Scandal s04e02 Episode Script

The State of the Union

I booked a hotel suite.
You did what? It's pretty close to your apartment.
Easy, scenic.
You could run there, run back.
Why am I running there? - Booty calls.
- Booty calls? You booked a hotel suite and I'm running there for booty calls? What what is happening? We're back in D.
we're not standing in the sun anymore.
I'm not gonna live in your apartment, waiting to service you.
I have things to do.
I'm busy.
But - I did book a nice hotel suite for booty calls.
- Okay, no.
See, we have to have a conversation about I don't do booty calls, Jake.
That right there refutes your statement.
That right there is a political booty call.
I'll see you later.
You look good Healthy.
I'm a vegetarian now.
They took meat away from me the aides, the housekeeper, my security detail.
They all got together with the doctors and a conspiracy.
They won't even stop the car for a drive-through burger.
I'm a prisoner fascists.
They care about you.
They want you to live.
Sons of bitches.
You look like crap.
No, I don't.
You could let a person know you're back in town.
You knew I was here.
You could call a friend.
Are we? Still friends? I need a favor.
I don't do favors for the White House anymore.
Then think of it as less of a favor, more of a job.
I definitely don't work for the White House anymore.
Thing is You already are.
Cyrus at least, if someone were to take a look at your corporate bank account, they'd think you were, because they'd see that a considerable sum has been deposited there by the United States government for services rendered.
You can't think I'm above calling in a few favors at the I.
You're blackmailing me? Blackmail! James and Lisa Elliot are attending the state of the union as the President's guests of honor a living testament to his newfound commitment to gun control.
- And? - They've missed two flights from new Mexico, and they're not returning our calls.
And the state of the union is - is tomorrow night.
- Mm-hmm.
Cyrus, you know I'm not afraid of the I.
I'll tell him You call every day.
I'll tell him you call, asking about him every day, that you're pining for him.
Sorry to be such a bastard, Liv.
Craving meat really brings out the worst in me.
James Elliot is a real, live war hero.
Escaped from a Taliban P.
camp, hiked 27 miles over the hindu kush mountains, without shoes or water, to reach safety.
A total badass.
Right, Huck? James met Lisa when he came to speak to her first-grade class at Red Hawk elementary about two years before the shooting.
All those kids.
Lisa saved at least 50 lives.
She hid students in their lockers, led five girls trapped in the line of fire to safety.
she took a bullet to her spine.
Paralyzed her from the waist down.
He took her to all those funerals how many? "the angel of the mesa.
" Six months after physical therapy, she was well enough for a fairytale wedding.
It was covered worldwide they told every reporter they were dedicating their lives to getting guns off the street.
And to each other.
at a guy who stuck out in the crowd He had the kind of body that would shame adonis And a face that would make any man proud Hello? Everyone loves them.
I love them.
They're perfect.
They about to be the most high-profile guests of honor at the state of the union, so why didn't they get on their plane this morning? One more insult and I will kill you! Like hell you will! - Get away from me! - Lisa! Suck on that, you stupid son of a Hey! Thank you.
I think we've had enough, right? I'm sick and tired of being the guy to make sure the lady in the wheelchair gets whatever she wants, whenever she wants it that's why.
Oh, here we go again.
I love this wheelchair.
I can't get enough of this wheelchair.
I'm the bitch who somehow came up with the crazy idea - to get shot in the spine.
That wheelchair made you a star.
Now, that wheelchair is your freaking throne.
It's like you sit in there and you rule over your little Paralyzed kingdom.
You're such a whiner.
I'm a whiner? I'm a whiner? I was in a P.
camp for two years.
Oh, my God, will you stop it with the P.
camp already? - Whiner! - Okay, that's enough.
I was tortured by the Taliban.
"Oh, I was in a P.
I was tortured by the taliban.
" What is your point, James? Where's your Taliban now? All righty.
- Let's pause - I was tortured by the Taliban, and it was better than this.
The Taliban is better than you! That is it, you son of a wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! I am the only one who talks! Just about 30 hours from now, the President of the United States of America is going to stand up and give the state of the union address.
He'll be discussing gun control.
To do that, he needs to point to the two of you, because despite whatever is happening here, you are the face of gun control to the American people.
So the President needs your asses in those seats.
The law depends on in.
Lives depend on it.
So let's knock off the bickering, pack our bags, and go serve our country, shall we? - You can't do this.
- Can't do what? Make gun control the centerpiece of your state of the union address.
Why not? Because we're Republicans.
You held your tongue on equal pay.
Yes, and then you nominated a democrat to be your Attorney General.
Cy, Lizzie's just trying to keep the party together.
- That's the speech.
- Why isn't the President here to defend this himself? Because he's not at your Beck and call like this one.
All right.
That is enough.
You made your point.
Stand and clap, Andrew.
That's your job tomorrow night stand and clap.
Cyrus Where's the President? Busy.
The President is busy.
Yes, Dave? The First Lady would like her chips, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Here you go, ma'am.
Ah, thank you, Dave.
Has the First Lady been diagnosed by doctors, mental-health professionals? The First Lady is grieving, Jim, not crazy.
Is the President considering stepping down to care for his wife? Carol, the President this is bad, Cy.
Not for potato chip sales.
Don't joke.
So you're saying Mrs.
Grant hasn't sought medical help.
No, Carol.
Well, then, how can you be sure of her mental health? Easy, Jim.
I compared her to you.
See? She's funny.
She's just adding fuel to the fire.
Just trying to lighten the mood in here, Jim.
No hard feelings.
Next question.
Come on, Abby.
Don't dodge me.
These are serious questions.
She could shut this whole thing down with something like "just because a private moment has been made public doesn't give us the right to pass judgment.
" Don't tell me how to run my people.
Just tell me I don't have to worry about the Elliots.
Oh, you do.
America's sweethearts hate each other like, really deeply hate each other and I totally get why.
- They're horrible people, Cyrus, both of them.
- But you'll fix them.
I'm afraid that's all the questions we have time for right now.
Got to go.
Watch your tone.
Less combative.
Don't add fuel to the fire.
Just because a private moment has been made public doesn't give us the right to pass judgment.
Got it.
- Good.
I need - everything you can get me on the murders of Harrison Wright and Adnan Salif.
Paperwork, crime-scene photos all of it.
I looked it over myself.
That investigation was clean.
"Clean" and "factual" are very different things.
Those two made it all the way from D.
to Arizona before Ivan Yushkin tracked them down and shot them? Fine, but I want to see the paper trail for myself.
Well, noble of you, but right now, I've really got a lot on my plate.
Rowan was at Wright's funeral, and I don't think he was there to be a supportive dad.
I'm about to go through - a senate confirmation hearing, and I don't think being a known associate of a prolific assassin is gonna be great for my chances.
I'll do what I can.
Can I go now, please? Hey.
Liv's back from New Mexico with the Elliots.
Apparently, they're awful.
Just horrible, awful people who hate each other.
That's what the problem is.
So Liv's putting them in adjoining rooms at the Hay-Adams, and she's doing their press for them, and she asked us to babysit.
Because working together is what we do best.
Look, you don't have to treat me like this.
Yes, I do.
The Elliots are a remarkable couple who serve to remind us all of the necessity - of stricter gun-control laws, something I know the President cares deeply about.
Speaking of the President, you've worked for him in the past.
What do you make of - the state of the first family? Well, I don't work - at the White House currently, but I do feel that just because a private moment is made public doesn't give us the liberty to pass judgment.
In fact, I think where we should be focusing our priorities "just because a private moment is made public doesn't give us the liberty to pass judgment"? I thought you could use the help.
You don't work here anymore, Liv.
I do, and I will do things my own way, because you know what? You don't know everything.
You don't know anything.
Harrison dies.
The firm falls apart.
Huck and Quinn were incest-ing all over the office for God knows how long, and you had no idea.
Huck and what? - Uh-huh.
Mmm, mmm.
Fried chicken.
- Chef will make fried chicken.
All you got to do is pick up the phone and ask, and bam fried chicken, Southern-fried, real.
You want some? No, thank you.
Mellie, I need We need I'd like to have a discussion with you about Mellie, ma'am, this photo of you looking crazy is in every paper in America, and we have a huge problem because the state of the union Cyrus! Someone took this of me at Jerry's grave? I'm sorry.
We don't know how they got through with all the security.
It should be private.
You should have your privacy.
But it's out there, and now the state of the union is in 24 hours.
You want me to go - to the state of the union? Yes.
It'll shut this down, keep the focus on the speech.
If you don't go, your absence, your "state of mind" will be all anyone will be talking about.
Oh, honey, baby, do you actually think I give a damn what anyone thinks of me anymore? Mellie.
And for you to come here and pretend that this is all about me when really let's face it, baby this is all about you.
This is "the Fitzgerald Grant show" staring Fitzgerald Grant.
And you just want me to play my part the costar, the dutiful wife who smiles and applauds and looks so proud of you and doesn't eat chicken or wear sweatpants or hang out on graves.
You're supposed to be a vegetarian.
So I die of a heart attack big deal.
Least I'll be with James.
It's not the same my child, your husband.
It's not the same.
I keep hearing that.
The loss of a child is greater.
I resent that, - never having lost a child.
I resent having to feel like losing the love of my life the only someone who ever made me feel like I was truly me is less of a loss, - is smaller than your loss.
- I'm now broken.
I'm now not me.
I'm now forever changed.
I'm undone.
A broken heart is a broken heart to take a measure is cruelty.
I'm not going tomorrow.
I'm not putting on a dress.
I'm not waving for the cameras.
I'm done, Cyrus.
I'm through.
And we are not the same.
I wasn't sure you'd make it.
To my office? I know you've got a lot on your plate.
I'm fine.
So Senate-confirmation hearing for the office of Attorney General.
Let's get started.
What can you tell this committee about the trial of the Molotov mistress? Aren't they gonna ease into this a little, ask me where I went to college? I understand you went to Dartmouth, Mr.
So did I.
Ah, it is, sir, as I have said, a small college And yet there are those who love it.
What can you tell this committee about the trial of the so-called molotov mistress? The most important vote on the senate judiciary committee is Al Watson.
Not an ally, but if we can convince him, we're home free.
He's savage.
You were fired, Mr.
Rosen correct? for pursuing some loony conspiracy theory about election rigging? I told you I left to pursue another career.
You left a prestigious job as a United States attorney to teach public high school? Michael Jordan left the Bulls to play minor league baseball.
These things happen.
You're comparing yourself to Michael Jordan?! I'm comparing myself to anyone who's ever followed a dream, senator.
So, you like sports? No.
How about a drink? Do you drink? He was such a hero, you know.
I mean, all those years as a P.
W, and he comes homes without a trace of bitterness, which is hard to believe now.
But then He was perfect.
And he thought I was perfect.
And we were in love.
Before All this.
We were in love.
- Liv.
- Hey.
Did I catch you at a bad time? - No.
What's up? - Nothing.
Is this a booty call? No.
There was no reason for you to get a hotel room.
Well, I'm not your boyfriend.
I'm not gonna sleep in your bed like some kept man.
You were fine staying with me.
I was fine with it.
You should come back.
- Are you summoning me? - No.
You can't summon me.
Get over here.
You are not in charge of me.
You are not in charge of me.
I never said I was.
- I did, however, let you know that I'm available for Booty calls all the booty calls you want.
At my hotel.
In room 207.
I don't like this.
Don't like it, then.
Elizabeth, to what do I Why are you here? I know you won't believe me, but I'm sorry.
I was just slipped this by a friend in senator Watson's office.
It seems a copy was sent to him this afternoon.
Rosen? Domestic abuse? It's toxic, Cyrus.
Watson moves forward on this, and the President's entire agenda comes crashing down.
It's one brick in a wall, Liz.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
A man who would nominate an Attorney General who beats women is either a monster or someone whose attention isn't where it's supposed to be.
Too busy caring for his wife, perhaps.
Have Rosen decline the nomination at tomorrow's hearing.
It's the only choice.
You're right.
I don't believe you're sorry at all.
But this is fabricated.
You know this is fabricated.
Olivia pope had Harrison plant this.
He paid a girl to say I beat her.
It doesn't matter.
She's lying.
I never - David.
I thought you said Harrison Wright buried this.
I thought he did.
I don't know how anyone found it.
It doesn't matter.
Someone did.
The President likes you, but it's over.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, David.
Olivia Pope.
For all her talk of white hats and doing good, she just gets whatever she wants, and sometimes you're just collateral damage.
Admit it.
Come on, you don't work there anymore.
She has no loyalty.
She gets what she wants because she's a winner, and she doesn't sit around wondering whether or not she played the game right way.
We have to come up with a statement.
Where are you going? I'm gonna go win.
Excuse me.
Uh, can I get a, uh what is that? Is that vodka? From England.
It's made from cow's milk, apparently.
Actually kind of creamy.
In fact, can I have another, please? Thanks.
Let me get those.
No, no.
It's okay.
I'm Not interested.
Not that I wouldn't be.
I just Oh.
You're, uh you're with someone.
I get it.
- No.
Um, well Not really.
But I can't.
It's okay.
This is delicious.
Good night.
oh, where we go, you will always know that the army goes rolling along What the hell are you doing? Singing the army song.
What the hell are you doing? - Are you drunk? - No.
I am.
Shut up.
Why don't you mind your own business for once? I didn't know what else to do, huck.
I thought you'd want to know about your family.
I was trying to help you, but I don't know why I bothered.
We were never a normal couple.
You're always gonna be the guy who pulled my teeth out.
I pulled your teeth out because you couldn't mind your own business.
You could never mind your own business, Quinn.
And if I had to do it again to teach you - that one very valuable lesson, I would.
You bitch.
Lisa, why don't you open this door so we can all have a conversation? - I'm not talking to him! - Lisa.
Don't bother.
Just put me on the next plane to ABQ.
I'm done.
James, we're all just gonna take a minute here.
I'm serious.
Screw her and screw gun control.
- What the hell happened in there? - Ask Huck.
Maybe he'll sing you a song about it.
- Huck, what's going on with you and Quinn? - Nothing.
Not "nothing.
" Do you want to tell me, or am I gonna have to tell you? It was only it was only a couple of times.
Huck, look at me.
Look at me.
- Huck - I'm fine.
Don't touch me.
Hawley, Pennsylvania, senator Watson.
What about it? I've been doing some reading.
Turn to page three.
Or maybe just skip right to the end where we find a couple million in bribes tucked under the venison in your garage freezer.
This is blackmail.
I like to think of it as winning.
David Rosen has shown himself to be highly qualified, and I am confident that my fellow senators will agree and vote in favor of Mr.
Rosen for Attorney General.
What the hell is that? Mr.
Rosen, when he appeared Get me Watson's office right now.
he was very impressive.
Tonight, the President heads to the capitol building for what insiders are suggesting will be an historic state of the union address.
While rumors still swirl as to the mental health of the First Lady and the emotional state of the entire first family, White House watchers are hoping to catch a glimpse of Mellie Grant tonight.
Under siege from his own party for his recent attempts to reach across the aisle, including what seems to be an imminent confirmation of Democratic Attorney General David Rosen, President Grant is expected to double down on several formerly Democratic causes, most especially gun control.
Good news or the usual? Olivia called.
The elliots won't be attending the pre-reception, which means the cameras won't catch them going into the capitol, which means that when the networks do their intros tonight, there will be no b-roll - to go along with their stories of true love triumphing over the evil of guns.
They're not gonna show.
Liv's on it.
You're not even a little concerned? Oh, I'm concerned.
I'm concerned that - Fitzgerald Grant's second term as President of these United States is about to be derailed because his wife won't stop eating fried chicken long enough to put on a cocktail dress.
I'm concerned that our enemies are sharpening their long knives for the rapidly approaching moment when it becomes politically acceptable to point out that maybe, just maybe, the President's home life has begun to affect his decision-making.
I am concerned that everything I've devoted far more of my soul to than has ever been right or healthy or appropriate is about to come crashing down on a 16-year-old's grave.
But, no, I am not concerned that Olivia pope will fail.
I am never concerned that Olivia pope will fail.
The elliots will be at the state of the union.
Mellie, not so much.
What are you doing? Why aren't you dressed? I can't do this anymore.
I'm sorry.
I just can't.
Quinn, open the door.
James, Lisa, what you need is a divorce.
What? - We can't.
You can.
Get a divorce.
Get out before this kills you both.
It'll be hard.
You'll have to pay back the advance for your second book, sell the house, take the loss.
But I will spin this for you.
I will make sure that, when it's over, you can still make a living off of individual speaking engagements.
I will keep the public on your side both of your sides.
I will give you a way out.
I can do that.
Unless you're only staying together for the fame, in which case you deserve each other and I wish you both a long and miserable life.
Grant? Mrs.
Grant? I don't know who you are, but you are obviously some sort of desperate hail Mary from my husband or from Cyrus or from someone else who thinks there is a chance in hell of getting me to put on that stupid dress and go to that stupid speech.
I'm not interested in whatever it is you came here to say, so save it and go away.
It's not happening.
Children die, Mrs.
I don't have children, so you may think it's horrible for me to say that, and maybe it is, but it's also a fact that of all the millions of Americans who will be watching and listening to the state of the union address tonight, there are thousands of people out there whose children have died, just like yours.
But unlike you, they didn't get to spend three months flipping through trash and eating potato chips.
They got three days to grieve three weeks if they were lucky or they would lose their jobs.
And make no mistake, Mrs.
Grant, you have a job.
You're the First Lady of the United States, and it might not pay, but it is a job.
And if Jackie Kennedy could be in a car with her husband's brains splattered across her lap one minute and standing next to L.
As he was sworn in - to replace her dead husband just 99 minutes later, you can put on a dress and stand in your private box and show all the people in our nation who share the horrible burden of losing a child with you that the first family may be devastated, but it has not forgotten the American people who voted for your husband and who need to see that you're okay, whether or not it's the truth.
That is what I came here to say.
A-and I'll let myself out.
All right.
From here an aide will take you to your seats.
This is the finish line.
Sorry, ma'am.
- Gonna need you to stay put.
- Olivia.
- Hi, Liv.
This is James and Lisa Elliot.
Thank you both so much for your service to your country.
Thank you.
and Mrs.
Elliot, I'll take you to your seats.
Thank you for the Elliots.
Not a problem.
Whelan, we need the President's final remarks for the teleprompter.
Got them right here.
Wait just a second.
Can Ms.
Pope and I have the room? That is not necessary.
Can Ms.
Pope and I have the room? That was not a good idea.
Gabby will be fine.
I need to hear what you think.
Before I go out there and talk to the country, I need to know what you think.
Don't you think you owe me at least this much? Mr.
speaker, the President of the United States! We honor the lives we've lost in service to this great nation.
But not every death is a sacrifice.
Not every death has meaning.
Just ask Lisa Elliot, who scooped up a first grader named Joelle Brandt and carried her to safety, only to watch her die from one of the 102 rounds unloaded at red hawk elementary.
I wasn't planning on talking about this tonight.
It's fine.
I know you.
"It's fine" never means it's fine.
This isn't right.
It's not? It's not.
It's not, um it's not the speech on my teleprompter.
So tell me how to fix it.
And I can tell you that right about now there are any number of staffers having heart attacks, wondering what I'm about to say.
No one is going to care about James and Lisa Elliot if they're too busy wondering about Fitz and Mellie Grant.
She's still grieving.
The world knows she's still grieving.
So be honest.
But here's the truth.
My family and I have been through something unspeakable.
Something that no parent no human being should ever have to experience.
And we are, all of us, me Our daughter, Karen Our little son, Teddy And my lovely, amazingly strong wife, Mellie, who is here to support our nation tonight.
I was gonna wear blue, but I heard the Elliots are wearing blue, so I decided to go with red.
My son Jerry's death was a horrible fluke.
But it was just that a fluke.
An accident.
A bacterial strain that we do not yet have the capacity to keep our loved ones safe from.
But there were thousands of people last year who lost their lives in a completely avoidable way.
The right to bear arms set in stone in the constitution by our founding fathers.
So was slavery, by the way.
The right to bear arms seems indisputable until the shooter comes, until you're Lisa Elliot, covered in blood, watching a little girl take her last breath, watching the light go out of her eyes.
And that That is where the argument ends.
That is when the debate is over.
My son My son is dead.
And I ask you here tonight, without a teleprompter, without a speech, without anything but my love as a husband and a father And an American, how many other people's children are we going to let die before we put a stop to this? Are you all right, ma'am? I'm fine.
- Ma'am? Leave me be.
Just leave me be! Mel? Mellie? Get out of here.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
It's over.
It's over.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
What's this? It's the '94 Du Bellay, the last bottle from the island.
You came over here to give me a bottle of wine? I thought about wearing a bikini, I thought about bringing a coconut or a pineapple or one of those cheesy little bottles full of sand.
- But we're not on the island.
- No.
And we're not standing in the sun.
- This is not a bBooty call.
- Okay.
And if I want to summon you, I will summon you.
- Olivia.
- Come here to me.
MacArthur's Park is melting in the dark all the sweet, green icing flowing down someone left the cake out in the rain I don't think that I can take it 'cause it took so long to bake it and I'll never have that recipe again oh, no-o-o-o - Are you okay? - Yeah.
I just haven't done this in r-really long time.
You'd never know it.
And I have to admit - I have never actually done this.
No, I mean, I've done this what we're about to do.
I have just never done that thing where oh, you know.
One second you're sitting in a bar, and the next second, you're getting naked in a hotel room.
Have you? Not that it's any of my business.
Well Yeah.
It's, uh It's kind of what I do.
Oh, my God.
Y-y-you're a, uh "Sex worker" I think is the, uh, politically correct term nowadays.
And while we're at it, my name is Michael.
Well Michael.
I did not know that.
I'm so sorry - to have wasted your time.
Uh, I can't be here right now.
I can't stay, so You You don't want to? All the sweet, green icing I flowing down it's not that At all.
Well, then in the rain I don't think that I can take it 'cause it took so long to bake it and I'll never have that recipe what's stopping you? again oh, no-o-o-o You were right.
He's lonely.
And did you? Not yet.
But we'll get there.
Good work.
Keep me updated.
Will do.