Sand Land: The Series (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Beyond the Sandstorm

Tank 3, Tank 5, what's the matter?
Sir, I'm afraid it's too bright to see.
[soldiers yelling]
What happened? Report now.
[soldier] Damage to the base of the gun
and chassis.
[soldier 2] Tank 5 hit. Out of commission.
[Are] Two of them at once?
Did they go for it?
[grunts] Yeah. They took the bait.
But, based on their maneuvers,
I'm guessing they've got radar.
[Beelzebub] Hmm.
[Shiva] Damn. Can't hit the other two
hidden behind the boulders to the left.
Old man, get down, okay? [grunts]
Hey, what do you think you're doing?
Prince, wait.
[Beelzebub grunts]
That's a hell of a distance.
Hey, old man. There's two down there.
They're aiming right at you.
Thief. We've gotta get down that hill.
Right now.
Okay, got it.
Sheesh, up and down, up and down.
[Are] Damn, another miss.
It looks like one of them's got
a heavy artillery cannon.
Steer to the right of that rock up ahead,
where the Prince is.
Uh, just don't do anything too crazy,
all right?
This is gonna sound really strange, but
I could've sworn I heard
the Prince's voice in my head.
[Beelzebub] That's 'cause you did.
I am talking to you.
Demons can communicate
with the power of their minds.
First time I've ever tried it
with a human, though.
You know, old man,
you're pretty transparent yourself.
[Shiva] Really?
Yes. Your mental signal is much sharper
than some demons'.
[Beelzebub] That's why we followed you
on this journey.
Otherwise, we wouldn't have been
caught dead traveling with a human.
Okay, old man.
[Beelzebub] They're to the left,
holding position behind those boulders.
I see. So they are equipped with radar
after all.
Thief, when I give the order,
slam on the brakes.
[Thief] Okay, you got it.
[beeping continues]
Here it comes. Won't miss this time.
He-- He stopped. But how could he know?
[Shiva] All right, full speed ahead.
[Shiva] Reverse now. Full speed.
Reverse? Right now?
-Are you sure?
-[Shiva] Do it.
Oh, no. Hide now!
Damage report.
[soldier] Tank 2 inoperative.
Anyone injured?
[soldier] We're all unharmed.
-[Beelzebub] Old man.
The last one is moving out of there.
Prince, I want to lure him
into a narrow canyon.
-Tell me how.
-[Beelzebub] Okay.
Damn it. What a cheap trick.
A direct hit with one of those,
and we're done for.
[Are] There's no point in hiding.
I'll destroy every rock.
Here they come.
Why aren't we returning fire?
[Shiva] Because we don't wanna fire
unless we can get a clean shot.
Could it be that you don't wanna kill him?
Don't you demons do the same thing?
Hey, is that a spare Antigrav Stone?
[Shiva] Yeah.
On my signal, fire up the engines
and ram him with everything we've got.
I won't fall for the same trick twice.
Now, show me what you've got.
[beeping continues]
[projectile whistling]
-[Are] Status report!
-[soldier] He detonated an explosive.
There's shrapnel everywhere.
-The radar's useless.
-[rapid beeping]
[Are] So this is the legend himself.
General Shiva!
Nicely done, old man.
So, what happens next?
Come on, now.
Don't try to resist.
Everyone okay?
[all grunt] Yes, sir.
[chuckles] He's just like my father said,
all those years ago.
He's a man on an entirely different level.
Old man, they're exiting the tank now.
[grunts, sighs]
I would like to have a word with you,
if I may.
A word? What do you wanna say?
I have two questions for you.
Is it true that you're searching for a
water source for the people of Sand Land?
Yes, you've got that right.
The King's water's far too expensive.
Most citizens can't afford
the minimum they need.
I made a promise to the people of
my village that I would find the Spring.
They scraped together what little
money they had to send me here.
That's admirable.
And do you really believe
that the Spring exists?
I have staked my life on it.
However, it appears there's some sort of
secret regarding the King's water source.
Isn't there?
[huffs] I'm a general of the King's army.
So, I'm afraid I can't provide an answer
to that question.
the soldiers look like
they're about to surrender now.
No! Those cowards.
[Are] I'm sorry I'm unable to provide
a satisfactory answer for you.
But I do have another question.
In your radio announcement,
you said something about
the truth regarding the explosion.
You may not wanna hear this.
I believe it,
but there's no actual proof to the story.
Nevertheless, I'd like to hear it.
Because, frankly, it's personal.
Hmm? What do you mean by that?
My father, Apo,
was in fact one of your officers,
and I am his son, General Are.
I need to know the truth
about my father's death.
Apo's son? I see.
I remember he had shown me a photo of you
from when you were still quite young.
Understood. Very well.
Come on out, Thief.
Tell these guys what you told me.
Wait a minute. Did you just say "Thief"?
Wait, do you mean that demon?
I tell ya,
there's never a moment's rest anymore.
-It-- It's the demon.
-[soldier 2 gasps]
You mean you actually heard this story
from a demon?
Demons are vile creatures
not to be trusted.
And here you've gone
and teamed up with them.
-[soldiers gasp]
-Hey, hey, hey!
"Vile", you say?
And, we're "not to be trusted"?
I'm gonna take you down.
[soldier 1 gasps] It's Beelzebub.
[soldier 2] Beelzebub's here too?
Apparently you guys
seem pretty well known to the army.
Thief, you don't have to tell
these guys anything. You got it?
Probably a good idea,
since you said that they can't be trusted.
But let me tell you something.
In this whole twisted world,
I haven't met anyone
as honest as these two.
Now that may not mean much to you,
but I trust them more than any human.
[Shiva] The demons attack
the Army's water delivery trucks
only to take the water
they need to survive.
But they have never killed anyone.
And I assure you,
they have the power and abilities
to storm the King's castle,
and take Sand Land by force
should they choose to.
I see. Indeed.
Prejudice always finds a way
to bring out the worst in us, you know.
Like many in Sand Land, who were
prejudiced against the Picchi people
-30 years ago.
-[gasps] The Picchi people?
But, I don't understand how.
Beelzebub is right there.
Yes. They're all together in one spot.
Guppy, turn 'em into fertilizer.
Take aim and blow 'em away.
Yes, Papa.
[Papa] That bounty
is all ours!
[gasps] Damn!
Huh? What?
How did I miss?
Beelzebub. He found us.
Huh? What?
So, what do we do now?
[Papa grunts]
[All] Uh--
[All] Huh?
W-What in the world was that?
It's cannon fire.
There must be another tank out there.
But how? All of our tanks are here.
It must be someone else.
I couldn't shake the feeling
someone was following us.
The Swimmers are out there.
The Swimmers?
You mean those famous criminals?
Those good-for-nothing low-lifes!
We followed them here
because they supplied us with a picture.
They brought it to the news office.
Those bastards! [grunts]
I'm gonna kick their asses!
Beelzebub has saved us from certain death.
That much is true.
I'm afraid that we may have misjudged him
all along.
All right, Thief, tell us what really
happened 30 years ago in the explosion.
I'm not sure I want to.
Not with that attitude of yours.
Hey. Mind your manners.
Just who do you think you are?
[grunts] Huh?
[breathing heavily]
Please, Thief, pretty please!
[grunts, sighs]
All right then. If you insist.
It was 30 years ago.
What the Picchi people were making
then was not the weapon you feared.
But rather a machine
that created water itself.
[all panting, grunting]
[grunts, yelping]
Hey, Guppy, can't you do something?
Uh, okay.
Now take this.
-[Beelzebub grunts]
-[Guppy screams]
[both exclaim]
[Guppy grunts, groans]
All right. Enough. Challenge accepted.
Watch this!
-W-Wait a sec!
-[Beelzebub] Huh?
[Papa] D-do you really believe
there's a spring out here?
Maybe. What do I know?
The old man seems to think so.
And if he says there's a spring,
then I'm gonna find it.
Well, if you do find it,
can we swim there?
My sons have never been in water,
even though we're the Swimmers.
It's fine with me.
Oh. Really?
One more left.
Huh? [gasps]
Ha! You think you can catch up to me?
My top speed is over 180!
[both grunting, exclaiming]
Guess I went a little too far.
Damn. What a freaking pain in the ass.
[wind whistling]
Huh? [gasps]
No way. A sandstorm!
[wind whistling intensifies]
All the way out here.
Oh, great. Where am I supposed to hide?
Maybe that bluff over there.
[grunts] This is bad!
[exclaims, straining]
I'm okay. [chuckles]
Wonder why it's so bright over there.
Oh, wow!
So, you mean it was a plot devised
by the King
to eliminate the Picchi people entirely,
while taking out
their water-producing invention
and everyone in your tank brigade
-all at once?
-[Thief] That's right.
Just because it threatened
their water monopoly.
It put their ironclad control at risk.
I understand. It's hard to accept.
Until yesterday,
I never doubted their story.
-But once I heard the truth…
…all the pieces came together.
The Picchi were a quiet people
who liked to keep to themselves.
Back then, I thought it was peculiar
that they would suddenly make
such a terrible weapon.
We were so naive at the time.
Who could have ever imagined
that Supreme Commander Zeu
would take it that far?
No. I can't believe he would do that.
One of the reasons I was able to become
a general is because of Commander Zeu.
There's no doubt he can appear to be cold
at times, but he wouldn't do such a thing.
Goodness. I thought you'd say that.
Well, at least you know the truth now.
I'm sorry, but we'll need
to borrow the tank for a bit longer.
General Are, are you sure? Should we
really let Shiva get away like that?
It's regrettable that we were never able
to catch up with Shiva then.
-[soldiers gasp]
-Just as we were approaching his position,
we were ambushed by the Swimmers.
They ended up destroying four of our tanks
and then they fled. Understood?
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
All right.
Now to share my report with Commander Zeu.
But there's something else I need to do.
[Thief] Humans can be
such suspicious creatures.
I told him the truth
and yet he still won't trust me.
[Shiva] In a world like this,
I suppose I can't blame him.
But more importantly,
how about my driving skills?
Pretty good, huh?
Yeah, I think you did well out there. I'd
never believe you were just a beginner.
[chuckles] I fooled you, huh?
I'm wondering
how far the Prince got to by now.
-[Beelzebub] Hey, old man!
-[both] Huh?
That you, Prince?
Can you tell us where you are?
[Beelzebub chuckles]
Where do you think I am?
I'm at the Spring!
[Shiva] Huh?
That's right.
I found the Legendary Spring!
[gasps] Is that really true?
You actually found the Spring?
[Beelzebub] What's the matter?
Can't trust the word of a demon?
-[Shiva stutters] Tell us where it is.
-Hold on.
I'll lead you right to it.
Oh, looks like the sandstorm has cleared.
Ah. I see a tank out there. Is that you?
[Shiva] Yeah, that's us.
Okay. Just keep going straight.
[Thief] Aye, aye!
[Beelzebub] A-Actually,
a little more to the right.
[Thief] To the right?
[Beelzebub] No! I said to the right!
[Thief] I am going to the right.
[Beelzebub] No, my right!
Not your right! You know what I mean.
[Thief] How in the world am I supposed
to know where your right is?
[King] What is it, General Are?
How dare you contact me directly!
My food's getting cold.
[Are] My apologies, sire.
You see, Supreme Commander Zeu
just shared some intel with me.
I want to confirm whether or not the order
to destroy the Picchi and the tank brigade
was a command that you gave 30 years ago.
[King] W-Why would he be saying
a thing like that now?
Absolutely not true!
The whole plan, start to finish,
was hatched by Commander Zeu.
[Are stammers] Yes, sir.
Nevertheless, tell me
you've eliminated Shiva.
[Are] No. I'm still pursuing Shiva
as we speak.
[sighs, grunts]
Which can only mean
that they told us the truth.
[Shiva] All right, Prince.
Where's the spring?
[Beelzebub] It's in here.
Come on. Follow me.
[Thief grunts] Amazing!
[Shiva] Ah. Unbelievable.
It's absolutely beautiful.
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