Sanctuary: A Witch's Tale (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Jake, you need to tell the truth.
Ted? You needed help from
me, and I gave it to you.
You blackmailing me?
I know of one woman
who sought Sara's help to
bring her husband to heal.
Mr. Alton.
The Moot will not be able
to offer you their support.
- Fuck off, Bea.
- Liar!
[GASPS] She's put a spell on me.
Dunk her! Get off me!
ALBIE [VIDEO]: Oh! Bouncing on the ball!
Harper, Harper, Harper, come on.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, come
on you can go, you go.
Go, go, go, go, come on.
CHERYL: Harper's been given the
all-clear by the school nurse.
SARAH: You alright?
CHERYL: Please have a seat.
SARAH: Ah, spare me the niceties.
- Have you called the police?
- CHERYL: I don't need to tell you
how high emotions have been running
since Daniel passed away.
No-one's been at their best.
Today the volcano erupted,
things got out of hand
SARAH: Your students
tried to drown my daughter.
CHERYL: What happened to
you, Harper, was horrific.
I apologise. But it's
unhelpful for us to frame this
as a "witch-phobic hate crime"
when it's really about collective grief.
SARAH: So if this
wasn't witch-phobia well
[LAUGHING] what the hell is.
CHERYL: We need to treat
the cause, not the symptom.
- SARAH: Of witch-phobia.
- CHERYL: Of this conflict.
SARAH: So you're not gonna
punish the kids who did this?
CHERYL: I've already
spoken with Beatrice
and she's agreed she needs to do better.
SARAH: As long as you are
principal at Sanctuary Senior,
Harper will not be returning.
This school isn't safe for us.
CHERYL: Oh come on Sarah,
that's not fair.
We pride ourselves on our inclusivity.
SARAH: It's you that
needs to 'do better'.
SARAH: I should never, ever,
have sent you to school.
We must get you checked
over by a doctor.
HARPER: I want to go home.
IZZY: Harper, I'm so sorry.
HARPER: That's okay.
There's nothing you
coulda done to stop them.
It's okay.
IZZY: Maybe I can come by later.
Why is she still here?
I know you killed him.
SARAH: I think the word
you're looking for is 'sorry'.
It doesn't begin to cover
what you did but it's a start.
BEATRICE: You want me to apologise
to her. Are you hearing this?
JULIA: It's okay Sarah.
I'll deal with Bea.
BEATRICE: Oh I'm fucking terrified.
JULIA: Stop swearing!
I'm mortified. I'm not
excusing what Bea did
but since Abigail told the
world about my marriage,
well, we've all been a bit, erm
please, don't press charges.
I know she deserves it
but I'm begging you I don't
think I can take anymore.
SARAH: I'll talk to Harper.
JULIA: What you did was awful.
What were you thinking?
BEATRICE: Why don't you
believe Harper killed Dan
with witchcraft when
there's actual evidence.
And why are you even talking to Sarah
when she broke our family.
Your father broke our
family when he decided to
BEATRICE: No wonder
he fucked other women.
You're nothing.
MICHAEL: My love, it's time to rise.
ABIGAIL: Last time you brought
me coffee in bed was our honeymoon.
MICHAEL: [LAUGHING] That's not true.
ABIGAIL: Messages of support
after the vigil, and for Jake.
MICHAEL: It was a roaring success.
ABIGAIL: We do seem to have got
the message across loud and clear.
were perfect.
Although I'm not sure
Albie and Julia would agree.
Sharing their story
was inspired by the way.
ABIGAIL: Thank you.
MICHAEL: Never made
sense how he went from
Don Juan to devoted husband overnight.
So tell me, which one of
his girlfriends drove Julia
to magic the hell out of him?
ABIGAIL: She didn't know
who he was sleeping with.
So, what's next? Must
keep building momentum.
I should pay Jake a visit.
MAGGIE: That bit of Harper's
interview is still haunting me.
If Daniel Whithall
abused other girls, who?
No one's come forward yet.
ALBIE: Get your hands off me!
Don't touch me!
You, arrest Sarah Fenn!
- MAGGIE: Why?
- POLICE OFFICER: Sorry Ma'am.
ALBIE: She put a spell on me.
MAGGIE: Mr Garston?
Why didn't you mention it before?
ALBIE: I didn't know.
MAGGIE: You mean you didn't consent?
I never gave my consent, I just can't
RYAN: It's alright,
Albie, take your time.
ALBIE: There was this one night,
we went over to Sarah's
and we never go to Sarah's.
But Julia insisted.
I remember the wine
going straight to my head,
but I never signed anything.
I swear. I'd swear
on my daughter's life.
MARY ANN: I swear by
the Virgin Mary it's the truth.
Both Sarah and Harper are off the hook.
The lads at the station
keep Ted up to date.
ABIGAIL: This is outrageous.
What did the doctor say?
MARY ANN: They're not sure.
A virus, even stress.
The poor lamb had so much
blood taken this morning
I'm surprised he's any
left. Come and say hello.
ABIGAIL: Hello Jake.
Sorry you're still feeling so rotten.
JAKE: Did you hear about the ducking?
TED: Some kids at school
were trying to get Harper
to admit she's a witch.
It all got a bit unruly.
MARY ANN [OOV]: I blame
that detective woman.
TED: And the Fenns.
ABIGAIL: I'm just ashamed I
was taken in for so long by Sarah.
MARY ANN: You mustn't blame yourself.
I'm lucky, I have my faith.
Never doubted that witchcraft is evil.
ABIGAIL: Good will
triumph, I promise you.
MARY ANN: I'm doing you a sandwich,
and this one you'll eat.
ABIGAIL: If Michael and I can,
can help you
his clothes are still
in the laundry basket.
Socks and pants and
and that t-shirt the, the
blue one with the silly emoji.
Only I can't bring myself to wash them.
JAKE: He never knew
I hated rock climbing.
I said I'd go with him rock
climbing in Turkey, after exams.
ABIGAIL: I know he was special to you.
JAKE: I was gonna come
clean at some point but
ABIGAIL: I'm sorry.
JAKE: What if this isn't just a virus,
or if
what if this is Sarah cursing me?
SARAH [OOV]: Not a murder
suspect again, am I?
MAGGIE: Albie Garston claims
you cast a spell on him
without his consent.
SARAH: Err, well Julia did bring Albie
here once to see if I could help him.
His cheating was getting out
of hand but he wanted to stop.
MAGGIE: I need to see
the signed consent form.
SARAH: It's in my consulting room,
I can drop it off tomorrow?
MAGGIE: Today would be better.
SARAH: I've, erm, I have
a digital scan of it.
HARPER [OS]: Mum! Where's my jacket?
Mum can you please stop moving my stuff.
SARAH: Should be with you
HARPER [OS]: Found it!
MAGGIE: This looks fine.
SARAH: Hey, I made mac
and cheese and hotdogs.
HARPER: Don't even
think about grounding me.
I'd like to press charges against Bea.
SARAH: Okay Harper, wait.
Let's discuss.
HARPER: Can I do that?
ALBIE [OS]: Why?
JULIA: I was trying
to save our marriage.
ALBIE: If it was that bad,
why did you want to be
married to me at all?
JULIA: Because I love you.
ALBIE: I love you too. I love you too.
JULIA: What's happening to us Albie.
If Abi hadn't said anything
we were happy. You were happy, admit it.
ALBIE: I don't know anymore.
If I'd have known she was such
a vengeful cow I'd never
JULIA: But we've been nothing
but friendly since we got here.
Oh my god!
Oh, not Abi.
ALBIE: No. You don't get to judge me.
You violated me!
Oh fuck off!
Ah, DCI Knight, you took your time.
MAGGIE: Is Beatrice here?
Beatrice Garston.
You're under arrest for
a revenge porn offence
and attempted murder.
JULIA [OOV]: What? No.
MAGGIE: You do not have to say anything
but it may harm your defence
if you do not mention,
when questioned, something
you later rely on in court.
- ALBIE: This is a joke, right.
- MAGGIE: Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.
ALBIE: Cos you're off by a mile.
A thousand miles.
It's that Fenn girl
making up lies again.
- MAGGIE: Come with us please.
- ALBIE: She would never.
She's innocent. It's
that witch that's guilty.
PIERRE: Sarah, are you in?
I'm sorry it's so late.
Izzy only just told me about Harper.
SARAH: Oh. Yeah, it's been
the shittiest day from hell.
PIERRE: I thought you'd
be a bit more stressed.
SARAH: Yeah, I was.
PIERRE: What are those?
SARAH: Sunstones.
I'm gonna cast a spell to bring
everyone back to their senses.
PIERRE [OOV]: Are you sure?
SARAH: We use sunstones to bring clarity
in times of confusion.
To settle arguments,
err, resolve disputes.
PIERRE: A truth spell?
SARAH: Yeah, in a way.
A sunstone rite helps
people see the truth
amid the cloud of ignorance,
prejudice and lies.
PIERRE: That looks nasty.
SARAH: Blood amplifies magic
and this spell must
cast its net across miles,
must knock some sense into this town.
And the rite requires the
creation of a perimeter.
Combine the two, the boundary
and the sunstone rite,
and I think hope pray
that I can bring this
place to its senses.
PIERRE: Sounds too good to be true.
SARAH: It'll be tricky,
and dangerous,
even with Bridge and Julia's help.
PIERRE: Sounds really risky.
SARAH: Ah, yeah,
I've never cast a spell
of this magnitude before.
It would be madness to try on my own.
It could threaten my magic.
SARAH [OOV]: I need some
herbs for the spell tomorrow.
MAGGIE: Was it your idea to
play the tape at the party?
Did you act alone?
Do you understand how serious this is?
Bea, once you answer our questions,
we can let you go home.
Remember, Dan used you and
you need to tell the truth.
We need to know who cast
the spell at the warehouse.
RYAN: Those are all the
witches within 50 miles.
I've spoken with Harvard and Reith.
They both have solid alibis.
MAGGIE: Oh! That leaves
Professor Shula Maloney.
RYAN: Won't answer my calls or my texts.
Powerful witch by all accounts.
MAGGIE: Let's not jump to conclusions.
Why don't you give
Digital Forensics a nudge.
See if they've recovered
any more party footage
from the kids' phones?
I'll go see this
Professor in the morning.
ABIGAIL: I was the woman
Albie had the affair with.
But you already know that don't you?
And I know about your PhD student.
And the nurse.
My point is
we both need to work together
to save our son's reputation
so there can be no
more secrets between us.
And no more bloody silences.
Jake is still sick.
Grief is causing or
exacerbating his symptoms.
The poor kid's stricken.
And he thinks Sarah
might have cursed him.
So I was thinking,
what if we use that
notion to our advantage.
What do you think?
- MARY ANN [OOV]: He's hardly slept.
SARAH [VO]: We have to
set up the three sites,
then the magic will be activated
tonight with Bridge and Julia.
And the connected energy from the spell
will restore sanity to the town.
ABIGAIL: Michael and I were going
through Dan's things,
we thought you might
JAKE: It's very kind.
ABIGAIL: We couldn't peel
it off him last winter but
well you know that.
I'm sure he would have
wanted you to have it.
ABIGAIL: Mary Ann! Mary Ann!
MARY ANN: Oh! What's wrong with you?
ABIGAIL: The curse. Sarah Fenn's curse.
SARAH: Onus hoc mihi fiet.
Now it's time to gather the others.
MAGGIE: Hello?
Professor Maloney?
Is anyone here?
Excuse me.
Professor Maloney?
I'm DCI Knight.
Sorry to startle you.
Would it be okay to ask a few questions?
SHULA: Not right now I'm afraid.
I'm preparing Friday night dinner.
Another time?
MAGGIE: You don't wanna
know what it's about?
SHULA: It's against my faith to speak
to an officer of the law on the Sabbath.
Unless it's a
Let me make it clear,
in no uncertain terms,
that I, nor any member of my family,
had anything to do with the
death of Daniel Whithall.
Now, unless you've reasonable
grounds to arrest me,
leave my house.
CHERYL: The problem is I'm
questioning every good thing
that has ever happened to us,
wondering if it was all
brought about by witchcraft.
SARAH: Still at it?
Is that what you really think?
That I spend my life randomly
hexing your every move?
CHERYL: I honestly don't know any more.
SARAH: How about good things
happen to you and Bridge
because you're good people?
BRIDGET: Sarah does the odd
magical favour for a friend.
That's all.
CHERYL: I know your spells
are well-intentioned,
but how many horrific repercussions
must it take for you to
admit that magic is unnatural?
SARAH: Unnatural?
You can't help yourself, can you?
CHERYL: Well maybe you're right.
Maybe I am prejudiced.
But it's a logical response,
witches have power and power corrupts.
- BRIDGET: Okay, stop.
- SARAH: I'm the one being persecuted.
BRIDGET: Both of you.
We're all friends here
or had you forgotten?
SARAH: Can I speak to you alone?
I've a favour to ask.
CHERYL: Is it a spell?
I can no longer support
you being part of a coven.
So if she stays, I go.
BRIDGET: You'd leave me over this?
But that's ridiculous.
SARAH: Bridge, you have to
help me do a sunstone rite.
It's our only chance to
stop all this madness.
I can't do it without you.
BRIDGET: First off, you
know that I love you.
Second, maybe it's not
such a terrible idea for me
to take a break from the coven,
just for a few weeks,
let things simmer down.
SARAH: Simmer down?
They tried to kill Harper.
BRIDGET: It's not fair of you
to put me in a position like this.
It's just not.
SARAH: Bridge!
- RYAN [OVER PHONE] [OS]: Forensics have unearthed
some footage
you'll be interested in.
WOMAN: Girls come on. Inside girls.
In! Come on, quickly, in you come.
Now girls, come on.
SARAH: Is Julia in? She's
not answering her phone.
ALBIE: She knows it's your
fault they've taken Bea away.
SARAH: Who has?
JULIA: They arrested Bea last night.
SARAH: Oh Julia.
- JULIA: You promised.
- SARAH: Harper said, err
I didn't think DCI
Knight would do anything.
I can fix this. Julia!
You have to believe me, I need your
MAGGIE: Maloney?
PIERRE: Sarah?
There you are!
Have you heard? Bea's been arrested.
SARAH: I know.
I haven't heard this since
SARAH: The Sixth Form Talent Show.
PIERRE: Bridge was
singing so out of tune,
Miss Jones had to unplug her mike.
SARAH: Julia hates me.
And Bridge.
The way she looked at me.
Something was gone.
PIERRE: Come on, back to yours.
Where we're gonna eat so much pizza
they're gonna need a crane
to hoik us off the sofa.
MARY ANN [OS]: O Divine Eternal Father,
with your Divine Son
and the Holy Spirit,
and through the
Immaculate Heart of Mary,
I beg You to use your
power to destroy the power
of your greatest
enemy the evil spirit.
PIERRE [OOV]: What the fuck!
MARY ANN: Purge this curse
and cast the evil spirit
into the deepest
recesses of hell forever!
Take possession of your Kingdom
which You yourself have created.
You did it!
You did it to punish him!
SARAH: What are you talking about?
MARY ANN: Jake, you cursed him!
- WOMAN [OOV]: It's true.
- SARAH: No. No.
MAN [OOV]: Yes, you did.
MARY ANN: Heavenly
Father, purge this curse
and give us the reign of
the Sacred Heart of Jesus
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
SARAH: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
MAN: Get your hands off her, witch!
CHILD: The witch cursed her.
MAN: Witchcraft!
SARAH: It was just a pacification spell.
- PIERRE: What the fuck
- TED: Hey!
TED: Go on! Clear off.
She cursed Mary Ann.
your hands off her, witch!
The witch cursed her.
ON PHONE]: Witchcraft!
was just a pacification spell.
ABIGAIL: This is incredible.
Sarah just cursed Mary Ann in
the middle of the High Street.
Critical Care Unit please.
Elizabeth? Professor Whithall here.
Yeah. Are there any
beds free at the moment,
I urgently need one for
a young patient of mine.
Jake Bolt.
I'd appreciate that very much.
Hello, Abigail speaking.
MICHAEL [OVER PHONE]: I'll discuss
with his parents and let you know.
We can come in now.
monitoring the case personally.
ABIGAIL: They want us to go into school.
MICHAEL: Err, who?
ABIGAIL: That was Cheryl,
she's with the police.
A video of that awful
sex tape the original one
has been intercepted by staff.
MICHAEL: I'm not sure you're up to it.
ABIGAIL: It's more proof of
Harper's connivance and guilt
so I'll have to be.
MICHAEL: I don't think it's a good idea.
ABIGAIL: Thank you for
protecting me but I'll be fine.
MAGGIE: We need to talk about
Harper and your son Jonny.
I need you to help me help Harper.
SHULA: I'd do anything
to protect her you know.
MAGGIE: Like cast a spell on her behalf?
SHULA: Do I look like
some kind of a two-bit,
Dark Web sorceress to you?
Besides, she didn't hurt Daniel.
She wanted justice in the courts.
MAGGIE [OOV]: Are these
magical or religious?
SHULA: A mix.
As a scholar I need to be across both.
MAGGIE: Aren't these forbidden?
But even forbidden
symbols aren't dangerous
unless they're in the hands of a witch
when she's connected to the light.
MAGGIE: That's how all
witches work isn't it?
SHULA: Correct.
But not everyone who
plays the piano is Mozart.
HARPER: That's the police.
ABIGAIL: Cheryl?
CHERYL: Abigail.
RYAN: Freddie's been
arrested and charged.
MICHAEL: There'll be more kids in your
police cells than school at this rate.
RYAN: The video was originally
sent to him from Dan's phone.
ABIGAIL: Can we see it?
CHERYL: Erm, before you
do, I need to warn you.
ABIGAIL: Really, there's nothing else
that could possibly
shock us at this point.
MICHAEL: Err, let's listen to Cheryl.
- RYAN: Mrs Whithall I wouldn't.
- ABIGAIL: For God's sake.
CHERYL: Abigail, really I
HARPER [ON VIDEO]: No Daniel stop.
MAN [OOV]: That was lovely.
HARPER: She's not usually like this.
You're making her twitchy.
She's actually really lovely.
She's had a lot of bad
shit happen to her family.
MAGGIE: And how are you?
Thank you.
For sticking around to
tell me about the tape.
MAGGIE: If it was me, I'd wanna know.
You understand you're vindicated now.
Everyone will know you were
telling the truth about the rape.
Can I ask you something?
And you don't need to answer.
Dan's alleged victims,
do you know who they are?
MAGGIE: Were any of you
coached by Daniel Whithall?
ANUSHKA: All of us.
MAGGIE: If you ever found yourself
in the same situation
Harper Fenn did, well
after a horrible thing
like that happens to us,
we all deal with it differently.
Some of us talk about it,
some of us want to but
can't find the words.
I want you to know that if
anything like what happened
to Harper has happened to you,
whatever you decide to do
doesn't make you braver.
Or weaker.
But if you do decide to come forward,
you can call me on this number.
In the strictest confidence.
RUBY: Miss, wait!
FARIHA: It, it wasn't just Harper
JULIA: Thank you.
BEATRICE: When's Dad coming?
JULIA: I want to tell you something.
I never thought that I was good enough.
Pathetic, isn't it?
I spend my
whole time
planning, thinking,
panicking about what to say next.
And my life has just passed me by.
I've not been present.
I've not been the mother you deserve.
PIERRE: I don't know what else to say.
Except that this will all pass,
with or without Julia or Bridget's help.
It has to.
SARAH: You're my closest friend.
I trust you.
We can stop it.
I have to perform the sunstone rite.
I think I can do it and
still protect my magic.
There's a spell that
will amplify my power.
If you're there to keep me
grounded I know I can do it.
PIERRE: You've always said you
work best off female energy.
SARAH: Your energy will be perfect.
PIERRE: I don't feel
comfortable messing around
with thousands of people's minds.
SARAH: No that-that's not how it works.
PIERRE: You're not listening.
I don't want to do it.
What if something happens to you.
SARAH: I understand why you're worried
but it's gonna be okay.
PIERRE: No. No now this is
an act of colossal self-harm.
And I don't want to be part of it.
SARAH: You saw Mary Ann?
The car? The town? I
don't have a choice.
PIERRE: This was already
gonna be dangerous
without you amplifying anything.
Come with me.
- SARAH: Where?
- PIERRE: To the airport. Right now.
We'll get on the first
flight to anywhere.
Just for a few weeks.
Until everything calms down.
- SARAH: What about Harper?
- PIERRE: Harper too.
No! No! I will not be
driven out of my home.
PIERRE: Then I can't help you.
SARAH: Get out.
MICHAEL: We're gonna have to fight this.
Otherwise I'm finished. As
soon as this video gets out.
ABIGAIL: Harper staged the whole thing
to frame Dan. That's what happened.
MICHAEL: For Pete's sake Abi, wake up!
Stop pretending you don't know.
- Stop it.
- MICHAEL: I covered up for him.
Stopped him coaching
the girls' rugby team
so his indiscretions
wouldn't catch up with him.
What was he thinking, the
idiot, the fucking idiot.
ABIGAIL: This is your fault.
What kind of shit role model were you?
A cold bastard with no empathy.
He learned it all from you.
MICHAEL: You mollycoddled him.
No boy could grow up normal that way.
You created a monster.
ABIGAIL: You're right.
But not in the way you think.
You're only like you are because of me.
I wanted you to be more driven.
Successful. Powerful.
With Sarah's help I changed you.
I did create a monster.
You made me a god.
TED: Why have you
arrested the Garston girl
but done nothing about
Sarah or Harper Fenn?
MAGGIE: Ted, no offence but
it's none of your concern.
TED: You know that she's cursed Jake,
who's now very ill?
And that she attacked my wife?
So come on Mags, what
are you gonna do about it?
SARAH: Coniunge! Matre Terra.
Permitte me inire circulum. Sor' Aqua.
Permitte me inire circulum.
MICHAEL: Hello Jake.
- MICHAEL: How's he doing?
- NURSE: I've just changed the fluid bag,
I was about to check his vitals.
MICHAEL: I'll take over
from here Nurse. Thank you.
SARAH: Esto terminus.
Esto terminus.
WOMAN: These signs come
from the book of spells
called "The Star Cross Grimoire."
MAN: I'm getting
reports of further cases.
Oh, God! What's happening?
That power in the wrong hands?
Sarah Fenn alone is responsible!
- What's that mean?
- Destruction.
- What have I done?
- MAN: We have to go now.
MAN #2: Everything in
Sanctuary has just blown up.
I've got my eyes on you ♪
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