Savage Beauty (2022) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

["Where Did You Sleep Last Night"
by Charlie Harper plays]
[music stops]
My girl, my girl
Don't lie to me ♪
Tell me where did you sleep last night ♪
[Don on recording] It was
all Grace's idea, okay?
She masterminded the whole thing
[Zinhle] Ndu, move. Ndu, move.
[Ndu] No, Zinhle!
- [Zinhle] Move!
- [gun firing]
My girl, my girl ♪
Don't lie to me ♪
My girl, my girl ♪
[in Xhosa] Son?
Don't lie to me ♪
[in English] What have you done?
Come back here!
- [gunshot]
- [in Xhosa] Zinhle! Come back!
- [gun clicking]
- [in English] Shit!
[tires screeching]
Zinhle! Zinhle, come back here!
Zinhle, come back here!
[Grace] Don is medically insane.
A decision was made.
I'm stepping in as CEO.
This medical report cannot be
the final say on Don's mental condition.
Bhengu Beauty's reputation
is in the gutter.
We cannot afford a public legal matter.
[in Afrikaans and English]
No, no, no, no. Bra Don should be here.
[in English] Ladies and gentlemen,
in the case of Don's
mental incapacitation, I step in.
It's in the MOI.
[in Xhosa] Son
[in English] Oh, shit.
Don't move.
The shooter stole my car.
Her name is Zinhle, The Face of Bhengu.
[in Xhosa and English]
Find her, and keep her for me.
[in English] Tomorrow Don marries a child,
whom he proposed to only a few days ago.
[sirens wailing]
[sobs] Please live.
Please live. Please, please.
[groans] Love your family.
[breathes erratically]
I We're all you have.
[sirens wailing]
[Don's voice breaks] Ndumiso
[in Zulu and Xhosa] Help has arrived.
[Grace in English]
He is a ticking time bomb,
a reckless law unto himself.
If this madman remains CEO,
there will be no Bhengu Beauty
to speak of in months.
[phone buzzes]
[suspenseful music plays]
Excuse me.
[expels breath] Yeah?
The decision to install me as CEO
must be upheld.
All in favor of upholding
Mrs. Bhengu's new position?
[Phila clears throat]
[whispers] There's a situation
at the house.
[music continues playing]
- Why are you stopping?
- [paramedic] I'm sorry, he's gone.
No, no! No, no!
Wake him.
Wake him!
He's going to be fine, right?
[mournful music plays]
[in Sotho] No.
[Grace screams in English]
No! No, Ndumiso, no!
[screams echoing] No, no, no, no! No!
[Grace wailing] No!
[continues wailing]
[music fades]
I had found out that Zinhle is a criminal
[in Xhosa]working with her brother
[in English] to sabotage my family.
[in Xhosa] I broke out of the trunk
and took my gun
[in English]from the cubbyhole.
[in Xhosa] When I approached the door,
I heard voices.
[in English] I thought
[in Xhosa]she was
with an accomplice but
it was Ndumiso.
[in English, starts crying]
I don't even know why he returned.
[in Sotho] Because you wanted to marry
his girlfriend!
[English] I don't know
what she said to him,
but he wanted to talk.
[in Xhosa] He begged us to drop our guns.
[in English] I complied, and
Zinhle saw an opportunity,
missed, and shot [sniffles]
[voice breaks] Shot Ndumiso.
- And even after that, she kept shooting.
- [sobs]
- Ndumiso tried to stop
- You could have stopped her, Don!
You did this! You let her kill our son!
No, it's not his fault.
No, Phila, no!
I told you, Don,
I told you not to trust that girl.
Instead, you throw me and Phila out
[in Sotho]because wanted more children.
Now our son is dead.
[in English]
That's That's enough. Mom, please.
It's enough. It's enough now.
[officer] I have a few more questions
for you, sir.
[Don] I have already given you all I can.
[Phila in Sotho] Excuse me, sir.
[in English]
This is not a good time for us.
[in Sotho] We're doing our job.
I understand
[in English]but honestly, we just need
a little bit of time, please.
We'd really appreciate it
if you come back tomorrow.
[officer in Sotho]
All right, team, let's wrap up.
We will come back tomorrow.
[in English] Zinhle is one of the kids
from the bleaching tests.
Bhengu Beauty launch,
the bleaching scandals,
Kolobe's betrayal
She wants revenge.
[Grace in Sotho] What about the fire?
[Don in English] She survived.
There's something
I didn't tell the police.
Zinhle made me confess to everything.
The bleaching tests and the fire.
She drugged me, and that video
[in Xhosa]
it's on her Bhengu Beauty laptop.
[in English] What was that about a laptop?
Oh, uh, Zinhle stole the laptop too.
I need some air.
["Where Did You Sleep Last Night"
by Charlie Harper plays]
[glass shatters]
My girl, my girl ♪
Don't lie to me ♪
[song fades]
[Noni in Sotho] I can't imagine
what you're going through.
[in English] I'll get started
on the funeral arrangements.
What would you like as the
Go tell Modali Mutale to hold back
the CEO announcement.
[in Sotho] Make sure
no one tells your father
[in English]until it's time.
Ndu just died, and you're worried
[angrily] Don't you ever
ever think you know how I feel.
It's your father's fault
that Ndumiso is gone.
[in Sotho] Do you want him
to have everything else too?
[tense music plays]
[in English] Mutale first,
the funeral arrangements.
[music fades]
[Phila sighs deeply]
Put me back together, Noni.
[intriguing harp music plays]
Are you close to finding
Zinhle and the video?
[Simphiwe in Sotho]
She wasn't at the Soweto house.
Bonga's boss might offer a clue.
[in English] What about the police
from last night?
No, they're off the case.
My boys and I are now in charge, hey?
Why are you still here?
[Don] Go.
Go find Zinhle and the video.
[Don clicks tongue]
[harp music continues playing]
- [in Sotho] I need your help.
- Oh?
Like you did when you wanted to win
The Face of Bhengu?
[in English and Sotho]
Or when you told Bonga
to get a gun from me?
[in English] You know what,
if it wasn't for you,
he'd probably still be alive.
That was my brother.
His death won't be in vain.
[in Sotho] I'm one step away
from finishing this.
[in English] For a life
to be taken so tragically,
and so young.
[Phila clears throat] Uh, Mam' Mutale,
my father can't know
about the change in leadership
until after the announcement
has been made
There's an embargo on the announcement.
And why is this even on your mind?
You just lost your only brother.
You should take a break
from running your mother's errands.
The board members, um,
need to be kept tight-lipped,
especially Lovers.
[intriguing piano music plays]
[music stops]
- [radio on laptop starts playing]
- Oh.
I mean
[in Sotho]I can fix the screen,
but I have to open it
to check if the hard drive is still fine.
Chancer, I need that video.
[in English] Then what?
And then the world will know
who the Bhengus really are.
[in Sotho] I'm begging you,
do whatever you have to do to fix it.
[announcer] Welcome to news
- I'll pay you for it.
- [in English] Okay.
[announcer in English]
the son of beauty mogul, Don Bhengu,
was shot and killed
at the Bhengu home late last night.
The suspect, who is currently
The Face of Bhengu Beauty, Zinhle Manzini,
is on the run.
- More details on this breaking story
- [turns off radio]
[gentle harp music plays]
[shaky breathing] Um
I need to freshen up
and borrow some clothes.
On On your left.
I have to get out of here.
[phone buzzes]
[music fades]
[Lovers] We need to talk, bra Don.
Lovers, I'm not in the mood to talk.
Mutale is calling but
[Grace] Has Ndumiso's killer been found?
[in Xhosa] I'll call you back.
- [in English] I have it handled.
- [Grace] When, Don?
I told you I'm handling it!
[tense music plays]
[Phila clears throat]
Um, Linda and Thando
wanted to be here for
[Linda] Look, I
I obviously knew that Zinhle
was up to something.
- I just wish I had fought harder.
- [phone pings]
[Phila clears throat] Sorry,
the funeral planner is on his way
just to help with the arrangements.
[Regina clears throat]
[in Xhosa]you still haven't told us
what to prepare for the visitors.
[in Sotho] Figure it out, Regina.
- [in Zulu] I'll help you.
- [in Xhosa] Thank you.
[in English] I know
how you prefer things done.
We all loved him.
I'll help with the funeral arrangements
with Phila.
[heartfelt music plays]
[Don] I know we've had our differences.
I'm glad you're here.
[Phila] These are wrong.
Wrong. Where are all the pictures
of him smiling?
Oh, um, I saw those, but they were giving
a bit of a festive feel.
[Linda] Just use the ones that we prefer.
Thank you.
- Let's look at the next thing.
- Okay, um
[nervously] These are flower options.
These look good. Phila, come.
Okay, C. We're winning.
My brother loved lilies.
These are perfect.
Uh, unfortunately,
we are currently out of lilies.
What the fuck are we paying you for?
Oh, you see, sir,
our our suppliers
currently can't really
Do me a favor. Just take a walk with me.
I want you to say "can't" one more time.
- [Linda] Phila
- No, no, no.
Say "can't."
I dare you to say "can't" one more time!
This is Ndumiso's
one and only funeral, Linda. Okay?
He's not coming back.
We don't get another shot at this.
This is not a fucking rehearsal, okay?
So if I say that we want lilies,
then you get on a plane
and get them from another country
if you have to!
Fuck, man! They're just flowers!
Please leave.
[music fades]
[Makhosi Mnisi in Zulu] I warned you.
When you called me crying in the street
with your brother's dead body
I told you not to go back.
[in Sotho] I needed a confession from Don.
[in Zulu] That's because
there's always one more thing with you.
[in Sotho] Makhosi,
I have nowhere else to go.
[in Zulu]
I can't help you anymore, my girl.
I'm no longer compromising
my spiritual gifts for you.
I can't help you anymore.
[news anchor] A reward of R500,000
has been offered
for anyone with credible information
leading to the arrest of Miss Manzini.
[mournful organ music plays]
Miss Manzini, who is the current
face of Bhengu Beauty,
is being charged
with the murder of Ndumiso Bhengu.
More on this
[in Sotho] Please take it.
I want to thank you
for taking care of Bonga's funeral.
[music fades]
[Makhosi clicks tongue]
[in Xhosa] When are you coming to bed?
[in English] No, soon, soon.
[breathes in deeply] It's actually strange
being back here, hey?
After, you know
Yeah. But we'll be home soon.
- Okay?
- Mm-hm.
- Let's just do this for Ndu.
- Yeah.
Come to bed when you're ready.
[tense music plays]
[Don] Does Linda know?
[music fades]
[in Xhosa and English] Does Linda know
we were sleeping together
until the very end?
[music resumes]
[in English] And that you enjoyed it?
I didn't enjoy it.
You were supposed to give me a child.
[tense music sting]
[music fades]
["Bonani! Bonani!"
[by Mandisi Dyatyis plays]
[Phila] Thank you all for
for being with us
as we lay my brother to rest.
Ndumiso and I shared a bedroom
until he was 11 years old.
And he always said that it was
because he didn't want me to be alone.
But we both knew it was
because he was terrified of the dark.
And until Ndumiso was 19 years old,
he copied my clothes,
my hair, my swag, everything.
[voice breaks] Ndumiso was braver
and truer to himself
[song fades]
than anyone I will ever, ever know.
["Scars' by David O'Dowda plays]
To have been loved by him
meant never having to be alone.
You stopped reminding me
Our love is a ghost ♪
My only comfort
Has survived in the smoke ♪
I'll take a minute
Just to capture a note ♪
I want it back ♪
But now it's painted
On the back of all our scars ♪
[song stops]
[mournful music plays]
[music fades]
Lovers is trying to talk to your father.
Remind Mutale.
[sighs] Yeah,
because God forbid we should forget
what's really important here today, right?
[intriguing music plays]
Can I steal you for a second?
That conversation over there,
definitely not one that we want to happen.
I've got it.
[in Afrikaans] This Bhengu Beauty business
and your wife, Grace
[In English] Apologies, Bhengu.
I need to speak to Lovers for a second.
[sighs, in Afrikaans] What now, Mutale?
- [in English] Not now. What did I say?
- [in Afrikaans] About what?
- [Mutale in English] What did I say?
- [in Afrikaans] About what?
What's going on with you, man?
[Mutale in English]
Don't be that guy, Lovers.
[Richard] Bhengu.
What a surprise.
[Moloto] I came to offer my condolences.
Thank you.
[intriguing music plays]
- [woman] Mmm.
- [Phila] Wait
You're so strong.
- Sorry?
- [Mukheli] Lorraine is right, chief.
We've been watching you all day.
Call me Lola.
[chuckles uncomfortably] Right.
Uh, Minister Mukheli,
I hope that you enjoyed
[chuckles uncomfortably]
I hope you enjoyed the gifts
that we made out to your charities.
I personally handled them
on behalf of Bhengu Beauty.
Hey, babe.
- Hey.
- Excuse me.
[clears throat] Hey.
The eulogy was great.
See? You had nothing to worry about.
Yeah. [chuckles]
But, um people are waiting downstairs,
so we've got to go.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Oh, right, right. Downstairs.
Right. Excuse me.
See you around, Phila.
Who is that?
I don't know who she is.
But she does look familiar.
[in Sotho] Oh, well, she's a hot cake.
[in Sotho] You love yourself
some hot cakes, don't you? [giggles]
So that was, um different.
[gentle guitar music playing]
- You looked like a damsel in distress.
- I was.
And thank you
for swooping in and saving me, Prince
Charlie. You can call me Charlie.
That's my actual name.
I'm not calling myself
Prince Charming or something.
- Right.
- [both chuckle]
- Right. Of course.
- Yeah.
- Phila. Um
- [chuckles] Yeah.
[chuckles] Phila.
Your eulogy to your brother
really was great.
Thank you.
You look like you could use one.
A non-creepy hug.
Yeah. I'd like that.
I should go.
[Phila chuckles]
Oh, hey, um
Thank you.
For the The hug.
[music continues playing]
My deepest condolences.
I know how it feels.
Have you lost a child, Mister
Moloto. It's Richard.
[sighs] I've I've lost my wife.
My child is still alive,
but we've lost each other too.
Of course.
Richard Moloto.
[in Sotho] I'm sorry about your wife.
I didn't know.
[in English] It's been a decade.
It doesn't go away.
[in Sotho] I don't know
how I'm going to cope.
[in English] Well, they say
you find strength in your work.
[music fades]
[in Sotho and English]
I heard you're taking over Bhengu Beauty.
[in Sotho] That's a big statement.
Where did you hear that?
The rumor mill.
My apologies if it is untrue.
[in English] But I hope it's not.
[in Sotho] For what it's worth,
you should.
Everyone knows that you are the brains
behind Bhengu Beauty.
[gentle piano music plays]
[music intensifies]
[sighs deeply]
[music crescendos]
[eerie music plays]
[Ndu whispering] Love your family.
We're all you have. We're all you have.
[music fades]
[phone buzzes]
Hey, Lovers.
[in Xhosa] You've been trying
to talk to me all week.
[Lovers in Afrikaans] My God
[in English] Grace has taken over
Bhengu Beauty.
[in English] What?
[in English and Xhosa] She and the board
say you are mentally unfit,
[in English] and Mutale is trying
to shut me up.
- [in Xhosa] When is the announcement?
- [in English] Tomorrow.
All right, listen, first thing tomorrow,
gather the board.
Just make sure that they don't
[eerie music plays]
Bra Don? Bra Don?
Make sure that they don't know
that I'm coming.
And Grace isn't.
[music fades]
[whimsical music plays]
[Phila over video]
Happy birthday to you ♪
[Ndu] Wow, bro.
[Phila] Happy birthday to you ♪
[Phila laughs]
Yo, happy birthday, bro.
[Ndu over video] Dude, okay, thanks.
[Phila over video] I just figured
you needed an upgrade on your camera.
[both laugh]
Wow, thanks a lot, man.
I really appreciate this.
- [Phila] Real quick. Pose for a photo.
- Okay.
[Phila] Hold it Hold it
[starts laughing]
- Dude, is this a video?
- [Phila] It's a video!
- Come on, man!
- [Phila laughs] Oh, bro.
[phone jingles]
[Grace in Sotho] Phila! Where is Phila?
[music fades]
[Grace] Phila! Phila!
[in English] Phila,
I need you by my side tomorrow
when the announcement is made.
Done. Sure.
We need to make it clear that my takeover
is a united family decision.
[in Sotho] It's why
we have to live with him.
[in English]
Public perception is everything.
Mother of the Year.
Your father is destroying our company,
your legacy.
If he finds out about my takeover
before it's announced,
we will never get another chance.
Ndumiso would want this.
Yeah. [scoffs]
- [in Sotho] Where are you going?
- [in English] Out.
- [Grace] Don't drive!
- Thanks, Mom.
["Center Of The Universe" by Stafford,
Smith and Nineoneone plays]
Baby, what we're gonna do ♪
At the center of the universe ♪
We're made from our heartbreak ♪
Someday we'll have to move ♪
From the center of the universe ♪
Waiting for a big bang ♪
World keeps spinning round and round ♪
But we're afraid to leave the ground ♪
Gravity is you and me ♪
Holding what we used to be ♪
So, baby, what we're gonna do ♪
At the center of the universe ♪
All alone
While the stars move on ♪
[Charlie] It's okay.
You can talk to me.
[song fades]
I guess
[sighs] I guess I just feel like
I'm the only one who cares.
You know?
Everyone else has just moved on,
and they're already making plans, and
I guess I thought Ndu's death
would change my family somehow, and
maybe it has in some way?
Just not in the way that you'd like.
The thing is,
how will you let it change you?
This isn't your
standard hook-up banter, is it?
[both chuckle]
I don't mind.
I, uh
ran off to London after a loss.
[breathes deeply]
It helped me make my own choices.
See who I was outside
of everyone else's opinion and control.
You know,
I can't even decide where to live
without everybody chiming in.
Maybe that's a good place to start.
[Phila sighs]
Who did you lose?
[gentle piano music plays]
[music fades]
[man] I like it. Flowers.
That smells like a flower.
That smells every hour.
It's not lost in one area
- where it needs to be pruned.
- [woman] Mm.
[man] Then taken care of
by the sweet water
- that tastes like strawberries.
- [woman] Mm.
[woman] Any information
on her whereabouts
[both]please contact Detective Selekane.
[tense music playing]
[music fades]
[Linda in Xhosa] Ndu gave me this photo.
I don't know where to hang it.
[in English] It's beautiful, right?
[Thando] Yeah.
Are you okay?
- [in Xhosa] What is it?
- Um
[in Zulu]
There's something I need to tell you.
[in English] What?
Wait, Thando, you're
You're scaring me. Just
- Look, I can't take any more bad news.
- Linda, I
[breathes shakily]
I want to spend
the rest of my life with you.
You're the only person
that I've ever loved.
And I can't I can't wait any longer.
Where is this coming from?
I want to get married.
[in Zulu] Linda, I love you.
I love you with all my heart.
When I'm with you,
I forget about everything.
[in English] Everything,
all the pain that I felt,
but you make sense to me.
- Yeah.
- We make sense.
You're the most beautiful,
and most courageous person
that I've ever met.
I know I don't, um,
I don't have a ring right now,
but I've got this, this, um, headband.
Does it work?
I cannot believe it!
["Come In" by Msaki and Tubatsi plays]
You're my everything.
So come in ♪
I love you ♪
Kiss me again ♪
[song fades]
[indistinct conversation]
[horn hooting]
[tense music plays]
[in Zulu] Ah, morning, sister.
- Did you sleep well?
- Yeah.
- Here's some tea.
- [in Sotho] Thank you.
I'm in town at the moment.
They still have Zinhle.
I'm on my way there now.
- Where's your wife?
- Hey?
Where's your wife?
[in Zulu] Oh, she went to buy some food.
She'll be back any minute.
- [in Sotho] I have to go. I can't wait.
- [in Zulu] No, don't leave!
[in Sotho] What are you doing?
I have to go! Leave me alone!
[tires screeching]
[Zinhle screams]
[man groans]
[groans and coughs]
You let her go?!
[in Zulu] Ah, boss, she kicked my ass!
[in English] Fuck!
[in Afrikaans] Jesus!
[mournful music plays]
[Noni] Um
[in Sotho] These are the rest
of Ndumiso's things
that you asked for, madam.
[breathes shakily]
Let's go.
I'm taking this to his grave.
[in English] It's the right thing to do.
[Don] Going somewhere?
Any update on Zinhle?
[in Sotho] Have you found her?
If you can't do your job, I will.
[in English] You'd love that,
wouldn't you?
[in Sotho]
Noni, look how dapper your boss looks.
Um [clears throat]
What's her name, Don?
[in English] I have a meeting
with Selekane to restrategize.
How difficult can it really be?
She's just a child.
[Don] I'll find her.
It's my job.
- [Grace in Sotho] Let's go.
- [in English] Yes, mam.
by Robert Alexis Quickenden plays]
Some say the innocent ♪
Never came this far ♪
Some say religion ♪
Could take away your scars ♪
Caged like an animal ♪
One thing holds true ♪
When you're treated like the devil ♪
Who you gonna turn to ♪
[song fades]
- [gasps and expels breath]
- Whoa!
[in Sotho] You good?
no one saw you, right?
[in English] I watched the video.
It's hectic.
[in Sotho] I can connect you
with people who can help you disappear.
[in English] It's fine. It's okay.
[in Sotho] Thank you, Chancer.
[in English] But I've really just come
too far to stop now.
Too far.
[in Sotho]
How are you going to do it, Zinhle?
[in English and Sotho]
First, I need to apologize
[in English]to someone I love.
And then,
we're going to make Don and Grace
real famous.
[tense music sting]
I had a great time.
I can send you my estate agent's number
if you want.
I've got to go meet the girls.
Okay, I'll walk you out.
Don't make me wait too long
for another hug.
[Richard] Mr. Bhengu.
How fortunate it is to run into you.
Richard Moloto.
From Moloto Holdings?
That's right.
I'm embarrassed. I'm sorry.
I I should, uh, know a lot more
about a giant like you.
You can find out more
over a cup of coffee.
Of course.
[intriguing music plays]
You all know why I'm here.
[Mutale] Don, this is a private meeting
There should have been an investigation
before you all moved to replace me.
- The decision has already been made.
- Come on, do things by the book.
Have me checked.
Unless you want to turn this
into a war you'll lose,
because you know that this is a coup.
[tense music sting]
Hold another vote.
[Lovers in Afrikaans]
Yes, bra Don, tell them.
[music fades]
[in English] I swear
I will spend the rest of my life
becoming the mother you deserved.
[phone jingles]
Damn it!
- [phones buzzes]
- Of course. Uh
You have a 2% share of Bhengu Beauty.
Yes. All family does.
Why? What's this about?
Sell it to me.
I'm not selling.
Well, you are more impressive
than your party-boy image suggests.
You should be owning your own company
instead of being hired and fired
at your father's whim.
I'm offering you a capital
- [phone buzzes]
- to create a destiny.
Name your price.
[intriguing music plays]
[in Sotho] Noni,
why is Phila not answering his phone?
Let's go to the Bhengu offices.
Quickly, please, Noni.
[music continues playing]
[Mutale in English] No majority,
therefore Grace remains CEO.
[Don] Are you colluding with Grace?
What is she offering you?
What are you getting from her?
This is my company!
I don't care what Grace told you!
It took me sweat, blood and tears
to build it.
And I'm going to prove to you all
that Grace is lying,
and I will replace you all.
I was the only one when I started,
and I will be the last man standing
when you are all gone!
Fucking traitors!
[music fades]
[clicks tongue]
[suspenseful music plays]
[in Sotho] Stop!
- Take me to Simphiwe.
- Yes, sir.
Simphiwe, I keep hearing Ndumiso's voice.
Make it stop.
I'm on my way.
[car starts]
[music fades]
- [suspenseful music resumes]
- [expels breath]
[in Sotho] I'm sorry, Ndumiso.
[in English] You'd still be alive
if I'd never met you.
[sobs] I hope that you know
that I loved you.
[voice breaks]
I loved you so much, Ndumiso.
[music intensifies]
[gasps and screams]
[music fades]
[dramatic sting]
[dramatic music plays]
[music stops]
[dramatic instrumental music plays]
[music fades]
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