Scandal s04e01 Episode Script

Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia

Boat's gonna be here soon.
Well, it's not here yet.
It's gonna be here soon.
It's about 15 minutes out.
You want to use those 15 minutes? Or stop? Don't stop.
We got the '94 du Bellay.
Did they send the beer? '94 du Bellay only and now we have five.
This will change your life.
Merci, Lucien.
À bientôt.
You've got mail.
There's no return address.
Could be from your father.
It's not.
My father wouldn't if he wanted me, there'd be a helicopter and five armed guys on the beach.
He wouldn't send a letter.
No one knows I'm here.
We're 100 miles off the coast of Zanzibar.
This island doesn't even exist on a map.
I'm not even Olivia Pope anymore.
I'm Julia Baker, so Don't open it.
It's Pandora's box.
You open that, bad things fly out.
The sun goes down.
Jules? They found Harrison.
What do you mean "found"? Apparently, he was missing.
He's not anymore.
Now he's dead.
We're just here for a few days in and out.
A few days, in and out.
Let me go up to the office with you.
I need to see them myself.
You were hard to find.
You guys were good.
Dumped your phones in Frankfurt, wiped your names from every plane manifest and customs database.
You had me stumped, but then I remembered everyone has a tell, a tic, a habit something that gives them away.
Harrison taught me that.
Yours is wine, red wine rare, complex, fantastic red wine.
Unfortunately, there are over 6,000 other individual collectors spread out across the globe, so I chatted up Eddie down at d&l liquors in Dupont, asked him what to give you for Christmas, and he suggested '94 du Bellay.
'94 du Bellay.
From there, it was just a tedious game of tracking shipments, process of elimination.
Julia Baker.
Nice name choice, by the way cheeky.
You sent the clipping.
When they found Harrison's body in the desert outside Yuma, with Adnan, I thought you'd want to know.
Quinn? Yes? What happened to O.
? Where is everyone? It was your I.
Your hard drive was fried, but it works now.
I fixed it.
Also, your wife's cheating on you.
She's been e-mailing suggestive selfies to a man named Dave since March 27th.
You're welcome.
Next customer.
Are you back for now, or are you back for good? They found Harrison's body.
I read the paper.
Are you back for now, or are you back for good? I'm only back for the funeral.
Next customer! I come in here at least once a week to check up on him.
He won't talk to me.
He never talks to me.
Quinn, what happened? You left.
What about Abby? Where's she? The president's approval rating is the highest in 20 years.
President Grant has now fired Who else is on his hit list? This is the White House, Peter, not Westerburg High.
There's no hit list.
Tell that to the former Attorney General.
When is the president planning on naming the next Attorney General? The cabinet's gutted.
Your own party's ready to riot.
You refuse to play nice.
You won't name an Attorney General.
What is the big picture?! This is not about making or losing friends.
- This is about - This is about the president pushing an aggressive agenda, starting with legislation that ensures equal pay for men and women.
How does he expect to pass this bill? We are reaching across the aisle, working very closely with Senator Vaughn and many within our own party.
Many of whom feel alienated by what some are calling Fitz 2.
I like it.
I'm not trying to be difficult, sir, but alienating the base this might not be the best time.
Why not? Imagine what it'll mean to the Republican Party when million of women in our workforce who earn 2/3 as much as Mellie.
I thought we were gonna try and get dressed today.
It's only day 2 for this shirt, and these panties are fresh from the dryer.
I'm glad you're here.
We're discussing the equal pay bill.
You want to get our party of good ol' boys to admit that the possession of a vagina doesn't automatically mean that a sister should get docked 32 cents on the dollar? Good for you, baby.
Fight the power.
It's just iced tea.
Well, then.
Time to go bowling.
All these years, we have never once used that fancy bowling alley.
I am going bowling! Gentlemen.
Redhead lady.
I bid you farewell! Lizzie Bear! What did I say about calling me that? You R.
chairmen you come and go so frequently, I can never remember your names, and so I make up cute nicknames for you.
You you're Lizzie Bear.
I was just in Texas, Cyrus Dallas having a lovely time raising money for the party, but I got on my broomstick, and I flew in just to see you.
Do you know why? I can't imagine.
What did I tell you about our boy? "Our boy"? You mean the president of the United States of America.
First, he's refused to do any fundraising, even though I specifically told you that the tragic death of his son would bring in millions of grief dollars.
Second, he is pissing off our people.
I've got senators and governors losing their crap at me on a daily basis over our boy's new liberal "reach across the aisle" policies.
Third, where the hell is Mellie Grant? She's supposed to be our beacon of hope.
She's supposed to win us women, mothers people like that.
And finally There's more? Goody.
I'm hearing rumors about a new Attorney General rumors of a Democrat, Cyrus a Democrat! Lizzie Bear.
Thank you for coming.
It was lovely to see you.
Excuse me? Do you need to validate a ticket for your broomstick, or can you find your way out on your own? I have a sense of humor, Cy, love a good joke.
It's all in the timing, though.
Goes on too long, people stop laughing.
Just keep filling those coffers, Liz! Stop calling me, Superfreak.
I mean it.
I'm busy.
I have five no, three I have three free minutes, and it would be great to use those three free minutes peeing or eating something instead of here again with you and your annoying phone calls.
I'm busy.
I wouldn't have called, but she doesn't have a cellphone, and she won't buy one.
She's unplugged or something.
I'll give you two a minute.
You're working at the White House now.
What are you doing here? They found Harrison's body.
I know they found Harrison's body.
I know that, Olivia.
Is that why you're here? Did you fly all the way back from wherever daddy sent you to tell me that? Because you wasted a trip.
I came back to plan his funeral.
Now you decide to come back.
I came back.
I thought we should all plan his funeral together.
- Goodbye, Olivia.
- Abby.
- What? - We should bury our friend.
"We"? We're not a team, Liv.
You're just Olivia Pope.
There is no "and associates" not anymore.
You're on your own.
I know you're mad at me, but we both care about Harrison, and he would want us to Harrison would've wanted all kinds of things.
He would've wanted you to not get on that plane.
He would've wanted you to not leave his side so that God knows what could happen to him.
He would've wanted you to care about him before someone put a bullet in his brain.
He would've wanted his champion, his gladiator to be here, fighting for him when there was still a chance he could've been found alive.
But now he's dead.
Harrison doesn't want anything now! I've never once held a grudge against you not for anything.
I've always forgiven you.
You want me to forgive you? No.
I don't need you to forgive me.
I haven't done anything wrong.
I was making an observation.
I've never once held a grudge against you.
I've always forgiven you until now.
You blaming me for Harrison's death is unforgivable! You abandoned them, too, Abby Huck and Quinn and Harrison.
You abandoned them, too.
You moved four blocks away into the most powerful house on the planet, and you left them out in the cold.
I was on the other side of the world, but you were right here, and all you have to give is three minutes? What kind of champion, what kind of gladiator does that make you? I'll make sure you have a date and a time for the funeral.
Show up, don't show up your choice.
Go home.
- Liv - That is not my name.
What? - Go home! - But I - I'm fine! - But I Damn it! Go home, Quinn! Leave me alone.
Son of a bitch.
Where are they? Jake.
You scared me.
I didn't know you were back in town.
I'm not.
- Where are they? - What? Do you remember the last time we were together, Rosen? Was that the time you killed three people or another time? All the fear and violence starts to blend together.
You told me you wanted to take down Cyrus Beene.
You told me you wanted to take down B613.
You asked me to help you "make these people answer for their crimes.
" - Do you remember that? - Yes.
I believed you.
I stole those files from B613 to help you go get the bad guys.
Did you go get the bad guys? I spent two months going through those files.
I read them every day.
I even created a color-coded system orange for scary, red for very scary, and black for "crap your pants and wait for someone to come kill you" scary, and most of those files, Jake, are black.
Those files are terrifying.
So pull the trigger or give them back.
I ordered you a a glass of wine.
You knew I was coming.
I knew your plane landed this morning.
Call me a hopeful father.
Château Antoine, '91.
You are spoiling me.
The island was spoiling you.
This is a bribe.
You want me to go back.
- Did I give you permission to leave? - Dad You shouldn't be here, Olivia.
You decided that for yourself.
You asked to be removed, you asked to be on that plane, and yet, here you are.
My friend is dead.
Harrison died.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Ask me.
Ask me.
It's okay.
I know you need to.
I know that's where we are, who I am, who I've been to you.
Ask me.
Did you have anything to do with it? Did you have Harrison killed? No.
I had nothing to do with your friend's murder.
I can never tell if you're lying.
I can never trust my gut when it comes to you.
I did not kill Harrison.
I did, however take care of your mother.
You took care of You I'm sorry.
Are you saying my mother is dead? A direct order from the president.
He ordered Fitz ordered her death? And, by the way, he did you a favor, as well.
No one knows everyone believes that Jerry Grant died of a quick and sudden illness, not at the hands of the president's mistress's mother.
Then he did the right thing.
You did the right thing.
She was a terrorist.
She killed his child.
She ruined our lives.
I was sorry to hear about your friend.
He was smart, gifted always loyal.
I imagine it to be a tremendous loss.
You lose people.
I put the lid on the press for the night, but I can take it off if there's something big or is there bad news? Something abroad.
S should I sit down? That might make it harder for you to run when I start yelling.
What the hell? You should've told me she was back in town.
Olivia? Cyrus, I I just found out this afternoon.
I know you just found out this afternoon.
How? H how do you know? That wasn't the question.
The question was, why didn't you tell me she was back in town? Are you spying on me? Why didn't you tell me she was back in town? Are you spying on me? You don't trust me? Do I need to explain to you how dangerous Olivia's return is to this White House? To this twisted but now highly functioning White House? Sir, if you have a moment Any news from the hill? Still 8 votes shy, but I think we can twist DiMarco's arm.
Sir Schedule him for a sit-down.
Listen I don't mean to ruin your day, but we need to discuss something more personal, more delicate.
Mellie's doing better, Cy.
She's washing her hair.
I mean, I know she's not brushing it or something, but she's washing it it's clean.
And she's happy, you know.
She's doing what she wants to do.
So I don't want to hear about how I need to Olivia Pope is back in town.
She landed at Dulles this morning here to attend a funeral for one of her team.
Harrison Wright died.
Sir? How long is she here for? I don't know.
Find out.
Yes, sir.
Was there anything else you wanted me to No.
Those close to Grant quietly describe the president as forever changed by the death of his son more emotionally guarded, often alone, buried in his work.
"He laughs less" was one particularly poignant observation.
You're not gonna believe this, but Gettysburger has a rib sandwich now with pickles and secret sauce under the ribs.
It's called the underground railroad.
I got myself two.
You a turkey burger with a small side of haystacks.
What's wrong? I've done this before a thousand times.
Some grieving mother or husband calls me, and I claim a body, order flowers, pick a casket, and it's always perfect.
But I'm sitting here, staring at caskets, and I can't do it.
How do I choose the box to bury my friend in? There's no wrong choice.
You just pick.
Maybe ask Abby or Huck.
I can't ask Abby or Huck.
They're not Abby and Huck anymore.
Everything is You're not home.
I know.
Don't answer it.
I'm not.
Hello? Are you Olivia Pope? Wrong apartment! I think you're Olivia Pope.
Pope, that was me calling your home phone.
I have my boss on my cell.
She really needs to talk to you.
And I think you are the only one who can help.
Who is this? This is Senator Stephanie Vaughn.
I think I just killed Senator Sterling.
Sorry to call you so late.
I'm good with standing.
How would you like to be the next Attorney General of the United States? What happened? I came over to get Senator Sterling's vote for the equal pay bill.
I agreed to have a drink with him, which was stupid I know.
When I came out of the bathroom, he was standing there.
He grabbed me, said he knew why I came over so late.
I was just trying to stop him, to get him off me.
I called Kate right away, asked her to track you down.
What are you doing? Anyone check his vitals? No.
Why? He's not dead.
His hand is moving.
We have to call an ambulance, but we need to get you out of here first.
You can't be caught at the scene with a half-dead senator.
Kate, you're driving her home.
- I need an ambulance.
- And the address? Ma'am? Hello? Are you okay? Senator Benjamin Sterling is in critical condition this morning after a vicious attack in his own home.
Senator Sterling is widely considered to be the lion of the hill a crucial vote for the White House's highly touted equal pay bill.
I'm giving you a gift.
This case is a gift.
- I thought you left town.
- I did.
- But now you're back.
- No.
- It looks like you're back.
- I'm not back.
- I'm only here for a couple of days.
- That sounds rehearsed.
You're gonna take this case, Clark.
I'm giving you this gift, and you're gonna take it.
I called you because you're the best and you like a challenge, and this is a challenge.
There's a difference between a challenge and the challenger.
This case is gonna blow up.
It could be a disaster.
I'm gonna take this case.
Where is he? James Madison Hospital.
The good news is that he might live.
That's not good news.
If he dies, Senator Vaughn could face a murder charge.
If he dies, he can't talk, Liv.
If he dies, maybe Senator Vaughn wasn't there that night at all.
Dead men tell no tales.
This is why I called you.
I need to get her talking.
You're going to take her in.
As soon as possible tomorrow morning at the latest.
Self-defense doesn't have a great shelf life.
It starts to smell funny if it sits out too long.
Where were you, anyway? On an island.
That sounds boring.
And lonely.
Not as lonely as Washington.
Hey, I'll call you after I talk to her! You're welcome, Clark.
Thank you.
Have a nice day.
You still not back for good? No, but I this is the smart counter.
You need an appointment for the smart counter.
I have an appointment.
You don't have hardware.
You have your appointment, you bring your hardware.
That's brand-new.
It's not broken.
Smart counter appointments are for hardware that is broken.
Fill out this form.
Your phone will be ready in three days.
I planned the funeral.
I think it's going to be nice.
Harrison would like it.
Well, he wouldn't.
He hates funerals.
But as funerals go, it's nice.
What happened? With your family? Did you ever go back to see them? Huck? Huck? I am not Huck anymore.
I stopped being Huck when you left.
Huck doesn't exist.
Read my name tag.
It says "Randy.
" I am Randy the smart guy.
That is who I am now.
That is all I am now.
And you are messing with that.
When you walk in here, you make me hope.
Randy doesn't hope.
Randy works and he goes home and he plays video games and he goes to bed and he wakes up, and he does it all over again the next day.
Hoping is bad for Randy, so do not come back here unless you are back for good.
Next customer! They're making him into a saint.
As we speak, Senator Sterling is being canonized as a saint.
We're taking turns.
Right now, it's my turn.
My turn is all about kissing, and my turn also has various other fun things that you'll enjoy.
What my turn does not have is talking.
Mine's a no-talking turn.
When it's your turn, you can talk, but right now Be quiet.
Let yourself be kissed.
Wait your turn.
I think I need my turn now.
Two seconds I swear.
The press is loving this story elder statesman, lion of the party, attacked in his home.
The man is lying in a hospital bed, being sainted and prayed for.
He's a rapist, Jake.
He's a sexual predator.
And the actual victim, the survivor of his assault, the hero of the story, is a woman who feels like she can't come forward because in a "he said, she said" situation, women aren't believed because it could hurt her career, because the very fact that some man put his hands on her could damage her credibility as a United States senator.
He tried to rape her, but she's the one who suffers the consequences? That's injustice.
It's just It's wrong.
I'm done.
Your turn again.
Come on.
I'm focused.
Let's just give it a sec.
- What? - Wait.
I'm just saying, why give up and make a statement before the press is on your side, before you have some ammunition, before you've had a chance to really make a difference in the landscape of Clark? Don't make a statement tomorrow morning.
Because I'm in.
The whole "you don't work here anymore" thing is going right out the window, and the beach is getting very far away.
Should we talk about this? I thought we don't talk on your turn.
Olivia Oh, I'm Olivia now? We both know it's not my turn anymore.
We both know we're not standing in the sun.
We both know you're standing in the shade of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and it's his turn.
As long as we're back, it's always his turn, despite the fact that I'm the one you like to ride, that I'm the one that makes you moan, that I'm the one who reaches you in places That he can't begin to touch.
Isn't that right? Senator Stephanie Vaughn.
Wellesley grad turned feminist icon.
Known for her three-day filibuster of a Republican bill to slash sex ed.
There's no evidence of physical assault on Senator Vaughn, so if Senator Sterling wakes up and claims he was attacked This could become a "he said, she said" versus the most beloved and revered member of the Senate.
North and the R.
are out for blood.
Senator Sterling's still in the hospital.
The man's on his deathbed, so we certainly can't count on his vote.
I think it might be time for you to go press some flesh, lock down any remaining votes, put us over the top.
I'll head to the hill tomorrow.
Is she staying? I haven't told Mellie.
If she isn't staying, there's no need.
If she is You really want to pretend we all don't know how this movie ends? It's not going to be a surprise, sir.
It's rather predictable, really.
She's Olivia.
You're Fitz.
And at a certain point in time, the two of you are going to find yourselves together in the same room.
The anticipation relentless, isn't it? We all know what happens next.
We've seen this movie a hundred times.
So, at 9:15 P.
M At 9:15 P.
, I entered Senator Sterling's residence.
You said at 9:15 P.
, Senator Sterling offered you a drink.
That's what I meant.
So you arrived at the residence earlier? I guess so, yes.
What time? There are no "maybes," Senator.
Your initial statement has to match every single thing you ever say about the night in question, or you open yourself up to credibility issues.
I'm a United States senator.
You're a woman claiming to be the victim of sexual assault.
Clark, I need a minute alone with Senator Vaughn.
Do you mind? Not at all.
Thank you.
I didn't like his tone.
Then you really won't like mine.
You're lying, Senator.
Excuse me? You are lying about all of it.
I hate to accuse a woman who says she's been sexually assaulted of lying I really do.
I'd fight to the death to stand by any woman who says she was assaulted.
Women don't lie about that.
There is overwhelming evidence that women do not lie about being sexually assaulted, but you are.
And I know you are because when that happens, when a man grabs you, puts his hands on you, you do not forget it.
You remember every single detail, every touch.
So I'm gonna give you a moment.
And when I come back, I want to hear the truth about what happened that night.
Kate, may I borrow your phone? Of course.
Where are you? What do you have? Nothing yet.
Why? The story's changed.
I just accused Senator Vaughn of lying.
You What? So now we need another angle.
I'm looking.
B but wait.
What is it? Maybe nothing, but all the women who work for Sterling kind of look the same brown hair, brown eyes, kind of curvy.
I mean, I'm more of his type than Senator Vaughn is.
Thanks, Quinn.
It was you.
You were assaulted by Senator Sterling.
You pushed him.
You thought you killed him.
She's covering for you.
Pope, I don't know what you heard, but I didn't hear anything.
I didn't have to.
She didn't call you that night.
You called her.
I own blue boxer shorts with little donkeys on them, Abby.
Doesn't a Republican president asking me to serve in his administration sound a little Oh, I don't know strange to you? Perhaps an underhanded effort to buy my silence.
You think I told Cyrus and the president about your super-secret files? You're one of them now.
Are we really going there again? Oh, we never left there.
You work for the Death Star.
Grant asked me to serve, and when the president of the United States asks you to serve Don't give me glory and patriotism.
They are Republicans, and they don't even know your name.
They know my name.
They call you "Red.
" What is that? I have red hair.
You have a colorist.
I didn't know that they offered you Attorney General.
They didn't tell me.
I'm not on the inside.
But if they had and they should have if they had, I would've said that David Rosen is a good and honest man who will uphold the constitution.
I would've said that David Rosen loves the law, he loves justice apparently, more than he loves me.
- Abby - No! You were so obsessed with those stupid B613 files.
I was doing important work.
Liv was gone, and my world was on fire, and you were color-coding files and making charts.
You were nowhere.
You killed us, and you know it.
You want to blow up the world, release those secret files.
You want to change the world? You want to fix the world? Become the chief lawyer of the United States of America and its citizens, David.
Get on the inside, get yourself some power, and use it.
I'm older, more established.
They take me seriously.
I thought he was dead.
He wouldn't be able to tell anyone any different.
But you'd be facing manslaughter just to keep your staffer from having to testify? You're one hell of a boss, Stephanie.
You knew.
Olivia You knew he had a type.
After all those years in the Senate with him, you knew Sterling liked young girls with brown hair.
I just thought If this makes the vote go down easier, if this gets us equal pay Do you know how rare it is to have a Republican president who supports a bill like this? I had to jump on it.
You knew? You knew he was gonna do that to me? I'm so sorry.
- You knew?! - I'm gonna fix this.
- I wanted to be you.
- Everything's gonna be fine.
You'll see.
And you send me over there and dangle me in front of him like some piece of meat? - She's all yours.
- Where are you going? To a funeral, and then I'm getting the hell out of this town! I thought I was late.
Not much of a turnout, huh? He didn't have people.
Just us.
I thought he said he had parents who met on a blind date.
He lied.
He grew up in a group home.
He just had us.
We say goodbye now? Yes.
We say goodbye now.
Goodbye Harrison.
And I love you.
It's getting cold.
You should come in.
Why? You afraid I'll jump? Mellie, no.
I It's not that far down.
I'd maybe sprain an ankle.
I could dive, land on my head.
Or those two sweet marines would run over and try to catch me, and I'd fall on them and end up breaking their necks, and the lawsuits Mellie.
The point is I'm not gonna jump.
I know that.
I'm not gonna try and kill myself.
I know that.
I'm not you.
I had a bad night.
One bad night.
Don't ever bring that up again.
I will add it to the list.
Dead kid, missing mistress, Mellie's rape Fitz's suicide.
She's not missing.
She's back.
Have you seen her? No.
Well When you see her, you'll tell me.
I'm not going to see her.
But When you see her, you will tell me.
This doesn't it's still you and me.
I'm not going to see her.
I just want to be clear that there are some things that I'm just not gonna do anymore things that just feel like an insulting waste of time once you have held your dead son in your arms.
Monitoring you is one of those things, so I'm saying When you see her and then you come home all hot and bothered and you decide to pretend that you are a good family man, so you climb into my bed and on top of me I'm saying, when you see her, you will tell me.
Because I'm gonna want some warning.
'Cause I don't know if I can even imagine getting turned on by you right now.
Oh, and F.
I when you stick your hand into my panties, another thing that I just don't do anymore is wax.
So it's 1976 down there.
So You maybe wouldn't be turned on by me anyway.
The point is when you see her, you'll tell me.
I won't see her.
The pilot called.
They can have the plane ready to go anytime you are.
I figure if we leave in an hour, that puts us back on the beach sometime Yesterday? That right? Yesterday or is it tomorrow? I can never remember.
I just keep thinking about what Harrison would say.
And, uh, what would Harrison say? Are we gladiators or are we bitches? The White House is pleased to announce that this morning, President Grant nominated U.
attorney David Rosen for Attorney General.
The president's spent a lot of time the past few days on the hill pushing his agenda.
Does that mean there's resistance from his own party? Oh, I wouldn't say that's true at all.
You can't do this nominate Rosen for Attorney General? This is not a boy, Lizzie Bear.
This is a president.
This is what we grew up hoping for, and that big tent, the way he sees it, there's room for everyone in it.
The tent's not that big, Cyrus.
And you won't like what's outside it.
Time for one more.
Can you comment on Senator Sterling? Is President Grant still counting on his vote to pass the equal pay bill? This is Kate Warner.
I'll be representing her in the investigation into the incident at Senator Sterling's home that led to his hospitalization.
After she was attacked, Kate had a choice to make a difficult choice, a choice about what kind of person she wanted to be.
Kate chose to stand up.
Kate chose to be a hero a hero to the next girl who thinks she doesn't have a choice when it comes to being harassed in the workplace, a workplace where somehow, women still make 77 cents to every male dollar.
She just won us the equal pay bill.
So, we are here today, - and if you choose to speak out - No one can be on the fence now.
She's back, Red.
Get used to it.
to be heroes like Kate Warner, we will stand with you, we will protect you, and we will fight with you.
Moments like this give every woman an opportunity to decide what kind of person she wants to be.
Deep down, no matter what face we present to the world, no matter what pain we're hiding, what struggle we've been through, we know our worth.
We know what we're capable of.
We know who we are, who we'll always be, and we have a choice.
We can hide in the shadows or we can stand in the light.