Sanctuary: A Witch's Tale (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Morgan Lynch, magical investigator.
Are you able to tell us
what you're picking up?
So you can't say what
we're dealing with?
Something so powerful, it's
what pulled the witch away.
Hey, stick-hopper. Slut.
He raped me.
Harper, we'd love to help you
tell your side of the story.
I'm the victim but I'm the
one that needs to keep quiet?
I'm just trying to take care of you.
I can take care of myself.
Can you ever forgive me?
Dan Whitehall, he drugged me
and raped me and filmed it,
and that is the truth
about Dan Whitehall.


Nice evening?
Yeah, thanks, you?
- Oh, yeah.
So, you saw Harper's interview?
Bleak, yes,
and potentially a motive.
Hi, I'm just trying
to track down Harper,
wondering if you've seen her.
Fenn, it's the Moot here,
in town responding to your request.
Sorry to have missed you,
I'll try you again shortly.
They've sent someone.
Best you keep watch here, I think.
Give me 10 minutes to see
what I can find out from her.
SARAH: Harper's not here.
MAGGIE: Shame.
Miss Fenn,
where you aware Harper
was talking to the press?
Mother of the year, right?
Stop beating yourself up.
I need you to come
with me to the station.
Harper's accusation has
given both of you motive.
All right, hang on,
are you arresting her?
Not at this time.
We'd like to conduct a formal
interview with the both of you.
But you know you don't need to
go if they're not arresting you.
SARAH: It's okay, I'm prepared.
I knew you'd be coming for me,
as soon as I saw it.
I'm just doing my job.
Detective Chief Inspector Maggie Knight
interviewing Sarah Fenn
on the 20th of September,
Ms. Fenn, where were you
on the night Daniel died?
I was at my friend,
Bridget Patterson's house.
And are you able to
perform magic remotely?
In certain circumstances.
And did you do so on
the night Daniel died?
I met with my coven to
draw on their energy,
but I didn't cast any spells.
Harper said Daniel raped her,
so she told you about that,
I can only imagine how
knowing that might
Killing in revenge would go
against everything I believe.
But he is dead,
and we need to consider the possibility
that someone killed him.
You you don't know
that's what happened.
But you're questioning me.
But we know magic was
involved in his death,
and now we know Daniel
raped the daughter
of the only witch in Sanctuary.
You can surely see
how I'm struggling to
view that as a coincidence.
When is this going to end?
When we establish what and
who caused Daniel's death.
I'm not talking about the investigation.
I'm talking about persecution.
After all these years,
suspicions still falls on us first.
You're afraid of us.
But really,
we're the ones who live in fear,
that the world will
turn against us again,
and we live with that
fear every single day.
Now, I'm not saying more until
I speak to my legal counsel.
Making an effort might
make you feel better.
Put some lipstick on,
pretend your dead son hasn't
been called a rapist on TV?
That's not what I said.
MICHAEL: the police?
Come into the kitchen.
Abigail! Come down!
Oh! Harper!
Oh, I could hug you and kill
you all at the same time.
Here we go.
"Here we go"?
You played straight into their hands.
I told the truth, mum,
and I'm sorry if that triggers you.
Come on, Harper.
It doesn't trigger me.
It breaks my fucking heart.
But it also makes us suspects.
We already were suspects.
Maybe, but you've told the world
we have a motive,
a reason why either of us
might have wanted Daniel dead,
and they're gonna be coming for us.
What happened to me was a crime, too.
[SOFTLY] I know I know.
I wish
I could change what happened to you,
wish my powers went that far,
but at least I can try
and keep you safe now.
With some witchy bubble wrap?
No, I've called in some help,
but right now, you're grounded.
I need to go to work
at some point today,
and I can't trust you to stay put.
[WHISPERING] Post fores clausas
[SIGHING] Oh, my God.
Well, I won't be going
to school, then, either.
celebrations [INDISTINCT]
TEEN BOY 2: You, vomiting
all over our couch.
All of a sudden, a huddle,
and then their captain's
leg magically gets broken.
TEEN BOY: That was something you
Hello, Mrs. Whithall.
How are you doing?
Not the best, Ollie, but
It means a lot to me that
you're checking in on us.
The boys are here for a reason.
Daniel's memory has been tarnished.
It's been completely destroyed.
What they're saying
about Dan is messed up
and we wanna show them
all that he was our mate.
So Mr. Whithall thought
maybe, uh, a vigil.
A vigil?
Our Daniel.
Honor him.
Remind everyone
who he really was.
A Sancturian, for life.
Oh, you wonderful boys.
This is perfect.
Robert Alton.
The Moot Legal Counsel.
Oh, thank goodness, uh, come in, please.
I'm so relieved you're here.
I can give you the full
story, all the details.
No need Miss Fenn, no need.
The department has given
me all the background.
We're innocent of
Daniel Whithall's murder.
Neither my daughter or I
had anything to do with it.
But false accusations have put us here.
It's like the whole town's
lost its collective mind.
There's no need to panic,
the Moot is behind you,
we should be able to
put an end to all that.
That's wonderful, thank you.
As long as I find no
evidence of dishonesty
or any transgressions attributed to you,
then you'll have our full support,
and we'll ensure no harm
comes to you or your family.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I'll continue with
my, uh, investigation.
drugged me and raped me,
he filmed it, and that's
the truth about Dan Whithall.
REPORTER: Harper, I am
gonna stop you right there.
Um, can I just emphasize
stop you right there.
Um, can I just emphasize
no charges have been brought
against Dan Whithall
I'm trying to work out what
she's saying before "just me."
Can you have a listen?
He drugged me and
raped me and filmed it,
and that's the truth
about Dan Whithall
- HARPER: it wasn't just me
- REPORTER: Can I just
MAGGIE: "It wasn't just me."
Definitely could be,
meaning he's done this before?
Thank you.
It came to me while I was in the gym,
thinking about how
Daniel deserves better,
and I thought, we need to take the lead,
and show everyone how
proud we are of him.
We'll hold it at the warehouse,
honor him in the place where he died.
You're brilliant.
You always know the right thing to do.
Thanks for agreeing to
talk to us, Mrs. Garston.
I need to ask you more about
the night Daniel Whithall died.
Your coven met earlier
that evening, right?
That's right.
And what did you talk about?
God, I don't know.
The usual mum chat, I expect.
And what does your mum chat cover?
Kids, family, work.
Just stuff.
And you've been a member of
the coven for how long?
About six years.
I need to understand exactly
what happened that night.
Sarah didn't kill Daniel.
I'd know.
We're close.
I'd know if she was
hiding something that huge.
How would you know?
I just would.
The coven isn't
it's about energy, that's all,
it's a positive thing,
Sarah would never
Yeah, but you wouldn't
know that, though.
You'd just go along with it.
Sarah could be doing anything
with this "energy"
she's getting from you.
Uh, Mr. and Mrs. Garston.
obviously you know about
the allegation of rape
against Daniel Whithall,
but we have a new allegation,
which leads us to think
there's a chance Daniel
might have also assaulted
at least one other girl.
Do you know anything
about that, Beatrice?
What? Who?
That is such shit.
Why'd you say that, Bea?
Bea, nothing happened to you, did it?
No, Daniel didn't rape me.
None of you get it.
He was a nice guy.
He was kind.
So we can stop
panicking, thank goodness.
BEATRICE: You can't take
what Harper says seriously.
MAGGIE: Meaning?
Dan was into her.
She ghosted him,
tried to win him back with the sex
tape by letting him film them shagging.
Like, make up your mind, slut.
When did teens get so judgy? Hmm.
Aren't they meant to rebel?
I never did. Huh, I can imagine.
Homework handed in on
time, room all tidy.
What, and you were
some kind of wild child?
Bea called Harper a slut.
- Harsh.
- Hmm.
Interesting choice of word.
He drugged me and
raped me and filmed it,
and that was the truth
about Dan Whithall.
- He was a rapist
- REPORTER: Harper
Truth or lies?
Big bullshit.
Nothing in it?
Of course not, fuck's sake, dad.
Hey, you know I have to ask.
Always the copper.
But you know, you can
always talk to me, son.
- Sure.
- About
how you feel.
I feel like shit.
I mean, your emotions.
My best mate is dead.
Look, Jake,
I'm not I'm not
a total dinosaur.
I know not everyone
thinks like I do, but
if Daniel raped her,
if you knew anything
I didn't know anything.
Are you sure?
Because this is serious.
He's not well, Ted, leave him to rest.
Thank you for coming to update me.
Of course.
I'm just sorry I didn't have anything
more concrete to come with.
We're working on it, though.
I know you are, we both
appreciate it so much.
Before I go,
The night Daniel died,
you were part of Sarah's coven.
I was.
Do you know what she
was gathering energy for?
No, she never said, it was a regular
Do you think she used our energies?
My energy to kill Daniel?
MAGGIE: No, no, at the moment
I'm just looking at
all the possibilities.
I don't want you to
jump to any conclusions.
No, you're right, it
it makes total sense.
You have to arrest that woman,
you, you have to make her pay.
Mr. Whithall, we're just leaving.
I'll be in touch with
any news, I promise.
Thank you for your time.
What did they want?
She thinks my energy
might've helped kill Daniel,
that Sarah might've used it.
Oh, I can't bear the thought of it.
WOMAN: That's her.
DCI Knight?
- Yes?
- Robert Alton, the Moot Legal Counsel.
I've been asked to investigate
claims of discrimination
and the, uh, prejudicial treatment
of witchcraft in Sanctuary.
You're representing Sarah Fenn?
You know she hasn't been charged.
Ms. Fenn is feeling persecuted.
She phoned and requested our help.
You know, we've already called
in a magical investigator,
They've confirmed the
presence of magic at the scene.
We have good reason to be
looking at Sarah Fenn for this.
Who was that?
It's not in my records.
Morgan Lynch. Ah, yes.
Yes, they're very
competent, for a freelancer.
But our remits are entirely different.
Lynch can only tell you whether
or not magic was used in a crime,
whereas I am here to ensure
that witches are not used
as scapegoats when police officers
fail to prove their cases.
That's not what's happening
here, thanks very much.
I'm glad to hear it,
but my due diligence
will determine if that's the case.
Talk again soon, detective.
ABIGAIL: Hello, is that Brit News?
Abigail Whithall here.
I'm just calling to say
we're holding a vigil in the
warehouse for Daniel later.
I think you're going to want to attend.
- She's all
This is nice.
Oh, hi, Abbie.
Last, last minute plan.
Do you just come and sit.
Oh, thanks.
- Wine. Would you like some wine?
- No.
How are you?
Much better, actually.
Michael had the most wonderful idea.
We're going to hold a vigil for Daniel
in the warehouse later today.
I know you'll both want to be there.
So lovely, to remember Daniel.
I need to know I have your support.
Of course you do.
Great, because Sarah
needs to see we're united,
that she and Harper aren't
gonna get away with it
No, no.
No, Abbie, no.
No, Abbie, what?
Sarah didn't kill Daniel,
and neither did Harper.
I should've known you'd
stick to that story,
God forbid you'd admit to
being wrong about your BFF
and her lying daughter.
Oh, well
Well, I can't see Harper making it up.
Fucking hell.
And, uh, well, I mean people do
all sorts of things under pressure,
but I don't think Daniel was like that.
I I don't know.
Oh, stop being so wet and
pick a fucking side, Julia.
It's like she's got some
weird hold over everyone.
Maybe she's put a spell on you both.
We all owe Sarah something.
No, not anymore.
I expect to see you both there.
Good afternoon.
Are you here to help?
Um, yes.
Wonderful. If you could take these,
and put them up over there?
Then we can get them all
set up in time for the vigil.
- Vigil?
- For Dan.
Ah, of course.
So terrible, that poor boy.
Indeed, tragedy.
An absolute waste.
And the worst of it is that
it could've been avoided
if we hadn't all been
taken in by that witch.
They slashed all of them?
I can't bear it.
We grew up here.
I was raised here.
But now,
I don't even feel safe
walking down the street.
It'll settle.
The detective has to move on,
especially now that she knows
you only knew about the rape
after Dan died, she has to.
Sarah, please tell me you told her.
How could I?
She'd go for Harper, I'd
rather she suspected me.
All they have to do is a bit of digging
and then they'll know you lied.
Harper's been through so much.
I'm doing everything
I can to protect her
and buy us some time.
We just need Jake to drop his statement.
I I called the Moot
and they've sent someone
from their legal counsel.
That's great news.
Then hopefully you should be able
to put all of this behind you soon.
Thank you.
Anytime, you know that.No.
For everything.
A what?
Right. No, no comment.
That was Brit News.
Did you know about this "justice
for Daniel" big event later?
I heard there was gonna
be some kind of a vigil.
For God's sake, the last thing we need
is the whole town in a frenzy,
asking why we haven't arrested
anyone for his murder yet.
[SIGHS] Shit.
You need to get down there.
Yes, ma'am.
I need to talk to Jake.
Mary Ann, please,
we're being targeted now.
I don't want him upset any more.
- Jake, you need to tell the truth.
- MARY ANN: Ted!
Jake, no, look, just
let me talk to him, please.
Over my dead body,
you're going nowhere near my son.
Bad things happen around you.
No, no, no, no, bad things
happen tome, to us
people lied your, your son
Your son lied.
Get out.
I need him to take it back, Ted, please.
I said get out.
You don't get to come here
and call my son a liar.
No, I, I'm sorry,
but everyone's turning against us and I,
I have to protect my daughter.
You'd do the same.
Wouldn't you? Wouldn't you?
Mary Ann, please.
Go check on Jake.
You needed help from
me and I gave it to you.
Now it's me asking you for help.
Are you blackmailing me?
No, no, that's no,
that's not what I'm saying.
Nice try, witch,
but I don't think so.
Maybe I can be of assistance.
What did you want?
What's the attitude of the
townspeople towards witchcraft?
Many complaints?
Nothing unusual, the attitude
is less positive than it was
before Daniel Whithall's
death, as you might imagine,
but there's plenty who are
loyal to Sarah Fenn,
she's helped a lot of people.
I'm sorry, but I'm really busy.
I can see.
DCI Knight, you'll never guess what.
Sarah Fenn just threatened me,
tried to get our Jake
to retract his statement.
Threatened you? With what?
Lies, wild accusations,
she's totally lost the plot.
Well, surely you can
handle this without me.
Just don't make me go
over your head, Mags.
Do your job, it's time to bring her in.
REPORTER: As we can see, a
small crowd has gathered here
at the warehouse to remember Dan,
Sanctuary's star rugby
player and beloved son
of Professor and Mrs. Whithall
They're all here for our boy.
Yeah. How you feeling, Jake?
JAKE: Yeah, I've been
crap, to be honest.
MAN: Oh, they're here, come on.
WOMAN: I'm so sorry, Abigail.
Thank you so much for coming.
MAN: A wonderful idea,
we're all behind you.
I so appreciate it.
Hi, boys.
Hi, Mrs. Whithall.
Hello, Ollie.
Thank you all so very much for coming.
We're here, of course,
to, to honor Daniel
and to strive for what he deserves
Look who's shown up.
Is your mother in?
She's just back.
Sanctuary, a place of safety.
But my boy wasn't safe here,
witchcraft made sure of that.
ABIGAIL: I want us to reclaim Sanctuary
- as a place of safety.
- CROWD: Yes! Yes!
MAGGIE: Sarah Fenn, I'm arresting you
for the murder of Daniel Whithall.
- No, don't do this.
- But you can't arrest her
You've got no proof, no evidence.
MAGGIE: Because of your accusation
your mother has clear
motive and also the means.
You do not have to say
anything [OVERLAPPING]
What are you talking
about? She didn't know.
What do you mean she didn't know?
She didn't have a motive.
When Daniel died, I hadn't told her yet,
about the rape.
Is this true?
MAGGIE: You lied.
You didn't ask me if
I knew, I didn't lie.
I just let you think that.
When your life is at stake, why?
To protect me.
So you can't arrest her, or me
because I have no magic,
and she has no motive.
No, I can't.
We're not the only family
impacted by magical manipulation
and exploitation.
We all like to think we're
in control of our own lives,
our, our relationships,
our families,
but witchcraft makes a joke of that.
Abigail, stop, please.
Sarah has done nothing but help us.
JULIA: I don't know about anyone else,
but I, for one, admit I owe Sarah,
I think we all do.
I just woke up one day and felt
I can't believe I didn't see it before.
For example, I know of one woman
who sought Sarah's help to
bring her husband to heel,
disregarding his own feelings,
his own free will.
Albie Garston didn't love Julia anymore.
Julia got Sarah's help to change that.
And it worked.
JULIA: Albie.
[GRUNTING] I'm not doing this.
ABIGAIL: Because witchcraft means
you're not in control anymore,
someone else is
someone like Sarah Fenn.
JULIA: Albie!
ABIGAIL: Do you see the damage
magic can do to a family?
MAN: You all right?
Help! Ted!
- MAN 1: He's collapsed.
- MAN 2: It's okay, Jake,
your dad's here.
All right, son? I
suddenly felt light-headed.
MAN: We'll just check
him over, he's fainted.
MAGGIE: What's up?
[SIGHS] This town's going mad.
How was the vigil?
Ted's son collapsed with fever,
and Abigail was on a mission
to crucify Sarah Fenn.
[SIGHS] Doesn't feel
like she's far off her wish.
But that doesn't mean she's right.
We're nowhere with the Fenns.
Zero evidence against Harper,
or motive for Sarah.
So where next?
I've had some thoughts.
please, we have to talk.
I don't think I can
trust you ever again.
Bea, please let me explain.
MAGGIE: I need to speak to Beatrice.
Can we go inside?
Of course, come in.
I need to see Beatrice's phone.
Bea has nothing to hide, I'm sure.
I don't know where it is.
Now, please.
You'd better do as she asks.
What are you looking for?
As part of the investigation
into Daniel's death,
we're also trying to ascertain
who shared the tape that
was shared at the warehouse.
Section 33 of the Criminal
Justice and Courts act 2015
makes an offense of disclosing
private sexual photos or films
without the consent of an
individual who appears in them
and with intent to cause
that individual distress.
Oh, no, Bea.
I'll call my lawyer.
Of course.
I don't need a lawyer.
MAGGIE: Are you sure?
Disclosing private sexual
photographs is an offense,
punishable with up to
two years imprisonment.
Let's just get this over with.
Could you give us a minute?
Of course.
Why did you do it?
You're all acting like
Harper's this innocent victim.
Why are you so angry with Harper?
You used to be friends.
Used to.
That doesn't make sense, Bea.
I'll tell you what,
you tell me why you don't
believe Daniel raped Harper,
and I'll do what I can to help you.
Meaning that when we find the
video of them on your phone,
I'll try and argue for the
least punitive charges possible.
Harper always gets what she wants.
She wanted Daniel,
and she got him.
She didn't want him anymore,
so she just dumped him,
and now she wants everyone
to think he was a rapist,
and she's gonna get that, too, it's
It's not
Did you like Dan, Bea?
Everyone did.
More than everyone, I mean.
I did.
- But
- But he was only interested in her.
So you're jealous,
that's what sharing the video was about.
Make me understand.
I thought he was into me.
But as we were fucking,
it was obvious he wasn't,
it was all about Harper.
He was using me, to get to her.
That's why I don't believe he raped her.
He wanted to get back with her.
He didn't want to hurt her, he
he wanted her to love him.
I can brush my own hair, mum.
Humor me.
Let me feel useful.
You need to go to school tomorrow.
You heard her.
We're not suspects
anymore, so we move on.
You know you've always said
I was too much of a people pleaser.
I was just mean.
You were right.
Enough hiding and
keeping our heads down.
You go into school, I go to work.
We show everyone
we have nothing to be ashamed of.
Mr. Alton, come in.
I'll, um, make you a coffee.
No need, I won't be long, Ms. Fenn.
I know you appreciate that
the Moot has a responsibility
to uphold the reputation of witchcraft.
Of course.
Did you really think that I wouldn't
undercover your transgressions?
All I've ever doneis help.
That's not the conclusion
that I have reached
quite the opposite, in fact
your actions run contrary to
the very heart of our beliefs
not working against nature,
working only with consent.
We are under scrutiny, Ms. Fenn.
We cannot allow them to believe
that we are anything less
than entirely rigorous
when it comes to enforcing the law.
As such No, but I
As such,
the Moot will not be able
to offer you their support.
BEATRICE: Look who it is.
Why are you even here?
I thought you'd be too traumatized.
Fuck off, Bea.
At least I don't need
to put a spell on boys
to make them like me.
- They don't like you
- IZZY: What's going on?
HARPER: No one does.Move.
GIRL: Look what she did!
- I can't breathe!
- OLLIE: Woah.
- You'll stay here.
- IZZY: Bea, stop it!
BEATRICE: She's put a spell on me.
Oh, you fucking liar![BEATRICE CHOKING]
OLLIE: She's used magic on her!
BEATRICE: Because she wants me dead too!
I'm not doing anything.
- Prove it!
- IZZY: Harper!
Dunk her!
BOY: Throw her in the pool, lads!
GIRL: Yeah, dunk her!
Witch or no witch!
ALL: Witch or no witch!
- Witch or no witch!
- BOY: Get her!
CROWD [CHANTING]: Witch or no witch!
HARPER: Put me down! Stop!
Get off me!
Get off!
- Fuck you!
- IZZY: Let her go!
- HARPER: Stop it!
- CROWD: Witch or no witch!
- CROWD: With or no witch!
- IZZY: Harper!
GIRL: Drown that witch!
CROWD: Witch! Witch! Witch!
- Witch! Witch! Witch!
- BEATRICE: Keep her under.
IZZY: Harper!
Witch! Witch! Witch!
I know you killed him.
CHERYL: We need to treat
the cause, not the symptom.
- Of witch phobia.
- Of this conflict.
It''s the curse.
MAN: This is already
going to be dangerous
without you amplifying anything.
SARAH: It''s our only
chance to stop all this.

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