Sanctuary: A Witch's Tale (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2


- And the deceased?
- Daniel Whithall, only child.
MAN: Under 18, rugby captain,
popular guy.
WOMAN: A sex tape got
shown to a bunch of kids
just before a boy died.
Is there a connection?
You are digging. You are
trying to smear my son.
Daniel Whithall would
hardly kill himself
over a nasty little slut like me.
Witness just came forward.
- Saying?
- Dan Whithall was murdered.

I feel awful.
We should've had a wake,
but, I just couldn't face it.
Isn't that his girlfriend?
And the mother's the witch.
Have you spoken to the witness?
Do you think they're credible?
I would hope so it's my son Jake.
No disrespect, Ted, but murder,
in the middle of a party,
how come no one else saw?
And you yourself said
it was an accident
fire, panic, a fall what's changed?
What's changed is my boy
was traumatized.
Now he's recovered enough to
tell me what actually happened.
[SIGHS] Look, I'm an outsider,
and even I can see how badly
this death has hit Sanctuary,
and as Dan's best friend,
Jake must've taken it
especially hard.
Are we sure it's not the grief talking?
Trust me, Mags, he understands
the consequences of his
allegations for himself,
the Whithalls, the hotel.
He feels it's his duty, and
I've seen the evidence.
- You're all right.
- Yeah.
MAGGIE: So Jacob, you've come
forward voluntarily
to provide testimony of what
you witnessed at the party.
Can you tell me what you saw?
She killed him.
You're referring to ?
Harper Fenn.
I was right next to her when she did it.
Okay, so
You were with Daniel
No, not Dan, Harper.
At the bottom of the stairs.
MAGGIE: And Daniel was ?
The top of the stairs.
The stairs he fell down.
But if you and Harper were
at the bottom of the stairs,
- how could she
- Witchcraft.
She killed him with witchcraft.
Show her, son.
And why did you start filming
Harper at this moment?
Because she had just seen it.
"It" being ?
Her and Dan having sex
at a party weeks ago.
I see.
footage of Harper and Dan
having sex previously
was shown at this party,
and did you know
Yes but this bit, watch now.
That's it! Those hand movements.
TED: That's how they cast spells.
I tried to help him,
but he was already dead.
I'll need your phone, Jake.
Can I have a word, please?
You're all right, you're all right.
TED: Come on, Mags, can't you
see the kid's broken,
and now we have to take
his phone from him
so he can't even call his friends?
Look, chief, we both know
this is evidence.
Showing a sex tape without
someone's consent is a crime,
and if Jacob has information
about who was responsible
I hear what you're saying, I do,
but now we've a murder
investigation on our hands.
- JAKE: Dad?
- TED: I need that phone, son.
- JAKE: No, why?
- TED: The phone.
JAKE: Please, dad, I haven't
done anything wrong!
I want that back the minute
forensics are done.
I also think we should keep
his testimony under wraps for now,
so we don't compromise
the investigation.
Surely it solves the investigation.
Unless you're questioning
the lad's testimony.
Uh, isn't it our job
to question testimony?
Look, the whole town's traumatized.
We can't have a teenage girl put at risk
by an unproven allegation.
Except we have the evidence.
Is it evidence?
Those hand movements
could mean anything,
and we still need to establish
if the tape is genuine.
Maybe we should be establishing
that Harper Fenn's a witch.
I just can't face going home.
The house feels so empty.
Isn't Michael there?
Not today, surely?
You know what he's like.
Oh, I know, what did I expect?
And actually it was fine
while I had Dan,
I could deal with it, but now
And can you believe the police
trying to smear him?
What? Who?
Dan that sex tape that was
shown at the party.
They're trying to make out
like he's some kind of pervert,
as if that means he deserves to be dead.
Mrs. Whithall?
Can I have a word, please?
What? Now?
If you wouldn't mind
in private.
[SOFTLY] Catch up with you later.
ABIGAIL: What you're saying
doesn't make any sense.
Harper was Dan's girlfriend.
No, he dumped her weeks ago
when she acted like a complete slag.
Didn't he tell you?
No, and, and he usually
shared everything with me.
But if they called it a day
I'm sorry, I'm confused, are
Are you saying they had
a fight at the party?
More than that.
You mean there was an accident, she
She slapped him and pushed him
and, and he fell?
It was no accident.
Going out?
I thought we'd stay in and try
and cheer each other up.
I'm good, thanks.
- Harper?
- Yeah.
What's this about a tape?
Of Dan at the party.
What, what about it?
How come you didn't mention it?
Because it's so the kind of thing
that you brag about to your mum.
You, you mean it's you?
With Dan?
Harper, what were you thinking?
Look I, I totally respect
your right to do
whatever you want, but when you
make that kind of material,
and it gets into the wrong hands
God, you can be so clueless sometimes.
Jake, I know you loved him
And I know you want
explanations, but this isn't it.
Harper doesn't have the gift.
That's what she wants you to think.
That's what I know.
Sarah's my closest friend,
and when she found out
Harper didn't have magic,
my god, the devastation.
Look, I didn't wanna
have to show you this.
What is it?
A video, what happened
at the party and Dan.
No, no, I
I don't think I could face it.
I understand.
No, I
No, I need to see it.
You saw it, though.
You're in Sarah's coven.
You recognize that witch stuff
the waving the hands, casting a spell.
That's what killed him.
[SOBBING] But why?
Why would she do that?
Because he ditched her,
and she wanted revenge, end of.
Abbie, you okay?
SARAH: Come in.
SARAH: What is it?
What's happened?
The police have new evidence.
They're saying
Dan was murdered.
Oh, Abbie, that that's horrific.
Do they know how?
Or who?
They're saying
it was Harper.
Who would even say such a thing?
How does it make any sense?
But Dan was twice her size and,
at a party in front of
everyone, how on earth?
[SIGHS] Abbie
Well, you know that's not possible
she doesn't have the gift.
There was a witness.
Someone you can't name.
Some kid who was drunk or high.
They should be ashamed of themselves,
- causing you more upset when
- Sara
Could it be true?
You're seriously asking me that?
Come with me.
See? No charts, no spell books.
I know but
[SIGHS] Oh, Abbie.
Don't you think I'd know?
My own daughter it was
all I ever wanted for her.
But can you be sure?
The right
The right of determination.
But what if it was wrong?
It's never wrong.
My own determination,
it was the happiest day of my life.
To carry that light inside you.
So you see why I wanted it
so much for Harper
And she wanted it too.
So what changed?
I'll never know.
She didn't want anyone there.
"Just you and me", she'd say.
I was heartbroken
that you couldn't all be part of it
my coven, my closest friends,
a celebration like my own.
It was if she knew.
That she didn't have the gift?
I'm sorry.
I must've done it wrong.
You did it perfectly, Mum.
SARAH: The Moot witnessed it,
Harper's registered as non-magical.
They grew up together.
Dan was family, like we're,
all of us, beside ourselves.
I know.
I know, but
It's just Dan's dead,
and I, and I don't know
how to live in a world
if he's not there.
And you need to make sense of it.
Of course you do.
But the most likely explanation
is an accident.
I'm sorry, I'm overwrought.
Go and tell Michael to step up.
Tell him he needs to be there for you.
Do you really think he cares?
He cares what people think about him.
DCI Knight.
Sarah Fenn.
WAITRESS: Here you go.
Isn't that Dan's girlfriend,
the boy who just died?
Apparently my daughter's been accused
of killing Dan Whithall.
Just to be clear, Harper is not a witch.
I understood the gift was inherited.
No, my grandmother was a witch,
my mother was not,
I am one, my daughter is not,
she's been certified as
non-magical by the Moot.
So I'd like to know what basis
you have for suggesting
Video evidence has come to light.
Showing what? May I see it?
I'd prefer to show it to Harper first.
When will she be home?
I've no idea.
I'll tell her you'd like
to speak to her.
I think that'll be
in everyone's interest.
Forensics will give us a shout
when they're done with Jake's phone.
We off somewhere?
Cheryl Lee, school principal.
I could use her perspective
on some of these kids.

I recognize this place.
I'm sure I've been here before.
We're here to see your mum.
Which one? I have two.
WOMAN: Izzy?
Why are you up?
I'm just getting some water.
Go on, back to bed poppet.
Viral infection, poor love.
It's actually your wife I wanted to see.
Cheryl's in school,
she's sorting out grief
counselling for the kids.
Can I help?
MAGGIE: So we're just trying
to get some context
for some of the kids' statements.
How well do you know Jacob Bolt?
Everyone knows Jake,
desperate to look cool,
be one of the gang.
And, uh, close to Dan?
In Jake's head yeah,
probably had a bit of a crush.
And Dan didn't mind?
Dan was used to it,
he grew up being adored,
by his mum, by his mates,
by all of us, actually.
What about Harper?
Some people have called her complicated.
Yes, including my wife,
but I have to disagree.
Cheryl thinks Harper's bright
but doesn't apply herself.
What do you think?
That her life has been
blighted by her failure
to take after her mum.
And she definitely doesn't?
Obviously you know about the test.
MAGGIE: The determination.
BRIDGET: Done on
the child's 13th birthday
and the result's registered
with the Moot PMA database.
"Persons of Magical Ability".
Yeah I checked it, no Harper.
Well, there's your answer.
Oh, um, one, one other thing.
It's probably not relevant, just
something Cheryl mentioned.
She wondered if Harper
had been self-harming.
Did she see any injuries?
No, no, and neither had I,
but Harper started covering up,
wearing long sleeve tops.
Was Dan a controlling boyfriend?
Not that I know of.
MAGGIE: So I'm not going mad
I was here six years ago.
Yes, there were screams,
so I can see why the
neighbors were concerned,
but, honestly it's fine,
everyone's fine.
Thanks so much for checking up, officer.
We really do appreciate,
but my son's fine.
Would someone like to explain
what happened?
Uh, Dan, do you feel up to it?
Sure. I was upstairs watching a movie
with Izzy, Harper and Bea.
I went downstairs to get
some juice, and I tripped.
JULIA: We heard something fall,
ran inside and Dan was at
the bottom of the stairs.
Not moving I just screamed.
Then very quickly he came to.
Sat up, started talking.
Any injuries?
I checked him over but no,
not even a bruise.
My husband's a doctor.
Kids at that age,
they just sort of bounce, don't they?
Well, keep an eye
on the wounded soldier.
Any relevance to the present case?
No obvious connection.
Anything to eat?
We need to talk.
- HARPER: Can it wait?
- SARAH: Harper?
Sit down.
Abigail was here earlier.
She told me someone's gone
to the police and testified
that you were responsible
for Dan's death.
[SCOFFS] What the fuck?
I've been to the station,
I've told them it's crazy.
Why on earth would you be involved?
But of course the detective
wants to talk to you again.
I was nowhere near Dan when he fell.
I was on the stairs, and
he was on the landing.
That's not the point.
The witness says
you did it by witchcraft.
And how exactly did I manage that?
Everybody knows
I flunked the witch test.
It's not that simple.
Your failed right of determination
can't be used in court
to prove your innocence.
Because there were no witnesses.
Just me and the Moot.
And you're witches,
so naturally you're gonna cover for me,
because everyone knows
that witches are so devious
and no matter how much you toe
the line you're basically evil.
I wouldn't say that.
That's because you do toe the line,
and no one respects you for it.
They tolerate you to
a point, but no further
because the moment they need
someone to blame
Well, why can't we do the right again,
in front of every cop in the county?
It still wouldn't count.
A witch rite has
no standing in English law.
So everywhere you turn, you get screwed.
And you don't think that's unfair?
No, of course it's unfair.
So who was the witness?
Abbie wouldn't tell me.
Jacob Bolt.
It's gotta be.
But if it is Jake
Then that's a problem,
because Ted Bolt reveres
that whiney little shit,
so he'll be working overtime
to make his story stick.
MAGGIE: Is Harper in?
SARAH: I'm not sure, I just got in,
I'll go and check.
You may as well talk to her
you'll only make things
worse if you don't.
Than they already are?
SARAH: Uh, she is here.
Can we please just get this over with?
Okay if I ask you a few more questions?
Were you and Dan still together
at the time of his death?
I didn't know that.
Can I ask, why it ended?
Other priorities.
Were you upset?
Was he?
If he was he moved on pretty quick.
ALBIE: What's up, Bebe?
What's wrong?
After you dropped me at the party
You didn't talk to Dan, no?
Because he was acting weird,
and if you came back
and had a go at him
After the way he treated you,
I'd have cheerfully broken his neck.
Don't say that.
But no, like I said,
I went down the road to look at a site.
Just to look at a site?
- Why would I say
- It's like sometimes
you used to disappear and mum
never knew where you were.
That was a long time ago.
JULIA: What's all this?
Us against the world, hey?
Not all, just some people.
MAGGIE: Was it a bone of contention,
you both involved with the same boy?
Bea likes to win,
and she got what she wanted.
Has it affected your friendship?
Yeah, you could say that.
We're just
very different people.
So, the footage that was
screened at the party,
we're currently trying to establish
who was responsible for
causing it to be shared.
But if that person was Daniel
Then I might be a bit pissed off,
and there's your motive for murder?
Which we've already established
can't be attributed to Harper.
Unless witchcraft was used.
Um, I'm sorry, that
Are you kidding me?
Is that supposed to me casting a spell?
What does it look like to you?
It looks like a young woman,
understandably livid
because her ex-boyfriend
thought it would be fun
to show a private, intimate act
to his mates at a party.
Those hand movements
She's angry.
Correction, she's absolutely
fucking furious.
And wouldn't you be?
You need to get to the station.
Forensics found something.
Okay, on my way.
Thank you for this.
I just wanted you to see
how loved he was.
Yes, all very affecting.
I just think sometimes,
when people hide their grief,
it can look like they don't care,
and no one wants
to give that impression.
No, indeed that would
not be a good look.
Mr. Whithall, Mrs. Whithall.
I'm so sorry about Dan.
Thank you.
And all this awful gossip going around.
I know you think magic
is only ever used for good,
but if half of what people
are saying is true
What are they saying?
That Harper caused Dan's death.
ABIGAIL: By witchcraft?
Could the rumors be true?
MICHAEL: It sounds extreme,
but it would explain a lot.
Hi, Bridge,
could you and Julia come round later?
Of course and Sarah?
No, just you and Julia.
Okay, bye.
Harper's not a witch,
the failed rite proves that
Not in court.
Magical evidence can't
be used as a defense,
and if she's found guilty
Note 15, "Exemption to repeal
of capital punishment".
There is no exemption.
The death penalty was
abolished years ago.
With one exception 1647,
thanks to Matthew Hopkins,
magic gets outlawed,
but even after he retires,
the law considers magic
such a threat to
" the moral and spiritual
well-being of this country
that it grants"
"Exemption in perpetuity
from any future amendments
relating to capital
criminal witchcraft".
So for murder by unnatural means
The death penalty still stands.
You're fucking joking.
Which means if it goes to court
and a jury believes she's guilty
I didn't tell Harper.
She doesn't need to know but I
if it's true that Daniel was murdered
though God knows why
anyone would want to
I have to prove she wasn't involved.
I went to the grave.
- Why?
- To see if I could
pick anything up.
But no magic?
Not that I could tell.
- Well, then we
- There is
one thing I could do.
Divination one of
the most difficult spells
a witch can assay.
For this, we choose white carnations,
bittersweet and purple-headed aconite.
Take your scrying bowl and wipe
it clean with mugwort oil.
Cleanse it in the smoke of cedar wood,
salvia divinorum,
the most powerful of the sacred sages
to shield and protect the scryer.
SERAFINA: Divination
requires a question,
posed by the witch,
answered by the ritual.
If the question is too vague,
the answer will not come.
How did Daniel die?
Was Daniel's death an accident?
SERAFINA: The old wisdom holds
that there's always an answer,
though we may not be capable
of understanding it.
Sacred oil to cleanse perceptions
so it shows no lies.
Then, the salvia.
Choose the sigils.
Finally, the question.
Who killed Daniel Whithall
at the warehouse?
I'm sure there's a reason
this can't wait
till after school, because I don't enjoy
pulling students out of class,
disrupting their studies.
MAGGIE: Jake, can I
read you some messages
we found on your phone?
We need to understand
what's going on here.
No, you that's private,
you've got no right.
Dan, "Fuck that was cringe".
You, "It's how I feel".
Dan, "I don't feel the same".
You, "Please don't tell anyone".
Dan, "Okay, but you need to stop".
You, "Forget I said it".
Dan, "I wish".
Was that really necessary?
MAGGIE: I believe so, yes.
So were you angry with Dan
for not returning your feelings?
So angry you wanted to hurt him?
- Or get someone else to?
No, never.
Why are you saying this?
It's all Harper.
She's the one.
She never understood him.
She never got how
amazing he was, she just
wasted him.
that's enough questions.
[TEARFULLY] Don't tell my dad.
- RYAN: So is he a suspect?
MAGGIE: Everyone's a suspect
till we've ruled them out,
and it still might be an accident.
RYAN: You saw the toxicology report.
MAGGIE: Hmm, no drugs,
barely any alcohol, yeah.
A drunken stumble, breaks neck theory
looks unlikely, but one thing
we can rule out is magic,
if we bring in an MI,
Magical Investigator.
"MI", that's actually a thing?
It is, yes, though evidence
derived by unnatural means
is inadmissible in court,
but once we find out if magic was used,
we can rule Harper out, or in.
I know it's not what
any of us wanted to hear,
but that's the evidence.
So I have to know that
you'll be there for me,
whatever I need to do.
You've been doing really well, Abbie.
The way you've held it all
together, it's incredible.
But grief can make you imagine
all kinds of crazy stuff.
What am I imagining?
There's a video.
Of Harper waving her
hands about looking angry
that could mean anything.
And she's not a witch, we all know that.
Do we?
We've been told it but
But if Sarah wanted to keep it from us?
Why would she do that?
You've known each other
since your kids were born,
is it likely she'd hide
something like that from you?
I never would've thought so once but
But my son is dead,
and I need to make sense
of what happened to him.
And we all know Sarah can be secretive.
She keeps confidences, yes.
And we know she's been
willing to bend the rules
when it suits her.
I bet she's done loads of stuff
for every one of us
that no one else knows about.
What sort of stuff?
ABIGAIL: Michael got passed over again.
Of course he did he looks the part,
he's smart but he's lazy, he
only does the bare minimum.
And we have debts the house,
cars, gym, golf club.
And we're living way
beyond our means and,
and if Michael doesn't
get this promotion, Sarah
We will lose everything.
- Please help me.
- [SOFTLY] Come.
Help Michael.
JULIA: I don't know about anyone else,
but I, for one, admit I owe Sarah,
I think we all do,
which is why I don't
think it's very fair
to ask us to take sides.
You're not thinking straight, Abbie,
- you're distraught.
- We all are.
Don't turn on Sarah, turn to her,
she can help you.
There's nothing she wouldn't do for you.
You of all people know that.
When you said slight accident
I may have downplayed it.
What happened? What did you find?
The spell showed me nothing.
Maybe I made an error in the ritual.
Is that likely?
I don't know, I was upset,
I kept thinking of Dan as he was
of all of them, actually.
Do you ever wonder if the girls
saw anything that day?
I know Bridge hates to talk about it,
but they all used to be so close.
Yeah. I've thought about it,
and in the end I reckoned you
could read too much into it.
Kids grow up,
grow apart,
Dan got scouted,
the girls got into boys,
Izzy got into onesies.
But with Dan
It bothers me
that day he didn't give his consent.
But you know he would have.
But I don't know that.
And now I'm thinking,
is this some kind of payback?
My daughter accused of murder
by unnatural means.
Right now there's no proof
magic was used at all.
You don't even have proof.
[SIGHS] The warehouse.
- What?
- There was nothing at the grave,
but if magic was used at the warehouse,
there'll be traces.
I need to go there.
Uh, okay, okay.
But not today, girl, hmm?
What you need is sleep, hmm?
- Hello?
- RYAN [ON PHONE]: So I called
the Moot and asked them
to recommend an MI.
Check your email.
Morgan Lynch, Senior
Magical Investigator,
very experienced and
an expert at identifying
the presence of magic at crime scenes.
MAGGIE: Oh, great.
I know it's been a long day, but
I need to talk.
Of course.
Come in.
So I've decided to go to the warehouse.
If I can prove that magic wasn't
used, it'll put a stop
to all the nonsense about Harper.
Shall I make some tea? Chamomile?
I didn't come for tea, Sarah,
I came for Daniel.
I want him back.
You know I don't do seances, Abbie.
I'm not asking for a seance, Sarah,
I said, I want him back.
That's not possible.
Why not? You did it before.
No, Abbie, that was different.
This time
If it was a question of calling
him back at the threshold, uh,
I don't know.
I would try for you,
I'd try anything.
But he's been dead too long,
his body's in the ground,
there's nothing I can do.
There has to be, Sarah,
because my life has
no meaning without him,
and if you don't bring him back
I'm telling you, I can't.
Well, you need to find a way
because otherwise
Harper will go on trial
and Jake will testify.
What are you saying?
Bring Dan back
and I'll get Jake
to withdraw his statement.
How would you even explain it?
A boy, raised from the dead.
I wouldn't explain it, I would
I would just go somewhere,
disappear with Dan, start a new life.
That, that's insane.
No, Sarah, insane is me
just giving up on him!
Call it something given
for something gained.
My son's life for your
daughter's innocence.
Time's up ♪
My son just died.
She wants me to use magic.
- To do what?
- Bring Daniel back.
Your time's up ♪
Whoever cast the spell
managed to obliterate
any magical fingerprint.
Murder by unnatural means
carries the death penalty.
- She killed him.
That was dark magic.
The work of a very powerful witch.
It's against every law
there's ever been.
Don't say I didn't warn you.

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