Sand Land: The Series (2024) s01e12 Episode Script

The Final Battle!

The living legend is a legend once more.
[all groaning]
A perfect operation.
Which bit, exactly?
[wind howling]
Man, it's huge.
Good thing we rammed into it
with the tank.
But damn is it noisy in here though.
So this is Picchi technology?
[Shiva] Let's be quick.
They could fire the main gun any minute.
Where are we headed?
A fortress this big is bound to have
some sort of control room.
Let's find it.
Can you hear anything?
Hard to make anything out
amidst all this scrambled noise.
I think it's this way.
[soldier] The Sand Land Royal Army Tanks
are pulling back.
[Bred] Did we take any damage?
We lost Drone 32 and ten Auto-bots,
but almost no damage to Garam itself.
Such an ostentatious display
for an ambush.
And for what? Absolutely nothing.
-Bring up the damage to Garam.
-[soldier] Yes, sir!
This is a hangar?
[Thief] It's a dead end.
[Beelzebub] I'll take a look around.
[Ann] I'll go with you.
Can't see any way through all this cargo.
It's all being transported by drone.
Hey! What are you doing?
Wait there. I've got an idea.
-[panel beeps]
Yes. Now we can move things around.
I can also find out what's inside.
-What's this?
-[alarm blaring]
-Trespassers in the Area 9 hangar!
[Bred] They must have infiltrated
during the attack.
[Muniel] I'll leave the pest control
with you, Bred.
Though it'll all be over
by the time you get back.
What will be?
How long until we can fire
the main gun again?
-[soldier] One hour.
-[Bred grunts]
Yes, in one hour the Royal Capital
of Sand Land will be reduced to ash.
There's no need to fire.
Once they lay eyes on Garam,
their surrender is only a matter of time.
You're too forgiving, Bred.
The enemy are cowards
who collude with demons!
If we don't eradicate them now,
who knows how they'll retaliate?
The Royal Capital is a large,
central population.
-The casualties would be immense.
Then how about this?
Excellent. We can make
our way through now.
I found something even more useful
than I thought.
[Shiva] A communications device?
I don't need one.
[rapid beeping]
[Muniel] Test, test.
Hey! It's the radio again.
[Muniel] To the Sand Land buffoons.
I, Muniel the Hero,
am the ruler of Forest Land!
Grinds my gears every single time.
[Muniel] Now, this is important,
so I need you to listen carefully.
In one hour from now, Garam will fire
its main gun towards the Royal Capital!
-[Thief] What?
-In one hour?
Hurry, we don't have much time.
[Muniel] Surrender is no longer an option.
You refused to heed my warning,
and instead you chose to defy me.
[soldier 1] One hour until they fire?
[soldier 2 coughs]
I have footage of the flying fortress!
[soldiers gasp]
[soldier 1] What is that beast?
-[swimmer laughing]
-[soldier 3] Your Majesty!
It's the Forest Land Army!
-Where is the king?
-[both] Huh?
[Muniel] I repeat.
In one hour from now,
Garam will fire its main gun
towards the Royal Capital!
[panting] I don't wanna die.
There's still so many things
I wanna do in my life!
Owie! I got a boo-boo!
Somebody carry me. Help!
[Ann] There's the exit.
It's shuttered tight.
[electricity crackles]
…what's that sound?
[gasps] Stop!
-[Beelzebub grunts]
-[Ann gasps]
[Beelzebub grunts]
[metallic thudding]
[snickers] So, we meet again.
Here comes trouble.
The metal man went and got more metal.
Shall I ask why you're here?
We're here to stop your wild recklessness.
Wild recklessness?
We are leading Forest Land
in the right direction.
This beast goes beyond human intellect.
You really think you can control it?
With myself at the helm,
I know I can use Garam correctly.
I thought you'd be a little smarter
for a soldier,
but now all I see is
a tyrant obsessed with power.
I don't want to hear it from the man
who brought the Picchi to ruin!
That's why I'm warning you.
I'm telling you
this is the wrong way to go about it.
[grunts] Enough!
-Thief, retreat!
Without power, we are on the road to ruin.
This is the only path left
for Forest Land!
[Beelzebub shouts]
[Shiva] Belz!
This is just a scratch.
-He's okay.
There's no time.
Belz, you head for the control room.
Got it.
But what about him?
What are you mumbling about?
We'll take it from here.
[scoffs] Won't work.
Come at me, bud!
[Bred gulps]
[engine starts]
Get back here!
[PA announcement]
Firing main gun in 40 minutes.
It's all up to you, Belz.
[Beelzebub] Right, you just leave it
to me!
That went well.
Don't speak too soon.
Save it for once we're safely out of here.
The Area 7 gate has been breached!
What in the world is Bred doing?
[soldier] Area 6 gate also breached!
That pace. That momentum.
I will investigate.
You guys hurry it up
with the firing process.
He's here. He's here!
Turn right.
[Thief] Here we go.
[Ann] You still alive?
Did you get my present?
Yes. You saved us.
Now we switch to counterattack.
On it.
Don't even bother.
This is child's play.
I won't let you through!
Now! Shoot the container.
Get a load of this!
We did it?
[powering up]
You may have caught me off guard,
but I'm not done yet.
Look out! Ann, get out of there.
[gasps, grunting]
-[grunting continues]
-[Shiva] Ann!
[breathing shakily]
The control panel's broken.
I can't move the containers anymore.
-You go on ahead.
-[Ann] What?
There's no time. Go after Belz.
-Don't worry about us.
I've got a trick up my sleeve.
You just stop that main gun from firing.
[groans, grunts]
[Ann] I'm fine.
I'm headed for the exit.
Hey, so what's this trick of yours?
-[Shiva] I don't have one.
Us old geezers gotta be
the sacrificial pawns.
I may look old, but I'm
about the same age as the Prince.
[Shiva] You better keep moving
if you want to get even older!
Out of my way!
This it?
-[electricity crackling]
[Muniel] Well done on making it this far.
I wonder what sort of underhanded trickery
you used this time, Fiend Prince.
There you are, egg head.
That's no way to address
the Creator of the New World.
Can it, you shit angel! Gimme those urns!
You mean…
these urns?
You've got Dad and sis in there.
[Muniel] That's right.
You fiends sure are simple creatures.
To think an entire family would fall
for the same trap.
[gulps] Mmm.
[swallows, burps]
[grunts] I'm gonna kill you!
[Muniel] Never fear.
I shall fell you with my very own hands.
You think your lightning can stop me?
[both grunt]
Here, I am blessed with Aquanium
and just the right amount of humidity.
You shall fall to my utmost power.
Time's up, so-called legend.
[Shiva grunts]
We just need one shot at it
when it's open.
Belz. Where are you?
Right now, I'm--
-[Muniel grunts]
Come now,
you should be concentrating in battle.
[grunts] Ouch! Ouch!
The power reserves?
[PA announcement]
Firing main gun in ten minutes.
-Firing main gun…
You just don't know when to give up.
Cut off by the maze of your own making.
What fools!
-[Thief] Hup!
This ought to work against the flesh.
Why you little--
Holy cow!
It didn't work.
This guy won't go down.
That's okay.
How about now?
We did it!
[PA announcement]
Firing main gun in five minutes.
-[panting] Time's running out!
-Firing main gun in five minutes.
[Beelzebub, Muniel grunting]
[metal clanging]
[grunting continues]
Take this, shit angel!
This is the control unit.
[panel powers up, beeps]
It's locked.
[PA announcement]
Firing main gun in three minutes.
I knew it'd be complicated,
but not like this.
-[blow lands]
What's wrong? Out of lightning?
Shut up.
Flail all you want, but you're finished!
[PA announcement]
Firing main gun in one minute.
All on board, brace for impact.
Come on, Ann.
I'm trying. [grunts]
[PA announcement]
Firing main gun in nine, eight,
seven, six,
five, four, three,
two, one…
Low energy. Low energy.
-Cannot fire main gun.
-[Ann] We did it, Belz!
-Stay back, Ann!
No! [gulps]
Ann! [screaming]
Don't move. Be a good boy.
Princess Ann.
-Did you do this?
Stop it!
I said don't move!
Move, and I'll kill her.
[Beelzebub] You're a coward.
Be quiet, and behold my power.
[imitates Ann] Belz!
You shut up too.
That is, if you don't want
your throat pierced.
[Beelzebub screaming]
[Muniel] You damned fiend,
always messing up my plans.
-[metal clanging]
-This right here is
the real difference in power
between you and I.
Hmm. [chuckles]
Now, Princess Ann.
[gasps, grunts]
How dare you show your face here.
You're a filthy fiend spawn.
-I'm gonna enjoy this--
-[deep growling]
-[Beelzebub continues growling]
[whimpers, grunts]
-[Beelzebub exclaims]
-[Muniel screaming]
What the hell?
[gasps] Stay back!
Or else, she'll--
[shrieks, crying]
-[crying continues]
My-- Look at my hand!
[Beelzebub shouts]
[Muniel screams]
You did it!
[Muniel] You have got to be kidding me.
You're kidding.
[breathing heavily]
[Ann gasps]
You odious fiends.
[inhales] You inferior, detestable fiends.
You should know your place!
[distorted] I am an angel.
I am a hero.
And I will be your god!
Oh, come on!
[PA announcement] Energy depleting.
Power source malfunctioning.
[Beelzebub, Ann grunt]
[powering down]
What's going on?
I'm not sure,
but I think we're going to crash!
I'll leave that with you.
What about you?
Somebody's gotta deal with
this monstrosity.
Quickly, go!
[gasps] All right.
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