Scandal s04e19 Episode Script

I'm Just a Bill

You look good, Olivia.
Looks can be deceiving, though, can't they? I see you have a few more locks.
That's good.
You can never be too careful, can you? What do you want? I have a problem a rather big one, actually, and since you're a fixer, I thought I'd come to you.
You see, apparently there's a group of people who have decided that I'm a criminal.
They're building a case, some preposterous claim about a top-secret spy organization called B613 that I'm supposedly the head of.
I mean, have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? Anyway, I'd be happy to shut it down myself, but I'm just a paleontologist at the Smithsonian and I don't think my methods would work, so I'm giving you a chance one chance to shut it down yourself.
If you can do that in the next 48 hours I'm not lifting a finger for you.
Tell me, who do you think stands to lose the most when this so-called B613 is made public the quiet paleontologist collecting bones or the man down the street who could have pulled the plug on it and didn't? Who, in fact, actively participated, put his own man at the helm, using him to service his own agenda I don't care about any of that.
I care about justice.
You say that to me now because you're angry at me, but think who we are talking about, what you have done for him, the things you've sacrificed.
Is your hatred for me so great So great that you are willing to tear him down, too? Ah.
I see.
Something's changed.
Did he disappoint you? Not live up to your very, very high standards? Fail to meet your expectation of perfection? Did you learn that he's only human after all? Oh.
Do you want to dig into some Freud, baby? Are you finding that no matter how far you run, no matter how white the knight That all men, in fact, are just like your father? Don't talk about me like you know me.
You don't know me.
It is your friends who do not know you, but I do.
You are a warrior never reckless, never naive, too smart to let fear drive you.
Precise, quiet, calculating, you will wait for the right time.
You will look at all the possible outcomes.
You'll understand what needs to be done.
You will pick a side and then you will handle this situation in the manner we both know it needs to be handled.
You will burn it down and never look back.
Your friends don't know you.
They think you're loyal to people.
They don't know that you would use them as kindling for the fire if have to.
I know you.
I know that you would never allow people to get in the way of what is right, of your fundamental belief that the Republic must stand at all costs.
I know you, because the apple does not fall far from the tree, Olivia, poison though it may be.
It's time for you to leave.
Thank you for the wine, Olivia.
Excellent, as always.
Russell, is it? I'm sorry for the inconvenience, Russell.
It's a very light sedative, really.
He'll wake up with a painful hangover and a bit of amnesia.
- You didn't have to bring him into this at all.
- I did.
The alternative was to kill him.
Would you have preferred I go that route? This is how to reach me.
I'm giving you 48 hours to realize that I am right and to figure out a way to end this nonsense.
What happened? I think we had a little bit too much to drink.
We did? I You don't remember? Three bottles of wine.
Okay, but you do remember the dancing? The singing? Oh, tell me you remember the singing, because it was amazing.
I sang? Come on, let's get you into bed.
Oh, go get in bed.
I'll be right there.
And if we don't? My father will take matters into his own hands.
Which is why we need to fast-track convene a grand jury, start seeking indictments.
Do we have the evidence? With Jake's testimony, yes.
I served under Rowan, killed at his behest, inherited missions from him when I became command.
If anyone can nail this guy, it's me.
Your father's right, though.
Taking this case public exposes the president to a great deal of risk.
Is everyone okay with that? Liv? If that's the cost of taking down my father, yes.
All right, then.
We are going after Rowan.
Let's talk strategy.
I know you hate the bill.
What you have to ask yourself is whether you're willing to give up the senate for it.
Because come mid-terms, I'll make sure you don't have a dime in your campaign coffers.
I'm pleased to hear that, Senator.
Jenson's in.
There's only three holdouts, people.
Yeah! Watching the senate floor where they're gathering to vote on sweeping and historic legislation.
The so-called "Brandon Bill" rose from the ashes of Brandon Parker's fatal shooting by former police officer Jeffrey Newton.
Who's left of the holdouts? Hobart, Wexler, Peters.
Wexler's not budging.
Leak that Wexler caved.
But Wexler didn't cave.
Beene just said Leak that he's in.
Hobart and Peters hate Wexler.
They'll never check with him, and neither of those two want to be the last holdout.
Do it.
Make the call.
BNC can now safely report that the Brandon Bill will pass the senate today.
Yes! Yes! Well done, everyone.
Uh! Prep a big bill signing event for this afternoon.
Huge! Rose garden, tons of cops in uniform behind the president.
And the victims' families.
I want Brandon's father there.
It's a great day for the country, Cy.
Not so bad for us, either.
Now we get the black vote.
Imagine it if you can black people voting republican! Naming their kids after Fitzgerald Grant, putting his picture on the dining room wall.
The democrats won't know what hit them.
That's gross.
I know, Red.
I know.
We'll have more once voting begins for what's shaping up to be a truly historic day for the Grant administration.
But until then, let's return you to your local affiliates.
Well, folks, she baked her way into the national spotlight.
We'll meet the local Baker who's taking top prize at the national cupcake show in just a moment.
But first, let's go live to Patricia Waters, who's covering the D.
mayoral race.
Patricia, what can you tell us? Things seem to be really heating up between incumbent D.
Mayor Verrano and his challenger, local activist Marcus Walker.
Walker is now leading the three-term mayor by nine points.
I think it's safe to say that Marcus Walker is feeling pretty good right now.
Marcus? I don't get it.
Have you even spoken to Marcus since Brandon Parker? And why did he call us to the mayor's house? No one's here, the door's unlocked not good.
Marcus? Up here.
I tried to stop the bleeding, but there was there was so much blood.
I'm gonna need you to stay right there.
Wait a minute.
Is that who I think it is? The mayor's wife? Yes.
All right Marcus tell us what happend.
We were here in the bed, and we heard someone come in the back door.
Figured it was her husband.
- You said he went in early.
- He did.
Now he's home.
Go in there.
Marcus, please.
So I hid.
Over there.
I could see through the door, through the reflection in the mirror.
I could see everything.
What did you see? H-hey, baby.
Did you forget something? I wasn't ahhh! Ahh! Oh, my God! She barely had a chance to scream it all happened so fast.
Next thing I know, two more dudes in masks come rushing in.
You snapped her neck.
You were supposed to make it look like What the hell? She bit my hand.
Stab her anyway.
Got on my last nerve.
You happy now? I count five stab wounds used something with a clip point like a Hunting knife? What happened next? Get the diamonds.
Hey, don't forget to grab the necklace.
Okay! Okay, let's go! I count three different sets of shoe prints on the carpet.
Also Marcus doesn't have a scratch on him.
The mayor's wife would have fought back.
So he's telling the truth.
So option "a" we call the police, represent him till his defense attorney arrives, ask the cops to be discreet? No, we can't ask the cops for anything right now.
Marcus isn't exactly popular with the DCPD.
They're not gonna help.
- So then it's option "b.
" - Can we do option "b"? We can do option "b.
" What's option "b"? Goodbye, homicidal burglary.
Hello, missing person.
Ah, this never happened, you were never here.
We have a problem with the Brandon Bill.
It's senator Rogers, sir.
Her office called she went into labor this morning.
- A week early? - A week early.
- We moved up the vote.
- A week early.
Without Rogers, do we still win this? Without Rogers, it's a tie 49 to 49, courtesy of Virginia's empty senate seat.
Should I reach out to the vice president, sir? Get her out there on the floor, Cy.
We need this bill to pass.
That's what she's there for.
That is correct.
Which means if the next word is spelled correctly, Violet Lee will be our champion speller.
So, here to read that next word is our very special guest judge, Vice President Susan Ross.
Hello, children.
The next word will be I need a moment, ma'am.
I'm not leaving until the bee is over, until the last word has been spelled.
I'm sorry, honey.
Here we go.
The next word will be "onomatopoeia.
" Onomatopoeia.
O-n-o m-a-t o-p o ei a? Ono that is correct, Violet! You win! Congratulations.
And please, everybody, keep reading.
We have a tie in the senate.
Today's your big day! To vote on the Brandon Bill.
To vote "yes" on the Brandon Bill.
But I haven't read it, not since it was first proposed, not the final draft.
It is very much like the previous drafts.
Well, I'll have to read it first.
The bill is 1,200 pages long.
Then I better get cracking.
Ho, no, no.
They've already begun voting.
Then they're gonna have to wait.
I won't vote on something I haven't read, Cyrus.
And I don't think the American people would want me to.
What should we do with the body? Dealer's choice.
Really? Thanks, Huck.
No problem.
I think we go old school on this one classic fluff and fold? Less blood, easy roll out.
Works for me.
This is what you do? This is your job? I call you, and you pack up a dead body for me? I know this is hard for you.
Prison is harder.
You think I'm hypocrite? I think you're a man.
An attractive one, whose political power is skyrocketing.
For sleeping with white woman.
I know I gave you a lot of grief.
Don't tell me you weren't a little surprised.
The mayor's wife is upstairs lying in a pool of blood while my team erases evidence of a crime scene.
I'd say it takes a lot to surprise me because this is my job.
This is what I do.
You call me, and I save your life.
Now you know what I'm about.
Is the vice president considering voting "no" on the Brandon Bill? The vice president fully supports the president's initiatives on police reform.
- Peter.
- Then why isn't she voting? She is voting.
She is preparing to vote.
What does that mean? "Preparing to vote"? It means that these things can take a little time, Peter.
There can be delays.
It's not unprecedented.
Vice president Cheney had to return from the Middle East to break a tie on a budget bill.
Is vice president Ross in the Middle East? Are we done? All good? - Maybe I was reading too quickly.
- You weren't.
But I don't understand page 337.
See that? Page 337.
Yes, it's tricky.
We always knew that would be a hurdle, but overall The funding mechanisms are really confusing.
There aren't any restriction on the grants to local and state police departments.
And I have a question on racial bias training, - which I support, but - We don't have time for questions.
Well, I have to vote.
I have questions.
You can ask questions after the vote.
Well, after the vote, my questions won't matter.
Your questions don't matter right now because we don't have time for questions.
After the vote We can sit up all night in the oval in our sweats and drink coffee and eat ramen noodles and highlight and ask questions, but right now, we have the entire country waiting for us.
Right now we don't have time for questions.
Right now You need to vote.
If I vote right now, I have to vote "no.
" You said you have some questions.
What are your questions? I need to speak with someone from justice.
I'm not a lawyer, but I just don't see how some of this is gonna work funding, training.
Also, on page 544, there's a section on the appointment of independent prosecutors in cases of police-related Your job is to make the vice president feel listened to, appreciated, respected, part of the process, but you don't give her anything, okay? Feelings are not real things.
You don't actually give her anything in the bill.
- Okay.
- Not a crumb, not a whiff of a crumb.
She's pigeon at a great national monument, and she is begging.
And you'll think, "if I just give her this little bit, she'll go away.
Please go away.
Please, please, go away.
" But she will not go away.
If you give her something, she she will only waddle up closer and more aggressive and she will not stop no matter how much you give her.
And then and then, she will crap on your beautiful monument.
All over it 25 pounds a year of crap.
The vice president will do that? The average pigeon.
But you see the point, yes? Do not feed the pigeon.
Do not feed the pigeon.
If anyone knows the whereabouts of my wife or has any information at all that could help us in our search for her, please let us know.
I think it's working.
Her life could depend on it.
You've been watching live coverage of Mayor Verrano, whose wife, Natalie, went missing.
Although Mrs.
Verrano's disappearance You're keeping busy that's good.
Metropolitan police I'm assuming that's yours somehow.
Have ruled out foul play.
How was the rest of the meeting this morning? Good.
I'm getting together with Rosen later today to work on my testimony.
You want to come? Please tell me you're not here to check up on me.
I'm not here to check up on you, Liv.
I can handle this.
I know.
I know you.
I know you can handle this.
I also know what this is, who this involves, what this means.
I'm here to tell you that I'm here if you need something, if you get scared or nervous, which you should we all should.
I'm here.
You can call on me.
What? I'll be right there.
I have to go.
My client was arrested.
I told you I didn't send the mayor's wife any e-mails.
Stop talking.
Is he under arrest? No.
Then you can't keep him.
This is an illegal detention, and we're leaving.
They were asking me about threatening e-mails - they say I sent to Natalie.
- We'll talk about it at my office.
- I didn't send her any e-mails.
- At my office.
Do you see this man standing here? Yes.
Wrong answer.
You do not see him standing here because if you did see him standing here, then I would want to know how he got here.
was he arrested? Were you arrested? - No.
- Ah.
He wasn't.
Well, then why was he taken off the street, put in a patrol car, and brought to a police station? Because that sounds like an arrest.
Except an arrest would mean that you read him his Miranda rights.
And you didn't read him his Miranda rights.
Did they read you your Miranda rights? No.
You didn't read him his Miranda rights.
So now I'm confused.
Are you confused? Well, I'm not here, but I would be if I was.
Do you see the kinds of questions I would have if he was here? And I probably wouldn't be the only one with questions.
I think the United States Department of Justice, which is already investigating your department because of the Brandon Parker shooting, would have questions, too.
So, I don't think he's here.
And I don't think anybody is ever going to think that he was here.
And if it ever gets out that he was here, if it ever turns up on the news or online or anywhere ever, that Marcus Walker, candidate for mayor, was here, then I'm going to ask my questions, and I will get answers, because I am someone who gets answers to my questions.
Am I someone who gets answers to my questions? - Yes.
- See? So, let me ask you this question again.
Do you see this man standing here? Right answer.
Tell me something, Huck.
Marcus' e-mail was definitely hacked.
Someone sent 29 messages from his account, threatening Natalie the night before she died.
Someone hacked my e-mail? Someone who's clearly not a fan of spell check.
Whoever it was used keylogging software to crack Marcus' encrypted keystrokes.
But we don't know who it is? Oh, we know exactly who.
The I.
Address is linked to the mayor's office.
Mayor Verrano? The mayor had his own wife killed? We have to be 100% sure, because if it is the mayor and he's trying to frame you for it, Verrano's coming for you, Marcus.
This is first-degree murder we're talking about.
So I need you to think back on this morning and give me something.
What did you see? What did you hear? Oh, my God! Oh, my God! There were three of them.
One of them had a hunting knife, the other two had guns.
Marcus, what did they say? Snapped her neck.
No! Damn, Mickey, you snapped her neck? They called him Mickey.
What? The guy who killed Natalie, that's what they called him.
That's his name.
Look into Verrano's acquaintances.
Check into everyone on his payroll, past and present.
If there's a Mickey in the mayor's circle, I want to know about him.
So, local and state police departments will now be required to collect and report data on arrests so we can track racial disparities, correct? Correct.
You didn't go to law school? No.
And local and state police departments will now be required to conduct racial bias training, correct? Correct.
You're sure? About law school? Yes.
- Not even, like, a semester? - No.
And local and state police departments will now be required to use independent special prosecutors in the investigation of police-involved fatalities, correct? That is also correct.
So, I have a question.
How do we enforce it? What? Any of it, all of it.
Everything in this bill.
Well, it's a law.
Those are all requirements under the law.
They're mandatory.
Which means there has to be a way to enforce them, or they're not mandatory, right? If say to Casey, "clean your room," which I usually don't say because Casey is really good about that but if I do, and she said, "no," which again, she wouldn't but if she did, and I don't have any way to make her clean her room, then I'm really not saying, clean your room.
" I'm asking her to clean her room.
It's a request, not a requirement.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
Who's Casey? My daughter.
She's 10.
The federal government spends $4 billion a year in various grants to state and local police departments.
Why don't we condition that money on doing the things in this bill? Because if we do that, the things in this bill will actually get done.
If we don't, this whole bill is a bunch of requests.
Do you see that? I see that.
I have another question.
The timing could be perfect.
The Brandon Bill will have just passed.
But the press will still be talking about the bill.
You don't think that I will be a sidebar? With the 24-hour news cycle, you'll be the cherry on top.
Hey, there, Champ.
How'd it go? I fed the pigeon.
Oh! Tell me you found Mickey.
We found a bunch of Michaels a McCallister, a McGrath lots of Irish last names, but we couldn't put any of them near the mayor's house at the time of murder.
- Damn it.
- I'll keep looking.
So the hit on this Niang fellow.
It's all spelled out in this briefcase they gave you when you first became command.
It was one of several missions he provided briefs for, yes.
But you had access to information about other missions missions that happened before you joined B613.
Yes, as command, you're made aware of every operation, past and present.
I see.
So if I were to mention Operation Remington, you'd be familiar with that? That's in there in the files? It's mentioned in a footnote.
I have no idea what it is.
I'm just being thorough here.
No, sure.
Anyway, you're familiar with Remington? Uh, it happened before I joined B613, but yes.
So it happened when Rowan was command.
That's right.
But you knew what it was.
You knew its purpose.
And what was that purpose? I should remind you, Jake you're protected by the terms of your immunity agreement.
Nothing you say or admit to To bring down a civilian airliner.
Rowan gave an order to shoot down a civilian airliner? Yes.
I see.
With how many people aboard? And the pilot that obeyed that order to shoot down the plane who was that? Do you have name? Why? Because he could testify against Rowan.
I need the name, Jake.
This is big.
His name was Fitzgerald Grant.
The president? Yes.
It's me.
Come in.
Are you coming in? I'm not a heavy drinker, and I never sing or lose time.
And there's a whole piece of our last evening together that's just gone.
Will you please just come in? I came over because you called and sounded upset, and I wanted to make sure you were okay.
And you are beautiful and very sexy incredibly Sexy.
And a lot of fun believe me, I've enjoyed every minute of our time together, but this whole Alex thing is, uh I'm looking for something more stable.
So My life is very Complicated.
And I want it to not be complicated.
And I'm with you, when I'm Alex, nothing is complicated.
I want that.
I need that.
Will you please come in? Olivia Not Olivia.
How's it going in here? Mrs.
Grant! You're a lawyer.
In fact, didn't you do better in law school than your husband? Weren't you first in your class? I read that somewhere.
Come in.
Sit down.
Maybe you can answer my questions.
I'd be happy to and I'm sure your questions are spot-on but, Susan, we are running out of time.
The country needs this bill now.
The president needs this bill now.
And you need this bill now.
So you can announce your senate run.
Who told you that? No one.
I just assumed.
I mean, let's be honest, that's the real reason I'm here, right? So you can take my senate seat and then not have to worry about a competitive V.
When you run for president.
It's a genius plan.
You'd make an excellent president, Mrs.
So, what do you think of the bill? Because for the life of me, I cannot wrap my head around the section on federal oversight.
Can you? I Have to confess that I have not read it In its entirety.
Well, you should.
'Cause you'll get questions.
Once you announce.
So, do you think that I will be able to announce soon? Hard to say.
I mean, at this point, I could be here all night.
I was gonna order dinner.
You hungry? Mnh.
The mayor kills his wife and can't be touched.
He's got the whole city in his pocket cops, unions, judges.
No sign of anyone named Mickey.
There's always another move.
I think my next move's to throw up.
- Stop.
- I'm not really gonna No, the TV.
Pause it.
Go back.
What is it? Natalie fought the guys, right? See the bandage? Oh, my God.
We've been looking for Mickey.
Mickey isn't his name.
Wait why do you say that? Oh.
What? Wait, why isn't that his oh.
I see.
The ears.
- The ears.
- The ears.
- So big.
- So very big.
Mickey's a nickname.
That's our guy.
Marvin Helmsley O'Connor.
"Mickey" to his friends.
Been mayor Verrano's personal driver for the past 13 years.
Also a longtime associate of the Burnham crime family.
Something the mayor doesn't exactly like to advertise.
I hacked into the GPS of Mickey's town car he was parked outside the mayor's house at the time of the murder.
Also hacked his cellphone one call right before the murder, one call right after.
And a $20,000 deposit appeared in his offshore account the next day.
He breaks in, fakes a robbery, kills his boss's cheating wife, and collects 20 grand.
Hell of a tip.
So, that's it? We can nail this guy? Put Verrano away? With that evidence? No.
To put Verrano away would require - either forensic evidence - Which we cleaned up.
Or witness testimony.
That's you, Marcus.
You have to testify if what you want is justice for Natalie Verrano's death.
If you don't, I can work out a deal with the mayor, leverage the threat of your testimony to get him to drop out of the race.
- You'll win.
- Let me get this straight.
I hire you, and you tell me to go on record saying I was sleeping with Verrano's wife.
I didn't know you got paid to ruin people's careers.
Justice or your career.
I can only get you one.
So, what do you want? You're going to go first.
You're going to announce that you will finish out your term, but that you are pulling out of the race.
You're going to endorse Marcus Walker for mayor.
And then you will say that you're going to make it your personal crusade to find your missing wife, and then you will disappear from public life.
You will express your sympathies to Mayor Verrano.
You will tell him how sorry you are that he leaves the campaign under these circumstances, and then you will humbly accept his endorsement.
And that's it.
You will both keep it short and simple.
You will answer no questions.
We will return to this car and drive away.
Do you have any questions? That bitch got what was coming to her.
Remember that.
As I've said, this is the hardest day of my life.
But I'm comforted knowing that the city that I love is gonna be in good hands with Marcus Walker.
Thank you for your support.
Thank you, Mayor Verrano.
My whole life has been about justice.
Fighting for what's right.
King said a lie cannot live forever.
I've tried to expose those lies.
I've tried to live the truth.
I want to do that as your mayor, but I can't.
Because this is a lie.
The mayor's wife is not missing.
She's dead.
He killed her.
Just a minute! He killed her because I was having an affair with her.
I'm sorry.
I am a sinner.
But he is a murderer.
That is the truth.
- And this - Mr.
Mayor! This is a lie.
It's been 24 hours and we still don't know which way the senate's going to go on the Brandon Bill because the final vote is being held up by Vice President Susan Ross.
Your time's up.
But, sir, I have one more question.
No more time.
No more questions.
You have managed to stall this bill and run everybody out of this room, but you're not gonna run me out.
You are the vice president, Susan.
I know that, sir.
You don't know anything.
You just got here.
You are a fetus in the world of Washington politics.
You can't possibly understand what it takes to push a bill like this through congress.
The endless debate.
The compromises.
The back-room dealings.
And I will not allow you to de-rail it.
I will not allow you to waste one more second.
We need this bill now.
To elevate the standard of police conduct in this country, and to make sure that what happened to Brandon Parker never happens to anyone ever again.
Do you have a problem with that, Susan? - No, sir, I don't, but - Good.
Then get up to The Hill and vote the way you're supposed to.
I understand, sir.
I understand what my role is supposed to be.
But I was clear with you on the person you were getting when you asked me to take this job.
I am not here to advance my own agenda.
I am not here staring into the oval office imagining myself with my feet up on your desk.
And I am not here to be your lap dog.
The only reason I am here is to help you make real change.
But this bill, it's not about real change.
Have you read it? Because I understand the importance of compromise, but that's all this bill is.
Thousands of tiny compromises that have rendered it entirely useless.
I'm not the one wasting your time here.
This bill is wasting your time.
This bill is wasting America's time.
So, we keep the Reese amendment.
- Just sections two and four.
- What about six? - Increasing the stop and search threshold? - What's going on here? - We'll never get it through.
- They'll never read this far.
What is going on here? Are we making progress? Are we ready to vote, Susan? - We're pulling the bill, Cy.
- What? Susan was right.
It's We're making it better, Mr.
We're gonna get it right this time.
You're gonna get killed in the press, is what you're gonna get.
Not if we give them something else to write about.
Thank you! Thank you, Mr.
President! And thank you, people of the great state of Virginia! It is with great humility that I stand before you, asking to represent you in the senate today.
From James Monroe to Susan Ross, Virginia has put forth some of our nation's finest leaders.
Half the battles of the civil war were fought - right here in this great state.
- How'd it go? Fine.
It's what you'd expect.
You told them everything? Yeah, the affair, the murder, the hiding in the closet.
All of it.
Well, the hard part is over.
What you did took courage.
You should be proud of that.
I helped a lot of people through my work.
Would've helped even more as mayor.
I love my work.
I am my work.
In 30 seconds, all that gets overshadowed by a tabloid story.
And I become political poison forever.
I am done.
You did the right thing.
Yeah, sure.
For Natalie.
For my conscience.
I guess I had to.
And, hey, no regrets, right? I mean, I get to tell people I did the right thing.
That's something.
That's more than something.
That's everything.
That's what saves you in the end.
You do the wrong thing, then you're done.
Not at first.
It only feels like a misstep at first, a compromise, a concession to reality, a bad move well-played.
But at some point, you're only going in that direction.
By the time you realize how far down that path you are, you're lost.
Everything is unrecognizable.
You are unrecognizable to yourself.
You find yourself doing things you never thought you'd do in ways you never thought you'd do them to save things you're not even sure you want to save, but you can't help it.
That's when you're done.
You are not done.
You did the right thing here.
I know it hurt.
I know it hurt to do it now.
But You know, "the time is always right to do right.
" Mr.
Walker! Mr.
Walker! Mr.
Walker! Mr.
Walker! Mr.
Walker! Mr.
Walker! So, have you decided to take my case? Am I one of your clients now? You're right.
You do know me.
I looked at all possible outcomes.
I understand what needs to be done.
And I picked a side.
But not yours.
I won't do it.
I'm not stopping the case against B613.
You're not? This case is good.
It's right.
Huck, Jake, all of the people you've hurt and tormented over the years, they want justice.
They deserve justice.
And that's the only way the Republic stands.
Justice is, in fact, the point of the Republic.
And I may care about him Mm.
But as you said, I will never allow a person to get in the way of what I know to be right.
Tomorrow, the world as we know it changes.
For the better.
And it's all because each of us in this room decided to do not what is easy, but what is right.
Someone a lot smarter, a lot wiser, most likely a lot pithier than me said that everyone always knows the right thing to do.
The harder, more difficult part is actually doing it.
That's my girl.
Excuse me? Picking a side.
Burning it down.
Using Fitz as kindling.
That's new.
That's a surprise.
But a good one.
Look at what you've become.
The woman I've always hoped you would be.
Standing on your own two feet, doing what you feel in your soul is right.
Choosing to be a warrior instead of merely a person.
No longer running after that man to shine his boots.
I'm proud of you.
But proud.
I'm not helping you.
I won't save you.
I will come after you.
We may be on different sides, but at least you've become a worthy opponent.
Bravo, Olivia.
So, Huck.
Here's to doing what's right.
I'm not celebrating, but, to you, I am drinking.
Here's to wearing the white hat.
No one dies.
No blood.
You find another way to shut this down.
If that is your expectation, then you won't be very proud of me when this is all over.
Liv, I got your text.
Liv? I know you.
I'm disappointed.
Rowan always went on and on about how special you were.
You were the golden boy.
You're not even making this a challenge.
I'm gonna go again.
You try this time.