Sand Land: The Series (2024) s01e11 Episode Script

Flying Fortress Garam

Now we have five.
A full set.
[metal clangs]
The time has finally come.
[display panel beeping]
[pilot] Aquanium energy levels verified.
[pilot 2] Gravity control, normal.
Looking good.
Is everything ready?
[both] Yes, sir!
Then prepare Garam for--
We agreed I'd give the launch order.
-Be my guest.
Launch Flying Fortress Garam!
Here goes.
-[Shark shouts]
-[Pike laughs]
[birds tweeting]
Hey, what's that shaking?
What shaking?
You can't feel it in the water--
What the heck is that?
[Muniel laughing] It can really fly!
Now this is what I call
real Picchi technical finesse.
Now prepare to fire the main gun!
What? Muniel.
[beam crackling]
Firing in ten seconds.
Nine, eight, seven, six…
[all gasp]
[pilot] …three, two, one.
[blast fades]
Wh-What a mighty beast.
A holy light that tears
through the heavens.
[pilot] Main gun recharging.
Five hours until it's ready to fire again.
What? We can't hit them with rapid fire?
[Bred] We should refrain from firing
in Forest Land territory.
The damage would be too great.
Don't worry.
I've got the perfect target in mind.
The Resistance's secret base.
[groans] But we don't know
the exact location.
Who cares? A vague idea will do.
Such extremes are not necessary.
Now we have Garam,
they're sure to back down.
Come now, Bred.
To waste such a power as this--
Wouldn't it be a pity?
With this monster,
we have the whole world at our fingertips.
We have become gods.
[wind whistling]
I've known My Prince a very long time.
I've never seen him like this.
Fearful and angry.
Grieving the loss of his father.
His village burnt to the ground,
with the demons nowhere to be seen.
Anyhow, he's all out of sorts right now.
Best leave him be.
-Where's Belz?
-Still snoozing.
Oh, what's that?
The Forest Land Army have broken
the non-aggression pact.
They say it's in retaliation
against the demons.
Yes, the Demon Village was destroyed.
[grunts] Are they trying to start a war?
That is a strong possibility.
[Are] What?
Their movements suggest
they are almost ready.
There's a report from the troops
near the border.
What is it?
There's a huge, round object
flying in Forest Land territory.
Its diameter is one kilometer.
What nonsense!
Something that big can't fly--
-[Shiva] It's Garam.
-[gasps] Garam?
They were collecting
the Aquanium for energy.
Garam needs a huge amount of energy
to get back up and running.
[tank driver] We're picking up
communications from the Forest Land side.
[Are gasps]
It seems to be a radio broadcast
to all of Sand Land and Forest Land.
Put it on speaker.
To my beloved citizens of Forest Land,
and to those foolish peasants
of Sand Land.
This is Muniel, your hero,
ruler of Forest Land!
We have brought the mighty
Flying Fortress Garam back to life.
Now, let me exhibit its power!
The Resistance, who have threatened
our safety, will be the first guinea pig.
Time to show you the back door!
[blast echoing]
[chuckles, cackling]
What just happened?
With Garam,
we will wage a war of justice
against the fiend-loving Sand Land.
[transmission static]
A declaration of war.
Garam's main gun
has destroyed the mountainous area
in central Forest Land.
That's where The Resistance base camp is!
That's who they were aiming for.
Supreme Commander Are,
we've captured some prowlers.
I don't give a damn about prowlers!
Deal with it later.
But one of them
wants to see General Shiva.
Me? What do they look like?
It's a man in swimming trunks.
Let me go!
What makes you think we're prowlers?
Swimmers! What are you doing here?
Good, General Shiva.
Listen up.
This Garam, or whatever it's called,
just appeared out of nowhere.
You saw Garam up close?
Yes, a monster ten times
the size of these mountains.
Is The Resistance okay?
My friends? Lango?
Oh, speaking of…
-[Lango] Ann!
[Ann] Lango!
Simmit! Sconne!
I'm so relieved you're okay.
Yes, they came to warn us.
I panicked when I saw they were in danger
and sent Shark running to find them.
We're all safe thanks to you.
-Thank you!
[gasps] You-- You're most welcome.
But that terrifying weapon…
The whole mountain we were hiding in
was obliterated.
If they bombard us like that again,
Sand Land will share the same fate.
-[Are grunts]
What should we do?
If we want to protect our people,
we must consider surrendering.
If we let them continue, it won't just be
Sand Land, but the whole world--
-[Beelzebub] Surrender?
-[Ann gasps]
That's not an option.
I won't let those bastards
get the better of me.
The Demon Village was totally wiped out.
They won't get away with it!
You're feeling better?
What? I'm always fine.
Fine? You were down
in the dumps, for sure.
Don't make rash assumptions.
I was working on a strategy.
Lilith and King Lucifer
were only sucked into that freaky urn.
So you're saying King Lucifer
and Princess Lilith are still alive?
-And Mama?
That's why I'm gonna smash up
that shit angel and get the urn!
But they have Garam.
No matter how stupidly big it is,
if we take out the morons driving it,
we can stop it.
How do we get inside?
We-- Well, that's--
I thought you had a strategy?
You can use the Royal Army Tanks or planes
or whatever other junk you've got
to get me in.
Then, pow, pow, pow!
I'll blow them to smithereens.
What kind of sketchy plan
do you call that?
Whatever. We can leave that part
to old man and his lot.
Just leave it all to them.
[both gasp, exhale]
-What shall we do, Supreme Commander Are?
I don't think we have a choice.
The Resistance will do its best to help.
Count us in too.
I appreciate the offer, but…
They're former soldiers
from the Rebel army.
I wouldn't underestimate them.
The Rebel army?
In that case, I'd be glad for your help.
Garam has started moving toward Sand Land!
[all gasping]
There's no time.
Quickly, prepare for battle!
[all] Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
[Are] The forces we can have in place
in time are the ones that are here now,
and those deployed in the vicinity.
Looks like we'll have to use planes
to get in.
I think so.
But I want more information about Garam.
A job for Pike. Can you remember?
Yes. Let me see.
Something like…
-[Are] Wow.
So where can we get in?
[Shiva] Here.
Let's aim for that spot by plane.
What are these black dots?
What were they… Yes!
[Are] Drones with bombs attached?
They've taken precautions
to prevent infiltration.
[Ann] Excuse me.
-Would you show me the engine?
[no audible dialogue]
[metal clinks]
It should be perfect now.
Ha! More dim-witted than I thought.
It's because you fired twice
before the energy had fully diffused.
Never mind.
Let's give those Sand Land buffoons
a little rest.
It's here. Garam.
This is Are to all units.
Garam is about to arrive at the location.
Each of you, on my signal,
move forward with the plan.
How long has it been since
we stood on the battlefield together?
Too long for me to remember.
I never thought I'd be fighting
shoulder to shoulder with General Shiva.
You never know what life will bring you.
That's Garam.
That thing is beyond imagination.
Ann, are you gonna be okay?
I'm fine.
We're gonna stop Garam, no matter what.
Don't let Muniel get to you, okay?
Operation go!
[engine starts]
First shot right on the nose.
We Swimmers deserve more credit!
You said it!
We'll blast the next one.
Keep up with the Swimmers.
We're under fire from Sand Land tanks
on the ground.
-How many?
As far as I can tell, 12 of them.
Ha! Do they really think
they stand a chance with 12 tanks?
It's possible they have
a trick up their sleeves.
Put some Auto-bots on the ground.
Raise Garam higher.
Papa! There's something weird over there.
[both scream]
[both screaming]
[all grunt]
[Papa] Ouch!
All vehicles take refuge!
[tank engine rumbles]
They react based on movement.
-Pike, I need you.
What do you see?
When it shoots a beam,
a little red area opens up.
[Are] Guppy, can you aim for that?
[groans] Not if it keeps moving.
-On it.
[Are] Now!
Got it! All vehicles, attack.
Confuse them with erratic movement.
Now you're talkin', Supreme Commander Are.
Come on, let's go!
What was that noise?
[Thief] Whoa, whoa, whoa!
You gotta be kidding me!
Now this?
What is that?
It's a Geji Dragon.
[dragon growls]
[grunts] It's lured by sound.
-That was close.
-It's coming again.
-We're falling!
-[Beelzebub, Ann groan]
If we don't take the chance now,
we won't get in.
-[alarm beeping]
-Emergency landing.
Everyone, hold on tight!
Cut the wires!
-[Shiva] Quickly!
[all scream]
Thief, make a 60 degree turn to the south.
Belz, crank up the Antigrav Stone.
Wh-What's the plan?
I don't have time to explain.
Keep going full speed ahead.
General Shiva?
[Thief] There's a Geji Dragon hole ahead.
-I know. Keep going!
-[engine revving]
What are you firing at?
We're gonna fall in if we don't stop.
Keep going.
Are you kidding! You've lost it.
[all gasp]
[all screaming]
Come on.
[dragon roaring]
[all scream]
[shot fires]
[dragon screams]
[screaming continues]
[all gasp]
They made it.
The living legend is a legend once more.
[all groaning]
A perfect operation.
Which bit, exactly?
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