Scandal s03e08 Episode Script

Vermont is for Lovers, Too

Our daughter's been asking about you.
I wish I could say they were innocent questions, such as trying to find out what lullabies you sang or what cookies you made when she was sad.
They're not.
So tomorrow night when America is sleeping I'm putting you on a plane and taking you out of the country.
It is not a vacation or even a change of scenery.
The room you'll be occupying is much like the room you're in now, only further away and harder to find.
Understand? Good.
I want to see her.
Excuse me? Olivia I want to see her.
I want to see my daughter, and I want you to make it happen before I leave, before I travel to some godforsaken room in some godforsaken country to spend the rest of my godforsaken life there.
You know that's not possible.
Then make it possible.
I've been sitting in this cell for over 20 years, hiding in the bowels of our justice system.
You have to give me something one thing before you throw me out with the trash.
- Eli, please.
- I will see you tomorrow.
Eli! Hey, you're up, Robin.
Oh, come on.
It'll be easy.
You go to work and tell me about your day all the details.
Think of it as a relationship, except I'll actually listen to what you have to say.
Oh, come on, don't make me give you the speech.
What speech? You know, the one where I say, "you don't have a choice" or "I own you now" or "you'll be begging me to kill you," blah, blah, blah.
Except I'll say it all scary and threatening, most likely with a gun down your throat.
Come on.
I'll do it if I have to, but it's much more fun to pretend I'm your boyfriend.
Do you have another pen? Try this one.
No! Oh, my God.
Does anyone else feel like we're chasing a ghost? Sorry I'm late.
Fender bender.
You brought the good stuff.
The last person to see Omar Dresden before he disappears off the grid ends up dead? We were close.
Dresden's out there.
I know it.
Olivia Pope.
That's fine, but all we got now is a trail of bodies that leads nowhere.
Josie Marcus needs us.
The rest of you track down whoever killed the security guard.
That's our new lead.
The cops said the security footage from the building where the guard was killed is missing.
I'm checking other buildings in the area now.
- How'd they take this guy out? - Professional hit a lethal dose of botulinum toxin.
There's at least a dozen other buildings in the area.
Maybe their cams have a view of the lobby.
Okay, we get our hands on that footage, we get our killer.
Hi, honey.
How was your day? - James - You don't care about my day, Cyrus.
- That's not true.
- Really? You wanna hear about the new graph paper I bought for Ella's poop log or the riveting conversation I had with the head of the H.
Our neighbor's sprinklers are coming on completely against code.
I had to stand outside with a stopwatch all day.
But hey, at least we know - what's killing that strawberry tree.
- Good.
- That thing's an eyesore.
- I need more wine.
You want to know how my day was? It was fine.
Good, I suppose.
Got a call right before I headed home from Donnie Weston.
You know Donnie, over at the "D.
Times" Sunday magazine? Anyway, I guess they want to do some puff piece on the Vice President's husband.
They're looking for a writer, wanted a recommendation.
So I You know what? Forget I said anything.
- Cyrus - No, I wasn't thinking.
Did you give him my name? I will call Donnie back first thing tomorrow morning.
- I'll tell I'll tell him.
- Cyrus! Yes, James, I gave him your name.
I know a piece like this is totally beneath you.
And I should have asked you first, - but I was so caught up in the moment - Cyrus! This is amazing.
Yeah? So - You're interested? - Are you kidding me? - I'm beyond.
- I wasn't sure.
I know this isn't the kind of journalism you do.
But at least it's a chance to show those bastards at B.
the kind of access you have so they'll regret screwing you over.
You will have to spend a good amount of time - with Daniel Douglas Langston.
- That's fine.
I actually find his hillbilly thing charming.
No, Cy thank you.
Thank you.
Someone broke in while we were at dinner.
Pretty sloppy job.
Why break a window when you can slide the lock with a credit card? - What'd they take? - Just my laptop.
It had strategy memos, - donor contacts, stump speeches - Yeah.
And they didn't touch the jewelry, so it had to be a political hit.
It's Reston.
You know it is, and now he has everything.
That's a big accusation.
We don't know who did this yet.
Really, we don't? We're a week out from Iowa and leading him in the polls for the first time.
Candace, take it down a notch.
I just think we should hold a presser, something.
We can't let him get away with this.
If this break-in was Reston's doing, we want the authorities pointing the finger at him, not us.
Harrison I'll call the cops, file an official report.
- I got this.
- Abby? I'll see if I can get the feds involved.
They'll need to be the ones leading the charge on this.
And you have a full day of campaigning tomorrow.
Try to get some sleep.
With all due respect, Carla, that wasn't a question.
- It was an attack.
- Sir Ask my wife anything you want.
She is more than capable of handling it herself.
But if you want to attack her to treat her like a witness on the stand - you're gonna have to go through me first.
- I love this part.
- Mr.
President - I had the affair.
You okay? I damaged our marriage.
- Tomorrow, President Grant - Don't wait up.
Heads to New Hampshire, where he will kick off his campaign with town hall meetings.
Here you go, Roger.
You get what you needed? Yeah, I just needed to check the hard drive on your camera.
Ours have been malfunctioning all over town lately.
Ever since that security guard across the street died, they've been coming down hard on us to make sure everything's fully operational.
Those things are sensitive.
It's been pretty hot out lately.
Maybe that's your problem.
Hmm, I didn't think of that.
What are you doing? Snaking the surveillance footage.
Thought I'd get a jump on it.
Look at you, being all proactive.
Right? Huck doesn't give me enough credit.
The guard who delivers her meals found her, managed to stop the bleeding.
Is she well enough to transport? She's lost a lot of blood, but moving her shouldn't be a problem.
Physically, she'll be okay.
And mentally? She ate her own wrist, sir.
Most people would have passed out after a few bites, but this one she just kept chewing till she found an artery.
Whatever drove her to do this, whatever demons she's wrestling with, they're still there.
Thank you, doctor.
Josie Marcus needs justice.
She demands it, David.
And would this justice come in the form of say a photo op of the F.
raiding Reston's campaign headquarters? I thought we agreed to keep our business dealings - on a professional level.
- All right.
In my professional opinion, you and your fellow Pope-heads would do or say anything to win Iowa, including strong-arming your boyfriend.
David, I can't emphasize this enough what happened today it's Watergate all over again.
Or a run-of-the-mill burglar who knew nobody was home.
They stole campaign files and left the flat screens.
What run-of-the-mill burglar does that? Even if I concede you that point which is a big "if" it doesn't mean it was Reston.
You're a lawyer.
You know I can't search his or anyone else's office without probable cause.
So in the meantime, you do nothing? No, in the meantime, I let the Capitol Hill police do their job.
, the hypnosis isn't working.
You need to start using the snore clips again, or you're back on the couch.
Just my professional opinion.
Where are we on the honey trap? James is on board for a nice long profile piece of Daniel Douglas Langston an intimate portrait.
This - I'd say this is a new low.
- Not for me.
- At least admit you're losing your mind.
- Hmm.
The plan is simple.
Daniel Douglas will make a pass at my husband.
My husband will refuse said pass, slap his closeted face, and then when James wants to write about it to expose the hypocritical lie that is their marriage I will tell Sally that she can either fall in line or she can continue to run for office as an independent and read James' sordid account in the "Times" along with the rest of the world.
There is nothing simple about that plan.
I mean, how on earth can you be sure that Daniel Douglas will make a pass at James? Oh, I can't.
But you can.
Daniel Douglas! What brings you to the west wing when your better half's out of town? I got that interview with D.
" James thought we should do it in her office.
I think it's gonna be one of those "What's-it-like-to-be-married-to-power" kind of things.
You must have that angle down pat.
You got any tips for this old alligator hunter? Oh, you'll be fine.
It's with James.
He's so respectful and so kind.
He's practically family.
I remember when he and Cyrus got together which, to be honest, I didn't understand.
I mean, I love Cyrus.
We all do, but he's so much older.
Yeah, what's up with that? Well you didn't hear it from me, but one of the beat reporters told me once they have an open marriage.
Then suddenly it all made sense.
- You don't say? - I know.
It's not fair, right? Don't the gays just have all the fun? Any luck I.
-ing our murderer? - Not yet.
- But we've got seven different camera angles of that area to go through.
We'll find whoever killed that security guard.
Unless, you know, whoever did this covered their tracks like a pro.
Quinn, I need you on this break-in.
We need hard proof that Reston was behind it so we can convince David to pull the F.
in, turn this investigation federal.
Turn the footage you're working on over to huck.
- Actually, I'm kind of in a groove here.
So - Give it.
What the hell? Are you accusing the Reston campaign of I'll leave the accusations to the investigators.
But I think it's obvious who had the motive.
And whoever broke in left the silver and only took the files that could shine a light on our strategy and infrastructure for the Marcus campaign.
- So you are accusing the Reston campaign? - No comment.
On it.
What?! Liv? We need to talk.
No, we don't.
In fact, that's exactly what we need to stop doing.
I'm asking you for an hour.
One hour.
I think you owe me at least that.
I owe you? After what you did, I don't owe you anything.
So you need to stop calling me.
Aah! Aah! You really think that's gonna do it? That won't stop him from calling.
The President wants to talk to you He'll find a way to do it.
- Hey.
- You screwed up.
You went on TV and played the blame game.
That, my friend not smart.
Not wise at all.
Why? Someone needed to point the finger at Reston Because we told you not to.
We told you we had a plan, Candace, that we would handle it, in our own time, in our own way.
And you going rogue on this makes getting your sister elected to the highest office in the land a job that you hired us to do that much harder! Guess what? She's a first-term congresswoman from a forgettable state.
It doesn't need to be harder! So from now on, you are gonna mind your elders.
You're gonna color inside the lines, and you're gonna do exactly what I say when I say to do it and not one second before.
Am I clear? So are you here to babysit me now? Maybe if you're good I'll let you stay up past your bedtime.
We've been through all the security footage and this is the best we've got.
No way of I.
D-ing her.
Can't we just let it run until she comes out? The memory card must have been corrupted.
We lose the image a few minutes after she enters.
So all we know is that our killer was a woman in a cheap skirt suit and dumpy heels? Wait, what's that? There, as she's going in.
Is that her reflection in the door? - Can you - Blow it up and scrub it? Yeah, I can run a re-pixelation program.
It'll take time, but it should yield a clear image in a day or two.
Yeah, that doesn't sound like a real thing.
- It uses an algorithm to alter the - I wasn't actually asking.
Where are you with tracking down Candi's laptop? Uh, I I can't locate the I.
address until someone logs on.
They have something? A reflection of the killer.
They're re-something something.
Don't ask me to explain because I can't and don't want to.
What's that? Oh, wait, someone logged on.
- Georgetown.
- Can we get an address? Give me a second.
- I think it's - Reston's campaign headquarters.
The Marcus campaign has informed the Department of Justice that the missing laptop contains confidential election material.
Responding to a tip, the F.
, earlier today, recovered this laptop from Reston campaign headquarters.
The U.
attorney's office will continue to investigate these circumstances to determine what, if any, federal electoral laws may have been violated, and, if so, who were the parties responsible.
I'm looking at you, Governor Reston.
Who called it? Who's the canny campaign manager now? No one likes a sore winner.
So now we go to the press? - Now we don't have to go to the press.
- They come to us.
And we demand that Reston drops out.
- We say, "no comment.
" - No accusations, no calls for resignation.
We let the New York Times do that.
We stay above the fray.
- Exactly.
- This is the "Times" calling now.
Olivia Pope.
We have no statement to make at this time.
All the man wanted to do was talk about college football.
I'm sorry, honey.
I hate college football! I hate all football! I tried everything Syria, health care, immigration reform, the economy it all seemed to come back to freakin' college football.
James, this is a puff piece on the guy.
You don't have to dig too deep.
You have a couple more days.
Just get to know him a little better.
He's probably uncomfortable talking to reporters, and he's clamming up.
Where'd you meet with him today? In the veep's office.
I figured that would be the most professional.
Well, there's your problem right there.
No wonder you had a hard time getting the man to open up.
He's probably worried about saying the wrong thing with his uptight wife's loyal staff just 2 feet away? I'm sure Sally has trained him pretty well.
She's got the poor guy tethered to a metal stake in the backyard.
Sit with him on his turf.
Go over to his place.
No, forget the stuffy business suit, and wear the new plum v-neck you bought, make it casual.
Bring over a bottle of nice bourbon, have a drink or two he'll open right up.
Mark my words.
I know what you're doing, Cyrus.
You do? You were mean to me when I was fired, and you feel guilty.
I do.
I I feel guilty.
Well, don't.
You have more than made up for it.
You wanted to see me? Where are we with Olivia Pope? She's still barking up the Omar Dresden tree.
- They're ice cold.
- And the girl? Doing great.
Good little spy.
I want her to report on every detail of what happens in that office.
If she gets caught in the process, you do as you were told.
No worries, boss.
I got it.
Where am I? Somewhere you can't hurt yourself.
I brought something for you.
Oh, my lord.
Is that That's your daughter.
That's Olivia.
She's beautiful.
Miss Pope, there's a helicopter waiting for you.
- No! - Ma'am You go back and tell him I won't be summoned.
- Ma'am - Tom, I'm not going, so good-bye.
The President instructed me to give this to you.
I am just doing my job.
One hour.
One hour.
It's a beautiful house.
New, but built to last.
The ceilings are made from local wood Vermont pine.
And the fieldstone fireplace they did that by hand.
- This where you're staying? - No.
It's not really ready to live in.
It needs a good cleaning Fitz, what are we doing here? You're not even supposed to be in Vermont You're supposed to be in New Hampshire.
Do you want to see the upstairs? There's a skylight made of stained glass designed by this amazing local artist.
My father is not a subject I discuss ever.
When I met you at that point in my life I didn't even feel like I had a father.
And how would I have told you? What are the right words? "Nice to meet you, Governor Grant.
My father runs the nation's top secret government spy organization.
" That's exactly what you were supposed to tell me because I was gonna be President, and that was information I needed to know.
I didn't know you were going to be President.
That's right, you didn't even believe I was gonna win.
Well, how about after you knew? How about after you fixed the election? Maybe you could have told me then? Or how about after I told you I was in love with you? How about after I tried to give up the White House for you? You know who I am, Liv.
- You know everything.
- Not everything Everything I could legally tell you.
You know who I am, and you're just this bundle of dirty little secrets.
If I told you about him if you knew who I was you would have run in the other direction.
I wouldn't have run.
I would have protected you.
I don't need protecting! I am not the girl you save.
I am fine! My father runs the nation's top secret government spy organization.
One order, and you shot down a plane with 329 people on it.
You're the one who needs protecting! I fixed the election, he's my father, I ruined you.
- The house has orchards.
- Oh, my God.
This incredible greenhouse just off the kitchen, you should see the kitchen, these marble counter-tops that are from a quarry just up the road Stop talking about the house! I just I wanted you to see it at least once.
What is this place? Why am I here? Why the hell are we out here in the middle of nowhere?! This house is yours ours.
I had it built for us.
When it looked like there was a chance for us I bought the land, and I had it built.
I couldn't really be mayor, but you can make jam.
And there are bedrooms for lots of kids.
This was going to be you and me raising a family and growing old together in this house.
It was supposed to be our house, Livvie.
And I just wanted you to see it at least once at least once before I sell it.
I wanted you to see the dream.
- You need any help? - No, you can go.
- I can do the night shift, if if you wanna go home.
- You can go.
I know you do a good job.
Jake said I don't tell you, and he's right, I don't tell you, but I know you do a good job.
I should tell you more often.
That's okay.
I was wondering when you were gonna show up.
You got some dirt for me? Robin They're about to find out about me.
You're good at this.
You'll figure something out.
Get the gun out of my face, will ya? I could kill you right now.
Yeah, and? You think I'm the one runnin' this thing? You kill me, you'll get another handler by the time my body hits the ground.
And I'm the best handler you're ever gonna get.
Because I like you.
And despite what you're trying to tell yourself right now, you like me, too.
Look at these skinny little legs.
And these cheeks.
My God.
You just wanna eat her.
Ooh! - So where are the photos? - What photos? The ones you've been taking because you're her father.
These are all press clippings.
It's all I could find.
Some more water? What did you do to her? - I didn't do anything.
- Really? So for the past twenty-something Christmases and thanksgivings, there are photos of the two of you drinking eggnog and eating turkey.
They're in your house somewhere.
You just misplaced them.
Is that what you're saying? I told you to take care of her.
- We grew apart.
- She was 12.
And I provided for her.
Providing for someone and being a parent are two different things.
- You're one to talk.
- I beg your pardon.
You heard me.
- "Hush-a-bye.
" - What? That was the lullaby I sang to her when she was a baby.
And it wasn't cookies I made when she was sad.
It was popcorn.
She never liked sweets.
That was Olivia twenty-some odd years ago.
The Olivia who's out there today, you know nothing about.
Zero, and don't forget for a second whose fault that is.
Doctor! I'll be moving the prisoner tomorrow evening.
Please make sure she is fully sedated.
Yes, sir.
Lauren, I tried calling the President.
I couldn't reach him at his hotel.
Has his schedule changed? No, ma'am.
- Could you try calling him for me, please? - Yes, ma'am.
Teddy said the word "balloon" today.
If I don't tell his dad every little thing his son does during the day, there's hell to pay.
Oh, I'm sorry, ma'am.
He's not answering.
- I could try his cell phone.
- Great.
No luck there, either, ma'am.
Lauren, would you call Olivia Pope for me, please? Ma'am? Olivia Pope? Would you call her, please? Ms.
Pope isn't answering either, ma'am.
Thank you, Lauren.
Liv? That's my ride.
Could you? Stay another day.
We could hide out here.
I have to go.
I have work.
And you have to go.
You have a world to run.
What? I love you.
Fitz, I really do have to go No, I'm saying Your father has to be stopped.
And I want you to know before I stop him.
I want you to hear me when I say that I love you no matter what happens.
Because I need answers.
I need to know why I was ordered to shoot down that plane.
And after I get those answers Do what you have to do.
You're sure? He's your father.
He's the head of B613.
He knows what he signed up for.
Do what you have to do.
Because I'm not gonna stop until I have answers either.
Don't sell the house.
Not yet.
All right, got it.
Thanks, Brian.
I'll be in soon.
What? - That was my computer guy.
- And? Since we're in bed and this isn't a business dealing, I am gonna pretend we're a normal couple and not automatically suspect you and your co-workers of committing election fraud again.
What are you talking about? My computer guy says all that's on Candi Marcus' laptop is a stump speech and a few donor addresses nothing that would really help an opposing campaign.
- That's weird.
- Not really.
Especially when you consider that there used to be a lot more on that computer, but it was wiped clean the day before the break-in.
You can't think that David, are you accusing me of faking a burglary, and then planting that laptop in Reston's campaign headquarters? No, no, I am not.
Because that's not what normal boyfriends - ask their girlfriends first thing in the morning.
- Good.
Because I didn't do that, and neither did Liv.
I'm gonna take a shower and then go into work, at which point I will resume being a professional.
Josie's little break-in? It was faked.
By who? Her sister.
Or daughter.
Or sister/daughter.
Candace! What about the laptop? Candace could've had one of her campaign workers drop it off at Reston's headquarters.
You know what those places are like people are coming and going all day.
M m maybe it was somebody else from the staff.
Harrison, who discovered the break-in? Who jumped the gun with the press? Who's been driving this whole thing from the get-go? Okay, okay.
What do you want me to do about it? Talk to the sister.
Who was that? Work.
I couldn't be happier to be back in the granite state.
You know, it's not often I get a chance to speak directly with the voters.
So that's what the goal of this trip is to hear it straight from the horse's mouth.
If you'll excuse me, I've got a stack of pancakes waiting for me inside.
That's our boy! What did I tell ya? A few days on the road, shaking hands and kissing babies, and he's acting like a President again.
I already spoke with Daniel Douglas if that's why you're here.
Other than arranging for him to bump into James in a locker room, I don't know what else I can do.
Yeah, I thought of the locker room, too.
Cyrus! It's happening tonight is why I'm here.
Sally's still out of town.
So James is going over to the naval observatory for dinner.
There'll be wine, candles, a guy named Lionel hiding in a tree with a telephoto lens.
Are you sure you want to do this? This is a marriage we're talking about.
Sally must suspect her husband's a big gay slut.
We're just making sure she knows we know.
Not Sally's marriage.
You're worried about James cheating on me? That's Oddly sweet.
Once you open that door, Cyrus, you cannot close it again.
It changes you.
It changes everything.
My husband's not your husband, Mellie.
I tried to call you last night.
Everything okay? Yeah, I was just busy.
I told you he'd find a way, didn't I? I thought you said this would work.
I thought it would.
What's not working? We still can't identify whoever killed the security guard.
And you ran the image through the QR5 - facial recognition software? - Nothing.
What happens if we let the program run longer? No point.
This is the highest resolution I could get.
Our base image was too flawed.
So we're back to square one.
Liv They're here.
This is the game, Josie.
This is how it This isn't a game! This is Watergate! Josie.
How is what I did any different than what these people the people you wanted to hire do on an hourly basis? You got caught.
Can I have a moment with the Congresswoman, please? It's just we were gaining ground with endorsements and support at rallies.
- And now - This isn't over.
If we handle this right, it's a bump in the road.
And how you handle it will help show your leadership abilities and define your character.
But you're going to have to fire Candace.
Make an example of her.
Define my character by firing Candace? It's called making a tough choice.
A painful one.
The right one.
The voters will respect you for standing up and doing the thing that no one wants to ever have to do.
And it's just a matter of time before the U.
attorney's office ties the burglary to Candace.
Do it now! Come clean, and I can help you move past this.
If we wait for the justice department - to force your hand - Okay, understood.
I'll prepare a press conference, help you work up a statement.
Figuring out what to tell the press, I can handle.
What I tell Candace is another story.
This is where I spend most of my time my man cave, if you will.
Sally decorated it as a birthday present our first year in D.
She claims it was to keep me from being homesick.
But mostly it was to keep me out of her hair.
My college lacrosse stuff.
Apparently, you were good.
Won the S.
title two years running.
You keep in touch with anyone? Not as much as I'd like.
Back then, we were like brothers to each other.
All that time on the road, the team building, you grow close.
It wasn't until after I graduated college I realized how difficult it is to form bonds that close out in the real world.
It's hard.
Don't you agree? To make new friends as a grown man.
I I was a theater major at Middlebury, so I imagine it was a very different experience than playing a sport.
Now, you and Sally met in college.
Why don't you tell me about that? I could.
Or we could just cut to the chase and have a good time.
Daniel! I'm sorry.
Wait, stop.
What are you doing? You're not attracted to me? You're married, and I'm married.
And I thought you were straight! I guess I gave you the wrong impression.
- Oh, my God.
I I I - Come on now I need a minute! God.
Now wait a second! I You can't go saying anything about this to anybody.
I never would've tried anything if I hadn't heard that you were in an open marriage.
What? From who?! Mellie! She said you and Cyrus have some kind of an arrangement.
They wanna do some puff piece on the Vice President's husband.
They're looking for a writer.
Next thing I know, you're suggesting that we do this interview at the house on a night when you know my wife is out of town.
Go to his place.
You come over here with a bottle.
Bring over a bottle of nice bourbon.
The hell am I supposed to think? He'll open right up.
I have a brief statement about the recent break-in at my residence.
It pains me to say that the entire incident was a shameful fraud Entirely conceived and executed by myself.
I staged the break-in and had the laptop planted at Reston headquarters.
- No.
- I wanna apologize to the Reston campaign, Governor Reston himself, and the American people for this unforgivable lapse in judgment on my part.
As a result, I am hereby announcing the withdrawal of my candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination.
My behavior clearly falls beneath the standard for those who would aspire to the highest office in the land.
Thank you.
And good-bye.
You always said I wasn't ready for a national race, and you were right.
You didn't have to do that.
We had options.
Like throwing my own daughter under the bus? What kind of mother would do that? Would yours? With everything I've already put her through with this campaign She's just a kid.
She'd never be able to handle I'll make the plea deal, go back to Montana, if they'll still have me.
See if I can maybe make a difference there.
So Thanks for everything.
You're welcome, Congresswoman.
Don't, okay? Just don't.
How was New Hampshire? Good.
Chilly, but good.
Marcus dropped out of the race.
I heard.
Good for us.
We can beat Reston again.
We can.
Means Olivia's available again.
It's just a guess, but somehow I think she might be a little more amenable to the idea now.
Maybe we should try again.
Maybe we should.
Hey, honey.
How'd it go? - What? - Your interview.
It's almost midnight.
I expected you back a lot earlier.
It turns out you were right little booze it opened him right up.
Glad to hear it.
Thanks again.
It feels good to be back in the saddle.
- My pleasure.
You coming to bed? - Yeah.
I'm just gonna jump in the shower first.
Long day.
You don't have to wait up.
Love you.
Love you, too.
___ What are you giving me? Just something that'll send you off into a nice, long slumber.
Guard?! Huck? Yeah Oh, we need to talk about who you're working for.
Hi, Livvie.