Scandal s04e21 Episode Script

A Few Good Women

- Man, do I love you.
- I want Vermont with Fitz.
I also want the sun with you.
Rowan always went on and on about how special you were.
You can't take command.
- Command takes you.
- He's coming.
I can convene a secret Grand Jury.
Good morning.
You sleep okay? I slept okay.
- Where you going? - To work.
Hey, what's going on with your friend? The one who used my chest as a cutting board.
He's being taken care of.
It's being handled.
By who? I'll be back soon.
You're pretty damn hot.
I hope that's okay to say, 'cause it's true.
You're in amazing shape incredible core.
I mean, I could work out every day all day, and I'd never be in the kind of shape you're in.
I hate that about dudes.
Oh, well.
It's probably for the best.
Oh, your nails are dirty.
Maybe once I'm done with my little manicure, you'll trust me enough to tell us what Rowan said to you on the phone, tell us about Foxtail.
Is he talking? Uh, he'll talk.
I promise.
Quinn's just getting into her groove.
How long until my father calls him? Standard operating procedure says you check in with the agent every 10 hours, which means his next call will be three hours from now.
And when he does call, we're prepared to trace it, pinpoint his location.
You'll need to be here, because the second we pick up, the second he realizes that Russell has been compromised The countdown begins.
No one is going to kill you, Russell.
I know that sounds comforting, but, trust me, it's not.
You don't get off so easily.
You don't get to die.
So if I were you, I'd start talking about Foxtail, because what these two are going to do to you Is much worse than death.
Madam Vice President, this is Admiral Hawley, the commander of the U.
Fleet Forces, and Captain Weaver, his chief of staff.
Thank you both so much for your service.
It is an honor and a pleasure, Madam Vice President.
Now, I know some Sailors who would very much like to meet you.
I'm Susan Ross.
The vice president.
Ensign Martin, Ma'am.
And what do you do on the boat, Ensign Martin? I'm the Assistant Communications Officer, Ma'am.
That is just fascinating.
Do we have time for Ensign Martin to show me her bunk? I would love to see where a communications officer calls home.
Captain Weaver and I can certainly take you on a tour of the Officers' Quarters, Ma'am.
That's not necessary.
I just want Ensign Martin to show me.
This is the location of my sleeping quarters, Ma'am.
Can I show you anything else on the ship, Ma'am? No.
Thank you.
But you can tell me what happened to your wrist.
It was a training accident, Ma'am.
You know, I had a roommate in college once who came home with a bruise like yours.
She said she caught her arm in a car door.
But she didn't.
And you didn't get that in a training accident, did you? You stole a United States Servicewoman?! I removed Ensign Martin from an unsafe situation.
On whose authority the Captain of Crazytown's? What the hell were you thinking? You have no jurisdiction over the military.
That woman out there was raped.
One in three women in the military has been subjected to sexual assault one in three.
And if, God forbid, a Servicewoman accuses a man of rape, and he's found not guilty, she gets prosecuted for filing a false report.
You were in the Navy.
Did you know that? I didn't, but what I do know is that over 200 years of historical precedent tells me that it is not our place to intervene in the military judicial system.
You're the commander in chief of the Armed Forces.
The Navy is an armed force.
Ensign Martin would be willing to come forward he knew you'd protect her.
I'm sorry.
"Willing to come forward"? Does that mean she hasn't yet come forward? Has she ever said she was raped? Just because she doesn't want to tell me her story doesn't mean she doesn't have one.
Let me get this straight.
You, the vice president of the United States, a largely powerless figurehead, are sent on a photo OP to shake some hands on a boat.
Then, while there, you decide, out of thin air, that one of the people you're there to take a picture with was raped? Not because she told you or her commanding officer or anyone else, as far as you know, but because you, the largely powerless figurehead of the United States, are some sort of sexual-assault bloodhound in your spare time? She was raped.
I know she was.
And it isn't right.
What isn't right is removing a Servicewoman from duty and bringing her here in an attempt to force her and me into actions we have no intention of taking.
You stole her, Susan, and you need to put her back.
- I can't! - Put her back, Susan.
But, sir The military has its own system for prosecuting crimes, rape included.
Put her back, Susan.
Any luck getting Russell to talk? Not yet.
We're working on it.
Do I want to know what that means? It means "not yet.
" Because Foxtail is obviously your father's way of stopping this Grand Jury from indicting him.
So if you find out that foxtail means, say, "assassinate David Rosen," I'd really appreciate a heads up.
I have to go.
What are you doing here? Hi, Liv.
I really need your help.
Ensign Martin? Do I know you? I'm a friend of the vice president's.
Now, do you want to tell me what Foxtail is by yourself, or do you need help? Okay.
Help it is.
Yes, of course.
What do we do? We don't answer.
We have to answer it! No, we can't answer! Liv's not back yet.
We answer, Rowan will know Russell's been compromised.
If we don't answer, Rowan will think that anyway.
Well, who's gonna talk to him? Me? You? No.
Liv is the only person who can keep her father on the phone long enough to All we have to do is keep command on an open line - for 12 seconds.
- 12 seconds is not a short I need 12 seconds.
I can get his location.
I can get his location in 12 seconds.
Even if he figures out that we have Russell, we'll have him.
Hello? Hello? Olivia? Did you get it? Huck? He hung up too fast.
He's onto us.
I said no.
We have to go to Springfield.
- We have to - Springfield is not an option.
We need to at least consider it.
I wouldn't ask if it weren't Jerry, Liz! My son.
The last time we were in Springfield was the day that Jerry died.
I'm not going back there.
I know, Mellie, but we're three points down.
Eve of the election Springfield is not an option! I'm sorry.
It's just, we've been doing the voter math, and without progressives and women we are gonna lose.
I'm a woman.
Why don't I have women? Shane Jackson's nursing his wife through ovarian cancer.
So what if his wife has cancer? The man's a hateful misogynist.
Yes, but he shaved his head in solidarity during his wife's first round of chemo and went up seven points.
The female voters are eating it up.
And what does Springfield get me, exactly? A very high turnout of women aged 18 to 49 the highest in the state.
Springfield is a hurdle.
But once we jump it, we cross the finish line first.
Ensign Amy Martin.
Assistant Communications Officer on the U.
Comes from a long line of military service.
Amy wanted to be a sailor since she was 13.
- I'm here to help.
- I didn't ask for any help.
I can help you get justice.
It's too late for that.
Look, there's no evidence.
There's no witnesses.
I just want to go back to work.
Ensign Martin, trust me.
I can protect you.
You don't have to hide anymore.
All I need to know is where, when, and who.
John Hawley.
Four-star Admiral, Commander of U.
Fleet Forces.
No big deal just a few hundred ships, thousands of aircraft, subs carrying a nuclear arsenal.
Hawley and the Prez, they hang pretty tight.
He's celebrated, decorated Pretty much untouchable.
What side of history does the White House want to stand on, Abby? Because I don't think it's the side that condones rape.
Jake's sleeping at your place now? At least tell me which way the oval is leaning.
So, you're back together with Jake? He's just staying with me.
Mellie's all over this, right? She has to be.
What about the guy that we really liked? With the abs? Russell? I was rooting for him.
What's going on with him? Turns out he's not my type.
Mellie Grant doesn't show up on rape, she can kiss senator goodbye.
- What does Jake say? About Russell? - Abby! Mellie's Senate Race has no bearing on how the White House conducts its business.
Amy Martin has no standing outside the military judicial system.
Satisfied? No.
What are you gonna do? Liv, what are you gonna do? Oh, you're gonna ruin my day.
You're gonna ruin the white house's day, aren't you? Yes, Abby.
Yes, I am.
How can Amy Martin expect fairness from a military judicial system in which everyone, from the investigators, to the judges, to the jury, all salute and take orders from the man she's accusing of a crime? Isn't that why we have a military? To protect our freedoms, our rights as individuals, to have our day in court? Rape cases, like all cases prosecuted on behalf of military personnel, must be tried in military courts.
That's been the law since 1775.
What Liv is suggesting is illegal.
What about murdering your vice president? How long has that been illegal? We have to tell the press something.
They're all over me.
Will the president intervene to allow for a civilian trial? I will say it again.
In cases like this, defense, and only defense, has jurisdiction.
What about the first lady? She's running for senate.
Does she have any comment on her husband's lack of action? I don't know, Carol.
You'd have to ask her campaign.
Is anyone from the White House gonna comment on this case? Please tell me we're handling this.
We're handling this, right? I thought you were out campaigning.
I was, but then a story broke about a young naval officer who had been raped, and now the only thing people want to ask me about is whether or not my husband is going to intervene on her behalf.
Can I assume, because we're not monsters, that the answer is yes? - Fitz - I can't intervene.
It would send the wrong message.
It would tell the world that we don't condone rape.
The secretary of defense will handle this.
He'll personally see to it that this case is given its due.
Oh, perfect timing.
He's ready to tell us what Foxtail is.
Right, Russell? No screaming, okay? We don't want to disturb the neighbors.
That was our agreement.
Damn it! Huck? Huck! Grab his head! Hold it down.
Hold his head down.
Liv! You can let go now.
It was a kill pill.
Either diethylmercury or cyanide.
It was hidden in this.
Didn't Liv tell you that you don't get to die? Not until you tell us what Foxtail means.
Are you gonna tell me what's wrong? There's blood.
Right there on your sleeve.
It's Russell's blood, isn't it? I'm assuming.
Since you've got him across the hall.
I'm very good at my job, Liv.
Also, you and Lois share a wall.
Not so thick, that wall.
- Olivia - Don't worry about it.
"Don't worry about it"? Torturing him won't work.
He'll never talk.
You understand that.
Right? You can torture him all you want, but he will never talk.
Are you hungry? I'm hungry.
Liv, Russell is not your average B613 agent.
He's like me.
He's nothing like you.
A guy runs into you in a public place.
It seems random casual.
He flirts a little.
And then what a surprise you run into him again.
You'd be bothered by the coincidence, except He says all the right things.
He's nice, but with a bit of an arrogant edge Persistent but aloof.
It's all just enough to pique your interest that he's been studying you for months, surveilling your every move, listening to your every call, getting a PHD in Olivia Pope because your father told him to.
He's been hand-picked, groomed, trained.
He's exactly like me.
Your father made Russell, and he made me.
We both came off the same assembly line.
The only difference is that I'm in love with you.
Command would call that a defect.
Russell does not have that defect.
With Russell, Rowan built a better me.
So believe me when I tell you, you can torture Russell all you want, but it will never make him talk.
When I was kidnapped, there was this bathroom.
It was filthy.
It was the filthiest place I've ever been.
It had this smell.
But it was the only place they weren't, the only place I was alone.
I started to look forward to being in there Look forward to my five minutes in a dirty, smelly bathroom because it was safe.
I felt safe.
That bathroom in that place with those men at least I knew what it was, what to expect That my father could not get me.
Liv BNC News has learned that an Official Military Inquiry will be made into the sexual-assault allegations brought by Ensign Amy Martin against Admiral John Hawley.
Depositions begin today behind the closed doors of the U.
Navy's Judge Advocate Generals, or JAG, corps.
Maybe he got stuck in traffic.
Look, we can't just question the admiral ourselves.
It has to be a JAG lawyer.
Call the main office.
See if they've already Wait.
Sorry I'm late.
I, uh I took an Ambien last night to ease my nerves.
Damn thing knocked me out while I was still on my feet.
Woke up an hour ago on the bathroom floor with a big old goose egg on my head.
Virgil Plunkett.
Judge advocate.
- Quinn Perkins.
- Olivia.
Olivia Pope.
Pleased to make your acquaintance, Ms.
So Admiral Hawley, huh? That man is a God around here.
I met him when I was first got commissioned.
Couldn't find the spit in my mouth to even say hello.
You ever tried a rape case before, Virgil? No, Ma'am.
This will be my first.
I do appreciate a challenge, though.
And if my superiors saw fit to assign me this case, well, they must believe I'm up to it.
- Otherwise, why assign it to me? - Why, indeed.
Now, if you don't mind pointing me towards the head, I do have some business to attend to before the admiral arrives.
Thank you.
That's the lawyer they gave us? Of course that's the lawyer they gave us.
They want us to fail.
Anyway, uh It's the contention of my client that on the night of the 17th Sorry.
Mouth's a little dry.
You forced yourself on her sexually, even going so far as to hit her in the face when she began screaming.
Is that correct, sir? - No.
- Do you deny having sex with her? Admiral, I asked you a question.
You might want to remind your guest, counselor, that this is a military proceeding and she has no standing here.
Did you or did you not have sexual intercourse with my client on the night in question? - Sir? - This country has a lot of enemies.
Most of them are overseas, but some of them are right here on our own shores.
And that woman sitting next to you, counselor, she's one of them a barnacle on the ass of every loser with a mouth big enough to say "boo-hoo.
" - Sir - No.
I did not have sexual intercourse with your client.
I wasn't even on the ship the night she said this happened.
Hawley says he wasn't on the ship that night.
Claims he was on the base, but he's lying.
He knows it.
His chief of staff knows it.
- We know it.
- So let's prove it.
Every sailor has a security badge, and there are checkpoints all over that base.
We should be able to track Admiral Hawley's movements - swipe by swipe.
- I'll have our awesome lawyer make a formal request for the base's security logs.
I want to help.
I'm not supposed to.
But I can't just stand there on that podium and pretend I don't have an opinion on this.
Have a seat.
Slow down.
I'll be right there.
You okay? What is it? What's wrong? You have to do something for me, okay? Yes.
Whatever you need.
I have to get off the ship.
I need you to get me an abortion.
Who else knows about this? - Who else have you told? - No one.
If the admiral finds out that I'm pregnant, that there's actual physical proof You have to help me.
I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't tell you that if you could just wait a few weeks - before you have the procedure - Weeks? At eight weeks, we can test the DNA and use it against him in court.
We can win this.
We can get you justice.
Oh, I can't.
I'm sorry.
I can't spend another second with that man's I need to do it now.
You have to get me off the ship.
One of my men informed me that there was a civilian on board without permission.
I'm visiting my client.
There are rules, regulations, protocols.
You don't just pop onto a U.
Navy vessel.
Understood, of course.
I was just here picking my client up to bring her back to my office for a meeting.
I don't think that'll be possible.
Ensign Martin is integral to our operation, and she has some duties she's neglecting at the moment.
Back to work.
It's better if he's not too damaged.
Know what I mean? I do.
Think I can have some time with him? When I get back here, I want him in the same condition as when I left.
Yes, sir.
I'm gonna untie one of your hands.
If you do anything unfriendly, I will shoot you.
If you try to kill yourself with this beer bottle, I will shoot you in a place that requires you to wear a diaper for the rest of your life.
And if you try to kill me, well Kill me once shame on me.
Kill me twice It's domestic.
Not that good, but it reminds me of being in the Navy.
Cheap beer, beautiful women.
This good cop/bad cop dance is wasted on me.
You're not gonna tell me what Foxtail is.
I'm not gonna tell you anything.
Oh, that wasn't a question.
I know you're not gonna tell me anything.
Then why are you here? I don't know.
Curious, I guess.
Never met any of Rowan's others before.
You? No.
No, he talked about them.
Oh, he loved to talk about them.
Mostly when I wasn't living up to expectation.
Which for me was constantly.
They, of course, were all perfect.
Completely loyal.
Never questioning.
I know.
I was always like, "if they were all so perfect, then why are they all dead?" Why How perfect could they have been? I used to think he was making them up.
Thought you were some kind of myth Till I met you.
Yeah, he wants you to think that.
Wants you to wonder.
He talks about you differently than he talks about the others.
Yeah? Like he misses you.
He was the closest thing to a father I ever had.
Me too.
I mean, he was mean as a snake.
Oh, yeah.
Sadistic son of a bitch.
Crazy mamajamma.
"When will you raise your ambitions " "To meet my standards?" Yeah.
What about this one? "If I tell you to do something and it hasn't been done correctly " "Do you think it wise to return to my presence?" And w-what's with all the albums? I mean, I love retro as much as the next person.
But, bitch, please.
Why are we pretending it's 1973? And the wine.
The wine is just Pretentious.
All that cork smelling.
Now, I like the wine.
He has excellent taste in wine.
Oh, he has excellent taste in everything.
That's the problem.
He's better at everything than everyone else.
Well, he's command.
And as we know "You can't take command, son!" You're talented.
You should know that.
You had me.
I was almost dead.
A couple more minutes, and I would have been Dead.
You should feel good about it.
He'll be proud of you.
No, he won't be.
I got caught.
And I let my guard down.
I let my guard down, and Olivia caught me.
You don't know? What? I'm surprised.
I just thought you would have figured it out by now.
What? Olivia is supposed to catch you.
That's part of it.
For Rowan, that's the best part of it, how he exerts his control over her.
Where's the power in it for him if she never knows you belong to him? He needs her to know that she is never safe from him, never out of his grasp.
When her guard is up, he waits.
He waits and he waits Until she starts to believe he's gone.
And she relaxes.
And then he sends us in.
But she has to know.
That's how he lets her know Papa Pope is in charge.
That's how he lets her know that You can't take command, son.
She never had a chance, did she? No, she didn't.
You'll look out for her? Keep her safe? Yeah.
Anyway, nice to meet a member of the family.
Okay, you can tie me back up now Bring in crazy dude.
I'm good to go.
Okay, Amy has been restricted to the ship.
For something called "conduct unbecoming.
" Whatever that means.
According to the uniform code of military justice, that could mean any number of things making a rude remark, using foul language Sneezing at the wrong time.
There has to be some way we can get Amy out of there.
What about emergency medical leave? Sure, if Amy had a dead relative whose funeral she had to attend, for example.
What about a sick relative? One she had to leave the ship to visit? That works, too, but Amy doesn't have a sick relative.
Actually, she does.
No, she doesn't.
Pope, we can't Virgil, do you personally know all of Amy's relatives and the various states of their health? I guess not.
Make the call.
This entire speech is about my son.
It's the town where he died.
People will expect you to say something.
Say something, yes.
But this? Cut paragraphs two and three.
The rest of it's not that bad.
I've seen better writing on soap operas.
I understand your reluctance to capitalize on a personal tragedy, but we've been losing points with women for weeks.
And the lack of White House action on military rape, it's having an effect.
I understand your position, sir.
It's a military matter and deserves to be handled accordingly.
But most women don't see it that way.
Women of Virginia don't see it that way.
You see military rape.
They just see rape.
If we want their votes, we have to appeal to them on a more emotional level.
By exploiting my son's death? By leaning into it.
"Lean in"? Lean In? Go.
Now! I can't.
I wo I don't I don't even have words to I know.
This is it.
Amy, this is Huck.
He's one of us.
Huck, this is Amy, and this is Amy's attorney, Virgil.
How's it going next door? I should probably go check on him.
What's going on next door? Renovations.
My friend Jake is a contractor.
This is the office.
- Is there anywhere I can take it? - Kitchen's right through there.
Thank you.
Virgil Plunkett.
- Make yourself comfortable.
My home is your home.
- Yes, sir.
- Anything you need, let us know.
One of us will get it for you.
- Understood.
Thank you, sir.
So, the Pentagon denied our request to see the base's security logs.
- What a surprise.
- They can do that? Disclosing the admiral's whereabouts at any given time is apparently a matter of national security.
So that's it? - Olivia.
- What do you think of a system of justice that doesn't allow the defense to see the evidence? Let me guess.
This isn't a social call.
Do you think it's appalling? Or maybe just flat-out corrupt? I guess it depends on what context you No.
Don't "context" your way out of this one.
If you saw this kind of blatant disregard for the truth in any other country of the world, you would condemn it out of hand.
You don't know that because you haven't actually allowed me to speak.
- All right.
- You're not gonna interrupt me? - No.
- Good.
Thank you.
I'm the president.
I can't upend over 200 years of legal doctrine just to help you out with one of your clients.
Do you know that if you're a member of the military, you can't sue the U.
government if you're raped because it's considered the same as an injury on the battlefield? An occupational hazard? I did know that.
It's the feres doctrine.
I also know that admiral Hawley has an alibi, Olivia.
An alibi I can't confirm because the Navy is telling me his whereabouts that night are classified.
So to get around that little inconvenience, you want me, the commander in chief, to hand you over the documents that tell you where he was? Even though those documents are classified, and if they caught me, they'd hang me by my thumbs in the town square.
Washington doesn't have a town square.
Trust me, the democrats would build one for me.
It's so wrong.
This It's wrong.
I know.
She was raped, Fitz.
The world is right.
About what? My job sucks.
Mine, too.
You still up? I can't sleep.
Where were you? Liv called.
Oh, that's good.
Mel, what's wrong? Springfield.
He would have been 17 this year.
My God, he'd be driving.
Going to the prom.
Waiting to hear what colleges he got into.
Mm Yale, I think.
I'll cancel my day tomorrow.
We'll go to Springfield Together.
It has to be me.
Just me.
I just don't know what I'm gonna get up there and say.
You want to know what Liv would tell you to say? Or is that too Tell me.
She'd tell you to throw your husband under the bus.
How? First, I have to hang myself in the town square.
I have something for you.
I thought the Navy denied our request for the base's security logs.
They denied your request.
The president's request? Not so much.
Hawley claims he was on the base - at the time Amy was raped on the ship.
- Oh, we've got a problem.
Hawley was on the base at the time Amy was raped.
According to these logs, he was in the operations building.
Look, his badge was swiped at the gate, and then again when he entered room 17.
Let me see.
Those logs obviously confirm the admiral's alibi that he was in the operations building at the time of the assault on the ship.
Exactly where captain Weaver? Said he was.
But where were you, Captain Weaver? Excuse me? You follow admiral Hawley around all day long.
But your badge wasn't scanned at the operations building.
In fact, your movements are largely unaccounted for that evening.
You were on duty, but your name doesn't appear in these logs at all.
I'm guessing you were the one using the admiral's badge, covering his tracks, serving as an accomplice while Admiral Hawley raped Ensign Martin.
- You need to leave.
- When I get my hands on the surveillance tape from that night, I'm going to see you scanning the admiral's badge on the base, aren't I? Because he wasn't there.
He was on the boat.
Those tapes are classified.
So were these logs, yet I have them.
Calloway! Griggs! Please escort Ms.
Pope and her friends off the base.
They won't be returning.
Call the White House.
Tell Abby she's about to have a firestorm on her hands.
Oh, y'all are some crafty ladies.
Admiral John Hawley, the Commander of the Navy's Fleet Forces, confessed to the rape of Ensign Amy Martin after a security video leaked online today.
The chilling video, too disturbing to play for you here, shows the admiral dragging Martin into his office.
The United States Navy is scrambling to respond as many are calling for a full overhaul of how allegations of sexual assault are handled within the military.
Is the president finally able to acknowledge the very clear and disturbing rape culture pervading the United States military today? The president is confident that justice will be served in Ensign Martin's case.
He will work closely with the secretary of defense, as well as the joint chiefs, to assess this problem and find solutions.
What does that mean? That that's not specific at all.
Thank you.
Thank you! Thank you so much for coming out today! I know there's been a lot of discussion about my returning to this stage, this place.
And I know there are a lot of you who would like me to talk about what happened here last year to my family To my son.
But I'm not gonna do that.
Instead of talking about my son today, I want to talk about all of our children all of America's sons and daughters who fight so bravely and serve so selflessly for the sake of our freedom.
I don't know if you've been following the news lately, but my husband did something this week that, well It ticked off a lot of people.
Myself included.
A Naval Officer was raped.
And instead of intervening on her behalf, he decided to let the military handle it internally Because, he said, it's not his place to change a law that's been in effect for over 200 years.
Now, I love my husband.
But on this point, we disagree Because What I believe is that our daughters and our sons deserve better than the way the military treats them when they've been assaulted.
And when I am senator, I am gonna make it my mission to create an independent judicial body devoted exclusively to sexual-assault claims.
It's wrong that the members of our military can't seek justice without fear of persecution Wrong that my husband isn't doing more to protect them And wrong that the leadership of our military, the men we entrust with our children's lives, feel so protected by their 200-year traditions that they think they can get away with this.
They can't.
And as the junior senator of the great state of Virginia, I aim to prove it! Mellie! Mellie! Mellie! Mellie! Mellie! Mellie! Mellie! They signed off on everything.
My clearance has been restored.
I'm headed back to my ship.
That's great.
Thank you Both For doing this.
You did this.
Thank you.
Liv, I think we have a problem.
I'm sorry to bother you.
Is there any way you could let me into Ms.
Pope's apartment? I left some files in there, and she said you have the key.
I don't think our Virgil Plunkett is actually Virgil Plunkett.
Hold on.
Mellie! Mellie! Mellie! Mellie! Mellie! Mellie! Mellie! Thank you! What's next? Well, we've got a spaghetti feed at the 4th street firehouse.
But first, there's someone at the Maguire hotel I'd like you to meet.
I knew command would send someone.
Untie me.
Did you tell them anything about Foxtail? No.
Of course not.
He's a big donor deep pockets.
Give him a little of what you gave those folks in the crowd today, and we can run ads 24/7 till election day.
I heard a noise.
I ran over as fast as I could.
Huck's alive.
Russell's gone.
So that's it.
We never find out what Foxtail means.
Foxtail is secure.
Once again, Foxtail is secure.
Hello, Mrs.