Sanctuary s04e06 Episode Script


Previously on Sanctuary [mom whispers] Stay where you are.
[screaming in terror, monster roars] Mommy! [screaming] [Magnus]: She was an extraordinarily brave woman.
She died protecting you from that creature.
[screaming] [Addison]: Father hardly around.
Never had much in common with his egghead son anyway.
Then his indictment just as you were starting to fit in at the Bureau.
Boy, that must have been tough on you, huh? [shouting and clamor] [man]: Leave him alone.
He did not do anything.
[swirl of chaos and unrest] I Iand at the airport, everything's fine.
By the time I get into town [Yusuf]: A mass protest over the upcoming election.
It's happening all over the city.
It could Iast for days.
[Will]: It's gonna make it hard to keep your Sanctuary running.
[Yusuf]: When I had the support of the government, it was much easier.
However, now [Will]: I know.
Since Magnus went independent, we have to do things differently.
[Yusuf]: Instead of working with politicians and police, I'm now dealing with thugs and warlords just to stay afloat.
[Will]: Which is why I'm here in person.
I'm going to make a withdrawal from one of our private bank accounts for you.
[cell phone chimes] [sighs heavily] [Yusuf]: Problem? [Will]: No, it's nothing.
So I'II meet you Iater this afternoon with the cash.
[Yusuf]: Cash? [Will]: It's untraceable.
It's how we roll now.
[Yusuf]: How much? [Will]: Enough so that a few well-placed bribes will keep you in Ieague with the new government.
[Yusuf]: This is a very unsettling way of doing business.
[Will]: It's a brave new world.
[smashing and explosions] [Bigfoot]: What's wrong with it? [Henry]: Gift card? It's just a Iittle impersonal.
[Bigfoot]: He can get whatever he wants.
[Henry]: I'm just sayin'.
[Bigfoot]: Well, what did you get him? [Henry]: Deep tissue massage.
You know that three-toed hemasloth we just got in from Thailand? [Bigfoot]: Ah, so you didn't buy him anything? [Henry]: It's not about how much money you spend.
[Bigfoot]: No, it's the thought that counts.
[Henry]: Exactly.
[Bigfoot]: Cheapskate.
What are you two arguing about? [Henry]: We're not arguing.
[Bigfoot]: Will's birthday present.
Will doesn't come back until tomorrow.
You've still got plenty of time to shop.
-Huh? -I am not cheap-- [alert warbles] Perimeter alarm.
Someone's trying to break in.
[Henry]: Rooftop sensors.
Someone's coming in for a Ianding.
[Magnus]: A chopper? [Bigfoot]: Could be a SCIU attack.
[Magnus]: BIoody hell.
[wincing in pain] Hiya, Doc.
Bruno Delacourt.
I should've known.
Lookin' good.
[] Bruno, what on Earth? Bruno, what on Earth? You know, that color Iooks great on you-- [Sheila]: Hey, Casanova! Stow the sweet talk and gimme a hand? [Bruno]: Just being polite, sweetie.
Excuse me.
Never heard of etiquette? [Sheila]: That's a three syllable word.
Careful you don't hurt yourself.
[Magnus]: Sheila, if you don't mind Back to my original question? [Bruno]: Yeah, right.
My apologies for our unannounced arrival.
You almost got yourselves shot.
[Sheila]: I told him we should've called.
[Bruno]: Well, there wasn't enough time.
[Sheila]: Etiquette, he says [Bruno]: I'm doing this for you! The Iittle woman's got a busted flapper.
[Sheila]: You may have noticed my Ianding.
[Bigfoot]: Ugly.
My Ieft wing.
Gives me too much yaw in my pitch.
There might be some tendon damage.
[Bruno]: High tension wire.
[Sheila]: Thanks to you.
[Bruno]: I told you '"Turn Ieft!'" [Sheila]: But you always get your directions reversed.
[Bruno]: Well, this time I didn't.
[Sheila]: Picked a fine time to get it right! [Magnus]: Oh, dear god [Bruno]: Listen, cupcake, don't project your anger on me-- How about I get you both inside? [Sheila]: Thanks, doc.
[Bruno]: We-we went over this Iast session.
It's all about the anger that's projected-- her inner anger-- projected onto me.
I didn't understand it at the time, but now I have a better grasp-- [Bigfoot]: And you wonder why I'm still single.
[Magnus]: I don't see an actual tear.
[Bruno]: Aces, honey.
You hear that? [Sheila]: So why does it hurt? [Magnus]: Well, there are some Iacerations on your upper primaries, but nothing seems to have penetrated the speculum.
You say a high tension wire did this? -Yeah.
[Magnus]: Odd.
With that sort of impact, I would expect to see some ragged tearing, but these cuts Iook very precise.
Hmm, yeah, odd.
[Magnus]: As if they were done with a sharp object Iike a blade.
-Go figure-- -I told you-- [Bruno]: Hush, my Iittle Iove pump.
You know, she's still very traumatized.
C-Could you Could you give us a moment? [Magnus]: GIadly.
I'II come back to check on you, but you're going to be fine.
[tablet squawks with video game sounds] [Magnus]: Ah, so this is where you're hiding.
[Henry]: What? I'm not hiding.
[Magnus]: Ha ha, right.
[Henry]: Okay, I'm hiding a Iittle bit.
But you gotta admit, those two are toxic twins.
[she sighs] Yeah, they are a handful.
[Henry]: How's Sheila doin'? [Magnus]: Oh, she'II be fine.
[Henry]: But? It's just that the forensic evidence doesn't match their story of the physical trauma.
You think they're Iying? Or at Ieast faked the injury.
Why? [klaxons wail] [Henry]: Attempted breach.
-Roof? -Armory.
[Magnus]: Ah, makes sense.
Henry [beeps tablet, alarms stop] I say, get me the hell out of here! Somebody's just a Iittle paranoid? [Bruno]: I hear your anger, I acknowledge your point of view, and I want to address your concerns.
[Magnus]: Bruno, I'm not the police.
Whatever penny-ante scam you're running in OId City is none of my concern, just so Iong as no one gets hurt.
[Bruno]: PIease, Doc, come on-- But when you're under my roof, you play by my rules.
Okay I'II admit we've been a Iittle Iess than straight with you.
What were you try to steal from the Armory? There's this shipment of Red List abnormals on its way into town, clearly headed for the black market.
CIearly, I couldn't Iet that happen.
Not so clear.
Okay, well, see, Sheila and me, we had a plan.
We were gonna scam our way into the Sanctuary, grab a few stunners, and then head out to the drop spot-- [Magnus]: And do what take down the smugglers and secure the abnormals? Way ahead of me, as usual.
[chuckling] PIease.
What's in it for you? Okay, that is exactly the reason why I didn't come to you directly.
You don't believe me.
Can you blame me? [Bruno]: You know what I'm gonna do? You're so positive that I'm scamming? Go ahead, call my bluff.
I'm not too proud to admit I could use a Iittle help.
So you and I-- Join forces, yes.
Come on, with my intel and your experience? [chuckles] Love it.
You're gonna Iove-- Love it.
You're gonna Iove that? Come on.
You'II Iove it-- If these Red Listers do exist, my priority is to make sure they don't fall into the wrong hands.
Obviously, sure.
And I'II be keeping a very tight Ieash on you.
Meow [Bigfoot mutters] It's healing nicely.
[Sheila]: You know, Cecile's been asking about you again.
[Bigfoot]: Uh-huh.
[Sheila]: So is it too much effort to pick up the phone? [Bigfoot]: Magnus says you should take it easy for a few days.
[Sheila]: Ah, so you just waltz into OId City, break a few hearts, and then you're gone? [Bigfoot]: No [Sheila]: What, you think you're too good for a Ferrolump, is that it? [Henry]: Hey-- [Bigfoot]: Thank goodness you got here.
[Henry winces] Sh-shooting pain! [Bigfoot]: Huh? Oh.
[Henry]: Magnus wants to see us.
[Bigfoot]: Good.
-AII of us.
-Huh? She still keeps a Iock of your fur.
[growling] [honking] [cell phone chimes] [messages chiming] [cursing] You need a hand? Will! [Will gasps] W-w-what did they take? [Yusuf]: Everything.
[groaning] [Yusuf]: Oh, you've got a nasty gash there.
[Will]: No I-I can't What is it? I can't see.
Get me back to the Sanctuary.
The militia have blocked off the main roads.
We need to get off the streets.
[Yusuf]: Okay, this way this way.
There's a bed at your foot here.
Lie down.
Easy, easy, easy.
This place belongs to my cousin.
You'II be safe here.
Look up at the ceiling.
[Will]: What are you doing? [Yusuf]: When I was in the army, I had a friend who suffered a similar blow.
Similar symptoms, I think maybe.
[Will]: Concussion? [Yusuf]: Detached retinas.
You have to Iay absolutely still, on your back, and try not to move.
Permanent blindness.
There's a thought [smashing and gunfire outside] [Yusuf]: I cannot stay with you.
[Will]: Your family, I know.
I'II be fine.
[Yusuf]: I'II be back with help as soon as I can.
[Bigfoot]: Comsets on channel one, and no idle chit-chat.
[to Magnus]: What's going on? You know, Bruno, it would help if we knew exactly where we were going.
Yes, you will know when we get there.
It's not how I usually operate.
Living on the edge.
My kinda gal.
[Sheila]: Are you flirting again? [Bruno]: Babylicious, never.
[Henry]: AII right, before I choke on my own bile These are fully charged.
[Bruno]: Perfect.
Where's my stunner? [Sheila]: Oh, yeah, mine too.
Not even going to have that conversation.
Wait a minute, you don't expect us to go unarmed, do you? As far as I'm concerned, the two of you are back-seat drivers.
You get us there, we'II do the rest.
[Henry]: Um, Doc, can we have a word? You know we got your back, always, but tag-teaming with Heckle and Jeckle? You don't actually trust them? Of course I don't, but we need their information, however dubious the source may be.
Okay, chop chop! Let's get this party started, huh? [Bruno]: Sibilance Is your-- are you getting anything on yours? Just stay alert.
[Yusuf]: I found a first aid kit in an army truck.
It's not much, but until I can bring back a doctor [Will]: Or a wagon-Ioad of Tylenol.
Each pump is point three milligrams.
Can you self medicate? How do you think I got through college? It's good you have a sense of humor.
I'm here all week.
Tip your waitress.
I'II be back as soon as I can.
But remember, don't move.
[Young Will]: You know, it doesn't feel Iike a year.
It feels Ionger.
[Jacob]: I know, Will.
She'd be very proud of you.
Come on, it's time to go.
AIready? [Jacob]: Daddy has to catch a flight, remember? I have that big business meeting in Houston.
[Will]: That's in Texas.
I can name all 50 states.
[Jacob chuckles] That's good.
Come on, Nanna is waiting for you, all right? She made you that special cake.
Let's go.
[Will]: Can I have a minute? [Jacob]: I'II be in the car.
[Magnus]: Douse the Iights.
[Bruno]: Bah-dah-bing.
Just Iike I promised.
[Henry]: Yeah.
Let's not count our abnormals before they hatch.
-Right, you two stay here.
-[Sheila]: Honey Whoa, whoa, wait, you're making a big mistake.
I'II Iive with it.
[Magnus]: AII right, fan Ieft.
[Magnus]: Anything? [Henry]: Nada.
[shot blasts] [gunfire] [Henry groans] [Sheila]: Shouldn't you go and help? [Bruno]: Shh, be still, Honey Lips.
Let the professionals handle it.
[Magnus]: Henry! [Magnus]: Well done, Henry.
[Henry]: Back atcha.
[Bruno]: I think we'd better Yeah, Iet's go.
[abnormals cooing and warbling] [Henry]: Whoa.
It is a Red List shipment.
[roaring and warbling from crates] Stolen from Colombia, by the Iooks of it.
Henry, we need to get this container back to the Sanctuary.
[creatures snarl and shriek] [Magnus]: Bruno! [Bruno]: You! Look at your The way the streetlight, the Iamp-- Don'tspeak.
[Bruno]: It's beautiful.
Just hand it over.
[Bruno]: What? Diamonds and abnormals? What an amazing coincidence.
You Iied to me.
[Bruno]: I promised you Red Listers.
You got Red Listers.
[Magnus]: Yeah, you failed to mention a small fortune in diamonds.
That's a nice haul, dude.
[Magnus]: You're really moving up in the criminal world.
The diamonds aren't for us.
[Bruno]: Let me explain this, Cuddle Cakes-- Yeah, 'cause you're doing such a great job already.
[Bruno]: Really? [Magnus]: The diamonds! We need them to buy weapons.
Can you not see how this is going in the wrong direction? [Sheila]: Let me explain.
[Bruno]: No, no, no, no, Iet me explain-- [Magnus]: Someone please explain.
[Henry]: What are you doing with the weapons? -They're not for us.
-Perish the thought.
[Bruno]: No, they're for the international arms dealer.
[Sheila]: Yeah.
Yeah, you see, we sell the weapons, make a hefty profit, which we need.
Do you? [Bruno]: Of course we do.
For the orphans.
[Magnus]: Orphans? You're giving weapons to orphans? [Sheila]: Okay, now, that's crazy.
[Bruno]: Okay, follow me here.
We need the diamonds to buy the guns.
We then sell the guns, double our profit.
And we use that money to pay the black marketeers.
And save the orphans from being sold into slavery.
Ta dah! Cue the violins.
I got nothing.
It's stunning.
So, what do you say, Doc? Hand over the ice, and it's high fives all around, huh? [Sheila winces] [Bigfoot]: It'd be so much easier if we just killed them.
[Henry beeps open cell] [Bruno]: Come on, this is a travesty.
[Magnus]: We'II check out your story.
Until then [Bruno]: Oh, what, we don't get a phone call, Magnus-- [door slams, blocking out sound] And peace.
[Bigfoot chuckling] Holy crap.
[Magnus]: Pray tell.
[Henry]: Well, I was pokin' around where I shouldn't be pokin' around.
[Magnus]: Ah, good Iad.
[Henry]: NSA, Homeland Security, real backdoor wet-job stuff here.
[Magnus]: And the bottom Iine is [Henry]: Looks Iike maybe Bruno was telling the truth, at Ieast about the weapons.
It seems there really is a shipment.
Anti-abnormal prototypes? Specially designed by SCIU.
[Magnus]: Oh, dear Iord.
[Henry]: There's some really cool stuff here, except for the fact that it's designed to kill abnormals.
[Magnus]: Then we better intercept that shipment.
Define '"we'"? Tasting a Iittle crow? Don't push your Iuck.
So we'II get the weapons? I'II get the weapons.
You'II stay here.
[inhaling doubtfully] What? That's not gonna fly.
Pardon the pun.
[Sheila]: Technically, that's not a pun.
[Bruno]: Throwing your correspondence school diploma in my face again? What is it, onomatopoeia? -Not a pun.
I'II get the weapon prototypes, but not for profit, just to keep them out of the government's hands.
But I already made the deal.
The seller's expecting to see us.
He sees you, he's going to smell a rat.
No offense.
[Jacob]: Will your dinner is getting cold.
[Jacob]: Will [Young Will]: I'm not hungry.
[Jacob]: I said I was sorry.
[Will]: The team's in the finals.
It's going to be the Iast game of the year.
[Jacob]: So I promise, I'II get you tickets for next year.
Box seats for both of us.
It's just right now, we're just going through a tough time, that's all.
What happened to all Mom's insurance money? [Jacob sighs] We're going through a rough spot.
Business has not been great.
[Will]: Scott says he saw you at his house Iast night.
I had to talk to his father about something.
He saw you playing cards with his dad and a couple other guys.
You said you'd stop.
It was just a friendly neighborhood game, and don't you quiz me Iike this, Will.
Look, Will I know you miss your mother, especially today.
Believe me, I miss her too.
It doesn't matter.
Just forget it.
[Jacob]: It's just some nights I need to blow off a Iittle steam.
I mean, it isn't easy without When you get older, you'II understand.
It's okay.
I'II get another birthday next year.
[Jacob sighs heavily] Come eat.
[Henry]: I don't Iike this.
You trust them with those diamonds? [Magnus]: Just be ready to move.
Hey, is that him? [Bruno]: Of course it's him.
[Sheila]: Well, you should go talk to him.
[Bruno]: Will you stop micro-managing me? Seriously? [Bruno, whispering]: Let's go.
Come on.
Stay close to me.
[gives a cheesy bird call]: Caw-caw! Caw-caw! [Sheila]: He won't understand [Bruno]: Let me do this, please! The eagle has Ianded! Hey, buddy? [knocking] Come on Buddy, what's-- [Sheila yelps] [Henry]: That's never good.
[Magnus]: Damn it.
[tires squealing] [Bruno]: Go, go, go! [shots blasting] Go! go! [stunners blasting] [Sheila gasps] [Henry]: Definitely government types.
Looks Iike Bruno was set up.
Speaking of which Aw, they wouldn't.
They did! [cawing overhead] [Bigfoot]: I'm just saying it Iooks bad.
The place is Iike a war zone.
[Magnus]: Still no word from Yusuf? No answer on either of their phones.
If the government has fallen, they could have been detained.
[Henry]: I should have gone with him.
[Bigfoot]: Declan called from London.
Says he can put a team on the ground in Monrovia.
He's got friends in Dakaar.
[Magnus]: Will may just have to lay low for a while.
In the meantime, stay on top of the situation.
[Bigfoot]: Locked on to Al Jazeera.
So, how'd it go with Ozzie and Harriet? Uh not as well as we'd hoped, but we're about to remedy that.
[Bigfoot]: Uh-huh.
Where are you two headed now? Bird hunting.
I may not be a genius, babe, but I do have my moments.
[Sheila]: And what, and I stood nearby and slow-clapped? PIease [Bruno]: You were good, Lambchop.
[Sheila]: No, you were good, Honeybear.
You Iooked so handsome, flying away with all those heavy cases.
[Bruno]: AII the working out paid off, didn't it? [Sheila]: Oh, you Iook incredible -Yeah? -Mm-hmm [Magnus]: You are both incredible.
[Bruno]: How did you.
? Did you take the stairs-- [Magnus]: Start talking.
I welcomed you into my home, and you manipulated the entire situation.
[Henry]: Shame on both of you.
Okay, I can see why you're angry, but I promise you, this wasn't a double-cross.
Really? Then what would you call it? [Sheila]: A mix-up? And I don't Iike your tone.
[Bruno]: I got this one, Love Muffin.
Okay, here's the thing: We needed to make sure the weapons were secure.
[Sheila]: He was actually very heroic.
[Bruno]: It was pure instinct, but thank you, darling-- [Magnus]: Before I vomit? [Bruno]: Those government agents, who are they working for again? [Henry]: SCIU.
Anyway, they compromised our contact before we arrived.
It was all happening in real time.
I needed to do something to protect the mission.
So you flew off and Ieft us to fend for ourselves.
Youwanted us to stay and help? [Sheila]: They had guns! [Bruno]: Yeah, no, no.
We fly, you guys kick ass.
It's the Iaw of the universe, and, hey, it all worked out in the end.
Except for the part where you stole the weapons and tried to hide them from us.
I was about to call you.
[Henry]: My head is about to explode.
[Magnus]: Wow.
[Bruno]: I appreciate, Doc, how this all may Iook, but we were both set up.
[Ioud crashing and smashing outside] [he winces in pain] Son of a bitch I take it you're referring to me.
Unless you meant Joyce, in which case, I agree.
[scoffs quietly] What's on your mind, son? I'm just grabbing the Iast of my things.
Books and crap.
I'II Ieave the trophies.
You can have 'em, or sell them, whatever.
[Jacob]: Okay.
Is this what your shrink called being passive aggressive? I don't see a shrink anymore.
You said I didn't need it.
Or wait, you said we couldn't afford it.
Okay, so that's what this is about.
Now, Iet's see.
I pay for your tuition, I pay for your expenses.
I pay for everything you ask for-- Excuse me, I'm there on a scholarship.
AII right, so this isn't about money being tight.
So I think you have something you want to say to me, so why don't you just say it? What the hell are you doing, Dad? That is none of your business.
'"Private investors'"? '"Full collateral recourse'"? This is fraud.
No, that is a business opportunity, and we need it.
I don't.
I don't want any part of it.
[Jacob]: Oh, but you want summer placement at Johns Hopkins? At Columbia? Well, where do you think that money's going to come from? I don't know, an honest day's work? Who the hell do you think you are? I give you everything I have, everything! Every opportunity, I make it work-- Yeah, you make it work as best you can.
I get it! Don't you bring her up to me.
Don't you throw that at me.
Well, what do you expect? Is this what she wanted for us? For you? You can't even You pay for Harvard, but you hate me for it.
I'II tell you what.
From now on, I go my own way.
You're off the hook.
Will, Will, Iook, Iook This could work-- It doesn't work, Dad.
And face it, it never did.
You kept your promise to her.
You did that.
The rest? I don't want it anymore.
Yeah [Magnus]: Henry, take the weapons.
[Henry]: Absolutely.
-Wait a second, what-- -And the diamonds.
Honestly, I think that's a bit extreme.
[Magnus]: Really? Because according to you, we were both set up, so none of this is your fault, in which case, we should confiscate the weapons and return the gems to their rightful owners.
[Bruno splutters] What is this, a Hallmark moment? You need to see the bigger picture here.
[Sheila]: We need this stuff! So you are in this for the money.
For good reason.
[Henry]: Whoa, if you say '"orphans'" These kids need our help, yes! And you're taking food from their Iittle mouths! [Henry]: Now, that, that's a Hallmark moment.
We are doing all of this for children in need.
If you think helping the needy is a worthless venture, then go ahead, take it, take it.
Yeah, take it all.
There you go.
Oh, you are a nasty woman.
[Henry]: Angry Birds there are no orphans.
What choice do we have? Our trust has been betrayed at every turn.
I'm sorry, to both of you, but this is the end of us working together.
[Henry]: Oh, amen.
I understand.
I want to thank both of you for all you've done.
It didn't work out.
That's Iife, right? Onward.
[Magnus, sighing] Onward.
[Henry]: I'm not trying to sound Iike a snob or anything, it's just that some abnormals Iack a certain ""class"" is the word.
[Magnus]: But what if they're telling the truth? [Henry]: About the orphans? [Magnus]: If they do exist, can we afford to turn our backs? [Henry]: Doc, I've Iooked into it, okay? There's nothing on any boatload of missing kids.
Oh, and wait, the FIying Bickersons have screwed us over twice.
[Magnus]: Think back over recent events.
Something about this isn't right.
[Henry]: Yeah, the fact that they're Iying thieves.
Thieves, maybe.
But Iiars? Not deliberately.
They might have filtered the truth, or been a bit selective with the information-- [Henry]: Which is commonly known as Iying.
[Magnus]: The intel they supplied is essentially correct.
The Red List shipment.
The weapons buy.
[Henry]: The stash of diamonds.
The stealing.
[Magnus]: It's an imperfect world.
Being flexible with our allies gives us more than condemning them.
The days of judging things at face value are over.
[Henry]: So we've gone rogue, and now we have to hang with the deadbeats, I get that, Doc, but we don't have to trust them.
[Magnus]: Maybe we need to stop being so judgmental.
[Henry]: This is that whole isn't it? [Magnus]: You know what I mean.
[Henry]: I really don't, but I do know what you're going to say.
[Magnus]: Something I need you to check for me, Henry.
[Henry]: Of course there is.
[Bruno]: No tears, babe.
You said we'd get the money, Bruno.
You said this would work.
It will, I promise.
Have I ever steered us wrong? Have I? You swear to me.
I swear it's not over.
Come on, a nice Iittle workout to clear the head? Come on, come on, you Iove it.
You Iove it.
Ha ha ha! Whoo! Ha ha.
Tsk Doofus.
[Jacob]: Thank you.
[Jacob]: Look at you.
[Will]: Hey.
[Jacob]: Come here, come here [Jacob chuckles fondly] So y-you're done with Quantico, I hear.
[Will]: I got a few weeks Ieft.
I still don't know where my posting will be.
[Jacob]: Wow You know, you owe me for this.
[Will]: Dad-- [Jacob]: I mean, really.
You wouldn't have become a bigshot profiler unless you had me as a dad.
You practically grew up in a criminal environment-- Dad, don't do this.
Don't make it harder.
[Will]: I spoke to your Iawyer.
[Jacob]: Yeah, I know.
You better get used to this color on me.
Look, you came, we talked, and as you said, you're off the hook, Will.
[Will]: Listen to me.
I went through your file in Washington, all of it.
Now, there's a clerical error in a witness deposition prior to your arrest.
It's not much, but I think I can alter the data to make it Iook Iike-- [Jacob]: No.
No, Will.
No, no, no-- [Will]: Your counsel thinks that they can move for retrial, maybe even a dismissal-- No.
That is not going to happen.
Do you hear me? I have people working on my case.
I did not ask you for your help.
[Will]: You're Iooking at five to seven years.
[Jacob]: Don't you dare get yourself involved! Years, Dad! Is that what you want? You stay out of this, do you understand me? You stay out of this! You stubborn bastard.
[Jacob] Wait, Will, Will, Will Wait a minute.
Will! Will! Will, wait! Will! Yeah [Will]: Stubborn bastard.
[Yusuf]: Will? [Will]: How Iong have I been [Yusuf]: Two days.
How do you feel? [Will]: Awesome.
[Yusuf]: The doctor has come and gone.
He says if they haven't reattached by now, then-- [Will]: Yeah, well, I guess we'II see, won't we? How are you, are you okay? [Yusuf]: Fine.
The fighting has died down.
I didn't mean to Ieave you so Iong, Will.
I had to make sure that my wife and children were safe.
[Will]: That's okay.
[Yusuf]: My sons are teenagers.
They hear the fighting, the mobs.
They want to join the fight, to pick up arms.
When that happens, I'II do anything to keep them from harm.
Will? Well, I won't be reading the newspaper anytime soon, but [sighs] Nice room.
[Yusuf]: That's good news.
[Will]: Yusuf are your kids all right? [Yusuf]: With my sister in Sefula.
That's good.
[Yusuf]: You should rest.
I have more pain medication for you.
[Will]: No.
Just get me a phone.
[Henry]: Hmm Hmm Yup.
[Magnus]: Henry [Henry]: I am collating here.
[Magnus]: Well, either do it silently or tell me something.
[Henry]: Wow, what happened to the Zen patience? Hmm.
Found something.
Interpol warrants for a Red List supplier out of Dublin, Finn Noland.
[Magnus]: Warrants for what? '"Child slave trading.
'" [Henry]: Yeah, keep reading.
The encrypted data? [Magnus]: '"Abnormal child slave trading.
'" Dear God.
Yeah, Noland is an extremely bad dude.
The rumor mill puts him in town, tonight, with cargo, at the docks.
If Bruno and Sheila try to intercept this shipment alone Oh, that could go very badly.
I think you owe both of us an explanation, and an apology.
[Noland]: The agreement was simple.
You bring me the money, I give you the wee kiddies.
No dollars for me, no merchandise.
[Sheila]: You monster! You tried to alter the deal, didn't you? I can't have that.
Kill the both of them.
[Bruno]: Wait a second, wait a second.
Here-Here's the thing, we can get you the money today.
-Bruno -I got this.
[Noland]: I thought so.
[Bruno]: Yeah, okay, so, you're a busy man, right? So Iet's talk price here, huh? What do you need for me to take all these these drooling, screaming, annoying Iittle kids off your hands, huh? [Noland]: Street value on all of them is five million dollars.
[inhaling in shock] No bulk discount? [Sheila]: How can you do this? I mean, just- just Iook at them all! They need food, shelter, Iove.
Who knows what they've all been through? [Noland]: I do.
[growling angrily] You have just released a tigress! [Sheila, seething] You You are going down, you hear me? You Eurotrash, central casting-- [Noland]: You married her? --cheap cologne-wearing hairpiece! Yeah.
Fiery passion is so intoxicating.
[Noland]: FIying woman, scream all you want.
Those children are mine to sell.
There's no one here who can help you.
[stunners blasting] Ha! [kick thuds heavily] [Sheila]: Oh, get us Ioose, get us down, please! [Bruno]: It's about time.
[Sheila]: Get us down! Get us Ioose from here! [keys jingling] [Henry]: Doc? [Sheila]: PIease, please, Dr.
Magnus [Magnus]: Of course.
[Sheila]: May I? [Magnus]: Absolutely.
[Sheila]: Come on, it's okay.
You're safe now.
[Iaughing in delight] [Sheila]: Oh, you're all safe now.
[Iaughing happily] Oh, Bruno, Iook at them all.
They're so gorgeous.
[Bruno]: Yeah, they're beautiful.
We've got a family.
I need to get a job.
Yes, you really do.
Dammit [sniffling] Every time! Sub-retinal fluid is coming in well.
Iris Iooks fine.
How's your head? Were you always a brunette? Not always.
You, William, are fit for duty.
And by that I mean a well-deserved pint.
[Will]: Thank you.
[Henry]: Dude, how you feeling? Biggie, is that you? Hey, yeah, you're fine.
[Henry]: AII right, you guys ready to go? I am starving.
Private room at AIfredo's, the wine is on me, cake is on her.
Surprise! [Will]: Thanks a Iot, guys, but, uh I have other plans.
Will? [Magnus]: Henry? [Henry]: You heard about the cake, right? Save me some.
Thank you.
Happy birthday.
[Jacob]: Hey, you.
[gasps in surprise] Roy Halladay? Get outta here.
No big deal.
I know a guy in Philly.
We did time together.
[chuckles awkwardly] I could murder a steak.
How about you? As Iong as you're paying.
Me? I'm the one who got robbed in Liberia! Yeah, right.
That's cheap, kid.
You're breakin' my heart.
Look at you.
Come here.
[Jacob chuckles happily] Yeah.
[] [] Didn't hurt.