Scandal s02e20 Episode Script

A Woman Scorned

I need you to find out what kind of relationship - Jake Ballard has with Olivia Pope.
- Consider it done.
Previously on "Scandal" You are a liar! You wanted to know who I am? This is who I am.
Defiance is who I am.
I'm moving across the street into Blair house.
Don't worry.
We'll take the tunnels.
No one will see us.
No one even needs to know what's happening.
- Do you still love me? - I do.
But I can't do this anymore.
Wellsomeone went to summer camp.
There are laws against stalking.
- I am here to protect you.
- From who? You? Because you're the one who has been secretly filming me.
Someone broke into your apartment You're the one that put me in the hospital.
- With the intention of killing you.
If I need protection from anyone, it's you! I understand that you may not want to see me, but I cannot leave your sight.
I am here on orders.
- Orders? - Military orders.
I am a naval officer.
The President of the United States is my commander-in-chief, and he has ordered me to ensure your safety.
Were I to disobey his orders, I would face Court-martial and jail - Mm-hmm.
- And possibly charges of treason as well.
This is Olivia Pope calling for the President.
Thank you! - Good morning, Olivia.
- Call off your puppy.
I'd take pit bull or rottweiler, but puppy? Come on, that's low.
- No.
- No? No.
I want you safe.
Your having me tailed by one of your boys isn't going to help with you and me.
- You get that, right? - Mellie moved out.
She's living at Blair house.
I want Jake Ballard gone! You don't want to talk about the fact that my wife moved out and I'm alone at the White House? No, I don't, because that has nothing to do with me.
Then I don't want to talk about Jake Ballard.
You cannot have me followed everywhere I go.
- Yes, I can.
- No, you can't.
- Yes, I can.
- No, you ca You know what? This conversation is over.
Yes, sir? Yes.
Yes, sir.
Of course, sir.
I don't think that'll be necessary, sir.
Well, yes.
Yes, sir.
I will keep you informed.
Thank you, Mr.
- Well? - Well, what? What did he say? He said that if you don't let me protect you, he will have the U.
attorney obtain a material witness warrant and have you taken into custody and put in a cell, - where you will be safe from harm.
- Ugh! We need to put out a blanket statement that Teddy's come down with chicken pox - and the President has never been exposed.
- He hasn't? I don't know! Just say it! And that's why the First Lady is at Blair house.
She's nursing her baby son back from the brink of an infectious disease with her own two hands.
Wh-why are you here? Because something amazing has happened.
That's wonderful, James.
Can we move the N.
luncheon to next week? Hopefully Mellie will be able to make it by then.
I think so, if we push the future farmers of America.
- Cyrus, you're not listening to me! - I'm listening.
That's amazing.
Push it.
BNC offered me a job Out of the blue.
They want me to be on-air talent.
On the air.
On the airwaves! On television! Me! And I know we had a deal.
I know I said I'd stay home with the baby, and I have a line on a highly overqualified nanny.
And I'll be home for bath time every day.
I could be the next Anderson Cooper.
Because, come on, I could be the next Anderson Cooper.
Don't you think? Cy? - Fine.
- Fine? Mr.
Beene, that's Emily's list calling for Mrs.
Fine, James.
Go on tv.
Lillian! Surprise.
It's me Cyrus Beene.
That's him.
Baseball cap.
Same guy I saw at the hospital.
All I see is ear.
He knew where the cameras were.
Never showed his face.
Guy who gets to Huck and works for albatross No way he lets himself get caught on camera.
Maybe if we zoom in.
We can see how an ear works.
Is there another angle? Another camera? A secret camera we could hack into? I don't know.
I'm not Huck.
I've been poring over this stuff for two days Every camera, every angle.
It's this is all we've got.
- An ear.
- Can I help? - Welcome back.
- We were just looking over the footage from that night.
- We didn't want to bother you while you were - Shaking off the crazy.
- It's true.
- Play it.
That's Charlie.
- How do you know? - That's his ear.
Please pass on my regards to your wife.
I will.
You need to talk to her.
Saying she's quarantined herself with Teddy buys us some time, but not enough, not if she's going to drag this out, and it seems that she is.
She needs to be gone to and pleaded with.
- No.
- Sir When a child throws a tantrum, you don't indulge them.
You ignore them.
You call their bluff.
Welcome to the White House.
I'm calling Mellie's bluff, Cy.
Believe me, she'll blink.
(Cyrus) I'm asking you to be an adult! Stop holding your breath, quit stomping your feet! It's time to pick up your toys like a good girl and act like the First Lady of the United States of America.
I am the child? I am not the one stealing the car to go make out with my girlfriend.
Because it's not working! It's not going to work! He's not backing down on this.
Neither am I.
Rachel? Can you come in for a minute? You called Gayle Hudson at BNC, right? Yes, ma'am.
Then we're all set up for tomorrow night, prime time? Thank you, Rachel.
Tell Fitz he has 36 hours to convince me, in person, that he regrets the unfortunate choices he's made and truly wants to recommit himself to his wife and children.
If he doesn't, he will have the pleasure of seeing the First Lady of the United States call her husband a whore-loving bastard on national television.
You wouldn't.
Call my bluff, Cy.
I dare you.
I've never seen where you work.
It's nice.
- Lots of character.
- Stay out of my way, out of my business, and out of my office! Yes, Cyrus? How involved are you with Fitz right now? Excuse me? Have you seen him? Are you seeing him? Do you plan to see him? Or are you just doing the heavy breathing phone routine these days? Cyrus Mellie's not playing this time, Liv.
She's at Blair house.
She packed her bags and she's left.
She's going to announce to the world that her somewhat high-profile husband is, in fact, a philandering cad.
And for some reason, I seem to be the only one around here taking her threat seriously.
I'm done with him, Cy.
Done done or heavy phone breathing done? Done.
I'm not gonna meddle in his life, and I'm certainly not going to meddle in his marriage.
What? What are you all whispering about? - We weren't whispering.
- You were.
You were huddled and whispering.
What Someone speak.
I will stand here all day if I have to.
Huck looked into surveillance footage and I.
'd the guy.
It was Charlie.
My Charlie.
Cyrus' Charlie.
He attacked me.
And he broke into your apartment.
- You're suggesting - We think Cyrus Beene may be the mole.
Chief? I think I've got all the proof we need.
Hold on to it.
I don't want to use it unless we have to.
Are you sure it was Charlie, Huck? He knew what that box would do to me.
He's seen it firsthand.
So I'm supposed to believe that the man who broke into my apartment, a man who was presumably there to kill me Was sent there by your buddy.
He's one of the few people in Washington who has access to the files that we found on Wendy's hard drive.
It explains why he got so mad when you told him Osborne was framed.
And why he refused to pass the info to the President.
Does Charlie have other clients? Clients who access to those kinds of files? I doubt it.
Find out.
This is one of my best friends.
I've known him since I have known him a long time! If I'm going to accuse him of betraying his country, of being the mole, of being Albatross, I want to be sure, I have to be sure, and so do you, especially considering the last man we wrongly accused ended up dead.
This is, uh, Charlie.
He's a uh Let's just start with Charlie's last name.
Charlie's not his real name.
Was he on file at the FBI, the CIA? Maybe we can link his alias No, that's won't He's too good.
- How well do you know him? - Uh, well, and also not well.
- Have you ever been to his place? - Uh A while ago.
- Where? - Uh, 20th and Biltmore.
A nice fella.
Paid on time.
"Paid"? So he's gone.
Left a year ago, June.
Did he pay via check or wire transfer? Cashier's check, first of the month.
- What else do you know about Charlie? - We just need the simple stuff Baseball or football? Vodka or bourbon? - What does he do? What does he like? - He likes, uh, killing.
Elevator! Anything else, Huck? - He likes sugar.
- Sugar? Uh, sugar pastries, doughnuts, bear claws, Danish, those cinnamon pull-apart things.
Charlie the killer likes breakfast pastries? All right, we can work with that.
Who's got the best pastries in town? You'll destroy evidence without thinking twice but cutting in line is outside your comfort zone? - It's no way to make friends.
- Why are we making friends? - Next! - (Sighs) I am so excited to finally be here.
My friend Charlie has been raving about this place.
I can't remember what he orders, though.
You he told me not to miss out on the Oh, shoot.
Uh You know him, right? Oh, sure.
Comes in every Thursday about 6:00.
- Two dozen cannoli.
- Cannoli it is.
We'll take a dozen.
Every Thursday.
When you don't have a badge, you gotta make friends.
So we'll just wait till Thursday.
He'll come back to the bakery.
That's three days away.
Three more days for Charlie to take another shot at your life.
Or skip town, if he hasn't already.
Huck, any chance we can trace his phone? No way.
He's too good, too careful.
What if we had the phone of someone who called Charlie? Would that help? Well, I could check the records, look for patterns.
Could help narrow locations.
Because we all know one person who called Charlie.
- Probably a lot.
- On his personal cell phone.
Which wouldn't be heavily protected like his White House line.
We're not hacking into Cyrus' phone.
It's a gross invasion of privacy.
And he's your best friend.
Your best friend who maybe betrayed his country and tried to kill you? Do it.
It's more than a tantrum, sir.
She's digging in.
- Sir, I need you to focus on this.
- I'm running a country.
You won't be running a country if you don't do something about the incoming nuclear winter that is your wife.
- Cyrus - Humor me.
Humor me.
Save an old man with high blood pressure from an unnecessary stroke.
Mellie graduated top of our class in law school.
She is brilliant.
She is focused.
She is logical.
- Above all, she's ambitious.
- Sir.
Whet her appetite.
Take our your magic ball and show her her bright, bright future.
Mellie's also stubborn.
When I was a young man, I thought of owning a bookstore.
Explain the concept of mutual assured destruction to her.
What? I need to see you.
Come here to the White House right now.
- No.
- Fine.
- I'll come to you.
- What? It's rush hour, but depending on how long it takes Tom and Hal to pull the car around, I could be in your office in ten minutes.
Are all of your people still there? Tell them to stick around.
I'd love to say hello.
You know I'm supposed to be in uniform when I go to the White House.
You're trying to get me in trouble, aren't you? Miss Pope.
- Is he in there? - Yes, but - Is he alone? - I'll tell him you're here.
- Good job.
- It's okay, Daniel.
What?! Why don't you have a seat? - What do you want? - Sit down.
- No.
- Sit down, Olivia.
I am busy.
I have a job.
I have people who count on me.
I don't have time to come running down to the White House at your beck and call like you're the only one who's important.
- Sitting down is not happening, so what do you want? - You.
- Good-bye, Mr.
- Oh, come on! You do not summon me! You do not walk away from me! I'm done.
I told you I was done.
We're over.
We're not over.
We're not ever gonna be over.
I am never going to be over you.
Your wife is at Blair house, and she is about to explode.
Your political career You'll never get re-elected if you don't get her back.
Your time as President will be over, and you're worried about getting your mistress back?! How many times do I need to tell you that you're more than that? Come back to me.
Forgive me.
- I love you.
- Please stop.
Please stop getting my hopes up.
- Just stop! - I can't stop.
I won't.
I am not a toy you can play with when you're bored or lonely or horny! I am not the girl the guy gets at the end of the movie! I am not a fantasy! If you want me, earn me! Until then, we are done.
That sounded heavy.
Not that I could hear what you were saying exactly, but I don't think I've ever heard anyone raise their voice to the President of the United States before, - so whatever it was - Leave me alone.
Olivia, what's wrong? I need a second alone.
I just please.
You come back, continue your duties as First Lady and support the President through the re-election campaign, and then you get an issue all to yourself.
A big one immigration, gun violence.
You name it.
You take that issue.
Own that issue, and pass a bill.
And in your final year as First Lady, we launch your career with the full support of a successful President and the backing of his vast political machine.
With that kind of profile, that level of success, you'd win a senate seat in a landslide.
But I'd consider governor of California, if I were you.
Better springboard to the White House.
To run as an outsider who knows the ropes, who's handled big issues in a big state.
It's not enough.
It's not what I asked for.
Take this deal.
Or else Or else what? Flip the page.
It's blank.
'Cause that's how much political capital you'll have.
- Oh - After the whisper campaign we'll start within the party about how you were complicit with the President's affair, about how you were frigid and a closeted lesbian, about how you tore the President down for your own political gain.
It'll be dirty and false and relentless.
And by the time we're done, the pac money will slow to a trickle, and you won't have so much as a frenemy left inside the beltway.
Olivia Pope just left my husband's office.
I have as many friends over there as you do.
I want what I asked for.
Nothing less.
Anything else tonight, sir? Mr.
Beene? I'd stay, but it's my granddaughter's piano recital.
Remember? I'll ask one of the other secretaries to look in on you, see if you want dinner.
You've gotten through worse.
Huck? I have to talk to you.
Uh Charlie k-killed Amanda Tanner.
What? Charlie killed Amanda Tanner.
You've known that for quite some time, haven't you, Huck? Yeah, pretty much since it happened.
I didn't say anything because, uh, there's a code.
What I didn't know until I went back through the phone logs was who ordered him to do it.
Cyrus? Charlie's been his guy for at least the last two years.
So why are you telling me this? Because the last woman that was sleeping with the President ended up dead in the Potomac.
And I want you to stay alive.
What if I could get rid of Olivia Pope? - What's wrong? - Nothing.
You haven't snapped at me for six blocks.
Something is wrong.
You know, this isn't my day job.
So you have to wonder why the President of the United States, who has the secret service the FBI, and the entire armed forces at his disposal, chose me to protect you.
It's because despite your deep denial, you're actually in danger.
It's because you're his Navy buddy.
So when there's a congressional hearing about this the illegal surveillance, the stalking he knows you'll lie for him.
Good night, Jake.
It's actually Lauren, Captain Ballard.
The President needs to see you Here at the White House immediately.
Does he want me to bring miss Pope? No, sir.
He just requested you.
The President wants me to leave my post? He said it won't take long, but it seemed urgent.
All right.
Thanks for the call.
When Captain Ballard arrives, tell him the President had an emergency meeting.
Thank you, Lauren.
Most of the chief of staff's calls and texts are to the White House and the capitol building.
Also Alexandria, where he lives.
So we ignored the bigger clusters and tracked the outliers.
We know that Charlie was at the hospital and Heldon's bakery.
Which is where we pick up this number.
Charlie's burner phone, which you track by Tapping into any L.
and inputting signal strength and coverage radii of nearby towers.
And now we can tell you everywhere he's been - for the last month.
- It's easy, really.
It's just your basic multi-lateration.
Yay, multi-lateration? Which brings us here a bookstore in Adams Morgan.
He's been going there every Thursday night - for the last month.
- So the question is, why does he go to a bookstore every week with a box of cannolis? We've got too many people in the office.
Between your ex and Olivia's shadow, there's too many people.
- There's too many people in the office.
- So? So things could get out.
Secrets could be spilled.
What do we have to hide? Defiance is over.
Lindsay is Quinn.
Everything's pretty much out.
I just don't have a good feeling.
What the hell is he doing? Checking out the community board? Great.
We're no closer to finding Charlie, but at least David will find a a roommate - and a yoga instructor.
- Book club.
Book club.
That's great, David.
That's not why we came here, but No, they have a book club that meets here every Thursday night, bring your own treats.
Cannoli? Charlie joined a book club? I got up on the floor Say hello to Margie Depew, founder of not one but eight book clubs throughout the D.
metro area.
Margie wasn't much of a talker, said she liked Charlie's sweet treats.
- Does her t-shirt say "Book lovers never go to bed alone.
" - Yeah.
Just got off of the phone with Judy McGavin.
After she was done sharing her views on the similarities between Kate Chopin and E.
James all good points, by the way She told me something useful.
Charlie was close with a woman named Tammy.
The two of them always left together.
Tammy Blakely.
You think Charlie has a girlfriend? Book lovers never go to bed alone.
There's always a chance Somebody watchin' might wanna make romance - I'm on it.
- Have you fixed the Olivia problem? I said I'm on it.
If you want me dutifully back in the White House - standing by my man - I said I'm taking care of it right now, so pack your bags and head for the tunnel, because Captain Ballard.
Are they handing out overtime in the Navy? You trying to sneak in some extra pay? Just obeying my orders.
Step aside, Captain.
Step aside, or I'll be forced to tell the President about your hands-on approach to protecting Olivia Pope.
I'm sure he'll want to discuss it with you.
If the President and I are going to discuss something, it'll be the fact that I was called off my post by his secretary a couple of hours ago.
Guess I could have left miss Pope alone tonight, but I only take orders from the President himself.
Cyrus is my friend.
Then why didn't you tell me to let him in? Okay.
All right, this thing between us the thing where you hate me and don't trust me, and I spend my days trying to save your life isn't working for me.
So let's do this differently.
Let's just be honest.
How about I tell you something, and then you tell me something, okay? A few weeks ago, I broke in here and copied the flash drive you have from Albatross.
Now you tell me something.
I think you're gonna have to tell me more than that.
I've been over those documents.
Those documents, Liv, are full of secrets Secrets that are only accessible by the highest echelons of the administration The President, the Vice President, the secretary of defense, and the White House chief of staff.
And tonight, the White House chief of staff called me off of your door, and then he showed up here.
You think Cyrus is the mole.
- I think Cyrus is the mole.
- Cyrus is my friend.
Then I will ask you again Why didn't you tell me to let him in? You think Cyrus is the mole, too.
I tell you something, you tell me something.
I agree it's possible that Cyrus is the mole, but I can't wrap my head around it.
Cyrus is many things, but whoever's doing this is disloyal to the President, and Cyrus would never be disloyal to Fitz.
Unlike me.
That's what you're thinking that I'm being disloyal to Fitz.
I wasn't thinking anything about you.
I don't think about you.
You know why you're so mad at me? - Because you like me.
- Okay.
Why did you sleep with me? Because you're amazing.
Because there's something between us.
Because I watched you on those cameras day in and day out, and you never ceased because I didn't know you were the President's girl.
I didn't know how deep you were in with him.
I don't know how deep you're in with him.
I think you're mistaken about my relationship with the President.
How deep are you in with him? I think we should call it a night.
You don't have to stand outside.
You can sleep on the sofa.
But I'm locking my bedroom door.
How deep are you in with him? Olivia, I tell you something, you tell me something.
How deep? How deep? I don't know what you're talking about.
Do you want me to sleep in the guest room? - Done.
- No.
I don't want you to sleep in the guest room.
Why? Is it the nanny's room now? Mmm.
I want you to sleep in your bedroom with your husband who loves you very much.
Did something happen today? They showed me my suits.
Your suits? A whole rack of them, perfectly tailored, with with shirts and ties and and socks.
I mean, I thought if I kept my nose to the grindstone, I might get 45 seconds holding onto a lamppost at the Riverfront next hurricane season, but that's not what they want.
They want me in the studio, Cy.
They want me in a suit.
And I don't know how it happened, but I know that you made it possible for me to say yes.
You didn't fight me on it.
There wasn't a scene.
You made it easy for me to say yes.
So so we're good.
We're okay.
Our marriage is okay? Why wouldn't it be? You gave me what I wanted.
Thank you so much for coming in.
Your associate said you're doing a background check on Charlie? From time to time, our firm is hired to vet applicants for high level positions government, finance, that sort of thing.
We just wanna make sure he's as amazing as his resume says he is.
I knew he was special.
Not that he'd ever tell me.
- He's so modest.
- I'm sure he is.
Now just to confirm, can you tell us where you and Charlie met? Barbara, I-I completely agree with all the points you made, but frankly, I find the level of violence in "Fifty Shades" to be more than a little disturbing.
You're Charlie's girlfriend? Well, it's only been a week, but yes.
So will you two be seeing each other again soon? Oh, we've got a date later today at the bookstore.
Gotta choose our next book for the club.
I was thinking "The Lovely Bones," but maybe that's too dark.
Charlie likes dark.
Mm, okay, Tammy, thank you for your time.
Now remember, we still have a couple people left to interview, so you don't wanna tell Charlie about this meeting until he tells you he's got the job.
Thank you.
What is happening?! They say she's not in.
She is in.
There are news vans in front of Blair house.
The First Lady is in! You make 'em get her on the phone! Mr.
President I have tried everything, exhausted every approach.
We have less than two hours before the First Lady's clock runs out.
I'm through discussing Mellie's political maneuvers.
No, sir, you're not.
You are not! She'll blink.
She won't.
Mellie loves being First Lady.
The thing about Mellie right now the thing you don't seem to realize is that she's very dangerous right now.
She's a walking suitcase nuke waiting to go boom, because she's not thinking like the First Lady.
She's not thinking like the political animal I know she can be.
Right now she's thinking like a wife.
She's thinking like a woman scorned.
She's thinking like someone who's hurt, has been broken one too many times.
She's a credible threat right now, sir, which is why there's a BNC news satellite truck parked in front of Blair house as we speak.
Time to fold, sir, and give.
Give her what she wants.
Just Give her whatever she wants.
You love this job? You love being President? You give for what you love.
Give her the damn moon.
Go to her.
Save your presidency, sir.
Because time is running out.
Lauren? Let Tom and Hal know we're on the move.
Jake, you can take off.
- Sir? - Secret service is here.
I won't be needing you.
Yes, sir.
And, Jake? Thank you for everything.
What is happening? What do you mean? (Turns tv off, sets down remote control) Why are you here? Someone said something very wise to me today "Give the person you love whatever they want.
" So I'm here to find out What do you want? In 22 minutes, Mellie's clock runs out.
She's going public tonight on prime time.
In 22 minutes, Mellie's going to go nuclear on you.
You should be in your car heading down Pennsylvania Avenue to Blair house to repair your marriage or calling her on the phone to repair your marriage.
You should be doing something to repair your marriage, because if you don't, your chances for re-election are very slim.
And that's my problem, not yours.
And frankly, I don't care.
I am here to find out what do you want? Do you want me or don't you? You don't care that the clock is running out? I'm gonna sit here and run out the clock with you.
Does Cyrus know where you are? Maybe he can get Mellie to give you an extension or something.
Hang up the phone.
Hang up the damned phone.
You can't fix the fact that I love you, that I love you more than I love being President.
I have told you that I'd give it all up for you again and again, and you know what I think? I think you don't believe me.
I think you believe that I will never choose you.
So this time, I'm fixing things.
We are gonna sit here for the next We're gonna sit here, and the clock on my marriage is going to run out.
We're gonna run it out together.
You're gonna watch me run out this clock.
You're gonna sit here with me and watch me choose you.
- You wouldn't.
- I would.
I will.
I'm going to.
Sit with me.
Sit with me, Liv.
Sit with me, and let's run out the clock.
Sit with me and watch me choose you.
Watch me earn you.
You're all I need to get by ah you're all like sweet morning dew I need I took one look at you to get by and it was plain to see ah you were my destiny you're all arms open wide I need I threw away my pride to get by I'll sacrifice for you dedicate my life to you whoa I will go where you lead come on, baby always there in time of need oh, oh, oh and when I lose my will you'll be there to push me up the hill there's no, no looking back for us we got love sure enough, that's enough you're all you're all I need to get by I need whoa to get by yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, tammi ah whoo listen you're all like an eagle protects his nest I need for you, I'll do my best to get by stand by you like a tree ah and dare anybody to try and move me you're all darlin', in you I found I need strength where I was torn down to get by don't know what's in store but together, we can open any door whoa just to do what's good for you come on, darlin' and inspire you a little higher oh, I know you can make a man out of a soul that didn't have a goal 'cause we we got the right foundation and with love and determination You're all you're all I wanna strive for and do a little more you're all all the joy under the sun wrapped up into one 'cause we, we got the right Time's up.
Foundation It's done.
And with love and determination you're all you're all I wanna strive for and do a little more you're all, all the joy under the sun Unless you don't want me.
You're all you're all I need you're all I need you're all I need oh to get by oh, baby ooh-hoo oh, baby honey, honey, honey, honey, honey, honey yeah oh, oh I need you, darlin' oh, I need you you're all all I need oh, your love oh, oh, oh, oh oh, baby all I could need you're all I need I need your love you're all I want (Project and camera shutter clicking) He didn't show? I must have come on too strong.
I thought he liked me.
I thought I followed all the rules.
I only texted him after he texted me.
I didn't talk too much about my birds.
Oh, gosh, I hope this doesn't affect the job.
You shouldn't judge him because he stood me up.
He is a real good guy.
He even bought me a new laptop after mine was stolen.
I thought he liked me.
We won't judge him.
We just wanted to talk to you again, see if there was anything else you could tell us.
That might shed some light on Charlie's character.
I'm sorry? I have been racking my brain trying to remember where I know you from, and now I do.
It's case number 12-T-566.
You were on the grand jury panel? I'm a court stenographer.
You transcribe the notes on your laptop, don't you? That's why I freaked out when it got stolen.
I had over a year's worth of cases on there.
Can you, uh excuse us for a moment? She was the stenographer on the Defiance grand jury.
You guys thinking what I'm thinking? That's why Charlie found her at book club.
He wanted her laptop.
He wanted the grand jury transcript.
Because he wanted Defiance.
Which means the mole isn't Cyrus.
- Cyrus already knew about defiance.
- He planned it.
- He wants it to go away, not come out.
- So it's someone else.
- Albatross is someone else.
- But who? I think I've been compromised.
Cyrus Beene knows more about my operation than he should.
What does he know? Enough to blow my cover.
He could be dangerous.
Need to find out who he has working for him.
Must be someone quite talented if they got to you.
Someone we know? Not sure.
If I can track them down, I'd like permission to engage.
Just fix it.
But be neat about it.
And for God sakes, don't kill 'em.
They might be useful to us.
Beene? The interview just started.
I'm not watching.
I think you better.
Thank you for sitting down with me tonight, Mrs.
I-I have to say, this is not an interview I was expecting to do.
I understand it was your idea.
It was, James, and believe me, what I'm about to say well it's not an easy thing to admit.
I don't care if he's on camera! You turn the damn camera off! You go to commercial, and you put him on the phone with me right now! I wanna talk to my freakin' husband right now! Like so many other couples, James, my husband and I well we have been experiencing some difficulties in our marriage.
Wh-what do you mean by that, Mrs.
Grant? Well, after we had the baby, after the shooting, after I stood by him through that whole terrible ordeal, I found out that my husband was unfaithful to me.
Y-you're saying h-he I'm saying my husband had an extramarital affair.
Wonder who he banged.
I got, uhstuff.
And I have moved out of the White House to take some time for myself while we work through this heartbreaking betrayal.
You're alleging that No.
I wish I were alleging, James.
So you're confirming that the President of the United States has been cheating on you his wife? Yes.
And I just wanna ask the American people tonight in advance for their understanding and their forgiveness.
No one's marriage is perfect, and I truly hope that given time and space, Fitz and I will be able to repair what has been broken here and emerge from this stronger and more united than ever.