Salvation (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

White House Down

1 - Previously on Salvation - Are you or are you not - a member of RE/SYST? - Yes, I am.
That woman is dangerous.
She seems to want to solve the asteroid problem, just like us.
Alycia Vrettou is nothing like us.
You got in one fight with Darius, and you're going back to RE/SYST.
Good-bye, Liam, and good luck.
My removal from office was criminal! Chief Justice Cheng remains in critical condition.
Cheng's vote is the deciding factor as to who is the rightful President of the United States.
Get his sworn statement before it's too late.
- I'll go.
- You're intentionally putting yourself in harm's way.
Now what are you doing? Giving you the shirt off my back.
- Bulletproof.
- Can I help you? I'm investigating the disappearance of Claire Rayburn.
Claire's my sister.
Someone killed her.
Detective, I can't help you right now.
I'm sorry.
Bennett's put out a call to arms.
His civilian militia's gonna ambush the hospital.
You need to get out of there.
I'm not leaving here without his decision.
The rightful president is We got to get out of here.
I've got it, I just can't send it.
Grace, we have to shut down the Internet to choke off Bennett's communications.
There's a heliport, we're gonna get you out of there.
- Grace! - Oh, my God! Grace! Grace! Hey.
Can you move? I think so.
You hit your head pretty hard.
You're lucky it's still attached.
I've got to get to the White House.
Hey, listen.
We have to get out of here before whoever did this comes to finish off the job.
Wait, wait.
Let's go! Yeah, whoa, whoa, whoa.
We're not getting a clean enough edge on the truss, even with the laser.
It could fray the sail.
This looks more arts and crafts than save the world science.
Do we have a materials expert? Dr.
Aguirre was supposed to be here, but Oh, I know, I know, Raul Aguirre was a no-show.
Who else do we have, Chandra? - Just him.
- Liam? Do we have a materials science expert? We have bigger problems than that.
I need you to come with me, now.
Ooh, you're taking me to the Treehouse.
I thought this was the RE/SYST clubhouse, members only.
Or is it like the gym, do you get to bring a guest? No joke, we're in trouble.
We are with Monroe Bennett, the legitimate President of the United States.
All Mackenzie forces must stand down, or you will be brought to justice.
I repeat: you will be brought to justice.
The net's still off.
Cell service is jammed.
I need a landline.
Over there.
Let's head for that building.
All right, stay close.
We are with Monroe Bennett, the legitimate President of the United States.
All Mackenzie forces must stand down, or you will be brought to justice.
I repeat: you will be brought to justice.
I can't reach her.
We let her go out there, Harris.
I did.
Search and rescue is on the way, as soon as we get air support from the 192nd.
Vice President.
It's Grace.
Grace, are you all right? Yeah, except for the fact that I can't send this video, and there are Bennett troops everywhere.
We've deployed the National Guard, but the city's under siege.
Where are you? We're about four blocks away.
"We"? Yeah, I'm with a policeman.
- Detective Alonzo Carter.
- Give us your exact location, and we'll send an escort - with all the bells and whistles.
- Okay.
Hello? Hello? Grace? What happened? Get her back.
The detective she's with, Alonzo Carter.
He's Claire Rayburn's brother.
Whose side is he on? I have no idea.
Sir, it's not working.
- The lines are down.
- That's impossible.
Move to backup channels.
I'm trying, sir.
There's nothing.
Attention, White House staff.
Due to a security breach, the White House is in official lockdown protocol.
Stay in your secure locations The alarm was tripped on the South Lawn.
We need to get you to safety, sir.
We need her to reboot the Internet, now.
Attention, White House staff.
Due to a security breach, the White House is in official lockdown protocol.
Stay in your secure locations - until further notice.
- We just went into lockdown.
Meaning no one gets in or out? Well, my DoD orders are to put this eyes-only communiqué in front of Vice President Tanz, so I guess I'm in.
When your friend Darius shut down the Internet, he triggered a fail-safe protocol.
Well, first, he's not my friend, and second, what the hell are you talking about? The satellite dish that controls the ICBM signal, the one carrying those 13 warheads? It's run remotely, somewhere in Alaska.
When the Internet went down, so did the satellite.
So RE/SYST have lost contact with the missile? The ICBM sends a ping to the sat dish every four hours.
If the missile gets a response, it continues on course, in low Earth orbit.
But just now, it didn't get a response.
It's gonna try again in another four hours.
If there's still no answer, a fail-safe protocol will be triggered.
Okay, which is which is what? See for yourself.
The warheads will drop on all 13 preprogrammed targets, Paris, London, New York And here, Liam.
Washington D.
I thought we had a perimeter around the White House.
We do.
Someone must have slipped through.
Slipped through? That's comforting.
Don't worry.
We're in lockdown.
Dozens of Secret Service are sweeping the grounds.
We've got bulletproof glass, steel core doors that can handle a bazooka.
This place is a fortress.
No one can get in.
Or out.
Bennett's already had a mole in the White House.
What if there are more and this was just a ploy? The threat may already be inside.
If you're right, we may have just locked ourselves in with the enemy.
We've triggered the lockdown, sir.
Stage one is complete.
The outer perimeter is manned by troops loyal to our cause.
We've disabled the landlines, jammed cellular communications.
The White House is completely cut off.
And stage two? Already in progress.
We've infiltrated the East Wing.
Once that's secure, we'll move to stage three, the Residence.
And then stage four, the West Wing.
We'll launch a small frontal assault on the West Wing entrances here and here, as a diversion.
- While they're distracted - We rise up from below, right under their noses.
And then this nation will finally have the leader it deserves.
No cell, no White House landline, no Internet.
This is insane.
I have a recording on here of Justice Cheng's decision in Mackenzie's favor, and no way to get the word out.
Mackenzie's the legal president? Yeah.
And so, the rightful President of the United States, pursuant to the 25th Amendment, is Pauline Mackenzie.
By a five-to-four ruling of the Supreme Court.
And this video is the only evidence of it.
When this decision goes public, Bennett will have to stand down or face criminal charges.
Hands where we can see 'em! Step away and let me see your hands! Step away from the building and show me your hands.
Then we need to get this video to the White House.
"We"? You don't have to The mission of Metro Police Department is to safeguard the District of Columbia and protect its residents.
Are you a resident of D.
, Grace? I am.
Then you are on my beat.
How do I know I can trust you? You don't.
But frankly, I'm all you got.
All right? Okay.
Secretary, landlines are down, cell phones are jammed, I can't even reach the Pentagon to launch a missile, let alone turn the Internet back on.
Harris, what the hell is happening here? The White House is compromised.
General Wallace clearly wasn't the only mole.
He's patient zero, and we don't know how far - the virus has spread.
- The lockdown may have left some of Bennett's men on the inside, which is why we need to get you out of here.
Bennett's got control of the perimeter.
Our troops will have to pierce the line.
There's no telling when they'll get here.
The emergency bunker is secure and waiting for you, ma'am.
I cannot.
I will not abandon this post.
Madam President, you can still lead the country from the safety of the bunker.
The Oval Office, it's just a room.
Oh, come on, Harris.
You know better than that.
There's a reason the royal family stayed in Buckingham Palace during World War II.
Better a living president than a dead symbol.
But symbols matter, Mr.
Vice President.
It's why we don't allow the United States flag to ever touch the ground.
So if Mr.
Bennett wants me out of the White House, he'll have to kill me first.
This time, for real.
Secretary Edwards, I need you to escort Vice President Tanz down to the emergency bunker.
And this is not a request.
This is an order.
Madam President, Grace Barrows is out there with that video.
We need to find her and broadcast Justice Cheng's decision.
She-she's the only one who can stop this madness.
Darius, please.
You are the vice president.
There is a protocol here and I need you to follow it.
One of us has to be down in that bunker.
Agent Kelly, Troy, let's go.
If we make it through the night, we are having a very rare single malt for breakfast.
It's a date.
Attention, White House staff.
Due to a security breach, the White House is in official lockdown protocol.
Stay in your secure locations until further notice.
Cover the windows, lock all doors, wait for further instructions.
Check and check.
You have any idea what this communiqué is for Darius? Uh, no, but General Marciano said it was top priority.
No, no, no.
Jillian, no, no, no.
This this is way not cool.
Yeah, well, we can't really worry about what's cool right now, Nate.
If it's a priority, we need to prioritize it.
What? They're pulling the Virginia National Guard troops assigned to protect the rail gun.
They need them here at the capital.
It's the one project that could save the world.
I-It's completely vulnerable.
I need to contact Dr.
Stendahl, - the project supervisor.
- How? The cell and landlines are jammed, and the net's down.
There may be another way.
Sir, we have to keep moving.
I agree, but not in that direction.
I'm sorry, Harris, - but I'm gonna find Grace.
- Darius She's within four blocks of the White House, Harris.
We have to get to her before Bennett's men do.
Darius, I know you want to protect her, - but that's not your job.
- Well, frankly, Mr.
Secretary, - I don't give a damn.
- So you're going to disobey a direct order from the President of the United States? Look, there's a '70s-era analog Emergency Broadcast Center underneath the West Wing.
If we get Grace back here safely, we can use that to broadcast Cheng's video to the world.
We won't need the Internet.
How the hell do you know this? When I refurbished the attic as my office, I studied the White House plans dating back to the '20s.
And you memorized them? Of course you did.
All right.
If we're gonna do this, let's do it right.
Kelly, take point.
Troy, on our six.
Stay close.
Well, that was easy.
Team, fan out.
Search the area.
The objective is Grace Barrows.
She's to be taken alive.
I say again, taken alive.
Tess, can you determine the IP address from the satellite dish so that we can send a mimic signal to the missile? Searching now, Alycia.
How could RE/SYST be this stupid? No one anticipated this turn of events.
No one could have.
No? No one could have anticipated that playing chicken with nuclear warheads can end in disaster? I'm sorry, Alycia, I cannot replicate the signal.
Okay, okay, we'll figure this out, we have to.
No, no, no, Alycia, we're at a dead end.
Emphasis on "dead.
" This is it.
What the hell are you doing? What needs to be done.
Liam, no, he won't believe you, he won't help.
He knows me well enough to know when I am genuinely terrified, which I am.
Who's there? Hey, it's cool.
I'm a D.
- Hands in the air.
- Hey! - I'm a cop, it's all right.
- Who's with you? Come out from behind there.
What's your name, ma'am? Her name is her business.
- She's an unarmed civilian.
- Shut up.
Answer the question, ma'am.
I said answer the question, ma'am.
No! Grace! Damn it.
What the I thought he hit you.
Bulletproof shirt.
Yeah, I can see that now.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Knocked the wind out of me.
- I'm okay.
- All right.
You're one crazy-ass lady.
You know that, right? So I've been told.
Vasquez, this is Bravo 12.
Vasquez, where the hell are you? This is Vasquez.
Bad reception in this structure, over.
We're still looking for Grace Barrows.
Five foot seven.
Wanted, preferably alive.
Saw a woman by that description.
Subject is headed north on 17th.
Roger that.
We're just outside the parking garage on Foxtrot.
All clear there? All clear.
Over and out.
We need to wait till the heat dies down out there.
You're a wanted woman, Ms.
Attention White House staff, due to a security breach, the White House is in official lockdown protocol.
Stay in your secure locations until further notice.
No way to know if they're Bennett's guys or ours.
I'd say we don't want to find out.
Okay, there's another egress point through the boiler room.
It's tricky but doable.
Let me guess.
Blueprints from the '20s? '50s, actually.
Troy, stay at this access point.
Call for backup.
If Bennett or his men try to get past here, shoot first, ask questions later, that's an order.
- Yes, sir.
- Kelly, move out.
What are you trying to do, exactly? Message Dr.
Stendahl through the dark Web gateway Darius set up.
But the Internet isn't working.
So, the way that Darius explained it is the Internet is the highway, the dark Web is the sewer that runs underneath.
Shutting down the DNS servers brought street traffic to a halt above ground.
But the sewer tunnels are still navigable.
If you know the exact address you're going to.
Which I clearly don't.
I wish I'd paid more attention when Darius explained this.
- Um - You'll get it.
Chemistry class, you memorized the entire periodic table in 20 minutes.
You were my hero.
And I can't believe that you remembered that.
I can't believe you remembered the symbols for iridium and gallium.
Oh, my God, I did it.
See, you still got it.
Okay, now let's just hope Dr.
Stendahl gets it before it's too late.
Phone's down.
Something's very wrong out there.
We need eyes on the White House.
Look at the roof.
The Secret Service snipers, they're dead.
Alycia, the White House is under attack.
I don't know him, which means he's with Bennett.
That hatchway leads from this boiler room to the steam tunnels, - and those tunnels - Lead to the streets.
If they put a guard on this hatch, then Bennett's people know these tunnels, too.
There may be more trouble on the other side.
You all right? Kel-Kelly.
The whole damn thing.
Darius, we're on our own now.
Just up there to the left, there's a stairwell.
It should lead out to the streets.
Looks like these tunnels haven't been used since Prohibition.
President Harding needed a place to stash all that liquor.
I could sure use some bathtub gin right about now.
It's Liam.
The net's back up? No, he's got my dark Web address from the rail gun project.
What does he want? We're about to find out.
Liam, what do you want? I'm kind of in the middle of something.
Darius, we have a major situation.
Why is your problem my problem? Because when you shut down the Internet, you triggered a failsafe protocol with the nukes.
We now have less than two hours to get the Internet back on, or those 13 warheads are coming down on their original targets.
I don't believe you.
Or should I say her? You know what, we're looking at nuclear disaster, - and you think we're lying? - Not "we," Ms.
I wouldn't believe a single thing that fell off that serpent's tongue of yours.
I've seen the programming myself.
She's right.
You want the Internet back? You need to help me first.
This is not the time to barter! Oh, this is exactly the time.
Grace Barrows is somewhere in a four-block radius of the White House.
I need you to use Tanz surveillance to find her.
No, we don't take orders from you.
Then lose my number.
What an ass! I can't believe he's pulling this stunt.
We're facing nuclear annihilation and.
Alycia, this isn't about you and Darius.
The world does not have time for your BS.
I need you to get me that satellite linkup now.
What if they're telling the truth? They very well might be.
But to turn the net back on, we need to take back the White House.
To take back the White House, we need that video.
- One problem at a time, Harris.
- Yeah.
They only seem to come in bulk, these days.
Hello again.
Okay, I've got the Tanz satellite linkup.
Activate the temporal surveillance mode.
Every image for the last 24 hours has been recorded.
If you scroll back to the place and time we last saw Grace, you can step forward in time to track her movements.
Scroll back to 7:56, D.
General Hospital.
Find the helicopter crash.
Got it.
Stepping through now.
She's with a man, African-American, medium build.
It looks like they left through the service entrance.
They went into a parking garage at 1803 "G" Street.
But how close are they? - Three-tenths of a mile from you.
- Thank you.
Now for the bad news.
We've lost control of the Internet and I'm gonna need your help to get it back.
I knew it.
I knew we shouldn't trust that ass.
Well, either you help us regain the White House or we all die.
Let me know what you decide.
Darius, that wasn't the deal You're playing quite the game of chicken here, Darius.
Sun Tzu said, "Know thy enemy.
" And I do well.
He hung up.
What are you doing? There's a revolution out there.
He's outnumbered 50 to one.
We have to improve those odds.
The world doesn't have time for my BS right now.
Hey, wait, wait.
- I can't let you out there.
- Like hell you can't.
That parking garage is a stone's throw away, Harris.
A stone's throw in a war zone.
You're one of the most famous people in the world.
You'll be dead or captured in five seconds.
That's a risk I'm willing to take.
Yeah, but you shouldn't.
You're the vice president of the United States, second in command to our nation's leader.
In the ultimate time of crisis, you have to use your head, not your heart.
If we lose both Mackenzie and you, the chaos will be irreversible.
For the record, this is the worst job I've ever had.
Like you've ever had a crappy summer job.
Bring her back, Mr.
That's an order.
Sir, yes, sir.
Bravo Team, to the right! Make sure to have any valid identification on you and clearly visible.
I can't just sit here.
It's crazy-making.
We just have to wait it out.
Accept what is, you know? We can't do anything about it.
"Accept what is"? That's a Zen approach.
It's a C.
approach, actually.
Children of Planet Earth.
Was that the self-help group with the guy who wrote all those books? Bass Shepherd, yeah.
I, uh, I've been going to meetings since all this started, dumb as it sounds.
It sounds completely sane at this point.
Is that what it teaches you? Positive thinking? No, just accept what is.
You know, we're here in the middle of a battle.
Nothing we can do about it.
It's scary.
We might die.
Or we might live.
Maybe I can even take you to dinner.
Well, look what the cat dragged in.
Detective, I don't want trouble.
I'm looking for Grace.
Harris? - You all right? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'm okay, I'm okay.
Thanks to him.
We need to get back to the White House, but the streets are crawling with Bennett's men looking for you and that video.
I can help.
I ran security detail on the ground for the inauguration.
I know every nook and cranny of the city.
Every alley.
All right.
Let's move.
We've overlaid thermal sat images on the White House blueprints.
It looks like the East Wing and the Residence are overrun with soldiers.
Bennett's taken them.
What about the West Wing? Don't see any infiltration there, but there might be people in the attic.
Do you think Jillian's okay? Jillian is in the safest place in the West Wing right now as no one would think to look there.
Thank you for the information.
That was Alycia's doing.
But listen, I think we need a plan "B" for these missiles, - in case - What? We don't get the White House back? Okay, here's an idea.
You give us the president's authorization code.
We use it to hack into the Pentagon's security barrier and get the Internet back up.
Why do you need the president's authorization code? RE/SYST hacked Russia's missiles.
Surely the Pentagon would be a piece of cake.
Let's just say we had a little more lead time with that one.
Look, we've tried getting inside the Pentagon without success.
We need some help.
Why is this suddenly sounding very suspicious? I just helped you, damn it.
You did.
I have to go.
He still thinks I'm lying, that this is some sort of ruse.
Well, RE/SYST doesn't have the best track record when it comes to full transparency.
Oh, so you think I'm making this up? I didn't say that.
We have 53 minutes.
I'm moving those scientists into the bunker.
You can come or not.
Alonzo got me here safe.
Good work.
You left out a little detail in our last meeting, Detective.
- You're Claire Rayburn's brother.
- Yeah, and proud of it.
Proud of her attempt to assassinate President Mackenzie? How do we know you're not with Bennett? You know, pretty soon we're gonna be past the point - of civilized conversation.
- Okay, stop.
Stop, stop.
If Alonzo wanted the recording of Justice Cheng he could've taken it from me hours ago.
Liam told me the East Wing and the Residences are down.
The West Wing hasn't been infiltrated yet.
We've got a window to get to the old broadcast center and get that video out into the world.
We're not alone.
Darius, Grace, you need to find a safe place.
There's an old wine cellar.
We know where all the bodies are buried.
, it locks from the inside, all right? - Now that I did not know.
- All right.
Give me your God bless Prohibition and President Harding's affinity for Cabernet.
And God bless America.
Down! - You okay? You hit? - Yeah.
- You all right? - I'm good, I'm good, I'm good.
Get down! Can you move? - Yeah, I can move.
- We got to get the hell out of here.
Let's go.
Come on.
Come on, go, go.
Damn it, what's happening? Bravo Team, give me a sitrep, please.
All clear.
Moving up the tunnel.
General, good work.
You and your men are patriots.
And your country thanks you.
Well alone at last.
You take me to the nicest places.
I'm glad you're all right.
Now? Really? It's just you and me.
I need to know why you went out there, - risked your life.
- Darius.
I'm trying to protect you.
That's not your job.
Yes, it is.
You're the vice president.
Your role is too important to be compromised by me - in any way.
- Vice president, vice president, the-the most useless job in American history.
Until now.
Why can't you just leave it alone? Because you're tortured by something and I can't stand to watch anymore.
Then please, stop watching.
What if I don't want to? It's Harris.
Open up.
Oh, my God.
- Are you all right? - Yeah.
Tunnels have been breached.
The West Wing is under siege.
As the communication blackout of the White House continues, no word as to what's going on inside those walls.
Meanwhile, multiple reports of gunfire and increased military presence in and around the D.
area are flooding in.
- Gentlemen.
- Stay with us for continuous news updates.
I release you from your duty to me.
None of you have to die today.
It wouldn't serve any purpose.
But I will not be abandoning this office, for if we lose to Monroe Bennett, we lose the soul of this nation.
And I will not let that happen without a fight.
We're not going anywhere.
Let's get that couch up against the door and let's get you behind the desk.
Thank you.
Hey, Tess, do you remember when all we had to worry about was an asteroid? No, Liam.
Me, either.
I miss our talks.
I miss ours.
Thought you were going down to the bunker.
It seemed much less fun, somehow.
Might as well die with someone I like.
So this is really happening.
Of course it is.
No, Darius will pull through.
He'll get control of the White House somehow.
Why do you need Darius to be the hero? Why do you need him to be the villain? Daddy issues.
Yeah, same.
I didn't really have one.
Well, I did, and he was a real son of a bitch.
Human beings, we can be a real pile of manure.
I'll drink to that.
Drink? To friendship.
It's been fun.
Maybe it's the good guys.
Maybe it's Dr.
"Thank you for the warning.
"We were able to fortify security as a result.
The rail gun is safe.
" See, you really are a hero.
Contact up here, sir.
Now that Bennett's soldiers are in, we'll never make it to the Emergency Broadcast Center.
Harris, we have to deal with those nukes.
- What nukes? - It's a long story, but w We have to surrender, now.
And then what? Th-The first thing Bennett'll do is turn on the Internet to announce his victory.
It's his megaphone of choice.
Bennett's no fool.
He knows that video is out there.
He won't turn on the net till he's got it in hand.
So let's give it to him.
I have a way out of all this, it's just dependent on one thing: RE/SYST.
Darius? Liam, what if I told you I believed you? A lot of good that does us.
- We're out of time.
- No, we're not.
But we have to trust each other right now.
I know that seems impossible, but we have no choice.
What do you need from us? I'm sending you something, a video.
Here's what I need you to do - You okay? - Yeah, I'm good.
I'm safer down here than you are up there.
Good luck, Grace.
We got to go.
Get ready, men.
Get ready.
Don't shoot.
I'm Vice President Tanz.
This is Secretary Edwards and Grace Barrows.
I believe you're looking for us.
Turn around! Hands on your head.
You sure this is gonna work? No, but this is all we've got.
Shamrock, this is Command.
We've taken the White House.
Roger that, Command, we're coming home.
Attention, all personnel.
White House systems have been restored.
This is President Monroe Bennett.
The fighting is over.
Supporters of former President Mackenzie, lay down your weapons, surrender peacefully and no harm will come to you.
Hands in the air! Hands in the air! Get to the desk.
Hands on the desk.
Head straight.
It's time for all of us to work together, for there is much work left to be done.
May God bless America.
It's good to be back.
Get this man a medic.
Of course.
Sergeant, get the medic, please.
Hope you enjoyed that, Pauline, because that's the last order you're gonna give.
Bennett, this is treason.
I am the rightful President of the United States and we both know it.
Not without that Supreme Court decision.
As Commander in Chief of the United States, I hereby place you under arrest for high crimes against the state.
You're gonna have to shoot me first before I surrender to you, Bennett.
Tempting, but illegal.
This is a nation of laws, after all.
We have them, sir.
Good, bring them in.
Looks like you're gonna have some company in Guantanamo, Pauline.
Madam President, are you all right? I haven't been harmed, if that's what you're asking.
Tanz, what a pleasure.
And Ms.
You're quite the elusive one, aren't you? Now hand it over.
Unlock it.
the rightful President of the United States, pursuant to the 25th Amendment, is Pau Oh.
There's nothing on here.
What a shame.
Now, let's talk about getting that Internet back on.
I'm gonna need the codes, Pauline.
Really? Let's unjam the phone lines.
And get me the DoD.
I knew it.
I knew he wouldn't come through.
Internet restored.
Fail-safe protocol disabled.
You sure, Tess? Yes, Liam.
That bastard came through after all.
Now we have to come through for the bastard.
Deal's a deal.
Make sure that the flag's in the shot.
And the audio's got to be good, all right? Okay.
We on? Is the Internet back on? Yes, sir.
What the hell's going on here? What are you looking at? Damn it, someone tell me what's going on.
I'm about to address the nation here.
- And so - Justice Cheng's video has just hit the airwaves, Bennett.
News stations all over the world must be broadcasting this.
pursuant to the 25th Amendment, is Pauline Mackenzie.
Truth is out, you're a criminal.
The news is reporting you lost, sir.
Mackenzie is the legal president.
No, that's not the news.
That-that is fake news.
The only thing that's fake is your presidency.
Gentlemen, you've been betrayed and mislead by Monroe Bennett - and General Colter.
- Turn it off, now! I'm still in charge.
I'm still the president.
Not according to the Supreme Court.
You have your orders, gentlemen.
Get 'em out of here.
- Now.
- Ma'am.
I don't know what to do.
Yes, you do, soldier.
You heard the truth.
Trust your gut.
Monroe Bennett is not the president of the United States, and he never was.
Soldiers, I need you to stand down.
Colter Gentlemen, arrest that son of a bitch.
You think this is over? This was just the beginning.
The beginning of what?