Sand Land: The Series (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

Operation: Sneak Into the Capital!

Here we go again.
With all these trees blocking out the view
it's a little unsettling around here.
The air is so clean and fresh
it's making me feel sick.
I think this country's just stunning!
-[Thief chuckles]
-Glad you're having a good time, old man.
I think deep down you two
are pretty excited to be here as well.
Huh? Not even!
I'm not excited about this!
I'm not excited about this!
And I'm definitely not excited about this!
Not at all! Woo-hoo! [laughs]
I'd call that pretty excited,
wouldn't you?
Excited indeed.
[pants] Come on, Thief,
you should jump in!
[sighs] Nah, I'm good here.
[hoots, hollers]
[chuckles] Yay! [shouting]
[shouts] Yeah! [laughs]
It's freezing!
Ah! No you didn't!
-[Thief grunts]
-Cut it out, will you?
-[Ann] Oh, Brother.
I needed General Shiva, not all this.
I know they may not look like it,
but they are dependable.
[both grunt]
Hey, old man, come on in!
From now on, you can just call me Rao!
Whoa! [laughs]
[all cheering, laughing]
[no audible dialogue]
[Ann] We're not on vacation,
time to get serious.
Beyond this area,
the military will monitor us.
I see. Understood.
Hey, are you even listening?
Gotta go take a leak.
[urine spraying]
Did you get him?
Yeah. Dead on.
[all shout]
[both grunt]
-[both grunt]
Shootin' someone in the back
is a dirty trick!
-Stop it now!
These aren't enemies, they're our allies.
Our allies?
Oh, the Resis…
The Resistance.
Think you can remember that, huh?
These guys coming toward us?
-They yours too?
We-- We've lost all radio contact
with the scouts.
How did that happen?
-I see a figure up ahead on the road.
[grunts] Hey!
It's Ann!
Lango, what are you doing out here?
We were so worried about you.
You left all alone
and we never heard from you again.
I'm sorry.
I thought I could get around
much easier alone.
In any case, it's good to see you safe!
One of our scout units
reported that you had been abducted
and were being held captive by demons.
-It was just a misunderstanding.
You can come on out now.
[all groaning]
-Watch out! They're demons! [groans]
Don't. These are not our enemies.
They saved my life
and brought me back here.
Yeah, that's right!
She'd be a goner without me!
-[clears throat]
Apologies. We're so sorry.
-You guys, this is Rao.
Rao, is it?
That's right.
He was once known as the legendary
General Shiva of Sand Land.
Huh? Wait, you're that General Shiva?
I didn't expect
to see you again like this.
What do you mean by "again"?
Years ago, I was once a member
of the Sand Land Rebel Army.
Oh is that, right?
But, why are you here with us now?
He said he's willing
to help the resistance.
-It's come to my attention,
that the forest Land Army
may be trying to exploit aquanium.
With General Shiva on our side,
it's no exaggeration that
we've gained a thousand allies.
I'm afraid, we can't celebrate just yet.
The aquanium from Sand Land
was taken away from me.
I'm sorry.
[Lango sighs]
-I'm afraid we have bad news too.
It's been decreed that King Jam
is to be executed in the capitol.
It'll take place tomorrow.
[Ann gasps]
Tell us more about this King Jam.
Before General Bred
launched his coup d'état,
King Jam was on the thrown.
Ever since, the Resistance
has been fighting to reinstate him.
So that's what happened.
Lango, can I borrow one of your bikes?
[grunts] What do you need it for?
I'm going to rescue the King!
Don't be reckless!
We need to go back to the base,
and gather our forces--
-There's no time for that!
If I can infiltrate them,
we'll have better odds
of getting the King back!
[sighs] If you must,
then take these two with you!
[both] Right!
I appreciate it,
but they'll only get in the way.
[all exclaiming]
But Ann, what if something
were to happen to you?
If I don't do something, my father will--
-Uh, did you say father?
-Uh-- [gasps]
Hmm. Are you sure?
They'll gonna find out eventually.
This is Princess Ann.
She's the daughter of King Jam.
We must keep her safe.
She's a Princess?
I'm no princess. At least not anymore.
Now I'm a member of the Resistance,
and I'm here to save the King.
But, Ann--
No need to worry.
After all, we're going too.
-Right, old man?
We might even find aquanium
somewhere in the capitol.
I bet that little "hero" twerp
will be there, too, right?
-[grunts] Cool.
Then I'm in.
Just remember.
Take good care of Princess Ann.
You got it!
All right! Let's go.
Since you're the princess, does that
make you the leader of this "Resis" thing?
The Resistance.
Lango's our leader.
He was one of my father's
closest confidants.
He helped me escape during the coup.
You see, Lango wanted to make me
the leader, but I refused.
Just because I'm the King's daughter,
it doesn't make me a leader.
I agree!
You're arrogant, sassy, full of attitude,
and got no manners.
How dare you?
You're the big brat
acting out all the time!
I'm the Fiend Prince,
who cares about any of that!
All that matters to me is being bad!
Being bad?
For example?
I don't wash my hands
after I take a leak sometimes.
Huh? Wait, sometimes?
Yeah, once every thirty times
I don't wash.
One time, I promised I'd return a game
I borrowed in a week,
-but I kept it for ten days.
-[Ann sighs]
I'm pretty terrifying, aren't I?
[Ann] Not really.
[chuckling] You're actually not that bad.
Huh? Hey! Take that back.
Everyone knows I'm bad!
Saying a demon isn't bad is the worst!
Well, she's right.
You're really not that bad.
Come on! Knock it off, old man!
I'll have you know that our Prince
is very well educated.
[Beelzebub] Not you too.
[shouting] Just cut it out!
[officer] A drone in the western forest
captured an image
of a group of resistance fighters.
Show me.
I knew you'd take the bait, Princess Ann.
But who are the others that are with her?
Oh, not that fiend!
I met him in Sand Land,
he is truly irritating.
You met a fiend?
He was sly, cowardly and vile.
And completely incorrigible.
[Bred] If they've turned to
the demons for help,
they must be desperate.
[Muniel] But why him?
Hmm? Hold on!
Zoom in on that man.
There's no mistaking it.
Did you know him?
Our goal was simply to
draw out the Resistance,
but they could prove to be useful
in more ways than one.
Prepare a speech to be delivered to
the people in a grand fashion, great hero.
I'll take care of it.
This is shaping up to be
more of a spectacle than an execution.
We'll have to walk
to the Capitol from here.
[Thief] More walking, huh?
Hey, where'd Beelzebub go to?
-Well, if I had to guess…
[Ann] What is he doing?
[Thief] He's absorbing
the power of darkness.
[Ann] The power of darkness?
It's no good.
Too many clouds, not enough moonlight.
That's probably why they get
so much rain here in Forest Land.
Guess that's why I don't feel like myself.
I think it's best if you guys wait here.
-Huh? Why wait here?
Well you see in Forest Land,
most people kinda have
a bad impression of demons.
[scoffs] Thought so, based on the way
the Resistance treated us.
So what, who cares?
It's our nature to be hated
by humans, isn't it?
The fact of the matter is,
you stick out like a sore thumb.
Uh, in that case,
we should wait here, right? Majesty?
We just need to
disguise ourselves, that's all!
I wasn't prepared for a disguise.
He'll handle that for us. Won't ya, Thief?
[Thief panting]
Look at all that "disguisy" stuff.
I was able to gather some information.
That should be helpful to us.
The execution will be today at 10:00 a.m.
-They're holding it in the central square.
-[Ann] Ten o' clock.
I couldn't get any specific information
regarding where the aquanium is,
but I did learn that the palace security
has been tightened over the last few days.
Well, it's most likely the aquanium's
being kept somewhere in the Royal Palace.
So which comes first?
Rescuing the King?
Or taking the aquanium back?
I know it may sound selfish,
but I have to save the King.
We understand.
Let's split up into two teams.
[people chattering]
[laughs] Looks silly, but not bad.
[Beelzebub] Will you knock it off?
Why did I have to
get paired up with you anyway?
Hey, I could say the same thing, you know.
Whatever you do, just don't get in my way!
[Beelzebub] Fine, the feeling's mutual!
[Thief] As an ex-military man,
you certainly fit the part!
Hmm? Thank you.
I'd say you look
pretty convincing yourself!
[Thief] Really? You think so?
But I'm awfully worried about the Prince.
Well if you ask me
I think they make a pretty good duo.
They are more than a little alike.
-Wouldn't you say?
-That's true.
[Beelzebub] I'm the one in charge, got it?
I'm gonna be the leader of our team.
We have to decide who's in charge.
Well, okay. If you say so.
But you better be careful
because choosing a leader like that
makes you look pretty immature.
Huh? Immature?
Who are you calling immature?
-[people gasping, exclaiming]
-[bystander] What is this?
-[bystander 2] Who is that?
-[gasps] Stop, you idiot!
-What a weirdo!
One mask on top of another?
What were you thinking?
[people sighing, laughing]
[Ann sighs]
[Thief] Looks like we're gonna need
an access pass in order to enter.
What do we do?
We go.
Hey! Did you even hear what I said?
[both] Huh?
Good morning, men.
[both] Good morning, sir!
Um, your, uh, access pass, sir?
Did you say access pass?
Are you telling me that you have
forgotten what your superior looks like?
[both stammer]
[Shiva] All right then.
What is your name and rank?
Uh, right sir! We beg your pardon,
please go through!
-[sighs] Who was that?
-[gate opening]
I have no idea.
But, no doubt,
he's definitely someone important.
Not bad.
[crowd chattering]
[both grunt]
[Ann] This is the central square.
[Beelzebub] I can't believe so many people
would come here to watch an execution.
Do humans think this is entertainment?
Is it necessary
to go as far as an execution?
The King was such a kind and gentle man.
Do you think
maybe it's because of the Queen?
I don't think so. Everyone
who met the Queen said she was nice.
Shh. The soldiers
might be able to hear you.
Many of these people, have no choice
but to go along with the military.
[Beelzebub] Man, that sucks.
Humans can't be as laid-back
and easygoing as you demons.
We need to get closer.
[Beelzebub] If nothing was blocking my way
I could just jump up there in one leap.
Hmm. I wonder
if there's a better spot around here?
-[Ann] What are you doing?
-[microphone feedback]
[crowd cheering]
Check, check.
[clears throat]
Good people of Forest Land. Greetings!
I am Muniel the Hero.
[crowd cheers]
[Beelzebub] That dang twerp!
Today, I have something important
to share with you.
We've worked hard to convince King Jam
to change his wicked ways.
He was the one
who brought demons to our beloved country.
But, unfortunately,
he's had no change of heart.
And as your hero,
it pains me greatly to tell you this.
Hang in there, you're our hero!
So, right here, right now,
we're going to hold an execution!
[crowd cheers]
Thank you. Thank you!
We must do it for the future
and prosperity of Forest Land!
And we can do it together! All of us!
As your hero, I'll be with you always!
[crowd cheering]
[Beelzebub] He's as much of
a stinkin' egghead as he ever was!
Let me just beat him silly
and take the King back by force!
Don't be crazy!
We haven't seen any sign of my father yet.
Now, if you please. We are about to start
the King's execution.
[crowd cheering]
[Shiva] There it is!
Hey, is this weird stone in here
really all that important?
Yeah, that's what they say,
it's taken years for the entire army
to collect what they have now.
I wonder what they're up to?
What are they using them for?
-[officer] What are you doing here?
Oh, I was just about to
relieve them of their shift.
Is that so?
Because we are supposed to
relieve them of their shift.
Oh. Well, there goes our cover.
What do we do?
Looks like we're gonna have to
put our trust in that Picchi technology.
Enough of your crap.
Just who the hell are you?
[both grunt]
[whimpers, grunts]
-Sounds like something's going down!
[both whimper]
He's just unconscious.
Quite the little weapon here.
That was quite impressive.
[Thief] Please,
I could unlock this in my sleep.
-[alarm blaring]
-[both] Hmm?
Let's go!
[Beelzebub] Ann, can you hear me?
[Ann] Yeah. I can hear you.
I didn't know demons
can do this kind of thing.
[Beelzebub] Yeah. I should
be able to make it up there in one jump.
Let me know as soon as
you see a sign of the King, okay?
I'll fly in from here. Swoosh!
Bang, bang. Take out the bad guys,
then, phew, I escape!
Uh, what? Not sure I got that.
Don't worry, I got this.
You'll see. [chuckles]
[crowd clamoring]
[bystander] There he is!
-[Beelzebub] Is he there?
-[Ann] He's here!
-Hold on. They put him in chains.
-[Beelzebub] Huh?
[person] You traitor!
[crowd clamoring]
Go now!
Got it.
Hey, what the hell?
[Muniel] Ah, what a shame.
I was hoping
that it would burn you to a crisp!
It appears to me
that demons are not very bright creatures.
I can't believe you didn't even realize
you were being watched?
Ha. How convenient.
Now I don't have to look for ya.
you're also lacking discipline.
Have you completely forgotten that
you were no match for me?
No, I don't remember that at all.
You're on my home turf now.
But, don't worry. I'll take care of you.
Stop right there!
[both exclaim]
[panting continues]
The Pow-pow gun isn't working!
I'll be taking my aquanium back now,
General Shiva.
Tell me who you are.
My name is Bred. Shiva.
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