Sand Land: The Series (2024) s01e10 Episode Script

Muniel's Urn

-[parent] Ann?
I thought I'd find you here.
Ah, Mama!
I hadn't seen you for a while
and I was worried about you.
I was looking for some parts for this
so I could put it together.
I know you love playing with these
machines just like your father.
You know your nanny would be angry.
She'd say, "You must learn to behave
like a proper princess, young lady."
I'm sorry, Mama.
But I'm learning to be proper too.
No need to apologize.
I want you to be able to do
what your heart desires.
Just like I've had
the freedom to do all my life.
Really, Mama?
So, why don't we leave this dusty room
and find a place for you
to play with fresh air.
'Kay. Then can I take this with me?
Well, it doesn't look
like anyone's using it.
Sure, I'll let your father know.
Oh, good! Thank you, Mama!
-[footsteps departing]
[Bred] Sand Land continues to
expand its forces day by day.
Should they mount
an offensive in the future,
the consequences could be disastrous.
[Jam] Hmm.
As a preemptive precaution,
I request permission to revive
technologies lost in the Great War.
The King of Sand Land is simply
a lazy royal living in the lap of luxury.
He doesn't have the slightest bit
of interest in war. I assure you.
Yes, but our problem is Commander Zeu.
He's both hawkish and cunning.
He could easily coerce the King
into starting an invasion.
Yes, I understand
General Zeu gravely wounded you
during a battle at the border
and how much you resent him for it.
However, there were casualties
on both sides
and ultimately, we settled
the matter amicably.
So what you're saying is that
our military will remain the same?
Technology should never be used
as a means to threaten human lives.
On the contrary, it should be used
to help those who are in need.
You know that better than anyone.
Don't you, Commander Bred?
-[prosthesis clanks]
-[Bred groans]
I understand.
I'll take my leave.
[door closes]
-[Jam sighs]
-[Lango grunts]
[door opens]
Excuse me, is now a good time?
Oh, Lilith. What is it, dear?
[object thuds]
[Lilith] I was in the old treasury,
and I found this.
It's quite beautiful.
I wonder what it is though.
This is Aquanium.
-Wait, did you say Aquanium?
No! That terrifying stone capable of
generating massive amounts of energy?
I'm sure it is, no doubt.
I saw it before, during the Great War.
The massive explosion that rocked
Sand Land almost 20 years ago.
It was caused by this accursed Aquanium.
We must keep it hidden.
Should Commander Bred find out about this,
he'd surely use it as a weapon.
It certainly is dangerous.
We definitely can't keep it here.
And we can't just dispose of it
carelessly either.
-I'll ask my father to take care of it.
You know you can trust him, don't you?
Uh, it's not that.
To some extent, it just might be
our safest option, King Jam.
[Bred] It can't be.
It really is true.
[Muniel] Just as I told you.
The Queen of Forest Land is a fiend.
[Beelzebub] Aren't you going to sleep?
What about you?
I came up here to absorb
the Power of darkness,
but tonight's not looking good either.
[Ann] Hmm.
[Beelzebub] So, you really had no idea
that you were a demon, did ya?
But I--
I always knew there was
something off about me.
I seemed to be more athletic
than most other people,
and my wounds would heal faster too.
I bet.
Take my word for it,
being a demon's great!
We're more powerful than any human,
and we live way longer.
There are lots of things
that make life easier for us.
I guess. You might be right. [gasps]
Hold on, did you come up here
just to encourage me?
Oh! Hey, look, the moon's coming out!
You wanna try absorbing
the Power of darkness with me?
[Ann] No, I don't think I'm ready
to jump into that just yet.
Hold your hands out
and face the moon just like this.
I said I'm not doing that!
And then you close your eyes tight.
[Ann groans]
[reporter] This just in regarding the
incident at King Jam's execution ceremony.
Princess Ann intervened
to prevent the execution.
But our hero, Muniel, seized her
and proved that Princess Ann is,
in fact, a demon.
-After that, the princess and the…
-They're saying Ann is a demon.
But they're lying, aren't they?
No, I'm afraid they're telling the truth.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
So Ann has been deceiving us all along?
Not quite. She wasn't entirely aware of
the demon blood running through her veins.
-[tarpaulin ruffles]
We just received a message
from the Swimmers.
It seems they were able to
meet up with Ann.
[engine whirring]
I wasn't able to bring my father back
or the Aquanium.
Try not to worry.
King Jam will be just fine.
But based on the military movements,
it's safe to assume
they're still gathering Aquanium.
And thank you, Swimmers, for everything.
-[Guppy snoring]
-Nah, it was a piece of cake.
So, does everyone
in The Resistance know about me?
Now they all know I'm a demon.
The army broadcasted it, I'm afraid.
Were they upset with me?
Reactions have been mixed.
I think most of them
are just rather confused.
Then I probably shouldn't go back
for a while. Should I?
Try not to worry yourself.
Things'll settle down soon.
Did you know about me all along?
Yes, I was entrusted to keep it a secret.
Lady Lilith said that
she wanted to tell you everything herself
when the time was right.
-[Beelzebub] Huh?
-Wait a second. What did you say?
Huh? Lilith? Lilith is what now?
Lady Lilith is King Jam's Queen.
So what you're saying is,
since Lilith is a demon,
her daughter, Ann, is a demon too?
That's it exactly.
Wait a sec, what's going on?
[Beelzebub] Well, you see,
I think Lilith's, uh…
She's my sister.
[Thief] It's true. I can confirm it.
Hold on, then that must mean you are…
I'm your uncle?
So the two of you are actually related?
It's no wonder they're so much alike.
[both] Yeah, in what way?
See that right there? [chuckles]
-Knock it off! Stop lumping us together!
-[Thief] Please, Majesty!
-What are you talking about?
Belz and I have
absolutely nothing in common!
[Thief] Let me go already!
Honestly, I had no idea about any of this.
Lilith actually chose to marry a human.
So then Lucifer must not know about this?
Not sure.
He could have known, but we didn't.
Lady Lilith must've met
with Lucifer at least once.
[Thief] Really? When could
that have happened?
It was shortly before the coup.
We had discussed the idea
of having Lucifer look after the Aquanium.
So then, are you saying that
there could be Aquanium
in the Demon Village?
No way! I've never heard
anything about that.
Hey! Pike mentioned earlier
that he saw a battleship
flying toward Sand Land
just this morning at dawn.
They didn't seem to be searching for us
at all, which seemed kinda weird.
-[all gasp]
-What? Then are they after the Aquanium?
The Demon Village is in danger!
No, I don't think we have to worry.
King Lucifer is there, after all.
Is Lucifer really that powerful?
-That's Lord Lucifer to you!
And besides that, missy,
he's your grandfather too!
Yeah, I'm still not really
comfortable with that.
Humans don't stand a chance against him
no matter how many there are.
He could take out that angel twerp
with just a flick of his finger.
My dad is mega, freakin' strong.
Hold on.
Come to think of it,
my sister's really strong too.
Where did she go?
She was sealed in an urn by Muniel.
Sealed in an urn?
Are you kidding me?
She'd never let an egg-headed angel
capture her like that!
I'm afraid you're wrong. I saw it myself.
[door opens]
We have a problem, Lady Lilith!
There's been a coup!
-You must take Princess Ann and escape!
-A coup d'état?
Yes, and the King has already
been detained by the military!
But why would they do that?
[Muniel] It's all your fault.
You're to blame, Queen Lilith.
Or should I say, Lilith the Fiend.
How dare you.
You are a fiend, and yet here you are,
pretending to be our Queen
while betraying the country and citizens!
Our Queen has done
nothing of the sort. That's a lie.
-Shut up! You will be silent!
-[lightning crackling]
[Lango grunts]
Lady Lilith!
[Muniel] There.
You see that, everyone? Look.
-[soldiers gasping]
-You can see for yourself.
It's totally obvious. Queen Lilith is a--
[urn clatters]
[whirs, clicks]
How dare you! I was still talking!
That's not fair.
If the problem is that
the Queen is a fiend,
then all you'd have to do
is run me out of town.
But instead, you instigated a coup
so that you could take over
this country, didn't you?
No, you have it all wrong.
Such an amateur idea from an angel.
I won't allow you to get away with this.
No, please!
Do you know what happens
when you anger a demon?
You're about to find out for yourself!
[urn whirs]
[screaming stops]
[both gasp]
[both chuckle]
That's what happens
when a demon tries to defy me!
-[laughing continues]
-I'm sorry, Queen Lilith.
I must save the princess.
-[soldier 1] They're this way!
-[soldier 2] Seize them!
[person 1] Those born of demons
become demons themselves!
[person 2] Seize the daughter of a demon!
-[Beelzebub] Wow.
My sister is really inside of an urn.
[gasps] Wait, that urn
you were talking about,
is it shaped like this?
With an eyeball in the middle of it too?
Yes, I believe it did look like that.
Are you sure? Man, that's bad.
[radar pinging]
With this, we'll have secured
the last of the Aquanium.
It took us so long to get to this point.
A very long time.
[Muniel] I am so over this!
Every single day it's just
more and more labor. I'm done!
[angel] Try to be patient.
Keep doing good deeds
and then you'll become a senior angel.
But I feel like I'm wasting time
with all this small stuff.
[gasps] Wait, I know.
What if I cleaned up
most of the filthy beings
living on Earth for good?
I'm the one and only Muniel!
I've descended from the Celestial World
to wipe out all of you ugly demons!
What's up with this little guy?
He's got wings. Is he an angel?
-Reveal yourselves and come at me!
-This kid seems like
-he's got some real issues.
-[Muniel] Are you afraid?
I think one of us
should go get the Prince.
The Prince just left a few minutes ago.
These demons are so pathetic.
All right, fine then!
Where is King Lucifer?
So he's that way, huh?
[music playing on TV]
-[Muniel] You must be Lucifer.
-[wings flap]
I am the angel Muniel.
I have come to cleanse this earth of evil.
[King Lucifer chuckles]
-[music continues]
-Wait, what's so funny?
[grunts] It's rude to watch TV
while someone's talking to you!
In the name of the heavens, I shall
put an end to your long, dark history!
You need to know that angels
like yourself are not welcome here.
Get out while you can. [chuckles]
[Muniel grunts] I warned you.
Watching TV is rude!
[lightning crackles]
You've been warned.
Next time, it'll be you.
What have you done? How dare you.
It took me a lot of time
and energy to get this TV.
It's a 37-inch, and you ruined it.
Who cares about your dumb TV!
You had the nerve to ignore me. [gasps]
-[wings straining]
Time for you to get out.
[debris clattering]
[soldier] What was that? A meteorite?
[gasps] My angel wings! My wings!
-[grunts, sighs]
-[staff clattering]
[Bred] What is it?
[soldier] It's a child.
He fell from the sky.
[Bred] Who is this?
Just the thought of it makes me so angry.
Don't let those memories get to you.
We never would have met
if it weren't for that encounter
on that day.
-[scoffs] Well, that is true.
-[radar pinging]
There it is. I can see it.
Just you wait, Lucifer.
[engine revving]
-[Beelzebub] Come on. Can't you go faster?
-I'm already going as fast as I can.
-[both grunt]
-[engine sputters]
There's smoke coming out of the engine.
-Oh, come on. Now what?
-[Ann] Let me take a look.
Gimme a sec. I can fix it, okay?
-Forget it. Running is faster.
-[Thief] Prince!
[Gremlin] What's that?
[Centaur] Look at the size
of that ship. How does it fly?
[all clamoring, screaming]
Why did they start shooting?
-[Gargoyle] King Lucifer!
Someone has started
attacking us from the sky.
-[explosions booming]
-Yes, yes. I'm aware. You're dismissed.
-I said you're dismissed. Get out!
Yes, sir.
Did we get him?
No. That would be far too easy.
The Great King Lucifer. That's him.
[gasps, chuckles]
Dad, it's dangerous!
Don't go near that dumb angel!
Long time no see, Lucifer.
I don't know you.
You tore off my beautiful angel wings,
and now you've forgotten?
More importantly,
I was very close to completing
a 10,000-piece jigsaw puzzle,
but now it's destroyed.
What are you gonna do about it?
That's none of my concern.
I said what are you going to do about it?
[Muniel, Bred straining]
Come to think of it,
could it have been you
who made Lilith's presence disappear?
-Answer me now!
-[gasps, strains]
How about I take you apart
like a jigsaw puzzle?
Bred, now!
All right, Lucifer. This is the end.
-What was that?
-[urn whirs, clicks]
[grunts, screams]
[both gasp]
[chuckles] I did it!
I finally sealed away
The Great King Lucifer!
[Gargoyle] Great King Lucifer.
I just can't believe it.
-What are we gonna do now?
-We can't beat these guys!
[Gargoyle] Run!
[demons clamoring]
Everyone! Find the Aquanium
and bring it to me!
[Muniel] Kill any demons
that dare get in the way!
[soldier] We've found it!
That makes five.
Now we have them all.
[Thief] Majesty!
Sorry for the wait.
Come on, Belz. Get in.
[Beelzebub] No, we're too late.
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