Scandal s06e07 Episode Script

A Traitor Among Us

1 Previously on Scandal Meg: No one's even thinking about Jenny.
Her killer could be anyone.
Jake: Olivia Pope, Jennifer Fields.
You are going to kill Francisco Vargas when he takes the stage tomorrow night.
Sandra, all of this All of this is over now.
I got you.
You put a gun to the head of the woman I love, and I belong to you?! You're wondering whether you actually have a choice.
Wherever your daughter goes, we have eyes on her.
You have a second chance Survival of the fittest, Olivia.
Are you a client or a friend? [Sugarhill Gang's "Rappers Delight" plays] [Both grunting] That's some weak tea, Hucky.
- Uh, Hucky? - What'd you teach me? The only punch that counts is the punch you don't see coming.
[Grunting] I said the hip hop, the hippie the hippie [Exhales sharply] To the hip, hip hop, and you don't stop [Both breathing heavily] The rock it to the bang bang boogie - Say, up jump the boogie - Come on, get up.
To the rhythm of the boogie, the beat Get up! - Now what you hear is not a test - Good girl.
- I'm a-rappin' to the beat - Today's lesson is don't ever stay down and don't ever relax.
- And me, the groove, and my friends - Don't ever relax? - Are gonna try to move your feet - You taught me that last week.
See, I am Wonder Mike, and I'd like to say hello [Both breathing heavily] To the black, to the white, the red and the brown The purple and yellow But first I gotta Bang bang, the boogie to the boogie Say up jump the boogie to the bang bang boogie Let's rock - You don't stop - Quinn: Huck! What are you doing here? Looking for you! You're not answering your phone! I turned it off.
Which is why I had to hack your geotags to track you down.
I know you.
What's the emergency? Boss lady's missing.
Quinn was supposed to meet Liv back at the office after Jake and Vanessa went to the Liberty Report, - but - I can't find her.
Her car's still in the parking garage.
She's not answering her phone.
She's obviously not with you because you're doing whatever.
Liv's gone, Huck.
Hi! Oh, Meg! Am I right? That's me.
You're Jenny's best friend.
I was.
Charlie: Who? You know, Jenny from the campaign.
From the voicemail Jenny.
Wait, was Jenny that chick - with the burnt-up handyou chopped up? - Charlie.
Oh, Jenny, Jenny, right! Meg, nice to meet you.
- Sorry for your loss.
- Charlie? What, that was a nice thing to say.
- I got to go.
- Go? Where? Did Liv leave you a message? I'm sorry that I got to cut this short.
Quinn: Did Liv say where she is? Is everything okay? I hope so.
Here, so we can see each other whenever we want.
'Cause I'm guaranteed to make you rock I'd like that.
I said one, two, three, four Tell me, Wonder Mike, what are you waitin' for? To the hip hop, the hippie to the hippie The hip, hip a-hop, and you don't stop The rock it to the bang bang boogie Say up jump the boogie To the rhythm of the boogie, the beat [Camera shutter clicking] Okay, let's go.
[Sniffles] I have a favor to ask.
Get in the car, Liv, come on.
I need you to do something for me.
- They still here? - Is who still here? The men who brought you here.
How many are there? I walked here in these stupid shoes.
I need you to do something for me.
Did they hurt you or make you do something ? Huck! Shut up.
I'm fine.
I'm asking you for something.
I need you to do something for me, and you're not listening to me.
What? I need you to kill Rowan.
[Sniffles] I want my father dead, and I need you to do it.
Olivia: [Breathing shallowly] - Huck: You should sit down.
- I should've known.
- Sit down.
- It's who he is.
- Liv - He wanted me in the Oval.
He was gonna put me there no matter what it took.
Liv My father killed the President of the United States of America.
I'm not going to sit down.
Who told you it was your father? - It doesn't matter.
- It matters.
- Huck.
- You asked me to kill him.
You asked me to kill Command.
It matters.
Who told you it was him? Jake.
Jake told me.
Jennifer Fields, Olivia Pope.
Olivia Pope, Jennifer Fields.
Olivia: She's alive.
And according to her, my father made her leave that message.
It was Cyrus Beene.
He killed Frankie Vargas.
And then my father ordered Jake to kill her.
It's time for you to take what's yours, son.
It's time to come home.
But Jake didn't kill her.
Because she's an innocent victim.
Well, that's never been a problem for Jake.
Jake believes my father might have some bigger plan, and that Jennifer could be the key to figuring it out.
Huck: What? And you don't? I don't think there's anything bigger than killing the President.
Whoa, maybe he didn't.
Why are you going out of your way to defend my father? Command always put the Republic first.
Killing Frankie Frankie was good.
Killing Frankie is not putting the Republic first.
Something about this feels off.
My father killed Frankie Vargas! [Breathing shallowly] Huck If I could ask anyone else to do what needs to be done, I would.
But you are the only person I can trust.
You are asking me to kill your father.
Do you know what happened the last time you asked me to do that? Yes! I peeled an innocent man's skin from his body - with a razor blade.
- Huck I just want you to know what you're asking me to do.
He killed the President.
I know what I'm asking you to do! You have to be sure, Liv.
You have to be sure 100 percent! If you are absolutely sure yeah.
For you, I'll do it.
I'm sure.
[Cabinet doors close] [Indistinct conversations in distance] [Horn honks in distance] [Gun clicks] [Indistinct conversations in distance] [Car door closes] [Horn honks] [Man speaking indistinctly over P.
] [Indistinct conversations] Woman: Next stop, [Speaking indistinctly] Man: Please stand clear of the train doors.
All passengers [Indistinct conversations] Rowan: Let it go.
[Chime sounds] Man: Doors closing.
[Horn honks] I'm not armed.
That makes it easier, then.
2 minutes and 15 seconds.
What? You have 2 minutes and 12 seconds until they're back.
Who? The people following me.
No one's following you.
You're using up your time! What do you want to know? I didn't come here to ask questions.
No, you came here to kill me.
She sent you here to kill me! But that's not gonna happen, so use your time wisely.
- Did you do it? - Yes! Then this is going to happen.
Do you want to know why I did it? I know why.
To get her elected That's what she told you, right? Right? That is not why.
45 seconds.
Why? - I had no other choice! - What? You're saying these people who are following you - forced you to do it? - I am.
- Nobody forces you to do anything.
- Exactly.
Nobody forces me.
This is somebody.
Pay attention, soldier, because it is happening now.
It is on.
We are living in interesting times.
This is not a test.
Our adversary is more than worthy, fully armed and fully funded, smart, cold, cruel! They don't care to play by the civilized rules of war.
Animals they had me! I was given no choice.
You killed the President of the United States.
To save the life of a woman that I loved.
They threatened her.
They said that they would kill her.
These people I believed them.
What would you do in that situation? - It doesn't matter.
- It does! I'm not asking you a hypothetical! What are you talking about? These people are threatening Olivia, right now as we speak.
You're lying.
If I don't do what these people want, they will kill Olivia.
If I die, they will kill Olivia.
So what you decide here matters very much, because you are in the same position as me.
Olivia's life is in your hands! You're lying! Then why haven't you shot me? Why didn't I just shoot you? What is the point of this lie? In 15 seconds, a train is gonna pull up on that side of the platform.
A woman White, ponytail, orange coat Will get off with a man in a suit with a scar on his forehead.
They will look around, looking for me.
And when they do not see me, they will be very unhappy.
Woman: Train arriving.
Please stand clear of the platform exit.
[Train approaching] Next stop [Speaking indistinctly] Man: Watch the closing doors, please.
[Chime dings] [Train door closes] [Elevator bell dings] Man: Northeast Regional Train 265 to Boston will be boarding in 10 minutes.
Northeast Regional Train 265 for Boston will be boarding in 10 minutes.
- Who are they? - Rowan: I don't know.
All I know is whoever is watching Olivia is close to her In her circle, on the inside, a traitor among us.
You need to find out who it is, because I can't.
I'm trapped.
Will you help me? Can you do that? A traitor among us Trust no one.
[Man speaking indistinctly over P.
] [Camera shutter clicking] [Computer beeps] [Keyboard clacking] [Computer beeping] Quinn: [Distorted] You're supposed to be covering that transition meeting in an hour, Charlie.
- If you lost the notes - Charlie: [Distorted] I didn't lose the notes.
They're here.
Maybe if you weren't busy stalking a dude online to get ahold of some weird, endangered Indian elephant - Not "weird," Robin.
- "Awesome.
" Imagine me riding in on that bad boy at the wedding.
No way in hell is that happening.
No endangered species at the wedding.
Then pitch something else.
I'm serious.
Have an idea instead of me having all of them.
Hey, I have ideas.
But the only idea you've had was postponing until after the inauguration.
I'm talking the fun stuff, like shooting rats between dinner courses.
[Camera shutter clicking] Ah, see? My notes.
Right where I left them.
[Distorted voices speaking indistinctly] What do you think of Meg? Like, speaking of rats, or She seem a little slow to you, like not all there or something? You talked to her for all of five seconds.
Yeah, and I could already tell.
She's a total rando psycho.
God, you'd think Huck would have some higher standards, but I guess that's just his thing.
- Rando psychos.
- [Mocking cat meow] Hey, don't do that.
Don't make cat noises just because a woman says she doesn't like another woman.
I'm just saying you sound kind of jealous of her.
[Scoffs] Jealous? [Laughing] Of what? That basic 2004 pixie cut? [Scoffs] I didn't mean "jealous" jealous.
Okay, then, how the hell did you mean it? - You're beautiful.
- What? I don't think I told you that today.
Out! Leave.
Okay, is this one of those times where you say to leave, but you really mean Get out of here, Charlie! Now! - Okay, okay, don't - [Sighs] Oh, God.
I'm alone.
Have you found a place to put Jennifer? [Camera shutter clicking] Don't move.
Huck, what are you doing? Rowan was right.
We do have a mole.
It's nice to finally meet you, Jennifer.
- I've heard a lot of good things.
- Who is he? Jennifer, you should wait for us in the next room while we talk.
Jennifer, stay right where you are.
In here.
Keep low, just in case.
[Door closes] Are you crazy? Start talking.
Quinn agreed to help me get to the bottom of whatever's going on with Rowan.
I thought about calling you, but you would have ratted me out to Olivia, and the last time I saw her, she wasn't exactly being open-minded.
Not exactly open-minded? On the phone, you said she went bonkers.
Looks like she's not the only one.
She's in danger.
Someone forced Rowan to kill Frankie by threatening a person close to him.
Rowan says these same people placed a mole by Liv's side.
All they have to do is say a word, and she's dead.
And you think one of us is the mole? Not you.
You or Charlie.
I am not a Wait a minute.
Rowan says? I am not a mole, Huck.
[Scoffs] In fact, the only double-agent I see here is you.
Anything else you want to admit, Huck? Huh? Huh? Now's your chance.
The person these people threatened Did Rowan say who they were? It's a woman.
That's all I know.
I think I know who she is.
- [Camera shutter clicking] - Sandra Potter She's an old friend of Rowan's.
They seem to have reconnected recently.
They were spending a lot of time together before election day.
Since, no sign of her anywhere.
This means Rowan could be telling the truth.
Or playing us hard.
I'll get on this.
We'll track her down.
You let me know as soon as you find something.
[Camera shutter clicking] [Keyboard clacking] Are you gonna apologize? - For what? - For thinking for a second that I'm capable of killing Olivia.
I'm not sorry for doing my job.
I assume you've cleared Meg, then? Meg? You two meet, she finds an excuse to keep seeing you, things move quickly, you give her a key.
Meg reads books about math.
- She - [Scoffs] squeezes my arm during horror movies.
- She's still on Pinterest.
- Mm-hmm.
She's not a mole or a rando psycho.
You bugged me? I had to.
There's a Mole.
Yeah, I've heard.
Well, it's not Charlie, so But Charlie's a mercenary.
Charlie's my fiancé.
First thing I did was shut that crap down.
He doesn't even go to the bathroom without asking for permission first.
Trust me.
[Sighs] You know you and I haven't really talked in a while.
And I haven't been around like I used to be.
[Sighs heavily] What's your point? I don't know If you're mad about it I'm not mad.
Hmm? Or jealous, if that's what you're thinking.
[Laughs] I'm surprised, Huck.
[Chuckles] You still haven't learned your lesson? What's that supposed to mean? You know what that means.
What, Becky? Meg's not Becky.
Yeah, Becky wasn't Becky until she left you holding the gun that shot the President in the head.
[Exhales sharply] Look, I I really hope I'm wrong, Huck.
Yeah, well, you are.
There you are! I had no idea you worked so many late nights.
That's got to be tough.
What are you doing here? Oh, my God.
This isn't cool.
Cool? Me, staying here, coming over unannounced.
I I'm so sorry.
I thought that a key meant that Oh, my God.
We should've talked about it more.
- Meg, it's okay.
- Boundaries Meg We should of maybe set some boundaries.
I'm glad that you're here.
I gave you a key for a reason.
Just, I forgot, is all.
Okay? Hip hop, the hippie, the hippie To the hip, hip hop, and you don't stop A-rock it out, Baby Bubba, to the boogie da bang bang The boogie to the boogie, the beat I said I can't wait till the end of the week When I'm rappin' to the rhythm of a groovy beat And attempt to raise your body heat Just blow your mind too, so that you can't speak And do a thing but a rock and shuffle your feet And let it change up to a dance called the freak And when you finally do come into your rhythmic beat Rest a little while so you don't get weak I know a man named Hank He has more rhymes than a serious bank Huck? - So come on Hank, sing that song - I wanted to ask you To the rhythm of the boogie, the bang bang da bong about your boss, Olivia.
What about her? She gets answers, right? Helps out the underdog, takes on lost causes? Look, I don't want to put you in an uncomfortable position, but we still don't know who killed Jenny.
And if Tom Larsen didn't do it, then I still don't really know what happened to my best friend.
And, I can't just I can't just move on like the rest of the country.
So I want Olivia's help.
Do you think she'd help? To help you find Jenny's real killer? She deserves justice just as much as Frankie Vargas does, doesn't she? Maybe it's pointless.
I don't know.
I just thought I'd ask.
No, you're right.
I'll, um I'll talk to her for you.
Would you mind if I talked to her myself? As in face-to-face? Just you and Liv? For Jenny.
I feel like I have to do this on my own.
Would that be weird? I'll see if she's open to it.
Really? Huck, that'd be amazing.
[Chuckles] [Camera shutter clicking] [Indistinct conversations] He's fine.
There's a high-level inmate I need your help getting to.
- You should ask Olivia.
- I can't ask Olivia.
I would love to help, but What if I had something to trade, - something you wanted? - Huck Jennifer Fields is alive.
Say that again? Jennifer Fields, the woman from the cabin She's alive.
What's the name of your inmate? [Buzzer sounds] [Door opens] Abby didn't tell me what this is about, which isn't unusual.
But, I have to ask.
No, you don't.
[Buzzer sounds, door opens] Hi, Becky.
Hey, Huck.
You look terrible.
I've been better.
Guess it's what I should've expected.
You wouldn't have come to see me after all these years if everything was all good, now would you? How'd you play me? What? You did something when we were together.
You figured out something A weakness, a blind spot.
What was it? Well, this is new.
How'd you get inside my head, Becky? Or, do I need to call you Kate? You weren't kidding when you said you've been better, huh? All right, you want my help, I want yours.
What does that mean? I want to see my sister.
I didn't know you had a sister.
She's dying.
Maybe she's already dead.
I don't even know.
It's impossible to get information in here.
I know she was diagnosed two months ago with stage-four pancreatic cancer.
I spoke to her once.
I know they'll never let me out to see her, and she's in no condition to come here, but maybe you could go see her and just take a picture of her for me.
I don't even have a picture of her.
I think I can remember what she looks like Scar on her right eyebrow, freckles on her cheek.
[Sighs] She had these big ears that would've looked stupid on anybody else, but on her, they were perfect.
She was soft and warm and perfect.
She was is.
She is my little baby sister and my best friend and a beautiful girl, and I just want to see her face one more time.
I'm sorry.
I can help you.
I will help you.
I just helped you.
What? You are so gullible.
That was a lie? [Laughs] Yes, of course! Well, I have a sister, but she's horrible.
I honestly can't stand the sight of her.
[Scoffs] Why would you do that? You asked me how I played you.
This is how I played you.
You know, for as scary as you look, you sure do have a soft spot for a sob story.
Who's playing you now? What's her name? - No one.
- No one? So, is she acting all sad and damaged all the time? Is she? Her best friend died, and she's scared.
Bait and hook.
- No.
- Yes.
You're as gullible as you ever were.
- I'm not.
- You are.
No! No, that was no.
What you just did, that was you.
That was your trick.
You're the one who hasn't changed Not me, you! You.
Aw, Huck, don't go.
[Pounds on door] [Buzzer sounds] This is the most entertainment I've had in months.
[Door opens] Did you get what you needed? Kind of thought that might be the answer.
[Buzzer sounds] [Cellphone beeps] [Sighs] [Cellphone ringing] - [Sighs] - [Cellphone beeps] Did you do it? Tell me it's done.
There's a girl some woman your father was seeing.
Did you know that? What what What are you talking about? Sandra something.
It's why he did what he did.
It was for her.
He was protecting her.
Huck, I'm gonna need you to tell me what the hell is going on.
I don't know exactly.
I haven't gotten that far yet.
I just This is my theory.
Okay, where is she, this Sandra woman? I don't know.
Huck, what do you know? I know your father isn't the man he used to be.
He's not this terrible person anymore, Liv.
He's he's in love.
He's He's a different person now.
He deserves a chance.
I don't believe this.
- He's changed.
- No! How can you be so sure? How can you not? He can't change, Huck.
People can't change Not when they've spent their entire lifetime doing the things my father has done.
He's a monster! There's no getting over that.
There's no moving past that.
There's no capacity for change there! There's just him, my father.
He's been who he is his entire life.
If you can't do this, if you can't make it happen by morning, I'm gonna need to find someone who can.
[Cellphone beeps] [Engine starts] [Cellphone beeps] What are you doing? Oh, that's good.
You should come over, celebrate.
Yeah, I have news, too.
Olivia agreed to talk to you.
She's gonna take on Jenny's case.
I'll see you then.
[Cellphone beeps] [Knock on door] [Knock on door] Meg: Hey! So, I don't think I have any money left in my bank account, but this is a bottle of champagne I can't pronounce, so it must be good.
Oh! Mm.
Huck: Mm.
[Exhales deeply] You feel good.
So do you.
You have any room in the fridge? This wasn't chilled.
Tell me more about your day.
I already told you.
You got called for an interview.
My day was fine, I guess.
I met with an old friend I hadn't seen in ages.
I don't have many old friends.
I don't like them.
They're just a reminder that you can never change.
I disagree.
I couldn't decide between etorphine and methohexital.
Huck I chose etorphine.
It's an opiate.
The methohexital would've made you feel like you were burning on the inside, and I didn't want that for you.
This is hard for me.
I don't want to do this, but you're making me do this.
You can tell me now, or I can force it out of you when you wake up.
Who are you working for? My firm? The woman that you met with at the park today You were sitting next to her! You were watching me.
Who is she? Why are you following me? Who is she?! I don't know! What I That's where I take my lunch.
She she came down and And she sat next to me, but I I don't even remember her name.
She said she worked at my firm, but but I'd never seen her before! I don't even remember her name! You're lying.
Helen? Hannah? I can't remember.
[Sighs] I wish you'd make this easier on me.
You have no idea how hard this is for me.
I had never met that woman before.
I swear.
It it was like she was trying to be my friend or something.
We talked about, uh, a plant that I have on my desk.
What is this? I don't [Gasping] No! [Breathing shallowly] - I trusted you! - Aah! [Crying] I-I-I-I have no idea who you think I am or what is going on.
But please Huck don't do this.
It was a mistake to trust you.
[Breathing shallowly] [Sighs] [Normal voice] Fine.
Do it.
Jam that crap into my neck and do whatever you're gonna do, you monster.
I don't know who put this in your head, but you better look into my eyes first.
And if you see someone who doesn't love you, who you can't trust, then go ahead.
Go for it, whoever the hell you are! [Breathing shallowly] Go.
[Camera shutter clicking] Huck: [Breathing heavily] Uh, what's going on? - When were you gonna tell me? - Tell you? About your secret meetings with my father, and this ridiculous theory that my father killed Frankie Vargas because someone threatened some old girlfriend of his.
- It's true, Liv.
- Open it.
Meet Sandra Potter, my father's old girlfriend.
Charlie: Our old B613 dumpsite doesn't get a lot of use these days, so she stuck out like a sore thumb.
This doesn't mean anything.
Anybody could've killed her.
This car was reported stolen the day before the election The day she died.
Rowan's prints are all over it.
Olivia: Huck, my father didn't save Sandra.
He killed her.
My guess is, she found out about his assassination plan.
And my father, romantic that he is, put a bullet in her head to shut her up.
This doesn't make sense.
- He was telling the truth.
- He was using you.
No, he's not.
He had people following him.
Uh, I saw her This blond woman on the Metro Blond woman on the D.
Metro How'd he pull that off? You also thought there was a mole inside of OPA.
He got in your head, man.
It happens.
He even thought it was me.
He put a gun to my head.
Huck, my father was lying, buying time.
Your father was not lying, and I am not crazy! There are people Forces controlling him.
No, there aren't.
There's just him.
That's all there is, that's all there ever is, time after time.
- You know that.
- You're wrong.
You're wrong.
He loved that woman.
- He was forced to do that! - Is this love? A bullet in the head, being dumped in a junkyard? - You're wrong.
- Why should I believe you? Because I am right and you are wrong! Because I am not the one with the blind spot when it comes to your father.
That's you.
You're the one that's broken.
- That's you! - Enough! My father killed Frankie, and he killed this woman, and he twisted your head.
That is the truth.
You're wrong.
Maybe he used to be a monster.
Maybe he killed people.
Maybe he was awful.
Maybe he was.
But people change.
People change.
It happens.
Maybe they can meet, uh, a nice woman and fall in love and have a relationship, and be normal.
People can change.
You are wrong about your father.
So, no, I'm not gonna kill the man who loves you most in this world, even more than me.
This? He did this for a reason.
He's in pain.
He's a prisoner.
Forgive him.
Help him.
Do not kill him.
I am right.
I am right! You are wrong.
Quinn, find my father, finish the job.
Huck, get rid of the body.
Huck: [Grunting] [Camera shutter clicking] [Device beeps] [Computer beeps] [Keyboard clacking] [Computer beeps] Rowan: Incredible.
Honey, you ain't seen nothin' yet! Rowan: A Yangchuanosaurus.
Sandra: I've been working with a team, assembled them myself.
There's a private collector paying the bill, Eli.
[Chuckles] I could use a partner.
Yes, I am in.
I am in, baby! - Sandra: What is this? - Rowan: A drink.
A drink? Well, not just any drink.
That was 40 years ago.
Not a lot of time in the scope of things.
Man: Who exactly is in charge here? Him? [Gunshot] Man: Now, I'm in charge.
Rowan: You put a gun to the head of the woman I love, and I belong to you?! Theodore: You have a streak of weakness, Eli.
We found it.
Rowan: You people.
Always thinking you're better than us.
- [Gunshot] - [Gasps] - [Bill Withers' "Lean on Me" plays] - I have no weaknesses.
No owns me! Woman: Wherever your daughter goes, we have eyes on her.
And when I say "eyes," I mean we have an actual human being who, within seconds of hearing from me, can put a bullet in your daughter's brain.
[Computer keyboard clacks] Mm, mm-mm, mm-mm Mm-mm, mm-mm Mm-mm-mm, mm, mm Sometimes in our lives [Cellphone beeps] We all have pain Quinn, call it off.
- We all have sorrow - Stand down! [Camera shutter clicking] [Knock at door] But if we are wise Hi.
- We know that there's - Get him away from me.
We need to talk to you.
- Always tomorrow - Talk to me? That man almost murdered me! I tried to file a report and you know what the police told me? - Lean on me - That he doesn't even exist! - When you're not strong - So no, there's no way Your friend Jennifer She's alive.
- And I'll be your friend - [Gasps] - I'll help you carry on - Meg: This is insane! How - For it won't be long - Did you know she was alive? He couldn't tell you for your own protection.
How is sticking a needle in my neck protecting me? - Till I'm gonna need - He thought you had been compromised.
- Meg: By who? - By the people who want Jennifer dead.
Somebody to lean on I can't ask you to forgive him.
- Please swallow your pride - I won't do that.
But I need him to forgive himself.
- If I have things - I need that.
- You need to borrow - And I need your help.
For no one can fill He loves you.
- Those of your needs - He's not a monster.
He's not.
- That you won't let show - He's changed.
People can change.
You just call on me, brother Look at me.
When you need a hand Look at me! We all need somebody To lean on What happened to you? I just might have a problem I promise.
- That you'd understand - I will never ever.
- We all need somebody to lean on - touch you again.
I promise.
- Lean on me - Okay? When you're not strong And I'll be your friend I'll help you carry on We can only stay for a little while.
- And, remember - I know.
- For it won't be long - Jennifer's really in there? no one can know.
- Till I'm gonna need - Thank you, Huck.
Somebody to lean on [Door beeps, opens] You just call on me, brother - When you need a hand - Oh, my God.
[Silenced gunshot] We all need - Somebody - [Silence gunshot] To lean on I just might have a problem Is it done? It's done.
- That you'd understand - Jennifer Fields is dead.
We all need somebody And Huck? To lean on If there is a load [Silenced gunshot] You have to bear That you can't carry - I'm right up your road - Don't worry, Ms.
He'll have no idea you were a part of this.
I'll share your load [Silenced gunshot] If you just call me Call me If you need a friend Call me Call me, uh-huh Call me [Camera shutter clicking]