistance to others.
Be of assistance to others? If that's their dreams, then adults really are stupid after all.
Everything is all right if you're all right! But You guys should do away with such stupid thoughts, too! Wait! What's so funny about wanting to become a career woman!? I mean, a career woman in the end gets worked down to the ground! You're strange when you say you WANT to work! It's not strange! A good adult does things to make the world a better place! To make the world a better place A good adult I want nothing of that! You're a strange girl! Y-You little Stop it!! To make fun of dreams to become adults! Are you having fun doing that!? You can't possibly agree with them and say that your dream is to be an adult as well? Of course it is! My dream is to become a wonderful lady! Why is that? To become an adult means that you have to throw away the dreams you have now! That's not necessarily true.
Yeah, yeah! Adults are pitiful creatures who can't even play around freely.
If you stay a child, every day is carefree Nothing you have to do, nowhere you have to go.
Even if you get scolded for being a slacker, all you have to do is apologize.
Dream, dream, don't doubt it.
An adult is what a child ends up becoming so they say.
You know Sorry to keep you waiting! The entertainer of the century that these times have been waiting for! The electric catfish, Biribiri-yarou! I will take your heart and shock it! He's funny! All right, you go get 'em! No fair! Don't start off without us!! Don't be so picky about details Let's have them show us one mirror of dreams after another! Yeah! My lead soldiers! Aim Fire! Aim Fire! Oh, my They're all normal mirrors So adults' dreams really are all pathetic after all! Biribiri-yarou! Get rid of them! Yes! I'll have them all!! Get them! Oh, thank you, thank you! Hold it right there! Dreaming of the future these young adults' special day is being tarnished by you! We will in the name of the moon punish you! Here they come out again.
They really have only one routine! I don't like this Get them, Biribiri-yarou! Sure! Then, I'll take you, and M-Me!? For you, just for you Y-Your Oh, boy What's wrong? He ate too much and short-circuited.
What are you going to do!? That's what you get for showing off all by yourself! You say that, but It's not my fault!! You know Hello? I don't know what's going on, but this might be our chance? Let's surround them and catch them all! Disperse! MARS FLAME SNI PER! Wait! Lead soldiers, hurry up and get them! - MERCURYAQUA RHAPSODY! - Oh, no, he's too slow! Take that! ROLLI NG BALL! Heh! You deserved that! J UPITER OAK EVOLUTION! VENUS LOVE AND BEAUTY SHOCK! You saved me! Sailor Moon Gotcha.
We won't let you get away anymore! Idiots You're so slow There's no way you can catch Pallapalla! L-lt was a trap! Sailor Moon! Whoa, don't move a muscle.
If you make one false move With this ball you'll no longer be able to see your friends again.
Tuxedo Mask! Those of you with poor hearts that don't believe in the future full of dreams Cease the battles, and see the hope for tomorrow within the peace! You know You're playing so cool I don't understand what you mean! He doesn't really understand what he's saying, either! You can't hide your intelligence Now!! Please, Pegasus! Protect everyone's dreams! TWI NKLE YELL! Biribiri-yarou! Now is the time for a revival!! MOON GORGEOUS MEDITATION! What, already STAGE OUT! J-Just you wait and see!! I guess we were able to fudge that Hey, what happened to the girls from the circus? They're gone.
Maybe they went home already.
I wanted to become friends with them I'm sure we'll see them again.
I have a feeling that we'll see them again.
The only chance we have in several centuries We now have absolutely no time to waste.
Now is the time for me to use my own hands to La La La Never give up.
La La La NEVER GIVE UP I'll do my best.
Ganbaruwa I'm putting everything into this match.
Kono shoubu ni kaketeruno My heart races from happy anticipation.
Uki uki tokimeku no In an age of adolescence Shishunki AGE overwriting a profile of love is okay! Kakikae OKAY koisuru PROFI LE Listen - I fell in love at first sight Kiite houkagono with the trickster after school.
TRICK STAR Hitomebore nanoyo Somewhat like my last boyfriend Maeno kareto niteru spinning all around Kurukuru mawaru mata kizutsuku kana Do you think I'll be hurt again? Kurukuru mawaru mata kizutsuku kana What should I do? But I already decided: Doushiyou demo kimeteruno I want to make him wait on purpose.
Wazato jirashitai Letting the sailor suit wave in the wind SAI LOR fuku nabikasete let's live "our way.
" "Rashiku" ikimasho La La La Never give up.
La La La NEVER GIVE UP I'll do my best.
Ganbaruwa This time it's surely my turn.
Kondokoso watashino ban My heart races hard in anticipation.
Doki doki tokimekuno In an age of adolescence Shishunki AGE overwriting a profile of love is okay! Kakikae OKAY koisuru PROFI LE