Scandal s03e07 Episode Script

Everything's Coming Up Mellie

All right, we're ready.
Welcome to the east wing.
Now I know you already know what goes on in the west wing, so I thought it would be fun to show you what happens behind the scenes in the first lady's office.
Miguel, get Jim carney on the phone right now.
Rachel, good morning.
Hello, Mrs First lady.
Oh, there's no need to be formal for the cameras.
Everyone, this is my chief of staff, Rachel moss.
Rachel, did we get the new itinerary for the east Africa trip yet? Yes.
I put that on your desk.
And also, Ellen called to see if you made a decision on what China to use for the reception.
Tell her I've chosen the Truman collection.
As first lady, it's my responsibility to curate the White House's extensive art collection.
It also means hosting a cocktail reception this week to unveil some of our recently restored paintings.
I know.
Hosting parties Tough job.
Oh! Look who it is.
It's Cyrus Beene, the president's chief of staff.
I haven't had time to do my hair.
Can, uh can we cut now? Okay.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Son? Time to get up! Your father.
Ignore him.
Maybe he'll go away.
I mean it! Stop fooling around like a pair of teenagers and put some clothes on.
I need you both down here in five.
Oh, I do not like that man right now.
I never like him.
I am trying to get you pregnant.
Be quiet and let me work.
But your father's right downstairs.
Hurry it up! Coming! - What does he want? - I don't know.
He was shtupping her.
Oh, here.
Meet your kingmaker.
Cyrus beene a genius who spins average men into candidates and candidates into gold Nice to meet you.
And if we can just pry him out of his ivory tower long enough, he's gonna put you both in the California governor's mansion, you mark my words.
I thought we weren't even forming an exploratory committee for another three years.
Well, that was before you got moved up to the front of the line.
Word on the street is that Stevenson is about to drop out.
Well, he's tall, like you said.
That's good.
Nice head of hair.
Also a plus.
And where are we on schooling? - Oh, Yale, rhodes scholar, Navy, Harvard law, and - That'll do.
The wife is perfect.
She's gorgeous, isn't she? Thank you, Mr.
What is this? I think it's our first step to the White House, baby.
Not bad, Robin.
Not bad? He's dead.
Oh, look at you, all hopeful.
I like it.
So what's next for you? A dark alley? A rooftop? More like a crappy motel in the boonies.
Who's the target? Oh, it's a good one.
whatever that means.
He might be banging his 22-year-old assistant.
Wife wants audio and stills.
You're a P.
now? I know.
It's like Willie Mays coaching little league.
So what happens after you find him? Well, best case scenario, I catch the guy with his pants down.
Wife gets mad.
She tells her friends, then her friends hire me.
See you next time.
Olivia? Olivia? Liv.
I need you to say something so that I know that it's you.
I can't just I have to hang up if it isn't you.
It's me.
How are you? I've been worried about you.
I'm fine.
I'm great.
- Liv - You don't get to ask me how I am! We don't know each other.
You're a stranger.
I need to know that you're safe.
I wanna know how you are.
I'm surrounded by murderers.
That's how I am.
I'm surrounded by men who have a body count.
I'm standing in a graveyard made by people I thought I loved.
That is how I am.
I don't expect you to forgive me, but there are things you don't know, things I can nev There are reasons.
Why are you even calling me? I just I love you.
So what? I thought I knew you.
I thought I knew everything about you.
Livvie, I need you to stay away from Jake.
- What? - Stop looking into remington.
It's dangerous.
You being around Jake is dangerous.
He's got a price on his head.
Rowan is the one who is dangerous.
Rowan? How do you know Rowan? You don't know everything about me, either.
Olivia, stop digging on Remington, for your own safety.
I don't want anything to happen to you.
Please stop digging.
Livvie We're not strangers.
We're not.
You sure you wanna do this? They just got off the elevator.
Send them in.
Hey! Meeting.
- What is all this? - We have a new client.
In the middle of a campaign? Josie's working on her stump speech for a few days.
While she's doing that, we'll be doing this.
Is this the client? She looks familiar.
Probably because she was my mother.
We have over 275 paintings in the White House, and we're 2 years into a 6-year project to have them all restored.
Yet another reason to vote for my husband.
I like this one.
Very moody.
Point Lobos in Monterey.
It's on loan from the Guggenheim.
Anytime Fitz and I can bring a little of our home state of California into the White House, we do.
But you were raised in the South.
Yes! I'm a tar heel.
You're a southerner.
Yet you called California your home state.
Shouldn't you consider North Carolina home? Well, I moved to California when I got married, so Do you feel like you lost a piece of yourself when you got married? That you made sacrifices to join the grant political dynasty? I'm saying I consider home to be wherever Fitz is.
To win California, you need the full khachigian hook.
Thanks to senator Grant's generous and continuous farm subsidies, you'll inherit the Hicks pretty easily.
Add these U.
- spotting desert-trash districts, along with the defense industry-dependent inland empire, and you lock up everything from Bakersfield to riverside.
Lord knows they love me in the South.
They used to.
But the demos have changed drastically.
The tidal wave of new immigrants They're not as likely to cozy up to Richie Rich and snow white here.
- No offense.
- None taken.
Well, you better learn Spanish.
- Rápido.
- Please don't.
Voters can always spot a phony.
You can't be who you're not.
How do you suggest we connect with them? You don't.
Ignore 'em.
What do you mean, ignore them? What the hell kind of strategy It's simple! You're a war hero with a strong military record.
We play that up, get your Navy buddies to stump on your behalf.
And we can link together all these districts around San Diego, chock-full of retired military.
Then we swing up to the O.
That big, fat grouper of conservative votes at the end of the hook! No.
What? What do you mean, "no"? The man's right.
Spot on! I'm not running as a war hero.
It's that simple.
Fitzgerald, other than name recognition, it's all you've got.
So we wait.
Run in the next cycle.
In the meantime, I expand my résumé.
No, you won't find a weaker field than this.
That's for damn sure.
It's now or never.
Have you heard a word of what I've just said? - Fitz, I'm sure that we can - Son.
- Do what you're told.
- Running on my military experience is off-limits.
End of story.
It's bad enough that I actually have to spend my days choosing drapes and digging holes in the rose garden, but to pretend that I actually enjoy it on camera? You want Fitz to have a shot at re-election come November, then we need to rehab your image.
I just don't understand why I have to apologize for his affair.
Because that's how it works.
They blame the two of you equally.
It's not fair.
It's America.
Now come here.
What do you think of this one? - No.
- But she's got a tattoo of a dragonfly on her ass.
- It's sexy.
- It's trashy.
She's trashy.
It's an escort web site.
Mellie, trashy's a given.
I've grown up with Southern boys like Daniel Douglas my whole life.
They want someone who's sweet and innocent who only turns into a whore once the bedroom door closes.
Like her.
You're way better at picking out hookers - than you are China patterns.
- Mm.
Just make sure Sally's out of town for the reception.
- I'm on my way to talk to her now.
- Good.
Once that's done, I'll go rattle her cage, remind her exactly who she's married to.
Madame vice president, I know you have a lot on your plate, but Funny.
I thought it was your entire vocation in life to make sure my plate remains empty.
I'm asking you to go to Iowa.
- Iowa? - Yeah.
Reagan dinner.
The president is tied up with the budget negotiations, so he was hoping you could take his place, but if you don't want to I'll do it.
Fill Mara in on the details.
The President thanks you.
Feeling guilty about the Mellie interview? I don't control who gets to interview Oh, you control everything, which is precisely why I wanna kill you and have sex with you at the same time.
- I wasn't even approached.
- Take it up with the press secretary.
I am supposed to be the go-to guy for sitdowns like these.
It's just one interview.
Plenty more to come, if we get a second term.
I'll be covering city council by then.
Your body chemistry seems way off.
Did you have your shake this morning? Yes, I had my I am not manufacturing this anxiety.
This is actual anxiety, grounded in genuine impending doom.
Take it up with the press secretary.
Oh, God.
So let me get this straight.
Your dad not only is he the head of this country's most top secret spy organization, he's also responsible for shooting the plane down that your mother was on.
He gave the order, yes.
Whether it was to kill my mother specifically or she was collateral damage, that's what I need your help figuring out.
I know it's a lot to take in, and I probably should have told you sooner, but Liv's father's a dangerous man.
- She was trying to protect you.
- Which is why I need you to be 100% sure you want to work with me on this.
You don't have to.
- We have plenty to do for Josie's campaign.
- We're helping, Liv.
- No doubt.
- Of course.
Over a cliff, I know.
But this There's one other person involved The pilot my father ordered to shoot down the plane.
What do you want? At least give me credit where credit is due.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, really? You don't? Who said there was something weird going on with Liv and her dad? Who called that? I didn't expect B613-level weird, but still, I was right.
So I am more than just some crazy adrenaline junkie.
I am interested in things, Huck, but for the right reasons.
They're waiting for us in the conference room.
That's weird.
Flight 5-2-2 It was cleared for takeoff but didn't leave Dulles for another 27 minutes.
Flights are delayed all the time.
Yeah, but they're listed as delayed.
- This one wasn't.
- It also wasn't full.
The N.
report shows the flight was overbooked.
That's 322 passengers, But when you look at the flight manifest, only 329 names.
Let me see that.
Well, it could just be that someone ordered an extra seat.
Also possible they made a mistake.
- Yeah, made a mistake or lied.
- Congress always puts together a subcommittee to oversee investigations of major airline crashes.
Look at the name of the senator who headed up this one.
Fitzgerald Grant II? The president's father.
I'll have one of those.
Who told you not to join the Navy? Oh, for God sake.
Who told you not to join the Navy? You did.
I did.
You could've gone directly from college into law school and then into the justice department But, no, you had these ridiculous notions - I wanted to fly planes.
- Right.
Right, right.
No, you wanted to prove something.
You wanted to show everybody what a man you were because you weren't a man I wanted to serve my country.
Because a man doesn't a man I was a decorated naval officer.
Doesn't need to run away to the Navy to To get away from his daddy.
A man stands up.
A man does what needs to be done! I stood up! I did what needed to be done.
You had no business signing up for black ops missions.
I aced flight school, top of my class, and because of you, they had me raising flags and shaking hands.
They had me on a desk.
You're a senator's son! You had a trust fund.
You're a damn Grant! I was given the chance to do something, to fly.
And then I was given an order.
Grants don't take orders! You want me to campaign on a lie.
You should be grateful that this lie exists and just let it go.
Let it go? Should have been some poor kid from some backwoods town who shot that plane down, not you, not my boy.
But, no, you joined the Navy to spite me, and then when you got into all this mess, I covered your ass.
I called in favors to distance you as far away from that incident as I could.
So now it's time for you to pay the Piper.
I own you.
You have a future, thanks to me.
I think Cyrus Beene is about to leave.
Quit, even.
I don't know what to do.
Maybe, big Jerry, - you can - I won't run on a lie.
What else you have to run on? What else have you accomplished? The only other thing you got going for you is that you're my son.
That's it.
That's all you are my son, not as smart, not as interesting, but my son just the same.
I made you! I could destroy you.
So you'll do what you're told, and that's an order.
Grants don't take orders.
Don't walk away from me! You wanna serve, run for governor! Oh.
- Sorry.
- Any news? Fitz's father headed up congress' investigation into the crash.
Whatever the cover-up was, he was probably part of it.
I think this might be bigger than we think.
It doesn't matter.
My father's still the one who gave the order.
We have to find out why.
If anyone saw anything that day at the airport - We're tracking down the gate agent who worked the flight.
That's good.
Liv? What? I-I'm going to hug you now.
Don't don't say anything.
Don't tell me not to, because I'm going to hug you, and you're going to stand here and take it.
I don't mind being stalked, but it's getting cold out here.
I-I just I was looking for Is that what you were looking for? You wanna hang out tomorrow night, you give me a call.
Sally, mind if I talk to you for a minute? Of course.
He's getting so big, isn't he? He's huge.
I wanted to talk to you about Daniel Douglas.
One of my aides came to me yesterday.
Said he got a little handsy with her.
Now I think I've handled it.
- She's not gonna tell anyone - Your staffer's lying.
- I'm sorry? - Whatever she told you isn't true.
My husband keeps his hands to himself.
Are we ready, Mrs.
Grant? I'll let you get to it.
They do grow up so fast.
Ready when you are.
And you bring Teddy in to play with his dad every night? Doesn't matter if the president's in there with the whole cabinet.
Somehow I can't imagine him kicking out the defense secretary.
Well, for starters, Teddy's cuter than the defense secretary.
Isn't that right, Teddy bear? He would be a big, big miserable daddy if we didn't show up, wouldn't he? Hi! Ma'am.
Oh, here we go, here we go.
Here we go, here we go What? What? Well, looks like we missed him.
The president is just so busy.
Just a little disagreement.
A kerfuffle, a father/son thing.
I don't do family drama, Mrs.
I have enough of that at home with my wife.
But I'm a political warrior.
I slash, I burn.
I kill.
You want him to be governor? You want him to run the damn country one day? I will hand you that on a platter.
You want his hand held or his nose wiped or someone to hug him and tell him that he's great, do it yourself.
That's your job.
My job? You're the wife.
I'm a lawyer.
I'm a partner in a law firm.
You'll have to give that up.
They told you that, right? I'm I'm gonna do charity work, help people.
Okay, I'm going to give you a tip, and this is for free, because I'm done.
If he is going to be governor, if he is going to be a serious politician, if he's going to walk the corridors of power, he is your charity work.
He is your full-time job.
You're the wife.
Help him.
I will take care of it.
You come back tomorrow.
I will deal with it.
He will be ready to work tomorrow.
Do you have a cocktail dress No higher than the knee? - You don't? - Where is he, Cyrus?! Never mind, Amber.
We'll send you something.
What's the problem? He promised he would be in the oval.
I looked like an idiot.
I'm sure they'll cut that part out.
I am doing this whole Vanna White routine for him so that he has a shot at re-election.
He needs to at least meet me halfway.
Is he gonna show up tomorrow - For the interview? - Of course he'll show up.
Lauren has it on his schedule.
I know that he will be there, but is he gonna show up tomorrow? Honestly, Mellie, I don't know.
You were the gate agent that day, Mrs.
Checking in all those people, and then they were just gone.
The flight was sold out but took off with one empty seat.
Judy, one of the flight attendants, called back to the gate to say there were being held on the tarmac by a federal marshal and someone was being taken off the plane.
Afterwards, I remember thinking that person was so lucky.
That wasn't mentioned in the news reports.
I told the N.
investigator who interviewed me, but I never saw anything about it anywhere.
I guess maybe it wasn't important? Did you see them The marshal and the passenger? It was way out on the tarmac.
It was nighttime.
I'll never forget that name, though of that guy they took off the plane.
Omar Dresden the passenger taken off flight 522.
We checked with the family.
They believe he died in the crash.
Who took him off the plane? According to the gate agent, a federal marshal.
- She didn't get a look at him, and everyone else- They're dead.
You can't just stop a plane on the tarmac of a commercial airport, take someone off without anyone seeing.
I could track which flights were cleared at the same time.
Harrison, Abby, I want you to locate every maintenance person, baggage handler, ground controller who was on duty that night.
Down to the guy who restocks the peanuts Anyone who may have had eyes on Omar Dresden and this marshall.
What are you doing tomorrow night? I thought I was supposed to call you.
Like I said, what are you doing tomorrow night? I heard from Leo Bergen this morning.
We're making some nice progress on the financial front.
Always knew I liked that guy.
Wears a suit well, too.
Well, he said the timing of my Iowa trip couldn't be more perfect.
Face time with state leaders is exactly what I need to lock down more endorsements.
Whatever you gotta do.
Of course, now that I'm preparing to run as an independent, we could face a good deal more scrutiny who Cassidy frequents with, who we frequent with.
After all, our biggest strength in this election will be our family Its values.
It would be a shame to lose them when we're so close to the finish line.
I understand.
I have ever since you brought it up the first time.
Then let's hope I don't ever have to bring it up again.
He's hated me ever since he was a kid.
I'm a decent father! My father used to beat me.
I don't beat him.
I'm a decent father, right? Yes, you are.
Boys, you do You do what's best for them, and they don't appreciate it.
Yeah, sure, I slept around a bit.
I like pretty girls.
But his mother never knew.
Before she died, she didn't know.
And he holds it against me Saint Fitz.
Well, whatever it is you're fighting about now, I'm sure we can find a way to make it right.
We have to, if we want to get this campaign to happen.
I'm gonna tell you something that fewer than world are aware of.
Do you remember global world flight 5-2-2? Of course.
What a tragedy.
Yeah, Fitz shot it down.
I Flight 5-2-2? Mm-hmm.
Fitz was in the Gulf.
No, he wasn't.
We had rock-solid intel.
There was a a dirty bomb on board, and he was off the coast of Iceland.
He got his orders, and he shot it down.
There were hundreds of people on that plane.
Did they all die? Yeah, they did.
But, hell, they would have died anyway, if that plane had reached its target.
It could have taken out half of London.
Could have started World War III.
They said there was a mechanical failure.
Well, that was a little exercise in C.
"Cover your ass.
" You think the United States government could shoot down a commercial airline and just say, "oh, sorry for the collateral damage Sorry that we killed grandma No, even if Hitler himself was on board, the lawsuits would have dragged out for centuries.
And don't even get me started on the internationals.
"Mechanical failure" That's what you call it.
And you know what it means, unless you're naive.
You know, that boy's never been grateful one day in his life for what he's got, what he's been given.
He's just too sensitive.
He's got too many feelings.
And that's why he will never win.
Good God, you're a beautiful woman.
- Okay, I don't think - Oh, shh, shh, shh.
Stop! Jerry, stop! Do you really want me to stop? Hmm? Hmm? No! Stop! Stop! Aah! Aah! No! No! No! Uhh! Uhh! Mellie? I sent Lauren home.
She seemed tired.
Not as tired as me, of course.
I've been running myself ragged with that camera crew.
You know, so I can make America fall in love with me again.
Because apparently I'm the one they hate after your affair.
It's late, Mellie.
I thought I'd try this You know, standing here.
You and Cyrus get to do it all the time Little private boys club.
I thought, "hey, let's get some estrogen on this seal, see what happens.
" Okay.
Now what's wrong? What's wrong? What's wrong? What is wrong? This is my life.
That's what's wrong! - This is my life - Mellie You didn't show up For me.
You didn't show up for that stupid reporter and me and Teddy in that photo-op in the oval.
You left me hanging, and I had to do everything myself.
I always have to.
I am tired of doing everything myself! I am alone here.
We're supposed to be partners.
We are supposed to be in this together.
Let's not pretend we're something we're not.
If you knew the sacrifices that I have made The things that I have given up, and the pieces of myself that I have given away for you, and you treat me this way.
You declare war on me, and you shame me, and you make me beg for scraps when I have done nothing but fight for you.
You don't have to love me.
But we are in this hell together, and the flames are burning both of us with equal intensity, baby, so the least you could do is be my friend, just a little bit.
The least you could do is show up Show up for me.
Show up for me, Fitz Instead of being like some some stranger.
Mels? Where you been? Uh I was talking to my father on the phone.
In Asheville? Yeah, he was up late.
He wanted to say "hey" to his baby girl.
Well, come to bed.
I really just want to take a shower first.
No, come here.
No, I really need No, come here.
We should just go home tomorrow.
Screw the governor's mansion.
Let's just Go home.
Yeah, let's do that.
Just once Just once I wish my father would apologize and be on my side Just once.
If he did that If he just admitted I think I'd make a hell of a governor.
Yeah, you would.
I know it's late notice.
I just found out myself.
The president said it's a big emergency with the I.
and Kurdistan or Greece or I don't know.
By then my eyes started to glaze over.
Maybe we can try tomorrow or the next day? When's this whole thing supposed to air? This Sunday, so even if we do it tomorrow, it's cutting it kind of close editing-wise.
- He's very sorry.
- What am I sorry about? Fitz! I thought you had that emergency with Kurdistan.
Between Kurdistan and Carla? Come on.
That's a no-brainer.
What do you say? Ready to get this show on the road? Yes, sir.
Grant, I'm sure you're aware of the effect all of this has had on your popularity amongst the American people.
I don't really read the polls.
In that case, allow me to summarize.
The American people nearly half of them now question whether they want you representing them at all.
That's not really what the polls suggest.
So you do read the polls? On occasion.
Then you know that close to a third of Americans now even question your sanity Your emotional stability.
I understand their frustration.
I do What do you say to them? How do you explain what drove you to make the rash decision to go on national television and air your marital dirty laundry in front of the entire world? What do I say to them? I say they're barking up the wrong tree.
With all due respect, Mr.
president, that was a question for the first lady.
With all due respect, Carla, that wasn't a question.
- It was an attack.
- Sir Ask my wife anything you want.
She is more than capable of handling herself.
But if you want to attack her to treat her like a witness on the stand You're gonna have to go through me first.
president I had the affair.
I damaged our marriage and caused the public grief, and I should be the sole carrier of the blame and outrage for this embarrassing fiasco.
To place it elsewhere To blame Mellie for speaking out is false.
For Mellie to accept that blame and to take responsibility for any of it would be equally false.
I made the mistake.
I've apologized for it.
And now it is time.
I am moving on.
We are both trying to move on.
And all we can ask is that the American people try to do the same.
What do we have on Omar Dresden? Noting yet, but we've got a good lead.
We found the guy who was driving the stairs on the tarmac that night.
He would have seen Dresden being taken off the plane.
And he still lives in D.
- When are we talking to him? - He's working tonight, but he said I could come by.
Keep on it.
A lot nicer inside the car, am I right? Yeah.
I gotta I gotta go in there and snag that file tonight.
I've been here since 4:00.
He hasn't moved.
The guy's got a bladder made of steel.
Really didn't want to have to use these.
Is that m99? Bingo.
I just use enough to put him to sleep until we can get out of there.
You think you can disable the security cameras? Or you want to do the fun job? I'm just kidding.
Huck would kill me.
Huck let me torture someone once.
I got what he needed.
Be calm.
Worst thing you can do is jump the gun.
Let me put you on hold for a second, honey.
I'm supposed to be picking something up for my boss.
Um, 15th floor? - Kline pharmaceuticals? - That's it.
I'm pretty sure everyone's gone for the night.
Mind signing in while I call up? Do you have another pen? I think this one's dead.
Um Here, try this one.
Hey! All clear.
It's done.
Come now.
Charlie? Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
No! Oh, God! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Thank you.
I know things got a little out of hand last night - Don't mention it.
- No, I'm sorry.
I would hate for it I said don't mention it.
I know I won't.
Instead, we should talk about something else Something like how when Fitz comes down for breakfast, you will take him aside and tell him whatever it is that he needs to hear, not how ungrateful he is or sensitive or doomed to fail.
You will tell him what he needs to hear How proud you are of him, how sorry you are for being such a bad father.
You will tell him that he doesn't have to run on his military record, at least not yet.
You will get him back on track, support him, support us.
You are an asset.
I am his wife.
You all packed? We should get going.
Let's just have a bite of breakfast first.
Come on.
Sit down.
Your father says he wants to apologize to you Don't you, big Jerry? Are you two ready to go out there? And shake a couple hundred hands? You bet.
Although every man alive feels the need to double-down on the whole "strong handshake" mandate when they meet the president.
I just wish I could wear gloves.
Jackie Kennedy had it easy.
Well not that easy.
You'll cut that part out, right? Yes, Mr.
- Can I have some more powder, please? - Yes, sir.
Helps with the sweaty palms.
Thank you.
- You have enough? - We're good.
- Thanks, guys.
- Thank you.
Hell of a performance in that interview, by the way.
Going on the attack Smart choice.
It wasn't a choice.
I meant every word.
Ladies and gentlemen, the President and First Lady of the United States.
Well, let's get this over with, shall we? You'll never find We need to talk.
- Not now.
- It's important.
- Please, not now.
- Yes, now.
We have to talk.
You wanna know why you didn't get the big interview? Because you got your ass handed to you by that featherweight Josie Marcus.
That's not which might have been okay on its own.
But since you're already famous for your softball Mellie interview where you neglected to ask the hard questions that Carla Steele asked today - Your integrity took a hit.
- Cyrus! - What?! - I got fired.
You'll never find You you got About an hour ago.
- I got an e-mail.
- Honey Thanks for the pep talk.
Who needs you James Like I do - What, no luck? - I could try again.
Thanks, Amber.
- Well? - No dice.
Maybe she's not his type.
You'll keep searching and searching Hold it.
Your whole life through oh, I don't wish you no bad luck, baby ahh, ahh but there's no "ifs" and "buts" or "maybes" you're gonna miss my loving She's not his type.
you're gonna miss my loving I know you're gonna miss my loving I know, I know, I know (Fitz) Anything I should know, Mike? Typical week.
Swims at 0600.
Arrives back at the office at 0800.
Departs 10 to 12 hours later, heads straight home.
Doesn't seem to be in any imminent danger, sir.
She is.
Stay on him.
Inmate you're visiting? Omar Dresden.
Something's not right here.
What do you mean? Jake? Jake? Talk to me.
Oh, come on, Huck.
Is that a call you really wanna make? 'Cause I got a feeling he's gonna be tremendously disappointed in you.
You belong to B613 now.
Welcome to Wonderland.
Anything on the mother? Not much to find.
Before dying on global world 5-2-2, Maya pope worked as a secretary to a venture capitalist named Neal Hastings.
He's dead, Liv The guy that drove the stairs, our only link to Omar Dresden.
Someone's way ahead of us.
It's gotta be my father.
One child, Olivia.
Husband, Elijah, eight years her senior.
Works at the Smithsonian.
Hard guy to get a picture of.
But I finally found an old copy of his museum badge.
- Her father? - That's him.
Strangers Our daughter's been asking about you.
Uh, everyone, uh, could I have your attention for a moment? Fitz and I would like to thank everyone who signed on to the campaign in the last few weeks.
I know we have a long, hard journey ahead of us, but before we start off, I just wanna tell you how lucky I feel to be a part of this amazing group of people, this amazing family.
And of course, how much I love my amazing, amazing husband Who, with your help is gonna be the next governor of California.
And someday President of the United States.
Oh! You're not drinking? No.
Fitz, don't.
No, it's early yet.
Don't get happy yet.
You know, if it's a boy, he's gonna make us name it Jerry.