Sand Land: The Series (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

A Man Called Legend

[Thief] It sure seems that
the Legendary Spring to the south
is the King's water source.
Isn't that the same direction that
the water finches were flying from too?
But there's something mysterious
about that water source.
Well, then why don't
we go check out the south?
Things are starting to
get dangerous and fun!
Your Majesty, let's not be rash.
[engine sputters]
[Thief] Pretending you can't
hear me again, I see.
-[King] W-- what? What did you say?
-[yelps] Huh?
If they were actually to find
the water source, this could be trouble.
What do we do?
[Zeu] That's why we must exterminate
these rats before any damage is done.
We'll go public and
use the media to locate them.
Don't be found by General Are
or your loyal subjects.
-Fear not.
-[King] If you say so.
[Zeu] We still know nothing
of the perpetrator's identity or motive,
which is a thorn in my side.
[Beelzebub grunts]
Hey! Don't do that there.
[soft music playing on radio]
Why what difference does it make?
Who cares?
This is where you should go.
This hole?
-We collect water from evaporated urine.
-So, go here.
-Ew! No way! That's totally gross.
The collected water is clean.
So don't worry.
Is that really necessary? We still have
plenty of water bottles left in the tank.
Even if we can't find the water source,
we wanna try to bring back
as much of it as we can.
[music continues]
Makes sense, I guess.
[grunts, sighs]
[radio alert blares]
[reporter] We interrupt this program
with a very important news bulletin.
Today at 3:00 p.m.,
a Royal Army tank was stolen
-by a group of unidentified criminals…
-[Sheriff] And here we go.
…who then used the tank
to steal vital public water supplies
and spread mayhem
through the surrounding villages.
What was that?
Anyone who sees a suspicious tank
is asked to contact
the King's Army immediately.
[Beelzebub] They sure know how to spin it.
[Thief] How dare they?
We did no such thing.
The King is offering a reward of
30 million zeni
to whoever catches the criminals
dead or alive.
Damn, they're resorting to a reward?
Now everybody is going to be against us.
And if we can't find the spring,
the people will think
that we're the villains.
They don't know who we are.
I say we head back and abandon the tank.
If we ditch our
only mode of transportation,
the we're as good as dead in the desert.
Yeah. Come on, Thief.
Don't be such a coward.
How much farther south
do we actually need to go?
I thought it was
supposed to take five days?
That's a round-trip calculation.
We were able to go further
than I thought today.
We could get there by tomorrow,
end of day.
By tomorrow?
[Thief] You mentioned that
you used to live in the south, right?
Yeah, I did. But that was
30-some-odd years ago.
[Thief] Thirty years ago…
That would have been when
the Picchi still occupied the area.
Actually, that would be around
the same time
they were destroyed by the King's army.
Yeah. That's right.
That unfortunate incident was the worst.
It's definitely right on the top of
my list of all time disasters.
All time disasters?
That's what stopped the Picchi
from totally destroying Sand Land.
[laughs] Where'd you get that?
I assume you're referring to the device
that caused the massive explosion?
Yeah, that's right.
The Picchi were developing
a weapon of mass destruction.
That's what you believed all these years?
The Picchi were diligently
developing a device
that was designed to create water.
[gasps] It was for water?
No. But how?
You're wrong!
It's the truth.
The brilliant Picchi
sought to create limitless water
for the benefit of everyone in Sand Land.
But the King commanded his army
to destroy them,
ensuring the device
wouldn't interfere with his profits.
That can't be.
It was the King's army that supplied
the Picchi with the Aquanium they needed
to power their water-producing devices.
They were able to achieve it
under the guise of cooperation.
Then they took advantage of
the volatile Aquanium
and advanced their plan
by attacking and detonating it,
exterminating the Picchi
population entirely.
Are you okay, old man?
[grunts, breathes shakily]
The commander of the tank brigade
that attacked them…
it was me.
[both gasp]
They knew the truth,
and yet they still had us attack them.
I don't understand.
But why? Why would the King's army
launch the attack
if they knew it would cause
a massive detonation?
[Sheriff] Two birds with one stone.
I often defied the commander's orders
and think he hoped
I'd be taken out by the blast as well.
Well, I wouldn't lose sleep over it.
After all, you didn't know the truth.
Yeah, that's right. I mean, you thought
you were saving Sand Land.
[wind howling]
[Thief snoring]
The real demon here…
The real demon is…
was me, wasn't it?
Hey, what are you doing up there?
I'm absorbing the power of darkness.
The power of darkness?
That's right,
'cause I can feel a battle brewin'.
Can't you feel it?
[engine rumbles]
-[groans] What's that?
[Beelzebub] It's so noisy.
I'm not even awake yet.
-We're heading out now.
-[Thief] Huh? Already?
We'll get the most out of the engine
while it's still cool outside. Let's move!
-Oh, boy.
He's all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
[Sheriff] You can sleep
in here if you want.
Can you sleep in a moving tank?
Huh? Wait.
What's that?
Oh. That's just my lucky charm.
[Beelzebub] Lucky charm? This?
It's just cut out of a magazine.
Wait a minute. I know who this human is.
The famous sexy actress from
back in the day.
Sexy Terrier. [chuckles]
-[Beelzebub chuckles]
-You act serious,
-but deep down you're a dirty old man.
-Yeah, old man.
Shut up and sit down.
I said we're leaving.
You're not planning on
ditching the tank, are ya?
Not with that lucky charm.
[Thief] Wait, what?
I thought we were gonna ditch the tank
and think of another plan
when we got close to the village!
Don't be ridiculous.
Can't you see that the old man
has a score to settle
-with the King and his army?
-[Sheriff] Nah.
The main goal is still
for us to find the spring.
If the King's army tries to interfere,
then I'll take 'em out.
Once we reach the village,
then the two of you'll get off.
After all, this is a job for me to handle.
-You gotta be kiddin'!
You promised we'd find
the spring together!
It's my responsibility alone to find it!
-No matter what!
-Who cares?
Just hurry up and
get this damn tank movin'!
I'm not going back until
I see the spring with my own eyes!
And if you have a problem with that,
then you can go!
But what would
King Lucifer say if I told him
that I left you out here all alone?
All right. That's enough. Hold on tight.
Papa! Ya hear that? I think it's a tank!
-[person gasps]
-Good job, Pike! Just as I expected!
What's the exact position?
Distance: 85 km. And it looks like
they're heading straight this way.
-Hey, Shark. Uh, my sketchbook.
-And there you have it, Papa!
[Pike] I think there were some others too,
but they're hiding and I couldn't see 'em.
Yes! Nice work!
But, this guy,
don't you think he looks
a little familiar?
-Wait a minute, look at that!
He's got a badge. He's a sheriff!
You're right, Pike!
Sell this to the press
for no less than two million zeni!
And don't tell them where we saw him!
Got it.
I'm back, Papa! Two million zeni!
Good job, my boy!
-Pike, get the TV.
We interrupt this program
with an important update
regarding the recent theft of
the missing army tank.
-Oh, yeah! Here we go!
-[both] Yeah!
A sketch from an eyewitness has enabled us
to identify one of the perpetrators!
[Sheriff] What the hell?
The person depicted in the sketch appears
to be serving as a Sheriff
in Apato Village
north of the central region.
Sixty-one-year-old Rao.
How did they get a sketch?
That doesn't seem possible!
Based on his fingerprint data, we were
able to look into his past and found that
Rao is just an alias!
His true identity is one known
by every citizen of our great kingdom!
He is a military genius who became
a General in the King's army
at the age of 27
and is responsible for saving Sand Land.
A legendary superstar.
General Shiva!
-[both] Huh?
-What? No way. General Shiva?
-[both] Huh?
The news has shocked the entire Kingdom.
When Shiva protected Sand Land
from the Picchi people's rebellion,
it was believed that he too
was caught in the explosion and perished.
Apparently, General Shiva's nearby home
was also destroyed in the explosion.
Tragically, he lost his beloved wife,
who was a popular actress and musician,
Sexy Terrier.
Why didn't you just say she was your wife?
I didn't know.
If I did, I wouldn't have pried.
But wouldn't you have
more than a magazine clipping?
No, everything I had
was lost in the blast.
[stammers] Shiva?
That's impossible.
Inform General Are immediately!
[stammers] Yes sir!
Shiva, what are you scheming this time?
What is this, Zeu? I thought we had
already taken care of Shiva.
-Please, your Highness.
You must keep your voice down.
Do you know who Shiva is?
Of course I know who he is.
General Shiva is the one
who destroyed our entire rebellion.
Uh, what now? Shiva, you say?
It was him?
Which means,
I'll be fighting a real legend.
-[reporter] It remains a mystery…
…as to why the great General Shiva
is now committing these terrible crimes.
[Pike] Papa, tanks!
A whole squad right out there.
It's the King's army!
Tanks from the King's army?
What are they doing out--
-[gasps] Hmm. Shark, that necklace…
The news office gave it to me.
It's a special souvenir.
But it's mine though.
You moron! That's a transmitter!
Who's gonna to claim the bounty
for defeating Shiva?
Us Swimmers are!
We're not gonna let them take that away.
-Now let's roll.
-[both chuckle]
Hey, you gonna sleep all day?
Up and at 'em, Guppy.
-It's Human Tank time!
-All right!
Now let's show them
what the Swimmers have got!
[all] Yeah!
Is this the news office?
This is Shiva. The former General Shiva.
-[reporter] What? This just in!
-[Shark, Pike gasp]
At this very moment,
we have established radio contact
with a man claiming
to be General Shiva himself.
Cut the engines! Silence!
This is Shiva. First, let me apologize
for any distress I may have caused.
I must confess that I did commit the crime
of stealing the tank.
But I assure you
that I have not attacked a village
as previous broadcasts
have falsely suggested.
I have absolutely no intention
of causing harm to anyone.
I believe that just to the south,
there is a freshwater spring
that I intend to find.
A spring? Did he say spring?
Oh, what does he keep prattling on about?
[Shiva] Allow me to finish my mission
without any interference.
Once I find the spring,
I will return the tank,
end this quest
and make a report to the people.
That's a promise.
And finally,
there's a certain individual out there
who I hope is listening right now.
I've learned the truth
about the massive explosion
that shook Sand Land over 30 years ago.
-Supreme Commander Zeu…
-Huh? [gasps, breathing shakily]
…you're the only one I will never forgive.
-Over and out.
-[reporter] Mr. Shiva, a question please--
-[line clicks]
[Zeu] Contact the news office at once!
Tell them they must never
let that criminal speak freely again.
And if they do,
I'll reduce the office to dust.
-Yes, sir!
-[stammers] This is not looking good, Zeu.
He learned the truth about the explosion.
And this spring--
He can't possibly be referring
to our military water source.
What are we going to do?
This could mean real trouble.
This can't be good, this can't be good.
-[radar beeping]
-Commander Zeu,
a transmission from General Are.
-Put him through.
This is Are.
We are holding position as we believe
General Shiva is somewhere nearby.
He's no general! A ghost of the past
doesn't deserve to be called a general!
Don't even try to capture him alive.
Kill him! I want him destroyed!
That's an order!
-[Are stammers] Sir.
-May I ask you just one thing?
General-- Um, I mean, um,
Shiva said something in his message
about the truth of the explosion.
-[Zeu grunts]
-Well, it's just that
my own father died in that explosion.
[Zeu] You damn fool!
There's no truth to what he's saying!
He's just trying to rattle us.
That's his plan.
Now do your job and finish him!
Yes. My apologies, sir.
What was that about?
Great. Now the King's army
has really got it out for us.
Sorry, but it was
a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
-to spread the truth.
But I don't intend
on getting you involved.
Afraid it's a little too late for that.
We got tanks coming from that direction.
[chuckles] Looks like this
will be his final resting place.
But Papa, he just said
that he was searching for a spring.
Idiot! Don't fall for that.
Don't believe anyone who says
they're acting for the common good.
[both grunt] 'Course not!
[sighs] But I got to admit,
I do like the part
about not forgiving Zeu.
Guppy, fire your cannon so it hits
right between Shiva and the other tanks.
Yes. Okay, Papa.
But why shoot between them?
We'll let them fight it out.
Then we'll dive in
and scavenge what they leave behind.
[both gasp] Yeah, let's do it!
It's Shiva! All tanks, prepare for battle!
The King's army!
Now they've started firing.
-No. Something weird's going on.
-[Shiva] Here, Thief.
Put this helmet on.
I want you to follow the commands
I give you over the radio.
Why are you giving it to Thief?
Why not give it to me?
How are you supposed to wear it
with those horns on your head?
All right, let's do this.
Wait, wait, wait. I thought you said
you weren't gonna drag us into this.
Look, if you want to survive,
just do as I say.
This is what I can't stand about humans.
[Shiva grunts] Can you see them?
[gasps] Yes.
One, two, three--
[grunts] There's four of them.
There are four tanks?
Thief, full speed ahead
but veer to the left.
And close that hatch.
Aye, aye.
Well, that's impressive.
Your eyes are even more reliable
than the scope.
[Are] Tank 3, Tank 5,
continue to approach from the rear.
Tank 2, follow me.
We'll take them from the right.
Rest assured, we have radar, they don't.
The advantage is ours.
If this keeps up, Shiva will be flanked
by the King's army and us.
[grunts] Exactly as planned.
[shrieks] Papa, it's Beelzebub!
[Papa stammers] What?
Right there! Beelzebub is in Shiva's tank!
What? Beelzebub, you say?
Shiva's riding in a tank with a demon?
The Fiend Prince, Beelzebub?
[stammers] What do we do?
Last time,
Beelzebub took us out all by himself.
Now he has Shiva as an ally.
Don't be a scaredy cat!
We're the baddest boys
in all of Sand Land! We're the Swimmers!
But for the time being…
-[Shark, Pike breathing shakily]
-…maybe we should see how things work out
from a distance!
-[Shark, Pike] Yeah!
-[all grunt]
Two over there, they're tailing us.
Now, Thief! Zigzag it!
Right. You got it.
Gotta be more erratic!
They're about to hit us.
I am doing the best I can!
Two on the right! We gotta hurry
or we'll be stuck in the middle.
How? I can't!
[explosions continue]
[Shiva] All right. Get to the top
of that hill as fast as you can.
Huh? Won't that make us an easy target?
[Shiva] Hurry up!
-[stammers] All right!
-[engine revs]
The moves of an amateur.
Looks like legends
are nothing but fiction.
[Shiva] Thief, stop here.
Hold on. You sure about that?
Won't we be sitting ducks?
Hold this position
but rotate us over to the right.
There. Stop.
Hey! They're gonna fire!
Tank 3, Tank 5, what's the matter?
That's a prime position to fire.
Sir, I'm afraid it's too bright to see.
What are they doing?
The glare.
The sun behind us isn't helping them.
You morons! Change position, hurry!
[soldiers groaning]
What happened? Report now!
[soldier] Damage to the base of the gun
and chassis!
[soldier 2] Tank 5 hit. Out of commission.
[Are] Two of them at once?
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