Samantha! (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES VECINO THEATER My blood gushes from my ears, and no one can stop me! Much less you, O guardian of destiny! Who am I talking to in this scene? Just go on.
In this labyrinth that is life, no one can stop me from wanting the whole, the living, the pulsating! Wings to fly and fly! Now I am a bird and you are only pus? Pus! Carmen, the writing is a little weird, but we can fix that at rehearsals.
The writing is perfect.
There will be no rehearsals, this was an audition.
What audition, Carmen? I have never been required to audition.
You were now.
And you didn't pass.
Thank you so much for coming.
Anyone would suck with those disgusting lines! What is this story about purple stains? Pus? Pus is the new blood, Samantha.
These "disgusting lines" are an imaginary encounter between Lady Macbeth and Phaedra.
Your reading was only good for chasing dogs away.
I am an experienced actress! I blew up at a mall in an iconic guest appearance in that soap opera.
I still get goose bumps when I hear "clearance sale.
" That's your problem, Samantha.
You are a child star! You trained your whole life for that.
It's not spontaneous, and there's something so "television" that's not sophisticated.
I am super sophisticated! Samantha! Samantha! The actors on stage are all naked, pretending they're babies! Are you doing that? I apologize for wasting your time.
My mistake.
- See what you just did? - Me? Who said you could laugh? - Wasn't it a comedy? - You made me lose the part! I missed my environmental law class to be here! You didn't have to study to get into that university.
If you didn't get the part, it's your mistake! You are right, I made a mistake in bringing a joke like you to a serious play.
Excuse me.
I haven't been this humiliated since they voted me out of that house for cooking an omelet with ostrich eggs.
I didn't want to work with her anyway at this stage in my career.
She's too interested in human secretions.
Didn't you find the writing ridiculous? Why are you asking my opinion? Am I not a joke? You don't respect me.
You study at a college that gives a courtesy diploma to whoever pays the first semester.
You weren't going to fit in that place anyway.
Theater is a no-man's-land.
You don't understand the nuances of my performance, much less the intensity of theater.
Let's go home now.
I just need peace.
Family, you're here! I was about to eat these disgusting chips the kids gave me! Those chips are Samantha's.
Dodoi, please! These are carbs, and everybody needs carbs.
Can I ask who let you in, Laila? Come on, Samantha, you need to support the people in your life.
Poor lady.
Can't you see your friend is sad? Devastated.
The movie was a flop! Barely half an hour into the movie and everyone has left.
Not everyone, there's a lady sitting there! I think she's dead! A flop? Really? I had forgotten about that.
My day is starting to get better.
At 7p.
? That's tough, girlfriend.
Weren't you just crying, Laila? The theme of the movie was the problem.
The public weren't interested in it.
But I'm the theme! We'll get through this together, girlfriend.
You can stay for as long as you need to.
I know.
Samantha, look at this poor thing.
Your friend, your problem.
I haven't felt this bad since I got hepatitis from that group massage.
And the worst thing is I did everything you told me to.
I abstained.
You didn't sleep with anyone? Did my house turn into a bus station toilet? The last suitcase she left in my car.
Look at me! I lowered myself to this disgusting reptile level.
Samantha, let's talk about my cut for that theater part.
Forget about it.
I didn't pass the audition.
Come cry with me, Sam! Which audition? Everyone knows theater is no-man's-land.
Carmen was pretty clear, Marcinho.
- Carmen Vecino? - Yeah.
She's throwing a historic party today.
The elite of experimental theater.
Hear that, Samantha? Experimental folks! That party is where the real auditions happen! Go and show her your strength! I'd better not, Marcinho.
I'm not crashing a party at her house.
I've been humiliated enough for today.
"Humiliated" and "enough" don't go together, Samantha.
You should feel honored that Carmen talked to you.
After that Surinamese woman who died on stage, Carmen is the greatest theater director in Latin America.
Maybe if I go without Dodoi! - Without me, where? - An artist's party, Dodoi.
Go with your mind wide open, and even wider body holes.
No lawyers.
Actually, Carmen's husband is one of Brazil's greatest lawyers.
Then I'm going.
To mingle with my peers.
- Never! - Yes! Samantha and I are going together.
Maybe I still have a chance as an actress.
Look at your life, Laila.
It sucks.
Cry your eyes out, then shake it off.
Who will look after me? - No! - She's crazy.
She wants to set my trailer-office on fire! No problem, I have an idea.
- Laila stays with the kids! - My godchildren It's decided.
We are going to an adult party.
You'll never get into that party.
I can get into any hole! What the fuck is this? Don't be uncivil, Dodoi.
This is art.
I'm even getting emotional.
Samantha, save your acting for the director.
You have to get this part.
I gave the doorman $5.
50 to let us in here.
These are vulgar theater people.
Don't leave my side.
You're going to need my skills to fit in.
- You two, go your separate ways.
- Bye.
Lighten up, damn it.
I was wrong! They lied to me! I thought if I didn't have sex, the movie would be a success.
Now I'm here, celibate and ruined! You are aware we are kids, right? Why don't you go to my parents' room? You can cry there without disturbing anyone.
I carried you in my arms! And I told you to stop.
My sister is anxious because there's a boy coming over.
Shut up, Brandon! No way, Cindy! A date! I thought that would take, like, 30 more years! It's not a date, it's just Enzo.
Enzo? An Italian prince's name.
Tall, masculine, olive skin He just wants some help with math.
Math The language of love.
Aren't you putting some lipstick on? Go to my parents' room for a while.
It's just a study session.
Right, I used that tactic a lot.
I just skipped the studying part.
I'm leaving.
This talk is taboo now that I identify as a kid.
This is it, Cindy! I have a lot to teach you.
I could be a teacher to you, at least! Not everyone is like you and can only think about that.
What I'm doing is an act of solidarity, I'm educating a man.
I can be celibate, but you don't have to be.
Today, you're going to lose your mouth's virginity.
- Hold this.
- I'm calling the police! I'm not crazy! This isn't for you.
But here's something for your vegan breath! They worship me, as usual.
But I'm used to it by now.
It was theater's own 7-1 score! Hi, honey! How are you doing? Darling, which part of "I'll never work with someone like you" wasn't clear? My determination surprised you, right? You can't surprise me, that's the problem.
Not even by crashing my party.
Listen to me.
Of course I'd look artificial in an audition, but I'm feeling super comfortable here, among my peers.
Stay at the party.
It could be funny.
Did that husband of yours come along? He might be around.
But I came by myself, I'm an independent woman.
Such a pity.
I'd love to get to know him better, intimately.
He seems to be a fascinating character.
Dodoi might look interesting, but he's not complex like me.
Wild Dog Pizza? I don't know this man! I'm usually in my uniform, serving your shrimp pizza What are you doing here? I'll kill you, Jonas! I moonlight as a waiter, but I'm actually an actor.
Do you also want a part in her play? No, I'm looking to get laid.
- What? - You know what these parties are like.
- Like what? - Well, you know And that's how you got that penalty in the Brazilian league final? Admit it, the referee had your back.
I didn't introduce myself.
I'm Varella.
Varella, Carmen's husband.
I recognized you from the photo.
Despite that photo, I am a famous lawyer.
Me too.
I mean, I'm in law school.
Wow, how brave of you! Thanks for being here, brother.
It's great to have you at our party.
- Are you having fun? - Sure.
- You smell so good - Must be my perfume.
Did you get the part? I need this money to put a door in my bathroom.
And the worst thing is Dodoi seems to be doing great.
He's probably talking about soccer or bad-mouthing you.
What anyone would do.
Even Carmen is interested in him.
I can get a cut from that too.
If Dodoi can use his body right, he might even land an internship.
We're in this together, Samantha.
How weird.
These clothes look great, but when I put them on you Laila, go play with Brandon.
He might be over his childish phase by tomorrow, so enjoy it.
Your first kiss will be way more romantic than mine.
It was a starry night, in the back seat of a car Sounds super romantic.
The car had just crashed.
Laila, this isn't a date.
Period! Cindy, connect the dots.
It's Saturday night.
You and Enzo, that Mediterranean beast thirsty for his first kiss.
The two of you, by yourselves, at your house "to study.
" You're not the best student in your class, and you're definitely not the nicest.
Why would he pick you? Eh? Eh? You were the easiest target.
I said yes to a date! Oh, God! Oh, my God! It's a love nest.
What have you done? I just wanted to set the mood right! Help me! Don't just stand there! Your Roman stallion has arrived! Come on in.
This place definitely doesn't deserve me.
A person of my level I know exactly how you're feeling.
That's why I left that reality show! I feel you, sister.
I'm glad you're here.
Let's go home.
This party is too vulgar.
Of course not.
I've just begun networking.
Be careful, or the networking will be deeper than you expect.
These people have no limits.
At the lawyers' corner, we were only talking about law.
Varella was just giving me an example of penal offense.
I told you! Let's go.
There's nothing for me at this party.
You can't stand watching me fit in.
I'm staying! Marcinho told me I might get an internship.
Okay, Dodoi.
Try to be discrete, although I know it's hard.
Okay, whatever.
Come dance, Samantha! Don't stop! They can't be dating! Cindy is my only friend.
He gave her the pencil to sharpen.
That's a sign.
- That his pencil needs sharpening? - Don't be so innocent.
Cindy will be dating this boy within a week.
She won't have time for anything.
Could you bring me some water? Am I supposed to serve my husband just because I'm a woman? Your husband? Friend! I said friend.
You're sexist and deaf? Get your own water! Sorry, I'm nervous about the test.
Then let's go over this equation again.
Hi! Is this the boy you told me about? I thought I'd fix you guys a snack.
How do you feel about oysters? Well, maybe.
I'm a little hungry.
No, you're not.
We have a lot to go over.
Hmm, I see you two want to be alone.
A quick question, Enzo.
What do you look for in a woman? Laila, let's go to the bathroom! - Girls' stuff.
- Shut up! Samantha, you were right.
They're giving me weird looks.
They are weird, Dodoi.
That's how they look at everyone.
I recognize their look of desire, lust, hunger.
It's the theater look.
- Let's go home.
- And miss this chance? - To leave before things get worse? - To seduce Carmen! Things just got worse.
That's perfect, Marcinho! This might get me a part in her play.
Are you nuts? What's in it for me? Seduce Varella too! Enough with discrimination.
Law is as filthy as anything else.
Go get your internship! Sex for an internship? I'm a family man! Dodoi, this is show business.
Right An internship in my first year of university wouldn't be bad at all.
Now you're talking! Dodoi, go and fill Varella with good vibes.
Samantha, go and find Carmen.
We're about to turn things around by selling your bodies! - Dodoi's body.
- Dodoi's, right! Now let me have some fun and enjoy the party.
- Is everything all right? - Sure.
Sorry, I still haven't quite figured out how to be a child.
Want some chips? - I think childhood is overrated.
- Really? Me too! Sorry that my sister is so rude.
Is she your sister? - It doesn't look like it, but yes.
- She's hot, huh? Under certain lights.
I think I've seen her online.
- She's famous, right? - No.
I mean, she was publicly humiliated on live TV once.
You deserve better.
No way, she must think I'm too young.
She might look older, but she's your age.
Really? That's awesome! But don't even try! She's not interested in anybody.
"Only an act of true love can warm a frozen heart.
" Are you kidding me? You like Frozen too? Yes, but don't tell her.
Girls aren't into that.
And books are my real thing.
Mine too! What's your favorite book? "Coyote's Gang at the Beach Camp"! No way! Did you send the gang to the maze or to the cemetery? The cemetery.
It's the best ending! Me too! I love interactive books.
I'd love to be a writer, but the world is not prepared to accept a book written by a child.
Stop projecting your emotional needs on me! Get a grip! I can't, Cindy! I'm trying to abstain! He doesn't even like me! He's going to ask you out! Pay attention.
This is how you put an end to things.
What do you mean "end"? Hi, Carmen! Hey, Varella! Maybe you and I Can we talk, just the two of us? Are you tense? I was too when I first got here.
But I relaxed once I worked you out.
Worked what out? I saw you looking at us on the dance floor.
There was nowhere else to look.
Don't say anything.
I've figured everything out.
Stop acting.
You're not good at it.
- You're a naughty boy.
- Sorry, man.
I know what you really want.
Want to see me in action? Brace yourself.
Meet me in the bedroom in 15 minutes.
Fifteen minutes.
My husband is in the bedroom, waiting for you.
My bedroom? It turned you on, right? No! You said you wanted to get to know him better.
As a character! I thought he could inspire me.
My husband said he would make a great comedic character.
What kind of party do you think this is? Wait Wait a minute, your husband was making fun of Dodoi the whole time? Samantha, let's admit it.
You two are a comic duo, come on.
Two party crashers trying to pose as mature, adult people, but who think an artist's party is an orgy.
Remember when he tripped over? Stop! I pissed my pants a little just picturing it.
If they need to cut costs, why don't they just fire that guy? That cigarette pack is my friend! If you don't want to lose your jobs, you'd better start respecting him.
You obviously can't dance with clothes on.
Samantha, dear Hi, princess.
Are you here to help? Help me out here.
My husband is much more mature than yours.
He laughs to other people's faces.
I cannot believe a ridiculous couple like you two could mock him.
Now excuse me, I'm going to save him.
Don't open that door! Go away! Dodoi might not have a law degree, but he has principles.
He only agreed to have sex with you to get me a job.
Excuse me.
Who is it? I'm not ready yet Relax, no one is coming.
I stopped them.
Why? Was it a misunderstanding? They were mocking me, right? Of course not.
They thought you were great.
I just got jealous.
You did? I was joking.
These people don't deserve you.
Where are you? Where am I? Can't you see me? - No.
- Step forward, you're getting closer.
- I can smell you.
- Getting closer You didn't actually think I'd share my hubby with those stuck-up people? Especially now that you're a promising lawyer.
Not that promising, I've failed a couple of classes - What about your play? - Leave it alone.
This whole thing should stop here.
I don't want to lead you on.
I'm not ready to start dating.
But we could be friends.
It's nice of you to let me know, but I just came here to study.
- But Brandon said - He's really cool, I know.
If I had to be friends with anyone, I'd choose him.
One more thing, I'm in love with your older sister.
Sister? Samantha, can we talk? What for? To laugh at us? If you don't respect my husband, then I don't respect you.
- But that's exactly - Shut your face! Carmen, you'll never be one tenth of the woman I am.
Want to know why? I am for real and you are a fake.
She's not even a true intellectual! I've seen your bedside book.
Self-help, huh? It's Varella's.
He has erectile problems! Now she's blaming her husband.
You can't even support your own partner.
Wait! Now I'm the one who doesn't want to have sex with you.
Samantha this is what I saw in you during that event, when you called your daughter on stage! My first instinct was right! You surrender, you would do anything, anywhere, to defend someone! - Is she talking about you? - Of course.
You're just the person I need for my play! The part is yours.
Now she doesn't want Are you crazy? I'll take it.
- There's just one little thing.
- Anything you want.
You'll have to negotiate my contract with my lawyer.
- Got that, Varella? Lawyer to lawyer.
- Let's go.
Did you get the part? Yes, but no thanks to you.
You misunderstood the whole thing.
- I know.
The orgy wasn't here.
- Not that.
Samantha's going to be the next great Brazilian stage actress! Way to go, guys! I told you, couples sell! All you have to do now is learn how to act.
Subtitle translation by Guilherme Gama