Samantha! (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES How long has she been stuck? She can't say the word "orphan.
" It could be a trauma.
Have you seen a case like this? A trauma of her maternal figure.
Open your mouth.
This play is full of difficult words, and you get stuck on an easy one? It must be the trauma.
She can't say the word.
She has lots of traumas.
If that was the case, she wouldn't say shit.
Some hit you harder than others.
Since prison, I can't leave my phone on vibrate mode ever again.
My last great French kiss was in jail.
Can you sto talkin abo me? She's completely lost it.
I told you to stop talking about me! My ears still work.
I don't have any traumas.
None at all.
I'll try one more time.
At the end of this long and disastrous dawn of my life, I am nothing but a little or Would you be able to say it like this, with everyone watching? Orphan.
It's these doctors' fault.
- Call them doctors when they graduate.
- What? - Stop.
- Marcinho, they did stuff to me! I'm calling the cops.
Everyone out! Leave the crystal, I like it.
- What about our payment? - Out! - I'm going to kill you! - Is your show over? - What show? - Samantha, listen up.
You stalled Carmen all you could, but the play opens tomorrow.
Now you either say the word or fake your own death.
You're right, Marcinho.
Let's cancel it.
We won't cancel! I'm an official ticket seller for this thing, I've been working like a dog! I've sold half of the tickets to that girl's fan club, the one who self-mutilates in your honor.
And it's bad to deny your traumas.
You'll have to face them sooner or later.
Dodoi, the real trauma is having a mother.
Yes, Samantha, your story made ours look way less sad.
- I went to visit my mother.
- The one who shot you? It was only an attempt.
Well, then get your mother to do this play.
Because I'm out.
We're in trouble now.
- Hi, may I speak to Carmen? - Who is speaking? - It's Samantha.
- Please hold the line.
Okay, thanks.
Hello? Hello? Samantha! Hello? Crazy woman! WHAT WILL YOU BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? I have the right to grow up, too.
I don't want to be a kid forever.
I'm not a quitter.
I won't give up now.
If I kept dancing after I fell from that carnival float, a word won't make me quit.
- I'll do whatever it takes.
- That's it! I knew your mom couldn't handle the kids.
Who said that's her? Stop picking on my mother.
I can't take care of these kids anymore! They only sleep at night.
What do I do with them the rest of the day? Mom, you promised.
We're not going to fight.
This a historic day.
Samantha is going to therapy.
- I never said that! - You said, "Whatever it takes.
" And it needs to be fast.
I don't want to return the money I've spent.
I know the right "professional.
" Making quotations marks when saying "professional" is not a good sign.
- She is a professional of hypnosis.
- Hypnosis? Fixes you up in one session, like brain liposuction.
And we know liposuction is safe.
As your husband, I forbid you to Shh, Dodoi, we're talking.
Go on, Marcinho.
It's 75% safe.
I did it once, that's how I stopped smoking.
- You still smoke.
- No, I don't! Sounds great.
If Dodoi had done that, we would have reconnected a long time ago.
I wouldn't even need to babysit.
It's perfect! I'll go to sleep and wake up cured.
Let's vote on this as a family.
It's decided! The play opens tomorrow.
I just need a cellphone and time to convince her not to call the cops.
I'm saying that word and doing this play! When you said "risky," what exactly did you mean? Nothing more dangerous than what you've done on TV.
Then we should leave Dodoi and the kids out of this.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Open the door.
Silvia, it's such a pleasure to see you Do not touch me, Marcinho! Please, come on in.
This is great! Family! Socorro! - What's her name again? - Silvia.
I keep forgetting.
She's a very serious Didn't I see you on TV? In a show about consumer's rights? No? No.
That woman was already in a coma when I treated her.
- What? - Don't worry.
She's only going to Perform an intense transformational procedure.
And she won't give you your money back.
My process starts slowly with the induction of deeper sleep, and the memory journey only ends when the traumatic knot is completely gone.
- That's it? - No.
In the family plan, three sessions gives you a free compression sock.
You'd better stay here with your mother.
- It's better if I tag along.
- Great.
I need a responsible adult, and Marcinho - I'll look after her, don't worry.
- Stay there.
You are lucky you not only have a mother, but also a grandmother willing to look after you.
- Did she take good care of you? - We cleaned her bathroom, then she got tired of watching and brought us back.
What? I can't believe It's okay, Dad.
Grandma needs help, she's old.
Your grandmother? She's very young, look at her.
Twelve years is nothing to you, but for someone her age Grandma is not the same as before.
My mom is already 55, 60 if you consider her real age.
The same age my grandmother was when she died.
You should see her cabinet, it looks like a drugstore.
I can't take care of the kids tomorrow.
I have an appointment, life or death.
It's personal, I don't want to bother you.
Brandon, bring your grandmother a sandwich.
I've been feeling weak lately.
Are you okay, Mom? Exhausted! Get the remote for me, dear.
Relax, Samantha, the woman is a pro.
She even has a card.
Let's begin.
Samantha, pay attention.
The cure is a journey with no turning back.
Wow, I'm getting nervous now.
Drink this tea.
It's really bitter! Drink it.
While she's open to suggestions, can we get her to sign some papers? I was reading the liability statement.
When it says - Have you finished your tea? - Yes.
- Great.
- It's really soothing.
Now that you took the mushrooms, we can start.
Took what? Lady, what are you talking about? I was born in the '80s, I worked my whole life on TV.
My endurance to drugs and brainwashing is pretty high Samantha! You are the most beloved child in Brazil.
The Mother's Day special is about to start! Where is the monkey? Plimploms, on the stage.
Attention, make-up artists.
Tico threw up! My dressing room is a bit smaller than I remember, but it's all here.
You grew a bit too much.
In all directions.
You're still going to miss all this.
I won't.
I don't care about anyone here.
That's not true.
We had a perfect childhood.
These people are your family.
Look, the dancers taught you how to be a woman in the middle of all this, and it's not easy.
And Ciggy? Practically a father.
Everything here was magical, even Tico and Porky.
Terrible human beings, true, but they are your brothers and sisters.
The electric team taught you how to replace a fuse.
That's going to be very helpful.
You're going to marry a guy who is in jail.
I will what? When you're a few years older, that's going to sound interesting.
What matters is that everyone here counts on you.
You mean a lot to them.
How many of these people do you still talk to? I still fight with Tico and Porky once in a while.
Sammy! Open the door! Don't keep him waiting.
I don't care.
Ciggy is only my friend because this is his job.
That's not true.
Ciggy loves you.
He doesn't have a choice.
Maybe that's why you don't talk to him.
No, I don't talk to him because Ciggy is dead.
Samantha, everyone is ready! I'll be right there, Ciggy! But he is great! He's going to live an incredible and full life.
He even slept with a man.
And died only one year ago.
I'm 30 20-something years older than you.
- He's still going to live all that.
- You are me at 29 years old? Go to the stage! Okay, I'll listen to Ciggy.
But I am not wearing these ridiculous clothes that the director wants me to wear.
It's horrible but mothers like that.
And the sponsors like mothers.
Besides, pink makes the audience hungry, and Samantha is not someone's daughter.
We are a space warrior, born from a comet.
Give me my tiara! You look beautiful.
I know.
- You're not wearing the right clothes! - You're beautiful.
You're just jealous because no one tells me what to wear.
Why are you dressed like that? You're a 9 year-old girl everyone would love to have as their daughter.
Can't you fake that? I want all three of you looking at the camera as if you were looking at your own mothers.
With fear and despair? Trying not to let her down? If you don't know what to do, follow their lead.
Why do we have to look like someone's children? And why does everyone have balloons? What day is today? FEMALE PROGENITOR'S DAY You thought you were going to fool me again? I can read big words since last year! Wasn't Ciggy with you? Do I have to repeat it every time? There are only two things I won't do: Mother's Day and anything with animals.
Cancel the monkey attraction.
You have no choice, dear.
This is an important date for our sponsors.
This program alone will pay for the whole season.
Besides, there are lots of mothers who are great.
Like yours? Because every time she calls, you go to the bathroom to cry.
That's normal in our profession.
- And not every mother is mean.
- No, some are terrible.
Selling ketchup is one thing, selling my soul is another! Bullshit.
Who needs a mother? Where have you been, Ciggy? In the bathroom! I'm tired of asking for a back zipper.
She found out.
How are we going to shoot now? Go and do your job, or I'm calling him myself.
Let me talk to her.
Princess! Wait up! Why? Did she send you here? Samantha doesn't have a mother.
She was born in space, that's why everybody loves me.
But it could be fun to do something new.
Didn't you say you wanted to change? That you didn't want to be Samantha forever? I changed my mind.
I thought you were my friend.
I am! And, to be able to stay by your side forever, we need to adapt.
Things aren't easy.
There are lots of children's shows now.
The one with hosts in bikinis This show is for children! I'm their best friend, TV's most beautiful smile and best hair, three years in a row.
The whole country and I love you, but for this to continue, everybody needs to adjust.
I'm ordering you to go back and shoot the program.
Or I'll replace you with anything available in the studio, like the monkey who rides bicycles.
I'll do it.
If it means this much to everybody.
Yay, mothers! Orphan! Orphan! That's not how this works! And get off of her, she's covered in crumbs.
Orphan! Look at her, poor thing.
No We should wake her up.
Some trips can be pretty intense.
Come back, Samantha Oh, God - Oh, no, not again.
- What? Does that work? Give me a break, Marcinho.
We could throw some water on her Are you crazy? She's a human being! I'll get a bucket! Mom, are you sure you don't want Brandon to do your nails? He's good at it.
Mom always asks me because I have small, firm hands.
I said no.
I just want to watch TV.
Did you manage to cancel my internet bill, sweet granddaughter? I've been talking to a robot for over an hour.
Can't you do this later? I don't want to watch soap operas anymore.
The girl has been deceived by the same lie for the last three episodes! All you do is complain! You're making me dizzy.
Rest, Mom.
Cindy and Brandon, here, now! At your grandmother's age, feeling dizzy is a sign of imminent death.
Can you help without complaining? Dad, enough with the drama.
Earlier today, she asked for my help to send a picture to a guy she's seeing.
Because her vision is compromised.
I know my mother, there's something weird going on Where is she? Hi, Doctor.
Just confirming tomorrow's surgery.
I know it's irreversible, but soon I'll be in a much better place.
We'll talk later.
What? Do I look like the TV to be stared at? You are all done! Completely normal.
It's the process.
That food made me sick! You're not feeling well? Let's sit down! Come with me, Mom.
Wake up, for the love of God! Orphan! Fire! Taste it! It goes great with ketchup, Mommy! Hey! That's my line! Cut! Stop! Let go of the chips! Let Tico go, Samantha! Do I not look like the perfect daughter that every mother would love to have? Mothers are only useful for selling things.
The rest is all garbage.
Like Tico's mom.
She forces him to work, even though she knows that's why he still wears diapers.
I'm going to need therapy.
You don't know what it's like to have a mother! Your mother shoves food down your throat like pigs at the market! Enough, Samantha! Enough! You crossed the line! You're going to defend mothers? You told me your mother is embarrassed of you.
You're like me: alone.
The girl is right.
Who are you? The president of the channel.
Your boss.
You are right.
Mothers are a creation to sell ketchup.
That's why this show is still standing.
Samantha didn't mean it.
- I'll talk to her, she'll understand - The Plimploms aren't going to end.
It's the beginning of a new era.
The show will expand to Argentina.
I've done all sorts of things on this show, but this, never! Argentina is not that bad.
I'm talking about the mothers! If you put one foot out the door, don't bother coming back.
Samantha, don't do anything stupid.
The Plimploms end here.
We need more water.
Eat, Grandma.
I'm not hungry anymore.
This looks like hospital food! How do you know? You have to eat.
This soup has a lot of calcium.
That's why it tastes weird! I have to go home.
I'll take you.
Let's sell your car, it's dangerous for you to be driving.
Sell my car? Why is the shower on? She's hearing things! Control your heartbeat! I feel suffocated! Cindy, open the window! Calm down, Mom.
I'm never taking another one of your clients again! Go apologize! How can you laugh like this? They were counting on you! In five minutes, they'll knock on my door with a flower bouquet.
Even the president of the channel.
Today was different.
I know Mother's Day isn't easy for you.
But these people fell in love with you the moment they found that bassinet at the studio's door.
We are like the show business version of Moses, you know? You still believe in that story? I knew I was right.
Maybe we should let them wait a bit longer? Where is everyone? ON AIR Come with me.
Yeah! I told you this would work! Let's do it in Spanish now.
"Dear Mom, the Plimploms are coming!" It sounds great! The Berenice Ketchup Plimplom Gang.
Your new name.
I am not recording my part! Part? Which part? I have to tell you something before anything happens and I regret it forever.
You were in prison.
These things happen, you had needs I'm talking about our fight.
You were right.
I need to listen to you more often.
I shouldn't have abandoned you.
You were in prison! I never visited! But now we're going to be together.
Always, Mommy.
Not always.
You turned out great on your own.
A good house, two great kids a wife A wife.
Son, you were right.
You are an independent man.
We are both independent.
But it doesn't have to be like that.
Mom, come live with us! - Take Cindy's room! - I'm already in the garage! I'm not sleeping in a garage! My room used to be the pantry! Your grandmother can stay with me and Samantha.
That way I can check your breathing.
This is a madhouse! You are suffocating me.
I don't want to live here! - I have my own house, thanks.
- But what about your health? It's pretty good.
Why? Admit it.
We heard you talking to the doctor.
It's a personal matter.
Tell us the truth, we're here to support you.
- I'm having plastic surgery.
- That makes sense.
- You're still young.
- I forbid you! It's too dangerous! It's a simple procedure.
Then I'll go to Italy.
I'll come back invigorated and say it was the Tuscan sun.
Forget the invitation to live here.
I don't want to live here! We need to build a relationship with boundaries.
I can't believe I'm hearing this.
Now I need to go, because there's a limit to everything.
Samantha will never believe this.
Samantha, listen to me! Death isn't just a passage! If you die, you're done! - Don't follow the light! - The window Samantha! You're my only source of income! Samantha, you won't believe what my mother What's going on here? Samantha! Sama Don't you dare run! Samantha! The show is not going to stop just because you left.
No one is irreplaceable.
People are not going to like this.
People will like whatever we put on television.
Samantha apologize, and come back.
Let's get out of here, Ciggy.
I thought you needed this job, Ciggy.
Cigarettes are not popular anymore.
Samantha, either you come back and shoot without making a sound, or you can go.
It's a decision we should have taken a long time ago.
Ciggy, are you coming with me? This is how it's going to be now.
Me and you, alone.
We can't count on anyone.
No, you're going to have a great family.
They will never leave you.
Everyone leaves us, eventually.
That's how it's been since we were born.
Grow up and accept it.
Samantha! Dodoi! Cindy! Brandon! Stay! See? Everyone left.
At the end of the day, we're nothing but an Orphan! Subtitle translation by Guilherme Gama