Salvation (2017) s02e06 Episode Script

Let the Chips Fall

1 Previously on Salvation My sister's body is in a morgue.
Someone killed her.
If we tell Mackenzie and Darius, and they don't take action They're complicit in a cover-up.
I'm trying to protect you.
Why can't you just leave it alone? Because you're tortured by something.
Well, this used to be her night-light.
What the hell? Accept what is? That's a Zen approach.
It's a COPE approach, actually.
- The guy who wrote all those books? - Bass Shepherd, yeah.
My removal from office was criminal! Chief Justice Cheng remains in critical condition.
Cheng's vote is the deciding factor as to who is the rightful president of the United States.
We are with Monroe Bennett, the legitimate president of the United Mackenzie's the legal president.
How do I know I can trust you? You don't, but, frankly, I'm all you got.
The White House is compromised.
I will not abandon this post.
Get ready, men.
Shamrock, this is Command.
We've taken the White House.
This is President Monroe Bennett.
The fighting is over.
What the hell's going on? Justice Cheng's video has just hit the airwaves.
Truth is out.
You're a criminal.
You think this is over? This is just the beginning.
The beginning of what? Go right this way.
I was unsure if we'd be ready to test, but here we are.
It's amazing what people can accomplish when there's an asteroid hurtling toward them.
Behold the savior of the human race.
This is the rail gun.
It looks like a fancy sewer pipe.
That sewer pipe will propel one-ton slugs of depleted uranium moving 30 times the speed of sound into the asteroid.
It'll pass through the atmosphere in three or four seconds.
You'll never see it.
But you'll hear it and you'll feel it.
We'll have to evacuate the nearby towns.
Details for later.
First, let's see if she works.
Rosetta, initiate the test.
All systems check.
Power up the electromagnets.
Initiating test.
Is that normal? The electromagnets need to be strong enough to propel the projectiles out of the atmosphere.
We're using enough electricity to power a major city.
Take us to full power.
That's not normal.
Structural failure in 12 Shut her down! ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two Test aborted.
The engineers didn't account for the soil composition.
There's a high concentration of ferrous metals.
What does that mean? The pull of the electromagnets increased the compression forces, causing the tunnels to buckle.
We need to reinforce it with nonmagnetic, high compressive strength plastic.
That's gonna set us back.
Who are we gonna get to do the design specs on such short notice? Leave that to me, in the meantime, I need you to requisition as much of that plastic as you can find.
I need the rail gun up and running in two weeks.
Two weeks? Th-Tha-That's almost impossible.
Almost impossible, which means it's possible.
That asteroid is going to hit us in 86 days.
This has a thousand moving parts to it.
We need your attention, full time.
And you'll have it.
I promise.
I enjoyed our night.
Me, too.
- So - Mm.
I have some good news.
Your efforts have not gone unnoticed here.
- Unnoticed by who? - Nero.
The grand master of all things RE/SYST? We're ready to accept you into our ranks, Liam.
Accept me into RE/SYST? You deserve a say in things going forward.
Does this mean I have to, like, take part in a blood oath and vow to uphold the omertà? No.
But you do have to vow to uphold our principles.
Sic semper tyrannis.
Sic semper tyrannis.
"Thus always, I bring death to tyrants.
" I can get behind that.
Now, you need a handle.
A nom de guerre.
What's yours? Uh-uh.
I don't kiss and tell.
- Come on.
- No.
After all we've been through, you don't trust me? Okay.
I'm LadyHawk.
You're LadyHawk? For real? Like, you hacked the European Central Bank.
I thought I was Robin Hood.
It was reckless.
But let's just say that a few million Europeans did have a very merry Christmas that year.
Your turn.
Uh, all right, well, in keeping with the theme of rebel scientists I like it.
Galileo, welcome to RE/SYST.
Thank you.
Liam! Croft, what the hell? Well, lock your door next time.
Slumber party's over.
Get dressed.
We got a big problem.
Let's go.
Spinach, avocado, tomato.
Just the way you like it.
You don't have to baby me, I'm fine.
You almost got killed, Gracie.
It's okay not to be fine.
Now stop your whining and let your old man make you a damn omelet.
Remind me to get you a World's Best Dad mug for Father's Day.
May I help you? I'm looking for Grace? Alonzo? Hey.
Uh, come on in.
Dad, this is Detective Alonzo Carter.
The fella who saved your life.
Hugh Keating, her grateful father.
I'm the one who's grateful.
Your daughter pulled some strings and got me a copy of my sister's autopsy.
Sister? Claire Rayburn.
Um sorry for your loss.
Is this a bad time? - No.
- No? No.
My dad was actually just heading out.
What are you doing here? Where did you get this? I found it in my sister's snow globe.
From that box of stuff you gave me.
What is it? Some kind of encryption key.
Sort of thing used by hackers, arms dealers, people with something to hide.
This one's for a bitcoin wallet.
Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency.
You need to enter a password to unlock it.
Exactly 14 characters.
But if you guess wrong, it starts this damn clock running.
First time I tried, the clock said one minute before I could try again.
Next time, two minutes, then four.
It doubles each time you guess wrong.
30 attempts would take a thousand years.
And-and my guy, who is pretty damn good, hit a dead end.
But lucky for me, I have friends with connections.
You want me to help you crack this? You've got the juice: NSA, CIA, DoD.
- Alonzo, I-I can't.
- Grace.
I believe you.
My sister went to the dark side.
Got caught up in something big and bad, and the answers are in this little piece of tech.
Help me.
Right, no problem.
Well, of course.
And Yeah, and, uh I'll call you back.
- You can't be serious.
- I've never formally resigned from anything before, so there you have it.
- Proper penmanship and all.
- Darius.
We have just reclaimed the White House.
This isn't the time.
Now is exactly the time.
Madam President, Monroe Bennett is in custody.
The streets are quiet.
For now.
Darius, this nation has just stepped back from the brink of a civil war.
We've been through a great ordeal.
The people need stability.
The rail gun.
We're falling behind.
How far behind? Too far.
Pauline, we promised the people that I would come up with a plan to save them, which I have.
But I can't execute the plan when I'm running on fumes.
You're right.
Have Grace put together a list of suitable replacements.
I'll make that my priority.
And, Darius, let's keep this under wraps till after the Unity Rally.
It is critical that we project a stable and unified front.
Of course.
So you know how that factory in Taiwan was supposed to send us a few acres of beryllium composite fabric? - Yeah.
- Well, they didn't.
So I asked a few of these RE/SYST goons to check on their progress, and they found the factory completely abandoned.
Long story short, we have half the material that we asked for.
- Half? - Yeah.
Okay, if-if we reconfigure the solar sail dimensions, strengthen the laser No, even then, we can't generate enough pull to move the asteroid off course.
- We are - Completely screwed.
So we either launch a solar sail that's too small, or wait to build a bigger sail that'll launch too late.
Unless Unless what? What if there was a way to give the asteroid the push it needs? Something that could work in combination with a smaller solar sail? Like what? A rail gun.
You are playing with fire here.
Why the hell would you give him Claire's autopsy file? Do you have some sort of death wish? The man saved my life, Harris.
I had to give him something.
And he gave you this? Cryptocurrency wallet.
Bennett was looking for this, so clearly there's something on here that was pretty damn valuable to him.
And Alonzo wants us to help him decrypt it.
He's trying to find Claire's killer, Grace.
Helping him is-is dangerous territory.
This is the danger, Harris.
It's the same insignia as the chip in Joe Riggs's neck.
Darius was right about the Ark.
It was sabotage.
And whoever was responsible is connected to Bennett and Claire and Joe.
This has layers beyond anything we could have imagined.
Bennett said this wasn't over.
It was just the beginning.
People were getting paid to do terrible things, and we need to figure out by whom and how before it's too late.
"This is just the beginning.
" That's what you said.
You care to explain? I have the right to an attorney.
Or does the Constitution mean nothing these days? You don't get to invoke the Constitution, not after you dragged it through the sewer.
We found this in Claire's belongings.
It's the encryption key for a bitcoin wallet.
We need to know how to access it.
Claire Rayburn you mean the woman that you and your people murdered? Son of a bitch.
You murdered my son.
That strike on RE/SYST.
You knew he was in that warehouse, didn't you?! You were just testing my loyalty.
And you passed.
You're as ruthless as I thought.
Killing Claire and covering it up.
Look me in the eye and tell me I'm wrong.
We didn't kill anyone.
Claire's death is on you and whoever's pulling your strings.
You don't want to cooperate, help us with the password here? Fine.
I guess you'd rather rot in Guantanamo.
Not until I have a deal in place.
Protection for me and my family.
Yeah, sure.
Why don't you ask for your pension, too, while you're at it? You're a traitor and a murderer, Bennett.
The best you can hope for is leniency, and you know what? I'm not feeling very generous right now.
My deal, my terms.
Or you're on your own.
They're building a rail gun? How could you keep this from me? I should have told you.
I know.
But I'm telling you now.
We can't collaborate with Darius Tanz or the United States government.
You have a better solution? Yes.
Raul Aguirre.
His specialty is nanomaterials.
- This is his area of expertise.
- Raul Aguirre? Nobody's laid eyes on him in years.
He is the J.
Salinger of scientists.
RE/SYST couldn't get him to show up the first time.
Why do you think he'd change his mind now? We're going deep, reaching out to all corners of the world to find him.
In the meantime, RE/SYST will never collaborate with Darius.
End of discussion.
Well, I thought I get a vote now that I'm in the club.
But you're outnumbered.
Of course.
Rail gun discussions at 3:00 p.
with Planetary Defense.
Yeah, uh, I'll let him know.
Children of Planet Earth.
COPE was founded by Bass Shepherd, author of 15 best-selling self-help books that have sold nine million copies worldwide, and has turned his decades-long search for peace and acceptance into a movement.
Let Bass Shepherd help you The vice president's office.
This is Jillian.
Jillian, it's me.
Liam, are-are you all right? Yeah.
Look, I'm-I'm sorry about how we left things.
I need you to do me a favor.
And this flash drive belonged to Claire? The NSA is working on cracking the password to the bitcoin wallet.
Whatever's on there I want to know about it - before anyone else.
- Of course, Mr.
Vice President.
I'll keep you in the loop.
Don't call me that.
Why not? I've, uh I've tendered my resignation to Mackenzie.
What? Why? The rail gun project can't afford to fall any more behind.
After the Unity Rally we'll announce it, but I'd like to have a successor in place.
Uh, of course.
I'll draw up a list of candidates.
Don't bother.
I think Harris would be a good choice.
What do you think? I think you're right.
Just as I was getting used to calling you Mr.
Vice President.
I certainly won't miss that, nor having the Secret Service following me around every waking moment.
I will, however, miss seeing you every day.
Oh, I'll miss having you around.
Actually I was hoping we could see more of each other, not less.
Sorry to interrupt, but it's urgent.
Liam called.
He wants to meet.
My hacker pal at the NSA couldn't crack it and he's the best.
- You're kidding me.
- I don't kid.
But he did find a secret message buried in a hidden folder on the device.
"Don't Tread on Me.
" "Don't Tread on Me.
" It's from the Gadsden flag flown during the American Revolution.
Yeah, the coiled snake was a symbol of the colonies' defiance.
Well, how does this help us with the encryption key? It's less than 14 alphanumeric characters, so it can't be the password.
And if we guess wrong, it's six days till we try again.
I recommend we go to Bennett, fast.
No, I can't give Bennett a deal.
He should rot in hell for everything he's done.
He should, but we're playing a dangerous game here, trying to save the planet and keep the country intact.
He has answers; we need them.
Harris, you can't make it personal.
- How can it not be? - Well, there is one other person who might be able to help.
Alonzo? Grace, has it occurred to you that getting in bed with Claire's brother is a dangerously reckless proposition? Yes, but we need answers and we're running out of time.
Alonzo or Bennett, dealer's choice.
- Hands on your head, sir! - Yeah, yeah.
I'm unarmed.
All clear.
- All clear.
- All clear.
I asked you to come alone.
This is as alone as I get these days.
So, you've finally come to your senses.
I have a proposal.
Let's merge our projects.
Our solar sail, your rail gun.
So this means that your tiny little plan has hit a wall.
I guess holding the world hostage isn't working out so well.
We have had a few setbacks, but I'm guessing you're behind schedule based on the scope of what's required to get that rail gun operational.
Our solar sail works.
It is just a little smaller than we planned.
Your rail gun may not be finished in time.
You'll never get enough shots fired at the asteroid to move it sufficiently off its course.
But together, we each bring half of the force needed to the table and provide all the force needed to move that asteroid.
And you think that after everything RE/SYST has done that I would trust them? I'm not asking you to trust RE/SYST.
I'm asking you to trust me.
Seems like I'm not the only one who didn't come alone.
- Send her up.
- Who? - Bring her in.
- Your girlfriend.
Hello, Darius.
Gentlemen, keep your guns trained on Ms.
Vrettou at all times 'cause right now she's the most dangerous woman in the world.
You followed me? What makes you think you have the authority to cut a deal with him? And what makes you think I'd trust either of you? Still paranoid, I see.
Some things never change.
Whose idea was it to steal Tess, my company, my life's work? And this isn't the first time.
Did she mention that, Liam? That she's a liar and a thief? I created Tess.
Tanz Industries created her under my supervision and you were paid for your work, quite handsomely I might add.
Then you tried to make her AI software open source, knowing full well how dangerous that would be in the wrong hands.
You mean any hands that weren't yours? 'Cause you love all this.
People flocking to you like you're some sort of messiah.
But the truth is, you're just another tyrant.
Said the person holding nuclear bombs over the world's head.
Oh, you are such a hypocrite I made you from nothing, gave you a home, - and you betrayed me.
- Enough! The two of you need to put this feud on ice, at least until after we save the planet.
I had to make peace with Croft and he tried to kill me.
I mean, seriously.
All right.
I'll consider a collaboration on two conditions.
RE/SYST disarms their nuclear weapons Absolutely not.
and vacates Tanz Industries.
I want my company back.
We can't agree to either.
Those nukes are the only leverage we've got.
Right, Liam? Oh, so it's official.
You've joined their merry band of thieves.
We're done.
"Don't Tread on Me"? Does that have any significance to you? When we were kids, Claire and I had a neighbor.
Used to fly a "Don't Tread on Me" flag in front of his house.
We called him Mr.
Mean son of a bitch.
If this was supposed to remind her of her password, what would she be reminding herself of? Claire didn't like Mr.
But she loved his dog.
She used to walk it every damn day after school, - her first job.
- And? Well, this is a reach, but the dog's name was, um, Barkus Aurelius.
You know, like a play on Marcus Aurelius.
Yeah, the Roman emperor.
We get it.
It's 14 letters.
If it's wrong, we're locked out from trying again for six days.
Okay, here we go.
All right.
These look like outgoing payments.
Payments for what? How much money is left in the account? 1,428 bitcoins.
That's about $10 million.
Okay, so we don't know who the payments were made to, but we have dates and amounts paid.
May 25, that was the day of Zoe's graduation and the day Carnahan was murdered.
Pentagon analyst.
This was the day an assassin was sent to my house.
And this is the day that reporter, Amanda Neel, died in a fire at Capitol Eyes.
Those are payments for hits coming from my sister's account.
What just happened? Account's still active.
That's an outgoing payment in the neighborhood of $500,000.
Oh, my God, they have a new target.
Harris, you have to make a deal with Bennett, now.
Open up.
Bennett? Bennett.
He's dead.
What the hell happened here? Sir, no idea.
He was alive ten minutes ago.
Nobody went in or out.
Okay, lock this place down, and get me the security footage.
Nobody leaves this facility until I say so.
Yes, sir.
What the hell? S-So what, Bennett was-was killed by a ghost? What is this, amateur hour at the Pentagon? How the hell did this happen, Harris? We've checked the security footage, Madam President.
It's inexplicable.
Nobody came in or out.
Bennett has a microscopic wound in his head that came from nothing visible to the naked eye.
Well, somehow, someone had access to Bennett.
Or something.
It's a locked room riddle, except the room isn't sealed, it's-it's got air vents.
Something small, like a, like a, like a microdrone, could have infiltrated.
Microdrone? Sounds like science fiction.
Well, it's science fact.
I've used the technology myself.
Not for murder, of course.
About this bitcoin wallet, ma'am, and the fact that someone is a target.
Well, clearly, the target was Bennett, and the job is done.
We can't take that chance.
We need to cancel the Unity Rally, for both of your safety.
That is out of the question.
The networks are carrying it.
We've publicized the hell out of it.
The morale of this country has suffered so that to cancel this could plunge us into despair.
Now is the time to strike, before word of Bennett's death gets out.
Ma'am, if I could second Secretary Edwards on this You can second, third, or fourth it, Grace, but we cannot stop every time there is a perceived threat that looms.
Life must go on, and we must live it, must live it with courage.
I need to go.
Harris, footage of Bennett.
I want everything you've got.
There's nothing on there, Darius; I already went through it.
Yeah, well, I haven't.
Harris, we can't let this rally go forward tomorrow.
We have to talk Mackenzie out of it.
We couldn't talk her out of leaving the White House when it was under siege.
I don't know how we talk her out of a glorified pep rally, especially when it appears Bennett was the target.
What if he wasn't? I mean, I can't handle any more death or heartbreak.
Listen, we'll have bulletproof glass surrounding the stage, extra Secret Service.
We'll be okay.
Darius is resigning.
What? He has to focus on the rail gun project.
He put you at the top of the list to succeed him.
- He did? - Yeah.
Before I give Mackenzie your name, do you even want this job? Oh, what's that? I developed software for the FBI, currently in beta.
It analyzes facial and vocal tics to identify stressors, deception.
It might give us some insight into what happened.
We're good.
Hey, Darius.
Is Liam coming back? No.
We could use your help down there.
Trying to figure out our next move.
My next move is finding Raul Aguirre.
Yours, clearly, was going behind my back and setting up a meeting with Darius.
How am I supposed to trust you? Well, you followed me, so, clearly, you never did.
You weren't supposed to leave without permission.
Am I a member of RE/SYST? Or am I a prisoner? Can you make up your damn mind? You're not a prisoner.
We've established that much.
Fine, then as a member of RE/SYST, it is my right to bring ideas to the table.
Now, if we can negotiate some kind of deal to use Darius's rail gun Stop.
I told you, RE/SYST will never agree to work with Darius.
Why not? 'Cause of your personal grudge? Is that what you think? That I'd put my feelings before saving the human race? That might be something your sensitive little writer girlfriend might do Don't talk about her like that.
Look, Alycia, we're running out of time.
If I had to partner up with Darth Vader right now, I'd freaking do it to save the human race.
- Please.
- Fine.
I'll put the collaboration proposal on the table with Nero.
- You were just testing my loyalty.
- And you passed.
You're as ruthless as I thought.
Killing Claire, covering it up.
You look me in the eye and you tell me I'm wrong.
We didn't kill anyone.
We didn't kill anyone.
Darius, uh, I wanted to thank you for trusting me enough to put me up for VP.
- You killed Claire Rayburn.
- What? And made Grace cover up for you.
What the hell is wrong with you? That's what all the secrecy's been about, all this time! You don't know what you're talking about.
You're the same lying son of a bitch I always thought you were.
I should have you hauled out of here and arrested.
Darius, stop.
It's not him you should arrest.
It's me.
- Grace.
- I'm the lying son of a bitch.
Harris convinced me it would jeopardize everything.
Of course he did.
And I agreed with him, at the time.
The ripple effect was something I couldn't have predicted.
Ripple effect? You killed someone, covered it up, lied under oath to the Supreme Court.
Yes, I'm aware of how bad this is, Darius.
The legitimacy of this government is hanging in the balance and two members of the president's inner circle perjured themselves - to keep us in power.
- I will resign.
- Okay, I will take the fall.
- It's too late for that.
If we pull that thread, it could unravel everything we're trying to accomplish.
We'll just have to cover up the cover-up, as it were.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't want to compromise you.
This job has already compromised me in ways I could never have imagined.
The sooner we have this rally, the sooner I can resign, and that's not soon enough.
- I thought you gave up.
- Hmm.
What is this? It's your rail gun/solar sail combo platter.
I actually think it might work.
I just don't know how big this rail gun is, and knowing Darius, clearly he's a man who cares about whose gun is biggest.
Anyway, I'm trying to do the math Oh, it's not about the math as much as getting Darius and RE/SYST to play nice.
Well, maybe you don't have to.
Get them to play nice, I mean.
What are you talking about? Well, just take the solar sail and, you know - Defect? - Yeah, yeah.
- To Darius? - Mm-hmm.
Thanks, but betraying people and running off with their stuff is more your thing.
RE/SYST are analyzing my proposal.
I have to believe they'll come to their senses.
After all the people who have betrayed you, you remain adorably optimistic about human beings.
Not all of them, Croft.
I lied to the president, the Supreme Court, and now I've burdened the one man with the fate of the world on his back.
When you're in the fog of war, it's impossible to see things clearly.
You make the best decision you can with the information you're given, and you don't look back, ever.
All I do is look back.
It's time.
After the Unity Rally, I need to turn myself in.
Grace, no good can come from that.
If anything, it'll make things worse for everyone.
I can't live like this anymore.
I just can't.
What is our purpose? Now more than ever, we contemplate what to do with the time that we have left.
We feel powerless.
We can't stop the will of the universe.
So what do we do with those emotions? - COPE.
- And how do we COPE? Acceptance.
It pains us to leave business unresolved.
Potential unfulfilled.
Afraid of what the future holds, we live lives of fear and regret, always wanting more time.
But time is a curse.
The more we have, the more we wait.
We put things off, we live untruthful lives.
We refuse to accept that everybody dies.
I was surprised to hear from you.
Thought you were retired.
With the impending apocalypse and civil wars, who has the time? Truth be told, I could use the R&R.
I was hoping the agency could help me out.
Since when do we tell the truth? You sure you want to go through with this? Once you turn yourself in, there's no going back.
I know.
But I killed Claire Rayburn.
And I need to be held accountable.
We are free.
Free of the future.
And what do we do with our fear? Set it on fire! If you feel moved to free yourself, I invite you to come forward.
What are you afraid of? I'm afraid of the great unknown.
Accept the great unknown.
I accept.
Do you want to go up there? It feels amazing to just accept.
My friend, what are you afraid of? I'm afraid of being powerless.
Accept being powerless.
I accept.
Who else wants to accept? Um I'm I don't know what I'm doing here.
- Sorry.
- It's all right.
You came here for a reason.
So talk to me.
I'm listening.
What are you afraid of? Everything.
Losing the people I love, dying.
I-I hate I hate everything that is happening, and I can't accept it, and I don't want to accept it.
And I don't know how all of you can just accept what's happening.
What choice do we have? Look at all this energy being wasted in denial.
Those who have accepted, look at them: they smile.
They laugh.
They're free.
Those who have not accepted, they struggle.
Accept that everything dies, and you will never know fear or heartache again.
I accept that everything dies.
I think you should take it back.
I accept that everything dies.
Including love.
You, you are strong.
And you can cope.
I can cope.
Ready? Good evening.
After careful review, RE/SYST has reached a decision.
We approve your plan to use the rail gun and the solar sail, Galileo.
That's just great.
I'll contact Darius immediately.
Darius Tanz will not be involved.
- He cannot be trusted.
- Wait.
To facilitate this project, the United States government will turn over their rail gun to us.
That-that wasn't an option.
They'll never agree to that.
If they fail to comply, they will be given five hours to evacuate New York City before we deploy one of our orbiting nuclear warheads.
Hold on a second.
Can we discuss this? My decision is final.
Did you know about this? I'm sorry, Liam.
I tried to tell you That RE/SYST was gonna blow up a major city? That Nero could be ruthless.
Yeah, well, so can I.
Liam, wait.
Listen up! I need everyone's attention! RE/SYST has learned the United States government is building a giant rail gun.
Now, combined with our solar sail, we could actually knock Samson off course and save the planet.
Liam, don't do this.
But RE/SYST would rather threaten the lives of millions of people than even entertain the idea of collaborating with Darius Tanz.
Now, if this is the true face of RE/SYST, I will not be a part of it.
I'm leaving.
And I'm asking all of you to come with me.
Now, if you want to save the planet, we need to walk out of here, right now.
Right now.
I'm ready to die on the sword, Alycia.
Hey, what are you doing? You're gonna get yourself killed.
Hey, at least I'll have died for a cause I believe in.
Humanity! Oh, you're gonna shoot me? Why? 'Cause I disagree with you? Now who's the tyrant? Um, uh I-I'm with Liam.
You shoot him, you're gonna have to shoot me, too.
Well, I, uh, I guess you're gonna have to shoot all of us, so good luck with that asteroid.
We're gonna do things my way now.
So what's next? You do have a plan, right? My fellow Americans, we are now engaged in a struggle for survival.
Not only as a nation, but as a species.
These past few weeks, our union has been tested.
But we are still standing.
- Post 11 clear.
- Post 12 clear.
Red five standing by.
Yes, I have faith in this country, and I am so honored that you have put your faith in me.
You worried? It's okay.
Is it? Monroe Bennett sought to divide us, but we will not be divided, for we are the United States of America.
Harris, knowing what I know You can't recommend me for vice president.
I was going to take my name out of the running anyway.
Fair enough.
Hold the president here.
Clear the next room.
Beautiful words, Madam President.
I wish I had your faith in humanity.
You'll see, Darius.
There's still good people in this country.
The president has been shot.
Madam President.
What are you doing? I'm not leaving her.
You can't stay here.
We have to get you - to a secure location.
- I told you, I'm not leaving her.
Please, you need to come with us now, Mr.
We don't have time! Everyone out of here, now! We got to move, let's go.
Come on, let's go We got to go.
We got to go.