Sanctuary: A Witch's Tale (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

- She killed him.
- You're referring to?
Harper Fenn.
It's a video of Harper waving
her hands about looking angry.
- That could mean anything.
- Are you kidding me?
Is that supposed to
be me casting a spell?
Harper is not a witch.
She's been certified as
non-magical by the Moot.
The drunken stumble, breaks
neck theory looks unlikely.
The one thing we can rule out is magic
if we bring in an M.I.,
magical investigator.
My son's life for your
daughter's innocence.
WOMAN: Good morning, Mrs. Whithall.
Hi, Amy! How's it going?
Okay, so you still
won't answer my calls.
didn't want it to come to
this, but if you won't help me,
well, don't say I didn't warn you.

Sanctuary Reporter,
how can I help you?
Beryl Varley, please.
- MAGGIE: What is that?
- SARAH: A satanic pentagram.
- Has this happened before?
- SARAH: No.
But I tend to keep a low profile,
as do most witches.
So, I take it you've
no idea who did this?
While I'm here, I don't
suppose Harper's
No, um, and I don't know
when she'll be back home.
No doubt you have your
own views on parenting,
but in the witch community,
we don't keep our kids on a leash.
I see that.
PIERRE: Hello?
Have we met?
I was posted in Sanctuary a while back.
I'm DCI Knight.
Have you ever cautioned me for speeding?
- You wouldn't be the first.
Pierre Martineau.
You used to be married
to Bridget Paterson.
Before she saw the
light? Yes, that was me.
I was called to your house,
some kind of false alarm.
A kid fell?
That was you?
Like you said, false alarm.
Make sure you catch the
scumbag who did this.
PIERRE: Some pretty
sick people out there.
So, what's the plan?
If Daniel was killed by magic,
I should be able to pick up
residual traces at the warehouse.
WOMAN 1: Hey, that's her, isn't it?
WOMAN 2: She's the witch's daughter.
MAN: That's disgusting.
Thanks so much for offering us
this interview, Mrs. Whithall.
Are you sure you wouldn't
prefer to go somewhere quieter?
Quite honestly, I need
to be around people.
Well, I know our readers will
appreciate a mother's perspective.
And a best friend too, I hope.
MAN: Hey, witch, do you do threesomes?
Thought I'd give some space for Jake
to share his recollections.
And I'm hearing what an
impressive young man Daniel was.
Volunteering to coach the junior teams.
Oh, he was passionate
about supporting the kids.
They all loved him.
Everyone did.
He was gutted when his training
schedule meant he couldn't continue.
Such a tragic accident.
Are you suggesting
it wasn't an accident?
I know for a fact that it wasn't.
RYAN: I've never met an actual
magical investigator before.
Probably just as nervous
about meeting you.
Morgan Lynch, Magical Investigator.
MAGGIE: Let's head to the warehouse.
- SARAH: Won't be long.
- PIERRE: Okay. Be careful.
MAGGIE: So, what we need
is for you to ascertain
whether a crime was
committed here using magic.
Magic is energy.
I can tune in to any
emotional or energetic imprint
which might give a clue
as to intent or motive.
Are you able to tell us
what you're picking up?
So, you can't say for sure
what you were dealing with?
All I know is it was something
so powerful, it's what pulled
the witch away, thankfully,
or they'd have caught me.
Did they see you?
Sensed me.
But then some deeper magic
way more powerful kicked in,
and that's what they keyed into.
You need to take it easy.
What I need is an explanation.
Stay here.
SARAH: Pierre!
That was dark magic.
Where is everyone?
Drinks at the pub, I think.
Someone's retiring?
You might wanna be next.
Too right.
After what happened this morning.
I thought I knew what magic was,
but that thing at the warehouse
The work of a very powerful
witch, according to Morgan.
So, do they think they could
identify the witch who cast the spell?
No, they had no sense of
what its source might be.
Well, we know it's not Sarah.
She has a solid alibi for that night.
Could a spell be cast remotely?
Apparently not.
Which makes me wonder
If there's another witch in Sanctuary.
How would we find out?
Witches can detect other witches,
if they're in close proximity.
There's supposedly some
kind of shared recognition.
An exchange of energy.
That witch today.
I'm guessing they're an MI.
Can you imagine if they caught me?
The mother of the girl accused of murder
sneaking around the crime scene?
The video's online.
Let's get Morgan.
MAGGIE: That was quite the experience.
MORGAN: All in a day's work.
Drop me here.
If there is more than
one witch in Sanctuary
and I can get close enough
Could you verify a connection
to the magic we saw at the warehouse?
That would be the aim.
RYAN: Is that Jake Bolt?
MAGGIE: Wait here.
Got a minute?
This sex tape.
Do you have any idea who filmed it?
Yeah. That was Dan.
I mean, he set up the camera.
But it was Harper's idea.
- You're certain of that?
- Yeah.
'Cause Dan had dumped Harper, right?
And she wanted to get back with him,
so I guess she thought
that would do it.
Was it Dan's idea to
show it at the party?
Don't know.
Maybe, hoping she'd give up after that.
To be fair, he just
wanted shot of her by then.
Actually, my dad said not to
talk to you without an adult present.
Fair enough.
Thanks for your help.
Oh, you're kidding me.
MICHAEL: Abigail, what
the hell have you done?
This article, you need to stop
right now, this oversharing
I'm trying to protect
our son's reputation.
Do you expect me to let it get trashed?
I expect you to consider my reputation,
to which we owe everything
good in our lives.
- Are you sure about that?
- One hundred percent,
and this is how you thank me?
Maybe you should be thanking me.
For what? For sharing
our private business
with a shitty, little tabloid?
Why can't you show some dignity?
My son just died!
And none of this is
going to bring him back.
You need to find a way to let him go.
Like you have?
Maybe you're glad he's gone.
Less competition for you.
Never speak to me like that again.
"An eyewitness and close
friend of the deceased
alleges that Whithall's death
was due to an intentional act,
that the fire which broke
out was started deliberately,
and that witchcraft
was definitely used."
What the actual fuck, Ted?
Your son, the only
witness, whose testimony
we agreed not to disclose,
is now talking to the press,
presumably behind your back,
putting the whole investigation at risk.
I don't know, Mags.
Other than maybe he got tired of waiting
for there to be some actual progress.
Ted, if Jake is correct,
then we have a teenage girl,
a resident of this town,
guilty of murder by unnatural means,
which incredibly, in this day and age,
still carries the death penalty.
But that's the law, Mags.
And isn't it our job to uphold it?
Unless you don't have
the stomach for it.
What I have is the word of a
traumatized kid and a shaky video.
What I don't have is any record
held by any authority that
Harper Fenn is a witch.
And, uh, my name isn't Mags,
it's Detective Chief Inspector Knight,
and should there be any confusion,
I'm the lead investigator on this case.
Custard donut?
But yes.
If there was another witch
in Sanctuary, I'd know.
And if one came in just
to murder Dan, though,
who would and why, then
why would they hang around?
PIERRE: What the fuck?
The MI?
Let's go.
Bridget wants us.
Thank you.
Thank you. I just
really needed to see you.
What's happened?
It was Michael, he was vile.
I actually thought he
was going to choke me.
I didn't know who to turn to, I
It's so lonely at home now, I just
I just needed to see your face.
I miss you, and sometimes I wonder
if you miss me too, given how much
We agreed to walk away.
I didn't agree.
I never wanted to, and in my heart,
I don't believe you did, either.
Well, try and believe it, Abigail.
I love Julia.
But you told me you loved me, you,
you begged me to leave Michael,
and then suddenly we're done.
- What happened?
- I don't know.
It wasn't about you.
But it is about me!
You just abandoned me,
and now Dan is gone, what
do I have to live for?
I'm sorry, Abigail.
MAN [LAUGHING]: Hey, look, look, look.
BRIDGET: I took every copy I could find,
but they'll be all over town by now.
What the hell must Abi
think, reading this shit?
Surely, she can call and
set the record straight.
Have you talked to her lately?
Have you?
To be honest, yes.
She asked me and Julia to take a side.
Against me?
Why did she ask that?
Because she's not thinking straight.
The grief, it's sent her totally
off the rails, so this article,
I actually think it's down to her.
She loves you, you're
her closest friend.
And that's what I keep holding onto,
except I can't,
because I know what this is.
It's blackmail.
I know how hurt you are, but she
She asked me, the other night
to bring Daniel back to life.
"Daniel's life for Harper's innocence,"
that's what she said.
And I told her if there
was any way I could,
I'd do it, but what she's asking
It's impossible.
Yes, yes! Thank you!
Is it, though?
I mean, you did it before.
No, no, Bridge.
That time, he was barely gone.
Hmm, there was no pulse,
there was no heartbeat.
He'd only just passed.
It was minutes, and even then,
I should never have done it.
It's against every
law there's ever been.
But all of you begged me,
and I did it out of love.
Then why can't you do it again?
Because it's way too late.
Christ's sake, Bridge,
he's in the fucking ground.
Yeah, and all her begging,
pleading, threatening
Please, you have to help
me help her to let him go.
I need to go home.
Donuts always help, don't they?
REPORTER: So, just to be clear,
when you say vital
evidence was hushed up
Footage filmed the night
Daniel Whithall died
strongly suggests that
witchcraft was at play.
confirm that Sarah Fenn,
Sanctuary's witch, and
her daughter Harper,
have been named as persons of interest?
No comment.
And when can we expect
progress in this investigation?
I really wish I knew.
Sadly, and it pains me to say this,
but I have no confidence
in the way it's being run.
So, as of now, I'll be
taking a period of leave
to support my son Jacob,
and the Whithall family.
- Thank you.
- Yes. Oh, um, well
Don't take it personally.
How is it not personal?
MAGGIE: Shit, just what I need.
My boss is in town.
Interesting town.
How'd it go?
RYAN: Find anything useful?
Nothing I didn't already know.
SARAH: Harper?
HARPER: I'm here.
What is it?
More stupid accusations?
Ignore them.
You've nothing to hide.
Tell that to DCI
Knight and Beryl Varley.
It's outrageous.
Abigail could put a stop to it.
All she needs is to
go to the press and
What's Abi got to do with it?
She's lost it.
The stuff she's been saying
She wants me to use magic.
To do what?
Bring Daniel back.
Oh, my is she insane?
Doesn't she know that
you'd go to prison for life,
and that you'd be banned
from using magic ever again?
Don't ever bring him back!
He deserves to be dead.
Why does he deserve to
He raped me.
And Sanctuary's got no fucking
idea what he's really like.
They're all breaking their
hearts over this idol,
and he's actually a psycho.
He raped me, and he filmed it,
and now the video's on the Internet.
It's pretty cool entertainment
for a party, isn't it?
Up on the wall for everyone to see.
Me being a slut.
Oh, and that soundtrack
happy clappy pop so you can't
hear what I'm actually saying.
I don't understand.
How could this ?
About a month ago, I
ended things with Dan.
I did it quietly, so
he wouldn't lose face.
His mates gave him stick for
it, but he got off with Bea,
so I thought he'd moved on.
With Bea?
Turned out to be a
one-off thing, but
About a week later at this rugby party,
he asked me to go back with him.
Said he'd only got with
Bea to make me jealous.
I said, "No, we're done."
Was he mad?
No. He actually apologized.
He said, "Let's be grown up about this,"
and then he went off
to get us some drinks.
DANIEL: There you go.
Here's to being just good friends.
- All right?
- That is not good.
- Yeah?
- Okay? Yeah?
- Yeah.
thought you two broke up.
it look like we broke up?
DALE [MUFFLED]: Dan, is she okay?
DANIEL: It's all good,
mate, I've got it.
She just needs to lie down.
[WEAKLY] Dan I don't want
Afterwards, I just lay there.
I know I should have told you,
and the police, but I just
I knew what they'd
say, and what he'd say.
"She agreed to everything.
The sex, and the tape, party."
I avoided him for a week,
and then I tried to talk
to him at the warehouse.
He just walked away.
And then someone played the tape
of what he'd done to
me in front of everyone.
So, I didn't wanna pre-empt
your findings this morning,
but now you've confirmed
that magic was used,
can I get your opinion on something?
This was shot by one of
the kids at the party.
That's it?
This is the girl who's been
accused of bewitching the boy
- to fall to his death?
- Right.
In our craft, if hand
movements are used,
they're fluid, controlled, precise.
There's no way they look
wild and erratic, like this.
She just looks angry.
RYAN: So, some other interference,
magical or otherwise, if you
had to hazard any theories?
My job is solely to confirm the
presence or absence of magic.
If present, ideally to identify
the witch, but in this case,
whoever cast the spell
managed to obliterate
any magical fingerprint.
REPORTER: Miss Fenn? Sarah?
It's Anna Dao, Brit News.
Could we have a chat?
Harper, if you're in there, we'd love
to help you tell your side of the story.
We'll be right outside
if you change your mind.
I'll leave my card.
They'll soon get bored.
But for now, stay inside,
at least 'til I've talked to Abi.
So, you'll go there,
and tell her what her
perfect son's really like?
That's not a good idea.
Because we need her to cooperate,
just 'til you're in the clear.
So I'm the victim,
but I'm the one that
needs to keep quiet,
while you beg Abi to tell
everyone that I'm innocent?
That's not what I'm saying.
"Oh, thank you, Abi, for
letting me off the hook
for something I didn't do,
and in return we'll save your
precious Dan's holy name."
Well, you must see the mood she's in.
If you attack Dan, she'll
go for you even harder.
She is going for me, Mum!
And you're just letting her!
Why am I even surprised?
That's what you do, isn't it?
Don't fight back, don't get angry,
- just be a good little witch.
- No, that's
that's not what this is about.
Of course you go public,
once you're in the clear.
Though even then
Do you know why so
few women report rape,
even fewer witch women?
I'm not a witch.
People think you are.
So, the likelihood of
you being believed and
of no one assuming you're
not naturally promiscuous
No, I think you're right.
I'm a murderer and a slut,
and I should just keep my mouth
shut and not rock the boat.
No, Harper
I'm just trying to take care of you.
Well, thank you. I can
take care of myself.
So, will you be reporting
back to the Moot,
- what you saw at the warehouse?
- I left the Moot,
'cause all they want to do
is keep their heads down.
The laws of this country actively
discriminate against witches,
so I work with law enforcement
to ensure witches get a fighting
chance of being treated fairly.
Good luck.
- Bye.
- Thanks.
MAGGIE: So, now we
know it wasn't Harper.
Which tallies with what Sarah said.
But magic was definitely used,
and Sarah Fenn is the only
registered witch in Sanctuary.
But why would she wanna harm
her daughter's boyfriend,
the son of one of her closest friends?
The sex tape?
Jake said it was Dan who
wanted it shown at the party,
so if you were Sarah
You'd be raging, yes.
But how could you know it'd be shown?
And if you did, would
you really murder a kid
you've known his whole life?
Ugh, disgusting.
Who would do this?
Harper's gone out.
I take it she's seen the video
that's been posted online.
Have you caught the bastard who did it?
Not yet.
But we will.
Can you think of anyone
who might have wanted to harm
Daniel, on Harper's behalf?
No, I can't.
Though anyone with a shred
of decency would be appalled
to think that a private video
was now all over the Internet.
Why do you ask?
It's my job to investigate
all possibilities.
Well, could you please make it your job
to stop harassing a
young, innocent girl?
Thanks for coming, Abi.
- How you doing?
- I've been better.
What do you have to say?
Sorry for your loss, Abigail.
Thanks, Izzy.
I know you loved him too.
Come on.
BRIDGET: So, after our conversation,
Julia and I have been talking.
- About what you asked us.
- About being there for you.
And you understand, don't you,
that whatever I have to
do, it's only because
We know, Abi, what
you asked Sarah to do.
And we know that she refused.
So, will you help me? Will you
go and tell her she owes me this?
JULIA: Does she, though?
If anyone owes anything
Isn't it you?
Think about it, Abi.
What she did.
What she gave you.
Michael, what are you doing?
There's nothing I can do.
Sarah, please [INDISTINCT]
MICHAEL: He's breathing.
He's breathing.
Okay, we need to get
him inside, clean him up.
Dan, you probably don't
remember what happened,
but when the police come,
this is what you tell them, okay?
Six years.
Six more years of
seeing him grow up, of
of him and me together.
All that time you wouldn't have had.
That's what she gave me.
How could I forget?
I'm a monster.
No, Abi, you're a mum,
who suffered an unspeakable loss.
But I actually believed
what Jake said about Harper.
I tried to blackmail Sarah.
Oh, God, she must hate me!
She doesn't hate you.
She loves you.
And it's not too late.
There's still time to make things right.
Yes, I can do that.
I owe her.
Bridge, did you speak to Abi?
We did and I think
it's gonna be okay.
She's here and she wants to talk.
Oh, thank you.
- I'm coming over.
- Okay.
DCI Knight.
DSI Remington.
You wanted to see me?
It's been too long.
- Looking good, Maggie.
Bollocks, Remy.
This case is giving me ulcers.
Not the proverbial open and shut?
That's why you're here?
Think I can't hack it?
You have nothing to prove to me.
Bullshit. You're my boss.
Though, frankly, I
should've been your boss,
but hey, job's for the boys.
Do you see me arguing?
You could've turned it down.
Would you?
So, I've been wondering,
did I make a mistake?
Putting me on the case?
Calling time, on us.
I'm supposed to be, what, flattered?
Glad, maybe?
Knowing that I tried
to move on and couldn't.
Oh, fuck it.
SARAH: Thank you, Cheryl.
Well, look at us coven
chicks, all back together.
I I don't know what to say.
I was deranged.
The things I said were
What I asked you to do.
I never meant to hurt you or Harper.
Maybe I was in so
much pain I was just
I just wanted to hurt everyone.
I'm so sorry.
Can you ever forgive me?
Of course I forgive you.
Of course.
Harper had nothing to
do with Dan's death,
- you know that, right?
- Yeah?
- MM-hmm.
- Yeah?
I need to hear you say it.
Harper had nothing to
do with Dan's death.
And I need you to say it to the police,
and the press, and to Ted and Jake,
and all Dan's friends.
Because my office has been attacked,
we've got a news crew on our doorstop,
and Harper isn't safe until
you tell everyone you know
she didn't do this.
I'll tell them.
I promise.
Oh, please.
CHERYL: You need to come inside, now!
What ?
REPORTER [ON TV]: And this
week, in an extraordinary step,
the Sanctuary Reporter
published an article
linking a high school student
to the murder of her ex-boyfriend.
That young woman is Harper Fenn,
and she's here with me now.
Harper, thank you for
agreeing to speak with me.
How are you feeling?
What do you make of these allegations?
They're not true.
Your mother's office was defaced,
and we're hearing of other instances
of Wiccaphobia across the county.
Do you and your mother
fear for your safety?
Whoever did it probably
hoped that it would scare us,
but really, they're the
ones that should be scared.
Of witchcraft?
Of the truth.
Dan Whithall.
He was
He was a rapist.
He he drugged me and
raped me and filmed it,
and that's the truth about Dan Whithall.
Harper, I have to stop you right there.
He was a rapist and a predator and
Can I just emphasize,
no charges have been
brought against Dan Whithall,
or against Harper Fenn. There
won't be I'm innocent.
That's all we have
time for this evening.
We'll bring you more updates on
You knew about this?
And you dared to ask me to
tell everyone she's innocent?
- Abigail, I
Isn't it enough that she killed him?
Now she's trashing his name
with her disgusting lies!
Sarah, wait!
"Sarah, wait " Nice to know
who your friends really are!
Abi, please don't jump to conclusions.
That devious, evil
She nearly had me agreeing
to shut down the whole thing!
Well, guess what, witch!
It's only just begun!
[WHISPERING] It's okay, sweetheart.
We all owe Sarah something.
Not anymore.
WOMAN: The whole town's lost its mind.
MAN: Abigail is on a mission
to crucify Sarah Fenn.
You have to arrest that woman.
You have to make her pay.
Sarah Fenn is the only
witch in Sanctuary
I didn't cast any spells.
All they have to do is a bit of digging
and they'll know you lied.
They're gonna be coming for us.
WOMAN #2: I want us
to reclaim Sanctuary.
Dunk her!
Get off me!
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