Scandal s06e08 Episode Script

A Stomach for Blood

1 - - [Cheers and applause] Hello, Philadelphia! [Cheers and applause] We love you, Frankie! [Cheers and applause continue] I want to thank you for thinking differently.
Thank you for thinking about tomorrow, not yesterday.
About progress, not decline.
About equality, not bigotry.
About love, not hate.
About hope, not fear.
Thank you for thinking we can really be a nation of the people, by the people and for the people.
IHoy si somos una nación de la gente, por la gente, y para toda la gente! God bless you.
And may God bless these United States of America.
[Gunshots] [People gasping, screaming] [Gunshots] [Echoing] Reporter: Folks, this is just [Cellphone buzzing] Frankie Vargas has been shot.
The president-elect has been shot.
[Indistinct talking] [Buzzing continues] Man: We have Falcon and Firebrand.
Extraction via west [Echoing] Stagecoach is standing by.
[Echoing] Ms.
Whelan, we're gonna take the stairs to the parking garage, okay? Status on Foxtail's team? [Echoing] Foxtail's on our six.
[Normal voice] Rendezvous back with us at the Castle.
We have Falcon and Firebrand.
[Echoing] Extraction via west stairwell.
[Normal voice] Stagecoach is standing by.
Status on Foxtail's team? Foxtail's on our six.
Will rendezvous back with us back at [Echoing] Make a right up here.
We've got eyes on Stagecoach.
[Normal voice] Exit route is clear.
[Buzzing continues] Watch your head, Ms.
Go! Go, go, go! [Sirens wailing] Fitz: [Echoing] Don't tell me what you think, Ken.
Tell me what you know.
[Buzzing continues] Find out! Get Director Webster on the phone.
We need some answers.
Have we heard from Ballard yet? Ken's lost, and Margaret doesn't have him.
Have you been in touch with him? [Buzzing continues] Get that? Abby.
[Normal voice] Hey! Do not do this.
You are chief of staff to the president of the United States of America.
Something has happened that has never happened in the history of this country.
So you don't get to break down.
You have to serve your country.
You have to stay with me.
I need you.
Got it? [Cellphone buzzes] Your phone Answer it.
Patch me through to Webster.
Call list is a mile long and growing.
You want me to go over it with you now or Later.
Okay, but everyone's asking for you.
- The press secretary wants to - Later! [Breathing shakily] [Cellphone buzzing] You shot him.
This is not happening.
Listen to me What? [Gasps] Y-Yes.
W-What can I I can't just leave.
Because I'm his right-hand man.
You think the president isn't gonna notice if I leave? Look Look, I'll do something else.
Just give me something else, but I can't There's no way I can [Inhales sharply] [Breathing heavily] [Camera shutter clicking] I want Santa Barbara.
- - There are already two presidential - - libraries in Southern California.
Sacramento? Have you been to Sacramento? What's wrong with Sacramento? It's not Santa Barbara.
You have a new aide.
- Julie? Jackie? - Jessa.
San Jose would kill to be the site for your library.
She brought me a muffin yesterday.
She wasn't wearing a bra.
[Sighs] She's gone in the morning.
These young ones are bold.
She's what, 22? She's a child.
I think I'm more attractive to women now than when I was 25.
[Chuckling] What? You are the most powerful man in the world.
These women are not hot for you.
They're hot for your office.
Your power.
Power is sexy.
Thank you for clearing that up.
Now I'm going to a donor lunch for you.
What about Vermont? What about Vermont? If the library were in Vermont, I could spend some time up there at the house.
It's close to Karen.
Tell me you're joking.
Libraries, foundations.
Doesn't anyone ever deviate from the script? Chop wood? Ski? Relax? Mr.
President, the Fitzgerald Grant Library will be a living, breathing monument Not just to your past, but to who you will be in the future.
You are young.
We You have so much more to accomplish.
Enjoy your lunch.
[Sighs] [Camera shutter clicking] Thank you for coming.
We deeply appreciate your interest in supporting the Grant Foundation, as well as preserving the legacy of President Grant's time in office.
We're only beginning to identify a location for the presidential library, but we'd hold any contribution you're willing to make at this time in high esteem.
Did you happen to have a figure in mind? $250 million.
I'm sorry? I thought we discussed 3.
$300 million.
For a presidential library? Of course not.
Do we look crazy? No.
I, um [Clears throat] $300 million.
Not for the president or his library, Ms.
It's not his team that we're interested in being a part of.
It's yours.
I was under the impression this was a donor lunch, that the two of you were from the Oh, Fund for American Renewal.
To be honest, I had never heard of it.
But my office assured me it was legitimate.
Unfortunately My business is quite legitimate, Ms.
Whelan as am I.
Yet you're here with $300 million to be a part of a a team? My team? My team doesn't exist.
Not yet, at least, but the funding does All set up in a PAC account, controlled by you and you alone.
Mr? Peus.
- Peus.
And Ms? - Ruland.
I've had the privilege of serving at the pleasure of the president for For far too long.
How sick and tired must you be? Of serving someone else, of catering to that big old man-baby's every waking need, of working day in, day out in service of someone else's vision? Ugh.
The slog, right? Come on.
Be honest.
How jazzed are you gonna be come January, when your official duties are dunzo, huh? Come January, my duties to the president will continue, Ms.
Now, that's just sad.
What I think Marjorie is trying to say is, you don't have to do that.
At least, you shouldn't.
You have ideas, Ms.
You have a vision, a point of view that is entirely your own.
The problem is that no one gets to hear it.
You're in the shadows, obstructed by the man who you consider it a privilege to work for.
Well, I'm here to tell you that your abilities have not been lost on us.
My fund The Fund for American Renewal Its focus is the future of this country.
And I believe it's you, Ms.
Whelan, who is that future.
So we're offering you $300 million to tell us about your ideas, your vision, your point of view.
We are the ones who listen.
What do you want? I just told you.
What do you want, Mr.
Peus? What's the catch? How many strings are attached to this offer? I'm willing to bet there's at least 300 million of them.
Am I right? Well, I guess that depends.
- On? - You.
If things go well and you meet our expectations, there is a scenario where we set our sights, well higher.
Have you ever considered running for public office, Ms.
Whelan? [Laughs] A little inside information In this town, a person wields far more power from the shadows than as some state senator or junior congresswoman.
What about as president? You can't be serious.
You're serious.
I'm not a politician.
You are not a politician.
You've never run for anything in your life.
You don't fit here.
You're cut from an entirely different cloth.
You even fail to recognize your own value.
Imagine that Here, in this city, someone like that.
Precisely why the three of us are here right now, Ms.
How about a good think on the sitch, hmm? That won't be necessary.
I appreciate the offer, the kind words, but no.
Thank you, but no.
Good luck building that library, Ms.
What fun.
[Camera shutter clicking] Leo: I mean, I know it's supposed to be a privilege, and I am a patriot and all, but I'm ready for it to be done.
You're not even sleeping anymore.
I mean, 1600 Penn, it's just ruining all the fun, Ab.
I can't wait to have you to myself again.
Maybe take you on a little vacation? Perhaps a little Hawaii action? What do you think? Well, this is nice.
I like this.
Our conversations So deep, so meaningful.
[Jacket rustles] Abby.
Hello? Do we still have that bottle of bourbon your father gave us? [Camera shutter clicking] Red.
I don't know what I did to deserve this.
You're up in the polls today.
Increased your lead by three whole points.
Your debate performance last week killed.
That is true.
Well, I just thought I might pass along my compliments in person.
What do you need? Nothing.
This is a $2,000 bottle of bourbon, Red.
What do you need? How'd you know that Vargas was the one? The one? The guy.
Your guy.
The one you plucked from relative obscurity.
Left the White House for, hitched your wagon to.
The one.
Some people have it, Red.
A brilliancy, charisma, breeding.
Of course, the strong jaw and glorious hairline don't exactly hurt, either.
Fitz had it.
Frankie does, too.
- But what makes you sure? - [Clears throat] That they have what it takes, that they can go all the way? What makes you sure? Cyrus, I asked you a question.
Have you told him yet? Told him what? That you're thinking about leaving him, making a run.
I'm not thinking about it.
You are.
Don't lie, Red.
I know the look.
I've seen it on many, many faces.
[Chuckles] He has no idea, does he? It hasn't gotten that far.
I mi I might not do it.
You'd make a great candidate.
I have no doubt about that.
You have the brilliancy, charisma, breeding.
Plus, those tresses of yours, don't get me started.
But let's be clear Once you leave him, there'll be no more smiles, no more pats on the back, no more scotch on the damn seal.
He will not be proud of you.
He will be abandoned by you.
And no matter how good your life is or how successful you are, there's always gonna be a part of you that Well you never really feel whole again.
A piece of you is always with him.
If you can live with that do it.
Soar to great heights.
Join me over here in the rare air.
If you can't, don't.
No one's going to blame you Especially me.
[Camera shutter clicking] Fitz: I love that picture.
Margaret told me to wait in here? How was your lunch the other day? With the donors? Oh.
Are these your notes on the Labor Day speech? 215 acres outside of Rutland.
- Rutland? - Vermont.
Okay? Ample space for the library, close to my house.
You can run the foundation from Bennington.
It's nearby.
You want me to move to Bennington? I want you to run my foundation.
From Vermont.
I've decided that's where I'm going after the election.
Take Teddy.
It's close to Karen.
I've never been fly-fishing.
I hear it's the most challenging, the most peaceful.
Vermont has some of the best fly-fishing in the country.
You're not saying anything.
I can actually learn to make jam.
- No? - No! I have been busting my ass building up your foundation.
I am killing myself to further your legacy, to accomplish something, to change the world, without Congress or or Or the courts as an obstacle.
And you want to make jam?! No! I want to be a human again.
You're not a human.
You are the president of the United States.
Why does everyone who isn't me think they know what I should be doing? You can't dodge the responsibility of this office.
You are President Fitzgerald Grant III until you die! Are you worried about your career, what's next for you? Please.
You are the most powerful woman in Washington.
Don't worry.
You'll have every opportunity.
Yeah, I'm not worried.
This isn't about me.
It's about me? Yes, sir.
You are the president.
It is always about you! In six months, you will have the power, the means, and the freedom to literally save a piece of the world.
Stop being a child and grow up! I'll remind you, Abby, that I have dutifully served my country in every way possible.
I have fought literally fought for this country.
I have been shot for this country.
I have given my child for this country.
I have handed this country my heart.
I have given this country my soul.
And while you were baking pies for your poli-sci professors and prancing around the quad pretending to stand for something, I was giving everything I knew how to give to my country.
I know who I am and what I've done.
And if I want to take some time away from this bloodsucking swamp, time for myself, run myself instead of being run by people with their own agenda for the first time in three decades, I think I've earned that right.
Olivia is never going to Vermont for you.
That was low.
Lower than you.
She's not.
I'm sorry.
The library is going to be in Rutland, Vermont.
Look into the land.
Update me in the morning.
You can go.
[Ringing] Mr.
Peus? Abby Whelan.
I'm in.
Reporter: ex-wife, Senator Grant, who was very popular as First Lady of California and still retains a residence down US-101 from San Benito in Santa Barbara.
What an amazing moment, Senator.
You should be very proud.
This moment? It's not about me, Abby.
It is about every woman who has been told her entire life that her dreams, her desires are crazy and impossible and that the ceiling's too high and unbreakable.
I am about to show them all that's not true.
Not for me and not for any of us.
And for that? Yeah, I am very, very proud.
[Exhales sharply] This is it! Turn up the TV! Loud! BNC is now ready to call San Benito County and the state of California, and this is a surprise.
BNC is projecting that Governor Frankie Vargas will carry San Benito County and the state of California to become the next president of the United States.
- [Cellphone buzzes] - Wow.
Um, amazing.
Well, that's it, folks.
After one of the greatest setbacks in political history, Frankie Vargas I can't talk right now.
It's the apocalypse.
Well, now, that certainly depends on your point of view, don't you think? Frankie Vargas was just elected President.
And if I were you, I would try and dial down my panic level before things get really interesting.
What are you talking about? I'm gonna call you again in a few minutes.
You'll be very distracted, very upset, much more upset than you are right now, and you might not want to answer the phone.
That would be a mistake, because I need you to answer the phone.
Then I will give you instructions on what you're going to do next.
Give me instructions? About what? Hello? Frankie: I want to thank you for thinking differently.
Thank you for thinking about tomorrow, not yesterday.
About progress, not decline.
About equality, not bigotry.
About love, not hate.
About hope, not fear.
Thank you for thinking we can really be a nation of the people, by the people and for the people.
IHoy si somos una nación de la gente, por la gente, y para toda la gente! God bless you.
And may God bless these United States of America.
[Gunshots] [People gasping, screaming] [Gunshot] Oh, my God! - Reporter: Folks, this is just - [Cellphone buzzing] Frankie Vargas has been shot.
The president-elect [Breathing shakily] [Cellphone buzzing] You shot him.
Not personally, but I can see how you'd get there.
This isn't happening.
Vargas' body is at St.
Anne's Hospital.
We're gonna need you to go there and lock it down Secret Service, medical staff, local authorities.
The only way to stay out of jail tonight is if they're taking their orders from you.
An associate of ours will meet you there.
- No! - She'll tell you what to do.
Listen to me BDIC.
What? BDIC it's a small bank in Macau, used by North Korean Intelligence to launder money.
That's where your money came from.
The money we gave you North Korean Intelligence.
The Treasury's Office of Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes isn't onto it yet, but we could report it.
You still there? Ms.
Whelan? Yes.
What do you want me to St.
Anne's Hospital Lock it down.
I can't just leave.
- Why not? - Because I'm his right hand.
You think the president isn't gonna notice if I leave? You're a smart girl.
You'll figure it out.
Look, just give me something else.
I can do something else, but I can't There's no way I can [Breathing heavily] Give this to the staff secretary.
Have her bring it to the president in 15 minutes.
While he's in the Sit Room.
That's very important.
If she asks where it came from, tell her it's classified.
I thought you'd be downstairs already.
Heading there now.
- 15 minutes.
- Secretary: Got it.
Nelson McClintock prints on the sniper rifle look to be his.
We're testing.
Are we sure he's not part of a terrorist cell? Dana? The CIA has no Intel on this guy.
Appears to be homegrown.
We recovered a smartphone on him, but it's locked, and the tech company's putting up legal fight.
- They aren't gonna give their help.
- We don't need it.
My team opened it already.
Nice of the National Security Director to show up on a matter of national security.
I was being briefed by my guys.
We ran a vacuum over the entire event, sucked up the data from everyone's phones.
[Echoing] McClintock didn't make or receive [Dialogue echoing] Fitz: Abby? You need to get to the hospital.
I want this place secure.
Shut the elevators down, close the banks across the street, clear the floor.
Only essential personnel No campaign staff, no press, no family, no local police, no florists, no orderlies, no administrators.
I want to see only doctors and nurses, agents, me and you.
That's it.
I want everyone else off this floor.
And let's toss a net on all cell service, Wi-Fi, landlines My babies saw their daddy get shot on TV.
I have to call them! Please! Nurse: Miss Whelan? Not now.
I have a package for you from our friends.
We're pretending we have options? I don't know what your plan is - Our plan - This is insane.
The president-elect is dead.
- Yes.
- You people did that.
You should listen closely now.
This envelope has three long-range sniper bullets in it.
You're going to make it look like they were pulled from the president-elect's body and get me the ones that are really in there.
I can't do that.
Yeah, I know North Korea, criminal charges.
[Scoffs] Guess what.
I don't care.
This? Planting evidence? It crosses the line.
That's what we thought you'd say.
[Groaning] That's your boyfriend, right? Leo Bergen? Is your conscience worth your boyfriend's life? What you're asking for is impossible.
Do you know how hard it was to lock this place down when everyone's carrying a camera in their pocket? I'm having a hard enough time controlling the situation as it is.
Details, Abby.
You'll figure it out.
You're a leader.
We believe in you.
Give it to me.
The FBI is requesting any and all evidence pertinent to the investigation into Governor Vargas' assassination.
We need the bullets you removed from his body.
The bullets are still in his brain, arm, and abdomen, and the only way to retrieve them is to perform an autopsy.
Then we need an autopsy done on Governor Vargas now.
No, we can't perform an autopsy until the Joint Pathology Center orders one.
Well, what are they waiting for? - Me.
- What are you waiting for? The president.
But you have to do something! Fitz: Not until I'm ready.
Sir, he's dead! He isn't dead until I say he's dead! [Click] We've had the president-elect moved to the morgue's autopsy room.
There's evidence inside Governor Vargas that's crucial to the investigation.
We need those bullets, Major.
Uh, hang on.
Has the president-elect been declared dead? I mean, I am aware of the president-elect's condition, but the Joint Pathology Center requires an official confirmation before conducting a postmortem Major Morales.
You've asked for a transfer to Edwards Air Force Base in California and been denied three times, correct? Twice.
I'm still waiting to hear about my last request.
You know who I am, Major, who I work for? Yes, ma'am.
You've been denied three times.
Your parents live in California.
But I don't know what this It would be nice for your daughters, Alexis and Natalie, to grow up near their grandparents.
It would Unfortunately, Edwards doesn't need another doctor.
Thule Air Base, though, could use a good pathologist.
Thule? In Greenland? North of the Arctic Circle.
Little Alexis and Natalie will love it.
Plenty of snow.
20 hours of darkness in the winter can be a bitch, but What's going on here? Are you blackmailing me? With every passing moment, the people responsible for murdering our president-elect get further away.
I am not blackmailing you, Major Morales.
I'm giving you an opportunity A chance to serve your nation in its darkest hour and be rewarded in sunny California.
[Camera shutter clicking] [Camera shutter clicking] Abby: Do you know why the Joint Pathology exists? To perform the autopsies of federal officials.
But their team has not arrived, and the president has not even declared the president-elect dead yet.
I thought the president-elect's autopsy was already underway.
That's the point, Agent Spaulding.
You're right.
There's a member of the Joint Pathology team in there right now.
Just the one.
And his hands are Well, I don't blame him for being nervous.
We're all nervous, but we're not elbow-deep in the president-elect.
- So, how did he even get access - Yes, Agent.
How did he? How? I thought you did everything by the book.
Hey, you can't be in here.
Please put down your instruments and step away from the body.
I'm in the middle of something here.
We need you to come with us, Major.
She told me It's okay, Major.
You can return with your full team when the president signs off on the autopsy.
He won't forget your service today.
Come on.
[Camera shutter clicking] [Sighs] [Clipboard thuds] [Breathing shakily] Ugh! [Camera shutter clicking] [Breathing shakily] Ma'am, I'll keep watch over the president-elect until the full Joint Pathology team arrives.
[Sighs] [Voice quivering] Thank you, Agent Spaulding.
Where's Leo? Assuming my friends are pleased, you should have your boyfriend back within a couple of hours.
[Vomits] [Camera shutter clicking] [Weakly] Abby? Abby.
Leo? [Groans] Oh, my God! And the bastards stole my grandfather's watch.
Oh, Leo, what happened? It was the craziest thing.
I have no idea.
I blacked out.
I-I don't remember anything.
Nothing? Cops found me in an alley in Southeast and brought me home.
Well, what'd the cops say? Do they have any leads? Not a one.
Let's get you up.
Ow, ow, ow.
Ow, ow.
[Groans] [Smooches] [Inhales sharply] Hey, at least when they ask me where I was when Frankie Vargas got shot, I'll have a great story.
[Chuckles] Oh.
[Groans] Leo.
I'm so sorry.
Why? It wasn't your fault.
[Sighs] [Cellphone buzzes] [Sighs] [Clears throat] Yes, Mr.
President? Wait.
What? [Camera shutter clicking] Woman: My God.
It was Cyrus Beene.
He killed Frankie Vargas.
It's the only voicemail that went missing from the FBI tip line.
Less than a day later, her cabin exploded.
This is Cyrus.
He did this.
He killed Frankie.
Peus: Ms.
Are you framing Cyrus? Let me guess They found the voicemail? If I had known that was the plan You'd have what? Let your boyfriend die? You're a brilliant woman, Ms.
Whelan, but you don't have a stomach for blood.
Cyrus should be President.
[Click] [Cellphone beeps] [Sighs] [Camera shutter clicking] Abby: Are you framing Cyrus? Peus: You don't have a stomach for blood.
Cyrus should be President.
Peus: You're a brilliant woman, Ms.
Whelan, Jake: Okay, I'm not sure how the NSA can help, beyond what we've already done I'm not looking for the NSA's help, Jake.
I'm looking for yours.
Jake: Mr.
McClintock has confessed to the crime of shooting Frankie Vargas.
Good evening.
The election's over.
You're wrong.
- Fitz: I'm not wrong.
- You're wrong! Sir, opening up this investigation into Cyrus Beene based on some random voicemail and 20 seconds of video footage that's clearly been taken out of context I made a decision.
You are being played.
Reporter: The warrant was served by the attorney general himself, who accompanied Vice President-Elect Beene to Maryland Hamilton Federal Penitentiary.
Abby: Tell me you're not seriously considering making this a death-penalty case against Cyrus.
The chief of staff doesn't make these decisions.
The president does.
Fitz: fully support the decision of our attorney general to pursue the death penalty against Cyrus Beene, for a crime of this magnitude deserves no lesser punishment.
[Breathing heavily] [Camera shutter clicking] [Doorbell ringing] - [Doorbell rings] - David: What? David, it's Abby.
I need to talk to you.
It's Sunday.
I am not working.
You're the attorney general of the United States.
You're always working.
I hate you.
This is important.
Please? Give me a minute.
I hate to interrupt a good hero moment.
Did you think we were gonna let you waltz over to the attorney general and make a plea for Cyrus Beene's life? What are you talking about? Look at you, playing all dumb.
Thinking you can outsmart us.
Like there's anything you can do that we haven't already prepared for.
So naive.
But I guess you'd have to be to think you could actually be president someday.
You won't be the first person to underestimate me.
Says every loser who's built a career on riding other people's coattails.
Leave right now.
Because the attorney general of the United States My friend David Rosen Is going to come out that door, and I'm gonna give him information that's gonna put you and your people in a cement box until the time comes for you to stand trial for treason.
Oh, Abby.
I'm a real bitch.
You just play one on TV.
[Scoffs] I'm gonna be front row when they give you the chair.
Oh, amazing.
You got to meet Samantha.
Hey, handsome.
[Smooches] She's the best.
Abby - she's the best.
- Mm.
We're heading to brunch.
You want to come with? Abby wanted to talk.
Did she? What is it that you wanted? It can wait.
[Camera shutter clicking] [Indistinct talking] He's fine.
There's a high-value inmate I need your help getting to.
You should ask Olivia.
I can't ask Olivia.
I'm, um I-I've got a lot going on right now.
I would love to help, but What if I had something to trade? - Something you wanted? - Huck.
You want Cyrus out of jail, right? You think he's innocent.
What are you talking about? Jennifer Fields is alive.
Say that again? Jennifer Fields The woman from the cabin? She's alive.
You're not supposed to know yet, and I can't tell you where she is right now, but she's safe.
And when the time is right, maybe I can arrange a meeting.
Because one of the things she can do is help exonerate Cyrus.
[Camera shutter clicking] [Camera shutter clicking] [Buzzer] - Looks a lot worse than it feels, Red.
- Cyrus No contact! Hey! Tom Larsen wasn't Frankie's shooter.
He set me up, which means I am innocent.
So if you came here I came here to say I believe you.
You are innocent, Cyrus.
What are you doing? I'm going to war for you.
What does that What does that mean, Red? All you need to know is I'm not giving up.
I'm here to make a deal.
You're not in the strongest deal-making position right now, Ms.
It's stronger than you think.
I have something you want Information you need.
I'll give it to you, and I assure you it will be worth it.
I just need you to get Cyrus out of jail.
What is it? Will you get Cyrus out of jail? Will you get Cyrus out of jail?! If the information is as good as you say it is, you have a deal.
[Inhales deeply] Jennifer Fields is alive.
Oh, my God! [Silenced gunshots] You're going to get me out of here.
I'm gonna save your life.
Whatever it takes.
[Silenced gunshots] [Silenced gunshot] Is it done? Jennifer Fields is dead.
And Huck? Don't worry, Ms.
He'll have no idea you were part of this.
You said it yourself, Cyrus.
I'm a force.
[Camera shutter clicking]