Savage Beauty (2022) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

[Zinhle groans and coughs]
Grace, what the fuck?
[in Sotho] I thought it was you.
[Zinhle] Grace!
[Grace] After everything
I've done for you.
[Zinhle] Let go of me!
[screaming and groaning]
[Grace] Where do you think you're going?
[Zinhle] Grace, you burned us!
[Grace] You killed my son like an animal.
[in English] It wasn't me!
[spluttering] It wasn't me!
[coughing and choking]
It's I I
["Where Did You Sleep Last Night"
by Charlie Harper plays]
I didn't
[music intensifies]
I didn't I
[music crescendos and stops]
Where did you sleep ♪
[birds chirping]
[Regina in Xhosa]
What did you say happened?
Which hospital is he in?
[In English] Madam! Madam!
- [Grace in English] Oh, Regina, not now.
- Madam! Madam.
[in Xhosa] Sorry, madam.
[Grace in Sotho] What is it?
[In Xhosa] Master Don has been shot.
[suspenseful music plays]
[in Sotho] What happened to Don?
[tires screeching]
- [man 1 in English] Shit!
- [man 2] Do something!
[man 3 in Zulu] Get out! Get out!
Don't think about it.
[man 3] Let's go! Let's go!
[car engine roaring]
[in Xhosa] He was shot, madam,
in a hijacking.
[in Sotho] Is he dead?
[dramatic music plays]
[music fades]
[Don in English over video]
It was all Grace's idea, okay?
She masterminded the whole thing,
burned down the house herself.
- [laptop slams shut]
- Damn it, Don. Damn it!
Son, tell Women in Business
that I need another photo shoot
for this cover.
These photos must seem
like they were taken by Ndu.
That's the agreement.
It's not going to tank
just because of a magazine cover, Mom.
Phila, this is my first launch as CEO.
I can't give the board
reason to doubt their decision.
I'll give the keynote speech
at the Leaders in Beauty Business Summit.
I can't give
my first public appearance as CEO
[in Sotho]to a child.
[in English] The pre-summit luncheon,
the summit itself.
You have to hit every single note
so that the board doesn't revert back
to Dad's leadership. I know.
He says hi.
[in Sotho] You went to see him?
[in English] Two weeks ago.
He couldn't walk.
Are you sure you'll be able
to live with him once he returns?
Image is everything.
Of course.
[Grace] Phila?
I appreciate your support, son.
Yeah. Sure.
by Janset & Dean J. Barratt plays]
[interviewer over TV] The rebranding comes
six weeks after Mr. Bhengu was replaced
by the board
after his brutal hijacking,
and of course the death of their son,
allegedly at the hands
of The Face Of Bhengu Beauty,
who was found dead in a city flat
from what was ruled a suicide.
[song continues playing]
Grace, why the rebrand?
[Grace] It's something my husband and I
wanted to try.
[interviewer] It's only been six weeks
and you're already launching
your first beauty line, Graceful,
at the end of the week.
My son, Ndumiso,
channeled his pain into art.
It's how I plan to move forward
as I try to make sense
of my life without him.
Turn my pain into beauty.
[song continues playing]
Rib eye for supper.
[Don] I love steak.
[music stops]
[ominous music plays]
You're out early.
Dr. Pillay says I'm a medical marvel.
The first miracle was, of course,
when I survived that hijack.
[in Sotho] I'm sorry I couldn't visit.
[in English] You've been busy rebranding.
The board practically begged me to do it.
Whatever it takes
to get Bhengu Beauty back to the top.
[in Sotho] Your detective
[in English] Did he find anything more
about Zinhle?
He doesn't believe
that Zinhle committed suicide.
[in Xhosa] He thinks she was killed
by someone she was working with.
[in English] And the laptop
with the confession gone.
[in Sotho] I'm sorry to hear about Peter.
- [in English] Use one of the new drivers.
- No.
Selekane will find someone.
I'll invite Phila to supper.
I love the house.
[music fades]
["Yellow" by Shane Eagle plays]
Mother! Hi.
[Grace] I need you
to come home for supper.
I can't because I have plans.
- Your father's back.
- [Phila] That That was quick.
- I can't have supper with him alone.
- [Phila] You make your bed, you lie in it.
Oh, Phila, just come!
I am really,
really sorry about this, okay?
Plus I have my sister's party later on.
Stop apologizing.
Go and do your thing, and
you will unwrap me later.
Oh, yes, I will.
[Phila groans]
- Fine.
- Mm.
You make yourself comfortable.
I've got drinks over there,
and I will see you later, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Okay, I'm gone.
[Phila laughs]
[intriguing pulsating music plays]
[in Sotho] Ngcolosi, you don't want
to return to hospital
[in English]over a piece of steak.
They fed me nothing
[in Xhosa]but leaves.
[in English] Well, you look wonderful.
- Maybe Dad got Botox too.
- [Grace giggles]
[In Xhosa] Well, son,
I'm held together
by Dr. Pillay's medication.
It's your mother who is glowing.
[in Sotho] Really?
[in Xhosa] How is living alone?
[in English] Different girl every night?
Blowing off steam is good for you.
We should actually do this more often.
Even hit the golf course too
[in Sotho] Your daughter and Thando
are engaged.
[in English] The party is tonight.
Only Phila was invited.
[cane clatters]
[Don groans]
- [Phila] Let me help you up there, Dad.
- [Don] No!
I'm not crippled.
[music fades]
["Penny For a Smile"
by Billy Valentine plays]
[guests chatting]
[woman 1] Speech!
[Linda] Okay, one.
- [man] Come on, come on! Get up!
- [guests chanting] Speech!
[Linda] Okay! Fine! Jeez, I'm up!
Anyway, um
Wow, I honestly don't know what to say.
I didn't even see
Thando's proposal coming.
- Trust me, neither did I.
- [guests chuckle]
But it happened at the perfect time.
- [woman 2] When is the wedding?
- [guests in a chorus] When is the wedding?
- [woman 3] Soon!
- [woman 4] Soon!
[in Tswana] Don't be nosey.
[guests chuckle]
[in English] Very soon.
Look, I don't have a speech to make
or anything prepared.
But, um I do want to say something
to my love.
Thanks for asking me
to take this leap with you.
- No, thank you, Bubbles.
- [guests chuckle]
All right, guys,
let's raise a toast to us.
- To us!
- [guests] To them!
- [glasses clinking]
- [guests whooping]
[song continues playing]
- [clears throat] Guys
- Yeah?
actually, I'm going to need a date
because these suits,
they don't make themselves.
Well, you're obviously going to be
the first person that I'm going to call.
Guys, congratulations once again.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- [Phila] Sundays are for lovers ♪
- Really?
[Phila laughs]
What a stooge.
Oh, um, please just excuse me
for a second.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Mama. Ma.
- [in Zulu] Where are you going?
- My shop won't open itself in the morning.
And there's no man for me here.
Why can't you be happy for me?
Tell me, what was wrong with Don?
He's an older man with money. Not Linda.
But I've told you
[in English]I've moved on and I'm happy.
Hey. I didn't know you had a sister. Gee.
No, she's actually my mom.
- [in Zulu] Everyone says that.
- [Thando scoffs uncomfortably]
That's the nice thing
about having kids young.
Why couldn't you be a man?
- [in English] Let's just
- Okay.
[Thando] Yeah.
- Are you cool?
- Yeah, I'm cool.
[music fades]
[Charlie] So,
because I didn't get a chance,
how was supper with your parents?
[Phila] Supper was strange.
The two of them are just so, like
Look, I don't know They're just
[sighs deeply]
Ndu was never afraid to tell them
exactly, you know,
just call them out
every time they were being fake.
And you can't?
Well, no.
It's a little different
when you're being raised
to take over from your dad.
I can imagine.
You know, if you're still not interested
in that guy's offer to buy your shares,
you could always join my startup.
[Phila chuckles uncomfortably]
[pensive music plays]
Charlie, this is fun, right?
This, us. Yeah.
But these chats, this career advice,
spending almost every night together
You know
No strings.
I know.
I just think you deserve better.
[Grace in Sotho] He's back to sabotage me.
He still hasn't mentioned
that he blamed me
for everything in that video.
What's wrong?
Nothing, madam.
Stop thinking about her.
Uh, you don't think about her?
Zinhle killed my child.
I keep hearing her last words.
When I sleep. I think of how
Alfred and I disposed of her body.
People think she committed suicide.
[Grace in English] Noni!
She doesn't deserve your pity.
She didn't even have the mercy to admit
[in Sotho]to what she did.
I'll never forget what you did for me.
I hope you know that.
Carry on.
[sighs deeply]
[in English] These past six weeks
have been hell.
[in Sotho] The board is so fickle.
[in English] It might be easier for them
[in Sotho]to rehabilitate Don
[in English]than to move forward
with an inexperienced CEO.
[in Sotho] I cannot let them blindside me.
He needs something to occupy his time.
[music fades]
[dial tone rings]
[Don groans]
- [Don in English] Hey, Lovers.
- [Lovers] Bra Don.
I want you to start a whisper campaign
with the board against Grace.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Exactly like how you made Linda unhirable.
But do you really think
Grace was behind the hijack, bra Don?
Well, it got me out of the way long enough
for her to steal my company.
Selekane is still investigating.
[in Xhosa] What matters now is that you
make sure the board believes
[in English]Grace was desperate enough
to have me shot.
[phone pings]
[Don over video] The money we made
from the bleaches
is what funded Bhengu Beauty.
[suspenseful music plays]
Zinhle, please,
call the ambulance now before I die.
[cell phone rings]
[Don] Selekane, I just received
a video of my confession.
[in Xhosa] Find out exactly
how Zinhle really died,
and who has that video.
[music fades]
- [Charlie chuckles] Thank you.
- Thanks. [chuckles]
[Linda] Hi, what are you doing here?
[Phila] Uh, coffee.
What are you doing here?
[Linda] I had a consultation
around the corner.
- Oh, still?
- Yeah. Job offers keep disappearing.
No one wants to hire me.
Oh, this is, um
Wait, didn't I Didn't I see you
at my brother's funeral?
Charlie. Nice to see you again.
- Linda.
- Are you looking for work?
Yeah. Charlie is starting
a beauty company.
Which your brother is not interested in.
[chuckles uncomfortably]
Can you talk?
- Like now?
- [Charlie] Yeah.
Yes, sure.
Yeah, I need to go
and play golf with your dad.
[Linda] Better you than me.
I'm glad he's good, though.
- Anyway
- [Charlie] Yeah.
[Charlie chuckles]
- That's yours.
- Thank you.
- Cool. See you.
- [Linda] Cheers.
- Shall we?
- [Charlie] Yes, please.
[mellow music plays]
- [hostess] Good day, sir. How are you?
- Hi.
Sit me next to Grace Bhengu, please.
Follow me, sir.
- Princess.
- Yes?
[hostess] Please sit this gentleman
next to Grace Bhengu.
[mellow music continues]
[indistinct conversation]
- [indistinct conversation]
- [Grace chuckles]
[in English and Sotho] Goodness. You know,
I could have sworn I was seated next to
[in English] I hope
you're not disappointed.
[in Sotho] Uh, there's still time,
Mr. Moloto. [chuckles]
[music fades]
[in English] You've done
a hell of a rebrand.
Not yet.
I'll tell you a little secret though.
Everyone can't wait
for tomorrow's gala for your speech.
[in Sotho] You're doing well.
[laid-back song plays]
[Grace groans]
[Richard] I'm not really a fan
of Afro-fusion.
Chicken feet will always
remind me of poverty.
[chuckles] They will mix
chocolate and chicken feet.
It's really confusing.
[Grace] Ndumiso drove me crazy
with that sort of thing.
He'd stink up my kitchen
with chicken feet and tripe.
He'd also mix in herbs.
- As for my daughter
- Mm.
you'd think
a bomb exploded in the kitchen.
[Grace chuckles]
[in English] That's what they do.
They leave the mess
for everyone to clean up.
- Yeah.
- [chuckles]
[intriguing music plays]
- No crew
- Yep.
and models on the day?
Listen, I kid you not.
I called every single person I knew
on planet Earth.
I got tons of Bhengu Beauty make-up,
applied it myself.
I mean, the show had to go on.
That's incredible. You're amazing.
- Thank you.
- What made you leave Bhengu Beauty?
Just some messy family stuff.
Messy family stuff
is honestly why I'm doing my own thing.
I got tired of being manipulated,
controlled, and judged.
It's crazy.
It's like you're talking about me.
- I think
- Mm?
we can disrupt the beauty industry,
do something risqué,
and cool and youthful.
I like that.
Okay, so I'm going to send you my CV,
see if we're compatible,
um, and we can take it from there.
- For official purposes, sure.
- What do you mean?
I want you to be my partner.
- Just like that?
- Just like that.
Okay, let's do it partner.
[Don] You're almost better than me.
Almost. [chuckles]
Well, from years of watching you, right?
Are you good, son?
No, actually,
I think it's, um, it's weird.
The world has just moved on
as if Ndu was never here.
I just wish our family
was a little different, you know.
Maybe better?
It can still be.
Not unless you and Ma
are actually honest with each other.
[in Xhosa] You can stop the war
if you tell the board
[in English]those medical records
were fake.
[eerie music plays]
[music distorts]
[music fades]
Are you okay?
[sighs deeply] Yeah. I'm good.
[Linda] Babe!
[breathlessly] Thando, I got a job.
- What?
- Yeah, I got a job.
You went for an interview?
[Linda] No, I didn't.
It was Phila's friend, Charlie.
She's starting a new beauty company.
We started, you know, chatting, and
What's this all about?
- Hey, why are you crying?
- No, no, no, it's just that
All the rejection has been so hard on you.
But it's all over now.
We can pick a date.
Throw one beautiful wedding.
Um, listen, is it possible
if you can transfer some cash to me?
I just need to go see the gynae.
Yeah, yeah, of course.
I can come with you.
No, no, no, no.
Um, it's not that serious, really.
- Okay.
- Right.
- I love you.
- A job. [laughs]
[heartfelt music plays and fades]
How was your luncheon?
All the usual fakery.
Air-kissing, card-swapping.
How was your day?
Your son destroyed me at golf.
That's all?
You did nothing else?
[ominous music plays]
Just aches and pains.
[in Xhosa] How's work?
[in English] A mad rush to the launch.
I barely know my speech
for tomorrow's gala on top of it all.
You must enjoy every moment.
How about another supper after your gala?
I'll make some seafood pasta.
Ndumiso was a child
the last time you made that.
I barely slept.
No food poisoning this time.
I promise.
[music fades]
You've been too quiet, Bhengu.
- [Phila chuckles]
- [upbeat song plays]
Well, it's been a busy couple of weeks.
Mr. Moloto,
I'm still not selling my shares.
- My parents would kill me.
- Can I have whiskey, please?
Charting one's own course can be tough.
I started about ten years too late.
I was waiting for someone
to show me who I really was.
Thank you.
But I had to see it myself.
[ominous music builds]
Something is a little bit different
about you, Bhengu.
What's new?
I don't know.
Well, I did get my own place.
That's it. You're growing up.
Anytime you want to talk,
not about the shares,
just call me, you know?
Can you ride a horse?
No. Dad said that horse riding
was a little too private school, so
I own stables.
Horse riding, you know,
can free your mind.
Just call me anytime.
[music fades]
[dramatic cello music plays]
[Don] I came here to say
I'm still breathing.
[all applaud]
[Grace] It's important
that all major retailers
display Graceful products
only after the launch, right?
I'm late for the digital shoot.
Dad's here.
[Grace gasps]
I'm glad to see
that you are all still here.
I'm actually looking forward to spending
more time with you as I recover.
Until then, enjoy the treats.
[employees applaud]
[music swells]
[man] Ladies and gentlemen,
this is a search and seizure operation.
Make sure we get everything.
Hey, don't go.
Just put that down.
We are the government tax officials.
He's always available to Bhengu Beauty.
[indistinct orders from tax official]
[Grace sighs]
[in Xhosa] Since when
do we have tax issues?
I'll call Shezi at the tax bureau.
[in English] He's on leave
and won't be disturbed.
He'll talk to me.
[door closes]
The board won't like this.
[sighs] How did this even happen?
What do you think?
No. Dad wouldn't risk
the reputation of the company like this.
Go talk to Minister Mukheli.
I'll tell him you're on your way.
He'll fix it. Then I'll call the board
to assure them that everything
Aren't you over-reacting just a bit?
If I fail, the board will be too scared
to take a chance on anyone else,
and your father will use this failure.
Phila, my love,
we're in this together.
[ominous music plays]
- Bhengu forever.
- [mouths] Yeah.
[Mutale] Grace's response
to the search and seizure
is to have her assistant remind us
of the pre-launch brunch.
She's inexperienced and dangerous.
I mean, the way she got Don shot
Stop making unfounded accusations.
[Don] Margaret, Chris, Mutale
I'm glad to find you all here.
What's this tax thing?
[Don] Didn't your CEO explain?
Grace is prioritizing her photoshoots.
I'm reaching out to Shezi
to find out what happened,
and resolve it.
That's why I'm here.
will be our downfall.
Anyone who resorts to the tactics
she used to keep me out of their way
If Grace has done something criminal,
you need to tell me.
[scoffs] And risk
what little reputation that we have left
with an attempted murder case?
The detective on the case
feared that all the clues for my hijacking
are pointing to Grace.
I stopped him.
You gave Grace the rope.
Now we have to watch as she hangs us all.
[music continues playing]
[gentle piano sting]
[music fades]
Hey, why aren't you ready yet?
What's going on?
- Linda.
- What's up?
- [in Zulu] I'm pregnant.
- Mm?
[in English] I'm pregnant.
[whispers] What?
And it's It's Don's.
You're pregnant with my father's child?
You are my fiancée, and
you're pregnant with my half-sibling?
Don gave up hoping
I'd fall pregnant but I
I still had to sleep with him.
It was my duty.
- [in Zulu] I'm sorry.
- [exhales sharply]
You know what? Um
I'll fix this.
We'll make an appointment tomorrow.
Okay, we'll take care of it all tomorrow.
Don't stress.
- An appointment
- Yes! To terminate.
[Thando gasps]
Excuse me?
You can't have my father's child now,
come on.
He forced himself onto you.
My relationship with Don
was not ideal, I know.
It was full of complications, and
and negotiations and rules,
but I I'm not a victim.
- You can't keep my father's baby.
- Grace terminated my pregnancy.
I was told that I won't be able
to conceive ever again,
[in Zulu and English] and your response
is to tell me I must abort
- [in English] I must abort my last chance
- We can have our own.
of having a baby.
What? Just Thando, come on.
Look, we can have
Look at me, we can have a baby of our own.
It's not a big deal, okay? Just
Keeping this baby will connect you to Don
for the rest of your life.
You don't want that.
Look, we'll make an appointment tomorrow,
and it will all be gone, okay?
I promise.
All right. It's just, um
Get ready so we can go celebrate.
[music fades]
[Phila] Mr. Minister.
[Mukheli] Mr. Bhengu.
We've been expecting you.
Yeah. I'm here to sort out
the tax situation.
Your mom did say
that you're going to drop by.
She also said you're a team player.
["Open Up Your Eyes" by William,
Mallende, Burrows, Hill plays]
Open up your eyes ♪
Open up your mind ♪
[Phila's cell phone buzzes]
Never close your heart ♪
Leave your fears behind ♪
Have you ever wondered how it feels ♪
When everybody does what you say ♪
I'll fight until the end ♪
[Richard] Congratulations
on your keynote speech.
It was great.
That was one of the hardest things
I've ever done.
I don't believe you.
[in Sotho] It's true.
[in English] We grew up in a time
when you had to get on with things.
[in Sotho] No one cared about your story.
[in English] But it felt right to share.
It was inspiring.
[in Sotho]
Men never call women inspirational.
Hey, I'm not Don.
If he doesn't know
what I'm talking about, oh well.
Your wife, was she powerful?
[in English] Extremely.
[lounge piano music plays]
Richard, how did you
- How did you get to be so
- [Richard] Secure?
Uh, yes, secure. [chuckles]
It comes naturally
when I'm around women like yourself.
[Grace's cell phone buzzes]
- [Richard in Sotho] Don't answer.
- It's my son.
[in English] How did it go?
[Phila] Well, Mukheli made the call,
so everything is fine.
But, Ma, do you have any idea
what I had to do to fix this?
[In Sotho] We'll talk when I get home.
[ominous music plays]
[in English] I really had a great time.
[music fades]
[Grace] The tax issue
has been resolved, Mutale.
I'll see you at the launch tonight.
- I've been waiting for you.
- Oh, good, you're both here.
What do you think of my suit?
It's for tonight's launch.
Anyway, I think
we should coordinate as a family
to show support for one another.
[Don's cell phone buzzes]
[Phila] I'll
Ms. Chairperson,
I hope you're calling with good news.
Thank you for dealing with the tax crisis.
- It was almost disastrous.
- [Don] Any time.
We want you back as CEO.
We're voting tomorrow after the launch.
A mere formality. It's a lock.
You made the right decision.
This is your last chance to stop
being your mother's little bitch,
because I'm taking back
everything that belongs to me.
This family and business will never rise
unless I'm in charge.
Join me now
[in Xhosa]and you won't have to beg
like everyone else
[in English]when you guys realize
that I'm right.
Unless you want to remain a waste of space
and a disappointment like your sister.
Fuck you, Dad.
[Don scoffs]
At least you have some fight left in you.
Going to need it.
["God Will Cut You Down"
by Charlie Harper plays]
[shower runs]
Sooner or later
They will cut you down ♪
Sooner or later
God will cut you down ♪
Ooh ♪
Ooh ♪
[Don whistles]
[song fades]
Here you are.
- Oh. [chuckles]
- [chuckles]
Thanks. Thank you. Uh
Charlie, I
[giddy music builds softly]
I want us to date, not just sex.
I want us to really
really see where this goes.
We don't have to label it.
We don't have to let anyone else know.
We can just explore
without pressure.
Thank you for your honesty.
You're more powerful than you think.
[music fades]
Thando, I called.
I called the clinic,
got us an appointment.
[catches breath]
I got you your cappuccino
and your favorite croissant.
I just need to quickly take a shower,
and then and then we can head, okay?
[breathes loudly]
[breathes anxiously]
[foreboding music plays]
[Phila] I'm not selling my shares.
[Richard] So you urgently came here
to tell me nothing has changed?
[Phila] What I want
is complete control of Bhengu Beauty.
My parents, they raised me to take over,
and they used that to control me.
And then they keep changing the rules.
[Richard] Keep talking.
What I'm proposing is a complete buyout
of the three shareholders,
Margaret, Chris, Mutale.
You come in as my secret investor.
See, Richard, those shares
will get me close to controlling power,
and then my mother will be forced to sell.
Enabling you to push out your father,
how does that benefit me?
You and I will be partners.
In just a short space of time,
you've shown me
a lot more respect
than my father has in a lifetime.
[ominous sting]
[music continues playing]
[music fades]
[Richard] I see you're very good
at breaking into people's houses.
What can I say?
I'm very good at what I do.
Hot chocolate?
Just as you like it.
This isn't a social call.
How did the tax thing at Bhengu Beauty go?
I don't know how
they got out of that search and seizure.
It's fine.
They won't see what's coming next.
Phila's deal is ridiculous,
but it's good for us.
And I will keep devaluing Bhengu Beauty,
let Phila take it,
and we take it from him.
[ominous music plays]
If only that botched hijack
had actually ended in Don's death.
Charlotte, we're not killers.
No one was supposed to die.
[music fades]
Those guys only needed to shake him up,
and not shoot.
On the other hand,
Don was very stubborn about giving in.
And what did you say to Phila
for him to get to this point?
Just being a good friend,
nudge him along like we said.
His parents really broke his confidence.
And the sister?
We don't need her.
We can use her to drain Bhengu Beauty
of all of its resources,
making everything easier for us.
How's Grace?
Can be influenced.
She's putting on a big show
by trying not to remember your mother.
[ominous music picks up]
I can do this alone if you can't.
I'm fine, Dad.
Keep me posted.
[in Sotho] Just what I needed, Noni.
[in English] Thank you.
I swapped the pills.
[in Sotho] I hope they take effect
in front of the board
so they can see how unwell he is.
I don't think it's a good idea.
You can't mix amphetamines
with his medication.
That's a death sentence.
Have you forgotten
about his heart condition?
I don't give a damn about his heart.
[in English] You asked
if I don't think of Zinhle.
[in Sotho] I think about her all the time.
[in English] In the moment
she took her last breath
[in Sotho]I knew
I was capable of anything.
[in English] All the helplessness I felt
[in Sotho]just disappeared.
[in English] I was power itself.
- [cameras clicking]
- ["Prada" by AKA plays]
[indistinct conversation]
[reporter] Mrs. Bhengu
[Grace] I can do whatever I want, Noni.
I can run Bhengu Beauty.
I can spend time with another man
[in Sotho] if I wanted to
[in English]and stand up to Don
if I need to.
Pity that the board brunch was canceled.
I so wanted to relay
how swiftly I dealt
with that tax misunderstanding.
Enjoy the show, everyone.
[music starts to warp]
You, you're funny.
[Don giggles]
Thank you.
[Don] Mutale.
See you at the V-O-T-E.
[chuckles] See you later, Mr. CEO.
[music echoes]
They're both taking credit
for the tax crisis, aren't they?
What do you mean?
It's just their usual battle for power.
But you should know
that I actually resolved it, Ms. Mutale.
Before we unveil
my first make-up and beauty line,
[loud applause]
[Grace] I need to acknowledge
a few people.
My husband, Don Bhengu,
my son, Phila,
and the board.
Someone else should be here.
My youngest, Ndumiso Bhengu.
He might not be here in the physical
- [distorted sound]
- but he is certainly here in spirit.
[Ndu whispering] Love your family.
We're all you have.
I can hear you, son.
[Ndu whispering] Love your family.
Love your family.
Why are you doing this?
[Ndu] We're all you have.
Ndumiso, where are you? Ndumiso?
[Ndu] Tell the truth.
Tell the truth. Tell the truth.
- Ndumiso!
- [Ndu] Tell the truth!
- Ndumiso!
- [woman] Should someone call an ambulance?
- [in Xhosa] Where are you, son?
- [Ndu in English] How about the truth?
[in English] Can you hear his voice?
I know my son's voice.
- [Ndu] Tell the truth.
- Ndumiso.
[Ndu] How about the truth?
[Don] I can hear you, son.
I can hear you.
[Ndu] Tell the truth.
[Don] Your father is here.
[Ndu] Tell the truth.
Tell the truth. Tell the truth.
- [Don] Hey.
- [Ndu] Love your family.
Please forgive me, son.
Forgive you for what, Don?
[Don] Please don't make me say it, son.
[intriguing music plays]
Dad, the medics The medics are here.
Get your hands off me.
Get your hands off me, man!
[crowd murmuring indistinctly]
Phila, I saw my
I saw my son. I saw my son!
I'm not mad!
I saw my son!
Get your hands off me!
[music fades]
["Where Did You Sleep Last Night"
instrumental version plays]
[music fades]
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