Sand Land: The Series (2024) s01e13 Episode Script

The Battle Comes to an End

Oh, come on!
-[PA announcement] Energy depleting.
-[alarm blaring]
-Power source malfunctioning.
-[Beelzebub, Ann grunt]
[powering down]
I'm not sure,
but I think we're going to crash!
I'll leave that with you.
What about you?
Somebody's gotta deal
with this monstrosity.
Quickly, go!
[gasps] All right.
[alarm blaring]
Something's happening.
Let's just hurry and get to the Prince.
Where is the incident taking place?
-The power's not coming back!
-What did you say?
-Shit, what's going on?
-Where's Muniel and General Bred?
Garam's about to crash at this rate!
[panting continues]
What are you doing?
[Ann gasps]
-[computer beeps]
-[Ann] I knew it.
Everyone, you need to evacuate now.
Garam is going to crash.
[soldier 1] We're gonna crash?
[soldier 2] No way…
[soldier 3] Garam is going to fall?
-She's the enemy. Can we really trust her?
[all screaming]
What was that?
[Ann] Please believe me!
I don't want anyone to die!
[soldier 1] Attention. All on board.
Commence emergency evacuation
at your nearest Escape Pod.
[both grunt]
You've made a wise decision. Thank you.
We should evacuate as well.
The Area 2 Escape Pod can't fit
-all of us.
Then we'll use the neighboring Pods.
-Power's dropping too fast. [gasps]
-[soldier] Guide the soldiers.
-See it done.
-You go on ahead!
-Where are you going?
[grunts, screams]
Damn it!
-The bigger the foe…
…the tougher the fight!
[Beelzebub] But the bigger the foe,
the wider the openings!
No fair! You can control it?
Got you!
-Take that! And that! And that!
-And that!
I'm completely helpless in that grasp.
Ann, can you hear me?
Bred is down.
Where are you now?
I'm-- Wait.
I can hear the tank.
I'm glad you're safe.
Hey, where's the Prince?
He's fighting a giant-sized Muniel
just up ahead.
You've gotta save him,
and get out in an Escape Pod!
What about you?
I'll boot up the power reserves.
Otherwise Garam will crash,
and it's going to explode!
Isn't this thing loaded
with five Aquanium Capsules?
If it explodes, then Sand Land…
[Shiva] Damn it…
I'll figure it out.
Figure it out?
[Ann] I majored in mechanics.
So you just leave Garam to me.
I get to keep Garam's parts
if it all goes well, you hear!
You all right letting her go?
[chuckles] We'd only get in the way.
Let's have faith in her.
[Thief chuckles]
You've gotten pretty chill these days.
This should do it-- [screams]
You helped my men evacuate
in the Escape Pods.
And yet,
you remain on board
to stop Garam from crashing.
There's no excuse not to help you.
[screams, pants]
Are you all right?
Forget about me.
You just focus on that.
[gasps, pants]
[Bred groans]
Is Papa all right?
He's fine.
You must despise me
for taking everything from you.
[breathes shakily]
you even look down on me
in my current state.
Look down on?
I seized the kingdom on moral principle
and raised Garam from the ashes.
I thought it would put an end
to all this fighting.
But Garam was too powerful.
I was blinded by that power,
and I was unable to stop Muniel.
This is all my doing.
I brought about a great evil.
I thought I was in the right,
but I was so wrong.
[breathes shakily, groans]
[Ann] Fiends and humans,
who's right and who's wrong,
none of that matters.
What matters
is lending a helping hand
to those who need it now.
Like you did for me.
That's how I want to put my skills to use.
[PA announcement]
Power reserves activating.
It's back up! Garam should stay up
for a little longer now.
[Bred gasps]
-Watch it!
What's this?
Crap! What happened?
[grunts] Now's my chance!
Was there not enough Aquanium?
-[metal clangs]
Take this!
No, wait!
Not now… Not my Power of darkness…
[gasps] What's wrong? Run out of steam?
Your luck of the devil
has finally run its course.
Justice always prevails!
[Beelzebub panting]
let's finish this once and for all!
[Beelzebub] I'm in trouble…
You all right, Belz?
My Prince! We've come to rescue you!
I don't remember asking for your help.
[Thief] It's okay,
we know you're in a pickle--
Whoa, that's a big angel!
-[gasps] Here it comes.
-[Thief] Can't dodge this!
[Beelzebub, Muniel grunt]
-[Beelzebub pants]
Your target's over here. [panting]
Why, you little--
Must you be forever getting
on my last nerve?
Damn, we only gained
a little bit of extra time.
Can we make a soft landing somewhere?
We'd still explode.
The desert and the ocean
are all full of life…
Yes, but sometimes sacrifices must be made
if we want to save the majority.
I know that!
Where would have the least casualties?
There's not a blade of grass
or a single insect.
This is what they call the Doomlands.
[gasps] I think I know a place.
[Thief] This is bad.
We've gotta cover him!
[Shiva] Yes, but there's
only one bullet left.
Gotta make this one count.
Time to end this.
Rao, quickly!
Take this!
[laughs] I won!
That accursed fiend.
I became a god and slayed him
with my own two hands!
[stutters] The Prince… The Prince lost.
Why didn't you shoot?
You said the Prince is the most
fearsome fiend in the world.
Isn't that right?
[Shiva] Ann, can you see outside
from where you are?
What? Outside?
What's this?
I thought you'd be shrinking away,
tail between your legs by now.
All right then.
How about I hurtle you up to the heavens?
Please hit…
[scoffs] What kind of shoddy aim was that?
Did you really think
you could beat me with that?
-Humans truly are foolish creatures.
[Shiva] There it is!
[Thief] The Prince!
What's happening?
That's why you need someone
to guide you down the right path.
Yes! A ray of hope
to shed light on the darkness.
A sacred guardian to sanitize
this degenerate world!
A god! Me! Muniel!
-[Beelzebub] Don't you ever shut up?
[gasps] He's alive.
[inhales deeply]
We did it, Thief. Let's get out of here!
Full-speed withdrawal!
[Thief] Aight!
[grunting, panting]
Damn it!
[Beelzebub] I hope you're ready for this.
Shit angel!
[gasps] Out of my sight!
No one gets to be
more evil
than a fiend!
Oh, no!
The urns with Dad and Sis in 'em…
-You did it!
Leave the urns.
First, we have to do something
about Garam.
[Thief] I know that man!
He's lending us a hand.
I don't know if I'd trust him
that easily--
Okay, I trust him.
Gotta take a leak.
Wait, Prince! [sighs]
-[Shiva] What's the status on Garam?
There's no way to stop it
from crashing and exploding.
I see.
We're going to crash it
at the Explosion Site to limit casualties.
[Shiva] The Explosion Site?
Good idea.
[Ann] We're already on track.
-[Thief] Nice.
[Thief] Now we should make our escape.
[Bred] There are no more Escape Pods left.
[Shiva, Thief] What?
You want us to go down with Garam?
[metal clangs]
Prince, isn't that…
[Beelzebub] This?
Pop this in your mouth, swallow,
and you'll float for ten seconds.
My Prince, is this really a good idea?
We'll need to time it just right--
-Just go.
See you down there.
Come on, Ann. Let's go-- [grunts]
What the hell!
Sorry, Belz.
The nerve.
It's just like with the Picchi.
If I can convert
the Aquanium energy into water…
-Listen, Ann.
Technology is…
[Ann] "To help those in need."
Hopefully it helps.
[Beelzebub] Hi-yah! [panting]
Belz! Why are you here?
[panting] Let's go.
-You idiot! It's too late!
[grunting continues]
Come on, quick!
You're slow. Grab on.
[both grunting, panting]
My Prince!
Get down!
We must have faith in the Prince.
[Beelzebub panting]
-[grunting, screaming]
-What just happened?
[Thief] It's King Lucifer.
He doesn't normally get involved
in human affairs…
Where are Belz and Ann?
[Lilith] Ann.
[Ann grunts]
-[Lilith] Ann.
-[Lilith] Ann!
Ann, you did great.
[Beelzebub panting]
[Lilith] You too, Beelzebub.
What? Sis?
-Is that…
How did you break free?
I managed to break free through a crack.
Mama, I knew you'd make it.
Ann, you've grown so big.
-I'm sorry I couldn't be at your side.
[Thief whimpering]
My Prince! You're safe!
[Beelzebub] It's Dad!
To think I, the Great King,
managed to get sucked into that urn.
Nice to meet you, Grandpa. My name is Ann.
Don't ever call me that again.
You shall address me
as The Great King Lucifer.
Sorry, King Lucifer.
And you, Beelzebub.
You are to catch up on your homework
the minute you get home.
Yes, sir!
-[King Lucifer] And…
…you did well.
[laughs, grunts]
I'm wet. [gasps]
[Beelzebub] Whoa!
[Thief] What is this?
[Shiva] Is this the power of Aquanium?
Garam may be destroyed,
but I think it all worked out in the end.
-[grunts, gasps]
-So you made it out too, egg head.
You! You won't get away with this!
Not in a thousand years!
-[messenger] Muniel.
You've made quite a mess of things here.
Archangel is calling.
I trust you are dedicated to promoting
peace from now on, Supreme Commander Bred.
Yes, Your Majesty.
King Jam, everything is prepared
for your royal address.
Thank you, Lango.
Are you sure you want me there with you?
Of course I do.
I'm sure the people will understand.
I hope so.
And has Ann left already?
She said she wants to travel the world
honing her skills as a mechanic.
The apple never falls far from the tree.
[both laughing]
Thanks for coming with me.
Well, I've got some free time
from my duties as a sheriff.
Why do I gotta be here again?
Wanna file a complaint?
Can't someone else stand in for a change?
[Shiva] That giant hole…
How much longer must I endure
this ceaseless, mind-numbing labor?
Another 999 years
and 364 days ahead of you.
Hit the gas!
Why's it always gotta be me?
Whoa! Now we're talking!
This is no time to cheer!
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