Sand Land: The Series (2024) s01e09 Episode Script

Fiend Power

[both grunting]
[Thief pants]
The pow-pow gun isn't working!
I'll be taking my Aquanium back now,
General Shiva.
Tell me who you are.
My name is Bred, Shiva.
The legendary general of Sand Land
is now no better than a lowly thief.
Guess those demons
have been a bad influence.
I assure you that
demons aren't necessarily evil.
If anything, I'd say people like you,
who misuse the power of Aquanium,
are far more evil.
There's no need to be rude, Shiva.
We only plan on using the Aquanium
as it was intended.
Do you have any idea
what you're dealing with?
A miraculous substance
imbued with tremendous power.
And with this, anything is possible.
It is absolute. Nothing can overpower it.
I find it hard to believe
these are the words of a man
who would lead a country.
All right then. I'll show you
that power and might aren't everything.
Wait a minute.
You don't plan on fighting this guy.
[knuckles crack]
It appears age has blinded you, General.
You have misjudged
the difference in our strength.
But I am willing to humor you.
[grunts, chuckles]
He's a cyborg!
That must be the reason why
the pow-pow gun didn't work.
[both grunting]
[Bred shouting]
[grunting continues]
[Shiva grunts, pants]
I'm impressed, General.
You're quite agile for your age.
Shame your lungs won't last much longer.
It ends here! [grunts]
[grunting continues]
[Bred] You're lucky you dodged that one.
Your shoulders aren't wide enough
to take on such a big burden, young man.
[Thief chuckles] Hup!
Well, well. I guess you demons
aren't that powerful after all.
If I had enough Power of darkness,
I would be able to
knock you clear into tomorrow!
Honestly. What a lame excuse!
-Not again.
-[guard 1 whimpers]
-[Beelzebub grunting]
[guard 2 whimpering]
[guard 2, Beelzebub grunting]
[Muniel] Forgive me.
In order to defeat this hateful fiend,
I must utilize everyone's strength.
Be my shield and sphere.
I command you to obey!
You're playing dirty!
[Muniel] I am not!
You filthy demons who desire our power,
that's what's dirty!
[guards, Beelzebub screaming]
I had no choice. There was
no other way to stop him. I had to!
Can't you fight me fair and square?
Did I just hear a fiend
demand a fair fight from me?
How ridiculous.
What kind of a fiend are you
if you can't handle a few humans?
A chicken that hides behind humans
is no angel!
Be quiet!
I'm simply using my power
the best way I can.
Now, feast your eyes
on the spectacular demise of the demon
as I beat him into submission!
What the hell?
It's showtime, everyone!
[crowd murmuring]
Where is he? The execution's starting.
-[Muniel] Can everybody see me all right?
At this moment, I'm just backstage
behind the executioner's block.
What am I doing here, you might ask?
Well, feast your eyes on this.
[crowd, Ann gasp]
[Muniel] Yes, he is one of
the dreaded fiends of Sand Land!
He has come to our peaceful kingdom
to prevent King Jam's execution!
-Did he say a fiend from Sand Land?
[observer 1] It's true.
There's a connection
between the royal family and the demons!
Now we know for certain
that King Jam was connected
to these terrifying demons!
They had taken control of his mind
so Lucifer and the demons
could throw the country into chaos!
[crowd whispering, murmuring]
Look at this fiend!
So wicked and vile!
You can tell he's evil just by his face!
Shut the hell up, you freaking egg head!
-[crowd gasping]
-A fiend!
-So horrible.
-Don't look!
It's all right. There's no need to worry
for in this great country, there is a hero
who can face these dreadful demons
with strength and courage.
And his name is?
[crowd] Muniel!
Huh? I didn't hear you.
I'll ask you once more.
Who is the hero that can
bring justice to the hateful fiend?
Who is that?
[crowd] Muniel!
Who is the pride and joy of Forest Land?
The hero of the people?
The most perfect, strongest
and bravest angel of them all?
I hear your praise and I accept the task.
By the power of your praise
and words of encouragement,
I shall destroy the fiend!
[crowd cheering]
Things are getting awfully loud
on the square.
I hope the Prince and Ann are all right.
[Beelzebub] Hey, stop!
Let me go! I said let go!
Even if I wanted to, my body won't let me.
-[Muniel] The two of you are so brave.
-[guards, Beelzebub gasp]
You put your bodies in harm's way
to hold the horrible fiend.
Your determination won't go to waste.
Let's bring this to an end now!
Muniel's glorious lightning!
Bon appétit!
[electricity crackles]
[crowd gasping, murmuring]
[Ann gasps]
[crowd gasping]
[Muniel] Behold! Justice will prevail!
[crowd cheering]
I thank you. Thank you all.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I must apologize for the delay.
Now the moment you've been waiting for.
It's execution time!
[cheering continues]
Please don't.
Please don't do it.
[crowd] Muniel! Muniel!
Please don't.
[crowd] Muniel! Muniel!
Don't do it. Don't do it.
Don't do it!
-[crowd] Muniel! Muniel!
Do it.
[Ann gasps]
Don't do it!
[Thief gasps] That voice just now.
[Ann] Father!
Father, are you all right?
[Muniel] Just as Bred predicted.
It's a good thing
we set out that decoy for you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
another person has tried
to interfere in our righteous ceremony.
And that's not all. The culprit is
none other than King Jam's daughter,
Princess Ann!
-[crowd gasps]
-[Muniel] I'm sure you all remember.
Our own princess,
the child of a demon and a demon herself.
You're wrong. I'm not!
You're a liar!
How dare you claim you're not a demon!
Then what did you just do to your voice?
Didn't all of you hear it too?
Yeah, I heard that.
-Yes, it was echoing in my head.
-We all heard it.
Without question,
that can only be the voice of a demon,
-which proves she's a demon herself.
-Get away, demon!
-Get lost!
-We don't want you here!
-Get out of Forest Land!
[crowd jeering]
[Ann whimpers]
-[person 1] Seize them!
-[person 2] They're this way!
[person 1] Those born of demons
become demons themselves!
[person 2] Seize the daughter of a demon!
You're wrong.
-All of you, just shut up!
-You are not still alive. Come on!
-[Beelzebub] Especially you!
-The fiend's back.
-How'd he do it?
-So scary.
Shut up!
All of you, just shut the hell up!
What makes you think she's a demon?
I'm the real demon.
When you think of
your worst nightmare, it's me.
Not a pretty girl!
Can't you see that?
What's so wrong with demons anyway?
I'd rather be a demon any day
instead of a bunch of angry humans
like all of you!
-Picking on helpless people is not cool.
-Let's go.
We gotta get out of here now.
-[crowd gasps]
Hey, don't let them get away!
-[officer 1] Hurry up!
-[officer 2] They're getting away!
-[officer 3] Come on!
-[officer 4] After them!
[Beelzebub panting]
It's okay. I can run by myself now.
Oh, okay.
What about you? Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm all healed up now.
His puny attacks don't affect me!
Ugh, if I had the Power of darkness…
…I could've smacked him into tomorrow!
-Thank you.
Yeah. You protected me back there.
Uh, yeah.
[officer gasps] Wait!
There they are! This way!
Crap. Here they come.
[officer] Stop!
As if! I'm not gonna stop
just 'cause you told me to!
Open fire!
This way.
-[officer 1] Wait! Stop!
-[officer 2] Hey! Get back here!
Oh! Glad you're okay.
Majesty! We were so worried.
-We can save the celebrations for later.
-[Thief, Ann] Huh?
-Let's go.
-[Beelzebub] Right.
Were you guys able to find
what you were looking for?
Yeah. Show him.
Right here.
[Beelzebub] Whoa!
How about you two?
I'm sorry.
Even though I had your help,
I couldn't save my father.
It seems to me they knew
what we were planning somehow.
How do you think they knew?
The one they brought out to the execution
was nothing more than a decoy.
I see.
Damn it! We can't go this way.
-[officers marching]
-[engine revs]
-[Thief exclaims]
Let's turn back!
No, it's too late for that.
[grunts] All right then, fine!
This may be a foe
we can't defeat with force.
[Ann] Commander Bred!
Well, isn't this interesting?
The former princess of Forest Land
returns as an invader
with Sand Land's general and a fiend.
Here we go again.
You had the audacity
to stand there and lecture us?
You're going to pay for that.
[Beelzebub] Dumb egg head.
[Ann] What do we do?
-Your Majesty.
-[Beelzebub grunts]
Hand over the Aquanium,
surrender without incident,
and I will spare all of your lives.
That isn't your decision.
Even if they surrender,
I still want to kill him.
I'll kill him for sure!
How do you plan on killing me
if I blow you away first?
I'm not surrendering to anybody!
[scoffs] Perhaps you should consider
the situation before opening your mouth!
perhaps you shouldn't provoke them.
Hey, don't worry.
They're not gonna shoot at us.
We've got the Aquanium
right here, don't we?
[Thief groans] They look like
they're ready to fire to me.
[Beelzebub grunts]
Could it be…
Everyone, I want you
to take cover behind me.
What are you doing?
Wait! But, Your Majesty--
It'll be fine.
Now fire!
Huh? Prince!
[Shiva, Ann] Belz!
I can totally handle this.
How is this even possible?
Why didn't it work?
Fine then. Tanks!
Take aim!
[groans] And you think you can
withstand this one too?
Well, probably. Yeah.
"Probably" isn't good enough!
I told ya!
-Oh, wow.
-[Shiva, Thief] Whoa!
-[missile whistling]
-Oh, no!
[Shiva, Thief, Ann screaming]
-Shall we pursue?
-That won't be necessary.
Now that we have a reason
to launch an invasion on Sand Land,
we should prioritize
and prepare for Garam's resurrection.
[Shiva] Belz, stop your metallization!
[gasps] That was close!
-Thought I was gonna die!
-[Shiva gasps]
-Look at that!
-[Shiva, Ann gasp]
[Thief] We're not out of the woods yet!
How's it going, Shark? Catching anything?
Nah, not even one.
I don't know if we're gonna have
any luck fishing in this river.
Hmm. Not sure myself.
It's been so long since I've been fishing.
Man, I'm so hungry.
Have patience, Guppy.
This is what happens when you gobble up
all the food we have like a fool!
Pretty sure you ate most of it, Papa.
Pike! Then can you find us
something to eat?
Hmm. Uh…
-What is it? Something big?
[Pike] There are people
coming down the river!
-Can you tell who?
[Pike] It's Beelzebub and his friends!
Wait, are you sure?
-[Beelzebub grunts]
-The current is too fast.
Oh, no. Look. Up ahead!
Hey, Shark.
Run to the other side of the river.
Huh? You got it.
[Shark imitating engine]
Guppy, throw Shark some rope!
[Guppy panting, straining]
[grunting] All right.
Hey! Grab onto the rope, guys!
-[gasps] Everyone, grab on!
-[Thief grunts]
Shark, hold on tight!
No, wait!
[gasps, shouts]
Papa! One of them is floating away!
-[Thief exclaims] Help!
[groans] Damn!
[gasps, panting]
-[Papa grunts]
-[Thief straining]
-[yells] Oh, no! Leg cramp!
Help me! Somebody!
[Shark] Papa! Papa!
[Thief groans] You saved us.
Hey, what made you guys decide to save us?
-Well, Papa told us to.
-[all] Hmm?
[coughs, gasping]
Yeah, I was following orders
to save your lives. [coughs]
Are you okay?
We appreciate your help.
But on whose orders?
They were given by Lango.
Huh? By Lango?
He was a comrade-in-arms years ago
when we were both in the Rebel army.
After the dam was destroyed,
we went looking for a good swimming hole
and swam here to Forest Land.
More accurately,
we got caught in the strong current,
and when we came to, we were here.
They don't need to know that stuff.
That's when I found myself
reunited with Lango.
He was the one who asked me
to help you and your team
as you made your way to the Capital.
Wow. Really?
Thank you so much.
I'm not the only one who deserves thanks.
My boys helped out too, you know.
Wait a minute.
What were you guys doing here
along the river?
-If you were gonna help us out--
Papa somehow lost the map
Lango had given us
to get to the Capital.
Shh, Shark! Shh!
So then you're saying
we were saved by accident?
[stammers] In any case,
everyone is alive and well,
so what difference does it make?
All is well that ends well.
That reminds me. Do you have the Aquanium?
-Show 'em, Thief.
-It's right here.
Huh? [yells]
It's-- It's cracked!
-[Ann gasps]
[Thief] Everyone run!
It's gonna blow us sky-high!
-Oh, no!
[Pike, Shark yell]
No, I think this might just be a decoy.
This is a decoy?
You said that the Forest Land army knew
what we were planning somehow.
[Beelzebub] Yeah.
They may have set up something similar
with the King Jam decoy.
The Aquanium could have been replaced
with this fake one here
in fear of it being stolen.
I bet that's why they didn't hesitate
to shoot at us.
So the execution and Aquanium were
nothing more than traps to lure us in.
Then where are we supposed to find
the real ones?
[Bred] Only one remains.
Well, that shouldn't
present much of a challenge
since we have this.
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