Scandal s02e21 Episode Script

Any Questions?

The President considers these allegations to be a private matter between himself and the First Lady.
He is grateful for the continued support and respect of privacy by the American people.
Any questions? - Cy? - Eric? - Is it true? - What it is is a private matter.
But the First Lady made it a public matter.
I don't speak for the First Lady.
I speak for the President.
So he's not even going to answer the simple question? - The President did answer.
- What did he say when he heard this? He said that he considers these allegations to be a private matter between himself and the First Lady.
- One at a - Cyrus Have the President and the First Lady spoken - since this revelation? - It's not a revelation, James.
It's an accusation.
Well, have they spoken? Have they seen each other? The answer to that question is covered by the statement.
How is it covered by the statement? I'm not going to parse the statement.
Can you at least tell us where the President is? - The President? - Yes.
Where is he? Open the door.
Open the door! That is an order! Respectfully, sir, I do not take orders I do not care who you take your orders from, Tom! I don't care if you got your orders from Jesus Christ himself as he hung on the cross.
Jesus is not me! Jesus forgives.
Jesus saves.
I destroy.
And I will bring vengeance down upon you in a hail of fire and brimstone.
You will open that door now! Or I will call in every favor I have, making sure you spend the rest of your career guarding baby Teddy at the playground! I need a reason to open that door, sir.
A credible threat.
He's having a heart attack.
He just texted me! Get up! Of course he cheated on her.
He's a cheater.
He cheated on the election, then he cheated on his wife.
- Eric? - Not that I'm still angry about that.
I made my choice.
I'm part of the team now.
"Go, gladiators.
" But the irony The sheer irony that a man who stole the White House is gonna be thrown out of office for this.
- Adultery isn't illegal.
- No.
But if Grant got this woman a job to keep her quiet If she influenced policy the teeniest, tiniest bit, that's it, game over.
Adios, Presidente! And that's just Grant.
This woman? The one he's having an affair with? They haven't released her name yet, but you know it's coming, and when it does Let's just say I hope she has Olivia Pope on her team.
I'll put my ear to the ground, find out what I can about how the public is taking all this, how it's being messaged by the news anchors and pundits, and I'll get some intel on Mellie and what her next move is going to be.
- And then Cyrus and I ca - No.
Fitz! No! You don't do anything.
This is my problem.
I made a decision, and I'm going to deal with it.
- What? - What? - You have a look on your face.
- 'Cause you are wrong.
- I am not wrong.
- I am very good at what I do.
I am better at it than anybody else.
That's not arrogance, that's fact.
And I am definitely better at it than you and your boys at the White House.
You need me if you're going to survive this.
But you are not fixing or handling me anymore, Livvie.
And if we are gonna survive this, if you and I are gonna make it together, you have to stand down.
But Stand down.
And wait for me to do this on my own.
You are not in charge of everything.
There you are.
Everything okay? Did you hear? The President banged someone.
- Where are we with Charlie? - He's still on the wind.
But that book club girl he was dating? It wasn't her literary mind he was attracted to.
It was her laptop.
Turns out she was the stenographer at David's grand jury hearing, the one about Defiance.
That's why he targeted her to find out what happened in there.
And since Cyrus already knew about Defiance, and not just knew about it, - but was at the very center of it - It can't be him.
That's the good news.
The bad news is, whoever the mole is, he knows about election rigging.
The Cytron card.
Okay, so I did steal it.
Like I said, I made my choice.
Part of the team now.
I was surprised to be called.
I- I know Olivia Pope usually handles your needs.
Olivia Pope handles my husband.
I have needs of my own these days.
So I assume all you fixers work the same, or I have one rule.
No lies.
I am your priest, your shrink, your hairdresser, your bedfellow, your best friend.
I am very good.
All I require is complete and total honesty.
Can you do that? Can you be honest? I am the First Lady of the most powerful nation on the planet.
I didn't get here because someone like you held my hand and called themselves my hairdresser.
My hair is done.
So don't ask me if I can be honest, like I'm some little girl confused by all the books and smart talk.
I can be honest.
I can also lie.
It all depends on what's in my best interests.
I have a very busy day.
So someone will see you out.
I've always admired your act.
The sweetness.
The hint of Southern gentility.
The law degree you never use but mention all the time.
She's smart but not threatening.
When you cried about that miscarriage? Brilliant.
And now you carry that adorable baby on your hip in every single photograph.
That is so well done.
You play it well The good political wife with the perfect marriage to the perfect man.
You had it.
But then you went on national TV and told the world your husband dropped his pants for someone else.
Why? And another question You could have named the whore your husband was sleeping with, but you didn't.
Why is that? Clinton rules "It's not true, it's not true, it's not true.
" It's old news.
We're admitting the affair.
That's where we start.
The President says he's working on his marriage.
No one wants to think of the leader of the free world - as going to couples therapy.
- He's praying with his pastor.
Yeah, even better.
His pastor died.
- And ever since - He lost his way.
- Assassination attempt.
- Post-traumatic thing.
- The death of Britta Kagen.
- And Verna Thornton.
I'd like the room.
Not just a supreme court justice, but - But a close friend, like family.
- Really.
These are excuses.
- I want explanations! - The room! - Mr.
- Mr.
I better not be about to hear how you're not giving a statement, because, oh, hell, yes, you are! - You are addressing this, sir.
- I'll be making a statement tonight.
- Good! - Where I'll be telling the American people I won't be seeking a second term.
What are some of the options the President is considering? Whatever options the President is or isn't considering are private.
Is he considering not seeking a second term, spending time with his family? Whatever options the President is or isn't considering in this matter are private.
Do you think he owes the American people a response, an explanation? Again, I refer you to the statement.
Look I get this.
You have feelings for Olivia.
She's a heck of a gal.
You want to continue the affair.
So you go to Mellie and you promise whatever it takes to put things back together.
Then you can go right on sleeping with Olivia.
That's your business.
And if you need me to facilitate, to lie, to cover for you, sneak her into the motorcade, wipe her lipstick off your collar for you, I will.
But you're not giving up your place in history.
You're not giving up this office.
We will figure this out.
It's not too late to save your presidency.
Look at Clinton.
Clinton wasn't in love with Monica Lewinsky.
I am in love with a woman who is not my wife.
I want to be with her.
Not in the shadows.
And if that means I have to stop being President, so be it.
- This is what I found in - Didn't I see you last night? Yes.
Why? So you knew last night and you didn't tell me.
- Tell you what, sir? - Your mission was clear.
- Get between the President and Ms.
- Yes, sir.
Not only did you fail in your mission, but you failed to report to me that the President was spending the night with her the same night - Sir, I can explain - You do not interrupt me ever.
Now what's this photo about? This is the man who's on to me.
He knows about my relationship with Ms.
He's working with Cyrus Beene.
Is there proof of your relationship with Ms.
Pope? Recorded proof? Yes, sir.
Bring it to me.
And what about him? Find him.
Bring him in.
- And Cyrus Beene? - I'll handle Cyrus Beene.
Just bring me the tape.
Oh, Cyrus.
I am truly amazed at how you are handling this difficult situation with such grace and class.
I just cannot believe, after everything the President has survived That sad little bout with Amanda Tanner and Billy Chambers, an assassination attempt? Who would have thought it would be his own wife who finally brings him down? - Well, you know what the Bible says.
- No, I don't.
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
" That's not from the Bible.
Not everything is from the Bible, Sally.
It has to be Sally Langston.
She and the Secretary of Defense are the only two people we haven't ruled out who had access to the files on Wendy's flash drive.
And since the Secretary of Defense was C.
of Bromstead when the leaks first started It doesn't make sense.
She was on that ticket, too.
If congress impeaches Grant Sally gets thrown out with the bathwater.
Besides, we don't have enough evidence to accuse the Vice President of treason.
You said Charlie's in the wind.
- What are the chances we find him? - Impossible.
- Which leaves us with - Sally Langston.
Let's get into it.
What do you - What's the endgame? - My endgame? The First Lady just put you on notice.
We don't have a lot of time.
- This needs to be dealt with.
- No, it doesn't.
Let it be.
Right now, at this very moment, you are standing in the eye of the hurricane, and - you're gonna sit here and pretend? - I'm not pretending.
You think that White House is gonna protect you? Hmm? - Is that it? - I can protect myself, thank you very much.
You're not the fixer here, Liv.
You're the problem.
You're the client.
You're my client.
Like it or not.
So I'm not asking you for the truth.
I know the truth.
I know enough.
At any minute, any second now, so will the rest of planet earth.
So what I'm asking you is, what is your endgame? 'Cause the eye will pass and the winds will kick up, and you you are not tethered to anything.
But I'm here.
And I will be your anchor.
And I'm the only one that can see you through this.
We'll fight to the end.
So snap out of it! Huh? Tell it to me straight.
What do you want? We need to prove whether Sally's the mole.
Get on it.
Why not simply deny the accusation? The President considers this a private matter.
If the President addressed every question about his personal life, we may as well turn the Oval Office into a daytime talk show set.
The First Lady stated very publicly - that her husband is having an affair.
- And the President has responded.
- He didn't.
- He did.
I'll read it again.
- It's legalese! - "The President considers these allegations " - That's a dodge, Cyrus.
- Moving on.
- I was doing my job! - You were trying to screw me! What was I supposed to do when I was handed my very first assignment as an on-air reporter?! Say, "thanks, but no, thanks"? This fell into my lap! I had no idea what Mellie was gonna say! Should I have stood up and walked out of the room when she started talking on live national television?! Tell me what I should have done! You should not have tried to screw me! How many stories of the century do you want me to give up, huh? Because I seem to remember doing that not too long ago.
Don't you dare mention that in here.
When your boss asks you to sit down with the First Lady of the United States, you don't say no! This was my lucky break.
My shot! You got one when Fitz ran for governor, and you took it.
I did the same thing.
You think you You think this was your lucky break! Isn't that adorable? That's what you're telling yourself? And I'm genuinely asking, because I never thought of you as naive.
Which is both surprising and unsettling, because that's certainly not a trait any respectable journalist would want to possess.
And that's what you call yourself, right? A respectable journalist.
So now now I'm starting to think of you as just plain stupid! Are you stupid, James? - You insulting, condescending - It was Mellie, you Mellie got you the job! BNC would never have called you if she didn't make it happen! The First Lady wanted you for that interview So she could hit both me and Fitz at the same time.
It wasn't a lucky break.
It was a chess move, and you're too stupid to see it! Are you saying I'm not good enough?! I'm saying you have no business in this job.
Come on! James novak?! I mean, of all the other professional television journalists, the ones with actual experience, peabodys and Pulitzers, those that aren't approaching 50 or the least bit doughy on camera, you want to stand there and tell me Mellie chose James Novak? Forget about Anderson Cooper Who's a frigging Vanderbilt, by the way Or even Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer.
Maybe they were all busy.
So let's go with James Novak! He's the guy America wants to see.
He's got a face for TV.
Your lucky break?! You have no business in this job.
Where are we with Sally Langston? Still working on it.
Harrison's making phone calls.
If we had her password, we could get onto the White House's network, see if she accessed the same classified files that were on the mole's flash drive.
- Can you hack your way in? - There are thousands of safeguards.
- It would take weeks, maybe months.
- And there's no other way? We could send Sally a trojan horse.
An e-mail infected with a worm that could bore into the White House network from the inside.
We could make it record her keystrokes, - tell us her passwords.
- Baby Huck.
The Vice President would never be stupid enough to open an infected e-mail.
Maybe not, but her teenage daughter might.
We use Cassidy's e-mail to break into the Langstons' home network, then use that to springboard into the White House.
Cassidy Langston, 16 years old.
Loves horses, hates poseurs, and will only date cute boys with blonde hair and great abs who are at least 6 feet tall and play either lacrosse or water polo.
We could send an e-mail saying she won a date with Justin Bieber.
Or some Olympic water polo dude.
And really lame.
- Excuse me? - I spent the last ten months of my life in a classroom full of kids Cassidy's age, studying them, learning their ways.
They are pack animals, hell-bent on social domination.
And the only thing a mean girl really wants is to rip out the jugular of an even meaner girl.
Get me the student directory.
That one.
Brooke Sullivan, class of 2014.
- She's the queen.
- So we need to find something on Brooke - that Cassidy would want.
- Got it.
Oh! Nose job, before and after.
Happened right before she moved to D.
- So none of her classmates know? - Yet.
Got the e-mail.
- Sent.
- Now we wait.
No, we don't.
She clicked it.
- Already? - We're in.
This park, it used to be a graveyard.
And I was just about to ask how you were holding up.
- You can't do this to me.
- Let's be clear.
I am not the President.
I am not doing anything.
Whatever it is you said to him to make him do this, you need to take it back.
This was his choice.
He made a choice.
He decided.
If he walks away, if he doesn't run for re-election, that is a blow the republican party will not recover from, not for years, and if it does recover, it'll be in the hands of Sally Langston and her conservative overlords, and the rights of people like me and you Do not bring my rights into this.
It will be the Salem witch trials, Liv.
It'll be, "I saw goody Johnson with the devil, here in D.
" And the republic will burn and the seas will run blood, and the four horsemen will ride all because he wants to be with me? Right, Cy? Mellie's going to name you as his mistress.
It's just a matter of time.
You know that.
I know.
You could stop this at any time.
He will listen to you.
If I honestly thought that this was right for him, giving up his chance to run again If I truly believed that this Is what he wanted, I would fight to the death to give it to him.
I would slay dragons for him.
But it's not right.
It's not.
I believe in him, Liv.
I believe in him, too.
Then don't let him do this.
The future of the country depends on you not letting him do this.
We've already changed the future of this country once, Cyrus.
Isn't that enough? Go away.
You're breaking my heart.
This park It also used to be a zoo.
Hello, Cyrus.
What does the President mean by "private matter"? We've been over this.
Because so much of his family life is public.
On average, women in this country make 80 cents to my dollar.
That's a public matter.
poverty in this country.
That's a public matter.
The President and First Lady's pri - But if the President had an affair - Careful, Ashley.
An alleged affair on White House grounds with a White House employee Now we're just making things up.
You're a very lucky man, Cyrus.
I don't feel lucky.
Not today.
Well, First Lady pulls the fire alarm while her husband is with his mistress, and no one's the wiser? I'd call that lucky.
Mistress? That's reaching.
It's unconfirmed rantings of an emotional wife.
It's Olivia Pope.
You're surprised that I know about the President and Olivia Pope.
I suppose I'm surprised that you care.
We care about everything that affects the republic.
You should have shut this down a long time ago.
You have all the ammunition that you need.
You know about Jake Ballard.
You know that he's been sleeping with Olivia.
We agreed you would not have me surveilled, damn it.
Calm down.
Your guy Charlie Was one of mine.
The point is, there's a tape of Ballard and Pope.
You have the tape already, don't you? But you haven't used it.
I've tried, believe me.
It's complex.
It's simple.
It's only complex because you're afraid.
You're afraid to be the messenger.
You're afraid to take the bullet.
You're afraid that he'll turn on you.
But ask yourself, what are you most afraid of Losing the White House and endangering the republic, - or losing your buddy Fitz? - Back off.
You're out of bounds.
This is my arena.
Stay in yours.
This always happens.
People like you get a taste of power, and they develop amnesia.
They forget that I have no boundaries.
I like you, Cyrus.
Use the tape.
Don't make yourself an obstacle.
Don't test your luck.
And your guy Charlie? He's dead to you.
No further contact.
Understood? Understood.
You're supposed to be running the world.
I'm writing my statement for tonight.
By yourself? You do realize that there are many, many speechwriters in that big white building.
If I'm gonna announce to the American people that I'm not running for re-election, I think it should be in my own words.
Cyrus has been spending all day trying to talk me out of it.
- I was just with Cyrus.
- And? There may have been some lectures about me ruining the future of this great nation.
Are you having second thoughts? No.
Are you? Never.
You maybe wanna run your speech by me? - Stop trying to help me.
- Just asking.
I take it back.
- Wait.
- What? What are you wearing? You are shameless.
I am not telling you what I'm wearing.
Well, never mind then.
You were expecting someone else.
Let me guess.
How late did he stay last night? All night, I'm guessing.
Do you want me to answer that? Oh, I want a lot of things that he gets to have first.
I'm not a bad guy, Olivia.
You're not a good one.
Well, neither is he.
I'm going to hang up now.
Take care of yourself.
Good-bye, Olivia.
Is it someone who works with him? An aide, an adviser? Is this woman a threat to you in some way? Is she a game changer? Is she sweet? Will the public like her? Is it a man? Is the President's lover a man? All right, enough.
Right now, everyone is just curious.
Is the First Lady telling the truth? Is she lying? Is it poor President Grant with a cold, frigid wife, or poor Mrs.
Grant with the mean, slutty husband? They're waiting to see which way the wind blows.
Anything is possible at this point.
It's anyone's game.
But if we name the name of his mistress and put a face to his infidelity, well, then, everything's coming up Mellie.
He's going to make a statement tonight.
The President? Nothing's been announced.
Well, he is.
Well, at least I'm assuming he is.
So if you don't know for sure, then why are you assuming? Because I know Fitz.
And what does this have to do with you telling me the name of his mistress? Before I hand over my most valuable asset in all of this, I want to know what he's going to say.
Get me a copy of his remarks.
I can try to get some confirmation about his statement, but a speech like that would be very closely guarded.
And you are very good at what you do.
Isn't that what you said? Two crullers, please.
Where's Crystal? Oh, she got sick.
That flu going around.
Thought that was over.
Guess not.
- Stay healthy.
- You, too.
He knows.
We're moving now.
I got his signal.
Right on Wisconsin.
And he should be 100 yards up on the right.
Excuse me.
Pardon me.
Sorry, is that, uh, Connecticut Avenue right up there? Thank you.
Pull over.
Pull over! Damn.
What's up? We're cross-referencing the information Sally accessed with the data from the mole's flash drive.
They were matching up.
Until now.
She was nowhere near her computer when the file was accessed.
How could you possibly know that? Well, look.
At this exact time, someone using her password is downloading black op sites.
All right, so that means Sally's not the mole.
- So we're back to square one.
- I can't do this.
If I have to say the word "mole" one more time Damn it! Okay! Everyone take an hour.
Clear your head, then come back fresh.
We are close.
Albatross is out there, and we are going to find him.
Coffee? No, I think I'll stay here, catch the White House briefing.
Watching Cyrus Beene unraveling under pressure is my porn.
Clear me in.
I'm sorry.
Who is this? They're after me.
Just clear me in, Cyrus.
You've dialed the wrong number.
And since I don't know you, don't ever call me again.
Just saying, we ruled out the defense secretary pretty quickly.
- You think we should double back? - Abby's right.
Can't hurt at this point.
Nice break? Mine kinda sucked.
- Drop the gun.
- Easy, tiger.
I come in peace.
Now the rest.
See? Friendly.
I just want to chat.
Charlie, why are you here? Simple.
I want to hire you.
Look, you've tried a dozen ways to get me to amplify the statement.
Try a dozen more.
- I'm not going to expand on - But by "unfaithful," does the First Lady mean multiple women? Asked and answered.
Any other What are the legal ra What are the legal ramifications - being considered in this matter? - Asked and answered.
Cyrus, did the President force the First Lady - out of the residence? - Asked and answered.
- Did the President try to stop the First Lady - Asked and answered.
Asked and answered.
Asked and answered.
Finished my speech.
Have a look.
"I stand before you asking for your forgiveness for " "Sins against my wife and my marriage will overshadow all good work ongoing " "And so for the good of the nation, I withdraw my candidacy for a second term " It's fine.
No notes? That's a first.
It's gonna be all right.
We'll be a lame duck administration.
- We'll leave proud of the work we did.
- We'll be a joke.
Hell, we're not even supposed to be here.
Need I remind you, you stole this ride? At least we got some mileage out of it.
And the backseat did see some action.
Yeah, that was my fault.
This is This is Fitz's handwriting.
It's from his trash.
I called in a very special White House favor to get it.
He's not budging.
The man is not budging.
He's throwing away his presidency like Like it was nothing.
That's why you won't name his mistress.
Because naming her is the nuclear option.
Naming her would blow this all up.
Naming her will make him hate you, and you don't want him to hate you, because in the back of your mind, you still think there's a chance that he will come back to you.
I am very good at what I do.
I can move mountains and work miracles.
But I can't make your husband love you.
He can write all the sad-sack speeches he wants, but at the end of the day, he's not going to go through with it.
He won't give it all up.
Grant, you can still give me the name No! I know Fitz.
He won't throw it all away.
It's b613.
I'm supposed to be in retirement.
I'm not supposed I'm done.
I'm toast.
Who's the mole, Charlie? Who are you working for? Hey, now.
Nothing in this world comes for free.
- I want the deal.
- What deal? The one he has.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Oh, come on.
When command wants you dead, you're a dead man.
Yet here you are.
You're not running, you're not hiding.
You have a life.
I want a life, too.
I want the deal she got for you.
What's this deal you made for him? - I didn't make a deal.
- Then how come he's here? How come b613 let him live? - They must know.
- There was no deal, huck.
- It doesn't matter.
I'll get us the name.
- No.
He took my life and then he put me in a box and almost took it again.
I will get us the name.
- Huck - My world, my rules.
I need you to pull the President's statement of candidacy papers.
Why do you Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
That's his speech tonight, isn't it? We need to retrieve those papers.
I can't.
Jeannine, for God sakes, get a grip.
No, I mean, I can't unfile the papers.
They were never filed in the first place.
They've been sitting on the President's desk for months.
I keep telling Lauren to remind him, but he Never signed them.
What's this? The brown folder is everyone who owes us a favor.
If you get into trouble, start pulling those strings.
- If that doesn't work, you switch to the black folder.
- It's sealed.
But only open it if - Just know it's a weapon of last resort.
- Olivia - And if things get messy - You mean, if your name comes out.
I'm not your client.
If things get messy, you carry on without me.
I can take care of myself.
- Olivia - Harrison, my world, my rules.
Put those folders in the safe when you're done.
Combo's inside.
- Liv? - Oh.
We need to talk.
- The footage you requested.
- Good.
May I ask, sir, how you're gonna use it? That's none of your concern, captain.
- What's next, sir? - Continue the mission.
Stay close to the President, even closer to Ms.
As close as possible.
Sir, I-I don't think Screw this up again, and we'll be meeting at the hole instead of the monuments.
People think the key to a good doughnut is either the hand-rolling or the yeast.
They're full of it.
It's simple.
These suckers start dying the second they get out of the fryer.
You just gotta get to 'em when they're hot.
Charlie I want a high-energy shell.
None of those funky antique bullets some guys like to get fancy with.
Once you start messing around with those, you're just pretty much asking for a turnip situation.
I want one shot One clean shot at the back of my neck.
Pop my spinal column where it meets the base of my skull.
Quick, easy, neat.
Means less cleanup for you, too.
- That's very considerate.
- Do not miss.
I won't.
You taught me well.
And surprise me, okay? I don't want to know when it's coming.
I'm gonna need a name now, Charlie.
This job we do It's never boring.
Like I said.
You ready? Ready.
And, uh, huck Yeah? Thanks for the doughnut, man.
- Did you get the name? - Jeez! Whew! - Take a walk, Quinn.
- Well? Did you? - Leave now! - Or what? We solve problems, remember? You don't understood.
He took everything from me.
He tried to kill Liv.
- He helped put me in a b - Huck, look at me.
Focus on me.
You had a job, right? What? Did you get the name? - I got the name.
- Good.
Job's over.
So right now, you have to ask yourself if you're a gladiator, or you're looking for revenge.
'Cause way I hear it, you can't have it both ways.
- She's right, man.
- Shut up.
Huck, what's it gonna be? The President will address the American people directly tonight.
He'll then give you the opportunity to ask him anything you want.
Thank you.
No more questions.
Well, this is a nice surprise.
- How did you - Cyrus brought me up.
No one saw me.
Well, Tom did, but It's fine.
What is it? Did something Your statement of candidacy papers, the official documents you should have filed months ago with the G.
in order to run for re-election They're sitting on your desk unsigned.
So? Those papers are practically ceremonial.
I can file them at any time.
But you weren't going to.
- I was.
- No, you weren't.
What does it matter now? It matters.
I'm going out there tonight and telling the American people that I am not running for a second term.
- It doesn't matter.
- It matters.
Were you planning to run or not? - Why are you so - Were you planning to run or not? - Olivia.
- Were you planning to run or not? Fitz.
Look at me.
This is not a conversation we are going to have.
I chose you.
I know you want to be with me.
- I believe that, but - Liv Listen to me.
If you don't want to be President anymore, if that's why you're quitting, then that's okay.
That's great.
That's bold and brave.
Is that what's happening? Are you being bold and brave? Because I don't think so.
I think you're quitting because you don't believe you can win on your own.
I think you believe you are everything your father you said you were.
And I think you believe you don't have what it takes to be a legitimate President.
And I think you wouldn't believe any of that You wouldn't be afraid, you wouldn't doubt yourself If it weren't for Defiance, if it weren't for what we did to you in Defiance, what I did to you in Defiance.
I already made my decision.
I already Why can't you just let this go? I did this to you.
And if you give up your chance to run again, I will blame myself every day of my life, and one day, so will you.
We stole that election.
We stole your chance.
Take it back.
Run and win.
He's still got his speech.
I tried, Cyrus.
Did he give you a name? Do we finally have an Albatross? What is it? What happened, Harrison? Good evening.
I'll make this concise and to the point.
My marriage is none of your business.
The card is gone.
The Cytron card is gone.
And because the question has been asked repeatedly today, I'd like to take this opportunity to announce to the American people that I will seek a second term as your President, and humbly ask the country to join me in forging ahead to finish the good work we've only just begun.
I know what you're giving up.
And as I lay the foundation for my campaign, I will remained focused on the job the American people elected me to do, - specifically, by working - Well played.
With the leadership in both the house and the senate - Like I said, - I know Fitz.
- To pass a comprehensive immigration bill.
I found Charlie in the conference room.
Who knows how long he had been here? He played us good.
But it's okay, because even though Charlie took the card, Huck took Charlie.
Right, Huck? We let him go.
What? Uh, but I got a name.
I know who the mole is.
Both true to our values, and fair to those individuals who have come here with no desire other than to work hard And secure a piece of the American dream.
Harrison, I can't really talk.
It was a setup.
I- it was all a setup.
Charlie took the Cytron card.
Which means the mole has the Cytron card.
Which means the mole has Defiance.
Liv, I'm so sorry.
Tell me we got a name, Harrison.
We got a name.
Who is it? Who is Albatross? Billy Chambers.
Billy Chambers is the mole.
You got it? Nice now we can start having some fun.
And now Any questions?