Sand Land: The Series (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

On to a New Adventure

[angel] I found it!
I finally found it!
[truck engine approaching]
[demons splashing, laughing]
-[video game beeps]
-[vehicle approaching]
Huh? I know that sound.
Hey! I knew it had to be you,
old man. [grunts]
Are you all better now?
Yeah, I'm healing up nicely.
Though I don't have
your restorative demon powers!
-Hey, is that your car?
-[Beelzebub] Did you buy a new one?
-[Shiva] Nah.
That gang of bandits we ran into
brought it back to me all shiny and new.
-Ah, you mean the diamond bandits.
-[Shiva] Yeah.
I'm headed to the market now to pick up
some things to deliver to the Picchi.
-Wanna come with me?
-Huh? We're in! Let's go!
-Come on, Thief.
-Huh? You want me to go too?
Yeah, of course I do.
Why does it always have to be me?
You never ask any of the others.
[engine roars]
[Beelzebub] Whoo-hoo! Ha!
This is awesome!
[Shiva] So, how have things
been going back home?
Ah, not bad. Same as usual.
But those games you gave us
are really fun.
Nice, I'm glad to hear it!
[Thief] You can only play games
for one hour a day.
-[both grunt]
-And you'll have to crack down
on studying when you get home.
You can't forget to do homework either.
That's what King Lucifer said, right?
Why do you gotta bring that up now?
-I'm trying to have fun here, okay?
-[Beelzebub] How about you, old man?
What are you planning on doing?
[Shiva] What do you mean?
Not going back to the army then?
Well, I'm not as young as I used to be.
So I'll probably take it easy for a while.
[Beelzebub] Hmm.
So you're just gonna take it easy, huh?
Hey, look over there. It's the Swimmers.
[Guppy exclaims]
You idiot.
I told you you can't breathe underwater!
The Swimmers are probably
the happiest guys around
now that the water has returned.
[distant chatter]
[Shiva] I thought it'd be good idea to get
some extra supplies for the Picchi here.
[Beelzebub] I guess we should
wait outside then, right?
[Shiva] It shouldn't be a problem.
After all, you are the heroes
who brought water back to Sand Land.
[Beelzebub] Cool, then I'll come along!
You're scaring them, Thief.
With that freaky face of yours!
I think they're scared of you,
your Majesty.
[video game beeping]
Oh! [grunts]
[angel] What are you doing here?
[grunts] What does it look like?
Playing a game.
[angel] Hey! Don't ignore me!
What's a demon doing in a place like this?
-[defeat sound effect]
Hey, what's your problem, dude?
who are you?
Are you an angel?
I am. What made you think that?
I've seen some big shot angels
like you before.
They all had that stupid
egg head haircut too.
Egg head?
I'm an angel. How dare you mock me?
Besides, what business does
a demon have in a human market?
Robbery? Pick-pocketing? Mass murder?
You think I'd do somethin' that boring?
I'm the Fiend Prince, okay? I like to--
-[angel] To all who pass by…
…fear not and rest assured!
I shall defend you from this filthy demon.
Now watch as your hero
strikes with angelic magnificence!
There's no one here, ya know?
[Beelzebub scoffs]
It seems the citizens of Sand Land
don't know how to appreciate their hero.
What's going on with your back?
-What kind of angel has no wings?
This is all because of you evil demons!
It's all your fault.
What do you mean it's all our fault?
[angel] It's a long story.
But as luck would have it, we meet here.
Let's go. En garde!
[both grunting]
Well, that came out of nowhere!
[chuckles] Not bad.
For a lowly fiend.
But you won't get away this time!
[grunting continues]
-[crowd gasping, chattering]
-[Thief] Hmm?
-What the hell's wrong with you?
-[angel shouts]
-[Beelzebub grunts]
-[angel gasps]
-[angel grunts]
-[grunts] Fine!
-Would you just…
[screaming continues]
Ow, ow, owie! [sobs]
Why you…
You'll pay for that!
You have no idea what happens
-when I get angry.
Muniel's Glorious Lightning!
[angel] It's so tiny.
Hey, you. Come a little closer.
Huh? Why would I do
a dumb thing like that?
Because my move won't reach you there!
You think I'm just gonna
walk into your attack?
I guess Sand Land doesn't have
enough humidity in the air.
What are you even saying?
Hey, ya little coward!
Shut up, egg head!
How dare you mock a heavenly hero?
Very well.
Let me show you what happens
when you anger an angel.
Are you ready?
[yelps, grunts]
-Hey, wait a minute.
You've got some nerve
pullin' a move like that.
What's this? Why can't I control him?
I'm gonna show you what happens
when you mess around with
the Fiend Prince.
-[Beelzebub] What's that thing?
Huh? [chuckles]
I'd rather not waste this urn
on a lowly demon like you.
[Beelzebub] Oh, no! My game system.
-[groans, growls]
-[angel] You lose!
The next time we meet, I won't hold back.
See ya, coward!
[Beelzebub] Coward?
I'm not the one running away!
That damn angel!
[Thief] Your Majesty!
What on earth was going on?
I just met an angel
who was super annoying.
Did you say angel?
An angel?
You mean to say that sort of thing
actually exists?
You see, they live in the Celestial World,
but they're never supposed
to appear here in the human world.
[Beelzebub exclaims]
Just the thought of it sets me off again!
Next time I see that guy
I'll tear him apart.
That dumb, egg-headed angel. How dare he?
He's driving me crazy!
[dog barking]
[object thuds]
[Thief] That's everything.
There's so many of them.
Thank you so much for
this generous delivery.
Sure. Look I don't expect you
to forgive me for this.
So if you need anything else,
please don't hesitate to ask.
You've done more than enough.
If anything, allow us
to show our gratitude.
With this.
Thank you,
what an interesting looking gun.
We built it for self-defense.
It's called a pow-pow gun.
A pow-pow gun?
It can stun an opponent at a distance
without causing any fatal injury.
Well, very impressive.
[Picchi] It's a rather peaceful weapon.
Just wait till you see
the look on your target's face!
Hey, whatcha got for me?
Uh, well…
-Oh, I know. The floaty tablets.
-Yes, sir.
This is a floaty tablet dispenser.
Go on, give it a try if you like.
-Whoa! So cool!
-[Thief] Whoa.
-What the heck?
-[Thief] You're floating!
[Shiva] Oh, wow.
So what do ya think? Isn't it fun?
And it only works for about ten seconds.
That hurt!
That's no fun at all!
-[all laugh]
-[dog barking]
Hmm? We're not alone.
[engine revs]
[bullet clangs]
[drones beeping]
[Beelzebub] Hey, you. Isn't that robbery?
[exclaims, grunts]
What the hell you doing?
-Hey! You!
-[drone departs]
Get back here!
What's going on here?
-What is that?
[Beelzebub] Hey! Are you alive or what?
[Thief] What happened, your Majesty?
This human was attacked
by that mech thing that just attacked me.
It was digging in her bag
and stole something out of it.
She's okay. She's just unconscious.
[grunts, sighs]
Oh, she's awake now.
No need to be afraid.
You're safe with us.
After all, he helped to bring you here.
Huh? Is that so?
Thank you.
Rao was the one
who took care of your wounds.
-[stranger] Rao?
-Is something wrong?
Uh, no.
[Thief] And the one who saved you
from the attack was--
The Fiend Prince, Beelzebub.
You're a fiend?
Got a problem with that?
I may not look like it,
but I'm pretty bad.
Last night I stayed up late
-past eleven o'clock.
-[stranger gasps] Where's my bag?
Oh, it's just over there.
[Beelzebub] Hey!
I'm not finished talking to you!
It's not here. It's gone!
Have you seen the glowing
blue capsule that was in here?
Unfortunately, a weird mech thing
stole it and flew off.
No! Where?
-How the hell am I supposed to know?
Wait a minute. Could that glowing blue
capsule you had with you be Aquanium?
-[Shiva] How did you end up with that?
that's really none of your business.
That's the way you treat us?
After we saved your life?
If you were gonna save anything,
you should've saved the capsule!
Hey, what's with the bad attitude?
Know what happens when
you make a demon mad?
Don't ignore me!
[Shiva] It's too late to go after it now!
It was taken over three hours ago.
Where's my bike?
It's just over there.
But I don't think
it'll be running anytime soon.
With the right spare parts
I could fix it fast.
You need to take a moment to calm down.
The desert's very cold at night.
Come daybreak, I'll be happy
to take you wherever you want to go.
[stranger] All right then.
Can't you go any faster?
We're going pretty fast
as it is already, ya know.
I could get us even more speed
with some tweaking.
You seem to know a lot about machines.
Some might call me a mechanical pro.
I'll cut you a deal for saving me.
How about a million zeni
for a nice upgrade?
You're gettin' a free ride
and still actin' all smug?
What gives? Weren't you ever
taught any manners?
Manners? Do fiends really care
about manners?
No, I don't care about stupid manners.
The least you could do is
show some respect.
Wouldn't that also qualify as manners?
[Beelzebub groans]
Can't we just leave her in the desert?
She bugs!
[stranger] Makes no difference to me.
Hey, wait!
You were supposed to give me
a ride back to town.
What is this place?
You won't find a single blade of grass
or insect out here.
They call it the Doomlands.
Thirty years ago, an aquanium explosion
was detonated here.
[Shiva] A tragic result of
human stupidity.
And the one responsible for
creating this barren place
-is me.
If only I had never given
that order to fire. [groans]
You're General Shiva, aren't you?
There was a time when
I was known by that name.
I knew it.
[Shiva] I don't know what you intend to do
with the aquanium you're looking for,
but just remember that this is
what happens if you use it incorrectly.
Now more than ever,
I have to put a stop to them.
"Them"? Who are you referring to?
Forest Land's Army.
Forest Land's Army?
[stranger] It's past the southern border
of Sand Land. A country beyond the dam.
Zeu was quiet about the South.
He always said he could handle
the problems there himself
and was pretty tight lipped
about sharing intel with his generals too.
So that's why Zeu kept
the people from the border
and why he decided to build the dam there.
Then? What are these people
really trying to do?
Ten years ago,
Forest Land suffered a coup d'état
when Commander Bred
and Muniel the Hero seized power.
"The Hero"?
They're militarizing the whole country
by trying to revive old weapons
from the Great War era.
Weapons from the war?
Picchi technology
and the power of aquanium.
They could actually destroy
everything in the world with Garam.
With Garam?
Garam, you say?
Those men are idiots.
They don't know how dangerous aquanium is!
Exactly, this is the whole reason
we have to stop them.
That's why we took the aquanium,
to make sure it didn't
fall into their hands!
Can I really trust you?
You have to trust me.
Sounds to me like she's telling the truth.
We have to stop Garam.
-No matter what it costs us!
-[stranger] Please, General Shiva.
-We need you to help us.
Our forces are not strong enough
to stop Bred and his men.
But with your help we have a chance.
We can do it General Shiva.
Look, I know I'm asking a lot.
But you for one know
the true horrors of aquanium.
And that's why I'm begging you.
I'm afraid I'm nothing more
than a small town sheriff now.
What about asking
the King's Army for some help?
If you reach out to General Are,
I'm sure he'd be more than willing
to lend a hand.
[Are] What did you say?
Where did you get this information?
I got it from someone
I met from Forest Land.
We have a non-aggression pact
preventing them from crossing the border!
That must be it!
The treaty must've been weakened
by Zeu's downfall.
So then he must've positioned
himself as a deterrent.
It seems they intend to use
the aquanium as a weapon.
We gotta do whatever it takes to stop 'em!
But if the King's Army were to intervene,
it could escalate into a war
between our countries!
I'm afraid that you're right.
[static on radio]
[Beelzebub] Hey,
have you seen this guy before?
-[stranger] Huh?
-[Shiva] Hmm?
-[stranger] What a terrible drawing.
-[Beelzebub] Nuh-uh.
I know that staff.
It must be Muniel the Hero.
In Forest Land,
people treat him like he's a hero.
Had a feeling it was that guy.
Egg head dummy!
-[stranger] You know him?
All right, fine.
We're going to Forest Land!
-I don't remember asking for your help.
-[Thief sighs]
We're gonna beat up all of the bad guys
and take back the aquanium!
What do ya think old man?
Sound good to you?
[stranger] Are you even listening to me?
-Sure, sounds simple enough.
-All right, you. Let's go.
-[Thief sighs]
-My name is Ann.
Okay, Ann. You'll be our guide,
so show us the way to Forest Land.
Now there is only one left.
[door opens]
-[Muniel] I have returned.
Muniel you're here. Where have you been?
I was in Sand Land for a while.
You were in Sand Land?
I told you not to go
without permission!
I don't need a lecture, Bred.
For I come bearing a very special gift.
Is that-- [gasps]
Now no one can oppose us.
Almost there.
[groans, sighs]
Was there really no way
to get there by car?
This is definitely the safest route.
For cryin' out loud.
I've been thinking, Ann. I noticed
that you kept saying "we" before.
[Ann] That's right,
I'm a member of The Resistance.
"The Resis--"
-[Thief] Resistance, your Majesty.
To put it simply,
people who have banded together
because they don't like the way
-Commander Bred does things.
-[Ann scoffs]
Well anyway, all we gotta do is take out
anyone who tries to be badder than me.
[Ann] Are you really sure it's safe
to be traveling with a demon like this?
[Shiva] Don't worry,
you'll see for yourself soon enough.
Hey, is this the way out?
[Ann] Yeah. This is it.
[birds singing, insects chirping]
[inhales deeply]
So, this is Forest Land.
Aah! [laughs]
So gross!
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