Sand Land: The Series (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

The Royal Army's Secret

A half-witted, half-pint punk wants
to test his skills
against the likes of me?
Took the words right outta my mouth.
[bandit grunts]
[bandits gasping]
[bandit 2] Is this brat for real?
-[metal clanging]
No holding back. Get him!
-[bandits yelling]
[bandits groaning]
What the hell?
Prince, that was so cool!
[whimpers] He's a monster. [wailing]
Ah, come on. I'm not a monster, all right?
I am a demon.
[Beelzebub] So, you're alive, old man?
[Sheriff] Yeah, thanks to you.
Those are some demon powers you got there.
-[bandits groaning]
-You're pretty strong for your size.
[Beelzebub] Please.
Those posers were nothing.
What about you, old man?
You've gotta be one of
the strongest human beings I've ever seen.
Well, I'm definitely not in the same shape
as I used to be.
Could've fooled me. But I wonder
why you didn't use your gun on those guys.
-Why even have one?
-Oh, this thing?
There aren't any bullets in it.
They've gotten way too expensive
for me to waste any zeni on.
But even an empty gun
keeps the criminals away.
[Thief] That may be true.
But what do we do now?
Can we still use this thing?
[Sheriff] Afraid not.
It's useless in this condition.
Nothing more we can do
than grab our stuff and walk to town.
Walk? That's absurd!
Why not? It shouldn't be too far.
With any luck, we'll find a mechanic there
who can fix it.
I didn't sign up for this. [grunts]
Shouldn't be far, he says.
Wouldn't it have made more sense
to bring a demon
with strong legs on this journey?
If we have to walk all this way,
why did I get dragged on this quest?
It's misery.
Oh, my aching back…
If you had brought a flying demon
instead of me,
you probably would've found
the spring already.
But no. Bring the old guy.
-So thirsty. I'm hitting a wall.
-[Beelzebub grunts]
I can't walk. This is it.
I think I'm done for.
[shouts] Can it! If you've got the energy
to complain like that,
then you've got the energy to walk.
I'm tired too, all right?
Yes, Your Highness.
Some might call this elder abuse.
[Beelzebub grunts]
[Sheriff] Hey. I can see the town.
[Thief] Oh! Finally!
This place looks pretty prosperous.
[Sheriff] Yeah. It's a trading post
between east and west.
I think you two should wait here.
It could cause a scene
if people suddenly see you demons.
Just leave it to me.
That would be great.
I'll leave it up to you.
Hold up, though.
All we really need is food, water,
some extra fuel and a vehicle.
Then we can have Thief go and steal it.
How's that sound?
[both stammering] Huh?
Just hold on. We can't exactly be stealing
when I'm a sheriff.
We don't have any money, do we?
Don't be ridiculous.
Thief knows what he's doing. He's a pro!
-[Sheriff] But still…
-[Thief] Highness.
The sheriff says he'll handle it for us.
You brought your disguise, didn't you?
Yeah. I brought it along.
But aren't you gonna at least give me
a few minutes to rest?
Hurry up and get ready.
This is absolute murder on my hairstyle.
Wait. What are you supposed to be?
Santa Claus, of course.
Who else would it be?
In this outfit,
I can talk my way out of any predicament.
Are you sure he's okay?
He's got it. He's fine.
Complains a lot but he gets the job done.
[Sheriff] That was fast.
He's coming back already.
So tired.
-Wait. You came back empty-handed?
I've got a plan, all right.
I've got food and water hidden in town.
That's great. That'll be a big help.
And also, I searched around for a car
but found something even better.
-Even better than a car?
[Thief] Look. That's it. Over there.
It's a tank?
It's totally safe
and completely puncture-proof,
even if we get attacked
by a bunch of bandits.
Not like the ones we had in the war.
It's an upgrade.
But what's the King's army doing
all the way out here?
'Kay. Thief, it's all ours. Now go get it.
[exclaims] Your Majesty,
please try to be reasonable.
I have no knowledge whatsoever
about tanks.
-There may be something I can do.
-[both] Huh?
Are you sure about that?
Didn't you say earlier that stealing
was wrong and you didn't want to?
If it belongs to the lousy King's army,
I don't care.
But how do you plan to do it?
That was hair spray
you had earlier, right?
Let me see that.
-The hair spray?
-Yeah. You mind?
What are you gonna do with hair spray?
-Just wait and see.
[soldier snoring]
[Thief] Hmm.
What could he be planning with that?
-Poison gas!
-[both gasp]
Oh, no! Poison gas! Run!
[gasps, grunts]
[soldiers panting]
Same hidden switch. No upgrade there.
[engine starts]
No. No way. The tank's started!
[engine rumbling]
[soldiers] Oh, no! Wait!
-[soldiers yelling]
Yes! The old man really did it.
Are they following me?
[Sheriff] Ooh.
Nice resolution on the new model.
There they are.
[all] Huh?
[soldiers grunting]
Who the hell could be in there?
And how do they know
how to operate a tank?
[Sheriff] I won't miss again.
[soldiers gasp, whimpering]
[Sheriff] Hey! Let's load her up!
-[Thief chuckling] Yay!
-[Beelzebub cheering] Nice one, old man!
[Beelzebub retches] It totally stinks
like hair spray in here.
Let's not complain, Prince.
We owe it all to the hair spray.
Ah, perfect. There's plenty
of food and water in here already.
What the-- Why does it feel like
the luggage just got lighter?
That's the Antigrav Stones.
That meter right there controls the
internal and external gravity of the tank.
Come have a look.
Four big Antigrav Stones altogether.
This should give us
some high powered gravity control.
[Beelzebub] Hmm. Yeah?
Despite all the top equipment,
the guns aren't really that great.
But it'll get us around well enough.
[sighs] Thank goodness.
I don't know
if I've got another step in me.
Let's get going.
We've stolen one of the King's tanks.
They'll be on us in no time.
You know a lot about tanks, old man.
Did you drive one?
[grunts] Sure did.
I had many different posts during the war.
But I like driving tanks the best,
even though they weren't so easy to use.
[engine rumbling]
[both groan]
Hold on tight, everyone.
[grunts] It's so noisy and hot!
You can throw open the hatchets.
This canyon was once the main bed
of a roaring river.
-Which leads me to wonder why…
…the King's army would be
all the way out here. What are they doing?
-Wanna give it a try?
These tanks aren't so hard to maneuver.
Oh, yeah!
Follow the path of the river.
That'll take us south.
Your Highness,
may I have a turn at it too?
No way. I literally just got started.
[Thief] You're just as stingy as always.
[Beelzebub] What are you talking about?
I let you drive the car for a long time.
-[Sheriff chuckles]
-[Thief] No way. You drove it more.
[Beelzebub] No, you definitely drove more.
-Huh? What's that?
-Hmm? What is it?
There's something big flying up ahead.
You just don't want to switch
so you're making things up.
I'm not making it up. Look.
I don't see it.
[Sheriff] What?
[stammering] Impossible.
[Beelzebub] It's an airship.
[Sheriff] Yeah.
But all airships are totally forbidden
by the King.
There shouldn't even be any
in this country.
-Look at that symbol.
It's the King's army!
Of course
he didn't prohibit them for himself.
Think we should hide?
[Sheriff] No. It's too late.
We've already been spotted.
[wind blowing]
[Beelzebub] Hey, it stopped.
Wh-- What do we do now?
I doubt that this tank has been reported
as missing just yet.
Hopefully not.
All right.
You two, stay outta sight.
[both] Huh?
Hmm. So they're here after all.
[pilot] Tank 104, report.
Are you able to respond?
Is there a problem?
Come in. Are you having trouble
with your communicator?
Their communicator must be down.
All right. Let's head on.
Belz, fire up the engine. We gotta go!
Hey! You will address the Prince properly.
[Beelzebub] Got it.
Make sure the hatches are secure.
We don't wanna give away
that we're headed south,
so we'll turn eastward.
-To the east?
-Now turn left.
[Sheriff] Avoid the deep sand.
We don't wanna leave any tracks behind.
[Thief] How dare you
tell the Prince what to do!
[device beeps]
[person on radio] Come in.
This is Headquarters.
We just received a transmission that
tank 104 in region 12 has been hijacked.
No visual confirmation on the perpetrator
but they seem capable
-of piloting the tank.
-What is this?
[person on radio] Repeat…
-Take us to region 12. Hurry!
-[pilots] Yes, sir!
[radio chatter continues]
I'll make mincemeat out of that dog.
No one makes a fool of General Are!
[Sheriff] Over there. That rock formation,
we can hide there.
Wi-- Will we be safe here?
We're safe for now.
Have to stay here till sundown.
[whooshing in distance]
-The airship! Right there!
How'd they… [gasps]
Damn it. A transmitter!
Found us already.
-[bullets ricocheting]
-[Beelzebub grunts]
-So loud!
-[Sheriff] Belz!
Back us up out of the rocks!
-Call him Your Majesty!
[Beelzebub] What? I can't hear you!
It's too loud!
I told him to call you Your Majesty!
I'm asking the old man!
Back the tank up now!
-[Beelzebub] I can't hear a thing!
What complete amateurs with terrible aim.
Wait. Where did they go?
Over here.
On the left!
[Sheriff] Too late.
[soldier gasps]
Wha-- What's that?
Is that water?
The water tank has been compromised!
-Who's piloting that tank?
He sure knows his way around a cannon.
Damn them!
Release the water tank!
Position the ship above them
and drop the bomb.
Tanks can't shoot straight up.
What a waste.
[soldier 2] Idiot. Get up here.
It's about to drop.
[Sheriff] Look at that.
It is water, a water tank!
[Thief chortles]
I can't even imagine
how much that's worth.
Hurry! They're about to use a bomb.
Move now!
[Beelzebub] Got it!
[both grunt]
Anticipate the enemy's movement,
and he's ours. Now!
Damn. [grunts]
It's only a matter of time
until one of 'em hits us.
[latch clicks]
I know.
Thief, take all the other Antigrav meters
to the right,
as far as they'll go.
O-- Okay.
What are you gonna do?
If we shift the tank's weight
close to zero,
maybe we can lift the front
and then shoot straight up.
Damn. It's no good!
Even at our lightest,
we still weigh 1,500 kilos.
I think that might just be all we need…
-…to tip us upward.
[Sheriff] Impossible. It's 1,562 kilos!
[Beelzebub] Hey, Thief. Some help here.
[Thief] Y-- Yes.
[Beelzebub] Hurry up.
They're about to drop the next bomb.
[both straining]
No way.
It's working. Nice!
[straining continues]
[warbling continues]
Here goes…
-[siren blaring]
-[grunts] What?
The power unit's been taken out.
Impossible. How? No way.
[pilot] Oh, no. [gasps]
We're going to crash!
[Are] Just calm down. Try to keep it level
and make an emergency landing!
-We'll let go on two. 'Kay?
-One, two!
[both chuckling]
How dare they attack the King's army.
Those bastards. You cannot run away!
-[vehicle approaches]
-[creatures squeal]
[Thief] Yay! [chuckles]
Go, go!
Don't get carried away and crash it.
I think I may know why that tank
was out here in the middle of nowhere.
It was escorting that airship
at a critical point.
Which can only mean…
Which can only mean what?
That the King's water source
lies somewhere to the south.
Does that mean that the Legendary Spring
we're trying to find
is where the King gets his water?
Well, it's a possibility.
Then I don't even understand
why we're on this hopeless journey.
we've already made it this far.
There's nothing to do but keep searching.
[Are] Yes, sir. Actually… Well, you see…
It's just that,
regarding our transport from…
Hmm? I can hear someone talking.
Oh. Looks like I forgot
to turn off the radio.
[radio chatter continues]
Gotta say
those ears of yours are pretty sharp.
[chuckles] I am a demon, after all.
[Are] We were informed about
some suspicious activity with tank 104.
We immediately investigated
the situation, sir.
-Hold up, Thief. Stop the engine!
-[Beelzebub grunts]
[Thief] What's the matter?
[Sheriff] Hold on.
Let me turn up the radio a bit.
-[Are] …while we were in pursuit.
-[person] What?
They hijacked our tank
and took down one of our airships?
An airship carrying more
than six billion zeni's worth of water!
They're talking about that airship we saw.
Six billion zeni.
-[Are] I have no excuse, General Zeu.
-[Sheriff gasps]
-I let my guard down.
-He just said Zeu.
-It was a surprise attack.
-Commander Zeu?
They were very skilled.
I can't believe
that old bastard's still alive.
[Are] We've yet to determine what
their aim is. But based on their movement,
it appears they're heading for the south.
[Zeu] They're headed for the south?
Then we can assume
that those filthy rats are headed
for our water source as we speak.
You'll gather
the four remaining battle tanks.
Stand ready to mobilize
and wait for my command.
They must not get anywhere near
the water source.
[Zeu] We will use the media
to track down those dirty rats.
And like rats, we will exterminate them!
Yes, sir!
Leave it to me, Supreme Commander!
Order airship 2
to meet us here immediately.
[clears throat]
These are no ordinary adversaries.
What exactly are we dealing with here?
If it's a hunt you want,
then it's a hunt you'll get.
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