Sand Land: The Series (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

The Terrifying Insect Men

[Shiva sighs] Unbelievable.
It's absolutely beautiful.
I know, right? What a find.
[sighs] It's hard to believe
that such a wondrous place like this
hasn't been discovered until now.
[Thief] Especially since all airships
have been prohibited.
Do you think that airships
may be prohibited
because the King's water source
is in a place like this too?
So they definitely don't want anyone
to discover it.
Defending the castle may not be
the only reason they've kept it a secret.
Hey, does any of that stuff
really matter anymore?
Now that we've found this amazing spring.
Hey! Don't put your dirty feet in there!
Oh, that's rich, coming from you.
Everybody knows who the cleaner one is
between the two of us.
-In any case,
there's no need to buy the King's
stupidly expensive water anymore.
That's right.
So does that mean we can move here?
Yes, we can.
There's enough water here
for all of us to survive.
Wow, everyone's gonna be so excited.
-Especially the merpeople and the kappa!
-[bird chirps]
You see that?
It's a water finch. I knew they were here.
[laughs] Huh?
-[Beelzebub] There's someone else here.
-[Shiva, Thief] What?
[Beelzebub] I'll check it out.
They're close. [sniffing]
Very close.
Found you!
[stammers, groans]
Zeu! Zeu!
[grunts] Yes, what is the matter, sire?
[King] Did you tell him about that event?
I don't know what you mean, sir.
The annihilation operation 30 years ago!
You told them I gave the order.
You said that it was my plan
but it was yours.
Who told you such a thing? Who?
Are did! Are! Are!
-[King] What is going on here?
What if they find out what we did?
It'll be a massive blow to the monarchy.
Sir, please, rest assured.
I will handle this myself.
You better. I'm counting on you.
[groans] My meal is probably cold by now.
-[King] And it's all Are's fault.
-[soldier] General Are…
…incoming transmission
from Supreme Commander Zeu.
Put him through.
-[Zeu] Can you hear me, Are?
[Zeu] What the hell did you say
to the King? He's furious!
Commander Zeu,
I'd like to hear it from you directly.
Tell me the truth about the campaign
to exterminate the Picchi 30 years ago.
The Picchi?
You can take your truth and shove it.
What about Shiva?
Why haven't you finished him off yet?
Have you lost your mind?
What the hell has gotten into you?
As you know,
my father lost his life in that operation.
All I want to know
is what really happened on that day.
Don't tell me you've fallen
for Shiva's deception.
How could you possibly
believe that criminal?
-[Are stammers] But sir--
-[Zeu] Your current rank and position
are thanks to who?
Let me remind you just who it was
who took care of you
after your father's death,
who got you to where you are today!
But-- I, uh--
Listen to me, Are.
that you are irreplaceable to me.
All you have to do is trust me
and follow me as you always have.
Working together…
Isn't that how we've built a lasting peace
in this country?
[Shiva sighs] What's going on?
He's been gone a while.
[both gasp]
What did you find?
Did you see anybody over there?
Yeah, looks like a bunch of Picchi
who survived the blast.
It's just them and their children.
What? Did you say the Picchi?
Huh. I see.
Some survived and were able to hold out.
[Beelzebub, Thief grunt]
[Thief] Is something wrong?
[Beelzebub] Something's coming.
Supreme Commander,
Air Squadron 2 has reported
that the stolen tank
has appeared on their radar.
Then Shiva is there too.
-Send them in immediately.
-[soldier] Yes, sir.
One more thing.
Take General Are into custody.
Huh? Arrest the general? Sir?
He grows more dangerous by the day.
[Beelzebub] I knew it.
There's an airship headed this way.
We need to get away from here now.
[Thief] Can't we just hide somewhere
and wait this whole thing out?
No, we can't.
I refuse to let them discover this place.
[Beelzebub grunts, sighs]
What is it, old man?
It's fine. Go ahead and get in the tank.
Wait a minute.
I thought you said we're in a hurry.
Please forgive what I've done.
Prince, I hate to have to ask this but,
do you think you can forget
all about that spring?
If possible, I'd like the Picchi
to live there in peace.
I figured you say something like that.
That's why I already told the Picchi
that we'd pretend
like we'd never even seen the spring.
I've met all sorts of people in my time,
and I've never met anyone
with as good a soul as yours.
Do you think a demon like me
is happy to hear that?
Anyway, here they come.
Airship 2 was in pursuit
of the stolen tank.
But it was suddenly shot down.
What did you say?
the crew reports they are unharmed.
The crew? I don't give a damn!
Just give me an accurate report!
There's an image coming through now.
The Fiend Prince, Beelzebub!
They're coming at me
with just one airship?
Doesn't look like
this is gonna be much of a challenge.
Hold on a minute. Aren't you exaggerating?
Let's not forget, it was my driving skills
that allowed us to take out the airship
in the first place.
[Beelzebub] What are you talking about?
You've never even touched a tank
before yesterday.
It's true. Thief, you've got good skills.
Without you behind the wheel,
we may not have made it this far.
[grunts] Hey, you see? You see?
Straight from the legendary
General Shiva himself.
-[Shiva] Ah,
you don't have to call me Shiva.
-[both grunt]
-You can call me Rao.
We'll continue on a first name basis
and that'll be fine.
[grunts] Well, if you insist. All right.
In that case, from now on,
you don't have to call me Prince either.
[chuckles] Okay, Belz.
You got a deal. Agreed.
[Thief] May I call you Belz as well?
[Beelzebub] No, you may not.
[Thief] I thought so.
-[soldier] General Are.
-[Are grunts]
Yes? What is it?
Command center is on the radio.
They want us to return immediately.
What? Why is that?
[grunts] The details are unknown,
but apparently it's a direct order
from Supreme Commander Zeu.
Why am I not surprised?
He's always been a hothead.
-[soldier] What should we do?
-[breathes heavily]
[Are's parent] This is Captain Shiva.
[young Are] Is he stronger than you?
[Are's parent chuckles] Of course.
You see, son.
Without his great leadership,
I wouldn't know about true strength.
Prejudice always finds a way
to bring out the worst in us, you know.
I'd like to make a radio announcement.
[soldier stammers] Yes, sir.
[Thief] So, what do we do now?
We have to find the location
of the King's water source somehow.
We've gotta unravel this mystery.
It's not as easy as it sounds.
We don't know where it is
and it'll probably be protected.
-[radio beeps]
Oh, it's just the radio.
[Are] This is General Are!
I repeat, this is General Are!
Hey, isn't that the guy
with the cool hairdo from before?
[Are] All soldiers stationed
at the water source
are relieved of their duties
You are placed on special leave.
Please take this time to go home and rest.
-[Are] All nearby vehicles
head for the water source
to assist in this operation.
He's talking about the water source!
[Are] Some of you may have forgotten
where the water source is
Therefore, I will remind you.
Listen carefully.
The water source can be found
if you follow it just to the south
of the old river.
-Well, that's convenient.
Doesn't this doofus know
we can hear what he's saying?
-No. It's on purpose.
This top secret information
must be protected and cannot be leaked.
I repeat!
The water source can be found
if you follow it just to the south
of the old river.
Over and out.
Well, that officially makes me a traitor.
Gentlemen, relay this to headquarters.
This matter is at the sole discretion
of General Are.
The responsibility isn't the units',
but mine and mine alone.
Take me into custody, in accordance
with the military regulations.
[Shiva] Well, it appears that there
are still some noble hearts left
in the King's army.
Thank you, Are.
Right! Let's go!
To the King's water source!
[laughing] Go, Prince! Let it rip!
Come on, Your Majesty, step on it!
I am stepping on it.
Are you sure about this, Thief?
Well, I can't very well
just let His Majesty go alone, now can I?
More than likely,
we're gonna have to fight
another battle with the King's army.
You're damned if you do
and damned if you don't, I'm afraid.
But if something were to happen,
you'd be in trouble
without a good pilot, wouldn't you?
I've gotta admit,
I've grown very fond of this Terrier Tank.
I'm sorry.
Come on, Majesty!
Can you please
try to avoid the rough road?
[Beelzebub] Shut up!
Don't act like you're the boss of me!
Oh! I can see the old riverbed.
We should follow that, right?
[Shiva] Yeah. Just keep heading south
and follow that riverbed.
Soon, we'll be at the end of Sand Land.
-[engine revs]
[scientist stammers]
Commander Zeu, what brings you here?
[Zeu] Doctor Posé, prepare the insect-men.
[Posé] Prepare? What do you mean?
We're ready to deploy them right now.
[exclaims] Deploy them?
It's too dangerous.
We still haven't achieved
complete control over them.
Once their enemy is defeated,
they could turn on civilians
and possibly even on us!
-[Zeu] You fool!
Shove a remote control bomb in its thorax
and just call it a day!
[Posé stammers] Yes, sir!
General Shiva! This time I'll make sure
you're dead no matter what!
[engine rumbling]
The southern end of the river
should be right around here.
No sign of a water source at all.
Hey, Thief! Take it easy with that water.
[sighs] Don't worry about it, all right?
He can be such a nag sometimes.
Something's not right.
We should have already arrived there
by now.
Wait, what's that?
Those are lookouts.
Belz, keep going.
You got it.
[Thief grunts]
There are lookouts all over the place.
[Shiva] We must be close.
[Zeu] Hurry up!
We can no longer let Shiva
just do as he pleases.
[electronic whirring]
[computer beeping]
[scientist] The insect-men are ready
for deployment.
Just you wait, Shiva.
With Beelzebub at your side,
I'll be able to bury both of you!
[Thief] Hey, Rao!
-Wh-- I don't understand. Why?
[grunts, gasps]
[Shiva] This entire structure
is a dam!
Oh, no. Why did they do that?
[Thief] Prince!
What the hell are they thinking?
The King's army blocked the river.
It's dammed.
They didn't. No!
It was a lie.
The river didn't dry up on its own.
[Beelzebub] Guess that's
why they don't allow airships anymore.
I don't understand humans at all.
Why go through all this trouble
just to make a buck?
Only Zeu could come up with
something as cruel as this.
Makes me sick.
[Thief] So, what do we do now?
[Shiva] First, we destroy this dam.
And after that,
we are gonna take out Zeu.
[Zeu scoffs] Interesting.
Well, I'll give you credit
for making it this far.
Nevertheless, you will regret the day
you ever found out about this dam!
Is that an airship?
Wait. What's that sound?
What's going on? Hey!
Old man! Down there!
[Shiva] Wh-what is this?
E-everything's collapsing.
I've never seen anything like it.
It sounds like a machine.
-[wind howls]
What is this? This thing is stupid huge.
[Thief] How's it staying afloat like that?
It couldn't be Antigrav.
That light. I can't believe it.
The entire thing's Aquanium-powered!
I had no idea they'd use it this way!
How much money did they make
from that water?
[mechanical clanking]
-Hurry! Take cover!
[grunts] Damn it!
[Zeu] Hold your fire!
Huh? What's that round-looking vehicle
up there?
It's Zeu. Supreme Commander Zeu!
Not Zeu!
It's been a while, hasn't it, Shiva?
I'm surprised to see you're still alive.
I'm surprised to see you're alive!
You went and turned yourself into a cyborg
just so you could stay in power.
What? Is that guy really a cyborg?
He doesn't look very cool.
This really isn't the time, Prince.
I know all about
everything that you've done.
[scoffs] And what are you going to do
about it?
I will never forgive you, Zeu.
Prepare yourself!
I think that it's you and your friends
who should be prepared.
Doctor Posé. Now! You may release them!
[Posé] Yes, sir!
[impact thuds]
[impact thuds]
What the hell's that over there?
[groans] Not sure. But it looks bad.
Now, insect-men… [laughs] …Go!
What? Insect-men?
[Beelzebub] Whoa!
Cyborgs and insect-men!
Now this is exciting!
No, they are not. They're terrifying.
[Zeu] Beelzebub!
[chuckles] These are my insect-men.
My ultimate weapon!
They'll put an end to you
and your pesky pack of demons!
You see?
You will be destroyed. Both you and Shiva!
[Thief whimpers]
Don't worry.
They are pretty dangerous-looking.
-Keep an eye on the old man, okay?
-Hold on!
Old man! It was a good choice
bringing me along.
There's no way you would have been able
to handle these guys.
And you think you can take 'em?
[scoffs] I'm a Fiend, after all.
-All right, you bad bugs.
I'm giving you one chance to run and hi--
-[impact thuds]
-[Thief] Prince!
-That's serious power.
-Thief, go get the tank!
-[grunts] Okay.
-[Beelzebub groans]
We need to retreat now!
Belz. Belz!
Are you okay?
Yeah. Guess I just got
a little carried away.
The insect-men are closing in.
They're right behind us!
-There's one on the tank!
[insect-man screeches]
-[grunts] Thief, veer right!
-You got it!
[insect-man screeches]
All right, I got 'em.
Hey, it's too soon to start celebrating.
-[Beelzebub] They're all over us!
-We gotta shake them off! Veer left!
Right. Go!
-[tank shudders]
This is bad. They're lifting us up!
-[groans] They're disgusting!
No! [grunts]
They're gonna break the tank!
This is bad. We gotta act fast.
What do you say?
Think it's time for me to step in?
You can't take them on your own.
I was being careless,
but it won't happen again.
Hey, wait a minute. Belz!
Hold on. Let's just leave it
to the Prince. He's got it.
-[exclaims, grunts]
-[insect-men growl]
Listen up, you insect-men!
I am the one and only
Fiend Prince Beelzebub!
I'm here to fight!
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