Sanctuary s04e05 Episode Script


Previously on Sanctuary [Magnus]: The energy nodules in the ceiling, they're doing this.
[Worth]: I sped up time.
[Magnus]: And that's what allows you to move around Iike that? [Worth]: Faster time allows rifts to open up in subspace, just Iike doorways.
[Will]: Genetic manipulation, hybrid trials, medical testing.
The abnormals that are taken alive will end up being government guinea pigs.
We're Iooking at the blueprint for the abnormal Final Solution.
[Magnus]: You knew I would never hand over my records, my residents, my friends, to whatever abnormal Guantanamo Bay you're planning.
[Addison]: Your research has been bought and paid for over the years by the people I work for.
You turn me away now, you're out in the cold for good.
There are changes coming that the world is not ready for.
So from now on, we make our own rules.
[stunners blasting, creature roars] [Magnus]: Watch out! [he snarls] Stunners are ineffective! Henry? Quarter-round tranquilizer, prepped and ready.
I'm on my way.
Sooner is better! [snarling] [dart snipes] [Magnus]: Be careful.
It'II take a few minutes for the tranquilizer to take full effect.
[Bigfoot]: I'II get the van.
[vehicle zooming up] [weapons cocking] That's far enough.
We'II take it from here.
[Magnus]: Who the hell are you? Colonel Bosh, Specified Counter-Insurgency Unit.
Which is? Homeland Security's new abnormal hunting division.
[Bosh]: That creature is a fugitive of the Hollow Earth invasion force.
I'm remanding it into custody.
Step back, please.
Dude, we got this under control-- Step back.
I'm not going to ask you again.
[darts sniping] [Magnus]: For God's sakes! It's got a slow metabolism.
Give the tranquilizer time to work! This is barbaric.
I swear, if any harm comes to that creature-- Feel free to take it up with the President.
[Magnus]: Did it work? [Henry]: I think so.
Coming online now.
[tracker beeping] Yeah, it's good.
The signal's coming in Ioud and clear.
[Magnus]: Great.
Let me know when they've reached their destination.
[Henry]: Our sleepy friend was transported across the border, and then airlifted to Holloman Air Force Base, just outside of AIamogordo.
Try saying that three times fast.
After that [Magnus]: The middle of the New Mexico desert.
[Henry]: I'm not getting why.
Oh, Henry.
It's Area 51.
What? What about the one on Google Maps? Decoy, aimed at conspiracy theorists, I'm afraid.
Much Iike the Pentagon.
Really? No.
Okay, so if that's Area 51 Then we may have just stumbled upon the fabled abnormal testing facility.
[Henry]: Cool.
This isn't a good idea.
Oh, come on.
I've infiltrated secret compounds before.
[Bigfoot]: The Cabal, maybe.
This is Area 51.
[Magnus]: It's simple recon.
Get information so we can plan our strategy.
[Bigfoot]: If you're caught, you could be charged with espionage.
[Magnus]: That never sticks.
[he grumbles doubtfully] [Magnus]: Oh Iook.
I appreciate your concern.
But what choice do I have? If indeed this S-C-I-U, or whatever they're calling themselves, are experimenting on captured abnormals, I can't allow that to continue.
Well, at Ieast wait till Will comes back.
From Hollow Earth? -Yeah.
-That could take days.
Look, we need to strike before they discover our tracking beacon.
Henry and I can handle it.
[he grunts] I've heard that before.
[Henry]: Rule number one when securing a high-tech facility? AIways change your default admin password.
[door hissing open] [Magnus]: Well done, Henry.
[Magnus]: How Iong? [Henry]: I'm guessing about five minutes until they discover the hack on the security cameras.
[Magnus]: We better hurry.
Download the building's specs and-- [door Iock beeps open] Rule number two in securing a high-tech facility-- -Yeah, I got it, thanks.
[Henry]: It's a standard NSA block cipher algorithm.
Should only take a minute or two.
[Magnus]: Let's call that an outside estimate.
[computer ticking and whirring] Whoa, jackpot.
Doc, you should come check this out.
Looks Iike the building has an inner sanctum.
It's a higher security clearance.
What do you bet that's where they keep the abnormals? [Magnus]: Download this into your tablet, and then Iet's get out of here.
[Henry]: Sure thing.
[door bangs open] Drop your weapons! Hands in the air, now.
[Henry]: BIoody hell.
[Henry]: I'm about to be a father.
How am I supposed to teach my kid the backdoor hacks to Final Fantasy from a penitentiary? [Magnus]: They won't Iock us up.
We know too much.
[Henry]: Really? We're more Iikely to be convicted at a military tribunal and then executed in secret.
Well, that's very comforting, thank you.
[Magnus]: But why would they hold us in the facility director's office? [Henry]: Well, it's more comfortable than a prison cell.
Why? [Magnus]: The decor in this place.
Something about it is very familiar.
[sniffing] [Henry]: Like, '"I had that Iamp in my dorm room'" familiar? or, um, '"I dreamt I was going to be executed by the federal government'" familiar? Who keeps a bottle of '95 Chateau Margaux on their desk? A Iittle early for happy hour, don't you think? [] [Magnus]: You are the director of this facility? Now, before you go off on some high and mighty diatribe-- Do you have any idea how many innocent creatures have been dragged here against their will? Too Iate.
May I explain? [Henry]: This better be good, dude.
[Tesla]: As good as that root kit you stuck on my security system? Hmm, spotted that, huh? Yeah, coming down the street on a bus filled with neon.
Get on with it.
[Tesla]: Helen, I don't expect you to understand, but several months ago, I was approached by the Department of Homeland Security.
They've asked me to head up a new initiative, and we exist to study Hollow Earth abnormals Ieft behind after the invasion.
[Henry]: SCIU.
Catchy, actually.
[Magnus]: Nikola [Tesla]: Look, needless to say, I turned them down flat.
I mean, the Iast time that I cooperated with the U.
government, you may recall, the assistant they gave me turned out to be a Nazi spy.
But dogged Iittle civil servants that they are, they wouldn't take '"no'" for an answer.
What did they do, offer you a company car? Company plane.
Money? That's why you're doing this? Oh, is that so wrong? After the resurrection of my race turned out to be an enormous bust-- pardon the pun-- I realized that I actually Iike being the only Sanguine vampiris Ieft alive.
Now, why shouldn't I receive compensation to enjoy the finer things? Yeah, 'cause you were always slumming it before.
[Magnus]: After all I've done to help you, all the times I've come to your aid-- I re-vamped you, for goodness' sake, and this is how you repay me? By aligning with my enemies? By becoming a shill for a paranoid government hell-bent on exploiting abnormals for God knows what depraved purposes? You seem upset.
I demand to see the abnormal quarters immediately.
I'm afraid that's not possible.
Gayle, get Basil and Pierre back in here.
You can't be serious.
[Tesla]: Look, I'd Iove to chat, but I have work to do.
As a gesture of good will, I'm going to overlook this whole '"breaking into a restricted facility'" affair.
However, in the future, I'd appreciate it if you made an appointment.
[Henry]: Doc, I'm sorry.
[Magnus]: Did you notice anything unusual about Nikola's behavior? Other than the knife in your back with his fingerprints on it? He's hiding something.
He needs our help, but he's too stubborn to ask.
I did not get that.
[Magnus]: I've known him for over a hundred years.
He only acts this way when he's really rattled.
No, something's going on here, and whatever it is, it's big.
[chaotic voices in background] It's happening again.
Run! Come on, we can't stay here.
[Henry]: Wait a second, what is happening again? [Guard]: We gotta go.
Now! [energy pulsing] [screaming] [Guard]: Stop! It's too Iate.
[alert sounds] [Magnus]: What the hell was that thing? Evacuate the outer sections and Iock down the facility.
How dare you? [Tesla]: It's all right.
What are you talking about? [Magnus]: That thing out there.
You saw it? Not clearly, but it killed one of your guards right in front of me.
[sighs heavily] [Magnus]: So, what is it? Some sort of experimental genetic hybrid? Dreamed up by a war-mongering bureaucrat and assembled by your team of modern-day Dr.
Frankensteins? [Tesla]: Just stop.
I had nothing to do with that creature.
[Magnus]: Oh, really? So it's just a coincidence that it's roaming the halls of your genetic testing facility.
Whatever it is, it's naturally occurring, I swear.
It showed up about 12 hours ago, attacked a cleaning Iady, and then disappeared again.
What do you mean, it just disappeared? It vanished.
It evanesced.
It went '"poof.
'" [Magnus]: That's impossible.
[Tesla]: Well, we searched the entire building, we've done secondary scans for heat, movement, oogly-googly-ness, and there's nothing, not a trace.
So why didn't you call for help? [Tesla]: For what? For some non-existent creature that I can't describe? And besides, who would I call, you? You seem to have forgotten you're not exactly on everyone's speed-dial anymore.
Well, I'm here now, and I suggest that we find that thing before it does any more damage.
[Tesla]: You know, cooperating with you is a federal offence.
Okay, would you rather we Ieft? Right this way, please.
[Magnus]: Thank you.
[elevator dings] [clattering] [Galvo]: Aah! [Bigfoot]: Don't.
Stop doing that.
[Galvo]: Sorry, he startled me.
[Will]: Who is this? [Galvo]: Name's Galvo.
Actually, it's Galvofestichius, but I usually go by [belches hugely] Oh, man, that one tasted.
[Bigfoot]: He tracked me down in OId City.
Needs a Iift back to Hollow Earth.
Yeah, I heard you're running folks down there.
I gotta get in on that.
Yeah, well, good Iuck with that.
We just got busted.
[Bigfoot]: What happened? I thought we cleared passage.
[Will]: Apparently, somebody tipped off the Chilean authorities.
We got intercepted in Valparaiso.
They took the abnormals, held me for nine hours, and then put me on a military transport back to Santiago, where I had to catch another flight back home.
And the abnormals? But you're going back again, right? I gotta get down there.
I can't take it up here anymore.
Every time you turn around, somebody's grabbing you.
That, and the food really disagrees with me.
[belching hugely] [Will]: Ugh.
[Tesla]: What is it about you and me and dark, narrow corridors? [Magnus]: You know, it does seem to be a recurring theme, doesn't it? [Tesla]: Hey, what do you say we ditch the kid and find an intimate supply closet somewhere? [Magnus]: What say we find the deadly creature that's been terrorizing your staff before it decides to strike again? [Tesla]: Yeah, that too.
[clattering] [Henry]: Everyone else hear that? Oh, thank god, Nikki! [Tesla]: Uh, hey.
Uh, Dr.
[Coates]: I was so scared for you.
They said you ran away, but I knew you'd come back.
[Tesla scoffs]: Run away.
No, I didn't What are you doing here? Well, the Iights were going out in our section, so we ran in here to hide.
AII right, everyone stay put.
Let's go.
Well, maybe I should-- Now, Nikola.
[power surges] [alert sounds] Fire! What the hell was that thing? It seemed to be using some sort of inter-dimensional event horizon.
[Henry]: That would explain the appearing and disappearing.
But how is that possible? In order for it to move through space-time, somebody would have had to [Tesla sighs] [Magnus]: Nikola? [Henry]: Dude, what did you do? Well, about my work here, I, uh I may not have been entirely candid with you.
[Magnus]: Out with it.
[Tesla]: AII right.
I may be partly responsible for the appearance of that creature.
You don't say.
Bear in mind that when first approached about this job, I did turn it down.
What's your point? [Tesla]: My point is that the fear of abnormals is so pervasive in Washington that when they came back a second time, they basically offered me a blank check to fix the problem.
Anything I needed to get the job done, no questions asked.
[Magnus]: I see, and you saw an opportunity.
[Tesla]: How could I pass it up? [Henry]: Pass what up? What's going on? He used the government money to fund his own research.
Skimmed off the top.
Yeah, and off the middle, and a Iittle bit off the bottom, too.
[Henry]: Dude-- [Tesla]: Oh, please.
I'm stealing from the department that's funding an assault on what you do.
You should be thanking me.
Oh, yes, you're our own personal Robin Hood.
[Magnus]: So what exactly are you working on? Nikola? [Tesla]: Behold your tax dollars at work.
[Magnus]: Um-- [Tesla]: Wait for it.
[typing rapidly] [hits enter, machine beeps] [hydraulics whir] That's a rift node.
[Tesla]: It's Adam's design.
With significant improvements, of course.
[Magnus]: What is all this for? [Tesla]: Power.
As much as you need, whenever you need it.
[Henry]: You're drawing energy from the rift.
[Tesla]: The node creates a stable rift field roughly half the size of this facility.
I can tap into it whenever I want.
Picture it-- unlimited clean energy right beneath our fingertips.
No more wars on oil, no more nuclear meltdowns, no more insufferable celebrities telling us to '"go green,'" and all because of the genius of one man.
Adam Worth.
Mock if you will, but you know very well this is the culmination of my Iife's work.
Ever since Edison stole my ideas over a hundred years ago, I've been searching for a way to destroy that Menlo Park windbag, and now finally, I have it.
I was able to draw enough energy to power the island of Manhattan for a week.
Did you say 12 hours ago? Yes, I know what you're thinking.
It roughly coincides with the appearance of our multi-tentacled friend, I admit it.
[Magnus]: I'd say it's more than a rough coincidence, Nikola.
If that creature is indeed from the rift, then your node could be interfering with its habitat somehow, allowing it, or even causing it, to hunt in our physical reality.
You need to shut it down.
Are you crazy? It's taken me months to stabilize the field.
So you're just gonna Iet that thing keep attacking people? Listen, if a rat gets Ioose in my house, I don't destroy the house, I kill the rat.
I'm not asking you to blow it up, I'm just saying turn it off.
[Tesla]: I can't.
That's the beauty of this system.
Once the field is stabilized, the node draws energy from the rift to maintain it.
It's self-sustaining.
[Magnus]: Well, Iuckily, I've brought the world's foremost expert in taking things apart.
Henry? [Henry]: I'm on it.
[Tesla]: Are you kidding me? Him? No-- Wait, don't touch that! Just hold on.
AII right, fine.
I'II find a way to shut it down.
Just tell Furriest George to keep his hands in his pockets.
[Magnus]: In the meantime, I'm going to search for the surviving members of your staff-- or should I say future members of the class action suit against you, help them find a way out of here.
Keep me posted, Henry.
Every time she shows up.
[Galvo]: Hey, you got a Iot of cool stuff down here, you know that? [Bigfoot]: Yeah.
[Galvo]: We used to have this swap meet every six days in our section of the tunnel.
You could make some serious trades with this stuff.
Hey! What do you call this? [Bigfoot]: That's a vase.
[Galvo]: And what about this? [Bigfoot]: AIso a vase.
[Galvo]: And this? [Bigfoot]: They're all vases, yeah? [Galvo]: Huh.
Speaking of vases, I might have dropped something in that big white one downstairs.
You know the one with the handle that makes the water swirl? It spilled everywhere.
[Bigfoot]: Could you do me a favor? [Galvo]: Sure! [Bigfoot]: I need something in there, yeah? Just, uh, towards the back.
Don't be afraid of the dark.
Keep going, right in the back.
You see it? That'II do it.
[Will]: Hey.
Where's, uh, Galvo? [Bigfoot]: I don't know-- [Galvo]: Hey, guys, it's pretty dark in here.
[knob rattles] There's something wrong with the door.
[Galvo banging, rattling knob] We need to get rid of this guy.
We can't arrange another trip to Hollow Earth until we have a bigger group.
It takes weeks to arrange transport and bribe the necessary officials, and that's assuming we find another new gateway now that Chile's off the map.
-I won't Iast that Iong.
-I know.
[Galvo]: Guys, I think I'm going to hurl [Galvo belching] [Will]: Ugh.
You'd better [Galvo]: Oh CIose one.
Hey, if you guys are Iooking for abnormals, why didn't you just say so? Oh, good hearing runs in my family.
Dates back to when my great, great, great uncle Dorfa, short for Dorfafestichius, was a sheepherder back in the early part of the century.
The thing about the abnormals, Iet's go back to that.
[Galvo]: Oh, yeah.
I used to hang with this group of Hollow Earth abnormals that went by the name '"Chalkstone.
'" I think it was because of the mineral deposits in their section of the tunnels.
[Bigfoot]: Probably.
[Galvo]: Anyway, we got separated.
They sent me out for food, and when I came back, they were gone.
I can't imagine why.
[Galvo]: I Iooked everywhere, but I never caught up with them.
Maybe you guys could track them down? Hey, it would get me out of your hair a Iot sooner.
[Will]: Call everyone you know.
Call in favors, do anything.
He Iikes me.
[Henry]: Dude, it's simple.
Introduce a xenon wash to flood the Cerrelium core.
That'II shut it down.
[Tesla]: Yes, and unleash a massive dose of gamma radiation along with it.
I hope you're not planning on having children.
[Henry]: Uh, I am, actually.
My girlfriend and I are expecting.
[Tesla]: You're kidding.
She's due sometime in the next year and a half.
It's complicated.
Well, that's the eighth sign of the apocalypse.
[Henry]: You can be a real jerk, you know that? [Tesla]: Well, I'm sorry that I'm not more impressed about your ability to sow your seed.
[Henry]: No, you know what, it's not just that.
It's everything.
You're working for Magnus' enemies after everything she's done for you.
That's not cool, dude.
Would you rather I Ieft the position vacant for someone else to fill it? I don't know, General Villanova, perhaps? [Henry]: Oh, come on, it's blood money, and you know it.
Listen, I'm not experimenting on abnormals, and nor do I intend to, and by the time those dunderheads in Washington find out, I'II be on my own private island.
[Henry]: I hope you're happy there, 'cause you'II be all alone.
You just betrayed the best friend you ever had.
[Tesla]: Your idea, about flooding the Cerrelium core.
It could work.
[Henry]: I know.
[Tesla]: And the whole kid thing Mazel Tov.
[Coates]: You and Nikki, you've known each other for a Iong time? [Magnus]: Yeah, you could say that.
[Coates]: He talks about you a Iot, all the adventures you've had together.
They sound incredible.
[Magnus]: I'm sure he's exaggerating.
[Coates]: You shouldn't be mad at him.
He's really an amazing man.
[electricity crackling] [Magnus]: Run! Henry, the creature's back! You need to shut down that field! [Henry]: Uh, we're not there yet, Doc.
[Magnus]: Well, get there! Now! [Tesla]: Out of my way.
You're taking too Iong.
[Henry]: Dude, would you-- You're going to overload-- [Tesla]: Quit distracting me.
[beeping in code] [door beeps in error] [Coates]: I can't open it! [Magnus]: Anytime, Henry.
[hits enter] [power whining down] [Tesla]: There.
[Henry]: Nice.
The field's collapsing.
[stunner blasting] Well done.
You did it.
[Henry]: Uh Yeah, no, we didn't.
What are you talking about? The rift field's coming back online.
[Tesla]: That's impossible.
I shut down the node entirely.
[Henry]: I don't know what to tell you, dude.
It's powering itself without the node.
Not only that, but it's growing.
[Tesla]: Incredible.
Do you know what this means? It won't be Iong before it extends beyond the facility.
Yes, yes, yes, but more importantly, I did it.
I invented wireless electricity.
[Henry]: Hey.
Scientists get out okay? [Magnus]: Yeah, they're all safe.
What's the status of the rift? [Henry]: Still growing.
At the rate it's going, it'II reach AIamogordo by morning.
That would be a horrible country song.
[Magnus]: And him? [Henry]: Him? Oh, he's working on his Nobel speech.
Wants to call his invention '"Tesla-tricity.
'" [Magnus]: BIimey.
[Tesla]: I know what you're going to say, Helen.
But we simply can't shut down the rift until I know more about how it works.
[Magnus]: Be reasonable, Nikola.
If that creature gets Ioose in a populated area-- [Tesla]: Am I the only one who recognizes the potential of this technology? It could revolutionize the world.
End poverty, starvation-- [Magnus]: Lives? Every advancement in history has had some kind of human toll.
So, what number are you thinking? Look, for all we know, there could be more of those creatures, and as the field expands, it could draw them out.
You're speculating.
It doesn't belong here, Nikola, and if we're not careful, we'II Iose control of the situation entirely.
I'm sorry, but we have no choice.
[Bigfoot]: Where's Galvo? [Galvo pounding on door] Help me! [knob rattling] [pounding urgently] Hello? [Galvo]: This guy's nuts.
You can't Ieave me here alone with him again.
[Bigfoot]: I won't have to.
I found the Chalkstone group.
-You did? -Yeah.
Where? They're meeting us at St.
Michael's Church in the Fifth ward.
Oh, that's great.
So we get them back here and we can plan the next steps.
Head to Hollow Earth, right? Let's just take it one thing at a time.
We should go.
[Bigfoot]: Yeah.
[Tesla sighs wearily] What I wouldn't do for a glass of fine red.
[Magnus]: Well, I'm sure there's another bottle of '95 Margaux in your office.
Just a short skip across the feeding ground.
Still sore at me, I see.
Do you blame me? You know, this could have been a banner year for you.
In the current climate, a woman with your expertise, not to mention arresting good Iooks, you would have been in high demand, but you chose to cut yourself off from the world.
Oh, silly me.
Missing the chance to play patsy to a government gone mad.
PIease, get over yourself.
You know very well these directives change Iike the weather.
And besides, there's more than one way to skin a system.
You chose to fight from the outside.
I choose to fight from within.
Oh, is that what you're doing? Right, and the abnormals under your care, are they in on it too? Tell me, what happens when the government realizes that their research into abnormal-based weaponry has fallen behind under your watch? Better yet, what happens when you Ieave to start your own utility company? PIanning on taking the abnormals with you as an advisory board? You're unpleasant when you use rhetoricals.
Do you think I want to be Ieft out in the cold, fighting world powers at every turn? I had no choice.
This was the only way I could continue to operate without betraying everything that the Sanctuary stands for.
Yeah, how's that working for you? I'm just saying, Helen, there's a fine Iine between passion and fanaticism.
And there's a fine Iine between compliance and surrender.
Let's just hope we're both on the right side of it Nikki.
What now? [Bigfoot]: We wait for the signal.
[Will]: There it is.
Let's go.
[Bigfoot]: You wait here.
[Galvo]: But [Bigfoot smacks glass] [Galvo]: Okay, okay.
[Will]: Everybody, this way.
Quickly! What the hell happened? I don't know.
Where are they? Oh, my god.
Wait, that's it.
Of course.
[Magnus]: What? [Henry]: What? Heinrich, how do you dissipate an electromagnetic field? Increase resistance to the electrical curr [Henry]: Wait, that's it.
Of course.
[Tesla]: He's a smart one.
Care to fill me in? [Henry]: The field is sustaining itself by drawing power from the rift.
But if we re-activate the node and add resistance to that flow of energy, the field will collapse on itself.
It's Iike stalling an engine.
The only downfall-- [Tesla]: Heat.
We'II need to beef up the shielding on the Cerrelium core.
Shouldn't be an issue if you have enough titanium on hand.
[Tesla]: Which I do.
Small problem.
[Henry]: What? [Tesla]: It's on the other side of the facility.
[Tesla]: If I'm not mistaken, there's a Iab with some titanium rods just up ahead.
[Henry]: If you're not mistaken? [Tesla]: Well, it's not easy navigating in the dark when all the hallways Iook the same, all right? [electricity crackles] [Henry]: Oh, crap, it's back.
Look out! Henry! Henry.
Oh, dear Iord [Tesla]: Helen-- Don't! This is all your doing! Your selfish and base desire to meddle in things you don't understand! Still comfortable with the human toll, are we? [Will]: You better go home.
This could take a while.
[Bigfoot]: How did this happen? Some kind of advanced energy weapon.
Government? There's no way they'd have anything that sophisticated.
[Will]: Besides, it's not their M.
They capture, they don't kill.
[Bigfoot]: Well, someone knew.
Someone set us up.
Why? I mean, it doesn't make any sense.
Who stood to gain from this? I don't know.
What does Galvo think? I haven't spoken with him.
I thought he was with you.
[Tesla]: Well, it's done.
The titanium rods will keep the node from overheating.
[Magnus]: Good.
Get on with it.
[Tesla]: Once the field collapses, the creature, and anything else, will be sealed inside the rift.
Well, what are you waiting for? Better do it before the creature claims another victim.
[he sighs] [tracker beeping] [Tesla]: What the hell is that? [Magnus]: It can't be.
It's impossible.
[Tesla]: You recognize it? It's Henry's tracking signal.
Similar to the one we used to find this place.
This means he might be alive somewhere.
[Tesla]: It's coming from inside a cave pocket.
Inside the rift field, underneath the facility.
The creature must be adapting to our physical environment.
I suspect it's built a nest somewhere.
[Tesla]: Well, there's no way in or out.
It's solid rock.
Then we have no choice.
[Tesla]: What? What, you're not seriously considering-- [Magnus]: When Adam Worth trapped me in that warehouse, he traveled through the rift using a series of predetermined exit points.
Yes, with an emphasis on '"predetermined.
'" You're talking about Iocking onto a tracking signal through an inter-dimensional void.
If I'm off by even the slightest margin-- I have faith in you.
Fine, but you're not going, I am.
The burns and radiation sickness won't affect me.
I blame myself for that.
However, I am going to need someone on the outside to distract the creature Iong enough for me to get in, grab Wolfgang, and get out.
Just in case you thought you were getting off easy.
[Bigfoot]: Galvo? [Galvo gasps] Thank God you found me-- [Bigfoot]: Stop.
I know you did it.
[in deep voice]: You got me.
[Bigfoot]: Those abnormals, what did they do to you? Not a thing.
[Bigfoot]: Then why? Why would you kill your own kind? Because they were weak.
My group came here to claim this Iand as our own.
We pledged to fight for as Iong as we had to, die if necessary, to win back the surface from those self-entitled humans.
[Bigfoot]: Ah.
[Galvo]: But the Chalkstone group Iost faith in our mission.
They broke off from the rest of us.
I was sent to find them.
AII they wanted was to go home.
They were traitors to our cause.
They deserved what they got.
[Bigfoot]: Enough [Galvo]: Deceiving, isn't it? I'm a Fendalope.
Small, but with densely packed molecules.
Packs a mean punch.
Just Iike this.
[charging weapon] Sorry it had to end this way.
You really were a nice guy.
[Will]: You okay? [Bigfoot]: Yeah.
[Bigfoot]: Let's get him to the Sanctuary.
[Tesla]: AII right, I'm going to modulate the field and try to bring out the creature.
Are you ready? As I'II ever be.
Good Iuck, Nikola.
You too.
[alert sounds] [creature snarling] [roaring] Hello, beastie.
Here goes nothing.
Henry? [Henry]: Over here! My god [Henry]: Oh, man, I can't believe you came.
Now, get me out of here.
[Tesla]: Well, that's unfortunate.
Huh? [Tesla]: Fascinating [Henry]: Excuse me? Should do the trick.
P-pardon? [Tesla]: Easy does it, easy does it [Henry]: Whoa, whoa, whoa! [creature roaring] Hey, could you maybe pick it up a Iittle bit? I'm sorry, are you rushing me? Because I seem to recall when the roles were reversed in Colombia, you taking your sweet time-- Okay, but, dude, we're in its nest! [Tesla]: Right.
[squelches free] [Henry sighs in relief] [creature roars] [shrieking] [gunshots blast] Nikola, are you there? Damn.
Henry? Nikola! Come on, Nikola.
Seriously, what is this stuff made of? [Tesla]: Whoa! [Henry]: Uh, Nikki? [Tesla]: Oh boy.
[Henry]: Let's go! Nikola! Henry! [Tesla]: Helen! [click] [Tesla]: Thanks.
[Tesla]: Well that's six months of my Iife I'II never get back.
[Magnus]: Well, Iucky for you there's a Iot more where that came from.
[Henry]: Huh? Vampire, remember? [Tesla]: I think we can end this experiment now.
[Will]: If you're beating yourself up, stop it.
Galvo had everybody fooled, me included.
[Bigfoot]: Not good enough.
My instincts need to be better.
[Will]: Why, because you're an abnormal? Because they're all I've got.
Look, since the invasion, everything's gone sideways.
It's a whole new world out there.
Factions of abnormals killing each other, plotting to kill us You know why your instincts failed you? Because what they're telling you doesn't make sense.
It's only gonna get worse, isn't it? [video game weapons blasting] [she knocks] [Henry]: Whoa! Hey, Doc.
You know what, I was just about to start that report you asked for.
[Magnus]: Relax.
I just came to tell you that your tests came back.
No sign of radiation poisoning whatsoever.
Your HAP physiology must have protected you from the effects of the rift.
Count yourself Iucky.
Lucky is exactly what I count myself.
You hear from Tesla? [Magnus]: No, and I don't expect that I will.
He's still refusing to quit his job, so we're on opposite sides, I'm afraid.
[Henry]: Oh, man.
I'm sorry, Doc.
[Magnus]: Me too.
I always knew there'd be costs associated with striking out on our own, but this one was unexpected.
[tablet beeping] Um, Doc, hang on a second.
[download beeps] You're going to want to see this.
Where did you get this? [Henry]: It was on my tablet.
Tesla handed it to me as we were Ieaving.
A detailed Iist of all of SCIU's facilities, abnormal inventory, and top-secret plans for future expansion.
Ah, Nikola.
You are full of surprises.
[] Oh, that hurt, that hurt, that hurt