Samantha! (2018) s02e07 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 7

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Mom? Mom! Where are you? In the darkness, which is my only memory of you! Abandoned like a beggar.
At the end, I am nothing but a little orphan.
Bravo! Wow! She's grown up! Samantha! It must have been a success, I saw some huge guys out there crying like babies! It was terrible.
You would know if you had been here.
I was! They blocked my entrance.
And the kids? They're outside, Carmen wouldn't let them in.
And the play is a bit heavy for them.
- They are traumatized enough.
- Reality is never too much.
It's good that you didn't come.
Now I'm sure being an adult means I can't count on anyone.
What about the celebration? You don't have to wait for me.
Just go.
I want my mom back.
Are you sure you told her it's shrimp night, Dad? They put extra cheese on the pizza! Your mother doesn't feel like pizza today.
She's busy with this whole theater business.
Even after Ciggy's funeral we went to Wild Dog's Pizza, Dad.
Mom isn't functional as an adult.
It was a great idea to bar her husband at the door.
That final improv was priceless! Totally.
Maybe next time, I'll show her the picture of that starving bear! Samantha How powerful! I loved the final improv.
Where are my fans? No fans, we barely have any audience at all.
Now let's go, before they lock us in here.
No way! Samantha! I carry a knife! Leonora? You know my name! Oh, God, I'm going to faint! Leonora, you go to all my shows.
I have a restraining order against you.
I loved seeing you work again.
The world is less colorful without you.
But I preferred your old shows.
Back when you were happy and didn't want to die.
I liked it better when you wore a tiara Leonora, hear me out.
- I grew up.
You should do the same.
- No! Without you singing and playing, even my job gets sad, and I work with the penguins at the zoo.
My love, your job is sad.
No! We even have baby penguins Everybody is alone in the world.
You can't trust anyone.
Especially not birds.
I made that mistake on a reality show.
"What matters is to never stop" Only kids believe that.
Dodoi? Kids? Ouch! What the hell? Is Grandma going to survive? Brandon, it was just a cosmetic procedure.
Right, Dad? Mom, you said it was only a small procedure on your face.
- Grandma, your water - A straw, Brandon? I've told you a hundred times, plastic Our grandmother can't move her mouth! Stop fighting! Grandma just got out of surgery.
She needs to rest in peace.
Mom, since you can't speak, I'll take the opportunity and ask you for advice about Samantha.
The model was caught Leonora? Do you like the outfit? Leonora, what is going on here? - Did you make this outfit? - Yeah.
Is this a garbage bag? Is it noticeable? I came to help you believe again by force! Either I bring Samantha back or no one leaves! - Is this a kidnapping? - Kind of.
You shot me twice! With tranquilizing darts from the zoo.
One is usually enough to knock out an elephant.
Leonora, let's have a conversation.
The Samantha you grew up watching was nine years old! I haven't been her for months! - Do you want money? - Money does not interest me.
Either you come back or we'll stay here until the end! My hammer Who is Marcinho? My agent! He'll march in here, he's not afraid to die.
His life is not worth it.
Hey, Samantha, what are you thinking? That I like to sit around waiting for you? This is so disrespectful! Marcinho is very well paid, he won't leave without me.
- He just started the car.
- What? Ha! He won't give up.
He'll keep calling until I pick up.
He is unbearable.
Not one word, do you hear me? What the heck is that tiara? Marcinho, my love.
I missed you! Are you making fun of me? Get the hell out, I'm here.
You are? Oh, good I mean, I'm not leaving the house.
Are you mad? Samantha, I woke up early! Get out here now.
I can't leave now.
You need to cancel with Carmen.
I've told you to stop eating Wild Dog's Pizza.
You can't digest it, sweetheart! Not even I eat that shit! No, Marcinho, I am I'm having stage fright.
Stage fright? Samantha! Fuck! It would be more likely that you were being kidnapped than afraid Oh no, it's the crazy fan! Shit.
We're now back with the butt model who exposed too much on TV.
So, as I was saying, she has changed since the regression.
This Thursday Wait, it was before.
Let's start from the beginning What's going on? The former child star, now an adult theater actress, - is being held captive in her home.
- Mom! Turn up the volume, Cindy! I can't become an orphan now that I've just found out I'm not adopted! When Samantha said she had "stage fright," I knew right away it meant kidnapping.
- Dad, do something! - So I took action.
- Oh no! - Don't panic! I'll save your mother! - You stay here with Grandma.
- We want to come! No! Everything is going to be okay.
Is it true the kidnapper had an explosive vest? I don't know, I called the press first.
But if a cop is watching, you can come help too.
- It's the end of Mom.
- Brandon! - What? - Stay positive! All right.
I just can't! Free Samantha! Get your official Free Samantha T-shirt in heather gray.
- Your chance to make a difference - What's happening? When faced with a crisis, don't complain, work! No! With my house! It's that crazy fan who hid in your kitchen cabinet for a week.
She's in there, full of explosives.
Excuse me, I'm her husband.
Dodoi! I've watched all your games! I need to talk to her! We're trying to get through to them, but so far - Will you take a picture with me? - What do we do? Good! You don't do anything.
This is a risky operation.
You have to stand back, with that hawker.
- More respect! - She is my wife! Exactly, this area is for professionals only.
- And I'm her lawyer! - You're a soccer player.
I was.
I changed careers.
I demand to take part in the negotiation.
This wasn't supposed to happen! Calm down, you're nervous.
It's normal.
You looked after penguins your whole life.
This is much more complicated.
I just wanted you to listen! And I am listening.
We can figure this out.
You can, I can't! The cops are outside.
I've never been arrested! My husband has and he got out fine.
- This is the end of us! - Not us! The end of a phase.
Me as a child star, you as a free woman.
Leonora, it's okay to make mistakes.
Don't you think I regret being on the cover of that crochet magazine? But we're both adults, we have to deal with the consequences.
You're right, I need to be an adult.
Exactly, let me go! No, the most grown-up thing to do is negotiate.
I am not crazy.
Your husband has been calling nonstop.
I'm answering.
He has? Then you'll let her go? Anything you want.
Okay, I want eight bucks for the bus ticket.
If I'm going to run away, I should get something.
I want lifelong VIP tickets for all of Samantha's performances.
And I want her to sing Samantha's happy birthday song for me, every year.
And We're back live with the kidnapping that has halted the nation.
Brazil's beloved child has been held captive in her home for hours.
More and more people are showing up.
We continue with the live, uninterrupted broadcasting, waiting for a happy ending.
The Plimploms' song is back at the top of the charts.
Religious leaders from very diverse faiths have launched an appeal for the star's life.
One question remains: Which Samantha will emerge from this mess? The pure-hearted, smiling kid that everybody loves, or a dark, bitter adult? We're all rooting for her, and hoping to see the face that always had Brazil gathered in front of the TV.
I want an Uber! Are you crazy, Leonora? What? I can let you go for free if that's the case.
Look at me! I'm worth much more than that! And you have to value yourself as well! That's why you're stuck.
Ask for a helicopter.
- But I don't know how to fly one! - Ask for a pilot, Leonora! I'm going to help you make a decent list.
Sit here next to me.
Let's do this together.
I don't get it.
She just wanted a car.
Now she wants a makeup artist! Dodoi, you lied to us! You are not a licensed lawyer! I never said I graduated, just that I'm Samantha's lawyer.
She prefers unlicensed professionals.
Now you're just holding up the work.
Wait behind the line.
As I've told you, this area is for professionals only.
Enough with negotiations! - What? - We're breaking in! That woman has bombs! You're going to kill my wife! In cities everywhere, people are praying for the release Brandon, don't worry.
Dad's going to take care of it.
He couldn't even fix the lock on my bedroom window.
A dog got in the other day.
You're right.
I've got it! Dad, I've had an idea! Not now, Cindy! Listen to me! No one is guarding the other side of the house! Get in through my bedroom window.
You never fixed it, remember? It's cold at night.
- That's it! Run, Dad! - Okay! Marcinho, I need your help.
Distract the cops so I can get in the house.
I don't know, Dodoi.
You haven't been so nice to me lately.
You didn't even buy a T-shirt.
- What's in it for me? - Your client surviving? The right to sell your junk without me suing you? When you get kidnapped, I get the merch rights.
- Okay? - Deal! Make way, I'm working here! Officer, I have a question concerning traffic.
If I get caught driving with an expired driver's license under the influence and with smuggled goods in my car, considering the goods are underage, what penalty would I face? If Samantha dies, I'll die too! This whole "Samonster" story was a lie.
Samantha is my love! A sexy older sister, who walks you by the hand from tender childhood to adult sexual maturity.
It's going to be all right! You are an amazing person, a great mother.
Because of her, we no longer have PTMs at school.
And my kids can drink soda again! I love you, Sam! I had no idea I was loved this much.
How could you not know? I'm doing this out of love.
That's true.
Reliving everyone abandoning me in my Plimploms era has opened my eyes.
But maybe there's still hope.
Everyone abandoning you? I was alone.
Completely abandoned.
Popcorn! That's not true.
Don't you remember what happened - after you left the studio? - Water! I was there waiting for you.
You weren't alone.
Ciggy! You're not coming with me? Samantha! Samantha! Samantha, give me an autograph! Sammy! Princess! Ciggy? I quit! Oh, my love.
I don't know where to go.
I've decided.
It's time for you to start being a kid.
Let's go.
Come with me.
Not that way, Ciggy.
There's a fan that I can't stand.
Everyone loves you.
Look outside! You were never alone.
Samantha! - Let's put an end to this thing.
- No! If you go out there, you'll be arrested! We need to figure out a way for you to be free.
That's impossible, Samantha.
What matters is to never stop believing.
Remember? I'm not leaving my number one fan high and dry.
Now go make me a sandwich.
I untied you, remember? Go.
I'm starving.
Besides the fans, the reality show ostriches We're going in! Everybody, get ready! Everyone inside! Go! Go! Go! Come on, let's go! - Did you have any ideas on how - Wait, Leonora.
People are talking about me now.
Samantha is one of my best friends.
I'm so happy she's getting this much screen time.
But I'm worried too.
These kidnapping things are very temporary.
People are very quick to forget.
She's so sweet.
I met her when I was a kid.
I met everyone when I was a kid.
You're watching TV in here? Dodoi? You risked your life for me, my love? How did you get in here? Brandon's window.
I still haven't fixed it.
Thank God.
I thought you were going to abandon me.
We've been through so much together.
No one leaves anyone in our family.
That's true.
Now we have to figure out how to help Leonora.
What? She kidnapped you! Let me explain.
Leonora did all this out of love, even though she put our lives and our house at risk with a vest full of explosives.
People do crazy things for love.
Excuse me, sorry.
Just a small correction: I don't have explosives.
This is my regular vest.
I like it because it has lots of pockets for me to store these cupcakes and my radio from the zoo.
You're not armed? How am I going to explain all the police cars outside? - Are you crazy? - I never meant to hurt you! I did all this out of love, remember? True.
If she's not armed, everything was a misunderstanding The police are not going to see it like that.
Someone needs to be held responsible.
Not another word, I've got this.
You wait here.
Do you think we should have gone to help save Mom? Dad's great, but he's not that focused.
Why don't you save me? I can't massage these feet anymore.
They're much drier than usual.
- What is it? - One of her toenails fell off! You scared the hell out of me, and for what? We're going through a tense moment! I am, right? Look what I touched! You're so fussy! How can you be grossed out? She's family! Found you! I've been looking for hours! Grandma, I've done horrible things! Did you just call me "Grandma"? I never want to be the responsible adult again.
Attention! Attention! There's activity around the house, someone is coming out! Nobody knows about the star's state of health, nor the criminal's Mom! Grandma, take us home! - Quick! - Come on.
Thank you, everyone.
- Good evening! - Calm.
We love you, Samantha! Thank you! I'll explain everything to you.
First, I'd like to thank everyone for the love you've shown.
I have no words to describe how much it means to me.
Secondly I'm sorry.
This isn't a real kidnapping.
She's not even carrying explosives.
This was all a game.
And I'm responsible for it.
Leonora is not guilty of anything.
She only did what I asked.
She is a dedicated fan.
Too much, even.
And she really loves me.
There's no crime in that.
No one can blame her for loving me.
So, the kidnapping was a joke? She's never going to grow up.
I did all this to show everyone that there's nothing wrong in having some childish instincts even when we grow up.
Sometimes what we think is a flaw is actually our biggest quality.
So, I'll take the opportunity to ask you to never be ashamed to be the purest version of yourselves, even if it's childish.
As I always say, what matters is to never stop What are you doing, man? Do you know who I am? I'm the most beloved child in Brazil! Faking a kidnapping is a federal crime! You didn't know that? Dodoi? I've just started studying the law.
- Off to the station.
- Free Samantha! - Wait, man - We have a lot of work to do.
Wait, I can explain.
- Where's Marcinho? Marcinho! - Out of the way.
What the hell is going on? Marcinho! Has anyone ever seen a UFO? Yes! We saw one together, remember? - I do remember.
It went like this - Mom! Let my mother go! She won't be a victim of this corrupt system! Yes! She has delicate wrists! A flying saucer What matters is that she is back.
A mighty sight It was so fast Like a flash - Buzzing - Mom's back.
Shining So mad The traveler of the endless Floated our way And we asked him "What is endless, anyway?" Telepathically Here's what he said Endless is all of us I'm ready.
Let her go! She's only a child! It's high time you know We're not alone This world is our home Has anyone seen a UFO? Yes! We saw one together, remember? - Of course I do.
- I remember it well.
This is how it goes.
It was a kaleidoscopic saucer A flying saucer Sparkling A mighty sight It was so fast Like a flash Buzzing, shining So mad The traveler of the endless Floated our way And we asked him "What is endless, anyway?" Telepathically Here's what he said