Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Nebula Chain

1 It is said that every several hundred years, the goddess Athena is reincarnated.
And now a new Athena has been born into this world, but, this time, under a dark prophecy that she will lead mankind to ruin.
The warriors who protected the goddess Athena were known as Knights.
Today, a new generation of Knights control the fate of the world.
They are called the Knights of the Zodiac.
Hold it in your heart Cosmo is a part of you Burning hot, gotta flow Don’t you stop it, let it go Prophesies are made And galaxies are far from here But you don’t need them now Stay strong and believe what you feel Pegasus, this destiny No one can take it away from you Now your home is the sky And your dreams are the wings They’re gonna take you high Saint Seiya Signs out there keep calling Forever We will stand with you ‘til the end Ooh, yeah They say that All boys are born true fighters Remember you can do this Then fly away Previously on Saint Seiya The dragon is not invulnerable, Long.
- Hah! - I see it! No pulse! Long's heart has stopped! The Dragon will live! Sienna, the Pegasus Bronze Knight, and the Gold Armor.
Is this really necessary? I'm making sure you don't have permanent damage.
You were dead, you know.
Deadish, only for a minute.
Thanks to Seiya here.
If he starts behaving oddly, call a doctor.
How's your head? It looks bad, but you should see the other guy.
Oh, wait.
I owe you my life, Seiya.
You don't owe me anything.
I did what I had to, Long.
You both gave me a good scare.
I'm just glad that you're doing all right.
Your fight is up next.
Are you ready, Shaun? If I have to fight, then I have to fight, I guess.
You're the only girl in this tournament, Shaun.
We all expected you to be meaner.
No, I'm not mean.
If I'm totally honest, I kinda wish I wasn't here.
I mean, why are you guys here? Just to fight? My master, Dohko, suggested that I join the fight.
Huh? He trained me for many years at Five Old Peaks in Lushan.
People say he used to be a great warrior, but he never talks about it, so I'm not sure if it's true or not.
Anyway, I really respect him, and I wanna be a great man like him someday.
Oh, so you have a master like that, too.
Though it's strange he wanted me to compete in this tournament, with personal battles being against the code.
Master Dohko must have his reasons.
I just don't know what they are yet.
What about you, Shaun? Why are you here? I'm here because "Axia"? The Greek word for "important"? I'm not sure.
I guess you could say I've always been kind of a reluctant fighter.
I used to be pretty immature for my age.
I'd complain and cry when things didn't go my way.
Kids would pick on me, but I didn't fight back.
I didn't see the point.
So my older brother Nero taught me how to fight.
But instead of teaching me to attack, he taught me how to protect myself without hurting others.
He showed me the power of defensive fighting, the strength to protect myself.
My brother was tough and intimidating, but also kind.
He'd use his strength to help anyone who needed it.
Why isn't he here? When Nero and I showed the ability to use Cosmo, we were sent to different locations to train to become Knights.
Nero went to a remote island.
He never came back.
I miss him every day.
So to answer your question, that's why I'm here.
I fight using the defensive skills he taught me to honor his memory.
The next match, Andromeda Shaun versus Unicorn Jab! Well, if it isn't the "reluctant warrior.
" You've heard of me? I heard you whining.
You should quit if you're going to waste everyone's time.
I admit it, Jab.
I don't see the reason for fighting like this.
Don't you think this is pointless? Pointless? Can't you see that Gold Armor? I see.
It seems maybe we'll never understand each other.
Seriously? How soft are you? I don't know what game you're playing but I came here to fight, whether you want to or not.
Ah! You can't win the fights only by dodging.
Come on, Shaun.
Don't be a coward.
I'll even give you a free hit.
Come on.
Take it.
Hit me, you wimp! Well, okay.
What's she going to do with those chains? What the hell is this? This proves you don't belong here.
Real Knights don't use weapons! These chains aren't weapons.
They're a defense, like a shield.
What? The chains are spread around Shaun like a spider's web.
It looks just like the great Andromeda Nebula in the night sky.
You be careful, Jab.
The closer you get to my chains, the closer you get to getting knocked out.
Now you talk tough? Your words can't hide your cowardice.
Prepare to die! Unicorn Gallop! Nebula Chain! It's over? Already? Told you.
Congrats on your win.
Or whatever that was.
Your chains move on their own? No.
They're warning me.
Must be something dangerous in the area.
Something's wrong.
I can feel it in the pit of my stomach.
I have never seen this kind of reaction before.
What's going on down there? Something's not right.
Maybe they're reacting to Jab.
Can't get more hostile than him.
He's not here.
The medics took him away.
Oh, there's definitely something unfriendly coming our way, more of a threat than any Knight.
Everyone get back! If an enemy touches the chains, they'll get zapped with 10,000 volts of electricity.
We're not your enemies, Shaun.
We're not exactly friends, either.
What the hell? The Gold Armor box opened on its own.
This is weird.
It's worse than weird.
Look! The right arm is gone.
What's happening? What's with the shaking? We're under attack.
Sir, we've arrived at the target.
We're facing no resistance.
That won't last.
Your job is to capture the Pegasus Knight and kill Sienna.
I have another agent that will get the Gold Armor.
Yes, sir.
My lady, we need to evacuate.
I have the VTOL standing by.
I'm not leaving, Mylock.
You are in danger.
I'm always in danger.
I know who's behind this.
I don't know who you are.
It does not matter.
You're not getting into this facility.
I won't let you! I've defeated even Bronze Knigh Ahh! Guraad! Who? Vander Guraad.
He was the enemy of Sienna's grandfather.
He tried to kill me a couple times, too.
Is this what made the chains go crazy? No.
They weren't reacting to just an army.
The chains are sensing some greater threat something bigger.
I feel it.
Me, too.
I think you guys were punched in the head too many times.
Damn it! Ahh! I can't see anything but sky! My lady, it's not safe here.
We need to leave now! I think Sienna and Mylock will be okay.
It's built like a bunker down there.
Eh? This isn't our fight.
You're going to run away? Fighting armies is not in the job description.
Knights are forbidden to engage in personal battles.
And Knights shouldn't use their powers against regular people.
It's wrong.
What's wrong is doing nothing! This is what Knights are for.
It's why we have these powers, to do something! Nebula Chain! Well?! I'm still not sure.
My Dragon Armor is tough enough to stand up to missiles, but your armors might not be.
There are only four of us against an army.
J-Judging from all the gunfire, you must have brought an army.
All right, then! I will take on all of you by myself! I'm not afraid of you! Come get some! Do what you want! I'm staying! I'm fighting! Let's go.
I'm with you.
Oh, great.
When I was a kid, Guraad attacked my sister and tried to kill me.
I couldn't stop you then, but I can now.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Cygnus, you need to watch what you're doing! Why don't you watch where you're going? We're supposed to be allies! And I thought your Armor was supposed to handle missile attacks.
Keep your head up.
Don't target us.
Stop! We look out for one another! We don't fight each other! Looks like we turned them all back.
It think you're right.
Looks like we're all screwed.
Defense won't work.
We have to attack together! I don't take orders from you.
We're Bronze Knights! If we can't even help each other, how do you expect us to help Athena?! My lady, please.
Guraad's forces are going to kill you.
The Bronze Knights can't protect you against all this.
No, I trust the Bronze Knights.
I know what they can do.
Nebula Chain! You've seen the unbreakable shield.
Now witness Lúshān shÄ"nglóng bà! That was awesome! Seiya, you're up! Keep 'em busy! You got it! Pegasus Ryu-Sei-Ken! We're actually doing it.
Hmm? Challenging me? You're either very brave or very stupid.
Diamond Dust! Well, very stupid, it is.
Sienna?! What the hell? Why are you still here? That's what I've been saying! We'll keep Guraad's army busy, but you need to get to that place we talked about.
Come on! Hurry! Seiya, don't let them get their hands on the Gold Armor.
You have my word.
Sure, you listen to him.
We've got to get Sienna away from this place! This doesn't look good.
What? Oh, great.
Well, why not? I'm ready.
Then, let's go! Those sound like attackers.
Finally, the enemy's getting serious.
I'm not sure even I can take on an attacker.
But, no, I won't be defeated! As you may have heard, I can defeat even Bronze Kni This is more than we can handle.
What we need is to make an escape path for Sienna, and it's up to us to make it! Nebula Chain! Diamond Dust! They're coming in for another pass.
I don't know that we can survive this.
You came back from the dead.
If we can ignite our Cosmo, we can do anything.
Huh? Everyone, get behind me! Damn it! They've got more missiles! Diamond Dust! Nebula Chain! Seiya, now! Pegasus Ryu-Sei-Ken! - Nice shot.
- We did it! Whew.
They've still got more? Thanks, Long.
I think we should get out of here.
After we get the Gold Armor.
My lady, please sit down.
It's dangerous.
No, I'm good.
You have my word.
Sir, we've occupied the perimeter.
The Bronze Knights are in retreat.
You let the Pegasus get away? We're still searching for him, sir.
What about Sienna? She escaped, sir.
To where? Actually, sir, we were following her, but the Bronze Knights got in our way.
All those forces, and you still failed me?! I'm sorry, sir.
You're dismissed, Commander! Sienna will die, just not today.
At least my other agent completed his part of our mission.
Now the plan I've been working on for so long will finally be complete.
Thank you, all of you.
I'm so used to fighting alone.
I never imagined what we could do together.
Another enemy? No.
This must be much more powerful.
The chains are pointing at the Gold Armor.
I promised Sienna we'd keep it safe.
If it's safe, then what are my chains reacting to? They're reacting to me.
Who are you, and what are you doing here?! Who the hell is that? It's the Phoenix Knight.
Look at her chains.
The Cosmo in Phoenix is incredible.
They're not sensing his Cosmo.
They're picking up his hate.
Nero? Big brother, is it really you? Her brother is Phoenix Knight? I thought you were dead! Shaun! I'm not dead, little sister, but soon you will be.
Believe me, I'm speechless I wish that I could say those words You whispered so sweetly And maybe I'll regret this but I've gotta be honest Cause we made a promise, I won't break it now I wish I could hold you But how could I be so unfair To lead us to nowhere? We've both been down that road before And if it should end us please know that I'm helpless I've made up my mind It's not that I don't feel the feelings you do It's just my heart's not ready yet For something so soon, yeah It's just my heart's not ready yet For somebody new