Scandal s04e20 Episode Script

First Lady Sings the Blues

Jake? Make some noise for me.
Come on.
Make some noise for me.
Oh, they got you.
Ohh, we let them get you.
Hey, what's going on? Quinn! Jake's dead.
Jake is dead.
They killed him.
And he's dead.
I was making coffee, and he was just laying here.
Stab wounds, chest, abdomen, but no major organs.
It doesn't matter what organs.
Huck, they got him.
They got him here in O.
, which means this was a message, a present from Liv's father.
They're coming for us, for all of us.
He's still warm.
Warm enough? So what? You think that means they must have just done this? Do you think whoever did this is still here? Warm enough.
We're here.
Keep pressing down on 'em.
Which one? There are a lot of stab wounds here.
The big one? - Every one you can.
- Where can we take him? I've called every contact I know, but they've all ghosted.
How long till an ambulance gets here? - There's not gonna be an ambulance.
- What? Huck, he's losing a lot of blood.
He won't last like this.
- What about Charlie? - You know where Charlie is? What are you doing? Dialing 911.
I'm calling an ambulance because, in America, we don't let our friends just bleed out on some conference room table.
If Jake goes to a hospital, a digital trail is created from an MRI, billing, a chart, or even just a security camera, and then my father will find out Jake is alive.
My father will track him and find him and kill him, and then he will kill all of you just to teach me a lesson! Do you understand? David, take over for Quinn.
You have a way to get to Charlie? Then do it now.
Go! This is it? - What were you expecting? - I don't know something sterile, something without huge rats.
- Where's the doctor? - He's coming.
He's coming?! Charlie, we need him now.
He's coming.
He'll be here.
- Where's the equipment? - It's coming.
It's all coming.
You guys called me 10 minutes ago.
- Are you good? - Huck? Charlie and Quinn have this until the doctor gets here.
- I got to go.
- Huck! Kim and Javi.
He's worried about his family.
If command went after Jake, Kim and Javi are out in the open.
- What is happening?! - I don't know.
Charlie? I can plug the holes, but out in the field, you patch an agent up, you find a safe house, and you call for a doc.
Where is the doctor? He's coming.
The doctor is coming.
Working the rope line.
We pushed a baby and her dad to the front.
Don't miss them.
- Awww! - Hi, little baby.
When you reach the press, make your statement about job numbers, then the first question goes to Julia.
The question, the only one that matters.
Julia? Mrs.
Grant, you already have a job.
"How do you expect to be first lady and senator for Virginia at the same time?" And you'll stick to the response we've practiced, word for word.
We've tested it across a spectrum of likely voters men, women, young, old.
It works.
It is an absolute honor to serve as the nation's first lady, but let's be honest it's a privilege, not a job.
To call it hard work would be an insult to the hardworking people of Virginia.
And if they choose to elect me to the Senate, I will continue my service to my country by working as hard for Virginians as they do for their own families.
Well, well, well.
What is there to say other than "bravo"? Another fantastic performance by Mellie Grant.
How insulting.
"Not a job," she says of being first lady.
What of her staff of 25 earning over $2 million in taxpayer dollars a year? What of her annual budget of $2.
5 million? Is that monopoly money or taxpayer money she uses to travel the globe and entertain world leaders with lavish dinners and concerts? Was her program to vaccinate our nation's children just a hobby? One that can easily be abandoned when opportunity for her personal advancement arises? How deeply insulting.
Not just to our intelligence to the people of Virginia and to all of the gracious and patriotic first ladies who quietly and proudly served our great nation before her.
And while I may not be a legal scholar, does it sit right with you, lover of liberty, to have a member of the legislative branch share a bed with the head of the executive branch? Is it illegal or just vomit-inducing? I think we deserve answers.
So much for testing.
Huck's back.
Everything okay with your family? How is he? Not good.
They're here.
Gang, Ilya.
Ilya We've been waiting over an hour.
Well, I had other things.
He's dying! Oh, somebody always dying.
Out of the way.
Yeah, he is dying.
Need surgery.
Many surgery.
_ _ _ Ah! Fixer, huh? President's buddy.
You speak Russian good.
Can you save him? Maybe, yes.
Ilya's being modest.
I was left for dead in a Caracas slum.
Woke up with a new/used kidney, peeing like a champ.
How about we stop chatting and get started? First, payment.
Then surgery.
How much? No money.
What kind of favor? We don't do favors.
- What do you want? - You help my friend, - I help yours.
- Who's your friend? KGB, retired.
Name Black Sable.
You know Black Sable? Notorious assassin, assumed dead.
CIA lost a lot of good agents under her reign of terror.
What does she want? She has new mission, needs help.
What's the mission? I don't ask.
Uh, impolite.
And dangerous.
I can't help a KGB assassin.
How about we pay you? Anything.
Don't need money.
Need favor.
Aah! Bad sign.
Don't just do something! You help my friend, I help yours.
Just help him.
- We have deal? - Deal! I need everything unloaded from my van.
All the equipment.
Quickly! And a bucket of water! Clean, if you have! Now, you, scared man with glasses, we flip him over.
Right now.
We flip, he scream.
We flip anyway.
Are you sure you want to do this? We have no choice.
Jake is dying.
I've worked with Russian spies.
They're all cold, dead inside.
Nothing scares them because they have nothing to lose.
But get those Russian spies telling stories about Black Sable - What? - Even they are scared of Black Sable.
No one is more ruthless than her, Liv.
No one is more dangerous.
Can I help you? I'm sorry.
I think maybe we have the wrong address.
Ilya sent you.
You're Olivia Pope, right? You're at the right place.
Who's at the door? Oh! Someone's here to see me, sweetie.
You guys go finish that puzzle, okay? My grandkids.
You're Black Sable? These days, it's Mary.
Mary Peterson.
Come on in.
I just baked cookies.
Go ahead.
Have another.
Russian spice cookies.
I tell my grandkids I had a neighbor growing up who used to make them for me.
They think Nana's from Wisconsin.
Must be interesting, lying to everyone you know, including your own family.
Growing up, we were poor.
Really poor.
Not American poor.
My little brother starved to death because we didn't have enough food.
That kind of poor.
Russian poor.
The KGB were recruiting, and it turned out I was gifted.
I had the eye of a sniper, and I would kill anything with my bare hands without asking questions.
They said I'd have all the food I wanted, a warm bed to sleep in, shoes.
I'd have shoes.
All I had to do was learn English, go to America, and murder people when ordered.
Why would I say no to that? It was the greatest thing that ever happened to me.
Except it wasn't.
Except it wasn't.
I could never go home again.
I tried once, to see my mother.
They shot her, so Anyway, I did my job.
Why did you quit? How did you get them to let you quit? I didn't.
The world changed.
The Soviet Union is gone.
No more KGB.
The people telling me who to kill stopped telling me who to kill.
Not to say that I wasn't glad.
I had a husband.
I got to have a baby, a family.
I made friends.
I let all of it go.
Aside from my cookies, I'm American now.
Until yesterday morning, I thought my past was behind me.
What happened yesterday morning? I found this under my windshield wiper.
It's a dead drop for later today.
And you don't know who wrote this? I haven't had a handler in 27 years.
What if you just ignored it? You ignore a job, try to run, try to get out, they kill you.
Everyone was always very clear on that.
Putin's hit the restart button.
Mellie Grant to Senator Grant? Not so fast, say most Americans When asked whether it's a conflict of interest for a senator to be sleeping with the president, polls show people see it as a problem.
The first lady clearly has a long way to go to convince the country that by running for senate, she's not abandoning the job she already has.
I want a sit-down with her.
- No.
- Why not? Mellie can go toe-to-toe with Sally.
I can take Sally one-on-one.
You'll look defensive.
I am defensive! She is attacking me! First lady is not a job it's a title! Is grand Marshall a job? - No.
- No, it is not.
No, it is not, but that's not the point we want to be making right now.
Right now, we need to address the very real concern that you are too close to the president.
I am married to the president! I want to hear what Abby has to say.
Oh, well, I don't this isn't my area.
I'm just listening for talking points.
Ma'am, right now being married to the president is a liability.
You need to distance yourself from your husband.
You need to reassure voters that you are independent, that you make your own decisions, that the two of you don't work together, even though you live together.
We need to tell the world we lead separate lives.
Also, Sally is suggesting that there is a legal issue with you running for senate while your husband is president.
- There's not, is there? - No.
Right? Has anybody checked? We need you in the White House.
I can't right now.
- It's urgent.
- I can't.
I'm Sick.
- Sick with what? - I have a sore throat, Abby.
You stayed home with a sore throat? - It's bleeding.
- What? It's hard to explain.
It comes and goes.
- The bleeding comes and goes? - It doesn't matter.
Why do you need me in the White House? We need you to weigh in on whether it's legal for someone to run for senate while married to the president.
Well, uh, yes, it's legal, but only because no one ever considered the idea that a first lady would ever run for office.
I'm betting if they had, there'd be a law on the books.
The ethical implications alone - but it is legal? - Yes.
Because no one ever imagined that a woman would ever get an idea in her pretty, little head to run for office.
- Yes, Abby.
- So, Mellie Grant's run for senate is legal because of misogyny.
In this instance, misogyny is our friend.
That's what you're saying? No, no, I'm saying something less controversial and less likely to get me stoned to death by my feminist sisters.
I am saying there's no legal issue with Mellie Grant's run for Senate.
I need you to say that to every reporter I put in your path.
Just roll me some calls.
How long are we gonna be here? Not long.
Couple days, maybe.
Couple of days? I did one of these for 17 months in Equatorial Guinea.
Crazy hot.
Doctor had real shaky hands.
Anyway, that's worst case.
We have a Grand Jury hearing all set for today.
- Not anymore.
- You have to postpone it.
Your friend both lucky and unlucky.
Knife miss major vessels lucky.
Not miss his lung unlucky.
I have to do surgery now.
For surgery, I need more blood.
Without more blood, without surgery - He dies.
- Correct.
Quinn! We need blood.
Okay, then.
Let's go get some blood.
What does that mean, "let's go get some blood"? Hey We are pleased now to be joined by Attorney General David Rosen, who has agreed to talk to us about some of the legal issues involved in a Mellie Grant senate campaign.
- Mr.
Rosen? - My pleasure, Ashley.
Let me ask you directly can a first lady serve as a United States senator while her husband is still president? Yes.
This is really a non-issue, Ashley.
The drop's happening.
It's Mary's handler.
- He's leaving.
- Follow him.
We need a name and a location.
On it.
Article 1, Section 3 of the Constitution establishes three qualifications to serve as a U.
senator you have to be 30 years old, you have to be a citizen of the United States for 9 years, and you have to be a resident of the state you will represent.
That's it.
Blood! Blood? Uh, anyway, thank you.
The deputy under the Secretary of Defense is a Russian spy? He was once.
We had an affair about a thousand years ago.
You should have seen me when I was young.
You got something? Handler's name is Kostya Pasternak.
He operates out of a butcher shop on "M" Street.
What now? I cut him open, cross finger, hope his lung is not too bad, and then I sew him back up and pray he doesn't bleed out on table and die.
Ballard has been eliminated.
A figment of your imagination, a vision of what you assume happened versus what actually happened.
Jake Ballard is very much alive.
Not possible.
I If he were dead, if you actually completed the task I entrusted, believed you were capable of executing, I would have found myself on the other end of a phone call with my daughter, a call full of venom, vitriol, and, sadly, tears.
But most significantly, promises of white-hot vengeance.
Instead, silence.
Instead, she has gone underground.
You failed, and Jake Ballard is very much alive.
If he's alive, he's hanging on by a thread.
Then find him and cut the thread.
I'm busy.
Sometimes I pretend you say nice, normal things when I call.
- What do you want? - You know what I want, - 'cause you want the same thing.
- Like I said Are you busy? Listen, I'll come over, I'll bring a fancy bottle of wine that I'll pretend is transformative.
You'll get tipsy and use my body in whatever way you want, as many times as you want.
Conversation optional.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
Come on.
I have to go.
- Name your price.
- Price? To release Mary Peterson from duty, to forget she exists, to allow her to go on with her life.
Mary Peterson? Does she buy meat here? You probably don't know who I am, but I don't care to know who you are.
But this can go one of two ways.
The first way, the easy way, involves you saying a number $100,000, maybe $200,000, although I wouldn't push your luck, just some number that makes you comfortable and allows my client to enjoy her retirement.
The other way, the complicated way, involves me calling in favors with the Attorney General, my friends at the CIA, and people far darker, dirtier, and deeper underground to make your life a living hell.
But the result is always the same Mary Peterson doesn't work for you or your government anymore.
Some people have bark, some people have bite.
I have both.
So which is it, Kostya? Are you familiar with the town of Verkhoyansk? No reason you would, I guess.
It's a small town in Russia where they send political exiles to die for their crimes.
It's the coldest place on earth.
It's also my home.
As a kid, I used to help the KGB drag the frozen bodies out of the prison.
I know what happens to traitors.
So, you have to pardon me if I'm not afraid of some lady and her mutt.
Traitors die, Ms.
As they should.
Be sure you remind your client of this.
He's a true believer.
He can't be bought.
You know, I was raised without religion, but when I met my husband, he went to church.
At first, I just went along with him because I liked my husband.
I liked him very much.
I loved him.
And I loved my daughter.
I loved being part of a family again.
They died three years ago drunk driver.
When people die like that, it's quick.
But afterwards, after the funerals, nothing is quick.
Time stood still.
I had all this time.
I'd never really thought before about all the jobs I'd had over the years, all the people I killed, people who were someone's father, someone's mother, someone's husband.
I still go to church.
I go all the time.
And I pray.
I pray to God for forgiveness for all the blood that's on my hands.
I can't kill this man.
I can't kill anyone.
I'm just not it's not who I am anymore.
- Please.
- It's okay.
We will find a way out of this, and we will shut this down.
- And the latest polls? - Not good.
Most Americans still think it would be inappropriate for a first lady to hold elected office.
Inappropriate but not illegal.
Yeah, well, we've tried to get that message across, sir.
We've got David Rosen out there right now.
It still doesn't seem like we're changing any minds.
What else can we do? I think it's time to send someone on Sally's show, speak to the country directly, call her out on her anti-feminist views, you know, put her in her place for once and for all.
Let's get Liz North on it tonight.
Sir, don't you think a man would be better? I know.
I hate myself for saying that.
I threw up in my mouth a little bit for saying that, but we both know if Sally's audience hears a woman defending the first lady on the basis of feminism, well, they'll just turn the channel.
But if they hear a man saying those same things Well, it can't be me.
I'm the problem.
No, it can't be you.
But You've got to be kidding.
Thank you, Roderick.
So, did you find Jake? They've gone underground.
I called your daughter, but she wouldn't bite.
Maybe now she will? I cannot go out there and defend your wife to the country! - You can, and you will.
- I don't believe it's right.
Then pretend you do! They'll see right through me! For the love of God, Cyrus! Get On Board! Has something happened, sir? Has there been a change? Is there something I'm not seeing? You don't need her vote in the senate.
Does Liz North have something on you? No.
Because you're wasting a lot of political capital.
Is there some reason and you can't tell me? You can tell me if you can't tell me.
Is it Olivia-related? 'Cause I'm I'm looking for some sort of angle here! No, Cy, there's no angle.
There's no agenda.
I'm supporting my wife.
And you are, too.
You will go on this program tonight, you will defend Mellie's senate run, and you will get on board.
This is happening, Cyrus Whether you like it or not.
Good evening.
Tonight we welcome a very special guest, the current White House chief of staff and my dear friend, Mr.
Cyrus Beene.
Thank you for coming, Cyrus.
Thanks for having me.
- Let's just get to it.
- Let's.
Melody Grant, the first first lady who has decided to run for elected office and, in turn, eschew her sworn duty to her husband and the country.
Sally, let me stop you right there.
The first lady has no sworn duties to eschew, as you say.
She never took an oath.
Did the first lady never swear to her husband to stand by him for better or for worse, in sickness and in health? - Of course she did.
- Okay, then.
We call that an oath, a sworn duty, do we not? We call that a vow, a marriage vow.
By seeking this job, this unnecessary business of running for senate, the first lady is renouncing that very oath.
As senator, Mrs.
Grant will spend remarkably less time with her husband, the president, a man who, no doubt, needs the loving support of his wife while serving and running his nation.
Because being first lady, Cyrus, is an act of patriotism.
It is a long-standing tradition.
Exactly a tradition, not a law of the land.
No one should be able to tell any woman she cannot hold a job, Sally.
It's sexism of the purist and ugliest form.
But Mrs.
Grant has a job.
Being a mother is the hardest job in the world, and she You know I know people love to say that.
I do.
And it's well-meaning, but being a mother isn't a job.
Being a mother is who someone is.
It's not a job.
You can quit a job.
You can resign, as you did when you decided to quit being Vice President.
But you are a mother forever.
Being a mother is incredibly difficult.
Let's not diminish it by calling it a job.
If you would let me finish my sentence, Cyrus, you would have heard me say that Mrs.
Grant is the mother of our country.
And as such, her true job is being first lady.
Still, not a job.
People get paid for jobs.
Don't they, Sally? The first lady gets any number of perks a clothing allowance.
That's a myth.
First ladies pay for their own clothes.
A private chef? Now, I've tasted that fried chicken myself, and I can personally vouch for its value.
So, you're saying that women should get paid in fried chicken now? Are you being paid in fried chicken to host this show? You tease, Cyrus Beene.
Look, there are larger issues at play here.
If Mrs.
Grant gets elected to the Senate, she would enjoy improper privilege and wield undue influence on her husband, the President of the United States.
It's a conflict of interest.
Grant's relationship with the president would remain exactly the same, whether she's a senator or not, no privilege, no influence.
You seem bitter.
Do I? Yes.
You do.
Why would I because you know that you would make a better senate candidate than Mrs.
- Did I say that? - You did with your eyes.
Oh, they are windows into your soul right now, Cyrus.
Dennis, zoom in on Mr.
Beene's eyes, would you? What are you doing? I want my audience to see this.
Your eyes are telling us that you believe it should be you out there pandering to the good people of Virginia.
And I have to say, I don't disagree, Cyrus.
It's you who possesses the political chops for a senate run, not Mellie Grant.
Am I right? I'm afraid you're wrong, Sally.
Grant is the best person for this job.
But if you'd just, for one moment, stop cowering behind the misogyny of your viewers and admit that today, in the 21st century, a first lady should be allowed to do more than tend to the White House garden or wear the latest American designer while sending her husband off to work each morning, you'd be able to celebrate the first lady's courage, praise her determination, and revere her strength.
If this were a man we were talking about, if this were the first gentleman, that's exactly what we would be doing.
I mean, tell me, Sally, if you'd been elected president, would you have stopped Daniel Douglas, rest his soul, from working outside the home? It has been wonderful having you here.
The pleasure is all mine.
Olivia, you came.
- What happened? - Who's this guy? Tell me what happened to you.
Uh, I was walking to my apartment and two guys cornered me.
I thought they were gonna rob me at first, but they just grabbed me.
Somehow I got free, started running.
I heard a gunshot.
Next thing, I woke up in an ambulance.
Where's your phone? I don't know.
My pants? Hey! Hold still.
Let's move.
This doesn't end until we go or Rowan goes.
We can't just hide forever.
We need to go on the attack.
How?! He's on high alert.
We can't get to him! So we just sit here while he tries to murder anyone we've ever met?! Stop it now! Let me think! I have a new offer.
Go on.
Are you familiar with B613? Of course.
How many of your agents has that organization killed over the years? How many of your countrymen? I don't see what B613 has to do with anything.
What if I gave you the name of the man who ran B613 for the last 25 years? A name doesn't do me much good.
This will.
His burner phone.
Here's his number.
He's in the city.
I have to believe you have the resources to do the rest.
My colleague here can help you if you don't.
You go to Putin with the head of command, you'd be a national hero.
And in return, I let my agent retire? No more missions, including the current one.
Kill command, set her free.
Your chest hurt? It should.
I put 100 stitches in you.
Fentanyl drip for pain.
Now, you want to take tube out, don't.
It helps you until you're strong enough to breathe on your own, so leave alone.
And stay here for your own good.
You move too much, you die, okay? Blink eyes if you understand.
Now back to sleep.
What happened? He just started freaking out, trying to get out of the restraints! Charlie, put pressure right here.
Is he a goner? I told you not to move.
Keep pressure on.
I need to put this tube back in.
Hold it.
Hold, man.
Your friend's blood pressure unstable, oxygen level low.
Chances of infection much higher in a place like this.
I do everything keep him comfortable, but who knows? Your other friend, his arm is better.
I know Dr.
Zhivago is doing the best he can, but we need to get Jake to a real hospital, one with actual nurses and actual doctors who, I don't know, have actual licenses.
We can't do that.
As long as Rowan is still out there, Jake needs to stay here.
Are we working under any kind of time frame? Soon.
We'll all be able to leave very soon.
I gave Kostya Kostya? Old-school KGB.
The real deal.
I gave him my father's burner phone.
He's gonna use it to track him down and kill him.
And then this will all be over.
Check in with Kostya.
I want to know the moment it's done.
The mainstream press and pundits all agree that Cyrus more than held his own against Sally today.
America seems to agree.
think that Cyrus Beene should have his own talk show.
Yeah, because that's the American dream.
However, 67% of those polled still think that the first lady shouldn't be allowed to run for Senate.
It's better than where we were.
And, unfortunately, the president's approval rating is now down 5 points from where we were before the first lady announced her candidacy.
So I'm hurting both of us now.
The good news is, it's not the idea of you as a candidate that people object to.
It's the conflict of interest.
So maybe now isn't the time to run.
I mean, if this weren't a special election, we'd have time to change their minds, but right now, I don't know what else to do.
There is one thing.
It's risky, but it'll definitely end the debate over the conflict of interest.
We leak that your marriage is over.
- What? - Excuse me? That it has been for a long time, that while you two respect each other, you have different political philosophies and there's no conflict of interest whatsoever.
With the right spin, Mrs.
Grant would definitely lock up the Virginia conservatives.
And as a woman and a single mom, she'd get the moderates.
Maybe even a few progressives.
- We're not doing it.
- Mellie.
I am not lying to the American people about our marriage.
Fitz and I are a team.
We came in as a team, we are going out as a team.
Liv? I'm here.
Everything okay? Why are you calling me? Honestly I didn't think you'd pick up.
I picked up, so why are you calling me? Mellie's not gonna win.
What are you talking about? Apparently the country thinks a first lady can't be a senator, so Mellie's not gonna win.
Really? That's why you're calling? Liv.
To ask for my advice about your wife? I want to hear what you think.
What I think.
I think you're supposed to be an optimist.
I'm supposed to be a lot of things.
I also think you should be worrying about your own presidency.
Where are you? If something was wrong, you'd tell me, right? Nothing is wrong.
I want to help her.
I'm trying to do the right thing.
I have a chance to make up for the sins of my past.
I'm trying to be better.
Okay, well Thank you for picking up.
- Good night.
- Who cares what I think? Who cares what the country thinks? This is about Virginia right now.
You've been doing the exact opposite of what you should be doing trying to win the minds of the nation instead of the hearts of the people who really matter.
The voters of Virginia.
Mellie being elected to the Senate is a clear conflict of interest.
There's no getting around it.
So make it your selling point.
A senator in office who sleeps just inches from the president, a senator with unprecedented access to the most powerful person in the world that is what's invaluable to voters.
That is what you use.
That is how Mellie wins.
Good night.
This is funny.
I mean, it's not funny, but It kind of is, I guess.
You've saved my life multiple times, and all I can do is sit here and Hold your hand and hope that you don't die.
I'm sorry, Jake For all of this.
You were right.
We never should have left that island.
Oh, relax.
Just it's gonna be okay.
What is it? What are what's going on? I think he's trying to tell me something.
I'm guessing he's pretty out of it.
He probably doesn't even know who we are.
I can't find Kostya.
Aah! What have I always told you, Olivia? Against me, you will never win.
From this moment on, it is over.
We are done.
We are no longer moving forward against B613.
Where are you going? You don't what's the word? you go back on your deal.
My friend, she is dead.
You don't pay like you say, so I go.
But Jake's he needs a doctor! Yes.
He does.
But not me.
I've done all I can for him, which seems more than you did for my friend.
If he dies, he dies.
We are getting him to a hospital now.
Fake name, whatever it takes.
He won't last through the night.
You need to cancel the Grand Jury.
Absolutely not! We're on a path.
Jake's in no shape to testify.
So we'll wait until he is.
Let me put it another way, David.
Jake will not be testifying.
- What about me? - We have Huck and Charlie! You don't have me.
I have me.
And the me I have enjoys being alive.
We have Huck.
We have Quinn.
She was in b613 for like five minutes.
She barely qualified for the health plan.
So maybe Huck's testimony is all we need.
For what, David? You honestly think some empanelled Grand Jury is going to bring down my father? He will kill every single one of us without hesitation or remorse, and B613 will thrive, stronger than ever.
So we are done! I'm going to call my father and tell him it's game over.
He's won.
It's the only way we're going to survive this.
And if any of you has a problem with that, you need to tell me right now.
Because if even one of you takes a single step against my father, we are all dead! Do you understand me? You will have killed us all.
So, anyone? Good.
Then let's get Jake to the hospital.
Russell's coming with me.
I think we all know what it feels like to be told "you can't do something" by those media types in New York.
People who don't know us, who don't share our values, who somehow were never taught by their mamas and daddies that marriage is not just the cornerstone of the family but of the nation, as well.
When I am a senator, I'll come home every night and talk to the president about my day, just like he comes home every night and talks to me.
And, like any married couple, we're gonna do what we can to help each other out.
I hope y'all have enjoyed this time together as much as I have.
And Fitz and I both hope that you will vote Grant on election day! She's killing herself, nationally.
Crashing in the polls from Kansas City to Kalamazoo.
Kansas City and Kalamazoo aren't in Virginia, Cyrus.
It's Liv, isn't it? I know Liv, and that that's Liv.
Come on.
You know you're a fan of her work.
This is amazing, Cyrus.
"Vote for me because I have my husband, the president, wrapped around my finger.
" The spin to end all spin.
It is, and it'll probably work.
Mellie will probably get elected, and then Every minute of time either one of us has worked for this man and his legacy goes right down the drain because all he'll be remembered for is his wife telling the world he's whipped.
It's all any of us will be remembered for, so Enjoy this job while it lasts, Red.
It might be the last one you ever have.
They shut it all down.
I saw it.
She told me.
Ballard is in the hospital.
It irritates me to know that he's still breathing.
Should I finish the job? The job has changed, son.
We're looking ahead, onward and upward.
- Foxtail? - Yes, we initiate foxtail.
Keep me abreast of my daughter's movements.
She's Unpredictable.
Yes, sir.
I'm sorry about all this.
I know how crazy it's been.
I got to confess, Olivia.
It's been pretty crazy.
Close your eyes.
Imagine what it's going to feel like when you run your hands up and down my body.
I couldn't figure it out.
How did my dad know about the Russians? And then I realized it was you.
You were there.
You were sent to kill Jake.
You're B613, and now you're gonna tell me what the hell foxtail is.
You're making a mistake, Alex.
Aaah! It's Olivia.
And this is definitely going to hurt.