Salvation (2017) s02e07 Episode Script

The Madness of King Tanz

1 - Previously on Salvation - Do we have a materials expert? Dr.
Aguirre is supposed to be here, but LIAM: I know.
Raul Aguirre was a no-show.
We're reaching out to all corners of the world to find him.
Of all the bomb shelters in all the world, he walks into mine.
You never mentioned you were an environmental engineer.
FIONA: You never mentioned you were the secretary of defense.
We have an abandoned supercollider we're turning into a rail gun.
Lane, your credentials are impeccable.
You're hired.
- This is Detective Alonzo Carter.
- Her grateful father.
Your daughter got me a copy of my sister's autopsy.
Sister? GRACE: I need to turn myself in.
- No good can come from that.
- I can't live like this anymore.
Once you turn yourself in, there's no going back.
But I killed Claire Rayburn.
We can't stop the will of the universe, so what do we do with those emotions? ALL: Acceptance.
I accept that everything dies, including love.
RE/SYST would rather threaten the lives of millions of people than collaborate with Darius Tanz.
I will not be a part of it.
We're gonna do things my way now.
(glass shatters) AGENT: The president has been shot.
HARRIS: The shot came through the window.
What are you doing? I'm not leaving her here.
You can't stay here.
- We have to get you to a secure - I told you I'm not leaving her.
Please, Mr.
My fellow Americans, we find ourselves living in times where the unthinkable has become reality, the unspeakable, routine.
President Pauline Mackenzie is dead.
She was an incredible human being, (faintly): a fearless leader, a dear friend Time only haunts you once Haunts and then it will restart It's the truth I've been holding for years And this is my requiem at times hopeless, but I'm here today to tell you that there is still hope.
This government is constructing a planetary-scale rail gun with the power to divert the asteroid once and for all, a herculean undertaking that is nearing completion thanks to the tireless efforts of scientists, engineers Darius Tanz is president.
I mean, the world's gone mad.
We will test this gun on a smaller asteroid passing through Earth's orbit in just over two days.
81 days to go and they're wasting rail gun slugs on a passing asteroid they could hit with their eyes closed.
Something doesn't add up.
Well, you're in charge now, so I guess you'd better figure it out.
that whoever is responsible for Pauline Mackenzie's death, we are coming for you.
MAN: And we're clear.
(overlapping chatter) Mr.
Justine Kapoor.
Media relations.
Will you be addressing the press at all today? I just did.
You have a national security briefing, Mr.
President, in Yes, in 15.
And it's still Darius.
Was a great speech.
Pauline would've loved it.
Behind every great speech a great speechwriter.
Thank you.
I was hoping you would stay on as my chief of staff.
I rely on your counsel more than anyone.
- I don't know what to say.
- Say yes.
I-I know we had other plans for ourselves, but I need you, Grace.
They're ready for us.
Sleep on it.
That's an order.
Yes, Mr.
Director Davis, take us through the FBI's latest.
President Mackenzie was killed by a single 6.
5-millimeter rifle bullet fired from over half a mile away.
Now, the unique thing about this shot is that the trigger wasn't pulled by human hands.
- An automated firing platform.
- Exactly.
The shooter didn't have to be present to take the shot.
- Did you get anything off the gun? - DAVIS: No.
The rifle's serial number was filed off, and the lab at Quantico didn't find any prints or DNA.
And Bennett? Bennett was in a locked interrogation room when he was killed.
Based on the autopsy, we believe your theory was correct.
A weaponized micro drone gained access through the ventilation shaft and delivered a potent neurotoxin.
Chaos through technology.
This has RE/SYST written all over it.
We have no proof of that.
Then find it.
President, we can't even prove that these killings are connected.
Director Davis, I've got 81 days to save this planet, but I can't do that with nuclear warheads threatening us at every turn.
I have no doubt RE/SYST played some part in all of this.
We have to take them out, once and for all.
And how do you propose we do that? (phone chimes and buzzes) Leave that to me.
(door opens) NEWSCASTER: The nation mourns as President Pauline Mackenzie was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.
She will be forever remembered as a uniting force who brought the United States back from the brink of a second civil war.
Dignitaries and world leaders have offered their condolences and their support in this difficult time.
(line ringing) You've reached Hugh Keating.
Leave a message.
- (beeps) - Daddy, where are you? (sighs) I just need to hear your voice.
(groans) (sighs) (knocking) - Alonzo? - Hey.
- Is everything okay? - Yeah.
Come in.
(sighs) I couldn't sleep.
(sighs) With everything that's going on, I just (exhales) got to thinking what you must be going through.
(crying) Hey, hey, hey.
(crying) (sighs) I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I didn't I just, I STENDAHL: I'm sorry to drag you in here with all that you're dealing with, but these calculations are just wrong.
Wrong? Rosetta, I told you to leave the orbital dynamics to me.
Darius, we're talking about the fate of the world here.
God forbid I should double-check your numbers.
And it's a damn good thing I did, too, because unless you're using some new math nonsense, this will cause us to miss the asteroid entirely.
I know.
Then then what is it we're really working on? Holy crap.
I know what he's up to.
Hey, I'm working here.
Trying to, anyway.
Alycia, I know you're angry with me, but you got to listen.
Darius, the timing for his rail gun test, it is, it's too early or it's too late, depending on how you look at it.
What the hell are you talking about? Right, the rail gun, it's stationary, right? So it has to partially rely on the rotation of the planet to aim.
And this, this is 2011 QB8.
This is the asteroid he's targeting.
Except here's the problem: this is the maximum firing range for the rail gun.
And so he's going to miss? Not by much.
He was careful to keep it close.
Well, he's planning to miss? No, he's planning a direct hit, just not on the asteroid.
At the time of the test the orbiting nuke is right here.
You're trying to shoot down RE/SYST's warheads with the rail gun? They've sowed chaos and destruction, terrorized the world.
The margin for error is tiny, and if we miss, it's nuclear war.
Then we'd better not miss.
My sister's body is in a morgue.
Someone killed her.
No, no.
No, this is wrong.
I'm - I'm sorry.
- No, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You were there for me, Grace.
Okay? I want to be here for you.
Alonzo, I need to tell you something.
(phone buzzing) (sighs) I have to take this.
Detective Carter.
What? You're kidding.
Okay, all right.
I'll be right down.
Someone turned themselves in for her murder.
Wh - Where are you going? - To tell Nero.
You may be in charge here, but Nero still outranks you everywhere else.
Hey, wait.
Look, if Darius knocks out our nukes, we've lost all our leverage.
A SEAL team will be at our doorstep in minutes.
That means the end of everything we've built here.
RE/SYST can't let that happen.
So you're just gonna drop a bomb on New York? If we're attacked, RE/SYST will respond in kind.
- There has to be another way.
- Well, sometimes there isn't another way.
Sometimes a leader has to choose between the lesser of two evils.
Well, we said we were gonna do things my way, and nuking cities is not my way.
I didn't think it was yours either.
Of course it's not, but we've got to protect that solar sail.
We're on the verge of solving it, and I'm not gonna give it to the United States government - without a fight.
- A fight? You're talking about executing millions of men, women, and children.
This is not some line of code that can just be rewritten over and over again.
Once you do this, those people are gone forever.
You've got 24 hours, then I'm informing Nero, who won't hesitate to do what's necessary.
Do you have a name? Not yet.
The confession is sealed for 90 days, some kind of national security thing.
But I have friends at the Bureau.
I'll squeeze them for info.
Wh-What are you gonna do when you get the information? Get justice.
Hey, look, um, I'm sorry about the, uh What did you want to tell me? It can wait.
(door opens) (door closes) - (line ringing) - Come on.
Come on.
You've reached Hugh Keating.
Leave a message.
(beeps) How the hell is all this connected? You think this is over? This is just the beginning.
(sighs) (knocking) (door opens) So you've given up on sleep altogether? Looks like I'm not the only one.
Darius has us working around the clock to shore up the tunnel for the rail gun test.
I could use some shut-eye for an hour or two.
Me, too.
President, uh, Darius.
Jillian, whatever paperwork or political nightmare this is, - I just need you to make it go away.
- Liam's here.
Security called.
He's downstairs.
You look bigger.
(chuckles) And you look smaller.
What do you want? I'm not wearing a wire.
I came alone.
You can call off the goon squad here, this is between us.
There is no "us.
" I'm the president.
You're an enemy of the state, responsible for the assassination of President Mackenzie.
RE/SYST did not kill Mackenzie.
(sighs) That's what they told you, but as we both know, they don't have a very good track record when it comes to the truth.
And how about you? And we know the real target for your rail gun test.
If you make any attempt to disable those nukes, RE/SYST will retaliate.
Darius, you have to be the cooler head here.
RE/SYST will never back down.
I mean they're talking about dropping a nuke - on a major city.
- You're a member of RE/SYST, so by "they," you mean you.
I guess.
Yes, I do.
Good to know.
Arrest this man.
He's just confessed to being an enemy of the United States of America.
What are you talking about? No.
I'm trying to make peace.
Did you think I would just let you waltz out of here, after threatening a nuclear attack on our nation? This is insane, Darius.
You're making a horrible mistake.
You're gonna have blood on your hands.
Wh-What just happened? Liam's been arrested.
For treason.
(sighs) I thought we were leaving work at work.
We are.
You make it easy to forget the world is on fire.
Why, thank you, Mr.
(chuckles) Harris? Babe, where'd you go? I-I never noticed you, uh, you have this little scar behind your ear.
Childhood diving board accident.
I survived.
- Yes, you did.
- Mm.
(moans) (sighs) (both grunting) I'm guessing you didn't learn that in grad school.
(both grunting) The Ark, it was you.
You sabotaged it.
What else have you done? Harris, I don't want to hurt you.
(both grunting) That scar, it's a chip in your neck, isn't it? - I asked you a question.
- Yes.
Who the hell do you work for? You have five seconds before I pull this trigger.
Four, three, two I don't know.
I don't know.
- Harris - Here's the deal.
There's no positive outcome for you now.
The only thing you get to decide is how much pain you feel before I learn what I need to know.
Now, who hired you, and who's the next target? I had nothing to do with Mackenzie's death, I swear.
Bennett was my target.
You inserted a drone into the Pentagon air vents and pulled the trigger remotely? I had no problem destroying a man who destroyed our country.
How noble.
Who hired you? I already told you, I don't know.
Halfway through grad school, this "recruiter" approached me, said he could help me pay off my debts.
Corporate espionage stuff at first.
It got more and more serious.
And when I wanted to stop, they made it clear that wasn't an option.
You were working me from the start.
I had the right background.
I was told to infiltrate the Tanz Mars Project any way that I could.
Joe Riggs? His real name was Gordon.
He was my partner.
We were told to make sure that Ark never got off the ground.
Gordon was supposed to sabotage the fuel and punctured the wrong valve.
I didn't realize what he had done until it was too late.
Obviously, I wasn't trying to kill myself - or anyone else involved.
- Obviously.
That chip in your neck - who put it there? - I don't know.
They sent a team to my house.
I swear.
You have to believe me.
(chuckles) People lie, Fiona.
But that chip in your neck can't.
Harris, Harris.
I'm sorry.
What we had was real.
(shuddering) No No anesthetic.
- Hey, man.
- Hey.
So I got some good news, some bad news.
I'll take the bad straight-up.
Couldn't get the name.
It's under seal.
(sighs) But I did manage to get his booking photo.
Fiona had access to everything.
The Ark, the rail gun, and-and you, and you were sleeping with her, Harris? I take full responsibility.
I'll resign if that's what you want, but right now we have bigger problems.
Oh, oh, there's-there's never a shortage of problems, but thanks for the pile-on, Mr.
She fooled us both, or did that photographic memory of yours conveniently forget the part where you vetted her for your Ark, gave her access to the rail gun? There's plenty of blame to go around here, Mr.
President For all of us.
We'll all have to pay for our mistakes eventually.
The question is, what do we do now? That chip from Fiona's neck is being analyzed by the FBI and NSA.
- That should tell us something.
- (laughs) "Should"? We have a presidential assassination on our hands.
I want answers, Harris, today.
If the NSA is too incompetent to do their jobs, then just give the damn chip to me, and I'll figure it out.
- (knocking on door) - Yes.
Darius, you have a call from Alycia Vrettou.
(exhales) Alycia.
What have you done with Liam? Liam's been arrested for treason.
The suite's big enough for two if you care to join him.
How could someone so brilliant be so stupid? Liam is a peacemaker.
When you arrested him, you took away your protector, Darius.
Release him and call off the rail gun test now, or RE/SYST will be forced to drop a bomb on New York.
We know your "rail gun test" is really a plan to shoot down our nukes.
Well, you won't drop a bomb on Washington, D.
That's too close to home.
If we have to sacrifice New York, so be it.
Darius, the test is actually an attack on RE/SYST's nukes? When the hell were you going to let us in on this? I just did.
Grace, we need to draft a statement.
RE/SYST has threatened us, but we will not back down.
Liam stays in custody, and the test goes on as planned.
Cole tried to negotiate with Tanz.
We don't negotiate with terrorist regimes.
And we can't allow them to disarm RE/SYST.
Losing Mr.
Cole is a blow to the solar sail project.
There are seven billion people on this planet.
Surely one of them is a capable replacement for Galileo.
He's s-special.
What about Raul Aguirre? He's the one with the nanotechnology we need.
Yes, but he's off the grid, ignored all our overtures.
Well, get his attention, LadyHawk.
This disaster is your mess.
Clean it up, or we'll replace you with someone who can.
Grace, what we just saw in there is madness.
He's playing a game of nuclear chicken with RE/SYST.
- Darius always has a plan.
- I don't think this is a plan.
I think this is a vendetta.
You have to talk him down.
REPORTER (over TV): And for those of you just joining us, this latest message from RE/SYS just went viral, and it's disturbing to say the least.
RE/SYST AVATAR: Your president, Darius Tanz, has started down a path of destruction, just as our plan to divert the asteroid nears completion.
He has no intention of testing his rail gun.
Instead, he threatens to use it against us.
Either he releases the prisoner and calls off his rail gun test, or we will be forced to drop a nuclear device on New York City.
You have 24 hours to comply.
We are RE/SYST.
This can't be happening.
It is, Grace.
And I think you're the only one who can stop it.
Yes, yes, of course, use whatever resources you need to, to keep the civilian population of the tristate area safe, for evacuations and keeping the peace, thank you, General.
Yes, sir.
Good, you're here.
We need to send out a statement immediately.
RE/SYST has thrown down the gauntlet.
Darius, can we talk alone? Can we have the room, please? MAN: Yes, Mr.
(sighs) (door closes) I need you to listen to me.
Really listen.
Baiting RE/SYST is too dangerous.
If they drop that nuke - They won't.
- You don't know that.
You're gambling with millions of people's lives.
The only gamble is to do nothing, Grace.
We've wasted so much time already with civil wars, assassinations, nuclear threats.
I'm in a position to finally squash all of it.
It feels to me like this is motivated by personal grievances.
Grievances? Yeah.
You think I'd use the power of the United States government to settle some sort of score? You've been under a lot of strain lately.
I'm just making sure you're thinking clearly.
I appreciate your concern, but I don't need you to lecture me.
I need you to do your job.
(sighs) My job is to advise the president.
Or so I thought, but if you have no use for that, maybe I don't have a place here.
No, Grace I am not gonna be party to this madness.
I won't.
President, the chief of staff position? I respectfully decline.
(lock buzzes, latch clicks) I don't have a lot of time.
I shouldn't even be here.
Well, I'm glad that you are.
Liam, you need to stop what is happening.
Get RE/SYST to stand down.
We're not the problem.
(quietly): Oh, my God.
Darius should just leave those nukes alone.
Go about his business.
He's pushing us into a corner.
Did RE/SYST have anything to do with President Mackenzie's death? No.
Think about it.
Why would RE/SYST want Darius Tanz to be president? All we're trying to do is get our solar sails off the ground.
That's it.
And I can't do anything stuck inside here.
I can't do But maybe you can.
(scoffs) Hey, I'm-I'm sorry.
I know that I've hurt you.
But I'm trying to keep the peace here.
Will you help me? Please? The chip was a highly advanced tracker.
GPS, biometrics.
Whoever hired Fiona Lane was keeping serious tabs on her.
They keep their people on a short leash.
HARRIS: The insignia on the chip matches the one in Joe Riggs' neck and Claire Rayburn's bitcoin wallet, which leads us to believe that Monroe Bennett and Claire Rayburn were propped up by dark money.
- Very dark.
- So Bennett was their Manchurian Candidate who outlived his usefulness.
He became a liability.
Why would this organization sabotage my Ark? The what, we know.
The why? Still digging.
So we have an evil cabal of dark money, doing nefarious things.
But you can't tie them to Mackenzie's assassination and don't have the foggiest idea what they want? One thing at a time, Darius.
One thing at a time? We don't have that luxury.
People are dying, lives are at stake, and I am trying to save them.
Then call off this insanity with RE/SYST.
Or more senseless deaths will follow.
Is that what you think it is, Mr.
Secretary? (chuckles) Can I have the room, please? - Darius - Everyone out.
Just through those doors.
Won't be long.
I told you to go after RE/SYST.
You You told me to get to the bottom of this, and I have.
I followed the money.
Whoever paid Fiona was the same group funding Claire and backing Bennett.
The same group that organized the coup.
That's not RE/SYST.
That doesn't mean they didn't have a hand in Mackenzie's murder.
You seem hell-bent on proving something which the facts don't support.
Here's a fact.
RE/SYST is a terrorist organization that needs to be stopped! Don't you think I know that? Then when did it become insane to stand up to terrorists? When you start waving nuclear bombs at millions of innocent people.
President, if you insist on going down this path, I will have to tender my resignation.
(door opens) (glass clinking) (clattering) Hello? Hey, Grace.
(exhales) Alonzo, you scared me.
How did you get inside? You know me.
(key clacks) (computer chimes) Your visitor is on her way up.
(key clacks) Thank you for reaching out to me.
I'm Alycia.
Liam asked me to come so I'm here.
You're brave.
Coming here alone couldn't have been easy.
Yeah, well, these days, nothing is.
Liam wants you to know he's okay.
But he also asked me to get you a message.
He wants RE/SYST to stand down.
Now, what's it gonna take to stop all this? Release Liam Cole.
He must be really important to you.
He is scientifically.
Scientifically? That's the only reason he's important? No.
God, if you gave a damn about this world, you would disarm those nukes.
Honey, it's not that simple.
Honey, I'm the assistant to the president of the United States.
And what are you? A hacker terrorist? A thief? Thieves steal other people's property.
I've never taken something that didn't belong to me.
I'm done.
Liam is our best chance of stopping that asteroid.
Let him go.
And I will get RE/SYS to call off the nukes.
So, what did you find out? Quite a bit, actually.
Don't have a name yet, but made a few calls.
- Oh.
- Oh, Grace, you work for the president.
You could probably just pick up the phone and make a call.
Actually, I can't.
It's under seal.
Ah, well, doesn't really matter anymore.
His name.
It's already been taken care of.
- What do you mean? - Found out where they're holding him.
Got a guy in Corrections who owes me a favor, so, gag order or not, he's gonna make sure justice gets done.
You're gonna have him killed? That's not justice, that's revenge.
It'll do.
Alonzo you can't do that.
And why the hell not, Grace? Hmm? - Answer me! - Because it's my father.
(grunts, pants) And you covered his ass all this time.
No, he covered mine! What? What the hell are you saying? She was gonna shoot Harris, and I stepped in.
Your sister was a traitor.
I did what I had to do, and I would do it again.
You're lying to protect him.
(voice breaking): I'm telling the truth.
I'm sorry I lied to you.
I'm not sorry for what I did.
(exhales sharply) Even the right thing has consequences.
It's time I faced that.
(gasps) You want justice? Take it.
(panting) (gasping) (panting) You're not getting off that easy.
What about my father? Hurts, doesn't it, not knowing the fate of someone you love? Yeah, those are your consequences.
(crying) DARIUS: A-And you went there? Without checking with anyone, including me? I know it wasn't the smartest move, but Not the smartest move? You mean like the work you did screening candidates for the Ark, allowing a saboteur into our midst? I am sorry, Darius, but I used your screening procedures, followed your protocol.
There is no way to guess the damage that's been done.
Darius Alycia said that if you Alycia? The only thing Alycia is better at than coding is lying.
Alycia said that if you if you release Liam, she will find a way to get RE/SYS to back down from their nuclear threats.
You had no authority to speak with her! Liam Cole is a traitor.
I know.
And it breaks my heart, too.
But going to war with RE/SYST it won't bring him back to us.
- Do you want this chair, Ms.
Hayes? - No.
Of course.
I'm so sorry.
I should have offered this to you earlier, because perhaps you can do better.
Take the chair.
Have at it! (loud thudding) Liam Cole can rot in jail for all I care.
And if you ever make contact with RE/SYST again, you'll be rotting in there, too.
There's a saying.
"Never meet your heroes.
" They should add to that.
Never work for them, either.
(door opens) Good luck, Mr.
(lock buzzes, latch clicks) MAN: Mr.
Cole, come with us.
(sighs) Grace, you could've been killed.
I'm fine.
I don't know what Alonzo's gonna do to my father.
I talked to Davis on the way over.
The FBI is going to make sure he's got 24/7 security.
He'll be safe in there, I promise, okay? Okay.
Oh, Grace, we've got another problem that can't be ignored.
I know.
There's mounting concern that he's unfit for the office.
Unfit? Harris, that's extreme.
Look, we have a president who's acting irrationally, provoking nuclear conflict unnecessarily, insisting we cherry-pick facts to support his theory that RE/SYST was responsible for Mackenzie's death.
- What do we do? - (sighs) Less than 24 hours till he fires that rail gun.
We have to confront him, get him to walk it back with RE/SYST.
And if he doesn't? If Darius is unstable, we have to do the right thing.
(sighs) Seek congressional approval to remove him from office? (elevator door opens) (sighs) Liam.
Are you okay? Yeah.
What happened? I don't know.
It doesn't make sense, even for Darius.
I may have had some influence.
- Influence how? - (beeping) Influence how? (speaking Spanish) (chuckles) Alycia, it's him.
Raul Aguirre.
I will meet with you, but, um, there are certain conditions.
He's coming.
BASS: We spend our lives searching for a savior.
Someone outside ourselves who will relieve the pain.
Truth is we are the saviors.
And only we can choose to focus on the bitter or on the sweet.
In our quest for serenity, we often think we need to do something or change something, when all we really need to do? ALL: Accept the truth.
Jillian, right? What truth did you accept today? That this is the only place I feel safe.
And you are, Jillian.
You are safe here.
So, Liam Cole is back in the ranks.
Raul Aguirre is on the way.
Good work, LadyHawk.
How did you secure Mr.
Cole's release? I told them we would disarm the nukes.
But of course that's not true.
No it's not.
We stay the course.
- We need to speak with the president.
- BURKE: Sorry, ma'am.
- He doesn't want to be disturbed.
- This is a matter of national security.
I'll take the heat.
President, we need to Where is he? BURKE: He was right here, sir.
Well, he's not here now.
BURKE: Code gray.
Repeat, code gray.
Location report on Goliath.
Priority one.
Sir, we've lost eyes.
- Agent, that is unacceptable.
- What are you saying? We don't know where the president is.
(both sigh) The tunnels.
He knows them like the back of his hand.
Agent Burke, sweep the tunnels now.
All right, Teams Golf and Sierra to sweep the tunnels.
I don't believe it.
The president of the United States just snuck out of the White House.
He's not the president.
He's Darius.
And he's gone.