Savage Beauty (2022) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

[suspenseful music plays]
[in Sotho and English] All this time
you've been lying to me.
[in English] At my son's funeral.
You exploited my grief!
You reeled me in. You set me up!
[in Sotho] Let's go.
I'll explain everything to you.
I'll help you if you're afraid.
[in English] You took Phila away from me
when I needed him the most.
I let you into my heart.
I let you into my body!
[in Sotho and English]
It doesn't matter now. We both lied.
[in English] Don and I decided
that Debbie needed to die.
We had her killed.
We did it.
[in Sotho] Are you satisfied?
[in English]
Because we've destroyed each other.
[in Sotho] Leave, Richard.
[in English] Let's not escalate something
that will end in more tears.
[Don] Let's go home, Grace.
And Selekane's boys were only supposed
to scare off Moloto's wife.
It went wrong.
And I had no reason to suspect
that he'd connect that to us.
It's time to go home, Grace.
[in Xhosa] You said it yourself.
We burned children.
Their screams will haunt us forever.
[in Xhosa and English] Ndumiso died
because of the choices we made.
You can divorce me
[in Xhosa]try to allow
someone else love you.
[in English] Run to the ends of the world,
but that will never wash away your sins.
And no one,
especially yourself,
will ever love you completely
as Don Bhengu does.
[music fades]
["Devil In Me" by iora plays]
Oh, I looked the devil in the eye ♪
Oh, I couldn't tell you why ♪
But I, so deep down
In the dark you went ♪
Some feeling you cannot imagine ♪
Oh, I heard a calling in the night ♪
Oh, the beat went through just right ♪
So I moved deep down in the dark ♪
[phone rings]
The board really likes
the cheeky GirlCity.
They want you as CEO.
You and I both know
that that is not in the cards.
It's your excitement and youth
that will take Bhengu Beauty
into the future.
Yeah, you've made some mistakes,
but unlike your parents,
you are neither corrupt nor a criminal.
Lovers might be an issue.
Don't worry about Lovers.
I can take care of him.
We need to move fast
before Don catches on.
Until then, don't give him any reason
to doubt your loyalty.
[Mutale ends call]
[ominous music plays]
[phone rings]
[Linda] Please don't hang up.
Does your girlfriend know
that you're calling me?
Thando, I'm sorry about tonight. I'm
I'm sorry about everything.
Your father is offering me
a Bhengu Beauty family share
under the condition
that we'll never be together.
And I'm taking it.
[heartfelt music plays]
[call ends]
[sighs deeply]
[music fades]
Oh, hey.
- Are you good?
- Mm.
Tomorrow, we celebrate.
[intriguing music plays]
So, I suppose you're not going to tell me
what what happened with Richard.
[in Xhosa and English] You should be happy
that we are back together.
[in English] Almost.
Oh, okay.
Uh, good night, old man.
And, uh
I'm glad that you managed to
to bring her back home.
[tense piano music plays]
[music fades]
[Grace over recording] Don and I decided
that Debbie needed to die.
[Charlie] Is that Grace?
[Grace] We had her killed.
- That's a confession.
- [Grace] We did it.
It's not enough.
[ominous music plays]
Of course it is!
We now have access
to judges, commissioners, ministers.
We can get something close to justice.
Bhengu Beauty can't possibly survive this.
I have to make sure
that the woman was not under duress.
- It's the woman I've come to know. I
- How?
How could you love the woman
who killed my mother?
Your mother was careful and considerate!
And that's how we end it!
You know, I never,
I never thought I'd see the day
that you would choose Grace over us.
I will never!
I will never.
I will never choose anyone over you.
I promise.
Let Let your father
take care of you. Okay?
Tomorrow morning we can go horse riding.
Then we decide.
[Grace] Why didn't you tell me
about Richard?
Mom, I wanted to tell you
after you fired me.
Dad said you didn't want to talk to me.
- I mean, the door was locked.
- Because he wouldn't let me leave!
And why would he do that?
He knows that I lied
about him being mentally unfit.
Yeah, but he's always known
about that. What
[sighs] This is This is extreme.
I mean, what
Why are you back?
[intriguing music plays]
Okay, Mom.
I need you to tell me
exactly what is going on,
and I mean everything.
Okay, you and Dad, and Richard.
[in Sotho] No mother wants to burden
her child with her problems.
[in English] You become impulsive
when things fall apart.
I can't lose you too.
Okay, so you're afraid to tell me
because you think
I might take a few bumps of cocaine?
You almost killed yourself
and Mukheli's wife.
Okay, fine, Mom.
Another secret for the D&G vault, fine.
you are the last good thing in my life.
I refuse to taint you further
with the knowledge of everything
your father and I have done.
[in Sotho] Please trust me.
[in English] Stay away from him.
You know, Mom, I used to think
that you were his victim.
But it turns out that you and him
are just the same cold animal.
You guys are truly made for each other.
And the rest of us,
we're just pieces in your sick world.
And you know what?
Ndumiso and I deserved better.
[music fades]
Yeah, so I was thinking we could turn
one of the rooms into like a yoga studio.
I don't know.
But Yeah.
[tense sting]
[Don] Thando, I have your
[tense music plays]
[in Xhosa]
I'm coming to you respectfully.
I was a fool to think
I could turn my back on my family
and the great Bhengu name.
[in English] I was naive to think
I could have a relationship with Thando.
I was so desperate for your approval.
And when I didn't get it,
I went after your wife
to show you that I can be the man too.
[in Xhosa and English]
But Thando's pregnancy
clarified everything for me.
[in English] There can be no future
between me and my sibling's mother.
That is very clear.
[In Xhosa]
What do you want from me, Linda?
[in English]
To come back to Bhengu Beauty.
Look, I can take on the Molotos head-on.
I know Charlie so well. Our life has
I have Phila for that.
I have better instincts than Phila.
Dad, I would've come to you
as soon as I knew Moloto was off,
you know that.
[in Xhosa]
You will not work for Bhengu Beauty
without living at home.
[in Xhosa and English] I'm begging you,
don't make me live with Thando.
[in English] You are either by my side,
and show the whole world a united family,
or don't bother.
I'll stay.
[in Xhosa] Thank you, Dad.
[in English]
Here's your contract for the shares.
Sign it.
[in Zulu] What are you trying to do?
- Linda
- [in English] I came back for you.
And if I have to,
I will eat dirt until you're mine.
[music fades]
[Regina in Xhosa]
You're taking too long. Hold it!
You'll be out of a job if you break it.
[intriguing music plays]
[in English] Aah. This.
This warms my heart.
Finally, together.
My eldest son, my right-hand man.
My second wife.
Former second wife who's carrying my son
as it was meant to be.
My heartbeat,
the neck to my head,
the G in D&G back at my side.
After betraying me,
suffering in the desert,
and falling under the influence
of enemies,
prodigal daughter has returned.
When Ndumiso passed away,
he told me to love you all
because you're all that I have.
A toast.
To the Bhengus.
Another one.
[eerie music plays]
[in Sotho and English]
Dad, are you okay?
[in Sotho] Dad.
[in English] Just a sudden headache.
[sighs] Let's feast.
[music fades]
[tense music plays]
["Spark" by Andy Powell,
Tara Chantelle Chinn and Dominic Marsh]
All my love scattered everywhere ♪
Everywhere, everywhere ♪
What do you care? ♪
You can divorce me.
No! Don, no!
[Don] Try to allow someone else
to love you.
Run to the ends of the world.
You'll never wash away your sins.
- [screams]
- And no one, especially yourself,
will ever love you as completely
as Don Bhengu does.
Fairy tales are just fantasy ♪
They're not for me ♪
A bleeding heart is so tragic ♪
I won't be fooled by its magic ♪
'Cause this machine won't feel anymore ♪
For you, baby ♪
I've been going crazy ♪
You can't stab me in my heart ♪
When there's no spark ♪
Spark in my heart ♪
For you, baby ♪
[in Zulu] What are you doing?
[in English]
I just need to be close to my son.
You can't stab me in my heart ♪
When there's no spark ♪
Spark ♪
When there's no spark ♪
Spark ♪
When there's no spark ♪
[song ends]
[in Xhosa]
We didn't get to talk last night.
[in English] Regardless of Charlie's lies,
I should've never done you like that.
Okay, siblings should stick together,
no matter what.
Did you
Did you come back because of Thando?
[softly] Yeah.
Did you come back because of the Molotos?
No. Dad, um, had something else on me
but I sorted it out.
Now I'm staying
because the board wants to make me CEO.
I suppose he didn't tell you also
why Richard Moloto is after us.
No. Look, whatever it is,
it's clearly deeper than business
because Charlie is one vindictive bitch.
- Doesn't matter.
- Look, have you spoken to Richard?
Nope, Dad forbade me from talking to him,
but that was before whatever happened
between him, Richard, and Mom.
We should speak to him.
- [sighs] Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah, we'll be quick.
Besides, I've got a thing or two
to get off my chest.
Are you okay?
We must name him Ndumiso.
Ndumiso? [sighs uncomfortably]
I don't think I'd want to give my baby
his dead brother's name.
He's returning to us, Thando.
My son.
[eerie music plays]
My Ndumiso.
[Noni in Sotho] Mam' Grace,
you didn't have to thank me this way.
Two million?
I'm sorry, I can't accept it.
[in English] You can.
[in Sotho and English] Don has to die,
and this time I'm the one to do it.
[in Sotho] You don't have to.
Maybe get someone else.
I relive everything he's done to me.
we've done,
it lives in my body.
He killed Ndumiso. He won't admit to it.
[in English and Sotho] What kind of life
do you think Phila has with such parents?
[in English] It has to end, Noni.
Find a gun.
[in Sotho] Alfred left one behind.
You know, once you've made this decision,
there's no going back.
This will be the best thing
I've ever done.
[phone buzzes]
Ah, Grace is still not picking up.
I want to talk to her
without Don's intimidation.
Why would she admit to it
if she didn't know?
Does it even matter? [chuckles]
[Phila] Richard.
[tense music plays]
We were told you'd be here.
- We just want to know why.
- Why what?
Spell it out.
You personally targeted each of us.
An elaborate plan like that
isn't just about business.
[Charlie] Pretty boy has brains,
after all.
No insults, Charlotte.
They know their parents.
They're the ones insulting us
by acting clueless.
You kept me away
from the woman that I love.
What the hell does that have to do
with my father? Leave me alone!
Don and Grace killed my mother.
[Grace over recording] Don and I decided
that Debbie needed to die.
We had her killed.
We did it.
[Richard] Debbie was investigating
skin bleaches.
She was killed to protect your family.
But do you think your mother would lie
about something like this?
Is Don still holding her hostage?
I don't give a shit
what's happening between them.
- You should've told me.
- [Charlie] And you go tell Daddy?
You two are exactly like Don and Grace.
A man so hateful
that you'd send your daughter
to go fuck two siblings?
Degrade her humanity?
- What did you say?
- You heard me.
And pining over your own sibling's mother
is not degrading?
You know, I really thought
that you could've been the father that I
You were right, by the way.
My parents did fuck me up,
but at least I try.
You never even gave yourself a chance.
[music fades]
I specifically told you
not to sleep with them.
You chose not to see
what was really going on, Dad.
- That's not true.
- [scoffs, sniffles]
Just like after Mommy was killed.
You let me leave the country
knowing that I wasn't okay.
- You wanted to study abroad.
- I was running away.
And you let me
because you couldn't bear my pain.
I still can't be alone.
[sobs] Every time I am, I go back
to the moment Mommy was taken away.
You said you'd cope.
I lied, Dad!
I came back because you finally connected
the Bhengus to Mommy's death.
But I also had no choice.
I was dismissed.
- Sexual misconduct.
- Charlie
Harassment, intimidation, I have nothing.
You have me.
Then why don't I feel it?
Let's finish what we started.
Use that recording.
I'll do it my way.
I'll send law enforcement
to go check on Grace.
After their observation,
only then we can move.
Today, you're moving in with me full-time,
and no arguments.
[sarcastically] Yes, Dad.
Thando, don't do it. [panting]
Don killed Charlie's mother.
Look, that's why they've been after us
this whole entire time.
- [heartfelt piano music plays]
- Please.
You can't raise your child with him.
That's not safe.
I mean, look at me.
Phila and
We cannot make him ruin another life.
[in Zulu] But, Linda,
he won't let us raise his child.
[in English]
We don't have to get back together.
But please, just
Please don't tie yourself to him.
Look, I will sell my shares
and make sure you're fine.
Fuck the shares.
Fuck the shares.
Linda, I love you.
I love you.
I love you too.
You have no idea what you just started.
[tense music plays]
I will rip my son out of your guts,
if I have to.
He's our son.
And we're going to raise him together.
I'd be six feet under before that happens.
[in Zulu] Hurry up and die.
[music intensifies]
All in favor of the motion
to install Phila Bhengu as CEO.
[in Zulu and Sotho] No. You guys
[in English]this is an ambush.
[in Afrikaans]
Brother Don needs to know his own son
[in English]is stabbing him in the back.
[Mutale] Lovers, sit down.
[Lovers in Afrikaans] You, young man
[in English] Excuse me.
You made your first million
off of my father's illegal bleaches.
I swear, if you ruin this in any way,
I'll crush you and make sure
that you go down with my father.
[in English and Afrikaans]
And so will you, boy.
[in English] And Bhengu Beauty.
Which means we'll all have nothing.
Well, since you survive
by hanging on Bro Don's teat,
you'll come away with even more nothing
than the rest of us.
[tense sting]
[Mutale] All in favor of the motion
to install Phila Bhengu as CEO.
[music stops]
["Benjamins" by Yanga Chief plays]
[phone rings]
You are through to Phila Bhengu,
CEO of Bhengu Beauty.
No, no, don't worry about it.
I'll have my people call your people.
[mouthing] Bye.
[song fades]
[suspenseful music plays]
[Don over laptop]
It was all Grace's idea, okay?
She masterminded the whole thing,
burnt down the house herself.
[Zinhle] But you locked us in there
while we were sleeping.
[Don] She set it on fire.
by Robert Alexis Quickenden plays]
You've been a sister to me.
Some say the innocent ♪
Never came this far ♪
[in Sotho] Take care of yourself.
Some say religion ♪
Take away your scars ♪
Caged like an animal ♪
One thing holds true ♪
When you're treated like the devil ♪
Who you gonna turn to? ♪
So won't somebody tell me ♪
How they all came here ♪
A world caught in a nightmare ♪
All we're having is fear ♪
So won't somebody tell me ♪
How they all came here ♪
Phila, my boy.
By the time you see this,
your father and I will be dead.
Don't lose yourself, son.
Don and I are toxic. We are poison.
Now you are free
to be the best that you can possibly be.
I love you, my boy.
[in Xhosa] How did that happen?
[in English] Phila and I,
we're on the same page.
I see.
Thank you, thank you, Lovers.
[song fades]
Did you know
that Phila and Mutale ousted me?
Phila no longer tells me anything.
Mutale's not going to get away with this.
Where the hell is Clement?
I sent everybody home.
Come to bed, Don. Let's reconnect.
Everything in its right place.
Don Bhengu on top.
Grace Bhengu by his side.
[in Sotho] Let's go, Don.
[in English]
Let's go strategize in bed like old times.
[in Sotho] Mom! Dad!
- [in English] Where the hell are you?
- After everything, you steal my position?
I just saw Zinhle's video.
I know everything. You burnt children?
Phila, there's a lot you don't understand.
Son, please go home, sober up,
and everything will make sense.
Fuck off, Mom.
Honestly, everything that this family has
is built on blood!
You killed Richard's wife. Mm?
He He recorded your confession,
you know that?
You know what? I hope I hope
he burns the both of you to the ground!
[in English and Xhosa]
Everything we do, you're already doing.
What more do you want me to do?
[eerie music plays]
I've done everything I can possibly
Oh, fuck it!
I killed Ndumiso.
I was shooting at Zinhle,
but he got shot instead.
Are you happy now?
- Phila. Phila, please listen
- Uh-uh! Uh-uh.
You knew?
You knew that he shot Ndumiso?
I'll make it all go away.
How do you kill your own son?
Your own son! Mm?
- And think it all goes away?
- Do you think it all goes away?
I see Ndumiso everywhere.
Turn yourself in.
I'm serious. No more lies.
Turn yourself in, both of you.
Everything we do, Phila,
we do for your sake.
Bullshit, man! That's a fucking lie.
Everything you do is for yourselves.
You know it!
You should thank your mom.
[in Xhosa and English]
If she didn't find Zinhle and kill her,
our legacy, your inheritance
would've long gone up in flames.
[in English] Did you kill Zinhle?
Mom, after everything, everything
that you put her through as a child.
Phila, please leave.
It will all be over soon. Please go.
I'm turning you in. Both of you.
- Don! No!
- Get off of me. Get off of me!
[music fades]
[tense piano music plays]
- Mom.
- Huh?
I killed him.
["Devil In Me" by iora plays]
Oh, I looked the devil in the eyes ♪
No, son. No.
- No, no, wait, Mom
- I killed him. I killed him. Listen to me.
Look at me.
Phila, listen to Mother.
I killed him.
I was going to do it before you did.
- Okay? I was going to kill myself too.
- What?
I don't want you implicated in any way.
Okay? Listen to your mother.
Just go before the cops get here.
Go. Leave. Come.
Get up. Phila! Phila!
- Phila! Snap out of it. Come. Go, son. Go.
- Mom, but
Go! Go! Phila, please.
Phila Bhengu, just leave! Now!
Oh, the devil in me ♪
Oh, the devil in me ♪
Oh, the devil ♪
[car starts and drives off]
Oh, the devil in me ♪
Oh, the devil in me ♪
[police sirens wailing]
[expels breath]
Oh, I, I have the devil in me ♪
Oh, I am, I'm gonna let it free, yeah ♪
'Cause it's burning deep down
In the fire ♪
Why should I hide all my desires? ♪
[officer] Put the gun down!
Put the gun down! Put the gun down!
Put the gun down now!
[Linda] Grace shot Dad
because they were fighting
over Dad killing Ndu?
[Phila] Yep.
[Thando] And Grace killed Zinhle
for wanting revenge on the family?
[Phila] Yep.
[Linda] Have you told the cops?
[Thando] Phila, is there anything else?
Look, I'm sorry you had to
had to see all of that happen.
[song fades]
I'm kind of relieved he's gone,
to be honest with you.
Well, we're still
getting married tomorrow.
Don's death and, uh, Grace's arrest
doesn't change anything.
Yeah. [clears throat]
[in Xhosa and English]
Phila, stay here tonight.
[in English] What? It's It's
[scoffs] I'm way too sad to be drunk.
He's just in shock.
[softly] "I'll be six feet under
before that happens."
"I'll be six feet under
before that happens."
[forlorn music plays]
[organ music falls in]
I knew Don and Grace's war
would have tragic consequences.
But this?
I need you to give your first statement
as CEO this afternoon.
Especially in light of what happened.
You'll claim sub judice
on the details of your father's death,
and then you will assure us
that Bhengu Beauty will survive.
Just keep it simple.
I need I need to see my mother.
She'll ask you to interfere with the law.
No, I need
No, I need to see my mother. She won't.
I I need to see my mother because
- And I I I need to see
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
It was self-defense, right?
Then let the law run its natural course.
Listen to me.
You have the potential
to be the voice of a generation.
Just let your parents' legacy
come to its natural end.
I'll see you at the press conference.
[tense music plays]
[Charlie] Dad?
Grace has been arrested for killing Don.
[music fades]
[in Sotho] You promised, Dad.
["I Can't Believe I Get To Call You Mine"
by Manana plays]
[officiant] The brides are now going
to say their vows.
I can't believe
This day is finally here ♪
Usually when
when people have been
through hell and back,
they say they wouldn't change a thing.
I would change every single thing.
First of all, I'm
[chuckles] I wouldn't go to hell,
I'd stay with you in our heaven.
I'd protect you and choose to spend
the rest of my life with you
much, much sooner than I did.
I wouldn't change a thing
because I was taught to fear love.
- Sorry, Mom.
- Wow. [laughs]
[Thando] Because apparently,
love doesn't pay the bills.
See, if I didn't go to hell
I wouldn't have known
that we can survive anything.
I love you.
I love you so much.
[all ululating]
- [Linda chuckles]
- [sniffles]
On the left.
Wow! [laughs]
[officiant] And by the power vested in me
I now pronounce you wife and wife.
You may kiss each other.
[all ululating]
Two beautiful women ♪
Where were you hiding them? ♪
Where were you hiding her? ♪
Two beautiful women ♪
Where were you hiding them? ♪
Where were you hiding them
For so long? ♪
Where were you hiding them
For so long? ♪
Where were you hiding her
For so long? ♪
Where were you hiding her
For so long? ♪
Two beautiful women ♪
Where were you hiding them ♪
[bittersweet instrumental music plays]
[cell door buzzes and opens]
Take me back to the cell.
I'm about to go public
with your confession.
[Grace over recorder] Don and I decided
that Debbie needed to die.
We had her killed.
We did it.
[in Sotho] Are you satisfied?
[in English]
Because we've destroyed each other.
[in Sotho] Leave, Richard.
[in English] Let's not escalate something
that will end in more tears.
Yeah, now that Don is dead,
the consequences fall solely on you.
If things had gone my way
[in Sotho]Don and I
would've died together.
[in English] Do your worst, Richard.
[in Sotho] I don't believe
you killed Debbie.
[in English] At your son's funeral
[in Sotho]you didn't even know
Debbie was dead.
You were telling the truth.
It doesn't matter.
[in English] I deserve worse
than what is about to
No, you deserve to try again.
[in English and Sotho] You cannot imagine
the things I've done, Richard.
[in Sotho] Grace,
the reason I'm here is for myself.
What you need to do is think of Phila.
I'm doing this for Phila, Richard!
I want him to be free! Free!
[in English and Sotho] He found out things
about his father and me.
[in Sotho] They were fighting
[in Sotho] That means
[in English]you sacrificed yourself.
And that's why I love you.
And now that Don is gone
[in Sotho]you can live your life
the way you want to.
Start over.
[in English] Here. It's gone.
[in Sotho] You can claim self-defense
for what Don did to you.
[in English] I'll get you out of here.
[ominous music plays]
[reporters clamoring]
[reporter] We want to know exactly
what's going on at Bhengu Beauty.
[in Sotho] Look, it's Phila.
[in English] His press conference.
- [Phila] I stand here as the new CEO
- It's live-streaming.
of Bhengu Beauty
in the wake of tragic family events,
with a choice to make.
I could either follow
in my family's footsteps,
or go against everything
I have ever been taught.
Bhengu Beauty was founded
using money and influence
that was gained
through illegal skin-bleaching products
that were tested on children.
My parents, Don and Grace Bhengu
[in Xhosa] Excuse me.
[in English] Guys,
I think you need to see this.
[Phila] they burned
almost all those children to death.
Zinhle, the former Face of Bhengu,
she's a survivor of that fire.
But she died on a mission
to expose my family.
My mother killed Zinhle,
thinking she was responsible
for the death of my brother, Ndumiso,
when in actual fact,
my father killed my brother
in an attempt to kill Zinhle.
I don't know
how many other people out there
have suffered
under my parents' quest for power,
but a recent name
is Debbie Webster-Moloto.
My parents had her killed
during her investigation
into illegal Bhengu Beauty
skin-bleaching products.
My family and their friends,
they use money and influence
to make up their own rules.
And I don't think anyone has ever done
what I am doing here today.
Mr. Bhengu, are you trying to say
that Don is responsible for that?
There's more.
My mother didn't kill my father.
Phila, no.
I did.
I confronted him about the events
that I have just detailed,
and we got into a fight.
He was dead by the time my mother shot him
to protect me.
I don't know what comes next.
And I don't know
what the future may bring.
But I hope it's fucking brand new.
["Sleep" by Stxoner plays]
At times it's so hard for me to sleep ♪
Demons at my bedside
Man, this shit is getting deep ♪
Lost a lot of homies in the streets
And so I weep ♪
Dropped out of college
They ain't had a lot to teach ♪
When I go it's on my feet
And never on my knees ♪
Only time is when I'm praying
For my enemies ♪
She wanna lock my heart away
And throw away the key ♪
Took her to the coast
She said I flew her overseas ♪
It's hard for me to go to bed at night
'Cause I hear voices ♪
I'm trying do it right
I pray I don't make the wrong choices ♪
And you know my ego's fragile
So you gotta be cautious ♪
All a nigga wanna do
Is ride inside a Rolls-Royce ♪
And you know a nigga dripping all white
Like a dope boy ♪
I can't let you little niggas play me
Like a console ♪
And I got the fire with me
I ain't talking gun smoke ♪
I wanna reach my destination
But I am a lost soul ♪
I swear at times, man
It's so hard to me to sleep ♪
Demons at my bedside
Man, this shit is getting deep ♪
Lost a lot of homies in the streets
And so I weep ♪
Dropped out of college
They ain't had a lot to teach ♪
When I go it's on my feet
And never on my knees ♪
Only time is when I'm praying
For my enemies ♪
She wanna lock my heart away
And throw away the key ♪
Took her to the coast
She said I flew her overseas ♪
I swear to God, man
I'm tired of working retail ♪
I don't even sleep well ♪
Devil in the detail ♪
Echoes in my ear
As if I'm listening to a seashell ♪
And you know I used to mark it up
And then I'd resell ♪
One gram, two gram
Throw it in the whip ♪
Make sure that I keep a 'lil some
For the pigs ♪
Promise you that common sense
Ain't as common as you think ♪
And you know a nigga live his life
With no regrets ♪
I swear at times, man
It's so hard for me to sleep ♪
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