Salvation (2017) s02e04 Episode Script


1 Previously on Salvation My team has filed an emergency writ with the United States Supreme Court.
My removal from office was criminal.
I have a plan to evict RE/SYST from Tanz.
If we lose the government, I'm gonna need to get Tanz back and Liam to build that rail gun.
Liam, to disarm the nukes, destroy Tess.
All you have to do is upload this chip into the server.
ALYCIA: You're going to kill Tess? It is the only way to disarm those nukes.
You're gonna do the bidding of Darius Tanz? Detective Alonzo Carter, investigating the disappearance of Claire Rayburn.
Claire's my sister.
CROFT: I can't stand to see your little schoolboy crush jeopardize the entire human race.
I don't trust her.
She's a snake.
[DISTORTED]: This chaos only proves our point.
The world needs us more than ever.
So, the Army Corps of Engineers pulled out? STENDAHL: They're standing down until they know who the legitimate president is.
If you want that rail gun to divert the asteroid, you'd better pray that Supreme Court decision goes your way.
HARRIS: Justices seem split down the middle.
Chief Justice Cheng is the swing vote.
It appears to be leaning our way.
Pauline Mackenzie and Darius Tanz put out a hit on Chief Justice Cheng.
They are coming for me next.
With your help, we will take back America.
This country is going to war with itself.
[CROWD SHOUTING] Civil unrest continues to build here on U.
soil as Chief Justice Cheng remains in critical condition after yesterday's horrific Supreme Court bombing.
The remaining eight justices sustained minor injuries, but now find themselves split at a four-to-four stalemate in the case of Bennett v.
Cheng's vote is the deciding factor as to who is the rightful president of the United States.
The end is coming soon As if the nation weren't in enough chaos, the body of Monroe Bennett's top aide Claire Rayburn mysteriously washed up on the shores of the Potomac with a bullet wound to the heart.
Bennett has accused the Mackenzie regime of murdering Rayburn - in an attempt - [KNOCKING ON DOOR] to keep her from testifying about Mackenzie's deteriorating mental health and the attempted cover-up.
I'm not authorized to release the autopsy results, Detective.
- I'm sorry.
- ALONZO: Oh, sorry my ass.
Somebody killed my sister.
She's 20 feet away.
I need to see her body.
I'm afraid my hands are tied.
- Tied by who? - The White House.
I'll be back to untie your hands.
- The end is coming soon - Soon.
So grab yourself the reins With violence erupting all over the nation's capital, it's anyone's guess where this will end.
Daddy, what happened? - I thought Claire was gone.
- So did I.
I had a guy a friend Did body work for me for 18 years, now he's gone, mysteriously.
Either he was intercepted Or he defected.
My guess is that he's dead, which frightens me because he was good.
The timing is no coincidence.
If the truth comes out that the president's senior advisor shot Claire Rayburn and then the secretary of defense helped cover it up, it will undo this administration.
We created this problem.
We need to solve it.
We need to prove Bennett's behind the bombing.
Point the finger right back at him.
The end is on its way So paint that smile Upon your face until the end of days The end is - Liam - It's true.
What Croft said.
You were up in Darius's Treehouse it's guarded 24/7.
The only reason you would be allowed up there is if you're one of them.
You have to make everything so black and white.
It is black and white.
Are you or are you not a member of RE/SYST? Damn it! Answer me! Yes, I am.
Oh, I can't believe it.
Everything Croft said, he was right.
Hey, Liam, take a step back a minute.
All I've ever done is help facilitate an end to this existential crisis we're all facing.
Because of RE/SYST, we have a unified collaboration working on your brainchild.
RE/SYST dropped nukes.
Stopped nukes.
Russia and the U.
were on course to destroy each other.
You're a liar and you're a terrorist Unlike your government? And every other government out there? Wow, you're amazing.
You and Croft really are two sides of the same ruble, you know that? I am done.
I want out now.
I'm afraid I can't do that.
Well, I can.
Hey, security! - What are you doing? - Security.
Hey, do you have bullets in that gun? - Shoot me now.
- Liam, don't be ridiculous.
I am your worst nightmare, Alycia.
I am your worst enemy.
You do not want me here.
Either you shoot me or you let me go your call.
But I can't let you leave with this.
You want to go? Go.
But you won't like what you see out there, Liam.
HARRIS: Pockets of unrest are erupting throughout the nation in response to Bennett's call to arms.
No coincidence that Claire Rayburn's body emerges as he's making his case that we're criminals.
He's trying to make the world believe we killed her.
DARIUS: And succeeding.
He's riled up his base, driving them into the open.
Claire Rayburn, she's an even bigger problem dead than when she was alive.
HARRIS: Madam President, it's time.
We need to lock down D.
, declare martial law, and put troops on the ground.
It's the only way to ensure the continuance of government.
Using the military to combat civilians? Why don't you just put on a shirt that says, "We're your worst nightmare"? You'll lose the PR war instantly.
I'm not worried about losing the PR war.
I'm worried about losing our nation's capital.
Bennett's got soldiers waiting in the wings.
ROLAND: Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution does allow the suspension of habeas corpus in cases of rebellion or invasion should the public safety require it.
And, frankly, we won't have a Constitution if we don't fight for it now.
Bennett's not waiting for Congress or the Supreme Court.
He's drafting a civilian army.
He'll take this by force.
He's done a masterful job casting us as the strongman.
It's-it's a mind virus.
You can't aim a gun at that, Harris.
Turning the tide rests on the role of law and order, which Justice Cheng could restore with a stroke of a pen.
Yes, but Justice Cheng is in critical condition with no decision in sight.
I've spoken to his wife.
He's in and out of consciousness.
It's touch and go right now.
Bennett's clearly behind the bombing, and he's undoubtedly behind the murder of Claire Rayburn.
If he's willing to eliminate his own co-conspirator, what's to stop him from trying to eliminate our chief justice again? General Wallace, put a perimeter around the hospital.
Do whatever you need to do - to protect Cheng's safety.
- Yes, ma'am.
Justice Cheng's vote is our best hope for restoring order and the public faith.
Roland, as the White House counsel, I need you to get down to that hospital, get his sworn statement before it's too late.
[SIGHS] Right.
I'll need a witness, so it doesn't appear as coercion or duress.
I'll go.
What? It's not safe out there, Grace.
This is a very sensitive situation - Grace.
- It requires diplomacy.
Someone has to talk to Cheng's family.
But it doesn't have to be you.
Yes, it does.
Madam President, we need this decision.
Let me get it for you.
General Wallace, secure a route.
Need a convoy of marines and an escort - to hold that hospital.
- Yes, ma'am.
Go, Grace, and Godspeed.
You may be the last hope for democracy.
I need a moment.
It's private.
- What the hell was that in there? - [SIGHS] Darius, please, let's not - [ALARM BUZZES] - What are you doing? What are you doing? The streets aren't secure.
You're intentionally putting yourself in harm's way.
Why? Because it's my turn to make a sacrifice.
I have to do this, Darius.
You're not gonna change my mind.
Now what are you doing? Giving you the shirt off my back.
It's bulletproof.
I don't understand why this is so important to you.
I wish I did.
Be safe.
She's on her way to the hospital now.
You let her go? Let her? Have you met your daughter? Nobody lets Grace do or not do anything.
Claire showing up really set her back.
And us.
Let's be frank.
There's a body, now there's a crime.
Claire's brother's gonna be all over this.
Nothing in that body ties Grace, or anybody else, to it, for that matter.
We've got bigger problems with Bennett.
He's got people on the inside, and we don't know who, how many or where.
What did the clerk's family say? Ready for some show-and-tell? I brought you a present.
I'll assume you don't have time for practical jokes.
What is it? Nanny cam.
Justice Cheng's clerk, Jessie, didn't trust anyone, it seems, especially the nanny.
- [BABY CRYING] - JESSIE: I'll do what you want.
Please don't hurt them.
According to the husband, this man Let's call him Redbeard broke in, held them at gunpoint, sent Jessie off to work with a suicide vest and a promise that if she didn't do what he said Her family was as good as dead.
Take it to the NSA.
See if we can get facial rec on it.
This area's restricted.
MAN: There she goes.
You ruined our lives! You ruined America! You ruined Let's go! Move it! MAN 2: Don't worry, ma'am.
We'll clear them out right away.
They're more scared than we are.
Are you sure about that? We have an abandoned supercollider we're turning into a rail gun.
Let's just say we're not using the product for the manufacturer's intended purpose.
We don't want any surprises.
Well, you'll get a bad surprise when you try to fire one of those slugs at 30 kilometers per second with water pooled in concrete.
I walked the tunnel this morning.
There's rainwater in there, ankle-deep.
That needs to be pumped to shore up its integrity.
Well, your credentials are impeccable, Ms.
Secretary Edwards lobbied for you passionately, which is rare for him.
You must have made quite the impression on him in the Ark.
The worst of times bring out the best in us.
That bunker was difficult, but we made due.
Some of you better than others.
A man died in there.
His name was Joe.
It was.
What happened in there A system failure, compromised oxygen It shouldn't have happened.
Even foolproof systems break down.
This one was designed to safely carry civilization across space, but it couldn't stand up to a man with a wrench and bad intentions.
I'm sorry, are you suggesting that Joe tampered with the bunker and almost killed us all? Someone did.
I'm starting with the obvious suspects, making my way down the list.
I thought this was a job interview.
- It was.
You're hired.
What? Yes, of course.
Send him up to my office immediately.
Lane Fiona Dr.
Stendahl will be in touch.
JILLIAN: Office of the Vice President, - please hold.
- [PHONE RINGS] Office of the Vice President.
He's in a meeting at the moment.
Can I take a message? Geez, what's a guy got to do to get a beer around here? Liam? H-He'll call you right back.
[SIGHS] - [CLEARS THROAT] - I'm sorry.
I thought this was the vice president's office, not the bleachers at a high school football stadium.
Darius, you sarcastic prick.
That's Vice President Prick to you.
Welcome back.
]: All available transport teams to Triage, stat.
Justice Cheng sustained massive blunt force trauma, extensive internal bleeding, and swelling on the brain.
I understand he's been in and out of consciousness.
What's the prognosis? It's a waiting game.
We put him in a medically induced coma this morning to stop the swelling.
His wife is sitting vigil.
Roland Cavanaugh, White House counsel.
If you put him in the coma, I'm assuming you could also take him out of the coma by order of the president of the United States? Right now we're just trying to keep Justice Cheng alive.
Whether he stays in a coma or not is up to his wife, - not the president.
- Understood.
But we would like to speak to Mrs.
Cheng personally, if you don't mind.
- I'll let her know.
- Thank you.
It's a good thing you're not a doctor, 'cause your bedside manner stinks.
Please, let me handle this.
Barrows, I've been a litigator for 20 years.
I have won 79% of my cases.
Why? Because I'm a fighter.
Your job is to fight.
My job is to make nice.
Who do you think is better equipped to talk to a woman with a dying husband? [SIGHS] You remind me of my second ex-wife.
- Oh, my God.
- [PHONE RINGS] Hello.
Detective Alonzo Carter here.
Um, just a moment of your time.
My sister's body turned up.
Yes, I saw that on the news.
Yeah, the White House is blocking me from her autopsy report.
I could use a little help.
Detective, I'm sorry.
I am.
But I-I can't help you right now.
Walter Yu to fourth floor NICU.
Wh-What about tomorrow? Dr.
Walter Yu to fourth floor NICU, please.
Barrows? [PHONE BEEPS] [SIGHS] Dr.
Walter Yu, where are you? [SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY] A rail gun.
So that's the direction you're going in.
It'll work, as soon as we get the Army Corps of Engineers back on the job.
We just need Justice Cheng to render a decision.
Stop all the madness out there.
So, you want to tell me what happened? "What happened"? Uh, RE/SYST broke us into groups and we settled on my solar sail project.
And we were making a go of it, pretty successfully, actually.
Why didn't you kill Tess? Disarm those nukes? I didn't get the chance.
There were guards everywhere.
I thought you'd gone Stockholm syndrome on me.
Started to identify with your captors.
[CHUCKLES] You said Croft was there.
Not surprising, the Russians served him up.
Who else? Other notables? Uh, yeah.
Raul Aguirre was a no-show.
Well, nothing surprising there.
There was one surprising name.
Uh, well, it-it might be for you.
Alycia Vrettou.
Alycia Vrettou.
What rock did that insect crawl out from under? RE/SYST.
She's one of them, Darius.
Of course she is.
I knew this had the air of something very personal.
First Tess, then Tanz.
That woman is dangerous, more than you know.
Her methods are questionable, but she seems to want to solve the asteroid problem just like us.
Whoever, however she seems, Alycia Vrettou is nothing like us.
She's a shadow.
Y-You'll never fully grasp her, never fully see her until it's too late.
Come on.
Let's get you up to speed.
Grace Barrows, Senior Advisor to President Mackenzie.
We spoke earlier.
I'm here on behalf of the president to express her support for your husband.
We appreciate that, Ms.
Cheng, your husband had perhaps the most important decision in the history of our country ahead of him.
I know Martin's vote is critical, and the Court's four-four.
I would love to see Bennett get what he deserves.
We have known Pauline Mackenzie for ten years.
She appointed my husband to the Court.
There is no way that she is behind any of this.
- Mrs.
Cheng - Rhonda, please.
Rhonda, there's a way for us to resolve all of this and get the country back on track.
How? If Dr.
Vale brought your husband out of that coma just long enough for him to make his decision public, we could put all of this behind us.
[MONITOR BEEPING] You're asking me to risk my husband's life? He's the only one who can restore law and order, which is crucial You know, I thought Bennett was the monster.
If you come anywhere near my husband, I'll have you arrested.
Sounds like you really nailed it, Ms.
A magnetic field is angenerated around the rails as current flows through the circuit.
It interacts with the armature current, generating a Lorentz force.
Which accelerates the armature and projectile down barrel.
How many hits will it take to nudge Samson off course? Figure somewhere around a thousand separate slugs.
So it is basically fire big-ass gun at rock.
We'll be testing it on a smaller asteroid, 2013 AU 17, passing in four weeks.
Four weeks? You'll be lucky to get this done in four months.
Darius, my idea to attach a solar sail to the gravity tractor, it works now.
This is the plan.
How do you plan to finish the plan? I mean, without a workforce.
What if Cheng's decision doesn't materialize? We're filling in the ranks slowly but surely.
Slowly being the operative word.
Why don't you crowdsource the idea? "Public work project needs all hands on deck.
" - Recruit the general public? - Yes.
Engineers, manual laborers.
Everyone's just sitting at home, helpless.
They want to do their part, why don't you bring it directly to them? Hashtag for work.
Work to save the world.
Who wouldn't want that? You're counting on people getting off their asses, throwing themselves into harm's way? Offer them money.
I'm not sure how much that motivates people at the moment.
Since when did you become the Island of Dr.
No? You're right.
I'll post something on my account, see what comes back.
Guess that's my cue.
FIONA: He kept asking me about the Ark.
The guy that died, Joe.
Like he was accusing me of something.
It was uncomfortable.
I'm sorry, Darius makes everyone uncomfortable.
Yeah, apparently.
And then he was fishing around about us.
So, what exactly did you tell him? Other than your qualifications nothing.
Well, he knows, somehow.
Or insinuated as much.
I don't like secrets, Harris.
[SIGHS] Hey, hey, hey.
Neither do I.
'Cause I'm all about full disclosure.
So you need to tell him that we're involved, unless we're not, in which case, you need to tell me.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Yeah, come in.
Secretary, something you should see.
I was just leaving.
[DOOR CLOSES] Redbeard.
I know who he is, just not where he is.
SECURITY GUARD: Sorry, hospital's full.
Medical personnel only.
DC Metro, working a case.
Hey, watch yourself, man.
- Go ahead, sir.
- All right.
Guy didn't exist.
Wasn't in the NSA database.
So I had them check social media, where everybody exists in some form, and we found this.
From Fallujah.
Name is Vick, Robert J.
Looks pretty good for a dead man, don't you think? What's his story? He served under one general most of his career.
HARRIS: Wallace? I need to know General Wallace's location immediately.
He's in the Oval Office, with the president.
Get me Secret Service, now! Well, what now, Ms.
Barrows? You have so elegantly paved the road with turds.
You've left me no room to maneuver.
She's in shock.
Just give her a little time.
Time, one thing we don't have.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] Excuse me a second.
Are you stalking me? This floor is secure, you shouldn't even be here.
But I am.
So you might as well talk to me.
I need your help getting a copy of that autopsy.
The White House is holding on to that information tight.
A little too tight, if you ask me.
Detective, Alonzo, we are on the brink here.
I'm on the brink, Ms.
My sister's body is in a morgue.
Someone killed her.
That matters still.
Justice still matters to me.
Why doesn't it matter to you? It does, more than you know.
Detective, I can't help you right now.
I'm sorry.
You need to leave, or I'll ask the marshals to see you out.
I didn't mean to challenge you in there with Dr.
Of course you did.
That's what you do.
Maybe I'm imagining things, but ever since I brought up Alycia's name, you've been acting like I'm the enemy.
Well, are you? No, w-what? Just because I didn't slam her and say she was the most evil person I've ever met, I'm not trustworthy now? She got to you.
[LIAM SCOFFS] Even though she's part of RE/SYS and manipulated you, you defend her like some sort of lover.
What the hell does that mean? You tell me.
For the record, she didn't have many good things to say about you.
[GASPS] I'm shocked.
Look, Darius, m-maybe in another world, collaborating with Alycia Vrettou would be Collaborate?! With the enemy? No, the real enemy here is time, Darius.
You have a plan that is stalling, - whereas we have a plan that is - We? Bring up Alycia Vrettou one more time.
I dare you.
Bring her up one more time! You do, you won't be welcome here anymore.
Vice President, there's a situation in the Oval Office.
They need you right away, sir.
Not to be continued.
What was all that? Oh, it's just Darius Tanz.
God amongst men.
So full of himself it's a wonder there's air left for the rest of us! RHONDA: What don't you understand? - I said no! - But it's your duty, ma'am.
Your husband would want it that way.
Cheng, I'm so sorry for the intrusion.
Intrusion? You're talking about my husband's life.
Do you have any ideawhat you people are asking me to do? The unthinkable.
To possibly kill the man I love, the man that I spent my life with.
You're right.
You're right, it's unthinkable.
Everything that's happened, happening, is unthinkable.
In the past few months, I've found myself doing the unthinkable again and again.
And I ask myself at what cost? And was it worth it? And the truth is, I don't know.
I've tried to do what I thought was right, but these days, the difference between right and wrong is awfully blurry.
All we have is our moral compass to guide us.
It's-it's all we have.
I want to do the right thing.
Please help me.
Clearly there's been some new developments.
Seems that General Wallace here has been leaking info to Monroe Bennett.
He's the reason Bennett's been one step ahead, knows everything we know.
You give me too much credit.
- [DOOR OPENS] - AIDE: Madam President, Bennett knows where Justice Cheng is.
- He just put the call out on Twitter.
- What call? He's crowdsourcing.
"All like-minded patriots "report to D.
General Hospital ASAP.
"Mack admin trying to steal court ruling.
" "Don't let them subvert justice.
" # HospitalBlockade #TakeHerDown.
Cheng, any moment now.
How long was I asleep? Since yesterday.
Do you remember what happened to you, Marty? [PHONE RINGING] Ms.
Chief Justice Cheng.
Cavanaugh and I have come from the White House to get your decision memorialized in the case of Bennett v.
Your pen Sir, I'm sorry, there's no time for that.
We need to record this right now, if that's okay with you.
[CLEARS THROAT] Please state your name for the record, sir.
Martin Cheng.
Chief Justice of the United States - Supreme Court.
Please excuse me.
- GRACE: Hello? - DARIUS: Grace.
Bennett's put out a call to arms.
His civilian militia's gonna ambush the hospital.
- You need to get out of there.
- GRACE: What? When? Now! Clear this area now! [ALL SHOUTING] Move back! Darius, Justice Cheng has just woken up.
I'm not leaving here without his decision.
Cheng's just woken up.
This can't all be for nothing.
- I'm sorry.
- No, Grace, Grace.
Grace! I'm sorry for the interruption.
She's refusing to leave till she gets the decision.
Grace, damn it.
[SIGHS] Justice Cheng, are you of sound mind and body? CHENG: Yes.
And are you under any duress to render this opinion? No.
And what is your decision, sir, in the matter of Bennett v.
Mackenzie? [GUNSHOTS] What the hell was that? This hospital's about to be under siege.
Vale, we need to move Justice Cheng - to a secure location.
- That's not possible.
His condition isn't stable.
Then we need to secure this area.
- Barricade ourselves inside.
- W-What? Jam that door shut.
ROLAND: Barricade ourselves? That's insane.
We need to leave now.
Staying is suicide.
Strength in numbers, Roland.
Make a decision, but do it fast.
Good luck.
Are you able to continue, sir? What is your decision in the matter of Bennett v.
Mackenzie? He practically accused me of being a traitor.
Look, Liam, Darius has been under an enormous amount of stress, and so have you.
It's not like I was tortured or anything.
I was given every resource imaginable to solve the problem.
And we made progress, fast, on my idea.
Now I'm being dropped into a plan that's contingent on finding labor, which is in such short supply, I [PHONE RINGING] Office of the Vice President.
Uh, Dr.
Stendahl, hi.
He's behind closed doors.
What? Yes, I will let him know right away.
Several hundred people just showed up to help with the rail gun project, and not just people with hammers and shovels actual engineers, too.
Darius's tweet worked.
[SCOFFS] Darius's tweet.
My idea.
Who cares? It's good news.
Go, tell Darius.
[CROWD SHOUTING] The end is coming soon So grab yourself the reins And hang on till we're through Mr.
Madam President.
What's going on? Justice Cheng's whereabouts have been outed on social media.
Bennett's launching a siege.
Just hold them as long as you can.
Just got off with DC Metro, the crowds are swarming.
They can't hold the hospital.
And Cheng has no protection.
So Ms.
Barrows and Mr.
Cavanaugh are out there alone? Harris, now's the time to send out the National Guard.
HARRIS: We have, but Bennett's sending civilians with guns in every direction to block us from getting there.
He's using Twitter to mobilize.
Bennett's most powerful weapon is the Internet.
It's how he sends his orders.
We need to stop the flow of information.
- How? - The Internet.
Kill it.
Kill it? DARIUS: We have to shut it down, now.
So paint that smile upon your face until the end of days The end is coming soon So grab yourself the reins And hang on till we're through Mr.
Secretary, where is this kill switch? The Pentagon.
It was installed post-9/11 as a security measure.
It'll turn off the nodes that route to the DNS servers, bring Internet traffic to a stop, but it requires specific protocol.
It would neuter Bennett's ability to communicate with his army, allow our troops to move without having to mow down civilians.
Yes, but what if Grace gets Cheng's statement? H-How's she going to send it? She can't send it if she's dead, Harris.
First things first.
Craig, get me Marine One.
We're going to the Pentagon.
coming soon So grab yourself the reins Darius.
On its way Dictators shut down the Internet to stop the flow of information.
Is this still America? We're fighting for the very soul of our nation.
And you're giving up your own in the process, Mr.
Vice President.
You're not happy.
Maybe you should go back to RE/SYST.
If you'll excuse me, I have a rebellion to put down.
[SIREN CHIRPING] - [CROWD SHOUTING] - Get back! Back up, back up! [SHOUTING CONTINUES] [WEAKLY]: And so the rightful president of the United States, pursuant to the 25th Amendment is Pauline Mackenzie.
Thank you.
Detective Carter, I'm here to help.
I never thought I'd be happy to see you.
Gun! [MACHINE WHIRRS] Clear! Damn, Ms.
- My name's Grace.
- I know.
Well, Grace, we got to get out of here.
You got in one fight with Darius and you're going back to RE/SYST.
I'm not going back to RE/SYST, I'm going back to 30 scientists who want to save the world.
- Come with me.
- No.
It's still RE/SYST, Liam.
They're monsters.
No, they're brilliant thinkers and they're innovators.
The only monsters are the fascists who've made a mess of everything out here.
- Like your boss.
- How can you say that? You have no idea what Darius has done to keep this world from falling apart.
So that's your job now? You're Darius Tanz's apologist.
I don't know who you are right now.
Well, I finally do.
And it's not Darius's lapdog.
Look, I have a plan to stop this asteroid, a plan that's gonna work.
Are you coming with me or not? You told me to hold onto this until we got married.
I think you should take it back.
Good-bye, Liam.
And good luck.
We have to cut Bennett off at the knees.
Tango, three, seven, eight, four, Alpha, Kilo, Oscar.
Confirmation required, ma'am.
HARRIS: It's done.
The Net is down.
I can't get a signal.
I have the most important video file in U.
history here and no way to send it.
Let's hope this works.
For Grace's sake, it better.
Well, she's a fighter.
You know her.
I do.
Not as well as you, but I'm involved with someone else.
For the record.
But you already knew that, didn't you? I don't like secrets, Harris.
I expect full transparency from my Secretary of Defense.
Are we clear? [PHONE VIBRATES] It's Grace.
- Grace? - Darius? DARIUS: I'm putting you on speaker.
What's happening? Ms.
Barrows, we're in bad need of some good news right about now.
I've got it, I just can't send it.
The decision? GRACE: It was five to four.
For you, Madam President.
[APPLAUSE] HARRIS: The timing, unbelievable.
Grace, we had to shut down the Internet to choke off Bennett's communications.
He's got the city under siege.
They shut down the Internet.
What now? The hospital's still surrounded, Darius.
There's no way out.
DARIUS: Hang on.
Bring up the civil defense mainframe, show me the hospital schematics.
Grace, there's an employee only elevator in the ICU.
It has direct access to the rooftop.
We'll have a helicopter prepped and ready to go in two minutes.
There's a heliport.
We're gonna get you out of there.
Got it.
They shut down the Internet.
We have to hand deliver this to the White House.
And I'm guessing public transportation is out at this point.
We have to get to the roof.
They're sending a helicopter.
We can't move Justice Cheng, he's in no condition.
I'm not leaving without my husband, but you have to.
You need to deliver that video safely.
I'll secure the door.
You ever fired a gun, Dr.
Vale? Ex-Army.
They're sending troops to the hospital.
I called for backup.
They're en route.
Rhonda, thank you.
Your country thanks you.
Stay safe, Grace.
What happened? You were right.
I didn't like what I saw.
Get some sleep.
You've got some work to catch up on.
No time for sleep.
We've got a planet to save.
I see it, Darius.
It's landing.
One sec.
- Grace! - Oh, my God! Grace!