Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Enter the Dragon

1 [narrator.]
It is said that every several hundred years, the goddess Athena is reincarnated.
And now a new Athena has been born into this world, but, this time, under a dark prophecy that she will lead mankind to ruin.
The warriors who protected the goddess Athena were known as Knights.
Today, a new generation of Knights control the fate of the world.
They are called the Knights of the Zodiac.
["Pegasus Seiya" playing.]
Hold it in your heart Cosmo is a part of you Burning hot, gotta flow Don’t you stop it, let it go Prophesies are made And galaxies are far from here But you don’t need them now Stay strong and believe what you feel Yeah Pegasus, this destiny No one can take it away from you Now your home is the sky And your dreams are the wings They’re gonna take you high Saint Seiya Signs out there keep calling Forever We will stand with you ‘til the end Ooh, yeah They say that All boys are born true fighters Remember you can do this Then fly away [music ends.]
Previously on Saint Seiya What?! [Seiya.]
I did it! The Armor's mine.
Go to the tournament [Sienna.]
called Galaxian Wars.
Now die! [Sienna.]
Throughout history, Sanctuary existed only to serve and protect Athena, but they've lost their way.
Now their only goal is to kill me.
Because you're going to end the world.
The prophecy foretold it.
That's what Sanctuary believes, but they're wrong.
If you've fallen for the prophecy, then kill me.
I'm not afraid.
[Magnus sighs.]
Someone or something has manipulated Sanctuary, twisted it, made it think I'm the danger when the real danger lies elsewhere.
I don't believe you! But it's true.
When I was reincarnated as Athena, I was born with a prophecy that, this time, Athena will lose against Poseidon and Hades and lead mankind to ruin and destruction.
You'll bring death to humanity.
The Knights have decided to protect humans ourselves.
Do not decide who I am and what I do.
I've never wanted to destroy humanity, and I never will.
I will prove that the prophecy is wrong.
You can feel it.
You know it's true.
Sienna, what's going on here? Everything's fine.
I appreciate you coming to my aid, but it was just a misunderstanding.
Magnus means no harm.
[Seiya sighs.]
Why did Marin want me to come and fight these people? [Vander.]
Adjust pulse cycles to 400.
Triple the molecular wave density.
The structural integrity needs to be stronger than previous iterations.
Yes, sir.
Begin the test.
Guraad! What? I-I'm sorry, Mr.
- I didn't mean to - Too late.
Now what's so important that you dare interrupt me? One of your spy cameras discovered this.
Sienna the Pegasus Bronze Knight and the Gold Armor, all in one place.
- [metal clangs.]
- [Knight grunting.]
Damn it! [classical music playing.]
Down there again, Magnus? You're lucky you don't freeze to death.
I've come to bring you this.
- [grunts.]
- A message from Sanctuary.
Huh? [gasps.]
I don't get it.
What was he complaining about to Sienna up there? No one else thinks that was suspicious? You're always going up there, Jab.
Trying to impress Lady Sienna? - Wha?! - [Seiya laughs.]
What the hell are you saying?! - I was just - You guys leaving? Well, we didn't make it to the second round, so there's no reason for us to stay.
Besides, that Gold Armor must be fake, and that woman dressed up like a goddess, who does she think she is, anyway? [laughs.]
Well, take care of yourselves.
Yeah, you, too.
Bunch of cowards.
They lost, so they ran.
What? They're honorable warriors.
Hah! You might as well go with them, Seiya, 'cause you're gonna lose soon, too! - Shut up, Jab! - [yells.]
Being a Knight takes self-control.
That means knowing when to fight and when not to.
Go ahead, Seiya.
Waste all your energy brawling.
Just don't expect me to go easy on you in the next round.
[Seiya sighs.]
[Armor activates.]
Who does Long think he is, anyway? It's not like he's our leader or anything.
Why in the hell does everybody around here think they Eh? - [electricity crackles.]
- [yells.]
Hands off the manhole cover, please! Uh, hello? Hello.
Uh, who are you? This is Security.
This is a private facility.
I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
I was just inside a second ago.
The manhole cover is shut, and I can't get back in.
Can't you just look at the video footage and see? I'm not authorized to view video footage.
Why the hell not? I'm not authorized to answer questions.
Look, I'm a Knight.
I'm Pegasus Seiya.
Well, that's different.
Of course Pegasus Seiya can come inside, just as soon as I see your pendant.
I left it inside.
Listen to me! I have to fight in the next tournament match! Wait.
Am I arguing with a robot manhole cover? I'm not a robot manhole cover.
Security works offsite.
Why would you think I'm a robot manhole cover? Please try to understand Rules are rules.
Lady Sienna herself could try to get through this door, but no pendant, no entry.
No exceptions! [sighs.]
I could blast my way back in, but I can't use my Cosmo for that.
But I don't have a choice.
Don't even think about it.
Sorry, but I have to get back inside! You think you're tough? You don't know tough.
And if you come at this manhole cover, you better be ready to finish me, because once it starts, I will not hesitate to put you in the ground.
You hear me?! Pegasus Ryu-Sei - Seiya? - Hah! Seiya, what are you doing? They're gonna start without you.
Come on! [Seiya.]
But But [Shaun.]
Seiya! He's gone.
Security guard always wins.
[solemn music playing.]
Mylock, shall we resume? [Mylock.]
Next match, Dragon Long versus Pegasus Seiya.
[energetic music playing.]
Are you ready, Seiya? Yeah, I'm good.
Let's do this.
[Long yells.]
Did he just Yeah, I think he did.
This might be over.
[both gasp.]
You can take a punch.
And you can throw one.
Where'd you learn to swing like that? [man.]
Long ignite your Cosmo, and try again.
I can't do it, Master! - You can't? - Master Dohko, no one can make the Lushan Waterfall flow backwards! It's against the law of nature! It just can't be done! It's impossible! Who decided the law of nature in which things flow from up to down, from high to low? Even the Yangtze River flows backwards, doesn't it? But, Master But nothing.
You say, "No one can," but Knights must be capable of doing the things no one can.
Otherwise, how can you even protect Athena? Thank you for your advice, Master.
I realize I was wrong.
He's never going to do it.
- Nonsense, Shunrei.
- [gasps.]
You only say that because it's probably true.
But Master Dohko, this is the Lushan Waterfall.
In the poem, Li Bai wrote, "Three thousand feet straight down, the white spray torrent runs, descending from Ninth Heaven.
Could this be the Milky Way?" [panting.]
[Dohko sighs.]
Birds read the streams of wind.
Fishes read the flows of water.
What about Knights? Huh? Ah.
What you mean is don't see the water as water.
See it as another stream of Cosmo.
Am I right? [exciting music playing.]
[Shunrei gasps.]
That was amazing, Long! You're outmatched.
I've spent my entire life fighting guys bigger and stronger than me.
I find a way to win.
Not this time, Seiya.
Master Dohko taught me this at Lushan Mountain, the ultimate dragon technique.
Lúshān shÄ"nglóng bà! [yells.]
I think it's over.
Not yet, it ain't.
Hmm? [gasps.]
That the best you got? You took Lúshān shÄ"nglóng bà to the face full force, and you're still standing? I admire your strength.
Nothing is impossible if you have something worth fighting for, and I do! [both gasp.]
[energetic music playing.]
Pegasus Ryu-Sei-Ken! Wait.
What was that? What did Dragon Long just do?! - What happened? - [Jab.]
Uh [Magnus.]
It's obvious.
It happened right in front of us.
- Uh - Uh [Magnus.]
Seiya's punches were breaking the sound barrier, but Dragon's shield blocked them, all of them.
You gotta be kidding me.
My Pegasus Ryu-Sei-Ken should be too powerful to block, even if you have a strong armored shield! That might be true for other armors, but the Dragon Armor is special.
Nothing can get past my shield.
It's unbeatable.
The day my Cosmo forced the waters of the Lushan to flow upwards, it revealed the Dragon Armor.
Battered for eons by the falling water, the Armor had grown harder and more radiant than a diamond.
[tone rings.]
My Armor is the hardest substance known to man.
No matter how fast or hard you strike, you've lost, Seiya.
We're both Knights, and I don't gain anything by destroying you, so I'm going to give you the chance to give up and live.
Oh, wow, let me think about that.
How 'bout, "No way"? [Long.]
I'm impressed you've gotten up twice, but you're not getting up a third time! [growls.]
I don't want to accidentally kill you, Seiya! Give up, and go down! [both gasp.]
Seiya has lost unless he can find Long's weakness.
Are you crazy? Look at him.
Long doesn't have a weakness.
Everyone has a weakness.
Some weaknesses are harder to locate, and some people just don't know how to look.
I see it.
He sees it.
Lúshan Shenglóng Pegasus Ryu-Sei-Ken! Sorry, Seiya.
No matter how many punches you throw, I can block them all.
You lose.
What? You didn't block them all, Long.
One got through.
Just one punch won't be enough to beat me, Seiya.
Lúshan Shenglóng Pegasus Ryu-Sei-Ken! - [Long groans.]
- [Seiya.]
Two punches that time.
But how? You tried to hide it, Long, but your attack has a flaw, and I've found it! What? [Dohko.]
The dragon is not invulnerable, Long.
It has a gap in its scales.
Show me your attack.
When you perform your Lúshān shÄ"nglóng bà, your heart is exposed for one one-thousandth of a second.
One one-thousandth of a second? But no one punches that fast.
No one punches that fast yet.
- No! That's not possible! - This will finish you! Lúshan Shenglóng Pegasus Ryu-Sei-Ken! [yells.]
[clatter echoes.]
Is it No pulse! Long's heart has stopped! What? - Long is dead?! - No.
He could Never mind.
There's nothing you can do.
- [Seiya gasps.]
- What were you going to say? Spit it out! The Dragon's weakness was his heart.
A Knight's blow could stop it.
We know.
We saw.
So, in theory, the same blow to his back should make it beat again.
Seiya's punch could restart Long's heart.
- [Knights.]
Wha?! - But that's only in theory.
In reality, Seiya doesn't have enough energy to walk, let alone throw a punch.
The effort would kill him.
Get his chest plate off, and hold him steady Okay.
Jab, give me your hands! You got it.
His Cosmo is leaving him! [Magnus.]
What is Seiya doing? Why would he risk his own life to save Long's? [panting.]
Seiya! Hold on, Seiya! You aren't going to die.
You hear me? The Dragon will live! [both groan.]
[Long gasps, coughs.]
[water sloshes.]
You did it, Seiya, and you won the fight.
Yeah, I guess I did.
Your forces will be in position soon, Mr.
[computer chiming.]
I've been here waiting.
What are your orders, Vander? My forces will dispose of Sienna and the Bronze Knights.
You take care of the Gold Armor.
Seiya had the guts to risk his life to save Long.
I thought I knew the score, but there's so much I don't understand.
And what if Sienna is right? Then this is just the beginning of many more battles to come.
["Somebody New" playing.]
Believe me, I'm speechless I wish that I could say those words You whispered so sweetly And maybe I'll regret this but I've gotta be honest Cause we made a promise, I won't break it now I wish I could hold you But how could I be so unfair To lead us to nowhere? We've both been down that road before And if it should end us Please know that I'm helpless I've made up my mind It's not that I don't feel The feelings you do It's just my heart's not ready yet For something so soon, yeah It's just my heart's not ready yet For somebody new [music ends.]