Savage Beauty (2022) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

[suspenseful music plays]
[in Sotho] This can't be the way.
Are you sure this is the route?
I'm not sure. I've only been here once.
Right! Turn right!
That's the house.
Over there, Master Richard, over there!
It's on fire!
[indistinct exclamations]
[Richard] Grace!
[Grace coughs]
Grace Grace
[suspenseful music continues playing]
- [heart pounding]
- [panting]
[music fades]
- [rap music plays]
- [Lola gasping and moaning]
- [gasping]
- [groaning]
- [groaning]
- [gasping]
You know what?
Fuck them.
Fuck my parents.
Fuck Richard, fuck Charlie.
You know, Charlie was sleeping
with me and my sister at the same time.
So the rumors about her
in high school were true.
I know she was very popular. [chuckles]
Wow. Charlotte Webster-Moloto.
Moloto, as in As in Richard?
They came to your brother's funeral.
Couldn't quite place her at first,
but then when I saw her
at the restaurant, oh my gosh.
- I will remember those legs anywhere.
- Shit.
- She looked so fine. I'm telling you.
- Where are my car keys?
- Where are my car keys?
- [chuckles] What?
- My car keys.
- I don't know.
Mine are over there.
Hold up, wait for me!
[in Zulu and English] Why don't you wash
vegetables in, like, bleach or something?
[in English] You
[in Xhosa]
When were you planning on telling me?
[in Zulu] What have you done?
- I'm helping you.
- [Thando] Helping me?
[in English] I don't need it.
[in Xhosa] I have a right to know.
[in English] Are you okay?
[in Zulu] I'm okay.
[in English] Okay. Take it easy.
[in Zulu] My baby! Ma [groans]
- [in English] Okay!
- We're taking you to hospital.
[in Zulu] Okay, don't worry.
- [tense music plays]
- [coughing]
You need a hospital, Grace.
[in Sotho]
Why don't you have your husband arrested?
- [music fades]
- No.
Don almost killed you.
It was a mistake.
- [coughs]
- Come on.
[in English] He held you hostage!
What kind of a mistake is that?
Thank you for saving my life, Richard.
[in Sotho and English]
For now, I just need to rest.
[gentle intriguing music plays]
["Rockabye" by K.O. plays]
[screams and laughs]
Fuck, man! Jesus, Linda, answer.
Want to get a taste of this, Phila?
- Will you please just give me
- Why the fuck would you do that?
Could you help me?
Oh, yeah. I'd like to help you out.
You only have to ask.
[seatbelt alarm rings]
Lorraine Lorraine,
that's not what I'm talking about.
- Lorraine, could you please just
- Okay, fine!
- I'll get it myself.
- [Lola] Do it.
[car horn hooting]
Phila! Phila, watch out!
[tires screeching]
Watch out! [screams]
- [glass breaking]
- [seatbelt alarm rings]
[song ends]
How's the baby?
Everything is fine.
We're just waiting for some tests,
and the doctor want us to monitor
- When When will the test results be out?
- Is that it?
Your baby is doing great,
Mr. and Mrs. Bhengu.
[Don] You should have called, Thando.
Especially after Ndumiso.
[in Xhosa] You're not the only one
who suffered
after the loss of the first pregnancy.
[in English] This baby is our miracle.
It's not like I wanted to replace
my older children,
but they just got the worst.
[in Xhosa] I want to raise children
[in English]that get the best of me.
[in Xhosa and English] You'll get
everything you need at the house.
[in Zulu] You want me to come back?
[in English] For the baby.
Think about it.
[in Xhosa] I'll be back tomorrow.
[in English] Fire?
What do you mean "fire"?
[in Xhosa] Where's Grace?
[in English] Is she fine?
[in Zulu] People saw
a man and a woman taking her away.
[in English]
Find out for me where she is at.
Search each and every hospital
that there is in this city.
Yes, sir.
What's going on here?
I'm Don Bhengu. This is my son.
Your son and Mrs. Mukheli had an accident.
He's very much intoxicated.
It's unclear whether or not
Mrs. Mukheli will live
Phila. Phila!
[in Xhosa and English] Listen here, sir,
the Mukhelis are family friends.
I also know a few of your superiors.
[in Xhosa] Please leave us
to sort this out as a family.
[officer in English] Handcuff him.
Sir, you don't have to do that.
Stand up.
Up. There we go.
Not every problem can be solved
through a bribe, Mr. Bhengu.
Let's go.
[in Xhosa] You'll be all right, son.
[in English] You almost got your wish.
The right son nearly died.
Let's go, please.
- [tense harp music plays]
- [phone buzzes]
[sighs] Yes, Don?
[Don] Are you okay?
Where are you? I can come pick you up.
Grace, talk to me.
You left me to burn.
- I didn't realize
- You had me bound and gagged,
and nearly poisoned me with alcohol.
[in Sotho and English] You brought in
private security to trap me in our home.
[in English] You hired a man to kill me.
[in Xhosa]
If I didn't crawl out of the wreck
[in English]I would
have burned to death.
[in Sotho]I'm tired of fighting.
[in English] Come home in the morning.
I cannot be alone with you.
Bring security if you want.
We need to talk.
[in Sotho] Fine.
[music fades]
[in English] You were 16 the last time
I got you out of a place like this.
[clears throat] How's Lorraine?
[Selekane] The story is
she drove herself home
after a wild night out.
She crashed.
The rest will be filled in
if she wakes up.
Because we don't know.
- If?
- Yeah, if.
The doctors still don't know.
Come, let's go.
[in Sotho] Maseko, open.
[morose music plays]
Hey, open, man!
[music fades]
[in English] Get the fuck out!
Two minutes, and I won't bother you again.
Look, Linda,
you are brilliant and magnetic,
and I knew that the instant that we met,
but it's our business connection
that matters.
GirlCity is genius,
and it needs to happen, Linda.
I want to compete with Bhengu Beauty,
not because
of your history or connections,
but because when you want to be the best,
you beat the best.
It's your choice.
Be a power player,
or let your emotions run your life
and prove your father right.
Don't you dare speak
about my father again, do you understand?
[phone jingles]
[intriguing music plays]
That was the head developer
at Bhengu Beauty.
If we do this, and I mean if,
no more fucking surprises.
And like my father, I'll do whatever
it takes to be better than him.
[music fades]
I'm coming with you.
You're not safe with that man.
Noni will be there.
- [Sotho] She'll call if anything happens.
- Why are you letting him get away with it?
I know what I'm doing.
[intriguing music plays]
[in English] I thought you were
smart enough not to drive high and drunk.
Yeah, well.
I was on my way to Linda, by the way,
to tell her that her business partner,
Charlie, is Richard Moloto's daughter.
Everywhere I turn, there's Moloto.
So you know him?
He's my investor, by the way,
and he's He's sleeping with Ma.
I think he's after us, somehow.
Is something going on?
Selekane, find out everything you can
about Moloto's sudden involvement
in my business.
- And work fast.
- Okay, sir.
[in Xhosa] Phila, I want you here.
Don't tell your mom anything
until we know what's going on.
[in English] Have you noticed
I've been through a lot?
- So I'm going to go home.
- You'll stay here, Phila.
- If not for me, you'd still be in prison.
- So what? Am I your prisoner?
A simple thank you.
What do you want from me? Expect from me?
I expect you to be my son.
And I don't wish you dead.
[in Xhosa] Your mother and I
will work things out.
[in English] Thando will return
now that she's pregnant with my child.
This is a new beginning.
And I want you back home,
and at Bhengu Beauty.
What for? I was fired, remember?
I want you to be my COO.
For now.
You've made your stupid mistakes,
but you are far from being a disgrace.
[in Xhosa and English] Now please go
and tell your sister she's being used.
Don't tell her
this Charlie-girl is Moloto's daughter.
[in Xhosa] She'll confront her.
Your sister is very stubborn.
She might confront her
before we get information from Selekane.
Don't call Lorraine.
[music fades]
[in Zulu]
Now that you have a baby to think of,
take as much money from him as you can.
[in English] Ah, Patricia.
Always the broker.
Are you coming?
Under one condition.
I want a family share of Bhengu Beauty.
[in Zulu] She's trying to explain that
[in English] Just like everyone else.
I need to secure my position.
[Don] This is being ridiculous.
[in Xhosa] All you need
[in English] I will not be a mother
who relies on her baby-daddy's kindness.
I want to control my own finances.
[Don] What is this, Thando?
- A money-making scheme?
- [in Zulu] No.
I won't be ashamed
of looking out for myself
when you do the same.
[in English] And I know
that you'll never let me walk off
and raise this baby on my own.
You want it just as much as I do.
And I would be a damn fool
not to lay my conditions on the table.
All right.
If I give you what you want,
you can never be with Linda.
[tense sting]
[music fades]
What do you want, Phila?
It's not a good time.
We need to talk.
[Linda] We've got a meeting.
We need to talk alone.
You can say it right here.
Look, Linda, she's playing us, okay?
[Charlie] Phila,
that wasn't my intention. I
She's using you for our family.
Look, ask yourself, all right?
Why do you think she's making you
steal Bhengu Beauty talent? Mm?
She is a liar, Linda.
I need you to trust me.
- I'm sorry that you're in pain, but
- Fuck you, Charlie.
- Fuck you and your manipulation
- Hey, chill. Just chill.
[Phila scoffs]
Come home, okay?
- And then Dad and I, we can talk
- Dad?
[in Xhosa] You're back with him.
- Phila
- [in English] Yeah, it's just
Look, Linda
After everything we spoke about?
And he brought you here to reel me in.
Can we just
- Can we talk about this privately?
- I will not be used.
I finally thought you saw through him.
I'd feel so sorry for you
if you weren't so pathetic.
We're late.
[music rises]
[Linda sighs]
[music fades]
[tense music plays]
[Grace exclaims]
[Grace chokes]
[Noni in Sotho] Let's go.
[tense music continues playing]
- Grace.
- Thando.
[in English] Shall we?
[music fades]
I wanted to kill you.
That's who I've become in this marriage.
You know I didn't want to kill you, right?
[in Sotho] I still feel
the heat of the fire on my skin.
I feel my body embracing
my impending death.
[in English] I know that feeling too.
[in Sotho] We burned children.
[in English] Have you ever stopped
to let that sink into your bones?
[in Sotho]
So many people would still be alive
[in English]living out
their hopes and dreams
but we took that away from them.
Zinhle, Kolobe.
[in English] You killed our son.
Stop saying that.
[in Sotho] Don't you think
that's punishment for our greed?
[in English] It's time
to release each other from this hell, Don.
I want a divorce.
It will be mediated and private.
I want the value of my shares,
and half our joint investments.
Did Moloto put you up to this?
You don't even know
who he really is, Grace.
Don Bhengu, this is about us
and what we've done. No one else.
Bhengu Beauty needs unity.
You heard the board.
We either stick together,
or lose what remains of it.
[in Xhosa and English] Thando's pregnancy
is a sign that this family has a future.
Thando and Phila are back home.
And Linda will return home.
[in English] And why is Phila back?
I saved his ass.
[in Xhosa] He almost killed Mukheli's wife
driving drunk.
[in English] But he's fine.
Grace, we sacrificed a lot,
building our legacy.
We can't give up now.
We're almost there.
[Grace] Don
my lawyers will be in touch.
You know, I called you multiple times.
You should have said that you needed help.
Yeah. Thanks.
[sighs] But your dad
was going to find out anyway, so
Yeah. Still,
you definitely didn't need to come back.
Why are you back?
Uh [chuckles]
Linda. What about Linda? How is she?
She's clearly moved on.
She literally kissed someone
at the Emerald Party, so
Yep, that's done.
You know her?
- Phila?
- Uh
Come with me to the penthouse.
It's too late, Ma.
I know that your father
is using your accident against you
but don't give in to him.
[intriguing music plays]
I'm sorry, Ma.
I'd get my child
as far away from him as possible.
We have a meeting with Mutale.
[music fades]
We actually pulled this off.
The developer
and the entire development are in.
[Charlie chuckles]
Thanks to you, superstar.
But we'll need to get ready
for my dad to retaliate.
We haven't done anything wrong.
Yes, but still.
People have the right to change jobs
[Charlie's voice echoes]especially
when their employers are mired in scandal.
I mean, just think about
everything that's happened.
The crash, stuff with your dad,
the protests.
Someone you know?
I'm sorry. I thought it was Thando.
Um, you were saying?
We're going to be fine.
Appointing Phila as COO
at the same time as your reinstatement
is exactly the way forward
the board and I have been looking for.
No more takeover surprises, Son.
Is Grace in a position to
[Richard] Hold back on that contract.
I'll let you know what to do.
[in Xhosa]
You put her up to it, didn't you?
- [in English] Not here
- Stay away from my family and company.
- You should be in jail for what you
- She's my fucking wife!
Whatever grudge you have, drop it.
[softly] Dad, can we sit down, please?
Drop it.
[Phila] Dad, please.
[Grace] Yes, get back to his lawyers.
They need to make him engage with you.
I don't want a public battle.
Get the board to advise
on the disaster this will be if
I I'll I'll call you back.
Don is not going to make this easy.
Why does he get to decide
when he is the one who assaulted you,
and nearly killed you?
[sighs] Richard, please.
He victimizes you over and over again.
- You're letting him block your attempts
- I am not letting him.
[in Sotho and English] Have him arrested!
Go public. Why keep it a secret?
I'll get you the best lawyers.
We can fight
- [in English] It's the last thing I need.
- Why are you protecting him?
[in Sotho]
Why don't you listen to me, Richard?
[in English] I spent my entire life
on an angry man who disregards me.
Grace, I'm not disregarding you.
But you are wrong
for protecting this monster.
[in Sotho and English] It's as if you are
in a relationship with him.
[in English] Grace
you changed my life
and the way I want to live my life.
And for the first time in a decade
I could imagine my future,
and it's not bleak.
It's with you.
[gentle piano music plays]
No, this was a mistake.
[in Sotho] Hold on
[in English] Richard, please leave.
[in Sotho] But don't
[in English] No, Richard. Richard, leave.
[in Sotho] Hold on
[in English] Whatever this was
it's over.
[music fades]
Linda and Richard Moloto's daughter
poached them.
Is that what last night was about?
[Phila] Moloto is targeting Bhengu Beauty.
He was my secret investor,
and his daughter is using Linda
to weaken our market share.
Why is he going to such lengths?
It almost feels personal.
Do you know something about this?
It'll stay between us this time.
When I told my dad what I'm telling you,
he and his detective seemed to know more.
Whatever is going on with that,
we need to handle this first.
Legal can go after them on contracts.
I know.
[intriguing music plays]
We can go harder.
Cut Charlie off directly at the knees.
I'm all ears.
I know all their plans.
We could do the exact same thing.
But when we do it
we'll do it bigger.
[music fades]
[Thando] My baby.
- Hi.
- [clears throat] Hi.
May I?
Yeah. Sure.
[gentle music plays]
Your brother sent you to us, didn't he?
[Phila] Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Right. How How did it go?
- Oh, um, we just found out
- We're having a boy.
Congratulations, Dad.
[Don] Thank you.
[in Xhosa] How are things at the office?
[in English]
Are you going after those traitors?
Uh, they were actually poached
by Linda and Charlie's company.
[Don] Do you see
what your secrets have cost me?
[in English and Xhosa]
You know, if you were by my side, Phila
[in English] Are you suing them?
I am killing their company
before it ever gets started.
I'm announcing a new line.
The same products,
and the same name as their company, today.
Mutale approves.
[chuckles] See what I mean?
My son at my side
being the shark he was always meant to be.
I approve.
Thando, I'm calling my lawyers
so that they can draft your contract.
[Don whistles]
[music fades]
What contract?
How about you and I catch up over lunch?
You know, I haven't been
to a restaurant in so long.
[in Zulu] Sis Regina,
I don't think we'll be around for dinner
[in English]so you can count us out.
Thank you.
[gentle piano music plays]
[music fades]
[in Sotho] I have always loved
Ndumiso's photos.
I think starting a foundation
to honor his memory is a good idea.
Look at this expression, Noni.
I don't know how Ndumiso pulled
that expression out of me.
This joy.
I can't remember
when last I felt that way.
[Noni] I think you can.
With Master Moloto.
[in English] That's enough now.
[in Sotho] He's not like Master Don.
Unlike everyone,
he's not trying to control you.
He's angry about
what Master Don almost did to
Please go home.
I know that Ndumiso would have liked him.
[music fades]
- Your mom is a riot.
- I'm telling you, dude.
Like, she wants me to take her to Paris,
build her a house.
The way I see it, as long as you are happy
with your choices, man.
Taking care of yourself,
and your loved ones,
that's not a sin, you know?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Are you taking care of yourself?
I am figuring it out.
- Well, here's to figuring it out.
- I'll drink to that.
- [Thando] Cheers.
- [chuckles] Cheers.
Man. [chuckles]
I'm not going to lie and say
that this is great. I miss real wine.
- You've still got six months to go, Mama?
- Yeah. Don't rub it in my face.
[Linda] I don't know about the vibe,
but I am definitely intrigued.
[intriguing music plays]
[Charlie] Mm.
This way.
- [Charlie] Linda?
- [Linda] Yeah.
You guys are my lawyers.
I pay you, so you do as I say.
[in Xhosa] How did you get in?
[Richard in English] I have my means.
I need you to do a simple thing.
I want you to call your lawyers,
and order them
to engage with Grace's lawyers.
This is between me and my wife.
- Give her what she wants
- Or what?
Or I'll use the full might of my power
to put you away
for holding Grace hostage,
attempting to burn her alive.
Do I need to go on?
Oh, yeah, no. Please, go on
You've been coming at me sideways
instead of straight on,
like a real man.
[tense music plays]
You killed my wife.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Debbie was about to uncover
your bleaching factory.
Are you recording me, Moloto?
don't start what you can't finish.
Your wife wasn't supposed to die.
It was a mistake.
So take your loss, move on,
and get yourself a lover or something.
[music intensifies]
[both groaning]
[both groaning]
[music crescendos]
- [Richard's heart beating rapidly]
- Help!
["Soul Of A Man" by Charlie Harper
and Blind Willy Johnson plays]
- Coward!
- [phone rings]
[in Zulu] Coward!
- [in English] This is not over.
- Get the fuck out of my house!
[in Xhosa] Bastard!
[in Sotho] Please come over.
[in English] I need you.
[Don in Xhosa] Get out!
[in English] I'm on my way.
There are things I need to tell you.
Anybody here, help me ♪
Please answer if you can ♪
I need to ask the question ♪
What is the soul of a man? ♪
[song fades]
- [Linda] Hey.
- Hi.
You look
You look great.
Thank you. You too.
I, um
I live with Don now.
My mother told him.
- So
- Did he force you back?
No, he didn't.
You look happy with Charlie.
[sighs] It's nothing like that. Trust me.
I just
[gentle instrumental music plays]
- [phone pings]
- I
[tense sting]
This announcement is blatant theft.
"GirlCity by Bhengu Beauty."
"Heartbreak is a bitch but"
"But life shouldn't stop."
I love it. It's evocative.
Did Dad put you up to this?
All you do is sell yourself
to the highest bidder, Phila.
Did you know her father
is Richard Moloto, my private investor?
- What does that have to do with me?
- What was the plan?
I suppose, um, it was you using Linda
to weaken our market share,
so Richard can use me
to buy Bhengu Beauty on the cheap, right?
[chuckles] Cocaine is one hell of a drug.
Charlie, is he your father?
Biologically, yes,
but we don't have a relationship.
Richard is like your father.
He's controlling and manipulative
Yes, but you were at the funeral together,
weren't you?
I just came back from London.
I thought seeing him there
will help remind him
of our loss, reconnect
[mimicking] "Oh, I just got back
from London, our loss"
You're a fucking great actress.
Linda, she is a liar!
I don't know what's going on
between Richard and Phila,
but you know why I'm doing this with you.
We're cut from the same cloth.
[mouthing] Wow.
We are powerful businesswomen
going after what we deserve.
I know I hurt you
but to go back to your father
and debase yourself like this.
Linda, you're letting her
speak to your brother like that?
- Stay out of this.
- Excuse me?
Do you have any idea
how much you hurt Linda? [gasps]
Don't you dare tell me about Linda
[in Zulu]do you understand?
- [in English] You don't
- [in Zulu] Don't mess with me.
[in English] Stop.
let's go.
[gentle instrumental music plays]
[music fades]
Ah, finally.
[in Xhosa] Selekane,
did you find anything else about Moloto?
The bastard came here
and assaulted me in my own home.
[in English] Everything is in here.
[in Xhosa] You took your time, Selekane.
It's been him all along.
- [laughing]
- [Don] Phila was right.
[in English] Right about what?
About Moloto coming after our family.
Everything. The tax issues,
Ruby's reappearance, the hijacking.
But why?
[intriguing music plays]
[suspiciously] Okay.
Clearly there's a reason,
and you know what it is. Tell me.
- I'm just going to let you guys talk.
- Yeah.
[in Xhosa] Go with Thando,
make her a cup of tea.
[in English] I'm handling this.
If this is about Bhengu Beauty,
then I should know.
Phila, I told you.
I'm handling this.
It's my war.
I'm going to see your mother.
[music fades]
I'm calling my lawyers
first thing in the morning.
GirlCity is backdated.
We can make it public, fight it out.
Make it a public spectacle. Okay.
Expose Bhengu Beauty's corrupt
Charlie, you had no right
to speak to Thando like that.
[scoffs] I was defending you.
Is Phila right?
Are you using me?
Don't let him get to you.
You know,
you always have something to say,
and an answer for absolutely everything.
[Charlie] They want us to fight,
to lose focus,
lose out on business opportunities.
You're doing it right now.
You're always a step ahead.
Let's go to bed.
- We can figure it out in the morning.
- And now you're using sex to deflect.
I'm taking a pause.
Our business is under attack, Linda.
You can't just pause.
Then I quit.
[Grace] Richard
What's wrong?
Oh, I'm
I need to tell you something.
I'm listening.
[in Sotho] Don, what are you doing here?
[in English] You've gone too far, Bhengu.
Did your boyfriend tell you
what he's been doing
- to our family and businesses?
- [phone beeps]
My hijacking.
The sexual harassment claims from Ruby,
the protests, our tax issues,
Phila's takeover.
Moloto here is behind it all. Look at it.
That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
Don killed my wife.
She was investigating skin bleaches.
Kolobe was her informant.
[man] Welcome to the other side
of Bhengu Beauty.
[in Sotho] You're behind everything?
- [Don in English] He manipulated you.
- I never lied.
Did you tell her
that you tried to drown me?
That's not what happened.
I was trying to help you.
- You are exactly the same man.
- Oh, he wishes.
[in Sotho] Why won't you let me
help you have him arrested
[in English]for attempted murder?
[Don] He asked a very good question.
Don't let him victimize you.
He thinks you are a victim.
[tense music plays]
How sweet.
He thinks you have no idea
what happened to his wife.
What is he talking about?
Why don't you want the details
of our marriage
to become public knowledge?
Why don't you allow Moloto
to use his means
to destroy me and free you?
Tell him you have no idea
of what happened to his wife,
or anything I might be accused of.
Go ahead.
[music intensifies]
What is the soul of a man? ♪
["Soul Of A Man" instrumental version
by Harper and Johnson plays]
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